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  • After finishing Silent Hill 2 on PC, I decided to also give Silent Hill 3 a shot. Beat the game recently and it was FIRE. This game is a direct sequel to Silent Hill 1 while the second is a standalone story despite taking place in the same town. I am not going to mention the whole plot because I am sure not everyone here played Silent Hill but in this game, you play as Heather who is the daughter of a familiar face and she became one of my favorite characters in gaming. She is easily my number 1 favorite SH protagonist.

    One thing that caught me off guard about this game is how similar the basic plot is to TLOU Part 2's. One difference is that it did much better and it made more sense storywise.

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    Considering that Bully : anniversary edition is having technical difficulties and glitches right now I am replaying

    (ARK survival : Evolved) for the first time just to buy myself more time just to not think about upcoming Jurassic World : Dominion .

    For that I'm exploring the forests built me a house made clothes, weapons and Scout the island.

    Only in the daytime considering predators hunt at night time and so far there are a lot of Dilophosaurus in the jungle I've also ran into compys. I saw Titanoboa , crocidle and a ( Baryonyx ) which are cousin of the spinosauraus .

    I still haven't seen a Trex or Raptors yet but they must be deeper in the jungle.

    Right now I'm making Bots for my bow so I can take down bigger threats of kill a Triceratops .

    I have killed dozens of Dilophosauruss and compys as of now but my main focus is those bots don't want too kill a Trex with Melee weapon so um going for posion darts on that one.

  • on my final fantasy journey I have recently arrived on final fantasy X, god the english dub is the most horrendous atrocity I have ever experienced and I'm not even going for the low hanging fruit, every single bit of it is terrible

    thank god for mods letting me change it to japanese, best gameplay in the franchise so far tbh

  • Battlefield 1 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are my favorite game.

  • I recently played and finished Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain for the first time in years. I do not consider myself a MGS fan because I never played the previous games. I did play MGS4 but never finished the main storyline because for some reason, I couldn't continue the story after a certain chapter. I got confused. I also tried to play MGS3 on PS Now but the controls made me rage quit. I know this game came out in 2005 but that doesn't excuse the most dated controls I've ever experienced, even worse than the tank controls from Resident Evil.

    Despite all of this, I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 5. It has one of the best gameplays I've ever experienced and it's impressive considering the game wasn't even finished in terms of storyline. Speaking of storylines, it wasn't really great in this game. It was kind of a lackluster and Snake didn't talk a lot, probably due to not being played by David Hayter. I had a lot of fun with the first chapter but then it gets worse with chapter 2. Chapter 2 is barely telling a story, we get unfinished character arcs and they give us the same goddamn missions I've accomplished before but with raised difficulty. This is obviously because Konami didn't let Kojima finish the story and just made the game more repetitive.

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    Yeah, I've tried to get into the old MGS games before I played V, but my modern hands could not handle the old controls. (Especially after playing MGSV Ground Zeroes. Damn, the gameplay in the latest game is just so smooth.)
    I ended up always making it through half of each game before I had to quit, ended up watching a cutscene-movie on Youtube afterwards to get the rest of it. (The ones I found were pretty well edited and understandable!)

    Chapter 2 is barely telling a story, we get unfinished character arcs and they give us the same goddamn missions I've accomplished before but with raised difficulty.

    Yeah, it sucks that it seems the budget for the second half of the game just wasn't there. (or the budget for a third map. Only having desert-laden Afghanistan and Rainy Africa got kinda old fast.) Luckily I don't think you need to do any of those missions to unlock the real final story missions. You just need to track down some special tapes, finish some required side-missions (Those are unfortunately pretty repetitive though.) and visit Mother Base enough. The story itself I find was decent, but just made the MGS timeline a bit more crazy. The voice-acting and gameplay is king in this game though. It's so, so fun sneaking around.

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    I recently played and finished Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain for the first time in years. I do not consider myself a MGS fan because I

  • Well if youve been searching for buying more games then ive been using gamegator which has a shit ton of great games for cheaper prices

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    I have a huge backlog of games I'm chucking away little by little. But anyways, the games I'm currently playing are: * KOTOR * Steins

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    Well if youve been searching for buying more games then ive been using gamegator which has a shit ton of great games for cheaper prices

  • I too have been searching for buying more games. Good thing gamegator has a shit ton of great games for cheaper prices

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  • I just finished A Plague Tale: Innocence. A surprisingly great game!

