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  • Went to see Evil Dead : Rise today, it was goretastic.

  • John Wick 4 is another elaborate, bullet-ridden, thrilling, and actually surprising entry in the franchise.

    It's been a few years since I've seen the 3rd Wick film and even more since I've seen the others (only ever seen them once each anyway) so some of the plot of previous events was a little confusing, but it's not too big of an issue in this action-heavy film.
    This film does make me want to revisit the old ones, especially to compare the early action vs this latest rollecoaster of blood.

    The choreography is, as ever, amazing to look at. A lot of tight, fast-paced fights and duels between John and other people of various sizes he gets into scrapps with.
    Quite a few major fights that are a sight to behold and very memorable. my favourite is probably the Arc De Triomphe roundabout shootout

    The cinematography is especially cool at times, with a few scenes being opened with a massive, impressive wide shot.
    Lighting and Neon lighting is as cool as ever, bathing characters in an ominous red, or silhouetted against white.
    The "money shot" action sequence is probably the one that looks like it came out of Hotline Miami. Defiinitely impressive as hell!

    The set design still needs some praise too. Plenty of environments where action or interaction takes place, have really cool framing. Like the set designer always asks, how can we make this room look abstract and striking at all times? Blocky shapes of light in an art room; a spiralling fan of lights in a dank club basement; a perfectly-centered table in front of the Eiffel Tower... ooh yeah...

    This movie also lives off of the Rule of Cool.
    Probably the most interesting, and "yeah thats just cool" character of the film is from Donnie Yen, who plays a blind assassin. An expert at martial arts, and gun-kata, that can somehow cut someone in 12 places and navigate a shootout easily, with some taps of a cane and quick movements.
    Bit outlandish, but it doesn't matter because it's cool.

    Spoilers but: the bad guy dies at the end, and I gotta say it'll probably go in my list of best takedowns of villains in films. I found it sooo funny and poetic.
    Excited for the Continental show coming later this year, as it'll be the next big franchise step into the Wick universe.
    I'm also very surprised that, given how this film ends, it's surely the end of the Wick franchise. The marketing made no indication that this would be the case, I expected just another entry. But no. Wick is now at peace.

  • I just saw Evil Dead Rises and that was the among the scariest movies I have ever seen. It is not as campy as the previous Evil Dead entries, so this one was just made to scare you and it does. It still has the gore you would expect from this series, the pacing is good, the effects are amazing and the actors did a good job however the mom takes the spotlight! I give it a good 8.5 out of 10. Trying not to spoil anything but that movie is really terrifying.

  • Halfway through season 2 of Star Wars: Visions and I'm loving it so far, especially Screecher's Reach by Cartoon Saloon which was beautiful, terrifying, and absolutely fucking brilliant! I loved season 1 of Vision's but this season feels like a whole new level, it's like every studio brought their A game. Each short feels uniquely distinct in style, animation, and writing. Every episode is like a breath of fresh air.

  • I went to see Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

    -“Loved it and it was hilarious!”

  • Just saw Fright Night (1985) Saturday for the first time , it was awesome.

  • I'm pretty sure I completely forgot to mention this, but I finished Season 2 of Netflix's Green Eggs and Ham late last month.

    It's a really fun show that adapts the iconic Dr. Seuss story and expands it into a whole Seuss-ian universe of characters, locations, and silly contraptions.

    Adam Devine is Sam-I-Am, and Michael Douglas is Guy-Am-I, two clashing personalities who are forced together on an adventure.
    Season 1 focuses on a wildlife preservation roadtrip plot, Season 2 is a spy-themed parody about an impending war between two neighbouring countries.

    The show is beautifully animated, and all somehow hand-drawn 2D! (Episodes cost in the multi-millions allegedly)

    Highly suggest you check it out, I'm late on watching Season 2, but I do hope they have a Season 3 on the docket...
    There was also this fun scene involving Green chickens in early Season 2!

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    Barry's latest season is very uncomfortable but still with an edge of comedy to keep things a little fun.

