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  • Just started playing Oxenfree.

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    Just finished playing Oxenfree was a great story game I did like the set up of it going back to the 80s the characters were also pretty cool like Alex,Jonas,REN,Nona ,Michael and Clarissa which was pretty annoying the plot of the story was good teenagers going on a tour and on an haunted island of course time travel part.

    I give it 4/5 despite I wish there were more episodes.

  • Just finished playing Oxenfree was a great story game I did like the set up of it going back to the 80s the characters were also pretty cool

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    Hades. Did I mention Hades? I bought Hades. For 20$ on my Switch.

    And HOLY cow this is a really great game, I cam see myself sinking tons of time into it.
    If you're dissaponted at all by the games released in 2020, you really need to get your hands on this. It's as good as everyone says.

    It's a rogue-like but with a fantastic amount of detail in terms of story and progression. You don't feel bad for dying, you actually feel happy because you get to hear what the latest snarky insult from your dissapointed Hell father is.

    • Just... gosh... it's really fun. There is so much voiced dialogue in this game. So much that adapts to what you're carrying or what you died to, or what upgrades you've unlocked...
    • You constantly feel like you're progressing because there's new dialogue and unravelling of backstories every time you return to the House of Hades. Plus you get to be an interior decorator.
    • The combat is super snappy and satisfying to build up a powerful insane-damage-dealing arsenal, or come up against a brutal choice of risk vs. reward..
    • the music is great, both in terms of rockin' combat and quieter moments in the House.
    • there's a weird sense of anachronism (there's a gun weapon, and a brooklyn-accented skeleton), but I think it's completely intentional since one of the running jokes is no one ever knows whether it's daytime or nighttime.
    • You can pet the 3-headed dog.
  • I am playing kabuki warriors it is a fighting Xbox game. I am not usually into fighting games but the only reason for playing this game is the characters of this game especially the face masks of these characters look do cool.

  • Playing my alternate playthrough of Oxenfree

  • Are you playing it in new game plus?

    Playing my alternate playthrough of Oxenfree

  • Just finished my alternate Playthrough of Oxenfree and saved Michael...now later I was thinking of playing Telltales Batman in the future then replay Life is strange.

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    Played two games in the past month. Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Lake.

    Kena: Bridge of Spirits follows the titular character Kena, a spirit guide who is on a quest to cleanse a long abandoned village from an evil that has corrupted the land and free trapped spirits, with the help of cute little creatures called Rot. I think the best summary that I can think of is Dreamwork's presents Dark Souls. The game looks and feels like a big budget animated movie with a legitimately great soundtrack to boot. The Dark Souls part comes from the fact that the game can be hard as hell sometimes, especially when it comes to the bosses. For the most part I didn't really have any problems fighting the regular mooks and grunts, but the bosses kicked my ass a lot lmao.

    I found the gameplay to be really enjoyable as I scoured the open world for collectables, though the combat does get a bit repetitive once you've unlocked everything. The characters are pretty interesting and pretty well written as you learn more about some of their tragic backstories. The voice acting's alright. I didn't find any of it to be particularly exceptional but it's far from bad. I quite enjoyed the story, there's a bunch of really neat moments particularly with the spirits you meet, the animation and music really helps to elevate things as well. Overall really enjoyed it and I wouldn't mind a sequel or another game set in this world.

    Lake is a narrative based game set in the 80's, where you play Meredith, a woman in her fourties who's returned to the town of Providence Oaks where she grew up in order to fill in as mail carrier while her father in on vacation. Throughout the game you'll meet and interact with a number of different characters as you deliver mail. You can gain friendships, find love and as you play you'll be able to decide Meredith's future. Will she return to her programming job in the big city, stay in Providence Oaks or perhaps do something else?