    Theres a a lot of good and a some underwhelming/bad stuff with this game, but overall it was very enjoyable and high-quality.

    • The models and voice acting are really well done! (I still think it's weird that it's a game set in France where everyone speaks English, but I now realise I should have just turned on the French Dub.)
    • The world is gorgeous! (the first game I felt really compelled to use the photo mode every now and then)
      The world is also freaking gross. Plenty of skeleton gore in this game, creepy moldy rat nests and bloody waves of rats.

    • The story was very captivating, which was enriched even further by the mystery and world design. Asobo definitely built a great medieval adventure, and there's plenty different locales and levels in this.

    As for cons:

    • The lip synching isn't the best
    • The level design is very linear and restrictive at times, with it being very clear who to distract and where to go
    • The companion character can be pretty annoying at times (but that's probably a success, since he's 5)
    • And some combat sections were needlessly difficult. (plus it's annoying to still be dying in one hit by the end of the game).
    • You can't upgrade all your equipment in one playthrough (you can if you focus on one tree, which I didn't do. I also found that I spent 90% of the game with the minimum amount of resources I could carry (Lvl 1 satchel), where many of the upgrades required more than I could carry)

    Apart from all that, it was a great 10-hour experience. Check it out!
    (The final boss was surprisingly easy. I'd read some reviews and comments that complained about it being difficult, but it was more frustrating than difficult. (learning the attack pattern was all it took)

  • The walking dead

  • Today's my Tribeca Games day. Previewing a few demos I signed up for at the beginning of the month. I had to skip the first two on my list today, (12 Minutes, Harold Halibut) since I was helping out with Father's Day stuff.

    Anyway, I just previewed the third game I was scheduled for: Signalis by Rose-Engine.

    I'm definitely interested in the game now, after trying it out. The game is a top-down, survival-horror experience, with a similar gameplay experience to the old Resident Evils with small inventory management and manual healing. The art style is an eye-catching 3D pixel-art, and your inventory menus, maps, and general info have this retro-futuristic CRT television look.

    In this pre-alpha demo, you wake up from this cryo-pod, completely unaware of what's going on and no information on who you are. After a bit of exploring dimly-lit corridors and storage rooms, you find a few items and scraps of info. You find out that you are a Replika, which is either a robot or cybernetically-enhanced human, it's not clear yet. You're also on a crashed ship, given the cockpit and constant emergency broadcast you can tune into with your radio. There's repair spray you can use to heal yourself or fix items and a gun with some bullets, ready to shoot into the nearest shadowy figure.

    Speaking of shadowy figures, these are some spooky enemies. Only able to see their silhouettes in the environment, and not hostile until you approach them, they provide a creepy tone to the action. A few enemies are distinctly human-like, brandishing clubs or knives, another is non-human, with this large pole-like object sticking out of its head.

    The demo isn't too long, and after fixing the reactor chamber and finding a keycard in a locked room, you put on a space suit and escape to the outside frozen tundra. After a short trek to a landmark, you find a hole in the ground, leading to some bunker. At this point, I entered the hole, but was unable to find a door at the bottom, no matter how thorough I searched. I assume that was the end of the demo, and turned it off.
    All in all, it's a very intriguing preview of the game. I'm definitely going to follow this one's development in the future.
    Later tonight is Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

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    Mmmm Kena: Bridge of Spirits!! (by Ember Lab)

    The game is fun, gorgeous (at least from the PC that streamed it) and uses a great blend of familiar gameplay.

    This demo was some of the opening moments of the game, I think, given the limited abilities Kena is given.

    Your quest is to follow the spirit of a girl called Taro who is trapped in the forest, and to figure out what it keeping them there. Along the way, you're confronted with a growing threat of Corruption, blocking off paths and generating skeletal forest enemies, two mysterious green-haired children who help guide you through the area, and this wise man at the top of a mountain who teaches Kena a new skill.

