Puzzle Agent BUG : Puzzle 2

There is a htread on Steam forums about this but I assume it would be better to have one here as well. It looks like people with GTX470 & GTX 480 cards can't complete the second puzzle ( the hotel ). Icons are invisible ( no agent or lights ) and logs stay behind the map so you can't drag them onto it...

Very frustrating to be stuck at the very beginning of the game by a bug :/

Game looks good though so I wish you'll fix this very soon :)


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    Struck by the same problem. Really hope for a quick fix...

    Ooops, just found that there is already a thread about this issue here at Telltale:
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    It appears to be a driver/hardware bug with the 4XX cards. We're looking into it.
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    Has anything been discovered with this issue yet? Just bought Puzzle Agent yesterday and I'd love to get past the second puzzle.. drivers etc are all the latest.
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    Bumpity... Played the demo and got stuck at second puzzle with same symptoms - logs are behind the map, no streetlights or anything on the map. Also have a Geforce 460 card, windows 7. Telltale can't afford a new graphics card for the devs to fix this? 0.o

    Very sad I won't be able to play this game, I was all set to buy it....
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    Was this ever fixed? I can't seem to find any information on this outside of this thread and a bunch of promises about a fix that was never delivered here:
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    I have this issue as well, real shame.

    How does this game handle saves? Is it possible for someone without the issue to upload a save for just after this puzzle?

    Though who knows what else this bug affects.
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    [TTG] Yare wrote: »
    It appears to be a driver/hardware bug with the 4XX cards. We're looking into it.

    It's not a bug with the card in any way. It's a bug with your broken, abandoned game. Great job, Telltale!
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    It's an old post, I know, but has this bug been fixed yet?!? I can't play the game without consulting a Walkthrough at every broken Puzzle and that's definitely not the way I wanna play it.

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    I want to download Puzzle2, but I can't found its link, from where I can download it without any virus.. Please share here...
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    Download for PC or Mac.

    Oh, you were expecting to buy it, right? Cheaper than getting a virus.
  • I've got this too with a Nvidia GeForce GT 650M. So no patch in 4 years?

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