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  • Total Drama Island to me is the worst of the seasons. I still love it to death, but compared to Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour it fades a little. The fine thing with the first 3 seasons to me is that its mostly the same cast but placements naturally differ, so some characters that got very little characterization in TDI gets way more in TDA or TDWT. Its been a long while since I watched the show but from memory I think the fart jokes and the general "disgusting" jokes get less and less with every season.

    I'd give total drama action a few episodes to see if you feel any different about the humour then. But if you feel the same after that I guess it just wasn't your thing, which is fine

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    Alright Campers! I watched Total Drama Island (Season 1) to see what all the fuss was about. It was decent. Probably something I would

  • Well I’m not currently watching it but I am waiting until I get home to watch House of the Dragon! Hyped to finally see some Game of Thrones after waiting for Season 2 of the game, which unfortunately has yet to be released. (Hopefully it does it some point 😁) but after the disastrous ending of Season 8 of the show. I have faith that this prequel should be fun as George R.R. Martin is assisting on the show and he pretty much knows how this storyline is supposed to end. 😁😁

  • My animation buddies! Please check out Dead End: Paranormal Park on Netflix!
    I'm only 4 episodes in right now but I'm having such a great time with it, I have to gush!

    It's a comedic, light horror show
    and it's about two young teens - Barney and Norma who get recruited to work at an amusement park for the summer.
    But what they don't know is that the park is infested with all manner of demons, ghosts and monsters! So, they (and their talking dog Pugsley) must keep the park, its denizens and possibly the world safe from the destructive and malicious forces that lurk within it.

    The show has some great unique protagonists, as Barney is a trans boy and Norma is on the autism spectrum, at least I think so from the marketing blurbs, the latter hasn't been addressed in the show yet.
    They both have their fears and challenges to overcome that I'm sure might come up later in the show. They fully establish Barney being trans by episode 2 so it's cool they didn't choose to dance around it.

    The comedic writing is great. With some fun word-play, jokes and comedic timing.
    The horror is really well done. It's either fairly light horror or some pretty spooky stuff that had me unnerved.
    (So far, on one end there's been destructive mascots hell-bent on just wanting a hug; aaaand on the other end, a 'Night Hag' who turns kids into angry, feral, sleep-deprived zombies)

    The show is based on a comic series called Deadendia, which I might try and check out in the future.
    Yeah! Pretty solid Netflix animated series so far and I had to share it!

  • I saw Hardcore Henry Saturday it was epic.

  • Finished it. My very quick, but to-be-expanded-upon-later review of Dead End: Paranormal Park:

    I've only had Dead End: Paranormal Park for like a week

    But if anything happened to it, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself

    Netflix better renew this show. I need more.

  • I saw Friday

    And on Saturday

  • Glad you gave it a try. It very much is a product of the mid-2000s - although for me, that's a time I look on with considerable fondness.

    I liked the insane challenges Chris cooked up throughout the show, and it had some nice use of cartoonish violence and slapstick. It often went into gross-out humour and that's where I got really turned off from the show. There's only so many times I can see someone clean a dirty toilet in a weird way, see Owen rip a fart orchestra, or see everyone in the same room puke over something. It got repetitive, boring, and I practically never enjoyed those moments.

    The challenges get better, more dangerous, throughout the show. One of my favorite challenges in Season 2 involves jumping onto a horse...from a diving board. If you like cartoonish violence, there's a lot of it. Have you ever wanted to see a man get hit in the nuts with a guitar?!?!?!?! Because my goodness it's fricking funny. The gross-out humor can be a little eyerolling at times, but the farting mostly stays with Owen. The vomiting is a little more spread out though across characters.

    The big cast can be daunting, can't it? After this season, the casts get smaller and smaller to around 14/15 contestants. With Season 2 and 3, it's the original cast, so it becomes easier to get to know those few - and they try and bring focus on some beyond the most popular ones. And Heather? Yeah, there were a bunch of moments where she should have been eliminated but was not for whatever dumb reason. Plot Armor is real in this show, but besides one character in Season 2 who avoids 3 straight eliminations despite being in the final two for all of them, I think they do a better job than Season 1.

