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  • And the movie is going to be available on digital tomorrow! Can't wait to rewatch it and appreciate the incredible animation once again while trying to notice all the hidden details frame by frame. 😊

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    Attention everyone! The opening 10 minutes of Across the Spider-Verse has been released. Rejoice and rewatch it again and again, it's so goooood

  • Went to see The Last Voyage Of The Demeter yesterday.
    It was awesome.

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    Nimona is really super good. I Really love the message and metaphor behind the film. (Total trans/non-gender/sexuality-normative, or even just total outcast 'Us vs. Them' mentality. Hits hard, many times. :cry:) Holy cow. The animation is playful, expressive, zany, Nimona is WILD I love her so much, and the movie is is pretty dang funny and surprisingly heartbreaking. Wow.

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heartbreak:

    Not exactly a spoiler, it happens fairly early on, but
    "Can't you just be a girl? It would be better..."
    "Better for WHO?..." :/
    This line cuts so deep into the real question behind it, omg I love it.

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    I finished the one and only season of 'I Am Not Okay With This' on Netflix. Super easy, fun watch. 7 episodes 20 mins each.

    Its a neat coming-of-age series about Syd, a meek, frustrated, grieving teen who is wrestling with budding feelings of romance for her best friend and discovering she might have dangerous superpowers (telekinesis)...

    Sophia Lillis does a great job at encapsulating a lot of frustration, moments of joy, and a peppering of teen anxiety as she tries to keep as many plates spinning at once.

    The ending is extremely shocking/satisfying-ish?

    even if it pays off a few bloody teases before it, as she explodes the head of Brad in a bloody mess of embarrassment and anger. Oops.

    This series was based on a graphic novel, and apparently the ending is different... The novel ends, but the show chose to change it into a cliffhanger for something else to unfold, and therein lies the problem...

    This was an infamous YA show in the summer of 2020, as it was received very positively, ended on a cliffhanger, greenlit a season 2, then COVID lockdowns hit and Netflix refused to accomodate their budget or timing for filming and cancelled it.

    I went into the show knowing it would have a disappointing cliffhanger, and yeah, that checks out 😞
    What's even worse is that according to the showrunner, they had planned a second and final season to resolve the story but it never came to be

    Apparently he wanted the ending recut after it was cancelled, since the cliffhanger no longer leads to anything, but they also refused that.
    Man, now it's just disappointing plot threads being set up for nothing. What the heck was that thing??

  • So saw the first two episodes of Ahsoka...

    I've read people being confused and lost. Not me! I've been following this character for 15 years, and I enjoyed it all. The casting was great (Peter Jacobson as a bureaucrat? perfect!), the visuals, especially at the end of the second episode were fantastic (it looked animated for a second, and not in a bad way), and the acting and plot was intriguing. After the sometimes-enjoyable, sometimes-what-the-hell fiasco that was Mandalorian Season 3, I'm glad we can still get good stuff.

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    I've read people being confused and lost.

    To be fair, it is a direct sequel to an animated series that ended in 2018, which in itself was a follow-up to an animated series that was cancelled in 2014, so it's not super unexpected to hear people being confused.

    But forget those people I love Ahsoka and Rebels is my favourite Star Wars series so WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    So saw the first two episodes of Ahsoka... I've read people being confused and lost. Not me! I've been following this character for 15 ye

  • Wow, looks like those clowns don't have encyclopedic knowledge of aforementioned series. What a bunch of clowns.

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    I've read people being confused and lost. To be fair, it is a direct sequel to an animated series that ended in 2018, which in itsel

  • Why call yourself a Star wars fan if you havent seen the 789 episodes of Clone Wars and Rebels like that episode with Padme and Jar Jar is absolutely necessary in order to understand that Jar Jar is the real Sith Lord pulling the strings i'm just laughing at those simpletons who haven't seen the pinnacle of storytelling this episode has to offer for the franchise,sad indeed.

    Wow, looks like those clowns don't have encyclopedic knowledge of aforementioned series. What a bunch of clowns.

  • Hey, the Jar Jar episode with General Grievous was pretty funny, probably the funniest use of the character in the entire franchise.

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    Why call yourself a Star wars fan if you havent seen the 789 episodes of Clone Wars and Rebels like that episode with Padme and Jar Jar is a

  • Yesterday, I watched a movie called Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, and I think it might be one of the cutest movies I’ve seen all summer.

    It’s an indie film about a guy who spends time with a little shell living in an empty house with his grandmother. The couple who lived in the house are gone, and there used to be a whole community of little shells, and part of the story is helping Marcel find the rest of his family through social media, which of course gets Marcel a lot of attention.

    Marcel and the other shells are all animated through stop-motion, which I love, and it just has a wholesome and warm feeling to it by the end with its message on appreciating life and enjoying the little things. I’m glad I tried it.

  • Just saw The Nun 2 today, including pouring cats and dogs outside.

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    Awww, my dad felt bad that half my vacation got delayed because he got sick in quebec, so to give me one more relaxing treat before going to work tomorrow, he took me to see the TMNT film. 😍

    Anyway, after finally properly seeing the movie, I can safely say: This was the coolest new animation style I've seen since the original Spider-Verse film. 🤯🤯🤯

    The movie looks like a sketchbook turned 3D.