    The biggest surprise of this demo was the combat. Man, on Normal, this game is pretty hard -- at least at the start when you only have a few simple Melee attacks.
    There's a light attack, heavy, a dodge roll, a shield to block damage (also a parry if you time it right), and a skill tree where you can unlock more skills with points, if you explore the world enough.

    The first enemy group I came across (with two small enemies and one heavy guy) whooped my butt quote a few times. Dodging is your friend, at least when you're still at base health (there's meditation spots to find that can permenantly increase it).

    The world itself is so freaking gorgeous.
    The opening moments of the demo, chasing a spirit through a dark forest during a thunderstorm... WOW. Awe-inspiring.
    The cutscenes are absolutely adorable and equally awesome to look at.
    The world itself is fantastic. It really feels like you've stepped into a fantasy animated movie. The forests are very lush, the corruption is menacing in its red glow, Kena's magic (especially in dark places) is so satisfying to use, seeing magical particles flying around the cave floor.
    The line between cutscene and gameplay was pretty blurry in this build. Consider me impressed.

    Now, exploring the world, while it's great to look at and gives off the impression that it's wide and expansive, unfortunately isn't.
    A lot of this demo was following a pretty linear path of platforming and chasing, with few deviations. There were a few mysterious doors and areas I couldn't reach, so there is a bit of metroid-vania to this.

    The final boss battle of the demo gave me quite a bit of trouble. So much, that I ran out of time and was kicked back to the main menu. Ah well, I might not know how this sequence ends, but I'll get it in the final game.

    Apparently this is a 40$ USD title and that's a fantastic price for what I've seen today.

  • This is a game i've been looking forward to ever since they first announced it,it was apparently made by a pretty small studio so it's impressive how good the game looks like you said it's like an animated movie you'd see from Pixar. I didn't even know there was a demo but i think i'll wait until the game comes out in 2 months to get the full experience.

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    Mmmm Kena: Bridge of Spirits!! (by Ember Lab) The game is fun, gorgeous (at least from the PC that streamed it) and uses a great blen

  • It's not an official, public demo.
    It's a special preview as part of the Tribeca Film Festival.

    They've got a new Games category, honoring upcoming games with interesting narrative pushes or innovations. ('NORCO' won, so maybe keep an eye on that). About a month ago they opened up sign-ups to book a timeslot to try out a demo of any of the games in the category. I signed up for 4 games, all scheduled for the 20th. The 20th was the last day of the promo, plus they all got booked quick.

    But yeah, Kena looks like it's got lots of promise.

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    This is a game i've been looking forward to ever since they first announced it,it was apparently made by a pretty small studio so it's impre

  • I am getting quite bored of video games. I just stopped playing for a bit, though, my most recent game I’ve been playing the most is Call of duty WW2 or rust

  • Here I used to play shooters, but now I've moved on to more relaxed games, such as vulkan vegas provides a large selection of games for everyone)

  • Mass Effect Remastered. I put so many frickin hours into the Mass Effect Trilogy at this point including the OG version you have no idea.

  • I've got some words to say about The Council... ohhh man

    The Council is a mystery, episodic choice-based game released in 2018 by Big Bad Wolf Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. You play as Louis, a guy who has been invited to this mysterious high-class meeting between some of the most influential powers of the late 1700s, in search of his mother who has disappeared.

    The concept is nice, and the added RPG mechanics, with a skill tree you have to build up is really interesting and keeps you on edge with how to allocate your points, and keeping your worried whether you'll miss out on key dialogue opportunities because of it.

    It had a lot of promise... until it got way too ambitious, in my opinion.
    I don't know how it happened, but there's an extremely jarring twist and essentially story reboot halfway through the season. And it really put me off from it.
    It goes from cool political intrigue/deception thriller to supernatural, horror-inspired, mystery.

    Basically, in your search for your mother (where you can have varying degrees of success) you eventually are forced to finally find her at the end of Episode 3, where she drops numerous bombshells about the mysterious Lord Mortimer, the lord of the house. Info that he's a full-fledged demon. Man, that came out of nowhere. She also justifies torturing Elizabeth Adams, a character who previously confided in my playthrough that she suffered extreme mental harm by her hand...