    Season 3, World Tour is widely considered the best season. It has a very fun musical gimmick ('If you don't sing this episode, you're eliminated!'), a compelling antagonist, a fun setting (around the world!), and some characters at their best. Season 2, Action, is a personal favorite, but not as beloved as World Tour or Island. Although it does have a great setting (challenges based on movie genres!). Action and World Tour have Island length seasons, but after that they go back to 13 until the Ridonculous Race, a spin-off based on the Amazing Race, which has 26 episodes (and 36(!!!) characters). But if you were meh on the first season, I think it's reasonable to pass on the others. It's a shame World Tour wasn't Season 2, because then I would more vigorously advocate you watch it - Action is pretty important to some of the main plots of World Tour.

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    Alright Campers! I watched Total Drama Island (Season 1) to see what all the fuss was about. It was decent. Probably something I would

  • I saw Jordan Peele's Nope tonight.

    It was great! Lots of spooky stuff that comes together in interesting ways. Some fun humour as well. Don't want to spoil too much, but I liked it and I liked the mystery surrounding the main plot.
    They kind of reveal the big thing much earlier than I expected. It kind of removes some of the mystery, but makes it slightly bit creepier.

    I also kind of "like" how they tied in this spooky B-story about Steven Yeun's character.

    Traumatized as a child, manages to survive an encounter with an angry monkey, keeping it at bay with his signature "friendship fist bump". But he was changed so much by this, that in the present he can't help goading a predatory UFO for profit, believing he's earned its "trust".
    Or at least that's what I got out of it.

    It's probably worth watching again with subtitles, the movie speakers were quite loud, yet muffled the speech in some parts, made it hard to understand what characters were saying.

    So yeah. Better than Us, but I still think Get Out is his best horror flick. Everything about that script and story is so tight, scary, and really satisfying to watch, on the edge of your seat the entire time.

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    My depression got really bad the past week and I watched a fuckton of What's New Scooby-Doo to take me back to a simpler time. It worked.

  • Saw during the weekend

  • Just watched the first episode of what's an undoubtedly insanely good series.
    It's called "The Rehearsal" and its a cross between a Documentary, a scripted comedy series, and a reality TV show.

    On a macro summary level, here's whats cool about it, if you've never seen it before:

    It's headed by Nathan Fielder on HBO, and the show follows Fielder as he helps random american people overcome challenging social situations by giving them the most authentic rehearsal for it possible!
    It's an amazing production involving hiring lookalike actors, building detailed accurate sets, and performing tons of research on the "players" needed for it.

    The show opens with Nathan meeting his latest client, a man named Kor.
    But what Kor doesn't know is that Nathan himself has prepared for this situation. After the show initially got in contact with Kor, they hired a lookalike actor to mimic his speech patterns and mannerisms based on a tape, and re-created his entire apartment through 3D mapping, disguised as a maintenance check-up a week prior.

    So Nathan has already gone through as many permutations of the situation possible -- what jokes to say, when he'll say it, how Kor might react to it all -- and the rest of the show is similar to this, but flipped to fit Kor's situation. He has to come clean about a lie he's held to a friend for over a decade, and is worried she'll react poorly, endangering their friendship.
    But with the help of Nathan and his amazing flowchart skills, he'll be able to rehearse how the conversation will go in a re-creation of the environment, thanks to some sweet HBO set-design budget.

    It is a jaw-dropping production and I reccomend you seek it out if you like heartwarming stuff or the theatrical arts in general. Go watch The Rehearsal!

  • Ah, Piranha 3D. I've seen it a couple times. It's not very good, but it has some moments. I like Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames in it. Its sequel, Piranha 3DD, is very, very stupid. But Hasselhoff is in it and he's pretty funny.

    Saw during the weekend

  • I agree , the movie was cringe ,but like you said their was some great moments .

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    Omg I totally forgot to post about this!!

    Last weekend a friend took me to see Weird: The Al Yankovic Story which premiered at TIFF. Great idea because I had a great time, and also because I definitely wouldn't have gotten the freaking Roku channel just for this lol.

    Picture this: a music biopic movie, that functions as a parody of common biopic tropes, that also goes completely off-the-rails halfway through, about "Weird Al" Yankovic's rise to fame putting new lyrics to songs that already exist.

