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Hey all,
I have been a huge fan of this game for the past 6(!) years and cannot fuckin believe it has been out that long. Season 1 of the Walking Dead Game is probably the best game I've ever played and it has impacted me so greatly that it has changed the way I have matured. This game was literally my childhood. As we all know the story and character development of this game is what launches it into the God tier, however, there are some minor/major plotholes that I believe are all forgivable...but still should be discussed. I'm also omitting any small dialogue issues that arise at times. For example, when you meet Hershal and tell him that Clem isn't your daughter, he'll still refer to Clem as Lee's daughter. Those aren't really plot holes in my mind, just small oversights. I'll also be skipping over any bugs or graphical oversights. For example, I believe when the group first arrives in Macon, the background shots where Kenny's truck is supposed to be doesn't show the truck.

I am going in order from Episode 1 to 5 and chronologically within those episodes. Hopefully, I will create another thread or edit this post after I replay Seasons 2 and 3.

Episode 1:

Why is only one cop escorting a convicted killer? I understand that there is a glass window and cages blocking Lee in but typically you wouldn't escort a second-degree murderer to prison in a normal police car and without any other vehicles. Wouldn't he be transported from the end of his trial to the prison on a bus/van similar to the one that Vince is in, in 400 days? On top of that, would he really be wearing normal clothes? Either a suit because he was on trial or changed into a jumpsuit since he is literally being escorted to prison?

How is there a walker on the road that the police car is traveling down already? During the police car intro, it is the LITERAL beginning of the outbreak in Atlanta and as we can see from the first shot of the police car coming down the highway, we are miles out of the heart of Atlanta. I don't believe that a walker already managed to make it that far out on the highway.

How did Clementine get over her backyard fence to see Lee after he shot the undead cop? As you can see from this image, the fence is pretty tall--taller than Lee in fact. According to the Wikipedia page on Lee, he is about 6'2", so this fence is probably about 6'6". I just don't see how she managed to get over this fence.

Where did Sandra come from? We see the entire first floor of Clementine's house and Sandra is nowhere. We see the stairs to the second floor but it is blocked by the fallen bookcase. A regular human would be able to squeeze through or push it, but one walker certainly couldn't push it down (and on top of that, Lee would have heard the bookcase fall).

If you choose to wait out till night instead of seeking help immediately, you stay in Clementine's treehouse with her until nightfall. It isn't exactly early morning when you arrive at her house, but it is still pretty light out so I'm assuming Lee at least spent 2-3 hours with her in that treehouse...and apparently we learn nothing more about Clementine while we're up there. I definitely think there should have been a separate scene where Lee gets to know her more in that treehouse, considering they would have been up there together for hours.

Another thing with this choice is that no matter when you leave, you still arrive at Hershal's at the same time. I suppose this is a rather minor plot hole because you could argue that instead of it being 11 PM if you leave at daylight, it is 2AM if you wait it out, but the moon is in the same position. Very minor, but still a bit ambiguous.

How far away does Chet live from Hershal's? If you leave at daylight, you meet Chet but he quickly goes off and says he has to go home. But there is not another house in sight along the rather flat horizon. And he's just walking along. Again, this is a pretty minor one but still bugged me a bit, as Shaun could have easily just given him a ride to his house.

How is Shaun's truck back at the farm the next day if you choose to leave Clem's house after sundown? When you can walk around and talk to everyone after waking up, you can see Shaun's truck towards the front of the farm, but that doesn't make any sense since he had to leave with Andre in the police car the night prior. Are we supposed to believe Shaun went back to Clem's neighborhood and got the truck?

Why the hell did Shaun leave the keys in the tractor while Duck was on top of it? Seems really dumb since Duck is so young and leads to another more interesting thing: Duck would have had to start the tractor and move it forward in order to smash Shaun's leg. This is never really brought up. I know Duck is dumb...but I mean come on. Shaun is literally directly in front of him and he starts the tractor and steps on the gas (or removes the emergency brake)?

Another thing about this scene that bothers me a bit is that the walkers get to the fence too quickly without Shaun or Duck noticing. If you look in the game, there is a huge open field right after the fence. How could Shaun possibly not see them coming even before Duck crushed his leg?

And that leads us to possibly the most infuriating plot hole in the first episode: Lee's rescue attempt. Why in the world did Lee go from the barn to the front yard, around the house, then to the backyard to see what was going on? He literally could see Duck running over Shaun from the barn, and only had to cut through the other portion of the backyard to get to him. That could have saved up to 10 seconds, which could have led to both Duck and Shaun surviving.

