Thoughts on the romance in episode 2?

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How do you guys feel about how they went about the romance in episode 2? Did you feel it was well paced? Had a natural development etc.?

Personally, I chose to go with Violet but friend-zoned her. It just didn't feel right to me. It seemed to me that how the romance played out was based more off of how the player felt about Louis/Violet more than how Clem does. Sure you are playing as Clementine, fair enough, but all the scenes feel a bit more to me like they are there to appease the player. Choice is not a bad thing, but a result of that is that it can sometimes feel unnatural, for example: as far as I am aware you can resent Violet in all your choices and still admit feelings for her (correct me if I am wrong). Maybe that's just me; still need some time to take it all in and give the episode another play through.


  • I usually think that romance in video games is cheesy and I never connect with it, but this was really well done. The romance in this episode really pulls at the heartstrings.

  • i demand james romance now sir

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    I thought it was well done. Not forced, plenty of choice. I mean, damn, Violet's romance scene gave me goosebumps.

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    This was a really quality romance for both ships. And I felt it built up very well to the kiss - so I'm really satisfied with that. I wonder if romantic relationship is going to continue in ep3 and ep4, i.e. will there be more talks about it or more kisses, or will Telltale act as if nothing had really happened. But I hope it'll continue in further episodes because if it doesn't it'll mean that the romance in episode 2 was based just off of having a crush/lust and otherwise being nothing really serious.

  • I avoided the romances.

  • Why?

    I avoided the romances.

  • To be honest now, I am regretting the decision i made. I was just tense with everything going on in the episode. I hope you're right about having more chances/parts where you can kiss or romance with them in future episodes if they get made.

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    This was a really quality romance for both ships. And I felt it built up very well to the kiss - so I'm really satisfied with that. I wonder

  • I ship clem and Louis pls don't kill me :|

  • Because I wasn't overly fond of Louis or Violet. If James had been an option though, I might have gone for that.

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  • It's the best ship lad.

    I ship clem and Louis pls don't kill me

  • I choose Violet and thought it was excellent in execution. That minigame with the stars was beautiful.

  • Damm right lol :s ;)

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    It's the best ship lad.

  • Drawing the constellations was such a beautiful scene. I definitely sense a Life Is Strange influence there.

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    The thought of romancing either of them left my Clementine's mind when James took his mask off. Wouldn't make much sense for my Clementine to romance either one of them anyway since I spent most of the episode cursing them both out. I clearly let everyone know during the card game that I had no crushes on anyone at the school.

  • I went with Violet and just stayed friends because I don't want Clem with anyone. It didn't seem that awkward, so hopefully they can just be friends now without Violet trying to flirt

  • I thought it was fine for the most part. I went with Louis, so him pulling a prank on her is pretty much exactly what I would expect from him. Good to see he can keep things light even after what happened. I'm just glad they gave us the choice for both of them if we pursued it and the choice to avoid it as well.

    Look on the bright side, both are still better handled than Gabentine.

  • I haven't seen the Louis scene, no comment on that execution. I think the Violet romance was kind of pretty, even is it was just a tad cheesy. To each their own, I don't think cheese automatically means bad or overdone. I appreciated that they included some philosophy in it rather than just making out shapes. I'm also glad they kept it soft.

    As for the timing and all, I think it's good that you can set the pace yourself. You have several options and can take it slow if you wish. Within the world of the Walking Dead I think it makes a certain kind of sense that romance can be fickle and develop fast. I imagine that, when you are surrounded by death and the people close to you tend to die off, you either shut people out or learn to embrace the love you can optain.

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    I chose Violet, I saw Louis scene too, that piano tune joke and etc. who plays knows but the more I played, the more impact to player itself was Violet's scene with stars. We know how she is closed inside but in that Scene she opens up and shows us that under hard shell there is a big heart who want to be love. That cutscene where she carefully puts her hand on Clem's, showing that she insecurely let Clem closer in. It reminded me Mass Effect 2 with Jack.

    And about Louis that heart crawing to piano. To me it was more like childish play but only in that moment, I would change to something liked Louis teaches Clem how to play, that he wrote song but needs 2 players to play something liked that, more connecting between two characters. After that Game plays perfectly what Louis says about " Everyone hears the jokes, the piano... and after that they stop listening..." (some sort of that) That really touched it me because it connects with me. I am like Louis, I like to see how other people smile and laugh because it gives joy and happiness around, that atmosphere where life is full of colors not just black and white.

  • I picked Violet and 100% don't regret it. That entire scene was romantic as fuck and just had me smiling the whole time but the real ship here is Violet X Nuggies. I told Violet she was every constellation well till she told me to stop hehe. Also ended up going for the smooch and it was soooo adorable. Like fuck man this was probably the best handled relationship in a telltale game. I like Louis and I really liked how he wasn't so easily swayed with AJ, but I couldn't leave chicken tendie girl hanging at the end. Sorry Lou

  • I went with Louis but immediately regretted it as soon as I followed him. But I wasn't just going to turn him down.

    I feel like they rushed it completely. Especially having Louis dislike Clem/AJ for most of the episode and then I feel like they just forced the choice between them onto me out of nowhere.

    I actually liked the dynamic between Clem & James more this episode than I did Louis or Violet.

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