If you could prevent the death of any dead character, who would you have kept?

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Throughout the series, it seems like every episode gives you a new handful of people who die. And among the dozens of memorable characters who die, some are harder to swallow than others. Some are disposable or people to loathe and want to die like Larry, But out of all the deaths in the series, which one do you wish never happened plot wise or just personal preference wise and which dead character do you wish lived on for at least the end of their season or maybe up until now?

Here is my top 5 of characters I wish had longer runs.


Carly is the tippity top of this list for me. In my first playthrough of season 1, Carly provided a harsh reality of the Zombie apoclypse and the unpredictable nature of Telltales story telling and a wake up call to not trust anyone, get attatched to anyone and to be on that emotional roller coaster at all times that got me hooked on the franchise.

I pick Carly because plot wise I had so many ideas of where the plot was going to go with her, and when she died it left all them lanes to die. And she was so awesome as a whole, and to die so quick in the series was kinda sad for me. I was beyond shipping Carly with Lee. Especially after she kisses his neck at the Motor Inn. It just made sense for Clem to have a mommy role, Lee to move on from his wife and to start a new, and for them to rebuild. Make a family. Maybe interacial syblings for Clem. But it was all taken with just one random, out of the blue gun shot to the head by that Skitzo bitch Lilly with her manic depreasant father. She took away apocolypse wifey lol.


Part of me wants Katja to have lived but I think the story unraveled truly beautifully with Kenny being the emotional wreck he was as sad as that is to say. I think the story telling was great. But I just find it so spineless for her to leave Kenny alone in a cold dark world. as if it never crossed her mind the bourdon he'd have to bare. I love Kenny, and respect him so to see him have to go at losing his whole family in the blink of an eye was tough.

I think Plot wise having Katja not take herself would have been a way to rebuild after Duck's death and maybe Kenny could have survived until season 4. But I do think the story played well the way it did.


Mariana is one that goes without saying and many people miss her and wish she had more of a story to unfold. It does drive the hatred of that prick Badger even more but I wish I could have seen her bond with Gabe and Clementine more. The character had a lot of potential, and in season 4 could have even provided a potential Lesbian love interest for Clem lol.


Of course Lee, although I do think his death was essential to Clem becoming the main role star of the franchise we see now, I just can't not put Lee on this list lol. Lee living into season 2 would have been amazing. I can imagine how so many things would have transpired differently. Lee had leadership qualities, loyalty to Clem that would never waver. I think he would have gotten a lot of the situations clem faced done much smoother and with less casualties. Lee was epic like that. :)


I would put Kenny, but technically he didn't die because I chose Jane to die because I hated that bitch lol. And Alvin was truly a cool guy, and would have been an amazing father for AJ. Him sacraficing himself for Clem was awesome and he was always very level headed and reasonable which is great in a zombie apoclypse.

What 5 characters do you wish had more of a run or didn't die as soon as they did?



  • Danny St. John

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    Off the top of my head:


    Keep em comin, dude!

    • Sarah
    • Nick
    • Mariana
    • Omid
    • Pete
  • Season 1
    * Katjaa
    * Doug

    Season 2
    * Sarah
    * Nick
    * Luke

    Michonne Mini-Series
    * Norma

    A New Frontier
    * Ava

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    Season 1
    * Lee
    * Shawn Greene
    * Carley
    * Doug
    * Mark
    * David Parker
    * Chuck

    400 Days
    * Vince
    * Wyatt
    * Eddie
    * Russell
    * Shel. Becca not so much. She seemed to be going down the same dark/stupid path as Chris from Fear the Walking Dead.
    * Boyd
    * Stephanie

    Season 2
    * Omid
    * Luke
    * Pete
    * Alvin
    * Sarah
    * Matthew
    * Walter
    * Sarita
    * Natasha, if only as a stabilizing influence on Arvo, or vice-versa.

    * Berto
    * Zachary

    Season 3
    * Edith
    * Marianna. The only member of the Garcia family, except maybe Javi, that I like unconditionally.
    * Francine

  • Ava or Tripp. Tripp and Ava both were good people and strong survivors. I'd save them both if I could but if I can only pick one then whichever died last, as that death was completely random and stupid, especially if it was Ava.

    • Edith

    Who the hell is Edith? I just replayed season 3 a couple days ago and I can't think of who you mean.