    If you're at all interested by that, or generally enjoy comedies, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie wherever or however you can. When it comes out of course.

    It was an absolutely wild film that definitely feels like a surreal parody most of the time, that only gets crazier and crazier as time goes on. Its a lot of fun.

    Daniel Radcliffe looks like he's enjoying every moment up on screen portraying this random nerdy guy and the crazy stuff that goes on around him.
    You get to hear a bunch of iconic Weird Al songs, and a few references to others they couldn't fit in, in a film that bends it genres where it wants to, and has a really neat ending.

    Daniel doesn't ever sing any of Al's songs though, he gets dubbed over by the original song, which is quite weird since his speaking voice and "singing voice" sound pretty different.

    No spoilers, but my favourite scenes were:
    -the Oprah stuff.
    -the party partway through, of iconic 'Weird' people
    -The jungle.

  • So I've actually started watching the new Andor series on schedule, and so far, the biggest thing I've gotten out of it is

    if that deputy inspector guy had just followed orders and buried his case, the Rogue One gang wouldn't have come into being, wouldn't have stolen the Death Star plans, and the empire would have won.

    Also, I was disappointed they didn't have cool artwork in the closing credits.

  • I've finished Infinity Train Season 4 and unfortunately Infinity Train as a whole.

    This was a nice little season, with a few low-stakes, a few issues with character arcs, and a nice breather from the darkness of Season 3. But it's a massive shame it had to end on this breather, because it laid a few very cool seeds that I think would have been addressed in a Season 5.

    • Ryan and Min-Gi were fun characters. You could really tell they were old friends who had each others' backs when it mattered.
    • Also, them being Canadians (woop woop), the America slander throughout the show was hilarious. "Ugh. It's American..."
    • Shout-out to Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons for the extremely surprising performance of a giant crying pig baby.
    • Kez was a great companion in this season. You could really tell she tried to be invested in good friendships, but was very averse to conflict within them that could get her in hot water.

      • This season was most likely a prequel, given Amelia's sudden appearance working with The Conductor. And there were a few tiny seeds of info that she had eventually taken control behind-the-scenes, that the show would inevitably show in the next season, as it usually does. But we don't have that anymore. Damn it! (Also One-One was just 1 One(-One?) so it's intriguing as to why he's only one half.)
    • The big moment where Ryan and Min get into a fight because of the assumption Ryan was going to leave him is my main issue. Basically, Ryan just happens to solve an optical illusion puzzle to escape, and can't explain from the other-side to Min-Gi how it works. But then Min-Gi yells at Ryan for "trying to leave me!". If only he had just explained that there was literally nothing he could do, it probably would have gone down better. But no, they continued with the "unexplained assumption" trope that I so dearly hate.

    • The villains being these three "alien" type creatures were well-designed. I like their scientific nature and how their "Era device" changes them into prehistoric raccoons, or gorillas, or eldritch eyeballs from the future.

    I am SO gonna mourn the loss of a continuation. This was a nice show that deserved so much more.

  • I watched both and

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    Watched the first episode of the Netflix Bee And Puppycat

    The first episode really is a remake of the original pilot. There's some differences, notably a few scenes were changed so lines are different (I miss the "ya took too long, now your candy's gone. That's what happens! Whabaugh!" line) but overall it's the same as it ever was, just in a new art style.
    Not sure if they reused the original lines or re-recorded it all, but a lot of it sounds exactly as I remember it.

    The original youtube show had a more chibi-like anime art style, but this version pushes that even further! Everything is so round with simple faces. The colours are bright and coated in a pastel pallette.

    It is also a very chaotic and funny script. My kind of thing, I like it.
    This should be a fun watch, there's 16 episodes too!

  • I watched Entergalactic and really enjoyed it! Stylish and fantastical visuals that very much reminded me of Spider-Verse. They even play around with different art styles at certain points of the movie. The characters are very down to earth and funny, though I will say some of the voice acting for certain characters could have been better. The story overall is fairly straightforward. It's an intimate slice of life romance which is certainly unusual considering the strong visuals, but it absolutely works. I watched it with a couple friends and there were moments where they could feel their souls leave their body from how they related to the characters.