    Everything looks roughly drawn. Objects and people don't have clear "boundaries", as part of their design. Everything looks a little 'ugly', to put it in a nice way -- it serves the message of the film real well!

    I usually hate it when people say "ohh this 3D thing almost looks 2D!" As if one style is inherently more impressive or better than the other...
    But man, this movie really does have moments that nearly look 2D, despite being 3D... like, they transcended their own style by how it was all drawn, that's cool.

    The teens playing the Turtles were really fun. Maybe a liiiitle annoying sometimes during one of their many "talking over each other" gags, but it really helped sell their awkward vibe.
    They are also heavily, heavily Gen Z. (Them, and the script) Making lots of pop culture references and IRL references. Some might not like that, but I did. Gave them great hooks for frames of reference.

    Also, my dad, who like never comments on anything artistic about animated films. (He enjoys them, but not usually for their artistry)
    Said it was a wild style, and how he liked how it sometimes looked 3D, sometimes 2D. He looked at it artistically! Woo!
    He also said that sometimes it would get very busy - I agree, especially sometimes in close-quarters fights, but most of the time it was great.

    The lighting and reflection work in this movie is especially cool mixed with the sketch style.
    Everything looks roughly textured, when all of a sudden, WHOA, that pencil can reflect light?? or be affected by another pencil-styled light colour?? Damn cool!!

    Go see it please, its very cool and deserves more hype than I've (not) been hearing...

    The coolest scene had to be the fight-montage in the first third of the film, with all those animation/environment match cuts. OOH WOW.

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    So I watched the first two episodes of the Daryl Dixon sho-

    Honestly, it's been pretty good so far. Legitimately some of the best Walking Dead in a while. It feels fresh but familiar and the bigger budget and location does it a great service. The cinematography is excellent, very minimal CG, the acting's been great so far, the characters in particular Isabelle have been exceptional, and Daryl gets to actually speak instead of grunt and groan for an entire episode. It's still got its... Walking Dead-isms, though much more toned down, Daryl popping up in France doesn't really make sense as of yet, and the plot does feel a little similar to another post-apocalyptic zombie show that premiered earlier this year, but I've been enjoying myself so far.

    Could it shit itself? Yeah. Will it? I give it a good 40% chance, but right now it's been surprisingly great.

  • Watched The Wishmaster franchise on Tubi and to be honest Wishmaster and Wishmaster 2 : Evil Never Dies are the best out of the two I also watched Stephen Kings IT 1990.

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    Went to see The Exorcist : Believer.

    Edit : I was hoping it won’t be that ridiculous I was some moments in the movie I guess like however there were certain scenes in the movies that were bad character development.

    It last uhh, maybe Thanksgiving won’t be a bad horror movie.

  • Watched The Saw movies 1-7 on Tubi .

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    Season 1 of Daryl Dixon is over and they actually stuck the landing (for the most part)!

    Overall the series is actually pretty damn good. Really great acting all around, with Clémence Poésy being the standout as Isabelle. Norman Reedus is fantastic as well in what is probably his best performance in the franchise, giving a lot of emotion and depth to the titular character who hasn't shown much in years. They also provide a fairly satisfying reason to why he's in such a predicament, or at least one that makes enough sense. The visuals, cinematography, and choreography are all around excellent. There are a couple issues, such as some Gimple-esque tropes, though thankfully nowhere near as prevalent as the main series, the finale does have some pacing issues, and the main villain is fairly weak. Feeling like a slightly more tyrannical version of the Governor of the Commonwealth.

    Aside from that the show is pretty close to excellence. It has a nice balance of fresh and familiar, and does a great job of playing around with the new setting. I'm actually finding myself looking forward to the next season.

    Who woulda thunk?

  • Watched my Resident evil movie collection from Degeneration, Damnation, Vendetta and Death island.

    If they do make a fifth film, it’ll probably take seven years or less from now.

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    I watched the FNAF movie. I came out of it thinking it was alright but the more I thought about it the less I liked it. I will say I think Josh Hutcherson is actually quite good as Mike in the movie. He does a great job acting really erratic and paranoid especially in the beginning when his mental illnesses are at their peak. Piper Rubio who plays Mike's sister Abby is also alright. The animatronics looked great, there's a couple decent kills in the movie, and it's definitely more violent than I was expecting.

    IGN put out a review of the movie criticising it for having "too much plot" and while it's clumsily worded I really have to agree. There is just straight up too much plot, so much is going on in the movie that either gets dropped or ends in either an unsatisfying way, or nonsensically. The villain is shoehorned into the movie, there's some wild goofy ass shit that I almost kind of respect, whatever the hell was going on with Mikes dreams, and I don't even know what they were trying to do with the aunt storyline. It's messy and overcomplicated for what should be a really simple premise. Its biggest sin is that it doesn't even really play around with the premise of the original game.

    The best parts of the movie are easily when the animatronics kill people, and these happen so few and far between that you might as well just look them up on YouTube, cause there really isn't much to enjoy outside of that and a couple funny moments.

