I Fanfic that i wrote between Asher Forrester and Jon Snow that takes place after the first season

My King,

I am Asher Forrester of house Forrester. I am writing this message ask for your help. My house were once loyal banner men to your brother, Robert Stark, and to your father, Edark stark. Sadly, we lost most of our strength in the red wedding. 500 men, including my father Gregor Forrester, to the coward Walder Frey during the red wedding. After the Boltons to control of the North, our lives got worse. With only about 30 men we were forced to bend to the knee to Ramsey Snow. In return he killed my younger brother, Ethan, because of a murder none of us committed. He then gave most of our land to the Whitehills. They are our sworn enemies, and a bunch of dirty boot lickers to house Bolton. They know nothing of farming iron wood. There is a reason they call them the Whitehills. My sister Mira was in Kings Landing. She tried to get help there but was ultimately hug for treason by the Lannisters. My older brother, Rodrik, came back in a corpse cart from the Red Wedding. He looked like shit, and smelled like it too, but somehow he was still alive. He became head of the house and showed the Whitehills that you don’t mess with house Forrester and leave unscathed. He beat the low-born son of Lord Whitlehill to a bloody pulp, and took my brother, Rylon, back from the Whitehills. If the Whitehills were are only enemy, that would’ve been the end of it, but the Whitehills had the Boltons to back them up. I received news of everything while I was in exiled in Essos. I was able to get a band of mercenaries together to help fight. When we arrived back I met with Rodrik. The reunion was cut short as we were ambushed by the Whitehills. Rodrik sacrificed himself, so that I could escape. Even with the backup I brought, it wasn’t enough. We were outnumbered 1,000 to 1. With those odd I tried to make piece, I didn’t want to lose my home or more of my people. Everything was going well until my mother stabbed Lord Whitehill. We were massacred. I was saved by the only good Whitehill is the seven Kingdoms and my love, Gywn Whitehill. She’s hid me away, and ive stared to build an army to take my home back. I would like the support of your house. With your backing I could take back everything. With me incharge, I could get you ironwood shields for your armies. Also we could be your banner once again. Please consider my proposal
Asher Forrester

Asher Forrester, head of house Forrester,

I have received your letter and your situation is very troubling, but I’m afraid I cannot help you take back your house. I cannot afford the man power at this time. Right now my main focus is the wall and the army of dead behind it. Defeating is my only objective right now. I need every single man women and child who can wield a sword to join me. I ask you and any of your fallowers to come to Winterfeld and join us. If we lose, it doesn’t matter who has who’s castles or trees, we will all die. And in saying that, I’m calling on all houses and kingdoms. This includes your rivals the Whitehills. Now I will try to separate you two but if you do encounter each other, I need your word that you will not do anything to jeopardize our fight against the enemy at hand. The last thing I need is infighting, right before our battle. We will discuss your matter with the Whitehills after the fighting is done, and we won. I know you have been loyal banner men to house Stark, but I need your patience in this matter. I already have the backing of the Vail, The Targaryens, and the Lannisters, but I fear it’s not enough. So again I ask you to join us and call to arms anyone else who is willing. Asher Forrester this is bigger than any of us. This concerns the entirety of Westeros. We all must be united. Please try not to die too. The Night King can bring back any of our fallen soldiers and put them on his side. This is just added motivation to not die. The last thing we need is our whole army to be turned. I hope to see you in Winterfeld, and that you continue to prove your loyalty to the Starks. If you decide you run I understand, and I want you to know that the banner men for house Stark have no room for cowards so keep running
Jon Snow, House Stark
King of the North


  • Pretty nice. Though I think Jon would want to recruit the Forresters to fight in the Battle of the Bastards. In likelihood Rodrik/Asher would volunteer.

  • And the whitehills would probably also be part of Ramsay s army.

    Pretty nice. Though I think Jon would want to recruit the Forresters to fight in the Battle of the Bastards. In likelihood Rodrik/Asher would volunteer.

  • My personal headcanon is that the surviving Forrester lord (Asher in my case) was there alongside their chosen Sentinel (Royland for me) and killed the surviving Whitehill during the battle (Gryff for me, since I poisoned Lard).

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    And the whitehills would probably also be part of Ramsay s army.

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