    I really liked the music too, which is a good thing considering this whole movie is a companion piece to Kid Cudi's latest album of the same name. There are moments in the movie where things will stop to have a music video, sometimes it's a bit jarring and other times it feels more natural. I also have to mention that considering this is an adult animated movie, things get pretty spicy as there are a handful of sexually explicit scenes. There's no full body nudity but still, fair warning.

    In conclusion, I want more adult animated stuff life this please.

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    The Owl House is back with the first of three specials before the series officially comes to an untimely close.

    I thought it was fantastic! Very well written, a lot of emotional and dark moments, the animation especially when it came to more action heavy scenes was great, and the voice acting continues to be exceptional, though I have to give particularly high praise to Zeno Robinson, who voices Hunter. He does a really wonderful job when it came to the more emotional moments.

    I will say that the pacing does get a little fast at times, considering how much they had to squeeze into 40 minutes, but l I think they did a good job with what little time they had. There isn't a scene that felt "wasted". There are also a number of moments throughout the episode where you can tell that there was supposed to be more to certain moments and plotlines, especially early on in the episode, that would have been expanded upon in several proper episodes were it not for the unfortunate shortening of the series. Goddammit Disney.

    The remaining two specials don't have a specific release date other than sometime in 2023, but I'll be looking forward to them! I hope they knock it out of the park.

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    I watched Halloween Kills, cause the third one just came out and I actually really liked the first despite never having seen any of the previous Halloween movies. The acting's good, there's a bunch of really brutal stomach turning kills, and it's all shot really nicely. I especially liked the flashbacks which were colour graded to look like the cameras from the original movies.

    The movie has a bunch of really cool ideas, like the survivors of Michael Myers coming together, the corruption his mere presence brings to the town of Haddonfield, and how all the death and fear from the townspeople elevate him from a man to a force of nature, but none of it really works because the writing is terrible. Everyone in this movie is dumber than a bag of hammers and most of them deserved to get their asses killed. It's like the writers thought up a bunch of cool kill ideas, but couldn't figure out how to have them happen naturally like in the first movie, so they just said fuck it, can't let good writing get in the way of some senseless violence. All of it resulting in an ending that jumps the shark and misses the more grounded feel of the 2018 movie.

    Overall, if you wanna see a bunch of idiots get themselves killed then it's a fun time. If you wanted to see a satisfying sequel to a movie that helped revitalise the slasher genre for the modern era, then you're gonna be left disappointed.

  • Halloween Ends is gonna make you appreciate Halloween Kills more because that film is much worse than this one. Not gonna spoil anything but it didn't feel like a Halloween film at all, despite being the finale of an iconic franchise. (or at least the finale of the recent timeline). You will understand once you watch it.

    I think Halloween Kills is underrated. It's what made me appreciate Michael Myers as a character. I didn't like 2018 because it had too many character moments and subplots that I just couldn't give a damn for.

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    I watched Halloween Kills, cause the third one just came out and I actually really liked the first despite never having seen any of the prev

  • I've heard... divisive things about how it all ends. Not super excited to watch it, but I'll get to it eventually lmao

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    Halloween Ends is gonna make you appreciate Halloween Kills more because that film is much worse than this one. Not gonna spoil anything but

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    I watched Halloween Ends. It has a very strong and unexpected start, which was great. Then the rest of the movie happens. I will say that I appreciate them trying something different, however it would have been even better if this something different had anything at all to do with the last two movies. It felt so disconnected from much of what happened before not only in terms of story but its tone as well, like a weird mish mash of genres and it doesn't really work because the writing is terrible lmao. They also did Laurie and Michael real dirty for a good chunk of the movie. At least it ends fairly well in my opinion. It was very silly but I quite enjoyed the climax. Everything else though ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    Not too sure how I'd compare this and Kills though since they're both not great but in very different ways. At least people are a little less stupid in this, though they sure are a lot meaner. I'm gonna give pretty much the same overall thoughts I had with Kills. If you just wanna see some gruesome kills then you'll probably have a fun time, but if you're looking for something that's at least half as good as the first movie in this trilogy then you're shit out of luck.

