Misleading Achievements?

There are a couple of Achievements in Episode 3 that seem kinda Misleading to me. Personal Space, when u look at it, suggests something to do with the Relationships, yet when u actually get it, it has to do with the Sequence outside the boat as u r about to enter it by using only the bow I think. Also, the Mercy Achievement is suggesting of the Torture scene with Abel, but instead it has to do with sparing the Walkers when u meet up with James. Could this mean that the Episode 4 Achievements are Misleading as well?


  • When I got "Personal Space" I thought it was referring to the fact that you can't let the walkers get too close to you, but I guess you're kinda right ?
    "Mercy" seems to fit where it is though. You're showing mercy for the walkers, in a way. (In Jame's eyes)

  • They make sense to me in retrospect but I do think they try to name them vaguely so that we, as players, can get carried away guessing the meanings.

  • You can find a trophy / achievement guide that will help you master the game.

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