Achievements vs. choices?

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Just finished episode 1 and simililar to The Walking Dead and most of Telltale's other games, I've fallen in love already. Well done guys.

I have a single gripe though that mirrors my experience with one of The Walking Dead .

Upon completion of the episode I've noticed that there's an entry missing from my Book of Fables and I'm missing an achievement for unlocking them all? I can only assume it's through one of my choices (Lawrence or Toad?) that led to me not encountering the missing Fable?

With any other game this wouldn't be a problem, I'd just replay to unlock the achievement. With TWAU and The Walking Dead though, I don't want to replay the episode and make different choices. I made the choices I did for a reason and ommitting achievements makes me feel like I'm being forced down a certain path - something I can only imagine Telltale have worked very hard to avoid with the Myriad outcomes and dialogue choices that mould how the series pans out.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I just being a bit OCD about the 100% achievement thing?


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    I am missing achievement too,but personally its not a big deal for me.If you so care about achievements maybe you should make another save file and there do that achievement if you can do that way,im not sure,maybe you cant.I think that achievement is about ripping his hand at the end because i get achievement mercy cause i didnt rip his arm,you should try that.Hope this help

  • There are two mutually-exclusive fable entries that depend on what you do with Grendel. You get one for ripping off his arm and the other for leaving it.

  • Thanks, I rippeds his arm off. So does that mean there's no way to 100% the achievements without multiple play throughs?

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    Thanks I ripped his arm off. So does that mean there's no way to 100% the achievements without multiple play throughs?

  • Hmm try another playthrough. Hope this helped Good luck!

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    Yep, you get the last achievement for ripping the arm off. Just replay the last scene and you'll get it. It creates a copy of the save so you don't need to worry about your initial playthrough.

  • I personally like the idea of having achievements that need several play through, they did the same thing with 400 Days, I am fine with it.

  • I did rip Grendel's arm off so I guess I'll replay that last scene and do the opposite. I'm playing on an XBox BTW so I hope I can get the save mechanism to honour the original play through when I start episode 2.

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