Did the Walking Dead games change you as a person?

It has for me. Ever since playing Season 1, I've become more of an honest person and deal with problems kind of like the way Lee did. What about you?


  • Probably not as a person but it opened my eyes on how powerful video games can actually be

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    Yes. The Walking Dead Seasons have made me more resourceful, honest and able to speak to people to illicit curtain feelings or to be better with people skills in general as a good portion of the game is saying and doing the right things to earn certain people's trust. It really is a huge facet of my life in a way. And after a good 6 years or so with the game and how many face have come and gone. It makes you accept how disposable life is and the darkness that waits around every corner. It's a humbling experience of an artist trapped in his own drawings. You don't make the decisions that shape your life, your life makes the decisions that shape you. And the purpose of actually living is so much grander then just what you see and feel but the actual life force of the earth and the people around you. It's a web and the actions of one can effect the lives of so many. Like Lee's courgeousness. He sacraficed himself for a little girl he didn't even know. It's things like that i'll carry forever and hope I'd do the same in said situation.

  • I cried after playing Season 1 for the first time. From that point on I’ve never looked at Video Games the same way.

  • I don't about changing as a person, maybe. But what I do know is that it is utterly absolutely amazing how much of an emotional impact a game can have.

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    Same, I remember I legitimately cried after S1 ending and ALMOST cried at S2 ending 5/6 years ago, those were the only times in which I cried over a videogame, maybe because I was like 12/13 years old but still...
    This is one of my favourite series ever made because I felt related with the characters so much that sometimes I consider them like friends, even though they don't exist in real life of course.
    Also, ANF is hated (wrongly in my opinion), but the ending when David dies in front of Javier and Gabriel is sad as fuck aswell.

    I cried after playing Season 1 for the first time. From that point on I’ve never looked at Video Games the same way.

  • Well... yeah. I mean I was a little kid when I played the first game, and kids are pretty easily influenced by everything. But I've been following the series for years and the characters and stories are really important to me. Also, I remember first finding out that whether or not you said "shit" in the barn in season one influenced what Clem said in season two, and, well... my favorite curse word's been shit ever since, so. I'd say yeah.

  • It's probably influenced creative writing shit, but other than that I don't think so.

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