Why didn't the Cabin Group hear all of the gunfire?

Something that's been bothering me a bit while I go back and revisit the old seasons is the fact that the massacre at the river bed seemed to have gone completely unheard by the Cabin Group.

While initially you'd think that there were a plethora of reasons as to why they didn't hear the shots I think upon further analysis a lot of it doesn't add up.

Firstly, maybe (highly implied) Carver's group were concise with their shots. However upon revisiting the scene Pete mentions how the people are riddled with holes, which basically means they made a lot of noise during that whole situation.

Secondly, the altercation was simply too far away. The most likely option, but how far away is the river to the cabin if they're able to make it there without much of a hassle or do much in the way of preparation. Admittedly not much is known about the distance from the cabin to the river but regardless I'd still think that the group would've heard all of the gunfire. Within those woods it'd be hard to pinpoint where the source of the sounds were sure but surely they heard all of the bullets themselves?

Thirdly, the attack happened when the group were asleep/at some other inopportune time. Also fairly likely, but Pete did mention that the trio were going to go off fishing first thing in the morning and the bodies obviously weren't out there longer for a day, more proof for that would be the fact that Victor (bandit guy with the long hair) was found still alive at that time. Plus I'm pretty sure with the threat of Carver constantly on the back of their minds, at least someone from the group must've been a light sleeper, if not most of them. Most likely it happened in the early morning but again, one would think all of that noise would've woken someone up.

Overthinking here as per usual lol, and honestly I'm not sure how much of an effect it'd have on the plot if the Cabin Group were aware of the shots and then planned accordingly, but the whole situations just been bugging me lately. Well actually, for starters Pete would've still been alive and kicking, at least for the time being, so I guess it'd indeed shake things up a little.


  • never really thought about it. probs was too far. even if it wasn't a hassle to get there it could still be far enough that you won't hear gunfire. maybe trails or whatever made it easier to get there. it had to be p far otherwise getting pete help would've been easier.

  • Maybe because it was storming the night that it happened

  • Gunshots can be heard really far though

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    never really thought about it. probs was too far. even if it wasn't a hassle to get there it could still be far enough that you won't hear g

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    never really thought about it. probs was too far. even if it wasn't a hassle to get there it could still be far enough that you won't hear g

  • The scavengers weren't even supposed to be there originally--Clementine, Pete, Nick, Luke and Alvin were supposed to all to fishing at that creak, hence the mention of there being traps and why Luke is on the promo art for the following episode.

  • The gunshots would be muffled or completely muted by all the trees, the sound being deflected or absorbed as it travels between the river and the cabin. Dispite what Rebecca might think - 'Every lurker for 5 miles' - would not have heard the shot that Nick fired by accident, it would probably be closer to 1-2 for a forested area.

  • Gunshots are loud, firefights are much louder. And I'm sure TellTale didn't really put much thought into why the group didn't hear the fight.

    But if you want a reasonable explanation, then the forest is a good start. If I recall correctly, the walk to the river was a downward slope. Simply call that a hill between the cabin and the river, deflecting the sound enough to prevent the group from hearing the fight.

  • Maybe they used high powered suppressors

  • Cue one of their guns blowing up.

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    Maybe they used high powered suppressors

  • The gun shots were mistaken for thunder and lightning

  • Holy shit...

    The gun shots were mistaken for thunder and lightning

  • I know, that thunder must've been pretty loud

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    Holy shit...

  • The storm angle makes sense, still seems a bit iffy of an explanation but better than no explanation I suppose.

    Okay let's broaden the strokes, time for some hypothetical thinking here. Had the group heard all of the gunfire what actions do you think they would've taken and as a result, where do you think the plot would've gone going forward?

    My take on it is that indeed, not much would change probably. Carvers group will still catch up to them and while the group would now be much more cautious of their situation as they basically knew Carver was after them they'd still be outgunned by the man in question. I'd guess they would try to set up defenses of some sort much to the displeasure of the ski lodge group (Matthew would probably live past the bridge if Pete was there to reign Nick back) but in the end, Carver and his posse will most likely still come out on top.

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    They didn't hear Clem's screams coming from the shed either. Carlos must have given the entire group ear examinations a bit earlier.
    You know, like screaming really loudly into their ears: "CAN YOU HEAR THIS ALRIGHT!?". Just like how real doctors would do it.

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