    Now, maybe I got dealt a really bad hand, and the reason all this felt jarring was because I hadn't found all the right clues beforehand, but damn, that doesn't make this sudden shift in genre and theme of the game so jarring.
    Unfortunately, it gets worse from there, story wise, IMO.
    The game leans super hard into this new Supernatural angle, with you later finding out that Mortimer is your dad, also Holm is your Uncle, and even Wollner being Holm's son and EVEN (in an optional scene) Emily being your sister! Holy what the fuck is all this. Worst of all, despite these extreme twists, the main character barely seems fazed by any of them, mostly expressing himself in a "oh wow that's kinda surprising" manner.

    Because the game wouldn't let off the pedal in the Supernatural themes, I decided to play along and go full bonkers dive-in to the supernatural themes, too, figuring out how far I could push this sudden narrative jump. I accepted my Demon origins, sided with daddy demon, even met Granddaddy demon in the end and had him possess me. (yeah it's a whole thing, don't ask)
    What we get is this... really weird ending of taking over the mansion for yourself, and everyone who's alive by then just sails off into the night. Then there's some text blurbs about their final fate and that's it for the ending. It's a kinda interesting, very crazy, and... eh...

    As for non-story related negatives,

    • The game suffered from a lot of backtracking and aimlessly wandering the mansion at times.
      Episode 3 and 4 suffered immensely from having basically the same kind of tasks, and the episode felt like a re-treat of the last one. Run around the mansion looking for clues in whatever vague room you can find.

    • A lot of the puzzles were needlessly difficult, and I feel like some were intentionally misleading. One involves reading a blurry tattoo on someone's hand to decipher a secret code, but the lighting is super janky and even some of the HUD gets in the way. Or, another deadly trap has two answers that could fit, but only one works, and you'd be easily fooled for believing it (I was). I ended up using a guide near the end of the game for some of the puzzles since they ended up being pretty long and confusing at to what to do.

    • Ah, and the voice acting is painful to listen to, at least for the main characters (Louis and Sarah De Richet). They're both french and currently are in 1700s France, but... they've got no hint of an accent. Just American. The other guests have accents -- and there's even sometimes when Louis is looking at an item, he says the French pronunciation near-perfectly... but somehow we get American instead for his character.
    • And ohhhh mannn Louis' voice acting is just so flat. He doesn't emote very well/enough.
    • I'd replay the game to see other paths and choices (honestly, looking at other people's experiences, there's some great variety in choices and extra scenes), but with me not really being a History nerd, and I experienced a lot of bugs in the game -- the game would freeze halfway through a line, or characters would say their lines delayed, or even worse lines would freeze at the first word, creating this terrifying glitch noise. Plus, there were a lot of loading screens involved, travelling around the mansion a lot, and some were pretty long... Not interested in this game again for a while...
  • Since May last year during lockdown, i was introduced to what has become my all time favourite JRPG series. It’s called The Legend Of Heroes and consists of multiple arcs. Trails in the Sky trilogy, Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure, and 4 more games known as Trails from Cold Steel. They are made by Nihon Falcom and no word of lie i have been obsessed with them since. They are so wonderfully written, storywise, character and world building, your traditional every day turn based battle system. I highly recommend these games to anyone who loves the classic Final Fantasy games and RPGS in general. For anyone interested let me know and i’ll tell you more 😄

  • Counter strike :)

  • I recently, finally, finished the final game in the main Professor Layton Saga ("The Azran Legacy", final game in the Prequel trilogy)

    It's actually a pretty different style of game compared to the other titles, at least in terms of the pacing. The ending is still bonkers wild, yet fun to see.
    Some of it is okay, but some of it is just... not good.

    This entry is more of a globe-trotting adventure. The middle of the game is about going to 5 distinct areas of the world to find 5 special items. Each offers their own mini-story and mystery to unravel and each looks and sounds different. There's a windy village in the north of England, a bright, sunny, coastal Mediterranean-type town, a Eastern-inspired desert town, among others. It's pretty cool to see such a good variety of locales here.

