Telltale Needs Help!

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Yesterday, JesseTheBuilder commented on my post (What Are You Guys Gonna Do?) that donating money to Telltale doesn't seem like it would work because Telltale should have told us in advance that they were in bankruptcy, but from the looks of it, I think that Telltale would still like to receive some $ to help them out. I don't see how hard it would be for Telltale to just set something up for donations. I mean, I understand that Telltale might not have the time right now to do so, but it's worth it right?


  • by the time this all went public telltale was already dead. There are like 10 people or so left (not even netflix minecraft team survived completly). While it's a nice thought, its too late dude, sorry. They'll just finish up current projects for legal issues and then its done.

  • So their not gonna continue the MCSM Netflix thing?

  • I think it was already finished by the remaining employees.

    WMB_101 posted: »

    So their not gonna continue the MCSM Netflix thing?

  • Do you know when it's coming to Netflix?

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