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  • Finally finished the possibly-cancelled series Mortel on Netflix.

    It's an enjoyable French supernatural drama/mystery series.

    The first season is about two social outcasts -- Sofiane and Victor -- who begrudgingly team-up to find Sofiane's missing brother, and with the help from a dark, wandering god called Obé, get superpowers to help them on their quest. Meanwhile, the town itself falls prey to an increasing trend of Voodoo rituals.

    trailer that for some reason no official Netflix channel has

    The show is good, with a captivating mystery that unfolds and some teen romance and drama that develops in the series.

    What impressed me the most is the main actor Carl Malapa who plays Sofiane. He's the trouble-making delinquent of the school who doesn't take shit from anyone. But you can tell he's got a softer, more empathetic side underneath, that he knows he can do better with his life, so I really enjoyed his performance the most. (They also play into it further in Season 2 which I liked)

    The music is also a highlight of this show. The soundtrack is full of french (and a little english) rap, hip-hop, and techno songs. They're always pretty bumpin' tunes, and usually bookend episodes on cliffhangers nicely.

    If I have any issues, it's

    that the writing of Season 1 kind of went back on itself quite a lot, and the main teens keep making the obviously stupid decision of trusting this clearly evil, manipulative god Obé, even after Obé keeps screwing them in different ways.
    It even bleeds into Season 2 a bit, with the main conflict happening because of a spell Sofiane "learned from Obé", but after that the conflict between them finally solidifies.

    Season 2 goes further into characters' backstories and has a particularly dark one involving Victor. The chemistry between the main 3 teens also keep getting better.

    Unfortunately I can't seem to find any confirmation (or cancellation?) of a season 3, so that would be unfortunate. Especially since they clearly set-up something to happen next.

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    I watched Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio and I thought it was absolutely wonderful. It's a very dark, bordering on unsettling at times, take on the usual tales of Pinocchio. For one thing the prologue takes place at the tail end of WW1, and the remainder of the film occurs during the rise of fascism in Italy, and it makes good use of its setting. There's some very heavy topics being discussed throughout the movie and they're handled very seriously and maturely. The visuals and animation are phenomenal to say the least. There's some really great character designs in this, especially when it comes to the more fantastical elements like the Wood Sprite (Del Toro's version of the Fairy), who has a biblically accurate angel look to her.

    I very much enjoyed the characters for the most part. Especially the main trio, Pinocchio, Geppetto and Cricket, though admittedly Pinocchio is a little grating in the beginning, but the way he develops and matures as things progress really make him shine. I also love that they take full advantage of him being a puppet by making him a huge freak. His introduction felt like something out of a horror movie. Geppetto is a very sad character and much of his arc involves him coping with grief and loss. The voice acting is very well done, as it should be considering how stacked the cast is with David Bradley, Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett. Gregory Mann who voices Pinocchio, also does a fantastic job with his performance.

    The prologue of the movie heavily focuses on his story and it's honestly something that could rival the opening from Up. Cricket is kind of the comedic relief for the movie, with many of the jokes surrounding him involve him being in horrible pain. It's very slapstick and silly but I couldn't help but laugh whenever it happened. I will say that the relationship between Pinocchio and Cricket is pretty underdeveloped so certain things toward the end didn't really work for me. Speaking of the end, it all ties up very satisfyingly and bittersweetly, and had me grabbing tissues to soak up all my tears.

    Overall, I thought the movie was great! It's mature, beautiful and poignant. It's the kind of movie that makes me wanna yell out;

    However, Pinocchio isn't voiced by Pauly Shore, so zero outta ten.

  • Just finished watching Wednesday on Netflix

    It was awesome the characters were well written including the story it was a 5/5

    I had a feeling Tyler a character under Wednesday was going to be the Hyde despite the most suspicious people sometimes the most dangerous are the people closer to you .

    I hope we get a season 2.

  • Just went to see Avatar 2 : The Way Of Water and it was the best 3 hours compared to watching Jurassic World Dominion.

    I thought the story was clean and bring Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) back was great idea but in an Avatar body with his printed memories and too hunt down Jake Sully which of course he had to and his family of four kids went into exile to hide from the sky people and go to the coral reef tribes and learn their ways was like first film where Jake learning from the Navi but since Jakes clan are mostly land sky was a new way for him to learn to adapt to their ways in clouding with some patterns repaying when the RDA destroys something scarlet like the trees from the Navi but this time it was these alien like whales which escalated tensions and ingaged in a small conflict in the ocean only this time Colonel Quaritch Assumed to be dead yet again by Jake by chocking him out in the ocean after he killed his son and kidnapped some kids for hostage exchange for Jake which didn’t end well.

    But now with hearing a thrird movie coming out I find it way too soon.