    In terms of the story itself, it's... Okay. Although, I'd say that part of this is because it's been years since I played the last entry.
    You and this other archeologist professor find a young woman frozen in ice, presumably for 1000 years, and must find 5 artifacts relating to a long-lost civilization to uncover their secret.

    The main story itself though is paced so heavily towards the last quarter of the game. You spend 2 hours finding the frozen girl, 6 hours finding the artefacts, then 2 hours getting to and solving the Azran Legacy. Add on another hour or two for finding and solving hidden puzzles in there, but overall it didn't feel balanced.
    The side-stories in each of the locations don't connect at all with solving the main mystery, and by the time you get the last artefact, the game prompts you with the 'If you go past this point, you will be locked from going back to find hidden puzzles until you finish the game' and it felt undeserved, since the main vilian had not been revealed or the climax had not yet started.

    Then, comes the twists. Every Layton game has them. They're all insane, but in a crazily believable way. But for this entry? It felt like twists for the sake of twists.

    • Emmy betrays the Professor, takes Luke hostage. She was a double agent for this evil organization the whole time... We didn't even know there was a secret organization in the last two games!
    • Descole is Layton's brother. Also Layton isn't even his name. He took Descole's.
    • Bronev (main baddie in this game) is Layton's father. You can't just dump that on me with no foreshadowing or build-up.
    • The Azran's secret was a bunch of advanced robots that turned on humans and wanted to destroy civilization.

    Again, it might be because I haven't visited this series in a long while (only recently found a cheap copy of this on ebay), but a lot of this just felt forced. I didn't need to know any of this, and most of these revelations all happen within 20 minutes. It might have been better had there been more seeds of foreshadowing earlier in the game, rather than cramming it all in at the end.

    Pretty good title, though the ending is shaky. 7/10.

    I think I'll check out the second Phoenix Wright game again, as I never finished it in the Trilogy collection.
    I also want to revisit the Layton/Wright crossover game, as it's been a while since I last finished it. I remember it being a great title with some impressive graphics and merging of the two gameplay styles.

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    Started playing the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Steam and I’m almost finished up with the first game. Currently on the fifth case. I haven’t played the games since they originally released on the DS eons ago but I’m very much enjoying my time with it so far. I forgot how funny and clever the writing was! I hope they release the other mainline titles (Apollo, Dual Destinies and Justice for All) somewhere down the line on PC. Never played the last two games since they were digital only releases on the 3DS.

    Once I’m done with this I’ll probably go ahead and get The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

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    I played Road 96, which took me about six and a half hours to complete all six episodes. The game is set in the fictional country of Petra, a strange amalgamation of Russia and the US, and follows a number of unnamed teenagers as they try to make their way across the border with hopes of finding a better life away from the tyrannical leader of their country. Along the way you’ll encounter a number of individuals all of who have been affected by the country’s regime in different ways, whether they be positive or negative. During these encounters you’ll be able to make choices that have an effect on the people and the future of the country. Will you sow in the seeds of rebellion and help take down the country’s authoritarian government by force, encourage a more peaceful approach and vote for a potentially better leader of tomorrow, or just get the hell out of dodge?

    The game is pretty darn good though it’s not without its faults. There’s a ton of of different environments and rest stops to explore, the characters can be pretty interesting, if overly trusting, and the number of events and choices that pop up is pretty impressive. The soundtrack is also pretty good. I also really like the games, for the most part, calming atmosphere. Very Firewatch/Life is Strange. It really does feel like you’re on a grand road trip through the country, well until the shit hits the fan anyway. The game has an energy and money system that you have to monitor which can lead to interesting situations where you have to think about whether certain things are worth it or not. You can also die, which will lead to the end of an episode.

    Like I mentioned, the game has some issues. For one thing the voice acting isn’t professional by any means, so don’t go in expecting amazing, and the writing and dialogue can get pretty clunky. You’re also gonna have to put up a suspension of disbelief for a good chunk of the game, as you do get into some crazy situations. The game is also not subtle about its political themes. While I didn’t mind it, I feel like there were certain areas where subtlety would have made things a bit smoother.