    This show is so good at being so scary sometimes.
    I love how it uses repetitive dialogue to create fear for a character. What might start out as a silly or sad outburst can quickly turn to fear, as they enter a downward spiral of pain. Whoa

  • Watching Cabinet of curiosities on Netflix.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    It's one wild, sexual, goofy musical movie that is "enhanced" by a sing-along, comment-slinging audience participation cult following.

    It's a movie about a mysterious doctor in drag who keeps two humans captive at his castle after their car breaks down. He then performs various sexually-charged experiments on them and his other patrons that are there... uhhh it's a lot to explain to sum it up concisely.

    Tim Curry plays this mysterious doctor, in a very revealing costume complete with fishnets and tall, high heels. He puts so much lustful energy into the role and embraces the gender-freeing persona that Dr. Frank N Furter emodies. It's a really good performance.

    Much of the ensemble also does a fantastic, weird job at being his servants of the house, but really, you're here for Tim Curry strutting around the place.

    We attended a "sing-along" version last night, and apparently this movie (and the musical its based on) is notorious for having a bunch of inside jokes to call-out and reference throughout the show.
    Whenever Brad or Janet appear on screen you're supposed to say "Asshole!" or "Slut!" respectively, as foreshadowing to things they do later in the film.
    Whenever the Narrator appears you're supposed to boo and make fun of his lack of visible neck in his suit, as he really drags down the movie for random appearances.

    There's also plenty of line or choreo set-ups for the truly die hard fans.
    "Say something in French!" an audience member says, as Tim Curry 'replies' "Enchante" in the film... Or, "Show us your ears!" in a scene just before a character turns-to-profile, and strokes the side of their hair.

    It's very wild and at times I felt like I was in a room where everyone but me was on an inside joke, but there were plenty of comments and zingers to be flung throughout the film that kinda enhanced the experience and really showed how crazy of a CULT hit this production is... It's cool and impressive how this wild thing even got made lol.

  • Good to see RHPS is still going strong! I first saw it when I was in college, which was some time ago.

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    The Rocky Horror Picture Show It's one wild, sexual, goofy musical movie that is "enhanced" by a sing-along, comment-slinging audience pa

  • Just saw Terrifier 2 it was goretastic.

  • I had a friend over tonight and we finished the two-part series finale of Mr Robot!

    I... think she enjoyed it? It definitely blew her mind that's for sure, but I forgot how much it is to digest all at once!!
    Even in the end, it kept setting up questions and tearing them down, putting things into new contexts that improve future watches of the series.
    I remembered some of the big moments but I was still stunned and along for the wild rollercoaster ride of the show's final abstract puzzle pieces being slotted into place.

    I still really liked the ending, especially since I've got all the pieces after like 3 series watches now... it was very cool seeing the show through a novice's perspective this past year.
    It really is something special in terms of writing/directing, cohesion of themes and mystery threaded across many seasons.

    The soundtrack for S4 Part 2 finally, finally, came out after 4 years so I can actually listen to the epic tracks that close out the last bit of the show.

  • Just came back and saw The Flash movie it was Zoomtastic.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

  • Saw Martyrs ( 2008 )it was disturbing to most horror fans as for me I loved it.

  • I watched Elvis The Alien's review on it and I don't think I should feel bad for not watching it.

    Saw Martyrs ( 2008 )it was disturbing to most horror fans as for me I loved it.

  • Who is your favourite fearless hero?

    Puss in Boots! The Last Wish!

    Wow! This is such a fantastic film!

    Do I remember the first one from 2011? Hell no! Do I need to? Hell no!

    This film was one gorgeous piece of work. Playing around with a painterly style, varying framerates, 2D effects, some WILD perspective shots at times, and a personal, scary, touching story about Puss finding value after having lost 8 of his 9 lives...

    I loved how pure evil the villain was and all the creative fairy tale and legendary weapons he referenced with his immense collection of magic tools.

    Harvey Guillen as Perrito was an adorable character who avoids all the "annoying clingy" sidekick tropes by his sheer wholesomeness and optimism (and kind of dumb-ness)

    Oh gosh, this was a really good film that definitely lived up to all the hype I kept hearing/reading about back in December/January.

    Given that end credits scene, if they choose to return to Shrek with this new style and playfulness, well I think it might turn out good!