  • The more I think about Ends, the less I appreciate it. Most of what happens in the film just doesn't matter when it comes to the certain new character and there is just no point to watch the whole arc again. It was just used as an excuse to have Michael and Laurie confront each other for the last time.

    Corey's death didn't do anything to affect Laurie or her daughter in the future. They just move on like nothing ever happened. Most of the deaths weren't even done by Michael himself. What was his motivation to just hide in the tunnel for four years? It's not like he was even overpowered by Lonnie and his gang at the end of Kills. He just made himself look like a coward and I would not believe anyone who says this version of Michael would beat Jason Voorhees' ass.

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    I watched Halloween Ends. It has a very strong and unexpected start, which was great. Then the rest of the movie happens. I will say that I

  • Corey's death didn't do anything to affect Laurie or her daughter in the future.

    I really feel like Corey's nonsense could have potentially worked if it was Allyson that went against him, to parallel the relationship between Laurie and Michael, and showing the different generations of the Strode family having their own monster. But he just stabs himself and then gets double killed by Michael.

    What was his motivation to just hide in the tunnel for four years?

    They show (and a character mentions) that all the injuries he suffered from the last two movies finally caught up with him, until he starts killing again and gets powered up for some reason. They couldn't decide if he was just a man or some sort of supernatural being.

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    The more I think about Ends, the less I appreciate it. Most of what happens in the film just doesn't matter when it comes to the certain new

  • Slasher sequels do a lot of stupid shit, but I was genuinely baffled at the direction this movie took.

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    I watched Halloween Ends. It has a very strong and unexpected start, which was great. Then the rest of the movie happens. I will say that I

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    They show (and a character mentions) that all the injuries he suffered from the last two movies finally caught up with him, until he starts killing again and gets powered up for some reason. They couldn't decide if he was just a man or some sort of supernatural being.

    Well that just makes things way worse. So it only took him a few beatings, stabs and shots by Lonnie's gang instead of getting SIX TIMES SHOT IN THE HAR by Loomis to say "That's it, I'm done. I'm too weak now and I need a fucking break".

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    Wendell and Wild released on Netflix today and I watched it!

    In terms of visuals it's absolutely wonderful. Lots of really fun and distinct character designs, some really colourful and trippy sequences, incredibly smooth animation that could be mistaken for mocap at points, and you can tell a ton of blood, sweat and tears was put into bringing the movie to life. Like seriously, in the credits you get a look at some behind the scenes work and these people are crazy cause some of these models are freaking HUGE. It very nearly beats Kubo and the Two Strings for craziest puppets I've ever seen in stop motion.

    I did enjoy the characters for the most part. Wendell and Wild are pretty fun and mischievous, Kat is relatable but overly angsty, though for good reason, and Siobhan is a nice reversal of the mean girl stereotype. The voice acting is also good. Key and Peele are very fun as Wendell and Wild, and Lyric Ross puts a lot of emotion into her voice work as Kat. No one in particular does a bad job.

    As for the writing, it's just fine. Unfortunately, while it doesn't do anything particularly bad, there isn't much that really stands out aside from a couple moments in the movie. The storyline is pretty messy, with a number of plot lines or conflicts that are introduced early on that either get dropped right until the very end, or end quickly and unsatisfyingly. There are also some pretty dark and heavy moments (especially early on) in the movie, and I think these work pretty well.

    I do have to praise the movie for some pretty cool representation. I don't know if this was talked about in the trailers or not so I'll spoiler tag it. Very minor spoiler that's introduced early on in the movie!

    Raul is a trans male character and I think they did a good job of making it clear to the audience, while not having this information take over the whole movie. He's just a kid that just so happens to be trans. They do also present some bigotry with one character accidentally deadnaming him and another (offscreen) misgendering him. Unfortunately, his character as a whole is pretty dull. He's present throughout the whole movie and he helps deal with the ensuing conflict, but there really isn't anything about him that stands out from the crowd. They present him early on as an artist, but they don't really do anything particularly worthwhile with it.