    Despite all that, I did enjoy my time with the game overall. I thought it was pretty engaging, despite some of the janky writing, and there are some pretty legitimately tense moments. The characters are entertaining, the gameplay didn’t feel tedious, the music’s good and the amount of variation in a single play through is pretty impressive.

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    Finished the short game If Found...

    It's essentially an interactive novel, but it's a great read for 2.5-ish hours.

    In December of 1993, Kasio destroys her diary. Learn about the conflict with her family, the friends she makes, and the challenges she goes through as a young woman.
    A black hole is coming to devour everything...

    The gameplay is probably best enjoyed on a phone or Nintendo Switch. In the game, you erase scribbles and passages of text from Kasio's diary to reveal more, the tactile nature of it is satisfying to reveal yourself rather than using awkward sticks or single-press buttons.

    It's a great coming-of-age sstory of a young trans girl just trying to get people to accept her, and find who she is. She goes through friendships, heartaches, love, and agony. Reading her inner thoughts on events and people she knows is engrossing and at times heartbreaking, to see what she goes through. The game is set in Ireland, and there's a nifty glossary you can pull up (or find in the Chapters menu) to see the definition of some key words.

    The ending is particularly fun in how it changes up the gameplay a bit,

    plus there's the added customize-your-own Kasio look and a bonus Epilogue where you can find out what happens to all the characters after the credits roll.

    Great title to pick up on a sale if you want to read a well-written story.

  • I played Twelve Minutes, the point and click adventure game where a man finds himself caught in a time loop after a man breaks into his home and accuses his wife of murder.

    I actually quite liked the gameplay in this. I’m very confused on how some reviewers criticised the game for having “moon logic” where you’ll have to think way way way outside the box in order to solve puzzles. You just kinda have to go multiple different loops in order to get hints and answers to different questions. I didn’t find the overall game to be too difficult and for the most part felt fairly logical. The time limit can add a lot of intensity to situations but also frustrations when you’re kind of forced to repeat the same time loop because you made the wrong choice that got you killed.

    The voice acting’s good for the most part with James McAvoy and a Daisy Ridley having some really great moments especially when you get further into the story, though you get some weird lines where the VA’s inflection doesn’t match the situation that’s taking place. Willem Dafoe is of course good as well, though I didn’t find his performance to be as memorable unfortunately.

    I’m not gonna say much about the story other than I’m not actually sure if I like it. I found it entertaining but I’m conflicted on whether or not I could consider it to be good. It gets pretty confusing and nonsensical to astronomical lengths. I will say that the story was certainly… daring, and made me incredibly uncomfortable in a way I haven’t felt in a while to the point of me wondering how on Earth the writer thought this was a good idea lol. I can absolutely see people hating the game based on this alone and I wouldn’t exactly blame them. The writing goes places. Not the best places but places.

    Ultimately while I did enjoy the gameplay, time loop elements and voice acting, the story and writing, while entertaining, did leave me disappointed. Honestly I’d say if you were curious about the game, wait for a sale.

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    I feel like I wanna record myself playing this game. It looks really interesting

    Edit: I take it back. I'd rather watch someone else play it. I do not trust myself to have a good reaction to indie games.

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    I played Twelve Minutes, the point and click adventure game where a man finds himself caught in a time loop after a man breaks into his home

  • I am currently playing The Forest. This game is not groundbreaking or anything. I am just playing it with my brain turned off.

  • Playing CODM and Ark but I’m looking forward for PUBG : New Estate.

    Considering I kinda raged quit on PUBGM because of hackers and I keep dying from glitches.

    But looking Foward to what games are out there

    I’ve also been playing Yugioh : Duel Links and got 2/3 of The Egyptian god cards but thing about (Yugioh : Dule Links) is wel, every time you advance to a new stage it cause more data .

    Which f’ken sucks .

    Not of been mentioning I’ve been working on my dragon deck .😭

  • Only played an hour of Alan Wake Remastered.

    It's good to finally have a stable 30fps version of AW. Some of the cutscenes are choppy, but I think that's my own system -- I've been having issues with other (big-budget, polished) games recently too. Other people's PS4 gameplay has smooth uninterrupted cutscenes.

