What happened to the post credits

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There used to be a "Next time on TWD" post credits scene after you end the game. Why did Telltale cut that out of the final season? Any ideas?


  • i miss it

  • They haven't done that for a while now, and I think it's for the better. They either gave too much away or they were full of scenes that never happen because of rewrites

  • As interesting as they were, @Cheddarhead is right, especially on his or her second point. Those "Next Time" sequences were full of things that never came to pass due to player choices or rewrites.

  • Eh, I'm fine with them being gone. They usually contained footage that was cut and not in the final product at all, which eventually led to a lot of disappointment.

  • I'm fine with them being gone, but I hope there still are "Previously on"s. I personally have a good memory for past events, but they can be really helpful to people.

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