Am I missing something... (EP. 5 spoilers)

Is it just me or does Tiffany being Riddler's murderer doesn't make sense at all. Morality issues aside, the logistics for her to be the killer are soooo improbable.

  1. How does she know Riddler is her father's killer? Lucius was the first one killed with a missile so can't say there was a pattern that connects to Riddler. Even that fact batman didn't learn about till later in the episode. Riddler was not broadcasting responsibility, GCPD were still investigating, the agency was not going to tell her, and batman didn't tell her either so how does she know this?

  2. How does she know how to find Riddler? Batman had to interrogate 2 people to get the location. The agency just happened upon the info. So how does Tiffany get the location?

  3. Why does she kill him in the manner she did? If I remember from ep 2 the dart was full of a lethal cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs. How does she have access to these chemicals? Why these drugs? She an mechanical engineering genius, she could have killed him in any number of ways that better fit her given skill set. Best way I could rationalize this is if she some how had prior knowledge of the Pact and their connection with Arkham. But, how would she know this when even we didn't know about till after Riddler was dead.



    1. She's super smart, saw the puzzle-bomb, and likely connected Riddler's presence in Gotham to her father's death and the logo on the bomb.
    2. Perhaps she knew Batman would go after him and followed Batman, or maybe she intercepted GCPD/Agency calls and got the location
    3. She has access to Wayne Enterprises because of Lucius' keycard, even the secret lab
  • I finished Episode 5 after a long wait and I was very disappointed, it left me confused and unsatisfied. The episode development felt rushed and unfinished. When comparing the story to the first Batman game, the character development as well as story development is lacking. Some things I also was sad to see was lacking romance between Batman and Catwomen.

  • Yeah, it is a bit of a plothole tbh. It kinda seems to come out of nowhere. It's true that you could just say "well she's smart and resourceful and knows a lot about tech" but it's still a bit of a reach that she would know for a fact it was Riddler, concoct some kind of assassination chemical, find Riddler's location, and hit him with picture perfect accuracy from a fucking bridge.

  • Something that dissapointed me was that the shot of the person on the bridge looks so obviously like the silhouette of male character, like Joker. Not Tiffany and certainly not Waller.

    I actually loved the shot of the character on the bridge walking away in the darkness. I even screen-shotted and recorded it at the time, so this really stuck out to me. It doesn't look like Tiffany's body. Anyone else feel this?

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    Tiffany being Riddler’s killer makes a lot of sense given how angry and determined she was to find out what was going on after the funeral. The issue here is that the writers don’t go into major detail of how she pulled it off but she does seem to be a pretty resourceful go getter even in her first introduction when she managed to sneak out of orientation to meet Bruce so it’s easy to infer that she probably snooped around on her own a bit to get answers plus she mentions she used a drone which might be a clue as to how she managed to know what was happening.

  • Sadly I think Tiffany having the reveal wasnt the original plan, probably rewritten. However I think we can assume Tiffany seeing Riddler's puzzle before Lucius died she probably could figure out that Riddler killed her dad.

  • If it was rewritten, then it was John in Ep 1, and they changed their mind by Ep 2 imo. The silhouette looks like him, but he already denies it in a pretty insulted way by the time you meet him in the bar. And likewise Ep 2 shows that Tiff figured out you had secrets and took action sneaking into your hidden lab on her own.

    Aside from John, she was the only one with known motivation, and in Ep 4 she can be shown proposing deadly force in the form of a gun to Batman, and revealed that she was willing to go out in the field herself to commit actions by his side. Writers always look for the surprising choice, so she made enough sense to be in the top 3 suspects, after Waller and John.

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