Another minor plot hole is that we don't see the rest of Hershal's family. I understand why they didn't include them, but it is a bit hard to believe that we didn't see them at all and that they did not come out of the house after Shaun was screaming for help (as they could clearly hear him since Katjaa came running out) and that they still weren't there after Hershal fired his shotgun.

What was Glenn/Carley/Lilly, etc. using to keep the store gate shut before they encountered Lee and his group? Glenn places a lock on it after they get into the store, but he later said he didn't know the combination to it so clearly that was the first time he put it on the gate.

How did no one hear or encounter the walker in the bathroom prior to Clementine? This is a reoccurring thing throughout the game and the TV shows, where in one scene, the walkers can be heard from far away, but other times, they are like ninjas. If Lilly's group was not making enough noise to startle the walker in the bathroom prior to Lee's arrival, the gunshot outside and their ensuing argument certainly would have. There's no way that thing was not banging on that door to try to get to them by that point. On top of all this, no one in Lily's group had used the
bathroom since arriving? It sounded like they weren't there for too long (less than a day)...but still.

Why couldn't Larry just check Duck HIMSELF for bites? I think that whole scene was just meant to paint Larry as a HUGE asshole and set up a moment where you could "bond" with Kenny, but dear god is this just stupid. Larry should have just went up to the kid and taken his shirt off, then his pants if he was really THAT concerned about a bite. He was willing to literally toss the kid on his ass outside, but god forbid he actually checks Duck for bites.

Why wasn't Larry already carrying pills on him? This also arises in the second episode while in the meat locker. But by this point, the outbreak has been going on for a few days, and I feel like if your heart condition is that bad, you probably carry pills around with you on a daily basis no matter where you're going. So whether the outbreak happened while Larry was at home or out, I feel like he should have his Nitroglycerin pills on him.

When Lee and Doug go outside, Lee recognizes his brother as the pharmacy worker. He sees his nametag as well. What prevents Doug from doing this too? It's never mentioned that Doug has bad eyesight, so shouldn't he be able to see the Rx uniform as well as the nametag without any further evidence from Lee?

Another minor thing with the outside scene with Doug is that you can give him the universal remote to make the TVs turn on outside without justifying why you should even be distracting the walkers in the first place.

A pretty big plothole that I don't see talked about is the layout of the surrounding road of the pharmacy and other ways to get to the front of the pharmacy. This has a lot of implications. I know there is that big semi truck blocking the path from the front to the back alley, but they could always crawl under the truck (also, in the first episode there is no ladder on it but in the third there is). If they could go from the back alley to the front of the store, then Lee wouldn't have had to smash off the lock holding the front gate, as he could have snuck under the semi, gotten the keys, then snuck back. But that doesn't seem to be the only way. Remember Kenny's truck? He somehow manages to move that thing to the back alley as well after the alarm goes off. That means Lee could have gone from the back alley, all the way to Kenny's truck, then cut back around to the front of the store (the same way Lee's group initially made their way over to the drug store).

When Carley, Lee, and Glenn all go to rescue Irene, how come the walkers only come out of the surrounding woods if Irene and Carley struggle? You could argue the foundation breaking down caused a lot of noise, but either decision leads to a gun being fired, which is loud as hell. Doesn't make sense that a hoard only appears when we deny her the gun compared to giving it to her. On top of this, when the group eventually arrives at the motel, there would be a lot more walkers if we didn't hand Irene the gun because of this hoard that appears. I'm guessing that the group manages to just deal with them...but that is a bit of an oversight.

Why doesn't Lee disable the alarm before going into the pharmacy? I mean that was his parent's pharmacy and it sounds like he spent a lot of time there while he was close to them. He had to have known how to turn it off. I suppose this one can be explained by Lee just being extremely focused on getting Larry his pills, so he just forgot about the alarm.

Then there is the biggest plot hole in this episode...why does the group insist on protecting the front of the pharmacy? After the alarm trips, Kenny goes to get his truck so that he can bring it to the back alley, and pick up everyone. Glenn's car is also already there. So...why do they care about the front of the pharmacy anymore? Just hole up in the office--the door was never forced open and seems to close just fine. It also appears to be made out of something other than wood, so it is probably pretty sturdy. So, just let all the walkers bust through the front, run into the office, prop the desk against the door, kill any walkers in the alleyway, and boom, no one dies.

