Time jump

Anyone think the season will end with a scene showing an older Clem and AJ (and whoever survives out of Violet/Louis) in a recovering, post Walker society several years later, like Tenn envisioned in Episode 2?

Would give the series some proper closure imo, instead of just leaving Clem still in the middle of the ZA...


  • No, don't think Robert Kirkman would allow that.

  • I think that will be what happens but there will be no walkers shown, that doesn't mean there are no walkers, I like open-ended stories with ambiguity. Clem dies, fine, but if it has players speculating on whether or not the walkers are still there from the information that they have would be decent.

  • If Rick can rebuild society just 4 years into the ZA, I don’t see how this can’t also be the case for clem in double that time.

  • I don't even think your Clem in episode 4 i think it's either AJ, violet or Louis

  • If it's the typical predicatable copy and paste ending "Clem dies, fuck you" type of shit i'm going to cry and maybe write nasty letters to someone. Not sure who yet lol.

    But... I hope more of the final season. I hope their is a happy ending this time around. I hope Tenn reuinites with his sisters. Violet reunities with Sophie and MINUUUUUURRRRVVVVVA or something and Clem packs up to go find Javi. If not continue some love triangle with Vi and Minnie.

  • I'd really like a big time skip, even 15 years or something. It'd really be cool to see them all so much older.

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