Star Wars: Last Jedi Discussion (SPOILERs)

Has anyone seen it yet? What are your opinions?



  • Overall, great. 3 things bugged me, that bring Leia skywalking, learning next to nothing about Snoke before his demise and the casinoplot (loved the animals though. I was so scared they would kill of the animals, because if there is one thing I just can't handle,it's animals dying. And I didn't feel that bursting out in tears in the cinema was great).

    Yoda returning shocked the fuck out of me, and motherfucking Lysa Arryn I was not ready to see. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher did outstanding work. The whole cast was great, and I especially think they paid Leia and Carrie Fisher great homage (even though I didn't agree with the skywalking thing).

    I'm pretty sure Luke'll be in the next one, and as far as I am concerned, Luke is the first one ever to not have to die to get one with the force, right? He was the first one to choose to be one with the force, not having to die for it, like Obi-Wan for example.

    There were a few minor things that bugged me as well, being A couple jokes fell pretty flat, Finn and Rose's superforced relationship. And even though I really liked the stellar and amazing silent scene with Snoke's ship going to hell, I would have prefered to see Admiral Ackbar there.

    Talking about it Rest in Fucking Piece Admiral Ackbar. Truly, it's a wrap for you now.

    Bonus points for Luke drinking some sort of milk in a really smug way. Actually, bonus points for Luke all around.

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    Saw it earlier today, I thought it was pretty good. However, I definitely preferred Rogue One and The Force Awakens much more. While Last Jedi is a more "original" film (as in, it's not a practical ripoff of A New Hope like Force Awakens was), there were just some elements to it that I was not a huge fan of.

    The first and foremost was the casino stuff between Finn and Rose. It seems like its there to set up something for a future movie, but in the context of this one, it doesn't contribute all that much and really just feels unnecessary and overly long. Throw that in with a bit of a forced in animal rights message, it just didn't feel like Star Wars to me.

    And yeah, the Finn and Rose "romance" was incredibly tacked on. I had no idea they were trying to go for that, it certainly didn't come across that way, especially since it seems that Finn really has feelings for Rey (or if you're Tumblr and John Boyega, Poe). Move over Padme and Anakin, we have a new "Worst Couple/Relationship in Star Wars" champion.

    Now I'm not big on Star Wars enough to jump on the fan theory and speculation train like some are, but even I knew that, after The Force Awakens, people were heavily talking about stuff like who Rey's parents were, who is Snoke and what's his goal, etc. This movie took some of those theories or questions that Force Awakens may have incidentally planted in our heads, and shat on them. Rey's parents, just some junk traders. Does it add something to Rey's character, yeah, but still, this is going to piss off a lot of people, especially those who were not already on board after TFA. Snoke is killed, ruining the mystery behind his character, but again, it does add depth to another character, this one being Ben/Kylo Ren. However, it feels anti-climactic and disappointing.

    That being said, the movie does have some really good stuff in it. Poe's character gets a lot more attention in this one than in TFA, there is a lot more Force-building and what the Force is truly capable of in this movie (some die hards may not like it, but I think the majority will be pretty pleased). There was some pretty good humor as well:

    Luke: "Nobody is from nowhere."
    Rey: "I'm from Jakku."
    Luke: "Okay, that's nowhere."

    The acting overall was great, I loved Hamill, Ridley, and Fisher's performances (RIP), John Williams' score continues to blow people away, and the direction is phenomenal throughout the movie (I really liked how, just before Luke fades away, it's an almost recreation of the famous shot from A New Hope with Luke on Tatooine). And yeah, I loved that Yoda scene, it was great to see puppet Yoda and not CGI Yoda.

    If I had to rank my favorite Star Wars movies:
    1. Empire Strikes Back
    2. Revenge of the Sith (come fight me prequel haters, I like this one)
    3. A New Hope
    4. The Force Awakens
    5. Rogue One
    6. Return of the Jedi
    7. The Last Jedi
    8. Attack of the Clones
    9. The Phantom Menace

  • I think that's it's a really good movie with some glaring problems. It's very different and doesn't "play it safe" like Force Awakens.

    The casino scenes for one thing are very weirdly out of place and it didn't really look or feel like Star Wars, Finn and Rose despite having rather prominent roles in the movie don't really develop that much as characters, and the humour being very hit or miss (although there are a few good ones like the Jakku joke that Metallica mentioned). Then there's my own personal annoyance with the new trilogy for some reason refusing to show any of the alien species from previous movies. Though for the most part the new aliens look decent and are well designed. Also the Porgs are really adorable but their in it way too much.