Another minor plot hole is when Larry punches Lee in the face and leaves him to die to the walkers. Why doesn't he close the office door and he must encounter Kenny running back in to save why doesn't he stop Kenny? Kenny mentions how huge Larry is and if he wanted to, Larry could have definitely stopped him.

Episode 2:

How in the world does the group not know how much food is truly left? During Mark and Lee's conversation, they imply that Lilly is basically the only one that truly knows about the food situation. How is that possible? Even if Lilly was that much of a dictator and that strict, I find it hard to believe that no one else would have been able to check the count. She isn't even the one going out for the food, so how can everyone else be so in the dark about the actual count?

A minor one, but bugs me a bit. Katjaa attends to David/Travis while they still have their clothes on. I can see why Telltale did this because it would be a pain in the ass to make a model with no clothes, but definitely still a minor plothole.

The RV has definitely moved. Obviously, at this point it doesn't work. I would believe it if it was moved just a bit but it is also rotated, just seems unlikely that the group would do that.

I know we see the camcorder at the end of the video, but the scene being filmed occurs around this time chronologically. When Jolene records Lee and Clem talking about her hat, there is no way in hell the camcorder picks up their voices. Also, it seems like she it at high ground as well, on a hill above the trees of the forest while filming. It seems to me like she would stick out like a sore thumb to anyone on top of the RV watching. I mean, her car is even there. Seems unlikely that she wouldn't be spotted.

Why does Brenda already have a basket of biscuits ready for the group when they arrive? Andy and Danny just met the group at the motel so how does Brenda know to prepare a bunch of biscuits? Of course, you could say she just wanted to have some biscuits ready for her sons when they came home...but I can think of something much darker. The St. Johns planned all of this. The bandits may have let it slip that there was another group at the motel they were watching (they knew about the motel group as evidenced by Jolene's videos). They conveniently arrived at the motel looking for gas, hoping to lure them to the farm, where they would then slaughter all of them. That's why Brenda knew to make the biscuits. There are some holes in that theory though, as Andy probably would have tidied up the barn prior to them arriving instead of afterward, and there is no way that Mark getting shot was planned. Though Andy clearly meant to electrocute them...but at the same time, Andy not going with them around the perimeter was Lee's suggestion. I guess an argument could be made that the bandits and the St. John's were both in on it, but that doesn't seem to be the case as the bandit's seemed to be trying to ambush the St. John's brothers rather than the Lee and Mark. They shout various things like "It ain't right, we had a deal!" and "We had an agreement!" obviously referring to the agreement that the St. John's would give them food so that they would leave the St. John's alone.

But that leads me to another plothole. If the bandits were trying to ambush the St. John brothers, how did they not realize they were attacking the wrong guys? I mean, Lee and Mark are two grown men like the brothers, but Lee is black. If they're close enough to shoot crossbows at them you'd think they would be able to tell they aren't even attacking the right people. I guess it could be argued that they just figured we had grouped with the St. John's, but then why would they shout "We had an agreement!" if we weren't the one's that made the agreement. Also, I'm pretty sure the bandits knew that the St. John's were cannibals, since Jolene knew. So, couldn't they just put two and two together and realize that the two new guys helping the St. John's with the fence were just going to be victims in a few hours?

The whole sequence when Mark and Lee are walking the perimeter seems a bit off. When it starts out, you are walking straight and you come across a walker and push it off the fence. Then, in the next sequence, right behind you is a corner in the fence, but it never showed us turning, and the walker is nowhere to be seen. Then, you chop off the hands of the next walker and keep walking. Then, when you come across the walker right before the bandits ambush you, you cannot see any other walkers that Lee and Mark have dealt with. But then, when you are moving behind the tractor, all of a sudden there are two walkers in the way that we allegedly pushed off earlier. They look nothing like the other walkers and they weren't there just a few minutes prior. The only way this can really be explained is that this entire "walk the perimeter" sequence is not fluid but instead cuts to different parts of their walk. That explains why there can be a corner in the fencing when they were never seen turning and why they say "that must be one of the ones we dealt with earlier" when the player never saw them deal with those particular walkers. This is weird though because Mark's and Lee's conversation seems to be pretty fluid and nothing else indicates that this is not one continuous scene.

