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    Where would you buy it? That would be a thing of wonder. :D

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    Alyssa, I will buy you a unicorn that craps guns if you can put in a good word for the slaughterhouse. Now think about this, it's a good offer. I might even throw in a year's supply of chocolate!

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    I've watched JackSepticEye's commentary and shown it to others here as well. Great recommendation(s)!

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    Thank you too. I'm sorry for all "hate-comments" that add no constructive criticism. Hopefully the negative feedback does not scare you away

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    I will.

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    You're welcome Alyssa and try to improve as best you can in the future.

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    your honest criticism and unvarnished truth

    Sure, that's what we'll call it.
    It was a bumpy road but I think the final few episodes were a step in the right direction, just take our feedback into consideration more and you'll be on the right track. Examine what people liked about Season 1. Take the best of that and expand upon it and you will have fans stick around, that's a guarantee.
    I only ask one favor.
    Kenny? Please?

  • Well I usually find them in a candy store but...

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    Where would you buy it? That would be a thing of wonder.

  • Hi Alyssa! Did you get my PM?

  • Greetings Alyssa, I've left a note. Please read at your convenience.

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    this is my chance

    I just want to inform that I love Clementine

    enter image description here

  • I'm never going to play new frontier. When I first heard about Javier I couldn't believe, hearing about Kenny and Jane pissed me off, and clementines new look is the nail in the coffin. I'm satisfied enough with the season 2 ending. Anything short of scrapping frontier from continuity and making season 3 won't get me back

    That said Its cool that you posted this directly to the community. Community interaction is respectable. It seems that you guys were a rude bunch for a while, and recently are working to fix things. Hope you do

    I hope that future stuff is good, even if I won't play due to its connection to frontier.


    -if this comment is simply repeating another one of mine, it's because from my end that comment disappeared for some reason.

  • Change is natural and expected. Especially now that she's matured even more so.

    It wasn't... a great season and I'm sure you know why. Clem's new look is... eh. I prefer the old look. RIP Lee's legacy haircut.

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    Well I liked the change, that we got to play someone else then Clem (I know a lot of people disliked that, and at start felt the same way). I would stand with Jacksepticeyes statement:'' Too many action scenes''. And the fifth episode had a solid end in my opinion. With Clementine and Gabe being together, seems a bit rushed but overall I have nothing against it (so far). My suggestion would be less action scenes and allow people to explore the world again ( If I remember correctly this season had less then ten of those moments, but take that with pinch of salt). Best of luck to all Telltale staff !

  • Did you get my PM Alyssa?

  • This offhandedly confirmed Alyssa is reading responses, so I'm glad my rant wasn't for naught, few.

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    Well I usually find them in a candy store but...

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    I do drop by when I can :)

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    This offhandedly confirmed Alyssa is reading responses, so I'm glad my rant wasn't for naught, few.

  • Thank you, it is much appreciated.

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    I do drop by when I can

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    While it wasn't my favorite season, ANF was okay. My advice (probably not the best but just something I feel that might help out in someway) is to have FUN with the series. Throughout ANF, there was so much drama it got pretty annoying. Everything was such a big problem for no reason. Everything felt like it was so deep. Season 2 episodes 1&2 were imo a good balance between drama and just regular conversation about a situation or what's happening. And when it came to the drama, it didnt take itself so seriously. Best example i can think of is how Nick shoots matthew on the bridge and the scene that follows after. It was a serious talk, but it also had a limit to how far it goes. Stuff like the slaughterhouse in s3, the powerplant,zoo,tiger, and a bear that apparently was supposed to be in s2, these things sound incredible to experience in the game because it's different and sounds fun. I'm probably not making a lot of sense because I'm having a hard time putting this into words, but hopefully you get the idea of what I mean. Also you guys should revisit season 2 episodes 1,2,3 because imo those were some of the best TWD episides I played. Looking forward to the next season!
    Also bring back seasons 2 graphics,updated, for season 4

  • Pfff.. she lives in my heart already

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    this is my chance I just want to inform that I love Clementine

  • Word I fucking love season 2

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    On personal level I enjoyed it more then most, however you're not wrong, ANF was dreadful.

  • They DO take in feedback, just not all the time.

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    they are listening and taking all the feedback Bit of a stretch there.

  • Preach.

    Word I fucking love season 2

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    Did you get my PM Alyssa?

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