  • Saw Thanksgiving today it was awesome.

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    I finished Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, my long dreamt wish of an animated Scott Pilgrim adaption! Though I use that term loosely. The basic premise is still there, but there are some definite changes, some more drastic than others. Don't go in expecting an exact replica of the comics or even the movie, it is very much its own thing.

    I think it's pretty great lol. I very much enjoyed watching the series and by the end I felt myself yearning for more. The whole cast returns as their respective characters and they a great job, especially Mae Whitman who I believe is the only seasoned voice actor in the series, it's very apparent the second she enters the fray and she's absolutely wonderful. The animation and action's great, very anime but not too difficult to keep track of what's going on. The music's great as well, with some new original songs for Sex-Bob-Omb that sound as garage band-ey as ever, and of course some more Envy Adams!

    Humor-wise I'll admit is hit or miss depending on the episode, but the character stuff is great, much more reminiscent of the comics than the movie and everyones chemistry is really great. Certain characters get a lot more development than before which is always welcome. The pacing is also much slower, so don't come in expecting the movies over the top kinetic energy. Characters are allowed to breathe and take their time with things for the most part, though that doesn't mean it doesn't have its frenetic moments.

    Overall I really enjoyed this series. It sets itself apart from both the comics and movie, bringing in a lot of fresh mixed in with the old, and ends in a way that feels very Scott Pilgrim. I hope the series ends up being successful because I'd love to see more, but I wouldn't be too mad if they decided to end it here. Also I'd suggest sticking around a little during the credits for some extra fun stuff!

    More Kim 10/10

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    I watched Netflix's new adult animated series, Blue Eye Samurai. It's absolutely fucking amazing, it's on the level of Arcane for me in terms of art, storytelling, and animated. It's beautifully dark, violent, and sad, though it's never without flickers of hope and heart. Mizu's (the main character) story is especially tragic and it's heartbreaking seeing her become so consumed by vengeance and you can only hope that she somehow claws her way out of the darkness, but it honestly feels like you cant blame her for her goals once you learn all the shit life flings at her. Thankfully it's not all doom and gloom as her apprentice Ringo, a man born without hands, brings some much needed levity to the series as well as some bits of humour sprinkled throughout the series.

    The action is phenomenal and the brutality of the fights had me cringing more than a handful of times. It's incredibly bloody, and every episode has its fair share of guts and gore. The fights are really well choreographed, easy to follow, and they're not afraid to show the protagonists get messed up along the way. Though I will say that Mizu's plot armour does sometimes feel like it's running on maximum overdrive at certain points. There's also a number amount of nudity and sex scenes, and while they at times do get very explicit (don't watch it with family lmao), it never feels exploitive. They're there to either further the story or the characters in some way rather than titillate viewers. Voice acting's great as well for the most part. A lot of really raw performances, especially by Maya Erskine who voices Mizu.

    I have a few issues. Like I mentioned, Mizu's plot armour is running at full power, and there's some wild shit that happens that does feel a bit silly. Some of the voice acting does feel a bit iffy, though nothing too distracting and the main cast overall does a solid job. Also there are a couple japanese covers of modern day songs, including For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, that kind of took me out of it.

    I love this show. It's a great example of what serious adult animation could be. It's beautiful, horrifying, tragic and heartfelt. It also helps that the fight scenes are fuckin' awesome. It's got a lot of substance and style. Episode 5 especially is a masterclass in storytelling. I hope to high heaven that this is successful because I am clamouring for a second season.

  • Been watching some movies on Tubi mostly I’ll start off and say I’ve been watching
    I Spit on your grave
    I spit on your grave 2
    I spit on your grave 3 : Vengeance is mine

    Including the original 1979 I spit on your grave and I spit on your grave déjà vu which a follow up to the original I’ve also watched the original The Hills have eyes and The Hills have eyes part 2 which were really great Wes Craven films. Despit the first remake of the original stayed true to the original except The Hills have eyes 2 which had nothing to do with part 2 and a different story .

  • Got back into watching anime last year so here is my list of all the anime I've watched so far (it's long so forgive me):
    Cyberpunk Edgerunners (this got me back into watching anime again since 2012)
    Chainsaw Man
    Scissor Seven (Chinese anime)
    The Daily Life of the Immortal King(another Chinese anime)
    Kimi ni Todoke- From Me To You
    In Another World With My Smartphone
    Love Flops
    Tomo Chan is a Girl
    Rokudo's Bad Girls
    Sekko Boys
    The Misfit of Demon King Academy
    The Demon Sword Master Of Excalibur Academy
    Blue Period
    God Troubles Me(Funny Chinses anime)
    Lookism( Korean anime)
    Komi Can't Communicate
    Romantic Killer
    High Score Girl
    Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai
    Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (movie)

    Honestly I've gotten so hooked on watching anime that I haven't actually played a video game for 3 months, also because it keeps me entertained since I haven't watched it for so long before 2022, and it keeps me from gettin depressed. As another plus anime actually keeps me motivated to work out more and lose weight.

  • I watched Chainsaw Man season 1 and caught up with the mango.

    It's pretty good.

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