    I really enjoyed this game as well. I found the act of driving around delivering mail to the citizens of Providence Oaks to be really calming and strangely therapeutic. The characters you meet are charming and fairly well acted, particularly Meredith, and I just found the game to be really pleasant overall. Choices will pop up every now and again but none of them, aside from the end, are particularly stressful in any way. It's just up to you to decide if you wanna hang out or help some people or just be a recluse. The animation's are kinda jank lol, with some scenes feeling more like slideshows, where they'll just cut to another frame to show a character "moving." I'm not too bothered by this, though it is a little strange. My only real problem with this game is that the soundtrack only has like five songs lmao. Constantly hearing the same handful of songs while driving got pretty grating by the end. But aside from that, I really liked the game. Would recommend if you want to play a stress-free game.

  • Started playing Bully anaversry edition Friday so I can buy some time before February 1st.

  • Just beat Bully anniversary edition was a great story of playing Jimmy Hopkins and I can’t wait to play Bully 2.

  • Don't bet on it. Rockstar isn't itself anymore.

    Just beat Bully anniversary edition was a great story of playing Jimmy Hopkins and I can’t wait to play Bully 2.

  • I just hope the story isn’t going too ruin Jimmy Hopkins character it would be cool if they Brought back Gary Smith wanting revenge on jimmy or maybe an arch rival Dr. Crabblesnitch with another Academy would sound good.

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    Don't bet on it. Rockstar isn't itself anymore.

  • Going to play TTG Batman and try to complete it till February 1st.

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    Didreguard I just figured it out.


  • Finished another play through of Horizon: Zero Dawn in preparation for the upcoming sequel. If I had to list 3 must play titles of the PS4, it would be The Last of Us (yes technically it came out before the PS4, but the remaster was made less than a year after the initial release, so I count it), God of War, and yes, Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is truly amazing, it should not be understated.

    There's definitely its pitfalls, the facial animations and dialogue can be a bit off putting (what is it with Ashly Burch games that have this drawback). But other than those and some minor criticisms, I really can't find much at fault with the game. Unlike others, I actually really enjoyed the combat (though I am looking forwards to any improvements made in Forbidden West), the music and score is an under appreciated positive, and its story is absolutely gripping. I've played this game numerous times, I know what happens, and yet, certain cutscenes and moments still manage to give me chills up and down my spine. As you uncover the mysteries of this world and put the pieces of the puzzle together, the game always manages to draw you in further. It's both thrilling and emotional. I'm not sure if the sequel can live up to that, since the mystery is what really sells the original game, but I am still very much looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West. Just fix the facial animations (its DLC, The Frozen Wilds definitely improved on it, so it gives me hope) and maybe have the dialogue choices carry some actual impact, and I'll be happy.

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    Just finished playing TTG Batman

    Was Hella of a great story about the inner relationship between Bruce and Harvey Dent and Bruce’s darkest secrets about his families past I did…however felt Vicky was going tobe trouble aka (Lady Arkham) considering I showed her my identity so she wouldn’t hurt Alfred..which cost me apart of my ear but of cource I did enjoy ep 4 when I was sent to Arkham asylum after getting drugged by Vicky but I did enjoy that final boss fight which was my favorite.

    I will play my alternate playthrough then (The Enemy Within) later after I replay Life Is Strange and Before the storm…and try and seriously try and save Kate which I failed twice 😓

  • one step from eden is kicking my ass I'm improving tho

  • That new Portal short "Aperture Desk Job" is cool, even if I didn't play it on the new Deck (glad they didn't limit it to that).

    You've got lots of funny writing, goofy Portal machines, Cave Johnson returns! Short 30 minutes of silly stuff.

    You need a controller to play, but it seems that it accommodates many features the Steam Deck has, even if you don't have them yourself. It showcases all the different inputs the device has, I think, but for me I was missing a screenshot button, gyro, a touch screen, and underside buttons on the controller, but the game didn't mind! It accommodated it via keyboard or mouse prompts, or remapped buttons to the right controls when needed.

    Spoilers for an easter egg.

    Giant Chicken. That is all.

    Ok well, not all. Turns out it's part of Portal 2 concept art, and finally made its way into... some Portal game.

    "Giant Chicken" -- Villains wiki (yes lol villains wiki)

    I also played the demo for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

    Yeah, it's gonna be a fun Kirby game. Will it be great? Challenging? I don't know yet, but the demo was certainly enjoyable enough.