    There are also a couple controversial moments as well which I think I'm fine with overall.

    Luke, Rey and Kylo are absolutely fantastic. They get lots of character development and their performances throughout the film are very well done (particularly Kylo Ren's). The visuals and cinematography were excellent which was to be expected and audio design was fantastic as well. The scene when Snoke's Star Destroyer is split apart was breathtakingly beautiful. I also love the fact that Rey's parents were just a bunch of nobodies which was what I had hoped for. Yoda's surprise appearance was great as well.

    I also really liked that the Rebels didn't win all the time. In face they pretty much lost ALL the time. There were no wins for them in the movie to the point where pretty much everyone in the Resistance could fit into the Millenium Falcon.

    I think it's a great movie but I still prefer Force Awakens. TFA was just more well put together and had a more cohesive story and the humour in that felt more natural.

  • I like the movie, but I generally find the Force Awakens a much better paced movie. Sure, it played it safe, but it was still a good movie and I had a lot of fun.

    This movie took some extremely bold steps. It was quite dark maybe more than the Empire Strikes Back. I think the movie could have taken away Rose and Finn story, it would have been paced better. But overall I enjoyed the movie.

    I am looking forward to how JJ Abrams concludes the story.

  • Boring and terrible.

  • That bad?

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    Boring and terrible.

  • Great film marred by the Fin and Rose plot that could have been cut and I would not have missed it. Yoda shocked the hell out of me. Adam Driver, Daisy Riddley and Mark Hamill really sold it....Carrie...god I cannot believe she is gone,,,she will be missed.

    All in all a real good film with probably too many jokes...but at least most of them landed...solid performances and some real scenes that crush it big time. I will say I like TFA better...but TLJ is a more original film. Very enjoyable...with some issues....a beautiful mess that borderes on greatness.

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    This movie destroyed everything that was built in the Star Wars universe for the past 40 years. It doesn't feel like Star Wars and Luke fucking does in 5 seconds for no reason. No backstory for Rey, she's just some random person who always saves the day because why not. No backstory for snoke, he just dies in his chair. Leia flies through fucking space. The final scene is weird, the epic Star Wars music plays but it's just some random child's face on the screen. Wtf were they thinking???

  • It is rather funny that people hate the Force Awakens for being unoriginal. Then they hate the Last Jedi for being original.

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    Went to see it on Wednesday. Amazing! Not only the best movie out of the saga (imo), but my favourite movie of all time! also reylo happened yess

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    Lame. It dropped so many interesting subplots from TFA and I was very pissed with how they handled the characters (especially Luke and Snoke)

    Edit; I did not hate the movie, I have VERY mixed feelings about it. I liked some of it but there are some decisions that the director took that I absolutely hated.

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    Very bad movie drops so many good plots and kills to many characters. Little to no character development.just shows this trilogy sucks and this movie was as bad if not worse the the phantom menace.

  • I honestly thought it was good. There was some good moments, but also bad ones like Snoke’s wasted character, the Finn and Rose relationship, and (my opinion) Rey’s Family.

    Snoke could’ve been Emperor V2 and we knew nothing about his past. Was he The Emperor’s secret apprentice Incase Vader failed? Was he Darth Plagueis in disguise? Nope. Now we’ll never know who the hell he is and how he became a Sith. He even knew Force Lightning, something only The Emperor could use! What a waste.

    The whole Finn and Rose thing was a little odd and forced. Granted I thought the casino scene with them riding on the animals was cool, but the rest was bad. They should’ve developed Rose in The Force Awakens so the audience could get used to her. That kiss was awkward too. It came out of nowhere. It gave me Gabe and Clem vibes (which is terrifying).

    Rey being a nobody was such a disappointment. You could tell JJ Abrams was teasing Rey being a descendant of someone we’ve met before in the series. I thought she was Obi Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter (I still think she is). But nope, her parents were just junkies. A lot of people say it’s better if she was a nobody so “anybody can be a hero”. I can agree, but it makes me so confused. If so, why did Obi Wan speak to her in her vision? Why did Anakin’s lightsaber call out to her? Hopefully next episode, JJ Abrams can elaborate more about Rey’s character.