    Overall, while the movie is a visual feast, the writing does leave a lot to be desired. It's a good movie, but outside of the animation there's nothing here that really makes it great. Coraline this is not. However, that doesn't mean I don't think it's worth a watch. I still had fun with it and in my opinion, the visuals help make up for the story's shortcomings.

  • For this Halloween, I chose to watch a film called "The Orphan" and that was the best choice of a film I have ever chosen. The actress who played the villain was freaking flawless, let alone that huge fucking twist. How she managed to demonstrate those acting skills for such a manipulative villain at very young age is beyond me.

    Also, while looking through the credits, I saw that one of the producers of the film was Leonardo Dicaprio? WHAT?????

  • I recently started going through Buffy The Vampire Slayer to see what all the hubbub is about it and I like it so far. It's very cheesy and silly, the fight scenes feel like something out of Power Rangers, a lot of mellow drama (some good some not so good), and there's some pretty great acting moments by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Head are also great as Willow and Giles, and Cordelia is fuckin' hilarious, if a bit obnoxious at times.

    However, there are a lot of moments that haven't aged... spectacularly. Like all the grown ass men hitting on these kids, Buffy and Angel's relationship, a lot of what Xander says. God I really don't like Xander. He's like if Chandler from friends was a huge incel, and no one ever calls him out on it.

    Aside from that, I'm enjoying it.

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    I finished watching The Dragon Prince season 4, and I ended up liking it quite a bit, despite its flaws. It was nice to see how certain characters had evolved since we last saw them, there's some cool action sequences, the creature designs continue to be great, the main characters also have got some snazzy new outfits I really dig, really liked the political stuff going on with Amaya and Janai, I liked having what was essentially a villainous version of the DP gang, and the last half of the season in particular I thought was really strong.

    Other things I really liked that are spoilery so I'll keep them tagged.

    • I like that Viren, after being separated from caterpillar Aaravos, is shown to regret some of the things he's done. Really liked the scene of his bargaining with Claudia for them to just leave and live out the rest of his days being a family.
    • Soren is pretty goofy throughout the season, until he meets Claudia and he's never been more serious. Absolutely loved seeing him begging for Claudia to come back to him. Really great voice work here by Jesse Inocalla.
    • Of course the part where Aaravos takes over Callum's body was amazing. It's the most threatening the show has ever made Aaravos.
    • I liked the coming out scene with Terri and Viren. Aside from Claudia, It's the most kindness he's shown to anyone in the series thus far.

    I do have some complaints. For one thing the humour, outside of a handful of chuckle worthy jokes, is about the same level of quality of the past three seasons, which is to say, rough. Not much is really explained between the two year time skip, especially in regards to Rayla. The Earth theme of the season isn't explored nearly as much as the other elements from the previous seasons. Don't know why they decided to give the season the subtitle of The Mystery of Aaravos, because after watching the whole season it's still a mystery lmao.

    A couple spoilery complaints

    • The parallels between Ezran and the girl in the past who brought the elves and dragons together felt really forced. There was definitely a better way this could have been handled.
    • Not a fan of the fart jokes. It felt like a writers barely disguised fetish. Didn't like them in season 3 and I don't like them now.
    • I really wish there'd been a conversation between Viren and Soren, but they don't say a single word to each other which was really weird. Especially considering how dramatically the penultimate episode ended when they see each other for the first time in years.
    • Strange that Callum and Ezran weren't informed of their aunts engagement. It happened days before they left, you'd think they'd have heard about it.

    There's also some technical complaints that I have. The backgrounds in the first half of the season were pretty weak, really muddy and empty looking, but about halfway through the season it gets a lot better, especially in the last couple episodes which looked great. The 2D art is way more obvious here. There were also some animation errors I spotted like background characters wigging out in the background at a couple points, and a scene where the lighting glitches out super hard a split second before cutting to the next scene.

    Overall, despite its flaws, I enjoyed the season a lot overall. It's mainly set up, but there's lots of juicy drama, more intriguing lore and political insights of the world, some really great writing in the latter half of the season, and in general it was just nice to see the gang back together after a three year hiatus. Covid definitely messed with the show and fan expectations only grew as the years went on, so I think the season would be a lot better received if it had released sooner.