  • Saw High Tension today for the first time was not what I’ve expected .
    I loved the kill count in this one.

  • Saw the first two episodes of the new My Adventures with Superman from WB Animation/Adult Swim.

    It's a very fun show. Clark and Lois are big dorks about news and secretly for each other. Jimmy Olsen is a fun guy with a silly love for wild conspiracies.

    The show is very anime-styled, which I think helps a lot since characters can do some very funny snap-reactions to things.
    Clark/Supes is super adorable omg.

    And while this is also another Superman origin story, in that he's only just starting to save people as an adult, while learning about his mysterious past, it's a great upbeat change of pace from the moody "fallen god" angle a lot of mainstream DC has been pushing.
    He's just a guy who wants to live a normal life, help people, and be a good dude.

  • I forgot this movie was in production.

  • So did I... oof for Craig Mazin, can't blame him for removing his name if it's turning out bad -- there's 10 writers who've written the script now!

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    I forgot this movie was in production.

  • They didn't really need that many writers considering it's a first entry movie right? Oof is right.

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    So did I... oof for Craig Mazin, can't blame him for removing his name if it's turning out bad -- there's 10 writers who've written the script now!

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    This movie from its conception was Borderlands in name only. They already were changing so much from the original game that it had very little resemblance to it. And now you've got heavy reshoots, a different director, numerous writers to rewrite the script, and the original writer taking his name off of it.

    Everyone thought it would be bad from the casting, now it's a guess as to HOW bad it's going to be. Even die hard Borderlands fans are watching this train wreck and don't expect it to be any good.

    Menofthe214 posted: »

    I forgot this movie was in production.

  • Well they did change the script for the recent Borderlands games like New Tales and B3 so I doubt it will keep a similar story to the first and second Borderlands games.

    This movie from its conception was Borderlands in name only. They already were changing so much from the original game that it had very litt

  • Just got back from the theater, saw Sound of Freedom. Based off a true story (with some very clear embellishments and liberties, but that’s unfortunately to be expected) about human/child sex trafficking and the actions of Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel.

    Overall, I thought it was an emotionally gripping and harrowing movie that does shine a light on something that is a tough subject to talk about. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but I also wouldn’t say it’s overly gratuitous with its depictions. The acting is great, I thought Caviezel’s and Bill Camp’s performances were stellar, and they got some pretty good child actors as well. At times, it felt like Argo, but for human trafficking, which is a compliment.

    It’s got some flaws, the third act in particular is just so Hollywood and you could tell was definitely not true. However, it’s a good movie with a good message. And I’m glad to see that this movie, which had been shelved for years, hasn’t been hampered because there’s some idiots out there trying to, for no reason at all, make this political and some sort of right wing propaganda/QAnon conspiracy piece. I mean, if it’s propaganda to not support pedophiles and sex trafficking, then call me a right winger. There is nothing political about this movie, there is nothing right or left about it, it’s just a movie.

  • Saw 65 last night , but back at March 10 had some major conflict between Scream VI and 65 but I made the right choice for Scream VI instead at the time.

    Other words loved 65 .

  • Just saw Entergalactic -- the animated romance film based on rapper Kid Cudi's album of the same name. On Netflix.

    Came out sometime last year, and I just didn't get around to taking the time to watch it till now.

    It's a very beautiful animated film. There are some really stunning visuals and the upbeat/galactic colour palette they use is awesome.
    The art style is also very reminiscent of Spider-Verse and Netflix's own I Lost My Body. Painterly, and able to see the brush strokes and pencil marks of a scene...

    It follows Jabari (played by Scott Mescudi/Kid Cudi) moving into a New York apartment, and starts a relationship with his new neighbour Meadow.

    There's fun comedic aspects to the film, quite a few explicit steamy romances and a great soundtrack from the titular album. But yeah, its a pretty adult film.

  • Season 5 of The Dragon Prince, a surprise drop from Netflix as it was supposed to come out later this week and instead was released late on Saturday after their panel at SDCC.

    I’ll say it’s good, definitely better than season 4, but I still feel it’s an unenthusiastic good. My grade would be a 7/10, which doesn’t sound bad, but it’s a very soft 7/10. 6 feels too low, and 8 feels too high.