    Now for the good. Luke dying was perfect. He couldn’t have gotten a better sendoff than he did. Yoda appearing was amazing. The fighting scenes were good, especially the scene with Rey and Kylo fighting the guards. I loved the ship battle scenes. Po was decent, he was more annoying than funny this episode. Leia did amazing too (RIP Carrie Fisher). Now what’re they gonna do with her character? Kill her off next episode or use CGI (like Paul Walker in Furious 7)?

    Overall, I’d give the movie a 7/10. Definitely not better than The Force Awakens, but better than the first two Prequel films. So I’d rank this, in my most favorite Star Wars list:

    1. Empire Strikes Back
    2. Revenge of the Sith (I loved it)
    3. A New Hope
    4. Return of the Jedi
    5. The Force Awakens
    6. The Last Jedi
    7. Attack of the Clones
    8. The Phantom Menace
  • What I liked, I really liked, what I didn’t like I really freaking hated. It was a beautifully shot movie tho, just stunning cinematography.

    Rey, Luke, Kylo stuff was great. Leia was good other than that Marry Poppins in space scene. Poe’s story was ok and fit with the theme of failure being the best teacher. But it never really landed for me. The space battle scenes were all great. Snoke getting killed off with out us learning anything about him was a terrible decision. But Rey’s parents being drunks who sold her for drinking money was perfect. I always hated the idea that her parentage had to be important, great people rise from nothing too.

    The comedy was garbage, none of the actors other than Hamill could land the jokes. I laughed twice, with the caretakers and the Reach Out gag.

    That casino story was of course crap. I really think Rian just tacked that on because he had to not because he liked the story. The whole thing was just bad. Every time we switched back to them it sucked the air out of the room.

    In the end I like it more than the prequels but less than TFA.

  • I enjoyed it. Luke's force-hologram thing was cool. When he stared down the order I whispered to my friend, "What if they just shot him?" Kylo Ren then gave the order and everyone just started blasting him, and I was like, "NO, I WAS FUCKING JOKING!!!"

  • I’ve thought long and hard about this film three days and I’ve finally come to a real conclusion.

    What they did to Luke’s character was unforgivable and a disgrace to everything he was and fought for in the OT. Every single potentially interesting plot thread introduced in TFA is thrown out the door.

    Everything feels meaningless in this universe now, the Force has been nullified to be this get out of dodge free card, Rey is still a nobody who’s basically great at everything without any of it feeling earned.

    The Finn and Rose subplot is ultimately pointless and only serves as a layer to the pretentious themes rather than an adventure that actually explores these two characters.

    General Holdo still not telling Poe the real plan of hers is still contrived to JUST hammer home the pretentious themes rather than make any real sense or actually develop either of them as characters.

    Also, for a film that hammers home the theme of learning from your past mistakes and moving on to a new brighter future, the film really cops out by the end when it portrays a new “Rebellion” is beginning to fight against the new “Empire” as well degenerating into the same status quo of Jedi vs Sith.

    Why should I even care about what happens to either of the new cast now? According to Rian Johnson, in thirty or so years, they’ll just become miserable poor schmucks who make out of character mistakes that go against their morals and values and they’ll just regress instead of actually growing as individuals.

    This film goes against every single thing the original Star Wars was about. It’s a pretentious convoluted mess of deconstructing classic fantasy/sci-fi tropes that have made Star Wars what it is rather than actually building upon those tropes. In Rian Johnson’s eyes, Star Wars isn’t a fantasy or a story or even really even anything to get invested in because there’s no such thing as a happy or hopeful ending.

    This was not a Star Wars story, this was Rian Johnson just rambling what he thinks Star Wars means in 2017 and that’s why it’s the worst Star Wars film.

  • Namely put, I loved this movie, and I really enjoyed Rey and Kylo's character in this. People think they did a horrible job with Luke's character, but to be honest, I preferred Luke here better than the original trilogy; here he is conflicted and full of despair because of how he failed his nephew, but has Rey show him hope again. In the original Luke was endearing, but he felt bland and tropeish then... for me.

    I'll go on and agree, the casino plot was forced. I loved the design of the planet, but the actual plot was like "We do this, and now we do this". Finn's character... sigh... Rose was simply not needed. She did okay, but it just didn't work for me. Finn is the flipping traitor of the New Order and he got cast as side character in this movie?! That's just so disappointing.