    There's very large, 3D environments.
    Kirby and his enemies are all so adorable.
    Levels will have optional objectives and secrets to find.
    The handful of Mouthful Mode abilities shown mix up the gameplay and puzzle solving a bit.
    There's an easy Spring Breeze mode and a 'normal' Wild mode. I used Wild. It was serviceable. Only really challenge I had was the first boss, who is difficult up-close.
    Perhaps we might get a third difficulty at/after launch. There's room for it.

    Nice demo. The preview at the end for the full game shows off a lot of unique environments and abilities to Kirby, so I'm interested in how the series' gameplay might evolve with it.

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    Finally can say this, I finished the main story of Horizon: Forbidden West. Any worries, any concerns I might have had about Guerrilla Games not being able to deliver a worthy successor to one of the best PS4 games ever made, laid to rest. While the first game's story and sense of mystery I still personally find more enjoyable, this game is certainly not lacking on that front either. While it goes in some, lets say, convoluted directions, it had me on the edge of my seat and left me wanting more (which will come, Guerrilla had mentioned the intention of making this a trilogy and the ending of this game certainly sets it up).

    • The voice acting and facial animations are hugely improved in this game, which was one of my biggest criticisms of the first (only the base game, its DLC Frozen Wilds had already rectified this problem). Ashly Burch is one of the premier VA's out there, she continues to deliver amazing performances in a wide variety of genres. From the comedic and wacky like Tiny Tina and Molly McGee (from what little I have seen of it, mind you), to the dramatic and serious like Chloe Price and, yes, Aloy.
    • I was never hugely critical of the first game's melee combat, but it is definitely better here. Honestly, outside of a couple of things, gameplay as a whole is better. They sort of nerfed the stealth option by removing the ability to whistle to alert your enemies, but they have now added combos, new gameplay elements like a grappling hook and glider, and even better weapons and elemental effects.
    • Dialogue is still, kind of meh, but mostly inoffensive and harmless, I can live with it. I will say that it is better and does more to make the side characters feel more real and likable.
    • Much like in the first game, one of the best aspects is the constant back and forth of Aloy and Sylens. Still mysterious as ever, you never truly know what to expect from him and what he's going to do next. However, he needed to be in the game more. I get why he wasn't, but his lack of presence is truly felt. Thankfully, when he is, he makes the best use of the time he has.
    • The new tribes were cool, we get three additions: the Tenakth (which has 3 subsets of its own), Utaru, and Quen. Much like in the first game, all the tribes feel unique and have their own cultures, religions, aesthetics, and society. I feel as though the Quen are being set up as a sort of antagonist for the next game, time will tell though.
    • Fuck Ted Faro, like seriously, fuck that guy.
    • There is a lot more side content in this game than the first, and that one had a good amount as well. Stuff like Hunting Grounds, Tallnecks, and Cauldrons are back, but now, you also have melee pits, racing, an arena to win legendary gear, way more side missions. The first game never really made me want to explore it, this one does a much better job of that with how missions and side content are littered throughout it.
    • I did see a few bugs and even had my game crash on me a few times. Thankfully, nothing major, but worth noting.
    • Much like the first game, I'm not sure what the point is of giving us some moments where we can choose how Aloy responds or pick a from a dialogue wheel. Unlike in games like Mass Effect or Telltale, this series doesn't go based on any choices you make, it feels redundant to have this feature. There is one time where it actually gives you a choice and gives you an additional teammate, but then they pull a Sarah from TWD S2 on you and kill her off shortly later anyway.