The St. John's electric fence is confusing and doesn't really make much sense. When playing the game, you can look over from the entrance of the property and to the barn, and see that there are THREE layers of electric fencing. One by the cornfield, one by the beginning of the barn, and then one right in front of the generator (sorry for the poor quality of the image). But then at other parts, like the perimeter that Lee and Mark go to clear, there is only one layer.

On top of this, the fence is powered by the generator and there is an outlet on parts of the fence to supply the electricity...and neither have any form of protection above them or around them. So...what happens if it rains? Lee even comments about this if you look at the lightbulb when you first arrive to the farm and says something along the lines of, "You can tell they made this fence hastily". The only time the generator stops working is when we take the belt out or when we kick Andy into the fence (causing there to be too much electricity I guess?) At the end of the episode, there is a storm, which should cause the outlet to get wet and the circuit to short or the generator should probably stop working cause they typically cannot withstand rain. It's a miracle that the outlets didn't stop working since a wet outlet can cause a short pretty easily. So, are you telling me that within the 3 months that the St. John's brothers had that fence operating, it never rained once? Or that they never thought to put a cover over the outlet or the generator? It annoys me a bit that no one ever mentions this in the game.

When Kenny and the rest of the group arrive to the St. John's, he mentions that "All of us and our guns can handle a couple of punks with bows and arrows!" referring to the bandits. But, Lee somehow fails to mention that just an hour ago some bandit shot his other bandit buddy in the face several times with a shotgun. If Lee were to mention the fact that they do have guns, Kenny's opinions on whether they should stay or leave may have changed considerably.

How do the St. John's not know that Maybelle (the cow) is pregnant? They are farmers that have cattle ffs. Maybelle is their last cow so they've probably gone through many considering how long they have been operating the farm. You'd think they'd be able to sense the signs that their cow is pregnant. On top of that, how did Maybelle get pregnant? It's never explicitly stated they never had bulls at the farm, but since it's a dairy farm I'm assuming they only had cows.

Why does Lilly think that Kenny (and Lee if you choose to agree with Kenny) is crazy for thinking something is up with the barn? Lilly says multiple times that she thinks something is up with the St. John's and that "we should get our food to go" yet thinks that Kenny is wacko for...thinking something is up with the St. John's. She goes back and forth between saying that something is off with the place but then advises us and Kenny to mind our own business. Maybe Lilly just thinks that the St. John's are weird but not deadly or crazy and doesn't want to jeopardize a chance at a meal. Plus, she might just be disagreeing to disagree since she has such a bad relationship with Kenny.

How does Andy not realize that the generator has CLEARLY been tampered with? In order to get Andy to come out of the barn, you have to use the multitool to turn off the generator, unscrew the screws to the belt, then take the belt OUT. After you do that, you don't screw the door back on, or turn the generator back on, and the belt is now missing. Andy says "the damn thing threw a belt" but does not even realize that the belt is missing, or that the generator was turned off, or that the screws to the door were unscrewed. At some point he must have realized the belt was missing since he gets the generator to work I guess he just gets a new belt and does not question where the other went? Then again, this is right before dinnertime, so maybe he does suspect that Lee or someone else messed around with it but doesn't do anything about it since they are about to round them up at dinner anyway.

Which leads me to my next plot hole. Why did the St. John's even serve dinner to us at all? It was inevitable that we would discover what really happened to Mark at some point, so obviously the St. John's were planning on killing us before it got too late. Even if the events with Mark did not happen, serving us dinner just doesn't make sense since it seemed like they were planning to cannibalize us even before Mark got hurt. So why couldn't they have just rounded us up before then and put us in the meatlocker? It's such a waste of food for them to serve us then kill us for meat.

Why are there even salt licks in the meatlocker? The infamous scene when Kenny kills Larry is only possible because of the salt licks in the meatlocker, but it makes no sense why they would be stored in the freezer area.

After we escape the meatlocker, and spare or kill Danny, Andy mentions that he's "gonna take the boy [Duck] around back". But wait a minute, earlier on there is a huge bookcase there blocking the back because a walker allegedly got through before. He says this about 10-15 seconds before we reach the front door, and see that the bookcase is still clearly blocking the back how does Andy manage to access the back door?

At the end of the episode, if Lee kills Andy the generator stops working, allowing the walkers to make it past the electric fence. But if you don't kill Andy, then the generator keeps working, leaving the electric fence on...but the walkers can still make it past the electric fence. The first few cause the fence to come down so all the others can get in, but even those initial walkers that touched the fence never get fried. However, like I mentioned earlier, the fence shouldn't even be working at this point because of the downpour, but whatever.