  • Been watching Breaking Bad for the first time I’m on season 2 right now.

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    Glass Onion hit Netflix and I rewatched it! It holds up very well and I actually ended up liking it more, though I do still hold the same opinions from my initial viewing. Loved catching all the little hints and subtle things that I missed. I still think Knives Out is the better movie by a smidge, but I love this as well.

    I need at least four more Benoit Blanc movies please.

  • Finally finished Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 2. Unfortunately this season didn't really captivate me as much as the first, and I'm sad it took me a lot longer to get through it.
    I still really like the show and hope it continues. The rep of diversity is fantastic.

    I think I didn't quite enjoy it because this season focuses way more on an overarching plot involving Pugsley's new angel-power-training, whereas the first season was a lot more episodic, about the Park itself + Pauline's disappearance, and had way more character relationships/friendships develop.

    Season 1 also had a lot more memorable episodes that had fun with well-known magic tropes and genre-bending.
    It had:

    • a horror-based "I'm an adult and even I'm scared" episode
    • an obligatory body-swap episode
    • a trip-to-hell episode
    • a genre-swapping "sucked into the TV" episode
    • a musical episode
    • as well as some great episodes focusing on Norma's social anxiety fears and Barney's family acceptance struggles.

    Season 2 had:

    • a clone/evil double episode
    • a wrestling-focused episode
    • a time-travel/time-loop episode
      And that's kinda it that stuck out to me or was particularly memorable.

    I wish they'd kept some focus on Barney and Norma's friendship to develop and bounce off each other. They were mostly focused on chasing romances, and even then Barney and Logs' mostly stayed the same, but at least Norma had a cool arc where she had to overcome staying good friends with a crush.

    The last two episodes are where the plot finally comes to a head and the ending is absolutely heartbreaking. Pretty dark to kill off the fun, cute dog and get an really emotional crying performance from Zach Barack (Barney) to put into a kids' show.
    Hopefully Season 3 is a bit more episodic and lets the Park be the central mystery and cause of malicious events in the show. Though that might not happen given how they've set up the main conflict of the next season...

  • Matilda: The Musical on netflix is something you need to watch as soon as possible!

    It's an amazing adaptation of the stage musical, that faithfully recreates iconic musical numbers, uses a MASSIVE ensemble cast and MAGNIFICENT choreography to make a seriously impressive cinematic musical experience

    Alisha Weir is an adorable, perfect casting for Matilda, as she stands up for those around her, and tells passionate stories of excitement and heartbreak.
    Emma Thompson is unrecognizable as Headmistress Trunchbull, an over-bearing, evil, evil, cruel, ugly woman who rules the miserable school Matilda is put in. She also has a fantastic musical number in the second half. She slays it.
    And Lashana Lynch is Miss Honey, the extremely nice, caring teacher of Matilda and the other children, who has a great emotional scene later on.

    This is such a well-made production. The music is fantastic as it is on-stage (Tim Minchin creates a wordy, rhyming, hurricane of words that fits perfectly with this story about the love of learning and books. Its super clever.) And the choreography of the children... whoa!!! There's a massive, almost Marvel-CGI-Production-Size cast of children (and adults in the opening number) performing impressive feats of parkour, dance, and synchronicity in the many musical numbers. There's a lot that can happen on-screen and it's super cool.

    The story itself -- while exaggeratedly silly with how cruel it can get -- gets a real edge of 'realism' when presented in this cinematic style. Matilda's upbringing is probbaly as bad if not worse than Harry Potter's! This movie, her parents' and Trunchbull's cruelty towards her and other children, was honestly shocking. Made my parents cry twice in this film.

    Anyway, this is an amazing, very accessible version of the stage musical you can watch right now, about the power of standing up for yourself, of knowledge, and justice, and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT.
    I love this musical and this film version from Sony/Netflix is everything I wanted from it and more. My jaw has dropped, again.

    (School Song (the Alphabet Rhyme) is the best, coolest use of british lyrics, ever, IMO.)

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    Still watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show suddenly puts out one of the most emotionally devastating episode of television I have ever seen with fuckin' zero warning.

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    Bullet Train was a very fun action-comedy, with a wonderful cast of eccentric assassins that all clash and die in memorable, sometimes surprising ways. One character I really loved to hate (actually I just hated them), really was a tense situation with them around.

    The ending went on a little too long and too crazy, but overall it was very solid, stylish, funny, and brutally bloody, and that's great. Very surprised this seems to have gotten mixed reviews from a bunch of critics.

  • Full gameplay of GOT by Gamer’s Little Playground. This is what I love about YT. You get to watch people turn video games into movies.