    Graphics are good. Not great or fantastic. Just good. It's not a blurry X360 mess, but it's not photo-realistic. Just semi-believable looking textures.

    sequel/lore spoilers

    There's also this really interesting addition... This is new.

    You can find a QR code 5 minutes into the beginning of the game. It brings you to this video:

    Looks like footage from Control, but I don't recognize it at all. Cool.

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    Right now I’m replaying Dead Trigger for the first time and might play Dead Trigger 2.

    Edit: I looked up Dead Tigger 3 on the website in this link idk the third installment looks weird.

    Nothing like DT or DT2 I, but will see what happens

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    Another Eden:A cat beyond time and space,COG catalogue(interactive stories will always be the best),Mass Effect Trilogy,Mobile Monopoly,Pokemon Desolation on Joiplay emulator and Judgement PS4.

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    I feel like I'm far enough into Jedi Fallen Order to give a first impressions opinion. Finished the first two quests on the first three planets, just did my first bit of backtracking with new skills, it's good.
    (whenever you get around to it @MetallicaRules, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it runs on PS5, especially with its performance.)

    The story so far seems like a fun Star Wars-type story set after Order 66. You play as Cal, a Jedi in hiding, forced on the run after some Inquisitors catch up to him.

    The gameplay is a nice blend of various things. There's some claustrophobic close-combat, Dark Souls style. Uncharted-type climbing sections and setpieces, and Metroid-vania progression, with routes, shortcuts, and collectibles inaccessible until you return with new abilities.

    upgrade spoiler

    I just got an upgrade to the lightsaber -- the double bladed version! Apparently there's multiple areas to find this, but I found it on Bogano after a few new abilities. You can find it in the workshop of this Jedi you've been following, and Cal does a nice monologue about finding this extra emitter of the Jedi he found earlier, and how he'll attach it to his own to "carry him with us" where-ever he goes. That doesn't happen in other areas, he just randomly gets it.
    That was a nice unique touch!

    Progression is unique in that you can stock up on skill points, but when you die to an enemy, you lose the XP you've been saving since the last point you earned. Adds a risk-reward of starting the xp grind for your next point from scratch, or regaining that boost by landing one single hit on the enemy that killed you. If it's a normal enemy, good. Hit it and run. If it's a mini-boss that traps you, ohhh good luck.

    I'm playing on Hard/Jedi Master. This does lessen the experience a bit, with how quick you die especially when faced with enemies that stun-lock you or have heavy attacks, but overcoming them is thrilling. It's frustrating, but I have found now that the more you unlock in the skill tree, the more fun combat gets.
    I do have some complaints with the structure however, as it feels like it's overly difficult and part of it relates to the performance.

    • Parrying is strange. It's probably a mix of animation and frame-rate, but it's not accurate a lot. You need a good lead-up to parry someone, not do it just as they hit you, like in other titles. It takes a bit to wrap your head around.
    • Resting at a meditation point respawns all enemies in the area. But this is the only way to compeltely heal or regain your healing stims, which you only have 2 for a long while. When up against tough enemies, it can be brutal, forced to fight them, lose health, use stims, then have to go back and respawn them just to heal again because you also used up all the stims in the fight.
    • Getting to your death point after respawning -- when you respawn on a death, you lose your XP, so to get it back you need to get back to the enemy that killed you -- but the enemies respawn when you die too! So you have to hopefully rush through (or fight through) the waves of enemies you've already killed just to get it back.
    • Manual Saving. It's easy to forget that this game barely has any auto-saves. Usually only after cutscenes after landing on a planet. If you quit a game before using a meditation point (manually saving), You can boot it up later, only to find yourself without some upgrades or in an area further back
    • The respawn timer is SLOWWW. This game either isn't optimized, or isn't built for the old-gen consoles. Respawning can sometimes take a minute and a half, and it's not clear what causes it.
    • Enemies can pop-in after a respawn. Sometimes you think an area's clear when you respawn, but boom, enemies appear all around you a couple seconds in -- they don't load properly.
    • When moving between some areas of the map, the game can literally freeze to load the section -- I haven't seen a game do that in a long time. Yikes.
    • Framerate issues in some spots. The game visibly runs slower with many enemies or foliage on screen.
  • octopath traveler

    great gameplay and art style, pretty weak story and writing, still fun tho

  • I’ve been playing Warthunder recently

  • edited October 2021

    I have now completed the main story of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

    All in all, it was a very enjoyable game! Cal Kestis is a fun protagonist and I loved his and BD1's relationship. Nice performance by Cameron Monaghan too.