    Some spoilers down below

    • Like I said, the story can get a bit convoluted. It's not like the first game was super realistic, it's about developing a super powered AI that will remake the world after an apocalyptic event, but it still felt a bit grounded. This one introduces space travel, colonies on other planets, rich immortal billionaires, another evil AI from deep space coming to destroy Earth, another clone of Elizabet that becomes Aloy's sister, etc. It does work, but boy does it go all out with these concepts.
    • Maybe because Varl really wasn't one of my favorite characters from the first game, and outside of Rost and Teersa I never really cared much for the Nora, but I didn't feel a lot at his death. I was upset, but it kind of felt like it was obvious. Gets a new girlfriend in Zo, didn't have a side mission like she and Kotallo did, the game was trying to force him to be more involved.
    • The Zeniths never really felt like a huge threat, not the best of villains. Tilda was definitely the best since she was the only one they tried to endear us to, only to be revealed that her love for Elizabet (it's revealed that the two were once a couple) drove her a bit mad. Gerard has like 10 lines in the game, and Erik is an imitation of Kai Leng from Mass Effect (one dimensional, overconfident, supposed to be a big baddy and nemesis to the hero who kills a beloved teammate, figurative and literal plot armor to make himself look tougher).
    • I cannot emphasize enough how talented Ashly Burch is. Unlike in the first game, she's not playing 2 characters...she plays 3. Aloy, Elizabet, and Beta, all of which feel unique and different because of how unique and different she plays them.

    Overall, a great game, still debating whether or not its better than the first. Zero Dawn has a better, grounded, and more tightly woven story with a deep sense of mystery that grips and reels you in, asking the same questions Aloy is asking herself. But Forbidden West improves on gameplay and has a richer cast of supporting characters and allies. All I know is, I can't wait for the next game.

    (Also, while he's not in the game for too long, HADES is back and recasted, voiced now by Anthony Ingruber, thought that was really cool when I saw his name in the credits).

  • Manhunt... and gmod sometimes

  • The Walking Dead of course) Resident evil all chapters, recently I have finished playthrough GTA 5

  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land is fun, more engaging and puzzling than Star Allies, and is absolutely, positively adorable as always.

    The bonus objectives in each level are moderately difficult to find on your own, often needing a replay or two, to reveal unchecked boxes. It's cool, and better than Star Allies, that gave you the solution to every puzzle or secret as soon as you encountered them.

    Early Spoilers

    I love how they gave this thing an anime-style vocal opening. Actual vocals and lyrics in a Kirby game! Also ducks. So cute.

    Every game that has an action-figure viewer must now have a giant kirby in the background. This is non-negotiable. (It's freakin adorable!!)

    If I have one gripe, it's that there are a lot of invisible ceilings, as HAL Labs have opted to restrict your verticality to make you "solve" platforming puzzles: usually by jumping off a specific platform to get enough height to reach a different area. (In a normal kirby game, you'd be able to float up to it easily.)
    I find it annoying and a bit patronizing, given that this is a new restriction for the series (in a game that already un-restricts Kirby from a 2D plane.)

  • :star: Kirby and the Forgotten Land... done! (At least my first run through the main story) :star:

    The plot goes full Resident Evil by the end, but it really is as crazy and horrifying as you'd expect from this Pink Marshmallow game series.


    Well, after going through a post-apocalyptic world, full of abandoned cities, amusement parks, and industrial areas, (and beating a very menacing, mind-controlled Dedede) we get to... a secret laboratory, introduced by a fully-voiced intercom.
    Holy moly, that reveal was pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

    As final bosses go, it also ups the ante, with a multi-stage fight, an eldritch abomination from space hell-bent on consuming all life (and becomes terrifying The-Thing-blob-monster), and has a killer theme song that ends in a cinematic sequence that got my heart racing! (They did copy the QTEs from Star Allies but ehh, its pretty fun anyway.)


    Also like Star Allies, there's tons of content to do after the credits, but this time they aren't adding it in via an update! It's already in there!

    What Star Allies had as the bonus modes "The Ultimate Choice!" (Boss Rush/The Arena) and "Heroes In Another Dimension" (special post-game mini-campaign) basically returns as "The Ultimate Cup" and "Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams".

    Ultimate Cup being a big boss-rush, and Forgo Dreams being remixed, harder versions of the game's levels, where you have to collect many "Soul Pieces" to unlock the Secret/True Ending, or at least I assume so.