    Some of the problems from the last season are still there, but not as prevalent. Some really cool stuff and some improvements in the writing, but still struggles in some areas. Don’t know why these writers are insistent on treating Callum terribly and making him an idiot until the plot demands otherwise, but there were times where he actually did shine.

  • Some friends and I went and watched Barbie and Oppenheimer and just wanted to share some quick thoughts.

    Loved Barbie lol. Really funny, charming, and clever, very well acted, and incredibly touching with a surprisingly profound and powerful message. It's very self aware about what it is and doesn't take itself too seriously, not to say that there aren't some very dramatic moments, but it very much makes fun of Barbie as a brand and even Mattel. The actors all did a great job especially Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. You can tell everyone working on the movie was having a blast! The costumes and set design are excellent, a lot of work went into bringing these toys to life. Overall loved the movie, also made me well up towards the end.

    Also really enjoyed Oppenheimer. It's incredibly well acted, looks and sounds great, and filled me with an incredible sense of dread by the end of it. Though I will say that I found it hard to keep track of all the characters, and I definitely felt the length a third of the way through. Everyone brings their A game in this. Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, and Robert Downey Jr are absolutely incredible in this. The movie also blew out my eardrums a couple times.

  • I watched Resident Evil Death Island

    It is EASILY the best Resident Evil movie of all time. It was made for fans and definitely better than every single adaptation in the past. It's a must-watch if you love RE and you want to see characters team up and kick ass.

  • Just received my package in the mail after my lunch break.#ResidentEvilDeathIsland

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    I watched Resident Evil Death Island It is EASILY the best Resident Evil movie of all time. It was made for fans and definitely better th

  • The Invincible Atom Eve Special is fucking GREAT!

    Great voice acting, way better animation than any fight scene from the first season, and a wonderfully tragic backstory to a fun character from the original season. Season 2 of Invincible is gonna be absolutely amazing if this is the new standard they've set themselves.

  • I watched two movies this week at cinema. With my sister and her boyfriend.

    I first seen Oppenheimer, my very first Nolan film seeing in theater. I never knew the name of the creator of the Atomic Bomb until this film was made. I enjoyed the movie for the most part. Cillian Murphy killed it in his lead role, I always thought he was amazing but this might be the best performance he has ever delivered in his career. And I am glad to see Robert Downey Jr. finally getting an actual good role in a movie post-Endgame. That being said, while the film is so well made from a technical perspective, this isn't a movie that I would rewatch over again.

    The next film I seen is Transformers Rise of the Beasts. My sister's boyfriend is very obsessed with Transformers and I did use to be as well (Mostly just played the video game based on the 2007 movie). I believe this is the second film in the Transformers reboot timeline (Bumblebee being first) and just like that film, this one was fun enough to watch. I think this would mostly just appeal to the Transformers fans and I hope it accomplished its goals for its fandom. I think Michael Bay is better off being a producer rather than directing a film. He is very good at producing CGI and special effects. He should just never touch any story or characters based on beloved properties.

  • After watching Resident Evil : Death Island it was awesome a new threat returning characters it was what I was hoping for was defiantly like avengers version of resident evil.

    Maybe later the 5th in film four to five years from now can have sherry Birkin in it or Carlos Oliveira making an appearance, in a flash back or mention .

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    Barbie is wildly good. They nail the costumes and set design, the cast is spot-on, especially Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling omg, the story takes some deep dives into emotional, head-shakingly-real directions, and overall is a really fun commentary on self-worth, potential, respect, hypocrisy, and the experience of the modern day.
    Calm down Greta Gerwig, wtf, I thought this was supposed to be a big Mattel ad, wow.

    Also props to Mattel for allowing themselves to be mocked so openly like that.

    Shout-out to Production Assistant- Emily Chicken. Yes, that is her name in the credits. :blush:

  • Not impressed with Matrix : Resurrections I wish I didn’t waste those 2 hours.

  • The new episode, "Subspace Rhapsody", of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a good one for fans of musicals! :)

  • Attention everyone! The opening 10 minutes of Across the Spider-Verse has been released. Rejoice and rewatch it again and again, it's so goooood

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