    Snoke. I do agree that his background didn't expanded on, but is everyone missing just how powerful he was in that movie?! He threw Rey around like a ragdoll. And it really showcased Kylo's character in that he successfully killed him despite being underpowered to Snoke. It was a subtle move that did a Dark Lord in and I really like that.

    I personally preferred how Rey was simply a nobody was chosen/Force attuned. Not everyone needs to be a Skywalker.

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    Ooh yeah! Saw Last Jedi tonight. I thought it was good, but not perfect. A bit better than TFA though. And MAN it was long, though some parts it could have done either without, or added onto.
    No time to write a lot right now, going to bed, but more thoughts tomorrow.

    EDIT: Or I guess "Later today"... it's 1:30am, hehe :sweat_smile:

  • As they always say, you can't satisfy everyone.

    It is rather funny that people hate the Force Awakens for being unoriginal. Then they hate the Last Jedi for being original.

  • Overall I loved this movie but had a few big problems with it:

    • They did not use Captain Phasma in a good way, there was allot of hype for her character and she just gets a short appearance where she dies...
    • Canto Bight was wholly unnecessary, the DJ guy was not a very interesting character but at least the scene where he talks about things not being so black and white was nice.
    • Holdo refusing to tell Finn the plan with no real reason to could've lead to entirely different and possibly better scenario, she had little to lose from telling him and he likely wouldn't have mutinied, I don't think that's a character flaw, felt more like a plot hole.
    • Admiral Ackbar just dying. It would've been cool to see him get Holdo's scene (without the 'Godspeed' comment) and for Holdo to have survived.
    • We saw very little of certain characters that were pretty important in The Force Awakens, Chewbacca gets little screen time and most of it is for comedic relief, R2-D2 appears for one short scene and I don't think he even returns.

    Also wasn't C-3PO in the same room as Leia when the pit got blown up?

  • Aye, some of these plot points prevented the movie from being a great experience to me. I really feel like that the whole Casino arc wasn't really necessary, it kinda dragged the story down. It just made me like the Force Awakens a lot better because despite the rather format plot, it was still a better paced and structured movie.

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    Overall I loved this movie but had a few big problems with it: * They did not use Captain Phasma in a good way, there was allot of hype

  • So I saw it yesterday and... eh. I definitely understand why it's polarising. It has some decent ideas but they are executed so badly it needs to be seen to be believed. I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet.

    On the one hand, I don't resent it as much as the Force Awakens, that's just a film created by a bunch of suits around a board room table who have never heard of the word 'original' before. But it was at least a competent film. The Last Jedi is barely competent at anything. I can't really think of anything it does well beyond maybe the cinematography and costume design and sometimes the music. I don't really hate it. I just think it's... okay. I've seen worse films. But I'm not sure that's the kind of feeling you should have after watching a movie.

    It feels like it's trying to be too many things at once and ends up being terrible at all of them. It tries to be funny and it never is, it just ends up being awkward and uncomfortably boring. It tries to tell us too many pointless stories (the casino scene that went on way, way too long, the Finn and Rose "romance" etc.) It's just trying to do too many things and none of them are particularly good. I think Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) is a superb actor though, it felt like he was carrying the film himself. Mark Hamill does okayish and I say that because I don't know who he's supposed to be portraying. This person does not feel like Luke Skywalker. Carrie Fisher was good (except for that dumb scene). I still don't really like Rey, she still hasn't done anything at this point for her skills to make any sense or logic but it's not going to change. I just don't care about any of these new characters and the film expects me to because the plot says so. I'll have to watch it again at some point to get a better grip of how I feel but for now I have to say, I'm not impressed.

  • EVERYTHING about Luke Skywalker in this film is a character assasination.

    Oh, you thought Luke was actually going to be a proactive character who actually grows as an individual from his experiences in the OT?

    Nope, here’s a dead beat uncle who kills nephews just because of “dark feelings” before even talking to them about it. Here’s also a dead beat uncle fucking around with a broken kid’s emotions. Here’s also some lazy asshole who had to learn from a complete Mary Sue instead of actually reading those Jedi books because character progression doesn’t exist in Star Wars anymore.

    Also, here’s some bizarre pink hair lady making really stupid decisions and being a complete preemadona for no reason.

    This whole movie is a complete joke.