    I think my main issues with the game itself were because of my inexperience with Dark Souls type games. The frustration of losing and having to redo progress against insurmountable odds is the exact point of the difficulty. Overcoming it without turning the difficulty down is the best drug, and while it didn't make the frustration any more palatable, the goal of winning is so fun to chase.

    The story of the game is a nice quest for a macguffin, but it's the relationships and backstory of the characters that make it enjoyable and entertaining. A Jedi padawan on the run after Order 66, a Jedi Master who cut herself off from the Force, a little robot who lost its master and fulfill a quest.

    I wish the combat were less focused on animals. At least for the first half of the game. There's a lot of animal enemies with some strange, heavy attack patterns, and honestly it was way more fun to cut through stormtroopers instead.

    The ending of the game offers a big holy shit wow moment, which I've been spoiled on, but it didn't keep me from giggling like a schoolgirl as it all happened. It's so cool.

    After infiltrating the Empire's secret interrogation base and defeating the final boss, the real big boss comes along to finish the job -- Darth freaking Vader. What plays out next is a great escape sequence showing off how powerful and outmatched you are (even if it's scripted) with Vader slowly chasing Cal, ripping the floor out from under Cal, choking Cal, it's insane and I loved it.

    If I were to offer some wishlist items for the sequel (I really hope there is!) it would be -- a more responsive parry, less animation-blocking things (healing vs dodging), a greater variety of force powers and better optimization. Also more things to do other than find chests and echoes. There was only one optional pet/stowaway to find and that was weird.

    With 3 days left on the EA Play subscription, I finished this just in time... Really worth the $1.50 I spent. If ever I get it for real in the future I'd love to try out a new game plus with all those fancy lightsaber colours, and maybe a lower difficulty so I'm not dying as quick.

  • Finished Jedi Fallen Order and have now moved onto Mass Effect (keeping the space fantasy theme going).

    I’ve never had a chance to play the ME trilogy, so I have no prior knowledge of the games outside of the game having a horrible ending (and even that, I don’t know what it is). I’m at the part where Shepherd was just made a spectre. So far, I’m enjoying it, still trying to get used to the gameplay and abilities (I went with Vanguard), but the characters seem great. Right now, my squad is Wrex and Garrus (now I get all the Mass Effect jokes when Jesus in ANF had the same voice as him). The lore and world building is huge, almost a bit too huge, feels kind of hard to follow and keep tabs on everything like the different species and their histories and culture, but I’m sure all be able to keep it all together as I play more. Overall, I like it so far.

  • Finished Jedi Fallen Order

    How was it?

    Finished Jedi Fallen Order and have now moved onto Mass Effect (keeping the space fantasy theme going). I’ve never had a chance to play t

  • I liked it. I didn’t really put down my thoughts because, honestly, AChicken summed up almost my exact thoughts in his post. Pretty much everything he said I agree with (except maybe the creatures, I thought it was cool to see other creatures in this universe, even if I had to kill them, and it was fun to slice the smaller ones in half). I liked that it was pretty open world and not a linear game like I thought it was going to be, the voice acting was great, and the game was equal parts frustrating as it was enjoyable (like Chicken, I’ve never played Dark Souls or DS like games, though I do have Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls in my library).

    AronDracula posted: »

    Finished Jedi Fallen Order How was it?

  • now I get all the Mass Effect jokes when Jesus in ANF had the same voice as him

    Oh wow I never even noticed that. Jesus literally just sounds like Garrus but without a voice filter.

    Finished Jedi Fallen Order and have now moved onto Mass Effect (keeping the space fantasy theme going). I’ve never had a chance to play t

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