    Not to mention there's a whole new Gotcha machine (meh, collectible lootboxes) and even more secret Ability Evolutions to find.
    It's really impressive, and I guess this answers my question of if we'll see free updates for FL in the future... "no, but that's because that bonus content is already in there!"

    For a first playthrough, I'd say the main game is a very enjoyable 9/10! Highly Reccommend, if you're into Kirby. It's got just enough challenge on Wild Mode (especially on Bosses), a cool new element of 3D levels and platforming, and lots of replayability and secrets in each level, with a sizeable swath of them.

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    User AChicken had been playing The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, and had been eager to experience the NEW CONTENT.
    He spent over an hour re-experiencing those endings he originally adored in the original 2013 release, giggling like a mad school girl.

    Everything was immaculately restored and remastered to meticulous detail. The textures. The narration. The choices. It was so perfect, he began to wonder where the new content was...

    "I've been through 5 endings now, and haven't seen any new paths, where could they be?" he clucked, as chickens so often do.

    As AChicken decided to go to the meeting room, he found a door on his right.

    Upon entering the door, he exclaimed "Yes! I have finally reached the NEW CONTENT!" and continued down the path.

    Soon, he began giggling once more, astounded by the new level of wit and metatextual writing from this simple video game, packaged as nothing more than a simple expansion.

    AChicken was happy.

  • I finally got around to play The Evil Within now that I have a PS5 which improves the frame rate. Not 60fps but very solid 30fps.

    As for the game itself so far, unfortunately I don't feel like I am enjoying myself as I hoped I would. The gunplay is very dated, the characters lack personality and the plot is just too confusing and uninteresting. It does have a good atmosphere and some creepy vibes but overall, this game just doesn't do it for me sadly. After I finish it, I'll probably jump into the sequel right way since I heard it was better.

  • Last season of the walking dead, I am late (((((

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    shin megami tensei 4 is pretty great, definitely the most accessible of the series overall and probably a good jumping in point if you're curious about smt, finishing it up rn

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    I just finished the main campaign of Control and I really liked it. I didn't expect it to be that short but I am glad it was because otherwise, it would have been repetitive. The story wasn't that interesting to me but it did have some decent twists. The gameplay was very satisfying, telekinesis is my favorite superpower of all time and I haven't felt so badass in a game since Star Wars The Force Unleashed and DOOM 2016. I was afraid that the game would have made me complete the side quests as well in order to get a true ending for the story, just like in Batman Akrham Knight but gladly, it didn't. I definitely liked this game way more than Alan Wake.

    This was my favorite moment of the game. And fun fact: when I finished the maze, I said to myself "That was fucking awesome" and then 2 seconds later, Jesse said "That was awesome" and I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

  • Layers of Fear was mediocre.

  • This is a story of a being called TheChicken.

    The Chicken lived in a chicken coop where he was tagged #427.
    Chicken #427's job was simple, lay eggs all the live long day until...

    Okay, Let's not go through this whole 'Narrator' song and dance again. The idea's cute, but you're not here to read me act so smug and self-assured about this silly parody on The Stanley Parable. You'd rather me actually talk about The Stanley Parable. Which I will do. Now.

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To get to the other side!


    A joke to set it up, and now a review to knock it down.
    Yes, I have now finished The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe! The reboot/sequel/re-imagining update to one of the best games of 2013.

    What a fun and twisty game, perfectly recreated and smartly expanded upon in this new version! I had my doubts, but it literally built upon the game in ways I could never have guessed. I loved the original, and I love this one even more. In fact, this version is probably the definitive version to play, since it includes all the content in the original, plus more.

    Spoilers to follow here...

    Where the original game focused on a parody of video games narrative as a whole, making fun of player choice, agency, and narrative dissonance -- as well as exploring the idea of a "death of the author", where The Player constantly thwarts the Narrator's plans and idea of his own story -- this Ultra Deluxe version focuses on the Narrator's idea of re-releases, sequels, and the idea of a fantastic game milked dry for the sake of profit.
    ...as in games milking an idea dry, not TSP. Sorta.