When walking in the woods after leaving the farm, if you spared Andy and took the rifle he had, then Lee won't be carrying it in the forest. So where did this rifle go?

And now for the most infuriating plot hole in this episode! The reason this is so infuriating is because of its future implications with the Stranger, of course. So we find this station wagon in the woods, right? But not just any station wagon, one with a shitton of food and supplies, doors unlocked, along with the passenger door swung open, with the keys in the car. In Episode 5 the stranger mentions that we stole the supplies after his boy got eaten and that our stealing caused his daughter and wife to leave. He never mentions them having to flee their car really quickly. But then...why the hell is the station wagon abandoned in the woods? You could argue that since it had no gas, they were going to siphon gas from somewhere...but then why did they leave the keys in the car and the passenger door wide open? That makes that "dinging" noise which can attract walkers and people, and drains the battery by keeping the lights on. The only thing that anyone coming across that station wagon would think is that it was left in a hurry and was abandoned. Of course any group of people would take some food from a car that seemingly has been left from in a hurry. If the Stranger really cared about his stuff not being stolen, the least he could do is take the damn keys with him, shut the door, and lock the car. I think this plothole can be explained by realizing that Telltale was making up the story as they went. If you don't already know, Episode 2 was heavily changed over the course of its development and I'm nearly certain they did not have the story fully fleshed out by this point. What this probably means is that this initially was just meant to be an abandoned station wagon, but that later on during the development of Episode 3/4/5, they decided that Clementine's kidnapper should be the owner of that car.

Episode 3:

How in the world did Beatrice (the girl at the beginning of Episode 3 who gets eaten/shot by Lee) survive for months in the apocalypse? It appears that she doesn't even understand what the walkers are and she's acting like this is the first time she has ever encountered them. There is no way in hell that she went nearly 4 months acting like that whenever a walker was coming for her.

Why do the walkers still come for the pharmacy after Beatrice dies if you don't choose to shoot her? I can understand why they do if Lee shoots Beatrice, but otherwise, we don't make a sound. So why are they still attracted to us when we are already in the pharmacy barely making any noise?

The deal Ben made with the bandits doesn't seem to make much sense. 3 weeks have gone by since the events of episode 2, so Ben has been with the group for 3 weeks. This means that he has been supplying the bandits with our supplies for the past 3 weeks. He states that he initially does it to get his friend back from when the bandits raided their camp, but when he realized that they didn't have his friend, he kept doing it for his own protection and for the group's protection. If this is true, then why are there arrows in our outer wall? Clearly, Ben has been upholding his side of the deal but the bandits still are not leaving us alone. Lee mentions that they "haven't attacked for days now", but I'm presuming that this deal has been going on for at least the past two weeks, as Lilly implies that the count has been off at least more than once. So...why did they attack some days ago (probably within a week) if Ben had the deal going with them?

How did the bandits line everyone up so quickly? It's about 37 seconds from the time Lee goes into Lilly's room with the supplies to when everyone is lined up and held hostage by the bandits. I suppose this isn't too ridiculous but it seems really fucking fast considering when Lee entered Lilly's room they hadn't even hopped our fence yet. Also, if you have Carley at this point, you can clearly see a bandit escorting her to be lined up, meaning in that 37 seconds they managed to hop the fence, get everyone else rounded up and also go up the steps to Carley and bring her back down.

Also, how the fuck did Ben not see them coming and at least yell out or something? Of course he's the dumb kid, but come on, he's sitting 10 feet in the air on top of that RV being a lookout.

Why didn't the bandits think to shoot out the RV's tires? That's just your everyday RV, not a Humvee. All they gotta do is shoot out the tires and then the group is fucked.

How did Duck get bit on his right hip and more towards his stomach area? He supposedly gets bitten when that walker knocks Kat and Duck down during the raid, but he's laying down the entire time and his shirt never comes up.

Starting up a train is nowhere near as easy as this game makes it out to be. I'm not gonna sit here and get on them for this too much cause I understand why they made it very simple, but still thought I would point it out.

When we first meet Chuck, he claims that he already met Kenny, everyone else in the group, and even had time to talk to all of them and give the kids candy. But, we were only detaching the back of the train car for a minute, maybe two. There's no way in hell that he had time to do all of that from the time we go back there to the time we are finished.