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    So I saw it yesterday and... eh. I definitely understand why it's polarising. It has some decent ideas but they are executed so badly it ne

  • lol

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    EVERYTHING about Luke Skywalker in this film is a character assasination. Oh, you thought Luke was actually going to be a proactive chara

  • You have nothing to say because you know it's true lol. This movie absolutely butchers the Star Wars universe and it's gonna leave a giant stain.


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    I would say to you J-master, that in regards to Luke....he had no real character before this movie...he was a set of tropes and nothing more. This movie made him more human...great power does not mean you are free from mistakes. If you go by each of the flash backs and then when Rey is talking to Luke...I do not think he even knew he had drawn his saber....he was horrified by the dark side and how much he had missed as Ben's teacher. It broke his heart that he never knew his nephew truly and the entire aftermath was his fault he felt.

    Never meet your heroes they say...because they are ultimately human and flawed. Also can we stop with the Mary Sue fucking bullshit...if Rey had been Ray...some moisture farmer from a back water desert planet who is somehow able to use the force and guide two proton torpedos down an exhaust port...just below the main one would be saying shit.

    The movie ain't perfect...I admit that...the entire casino plot, while I understand what it was there for...should have been redone or taken out back and shot. But it did not ruin Star is not worse than the prequels.

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    EVERYTHING about Luke Skywalker in this film is a character assasination. Oh, you thought Luke was actually going to be a proactive chara

  • Yeah on second viewing the humor as I have said...Disney should stick to cramming in humor in those shitty Avengers movies and stop forcing it in Star Wars. I agree that Adam Driver was the standout, an incredible actor who should be in more movies.

    As for Leia in SPAAAAACCCCEEE....they really should have done something else

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    So I saw it yesterday and... eh. I definitely understand why it's polarising. It has some decent ideas but they are executed so badly it ne

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    I’m going to level with you here. If you like the movie, that’s perfectly fine, but I have very real moral and ethical issues regarding Luke’s character in this film.

    Luke was a poor farm boy who wanted to go out into the world and make something of himself like any other regular person. Later he learns about the Force but isn’t interested in joining Ben Kenobi until his family gets killed by the Empire. He’s a reckless kid in over his head dozens of times throughout the film but he’s not completely incompetent because thanks to Ben’s training, he successfully blows up the Death Star.

    In Empire, Luke is a character who thinks he has everything under control and figured out but things actually don’t really work out too well him in the long run. Everything he thought about the world gets turned upside down when he finds out that Yoda is actually just some little green guy instead of a big brawny Jedi master and that the Force requires more training, control, and patience than he realized. The final test is in Cloud City where Luke, unprepared and having not complete his training with Yoda, thinks he can save his friends and beat Vader by himself due to his experience of blowing up the Death Star, but Vader easily beats him by cutting off his hand and finally, Luke’s entire worldview is shattered when Darth Vader tells Luke, “I am your father”. Luke denies it at first but now knows Darth Vader is his real father. The same Vader who hunted down other Jedi and killed them, helped enslave the Galaxy, and not to mention cut off his hand. This is Luke’s lowest point.

    In Return of the Jedi, time has passed and Luke has become a fully fleshed out Jedi with his own lightsaber and his severed hand is a robotic one. Luke gives himself up to Vader to protect his friends and tries to get his evil father to redeem himself. Luke feels the good in Vader despite Vader himself denying it with Vader saying “it’s too late for me, son.” In the second Death Star, Vader and Luke fight in front of the Emperor with Luke trying not to fight his father. Eventually, Vader gets Luke angry by saying maybe Leia will join the dark side instead of Luke. Luke says “NEVER!” Luke beats Vader easily and at this point, Luke is about to cross the line that will determine his future as a person, kill Vader or drop the lightsaber? Luke looks at Vader's severed hand, he looks at his robotic hand and the decision is made. Luke throws the lightsaber away and says this,

    “Never, I’ll never turn to the dark side. You failed your highness, I am a Jedi like my father before me.”

    Vader is watching all of this realizing that the dark side is not powerful enough to control you or dictate what you have to become.

    The Emporer realizes that Luke is his enemy and tries to kill him. Vader gets up and an internal battle is happening inside of him, save your son or succumb to the dark side? Vader picks the Emporer up and throws him down a shaft.

    Luke takes Vader to a shuttle where he asks Luke to take off his mask to see him with his own eyes. Luke takes off the metallic mask and what does he see? A smiling father proud of his son.