    Season 1 * Lee * Shawn Greene * Carley * Doug * Mark * David Parker * Chuck 400 Days * Vince * Wyatt * Eddie * Russell * Shel

  • Doug

  • The woman from Wellington. Technically, she was introduced in Season 2, but only if you let Kenny kill Jane and then don't go off alone. The reason I put her under Season 3 (the same reason I put Omid under Season 2 even though he was introduced in Season 1) is because, if your Clem uses the Wellington flashbacks in Episode 1, she gets killed escaping Wellington with Clem and AJ.

    * Edith Who the hell is Edith? I just replayed season 3 a couple days ago and I can't think of who you mean.

  • Oh that's why I didn't recognize the name. My Clem shot crazy Kenny and stayed with Jane.

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    My Clem let Kenny kill Jane for (potentially) killing a baby just to prove a point, and then shot Kenny to put him out of everyone's misery. In any case, I was following Jane's instructions - "No matter what happens, stay out of it."

    But let's not derail the thread.

    Oh that's why I didn't recognize the name. My Clem shot crazy Kenny and stayed with Jane.

  • Carly is always my choice.

  • Gatekeeper of Wellington and Clementine & AJ's determinate guardian.

    * Edith Who the hell is Edith? I just replayed season 3 a couple days ago and I can't think of who you mean.

  • We need Lee back :(

  • no one I think all the choices I made and people who died in my save were from normal events. The only person I would save was Kenny the only person I cried after he died, Lee was encessial so the clem becomes the main character

  • Carley lookin uncanny as shit.

  • Always Omid

  • no michelle? lolol

    DabigRG posted: »

    Off the top of my head: Sarah Ava Gabe Edith Jolene Keep em comin, dude!

  • She was originally on there instead of Edith, if I recall correctly.
    Was trying to think more in terms of the [relative] long-term for this list and she was more of a side element than even some of the other contenders.

    no michelle? lolol

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  • Thanks L-dog, very cool!

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    Thanks L-dog, very cool!

  • No one should be beyond death's reach, but I choose Jane.

  • Omid for sure.

  • Clementine would have slowly opened up to Sarah and ended up in an a sorta weird pseudo big sister little sister mixed in with more over time. But it's not my favorite Choice.

    Jane I can see Clementine and Jane getting closer since all they had was each other and AJ eventually becoming AJs two moms in the couple sense.

    But currently save Violet for Violetine.

  • Edith is the women that "welcomes" you at Wellington as far as i remember.

    * Edith Who the hell is Edith? I just replayed season 3 a couple days ago and I can't think of who you mean.

  • Yes that was answered a few posts later but thank you lol

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    Edith is the women that "welcomes" you at Wellington as far as i remember.

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    Bear in mind I think alot of these characters should have died at some point, I just feel like some of the deaths weren’t great

    Season 1

    • Carley/Doug: Not even necessarily that they shouldn’t have died throughout the game, but at least have had cooler and more unique deaths between the two of them, and not just have them as the catalyst to kick out Lilly
    • Chuck: I mean come on, one of the coolest characters in the series gets written off after like 20 minutes of screen times
    • Mark: The guy just plain didn’t deserve it
    • Larry: Obviously you’re supposed to hate Larry, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t supply some of the best and funniest interactions in the series

    Season 2

    • Nick: Again he should have died at some point but not the rushed out way he did, he had the most development of the cabin group until his determinant death
    • Walter: Again just too nice of a guy to deserve what he got
    • Luke/Rebecca: I’m actually okay with their deaths, but they definitely should have had determinant outcomes, though it’s hard to imagine this being done without drastically altering the plot
    • Pete: Hands down the most wasted character in the series, well written, relatable and just all around cool, he should have lasted at least until episode 3 or 4
    • Omid: Pretty obvious, they shouldn’t have even bothered bringing him and Christa back in hindsight

    Season 3

    • Tripp: The only character on this list I feel should not have died at all, at least in my play through, Tripp only ever tried to help, and had to deal with pretty much everyone else and the universe in general shitting on him? Fuck that, his episode 5 death serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, and was only there to make sure the split at the end worked, JUST DON’T WRITE HIM INTO THAT PART OF THE STORY LIKE YOU DID CONRAD AND ELANOR. I still hold out some in denial hope he survived the bridge fall
  • Lee and Kenny. That's it. They'd of stayed as Clem's two daddies. The rest of em can die, don't care. Well, wait, I guess Christa too. But I'm holding out hope she's still mayhaps alive?

