Why Lee didn't influence Clem that much.

(Trigger warning)

Lee is probably one of my favorite walking dead characters. He's so relatable and charming. Hell I'd even put him in my top 20 favourite video game characters. But many people think of him as the person who taught Clem everything she knows on how to survive. Before I start going over I'd like to say that he did give the foundation for Clem's thinking when surviving but a lot of it is actually down to others.

Time: Lee and Clem's time together was very short. They were together for around 4 months. Now she learnt a lot in that time but take Christa for example. Her and Clem were together for 2yrs, Clem saw Christa losing her baby, that must have shaped her a lot. There's a lot we didn't see but it's safe to assume that Christa shaped Clem a lot. She would have developed a deeper emotional bond with Christa will all they went through together.

Survival skills: A bulk of Clem's knowledge really comes down to Kenny, Jane and Christa. Jane taught her a lot survival skills, taught Clem that she could take care of herself. The knee kick technique is still being used by Clem. Kenny taught her how to drive, he taught her how to kill someone you care for if needed (if you choose to shoot him). Christa taught her to attend to a fire and such. A lot of her maturing was done around the s2 cast, so they would have influenced her. The stuff that Lee taught her, the majority of it was suggested by Chuck.


  • I mean you do have a point. This reminds me of how Clem only spent 4 days + a 1 week timeskip with Javi.

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    Finally someone else that gets this. I made a post recently about how Christa should realistically of been a main influencer on Clementine whether it was positive or not, which you can see through clems drastic maturity after the s2 timeskip. But people were just like “LEE LEE LEE”

  • The thing you said about Chuck is so true. I mean I like Lee but if Chuck wouldn't have said that Lee shouldn't treat her like a little girl, Lee would still try to shield her from the danger.

  • I don't know about this one. Clementine is still alive because of Lee. Lee taught Clementine how to use a gun, what's right and what's wrong, how to make tough decisions and more. I disagree with "Kenny taught her... how to kill someone you care for if needed". I think that Lee taught her that a long time before Kenny did; if you chose to shoot Lee. Lee, in my opinion, made the largest impact on Clementines life but I do agree he is not the only major contributor.

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    Just gonna throw this out there... Christa did NOT teach Clementine how to use a fire, she even throws shade at Clem for not knowing how to do so
    Secondly, Lee taught Clementine how to keep her hair short, to stay away from cities, how to shoot a gun, how to handle loss (yeah, this definitely was not Kenny, most of the player base killed Lee so that’s a Lee lesson, not a Kenny lesson) he saved her in the first place so she wouldn’t have even made it to season 1 episode 2 without Lee. Oh! Almost forgot! He also taught her the walker gut technique. Now let’s compare this to clem’s other guardians/main companions.

    Kenny: how to drive, how to take care of a baby.... I think that’s it???

    Jane: walker knee trick, how to properly search corpses, best ways to attract attention and I guess determinantly how to let go of past feelings for the betterment of the group.

    Christa: how to sew your arm apparently. Aaaaand that is all. I genuinely feel like Sam the dog taught clementine more lessons than Christa ever did.

    Javier: How to trust humanity, that loss can be turned around so that Clem can better herself, and also the fact that family is important.

    So, as you can see, Lee has definitely taught Clem more lessons and was a much bigger influence on her.

  • Like the op mentioned, it was Chuck's idea to teach Clem things like keeping her hair short.

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    Just gonna throw this out there... Christa did NOT teach Clementine how to use a fire, she even throws shade at Clem for not knowing how to

  • Maybe Lee teaching Clem things isn't the most important way he influenced her. Maybe his influence is something that transcends being a teacher. He was the one that shepherded Clem into this world, and probably brought her (a scared, alone, girl in a treehouse) out of a dark and terrifying pit she may have been in after her babysitter was bitten and her parents had left her. He was the first one to risk everything to protect her, to "tear across Georgia" looking for her, as Kenny puts it. Lee was the first one there for her, and that is why Lee will also be the one who influences Clem and her every thought the most. To Clem, Lee was more like a guardian angel than anything else.