    “Now go, my son.”

    “No, I’ve got to save you.”

    “You already have. You were right. Tell your sister, you were right about about me.”

    Anikan lays down.

    “Father, I won’t leave you.”

    Anikan passes.

    Afterwards with the second Death Star destroyed, Luke looks off into the distance on Endor and sees Yoda, Ben Kenobi, and Anikan Skywalker smile proudly on Luke’s accomplishments. Anikan is at peace finally and Luke is the next generation that will lead the Jedi into a prosperous future.

    In the Last Jedi, Luke is an old Jedi master who runs his own academy with lots of students. His young flesh and blood nephew comes in and Luke senses some darkness within him throughout his training. Does Luke talk to Kylo Ren about the dark side given Luke should know from experience what it’s like to be left in the dark about your past?

    No, Luke never mentions anything about attempting to talk to Kylo Ren when he tells Rey the truth. Luke’s first instinct is to walk into Kylo’s sleeping quarters and attempt to kill him .............because there’s some darkness within Kylo Ren......despite the fact realistically Luke should be even more optimistic given what he witnessed in Return of the Jedi.

    Alright, stupid out of character mistake....what happens next?

    Well, in an attempt to save the rebel’s on Hoth salt planet, Luke force projects himself instead of physically going there to goad Kylo Ren into a fight in order to distract him kind of like Ben in Ep.4. Luke is a force projection so he can’t really die. Kylo is obviously a damaged and distraught kid looking for guidance and purpose so Luke has all the opportunities to consol Kylo, let out all of his feelings, and apologize for his mistake.

    Luke does none of this......he instead does Mateix moves, threatens Kylo Ren by telling him that he himself isn’t going to be The Last Jedi, repeats a line Ben Kenobi said in Ep.4, and he caps it all off with “See you around, kid.”

    Seconds later, Luke dies. His final actions were making threats to his distraught nephew looking for help and purpose, as well as a saying that basically equates to, “You can’t kill me because I’m too awesome” which Ben Kenobi basically said to Vader in Ep.4 except that made sense because for Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader killed Anikan Skywalker and took him over so Ben Kenobi lost all hope for his former pupil.

    Well, that covers it. I’m not going to get into Rey cause that’ll just take another hour.

    You can still like the movie and Luke’s character in the movie, but don’t you dare tell me I’m wrong for hating everything they did to Luke Skywalker like he never learned from any of his experiences.

    I would say to you J-master, that in regards to Luke....he had no real character before this movie...he was a set of tropes and nothing more

  • I like how saying "lol" warrants you to have an absolute mental breakdown and assume shit about my "argument" that I wasn't even having.

    You have nothing to say because you know it's true lol. This movie absolutely butchers the Star Wars universe and it's gonna leave a giant stain.

  • Where did I have an "absolute mental breakdown" lmao.

    I like how saying "lol" warrants you to have an absolute mental breakdown and assume shit about my "argument" that I wasn't even having.

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    This may actually be my 3rd favourite Star Wars movie of all time. I loved it sooooo much. Yeah, Luke’s death was spoiled to me by 3 different people, but I still wanted to deny it, and when he faced kylo I was like “ok, they must have been bsing me” until he fades away, I was like fucking cooockk fuucckk! I reeeaaalllly expected Leia to die. Like I really did, it was pretty much inevitable but she actually survived, I was on the edge of my seat and seeing her use the force for the first time gave me chills.

    Smoke dying, I actually didn’t mind it, I was kinda happy to see him so clueless while he predicted his own death thinking it was somebody else XD I also expected Kylo to become a good guy again but apparently not, episode 9 needs that epic space station fight after all ending in his redemption or death ?

    Was kinda sad to see Rose go, I was actually kinda growing on her. Phasma... yeeaaahhhh why do I doubt she actually died? We’ve all seen that armor she is wearing, I doubt an explosion or even falling into space will actually kill her, I guess we’ll find out in episode 9.

    Also, as a side note, did anyone else here like 2 swear words in there? ? I was like [insert Donald Duck boner meme here]

  • I kinda wish that Luke didn't die but I admit, his death has a strong bookend closure. His story began when he look at the twin suns and his story ended when he saw the twin suns one last time.