    The big reveal happens soon into the New Content section: You see a digital Expo all about The Stanley Parable 2, with a fancy Red aesthetic, plenty of new features, and more content.
    But the realization quickly dawns on The Narrator that adding so many new things and changing up the formula might tarnish the name of The Stanley Parable. That making a sequel to something so original and well-received is nigh-impossible. So, he has a bright idea.
    Create the New Content for the original Stanley Parable. That way, the game's original design can still be appreciated for what it is, while building upon it with new experimental ideas.

    And so The Stanley Parable 2 begins. Permanently. Your menu screen changes to a new Red aesthetic, new paths, endings, and mechanics appear. It really is quite smart.

    And for the rest of the game, or what you have left of it, you can use this new "Bucket" item. Something Stanley can carry around to keep himself sane, to give himself company in this endless existence.
    And the bucket literally flips the script, doubling the game's dialogue length.
    Every line of dialogue from The Two Doors onwards is changed to address the Bucket in Stanley's hands, and every ending gets a new Bucket Variant -- as I like to call it: Side B (the B stands for Bucket). Stanley and the Bucket live together forever. They do a press conference. My favourite ending is the Silly Birds ending, where they watch a livestream of Silly Birds all around the globe, as two best friends do.

    And after all that -- plus some secret collectibles and a personalized Windows Movie Maker video -- you get to the end. Or, The Epilogue.

    What is The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe? What is The Stanley Parable 2? Well, it doesn't matter. It will never live up to the original game's genius writing or novel approach to storytelling and the shaky 4th wall of player agency. And that's what's so great about this Ultra edition.
    The End Really Is, Never The End.
    The game reboots. And it reboots again. And every time you do it, you'll get your very own procedurally generated title for a Stanley Parable sequel... and that's how this game will live on, forevermore, to escape the nightmarish scenario of never being able to capture the artistic spirit of the original.

    And I love that.

    NOTE: I am missing One Ending from the original game that I have not yet experienced (which is unfortunately my favourite ending.) The Not Stanley/"Choice!" Ending. It's a PS4 issue, where the entire game freezes at a point where the ending is supposed to activate.
    Guess that means I'll be revisiting the game in the future again, once it's been updated! Woo!

    (Price Note: ...Though, about the price, I do think it should have been about a third lower, or if you've played the original, do wait until it's 33% off again. While the original game is extremely faithfully recreated, if you've already played it many times, the Old Content won't wow you that much. It's... the same game, essentially. But at a slightly higher price.
    So basically, that early-bird discount was a good deal for its content, but right now it's over.)

    Also, I forgot how much this game can be spooky. I don't know if it created the idea of The Backrooms, or was inspired by it, but the eerie, empty, endless office, surely made my feathers stand on end more than one occasion, even if there was nothing to be afraid of.

    Here are much better-written reviews, that are also very clever about the way they're reviewing the game.

    NintendoLife Written Review

    NintendoLife video Review

    GamerEscape.com Review

  • I exchanged my PS4 Pro with an Xbox One X. I was actually gonna sell that console originally but I was offered an Xbox One X with a Game Pass subscription and 2 Xbox controllers. I don't think I'm gonna keep for that long but at least I'll get to play so many games from Game Pass that aren't on PS4/ PS5 without spending a lot of money.

    The first game that I started playing is A Plague Tale: Innocence. Not gonna lie, the first hours I was like "Man, this might another game that doesn't appeal to me. What the hell is wrong with my taste?"

    BUT, the more I progressed through the story, the more I started to like the game. Finally a blind experience that I am having fun with.

    Also, I just learned that the developer of this game is the same one that made the Ratatouille PS2 game in 2007, one of my favorite games from childhood. Fucking AWESOME!!!

  • Randomly checked out my Firewatch PS4 trophies, and noticed a DLC List: 'FirewatchExpansion'.
    Well, unfortunately there isn't an expansion that came out for the game, but there were two free updates that I just learned about!