This next one is personally infuriating to me because it just shows how our choices really don't matter. During my silent playthroughs, I like to just answer everything with silence, and if a decision has a timer, I let it run out. Well, after Kat kills herself and you have the choice to shoot Duck or make Kenny do it, or not say anything. If you don't say anything, you two choose to leave Duck in the woods. But then, in the next scene, Duck's blood is still seen splattered all over the tree as though he's been shot, when he hasn't.

How did Chuck not know he had more whiskey? It's not like that train car is huge and it could just get lost. On top of that, it has been moved since the train started up. When we first check out the train car the whiskey isn't there. That must mean Ben, Kenny, or Kat was rooting through his stuff or he moved it but completely forgot that he took it out.

This is a minor one, but when cutting Clem's hair, you don't even cut the front of it, just the back.

How does Clementine reach the door lock from the window above the door to the train station? Her hands can barely reach in there and the door knob is so close to the ground. Her arms would have to be the length of Yao Ming to even come close to reaching the lock. See Deltino's comment showing that there is a lock towards the top of the door.

Where the hell were the walkers in the train station? It seems like one comes from outside the door we left open, but the other one appears to come from a corner of the room that clearly didn't have a walker in it before. Also, the walker that eventually attacks Clementine is nowhere to be found initially either.

The Stranger's voice sounds A LOT different over the radio compared to in person. Maybe he was using a voice changer? This is never explained.

Episode 4:

After the bell rings, you can see Clementine right next to Lee before he needs to shoot the walker off Kenny, but then five seconds later, she's across the intersection with Ben. How did she get over there so fast? Also, after the fps scene and you only have one more walker to kill, Chuck appears literally out of nowhere to kill the last one.

When Kenny checks to see if the boat is still salvagable at the docks how the heck can he tell if the battery is stripped? He doesn't even touch the boat once.

How did Molly know we were ambushing her? There doesn't appear to be anything reflective in front of her and we aren't making a sound.

Why did Kenny take SO long to come out from hiding? He's a few meters away and should be able to hear Molly smack Lee with the icepick. Then, when Clem comes out of nowhere, he should clearly hear us talking/arguing, but he still waits.

Which leads into this next plothole, why didn't Molly just tell Lee and the rest to stay put (so that Lee is in the sewer, and Kenny and Clem are above him and safe) so she could ring a bell in another part of town. Then she could come back and they could pull up Lee to safety, then use the rooftops to get back to the house. That way Lee isn't left in the sewers, left to die, or hopefully find his way back.

Where is Brie during the scene where the group enters Crawford and realize it has fallen? She never appears after coming out of the sewers and running into the school until they reach the second floor.

Where do the walkers come from that surround the nursing station after Vernon and Christa break in? There aren't any wandering the halls and there aren't any other entrances but the stairwell and the way to the autoshop.

When Lee goes back to the autoshop to get the tape and the locker combination, how does he get back? There's a barbed wire fence that he can't climb over and the only other option is the rooftops, but he doesn't have the ice pick.

Why is the doctor recording parts of his appointments where he is clearly being corrupt? He records the section right after Molly and him go at it, when he gives her the insulin illegally. If he claims that he was taping because Oberson was getting strict, then we can assume that Oberson was watching the tapes right? You'd think the doctor would then not record anything that painted him in a bad light.

How did Ben not realize what the hatchet was in the door for? Again, Ben is fucking stupid but COME ON. There is blood all over the doors, when there wasn't any when they first came in, and there was bound to be some walkers still left on the stairway. On top of that, the hatchet was BETWEEN the handles. How could he have not known it was there for a reason?

When leaving the bell tower, wouldn't there be a ton of zombies on the ground when we get down from the roof? The bell has gone off, which means a lot of walkers will be drawn to it. I can't imagine the ground would be clear, but the game just cuts right to us getting back to the house.

I left this one for last, because it occurs throughout, but what sewer hole are they using to get back to the house? Are they using the one all the way back by the docks? Or is there another one? We never see which one they use and its never mentioned.

Episode 5:

Why did Lee shoot the lone walker right outside the mansion after getting back from the hospital? This is presumably what causes the hoard to show up a few minutes later, as they come whether Ben is alive and starts yelling or whether he is dead. He knew that would make a lot of noise and it was alone, he could have just bashed its brain in.