    As a whole, The Last Jedi felt...Very different. It took some very big risk with the established setting and went against the audience's expectations and theories. On one hand, I admire the movie for its guts, on the other hand, I was really disappointed.

    I also didn't want the Skywalker family to die out. To me, the movies has always been about this family, so with Luke gone and Leia being written out due to Carrie Fisher's passing, I don't know how the last movie of the trilogy is going to handle without this family.

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    This may actually be my 3rd favourite Star Wars movie of all time. I loved it sooooo much. Yeah, Luke’s death was spoiled to me by 3 differe

  • Technically Kylo REN is a Skywalker, despite being limited to Solo cos of Han, so it is still there, with Leia being the last Fully Skywalker (Organa doesn’t rlly count imo). I’m assuming that Leia may be CGI in the next film, or won’t appear at all but it looks like the Skywalker legacy is indeed coming to an end. There are still some Rey Skywalker theories to hold onto, though ;)

    I kinda wish that Luke didn't die but I admit, his death has a strong bookend closure. His story began when he look at the twin suns and his

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    Didn't like it.
    I mean the visuals were top notch, probably best in all the series, but when it comes down to it, the visuals can't carry a broken narrative.
    It's too loaded with USA social politics and all the build-up from Force Awakens is tossed out the window which completely ruins it since the Mary Sue-ness of Rey was so glaring but I was willing to suspend my disbelief, hoping Episode 8 would answer all the question. None of which happens and only solidifies Rey as a Mary Sue.

    But the major problem this movie has, however, is that the director/writer thought that constantly subverting audience's expectations is a good thing.
    That is NOT the case if it leads to leaps of logic and creates plot holes.

    In the end, this movie should be called "Nothing was Accomplished" The movie; it ends as it began.
    Oh and MCU style of humor is beginning to creep into other franchises and it was so obvious here.

  • Oh you are not the only one that HATED this movie. But I think RedLetterMedia basically said like this or maybe Mike said it like this. Mike:"I was thinking in theater watching this movie and saying is this movie a joke? Many Many Many Times".Half In The Bag:Star Wars The Last Last Jedi

    Where did I have an "absolute mental breakdown" lmao.

  • Been reading some reviews and they seem pretty mixed, considering the movie was underrated, and my dad was telling me that major fans seemed to dislike it, but both of us liked it, it even made it as my 3rd favourite Star Wars movie of all time so I’m not sure what’s going on with this tornado of opinions :/

  • I think it is because The Last Jedi is a very divisive movie. It takes some great risk and subvert many of the audience's expectation. In a way, this is an original Star Wars movie, but taking risks and subverting what an audience is hoping to see, you are gonna end up with people disliking it.

    Melton23 posted: »

    Been reading some reviews and they seem pretty mixed, considering the movie was underrated, and my dad was telling me that major fans seemed

  • But what’s the point in making a movie if you cannot utilise your own ideas and are relying on what others want to build it for you?

    I think it is because The Last Jedi is a very divisive movie. It takes some great risk and subvert many of the audience's expectation. In a

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    I haven't shared my thoughts. I saw it twice.

    I loved it. Well, most of it. I have several grievances (pun, because General Grevious?) though that prevented me from enjoying it to the extreme.

    The Good:

    • Battle of Crait - great, action was nice, I loved the use of the red dust. Felt very Star Wars in a good way.
    • The vehicles - the First Order Dreadnought looked pretty damn cool, as did the Raddus and the Supremacy.
    • Performances - major thumbs up on Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill (even though I didn't necessarily like where Luke went), Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, and Laura Dern.
    • General Hux - you know, this sniveling incompetent moron was obviously a highlight of the movie for me. It was so Nazi in the Force Awakens and seeing him so idiotic (as bad as a general in the First Order is) was quite fun. Also seeing him being abused by force powers, loved that.
    • Porgs - there were cute and not Jar-Jar disruptive. Also, the fact that Chewbacca tried to eat one made my day.
    • Yoda - always nice to that bloke, especially since Rey actually stole the books from the tree
    • Vice Admiral Holdo and the Hyperspace thing - my new favorite character, I liked her personality and stuff (although it seems like it was a little iffy to not reveal her plan to the crew). Her sacrifice was not only noble, it was an awesome sight to behold visually. The blue light, the lack of sound, man that was great
    • Captain Phasma vs. Finn - I'll get to Phasma later, but I must say, the fight, while brief, was visually incredible with the flames and everything reflecting on her armor as Finn looked pretty cool
    • Finn - I loved his character. Although he was certainly hampered by the Canto Bight excursion (which I will elaborate on), he remained amusing and his sacrifice would have been a fitting end for him, although I am glad he is still alive
    • BB-8 - always a delight.
    • Rey-Nobody Twist - I actually kind of liked this. While if I had to choose a family it would be a Kenobi, I also previously thought that it be kind of nice if she was just no one. I think that it puts more focus on her character rather than the huge backstory behind. Plus, that's kind of how the Force works, just choosing random people.
    • Praetorian Guards vs. Rey and Kylo Ren - superb. Star Wars need more stuff like this in live-action. It was phenomenal.

