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    In your words,

    Other folks words I've used for here.

    The Woman Lee shot with Kenny at the drugstore’s sacrifice was for nothing because both Lee and Kenny died later?

    Determinant because I think I may of had just let her get devoured.** Like I said these aren't truly "my" words friend, just remarks I've seen and noted from others during my past observations here and on YouTube... notice the little quotation (" ") marks around those specific statements. **I'd likely had used "death" instead of "sacrifice" even though they can be one in same depending on context. That unknown woman was doomed from her intro and was more so mercy killed than sacrificed kind of like Irene at the motor inn balcony.

    You seriously trying to turn this topic into a Clem dying one?

    And I guess you are seriously trying to what? Attempt at shaming what I've wished to remark about that is within forum guidelines? I do seriously doubt one comment could influence the entire topic to turn into anything else than it's original intent.. This is more directed toward the perceived " plot immortal" big characters in the Walking Dead universe not being as safe as most would love to believe. Not like I'm trying to discuss some non Walking Dead related topics like mattresses that feel the best.

    Otis didn’t sacrifice himself

    No Otis didn't sacrifice HIMSELF.... From Shane's perspective he likely felt it was a sacrifice and did it for him for the greater cause that they both risked their lives for to begin with. Again I never personally used the term sacrifice death is probably the more accurate description.

    P.S. During ancient times they did it all the time to animals and babies possibly and the sacrificed in question knew not that they were going be killed either until the final last moments just like Otis or even Stannis's daughter from Game Of Thrones for another good example.

  • Why are people so pissed? With all that load of nothing Carl has contributed in the last few seasons (at least in the episodes I watched anyway) i'm happy he's gone. Hopefully he would be more interesting in death than he was in life. I would like to see a Rick breakdown, be in denial and start raging at the group.

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