When we make it to the attic, you can clearly see that the layout of the attic is different in Episode 5 compared to 4. As far as we know, no one was creepin about in the attic, except for maybe Molly. But pretty much everything is moved about a lot, not just shuffled a bit. I know I said I wasn't going to talk a lot about graphical errors but this one seemed a bit more relevant and major.

How did they get through the brick wall between the mansion's wall and their neighbor's wall? If you look closely, after Kenny takes a few shots at the wall, there appears to be brick and from the outside, and the mansion is clearly made with brick. Busting through corroded wood is much easier than brick, so how did they manage to do that so quickly?

If Ben is stil alive, when he dies Kenny is separated from us and we have no clue what happened to him. But Christa and Omid are right above us and it is sunny out, but they also couldn't see what happened to Kenny. How could Christa possibly not see where Kenny went?

This plothole has been beaten to death, but the fact that the stranger goes after Lee in particular even if he didn't want to steal the station wagon is just dumb and a weak plot point.

How did an 8 year old girl drag a 6'2" ~180 pound guy through a hoard of walkers without disturbing even one walker? Not only could she probably not drag him, but she also had to do it without either of them touching any of the walkers basically. Sounds kinda crazy to me.

Did I miss anything? I might do 400 days, Season 2, and Season 3, when I get the chance but I gotta go.

UPDATE 1: Added in the plothole about how the layout of the attic is different in Episode 5 compared to Episode 4. Also, fixed some formatting issues.

UPDATE 2: Fixed an error in the Episode 3 section stating that Clementine couldn't possibly unlock the door to the train sation. Thanks Deltino.

UPDATE 3: Added another thing in Episode 1 about how we can still see Shaun's truck even if we leave after sundown.


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    Boy I’d love you to do a Season 3, you would be here forever

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    I always assumed Clementine got over the fence by actually not going over it but through it. By that I mean there must have been one of those loose boards she could have pushed out of the way.

  • Ah yeah that would probably be the most logical explanation. In Season 1 she did that a lot throughout the episodes where she would climb through small places to help the group out.

    Melton23 posted: »

    I always assumed Clementine got over the fence by actually not going over it but through it. By that I mean there must have been one of those loose boards she could have pushed out of the way.

  • DeltinoDeltino Moderator

    How does Clementine reach the door lock from the window above the door to the train station? Her hands can barely reach in there and the door knob is so close to the ground. Her arms would have to be the length of Yao Ming to even come close to reaching the lock.

    Allow me to be a mythbuster here and inform you that this one actually does have an (easy to miss) explanation:

    There's a vertical lock at the top of the door. Clementine simply reached in and unlocked the latch.

  • And there goes the magic of Season 1.
    Now seriously serious: games just as movies and series rely on the suspension of disbelief to work because if it were to follow real life as rule would be very annoying.

  • I thought that was obvious, even if I never actually saw that there.

    Deltino posted: »

    How does Clementine reach the door lock from the window above the door to the train station? Her hands can barely reach in there and the doo

  • Wow this thread gives my old thread a run for it’s money lol

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    Damn, good catch. I replayed the third episode a few weeks ago and actually paid close attention to this scene to see whether or not something like this was there and I still missed it. I'll change the original post.

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    How does Clementine reach the door lock from the window above the door to the train station? Her hands can barely reach in there and the doo

  • How bout this ☝️ one. How are the dead able to attack only living prey, see,hear,walk and move without a functioning circulatory system nor nervous system with a brain that isn't working? Are they truly ? "dead" then or just in a altered form of consciousness like a vegetable ? state of mind? Why are there no undead animals yet walkers will attack animals along with humans. Why wouldn't every survivor try to craft their own bite proof armor? Or atleast increase the clothing layers on their extremities to the point a bite can't hardly breakthrough and if these walkers are decaying so badly then wouldn't all their teeth had fallen out by a couple months time anyway?LOL Many questions but I guess some logic and belief has to be suspended to enjoy the story anyhow even with what you've discovered and brought up.

    I will say that the high way walker ? could of just recently died from a nearby home ? or crash and wandered into the road. In spite of it being the beginning of the end. At this point the virus was present in everyone and whoever died at that time onward would become a biter. No matter where and how far from Atlanta they were.. so long as they were still on earth ? or atleast in America.

  • Wow, You did great work ?

  • Thanks :smile: School and work are pretty crazy right now but I just played 400 days and might put that one in here as well. There obviously is not as much for that one. Also planning on doing Season 2 and Season some point. Probably will be awhile but those are full of these kind of things to.

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    Wow, You did great work ?

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