  • To this day, I wish Omid would have survived and we could have had Christa and Omid be main characters in season 2. Killing off Omid and then getting rid of Christa right at the beginning of season 2 has never sat well with me; the whole season we just circulated through new and old characters like mad. We would have ended up with a season 4-like plot anyway, just substituting AJ with Christa/Omid’s child.

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    1. BrOmid

    Let me take you back to Season 2. I was excited to continue Clems story and thrilled that the figures at the end of season 1, turned out to be Omid and Christa. Less than 10 minutes later, Omid was shot in the head and I never understood why. You don't just randomly shoot at a door creaking! Gutted! Not long after that we lost Christa (Ok there was a timeskip but still). What was the point of the figures being Omid and Christa if they weren't going to make it through the first half of S2E1? Also as a side note, although I like AJ now, It would have been much easier for me to feel attached to him had he been Christa and Omids child.

    2. Carly

    Lee's apocalypse wife. Honestly, whilst romance definitely isn't a priority in an apocalyptic world, I had a strong sense this was the direction this was going in and I was all for it! Unforunetly Lily took that away.... I am sure if she hadn't, Carly would have lasted much longer and may even still be alive now!

    3. Luke

    Of all the new characters in Season 2, I instantly took a liking to Luke. Not only is our first encounter of him, him carrying an exhausted Clem to safety, but he just seemed like a really nice guy who was prepared to actually get to know Clem and give her a chance when others were not so welcoming. I did not think for one second he would die - even when he was stood on the ice, I was so certain the final choice was choosing between Luke and Kenny so he couldn't die! Unforunetly - he did. I do think that his ending where he sacrifices himself to save Clem is a decent death to go out on but it came too soon.

    4. Pete

    It's such a shame Uncle Pete barely made it past the first episode. You can't stop him getting bit, but if you run to him at the end of ep 1, the preview for the next episode sets it up so you're prepared to amputate his leg to save him. We know amputating Lee's arm didn't work but it would have been intresting to explore the possibility of someone surviving a zombie bite if the amputated had been done soon enough, especially as Pete himself even says his cousin survived this way! And if you choose to save Nick..... well zombie chow is an awful way to go!

    5. Sarah

    Devoured by walkers. I wasn't originally going to put her 5th and was just going to give her an hounourable mention but if you save her at the trailer park, she only lasts a little longer getting trapped at the observation deck and dies the same way she does at the trailer park. I can see why people found her annoying but honestly she was just sheltered instead of prepared. I
    honestly felt Sarah had a lot of potential. I thought after we saw her loose her dad, we'd be able to turn her into another little badass but no... just Zombie chow. Like I said... Zombie chow is an awful way to go!

    There my personal top 5 but I do have some honourable mentions
    Mark - He got his legs chopped up to serve as dinner! No one deserves that!
    Chuck - Cool dude. Shouldn't have died in the sewers!
    Mariana - Did not play or care for ANF but she was nice (much better than Gabe) and didn't deserve shooting.
    Ava - Did not play or care for ANF but she was cool! Shot if chosen to SPARE her.... or unexpected zombie chow.

    Headshots and Zombie chow!

  • Wow so many of you voting for Sarah, really unexpected, she was my least favourite character in Season 2...
    Weak and useless character, spoiled little girl who was putting everyone around her in danger all the time.

  • Luke! ofc Luke, wish he was a s2 ending

  • Carly







  • lee
    carly - hot and] liked lee

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    Probably Omid and Christa most. They deserved better than they got in S2

  • Marlon, like a lot. A lot of interesting story potential was killed off when he was.

  • Sarah. It's not her fault that her overprotective father coddled her from the horrors of the outside world and made her clingy and over-reliant on other people to survive. Her character didn't get a fair shot to develop beyond the archetype of "scared useless little girl in a dangerous, cutthroat setting" and that kinda pissed me off. Honestly, if she had become a companion for Clem in the end and gradually turned into more and more of a badass as the series went on it would've been fucking awesome. Wasted potential and waste of a good character arc, imo. But whatevs.

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    She was useful only for 1 reason. To show what could happen if Clementine remained as an innocent and naive little girl in this kind of environment. Thanks to Chuck and Lee she changed and avoided to become like Sarah.
    Sarah is the "what if" scenario that could be applyed for Clementine.
    That said, I still hate Sarah.

    Sarah. It's not her fault that her overprotective father coddled her from the horrors of the outside world and made her clingy and over-reli

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