  • @Craixite One thing you're not taking into consideration is that Lee had more emotional impact than anyone else, Lee saved her, Lee died for her, Lee did everything for her, no matter how many lessons someone else gave Clem.

  • In a way Lee is the symbol of life in the games. Lee gave Clem the start she needed. Others merely needed to nurse what he had began.

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    Maybe Lee teaching Clem things isn't the most important way he influenced her. Maybe his influence is something that transcends being a teac

  • And it was Lee who passed it on in his own way

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    Like the op mentioned, it was Chuck's idea to teach Clem things like keeping her hair short.

  • Well considering on how much Clementine talks about him I would say otherwise

  • I think Clementine talks more about Lee because of the guilt of why he died. It was Clementine’s fault that Lee died. If she hadn’t of left the mansion Lee would not got bit and Clem knows this and the guilt is always there.

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    And one more important point is that Lee was like a father to Clementine and he accepted that role nearly immediately when he found her - and Clementine knew that. I doubt that others would do the same. I think that others would consider Clem as more of a liability, like with e.g. Christa. And even Kenny - although Kenny was a good guy, if you compare how Lee acts and how Kenny acts in s1, you can see that there is still a big difference in their personalities, Lee, unlike others, had that special warm parent-like personality.

    Kenny quote: "Lee and I had our differences, that's for sure."

    And I think the core of what Kenny meant is exactly what I was talking about.

    So long story short, here's the big point: Lee acted like a parent, others like protectors.

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    Maybe Lee teaching Clem things isn't the most important way he influenced her. Maybe his influence is something that transcends being a teac

  • seriously a lot of this Thankless to lee posts start coming lately they either compare his time around clem to kenny or christa or minimizing his influence on he just because he spent less time with her compared to other characters like seriously what bad thing lee did to deserve this he only killed a asshole state senator time spent with a people doesn't mean shit compare it to to little good time you spent with the person you love and appreciate the most.
    its like saying i love my work boss more than my wife cause i spent more time in the day with him.

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    The 1st person who teaches someone anything, will always have the strongest influence, no matter what. This is because when you start to do it on your own, you'll always remember, who taught you those important lessons in the first place. Now this does not mean the person they meet first is the most influential, it's the lessons they taught first. Lee thaught clem how to use a firearm and how to survive, while Christa taught Clem how to sew. Let's say Clem is sewing a part of the clothes that got ripped, as AJ watches on, he asked Clem, where she learned that. She will reply, from Christa.

  • These kinds of threads remind me of the "great game xy is actually not great" phase every great game reaches at some point.

    "Lee was the biggest influence on Clementine. No doubts."
    6 years later
    "Well, actually he wasn't."

    Come on, now. Lee is as close to a father to Clementine as possible without being the actual father. Without Lee, Clementine would've died. Christa obviously makes Clementine responsible for Omid's death. Jane is a loner and cares more about herself not experiencing another death of a sister-like person after her actual sister died, than Clementine and Kenny cares about Clementine, because for him, Clementine is a surrogate for Duck, who he couldn't protect before and desperatly tries to make up for it by obsessivly protecting her now. Well, until AJ is born, that is.

    We actually saw Lee having an influence on Clementine, because we played Lee. We are the influence. Christa's alleged influence happened completely off-screen and was only mentioned in a single piece of dialogue. Jane taught her some combat moves, which is nice, and Kenny actually did nothing, really, except taking care of AJ.

  • What's next, Mona Lisa isn't art?

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    Either that, or Katty Perry's 'Is math related to science' question wasn't stupid.

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    What's next, Mona Lisa isn't art?

  • Yeah but tbf wikias can be edited by anyone.

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    He did.

  • I would like to think my lee taught my clem how to kill, with the st johns. How to be independent and brave, with leaving her with Omid when looking for the boat. And how to be smart when entering buildings, with the train station. Lee taught Clem alot.

  • smh theres people out theres discrediting my main man lee from all of the things and sacrifices hes done? You ungrateful swines... ???

  • Because he died looking out for her.

  • The amount of nitpicking in this thread is too damn high.

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