  • I did the same thing with the Metal Gear Solid series when I hit a wall in my own playthroughs, that the gameplay just refused to click with me...
    So I watched someone else do it and I got to experience the same thing lol

    Full gameplay of GOT by Gamer’s Little Playground. This is what I love about YT. You get to watch people turn video games into movies.

  • Finished Breaking Bad and El Camino a Breaking Bad movie complete masterpieces and as funny as this might sound I have to thank Resident Evil : Vendetta for even confessing to watch it.

  • Been rewatching Community recently. I skipped most of Season 4 during my last binge, but am currently debating if I want to brave through it this time.

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is absolutely wonderful. The visuals are gorgeous, which I once again have Spider-verse to thank for inspiring so many people to switch up their art direction. The animation is really lively and energetic, especially when it came to its action, though I did find the sudden shift to lower frame rates during fight scenes to be a little jarring at first. The story and writing has a lot of heart to it, as well as being surprisingly mature without talking down to the audience. There were a couple moments that had me feeling all kings of emotions. It also has one of the best antagonists in an animated movie that I've seen in a long while in The Wolf. Whenever he appears the tone of the movie takes a hard shift.

    The Last Wish is not only one of the best Dreamworks movies in years outside of The Bad Guys, but one of their best movies period. To me it feels like Dreamworks has been struggling to find their footing for years after the end of the Dragons trilogy, but with The Bad Guys and now The Last Wish I'm interested to see what they do next.

    Inb4 it's another Boss Baby movie.

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    Dark Knight 3 by Frank Miller. Perfect inspiration and material for Telltale's Batman Season 3.

  • Watching Better Call Saul then later I’ll watch The Walking Dead Season 11.

  • Just rented Scream 5 just to catch up on the upcoming Scream 6 on February 10th in which i reconsider on watching instead of Knock In The Cabin .

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    Just finished the first season of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

    Man, this is one of the weirdest, fascinating mystery series I've seen.

    The main draw here is Elijah Wood as Todd, a hotel bellhop with a super ordinary life, until he starts seeing really weird occurences and gets roped into a mystery by this quirky British detective Dirk Gently. A wild, mysterious guy who seems to have connections to everyone and also believes everything is connected.

    Samuel Barnett plays Dirk, who has such a great energy for mystery and a sense of cluelessness that's so endearing and intriguing about his character.

    The show is surprisingly gory at times, full of wild characters (I mean it -- no one is "normal" in this show. No one!) got a really crazy mystery full of unconnected events that slowly reveal their connections, little-by-little.

    It's very fun, and very weird. I keep exclaiming at my TV: "What?!" , but in a good way!

    It's based on a Douglas Adams book, which, uh, yeah makes sense given the strange, surreal events.

  • Watched Hellraiser (2022). I liked it. Watch it. It's one of the good ones.

  • Just finished Inside Job Season 2.

    Damn it, that's how they end it?! And then Netflix freaking cancels it?! Uuuugh

    I did not expect in a million years they'd wrap up Reagan and Ron's romance like that. It was extremely heartbreaking, beautiful stuff.
    Could have been a really great open ended ending, had they not continued for another 3 minutes!

    Ugh and just when we were about to get some more insight into the Robes... damn.

    Overall it's a pretty great show, held back a bit by some silly "adult, crude humour", but all the actors do some really good work with their characters, especially I think Lizzy Caplan (Reagan), Christian Slater (Rand), and Brett Gelman (Myc)

  • The penultimate episode of The Owl House has released and it's great, if a little less focused due to the amount of storylines taking place concurrently in comparison to the previous episodes. Voice acting, writing, and animation continue to be strong, with some nice emotional moments spread throughout the episode. The fish out of water aspect of the episode, along with the return of the school bring in some much needed levity and fun after the heaviness of the season premiere, though that's not to say there aren't any darker elements.

    I do think the episode does struggle a bit with juggling the amount of stories and characters, compared to the previous episode which focused solely on the main group. However, I find it hard to blame the writers considering many of these moments were clearly meant to be full episodes.

    Overall another great episode and I can't believe there's only one more episode left. I'll be sad to see the world of the Boiling Isles go.

  • Watched the first two episodes of That 90’s Show, the sequel to That 70’s Show.

    What this show nails is the old characters. The writing and humor behind them is just as hilarious as ever, and the actors slip right back into the roles perfectly. It’s like seeing an old friend again for the first time in years, it just picks up right where you left off. The callbacks to the original are definitely thrown in for nostalgia (the circle, foots in asses, etc.) but I really can’t complain, I missed this chemistry between the characters so much.

    The rest…is alright. The new characters are whatever, and it feels like some of the jokes and plot lines surrounding them are rushed and don’t hit as much as the writers intended. It’s not bad, but it’s not that good either. The acting is fine, I like the cast, it just doesn’t feel like they’re getting the best material to work with.