    The Bad:

    • Space battles - I can't believe I'm saying this, but they majorly disappointed me. Most of the movie was a low-speed chase. The Evacuation of D'Qar, barring Poe's cool moves with his ship and visually interesting bombing runs and destruction of the dreadnought, was pretty lame. There was barely any actual dogfights and it was very short. Rogue One did better here. TIE Silencer was awesome though.
    • Canto Bight adventure - don't get my wrong, I always like the weird aliens and stuff in Star Wars and appreciate practical effects, but this thing was so pointless. Hardly changed the story, and...
    • Morals in Canto Bight - they were there for maybe 3 minutes of screen time before the forced moral lessons of slavery and animal abuse came. It was so unsubtle. It could have worked if it was much less obvious, but alas, it was not.
    • Chase scene in Canto Bight - pretty boring, not too real looking, and unsatisfying conclusion
      in my mind

    • DJ - Benecio del Toro was wasted. The stutter was annoying, he wasn't even the actual Codebreaker (which I think would have been far better and a better place to subtly insert morals). He did have some funny moments, and when he was speaking normally he was okay, but his character was just, ugh. Not my favorite. He was no Lando Calrissian (who better be in Episode 9).

    • Captain Phasma - unlike General Hux, this incompetent moron was wasted. For the record, she did beat Finn but he came back on the elevator to hit her helmet, and was easily defeated. I did like seeing her eye and the armor, but much like Boba Fett, all looks and no substance. They advertised her so much and she gets 3 small scenes. I do hope she survives so next movie she has the same schtick, it is kind of funny how wasted she is.
    • Luke's Character - my opinion isn't as strong as others's, but I still don't really liked the direction where Luke went. It seemed natural (for real life), but not where he was in Return of the Jedi. His talk with Yoda brought back what I pictured, and I liked his projection thing. The Twin Suns ending was beautiful, and what Rey said about feeling peace when he went into the Force, well, that's what I felt too. I also really liked his interaction with Leia and R2-D2, I only wish we got to see him and Chewbacca more. Mark Hamill was great, just agh.
    • Supreme Leader Snoke - while I thought he was way less intimidating compared to the Force Awakens and frankly am glad he's glad in favor of focusing on Kylo Ren, it felt so anticlimactic. All the theorizing and everything for nothing. At least they did not hesitate to show his body. I liked that.
    • Admiral Ackbar - how dare they. Seriously, like come on. Killing off so rudely like that. That really irritated me. Ackbar has being fighting since the Clone Wars. He deserved a more honorable death than that. A shame, really, what a shame.

    So overall, an enjoyable film with some notable flaws. I just hope Jar Jar Abrams doesn't rehash another movie next time around. I admired the creativity of this one and even though that did not always work out, it is something worth supporting.

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    Just finally caught up on the Star Wars movies and saw this a few nights ago. I LOVED it!

    Kylo Ren is seriously the best Star Wars character ever in my opinion. I found him, Rey, Finn and Luke very interesting.
    The battle with Kylo Ren, Rey and the Praetorian Guards after Snoke's death was amazing. Although I would've liked more depth to Snoke's character, I did like the way they did his death scene.

    I think the characters were the highlight of the movie. Maybe the best characters in a Star Wars movie so far in my opinion.

    And Luke's death... I really liked Luke in this movie, but honestly... I thought his death was underwhelming. If they were going to kill off a character THIS big, I would've expected them to do it in a kind of BIG way. Such as being defeated dramatically in battle. I don't know, that's just me.

    Anyway. Overall I thought it was a fantastic movie, maybe my favorite StarWars movie. Very excited for episode IX.

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