    Firewatch Adding Free Audio Tour, Free Roam Mode

    One of them added a developer's commentary-scavenger-hunt, and the other added a Free Roam option to explore the entire game world at your leisure, with a full day-night cycle and soundtrack at your fingertips.
    The DLC Trophy List seems to be extra activities you can complete in the Free Roam mode. Find a raccoon, take X pictures, things like that.

    Weird how this seems to have passed me by so silently!

  • Also, I just learned that the developer of this game is the same one that made the Ratatouille PS2 game in 2007

    Lmao WHAT?!

    They went from making a game about rats making food to a game where you make food for rats.

    AronDracula posted: »

    I exchanged my PS4 Pro with an Xbox One X. I was actually gonna sell that console originally but I was offered an Xbox One X with a Game Pas

  • Coming full circle. Kind of amazing how an overlooked studio like Asobo lasted very long and is still kicking.

    lupinb0y posted: »

    Also, I just learned that the developer of this game is the same one that made the Ratatouille PS2 game in 2007 Lmao WHAT?! They went from making a game about rats making food to a game where you make food for rats.

  • I've deeeefinitely got to try the Audio Commentary track on many other favourite games of mine. This one in Firewatch is really cool (and honestly I don't know if it can be topped, with how it's integrated in the game.)

    This Audio Tour is very cool. Throughout the game world are littered these cassette tape boxes, (and sometimes concept art boards) where you can pick up a tape and hear from some people on the dev team about how/why they built the current sequence you're in. It's really interesting, and I assume will be especially useful to find the secrets in the game's branching dialogue system.

    Already, I've learned of

    • how they created the dynamic prologue music
    • how they loaded in a seamless world
    • Erin Yvette and Nicki Rapp appearing very briefly as the two rowdy teens
    • branching dialogue secrets and Sean Vanaman's fascination with 'infectious language'
    • influences from Dallas Buyer's Club in a Day Title Card transition

    It's super neat and has probably inspired me to hear more of that in other games.

    Note for anyone interested in this Firewatch mode: The Tape Boxes are numbered, but that doesn't indicate the order you're supposed to hear them in.
    I backtracked to get a tape I skipped, since it actually referenced the story sequence I was in.
    Also, tape boxes change tapes every day. Box 3 has something different on Day 2. I wonder why the need for numbers then.

  • Finished the Firewatch Audio Tour tonight.

    Super awesome developer's commentary that goes through a lot of how they created the different systems and art and story of the game, as well as being able to reflect a bit on the launch and what resonated with players.

    Super insightful in the process, reveals a lot of fun secrets with the game's open structure. Love how the clips are strewn around the game world from many members of the team, though it sucks you can miss a few if you're not careful.

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    Pretty wild what I choose to play in "horror games"

    Prey has a demo. Tried it out yesterday. Noped out of there pretty quick. Thank goodness I tried that before buying into the full game blind.

    I was expecting a tense action-RPG-sci-fi, but I was totally scared out of my socks from the most basic enemies and frantic soundtrack.
    Did not finish the demo, as wasn't expecting so many jumpscares from these enemies, or this game in general :grimace:

    Jump to today, and I'm playing Little Nightmares 2! Freaky-deaky game about uncanny monsters who can insta-kill you.
    At least in this one, it's a slower-burn and I came into it expecting scares.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda, I’m giving it a shot. I purposely waited some months before starting it as I only finished the original ME trilogy back in December, rushing into it would have been a detriment to my enjoyment. For a game that got a nasty reception when it was first released, I definitely need to go in as fair minded as I can.

    So far, I like it. The gameplay is great, it brought back a lot of the RPG elements that were in the first game but removed from subsequent ones, the revamped dialogue wheel is certainly interesting and goes deeper than just a simple paragon/renegade option like the trilogy, that’s something I hope is carried over into the next game. However, I hope they do find a way to incorporate both in the next game.

    That being said, oof, the character models and facial animations are still pretty bad. Really makes you appreciate the use of the Unreal Engine over Frostbite. Rumors are that they’re bringing back the use of Unreal for the next ME game, I hope that’s true.

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