    If you’re a fan of the original, I think you’ll like this, or at least appreciate the nostalgia/trip down memory lane. If you’ve never watched That 70’s Show…then you need to fix that by watching the show right now, it’s hilarious.

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    I watched Avatar: The Way of Water.

    Pretty good film. Kinda suffers the same stuff as the first film and it still doesn't deserve the name Avatar because we have the Nikelodeon show. But I liked Avatar 2 much better than the first one nonetheless caused the second half was way more exciting and I felt the dynamic of Jake's family, even though I already forgot their names.

    With that being said, no matter how many Avatar films Cameron is gonna make, they will never reach the same quality as his two Terminator films and Aliens. Those are and will always be his best work. I honestly don't get why he wants to dedicate his entire career on this franchise. This is literally the only movie property he has directed in the 21st century.

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    I've been watching Poker Face, a television series created by Rian Johnson and I'm really loving it! It's so fun and Natasha Lyonne is absolutely wonderful as Charlie, a cocktail waitress/human lie detector forced to go on the run, taking odd jobs that eventually lead her to some sort of murder. It's a howcatchem rather than a whodunnit, so it's less figuring out who did it and more how will they get caught. In terms of tone it's definitely a little darker and more grounded than Knives Out and Glass Onion, but there's still that underlying charm and whimsy present within the characters and dialogue.

    It's currently halfway through its first(?) season and I'm having a blast with it. If it tells a complete story by the finale I'll be more than satisfied, but I'd love for this to get another season or two.

  • Went to see Knock At The Cabin yesterday .

  • It was good?

    Went to see Knock At The Cabin yesterday .

  • I thought it was gonna be another generic fan service film with Leon and Chris again and called it a pass UNTIL I saw Jill. The animated RE films didn't really do it for me but man, I wanna see this one only because of Jill alone. I hope they don't turn her into a damsel in distress like they did with Rebecca and Claire in the previous films.

    Not sure if she is gonna be in the present era or in a flashback because from what we have seen, she looks exactly the same as she did in RE3 remake, considering they use Sasha Zotova's model for this.


  • Just watched Evil Dead 2013 for the first time to prep myself for Evil Dead : Rise.

  • There is a new one coming out?

    Just watched Evil Dead 2013 for the first time to prep myself for Evil Dead : Rise.

  • I just finished watching Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The graphics are still impressive and the story is good too.

  • Just saw Scream 6 today .

  • I saw it too.

    Just saw Scream 6 today .

  • What did you think ?

    I saw it too.

  • It was great. I loved it.

    What did you think ?

  • Watched The Autopsy Of Jane Doe.

    That's what you get when someone has a great premise, but isn't a good writer.

    The premise is almost worth it, but, no, I can't recommend it.

  • We've been watching a new nbc/peacock show called Poker Face, featuring the excellent Natasha Lyonne.

    It's a sort of murder-mystery, crime-solving series from Rian Johnson (of Knives Out fame) about a woman named Charlie who has a very special knack for reading people: She can immediately tell if someone is telling her a lie.

    The series is an on-the-run road trip (watch the first episode) where Charlie finds a new job or stumbles into a new place, and needs to figure out who caused a local murder.

    There's a certain suspension of belief you need to have while watching this show -- as the episodes all follow the same format, and this one woman always seems to be crossing paths with murder... but they're fun! Natasha Lyonne is super charismatic and fun to watch bounce off other people on screen.

    Just seen the 6th episode about a murder on a theatre stage, and it was extremely fun.
    There are plenty of A-list celebrities in this, often having surprisingly villainous or short roles (if they die).

    Seeing Lil Rel Howrey play one of the murderers was great, as I've only ever seen him play funny side-characters!

  • Finished recently Kenja no mago one of those overlooked but kinda generic Isekai I missed out on 2019,right now about to jump on the second season of Barbarians in Neflitx that I have long left behind and it promises lots.

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    The final episode of The Owl House released and it's wonderful! Very happy with how it ended and got me close to tears at a couple points. Some very unexpected surprises, great animation, lots of fun and emotional moments, and some very good closure for all the characters in the show. Also find it funny how much The Owl House shares with its sister show Amphibia (which also had a spectacular ending). It's still frustrating how the network treated the show. Both the series and the crew absolutely deserved better than they got, but I'm glad they managed to close out the show with a satisfying conclusion despite the unfortunate restraints put on them.

    I've absolutely loved The Owl House. The show has been a joy to watch the last 3 years and while I'd love to see more of the world of the Boiling Isles, I'm happy with what we got. But who knows, apparently Disney was surprised to see how popular it was online after releasing the season 3 premiere on YouTube, so maybe it won't be the last we see of the Owl gang.

    Probably not, but one can hope lol.

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