    Looking forward to seeing how the story continues! Hopefully the wait won't be nearly as long lmao.

  • I saw the movie Oldboy.

    My jaw will never recover from this movie. Those last 15 minutes were absolutely insane. If you know, you know.
    It was good, but so, so BRUTAL. So many layers of darkness, discomfort and awe at the plot for this film...

  • Been busy watching horror movies on Tubi from the Hatchet franchise and the Ginger Snaps Trilogy.

    What I can say is that both were entertainingHatchet was an awesome slasher movie despite having some cheesy senes ..the gore effects were awesome .

    As for Ginger Samps it was awesome despite me being 22 years late was pretty awesome werewolf/Lycans love the characters between Ginger and Bridget very well developed.

    I also saw interview with a vampire two weeks ago that was also pretty good vampire movie along side John Carpenters : Vampires which is one of my top favorite vampire movies.

  • I love Ginger Snaps. Not enough people have seen it.

    Been busy watching horror movies on Tubi from the Hatchet franchise and the Ginger Snaps Trilogy. What I can say is that both were entert

  • Lots of MST3K and RiffTrax

  • Watched a couple episodes of Xavier Renegade Angel. Bonkers ass show, but it's fucking hilarious.

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    Glass Onion, the second movie in the Knives Out series currently has a limited theatrical run and a theatre near me is actually showing it. As someone who absolutely loved the first movie, of course I watched it and thought it was fucking great! It makes better use of the ensemble cast than the first movie, each of the characters has a moment to shine. They're all very charming, funny, and like in Knives Out most of them are huge assholes. Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, and of course Daniel Craig are the big standouts for me.

    Glass Onion is really damn funny, especially in the second half which had a ton of people in the theatre, including me laughing hard. The first third of the movie is fairly slow paced as it contains a lot of set up for the characters and the mystery, as things here are a bit more complex, but the way it all comes together in the end was absolutely brilliant. When the movie does get going, and it doesn't pull any stops. The movie is also wildly relevant considering recent events lol. It's like Rian Johnson got hit with Apollo's ball of prophecy. My only real issue with the movie is that I found the very end of the movie to be a touch too ridiculous and over the top. I pretty much loved everything else though.

    Aside from the slow start and the very end of the movie, I thought it was amazing. It's definitely a worthy sequel to Knives Out and I can't wait for it to hit Netflix so I can watch it again to catch all the little things I missed.

  • Dad and I watched Sonic the Hedgehog 2 the other day.
    It was a fun, entertaining movie. Neither of us are Sonic fans, but I saw the first movie a while ago and some reason he was interested in the sequel.
    But yeah it was good. I thought it was pretty silly on the comedy and Sonic's general behaviour, but he's depicted as a child and its a kids' movie so..

    The standout was once again Jim Carrey as Robotnik. All of his wacky improvised lines, facial expressions, and uh mannerisms? I can't explain what that man does. But he does manage to ham it up in every scene, playing a zany, goofily-insane villain.

    I can't believe it but Idris Elba was the perfect choice for Knuckles. His deep powerful voice is perfect for the menacing, angry Echidna shown in the movie who's hell-bent on finding Sonic and also not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    (The final scene where he's having 'fun' was so sweet and I love it)

    Mega shout-out to Colleen O'Shaughnessy's agent for managing to get her this major hollywood gig, and also major thanks to the director and the producers for picking this relative unknown-actor from the world of video games.
    It's awesome not to see a celebrity casting for a major character like this, and it was a great decision. Tails is so cute, adorable, I don't know who could create that same feeling other than Colleen.

    Other stuff:

    • The comedy involving all the human characters in the movie was really great. I loved the running joke in the second half with Rachel wanting to murder her fake husband.
    • I want to partly consider this as an animated movie. There's quite a few scenes that only feature the two CGI leads Sonic and Tails, in non-human environments, so that's gotta be plenty of non-real animated CGI. Lol.
    • The credits have your typical pixel-art homage of the video game of the film you just watched -- but it was really good-looking and a great touch to end the film on.
      Also the credits song was a bop too
  • Finished watching Happy
    But I’m also watching The Puppet Master movies and Demonic Toys back to back

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