Poker Night 3 - Fantasy Casting Thread

Howdy. Just thought there might be some interesting places to mine for characters for Poker Night 3.

For example: Farscape. You could get the licence from Channel 9, it's famous enough to be known, obscure enough that the licence is available. Scorpius, Rygel, & Chiana, I think, would make the best choice of players.

From the Valve stable, I'm thinking Dr. Kleiner.

From Adult Swim/Williams St: Nathan Explosion, Master Shake, Cheryl Tunt (from Archer), BraK.

Miscellaneous: Pearl Forrester or Tom Servo from MST3K, Dark Helmet from Spaceballs... Elvira...

and finally...

Tommy Wiseau. As himself.


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    Telltale: Lee Everett, Guybrush, Homestar Runner

    Valve: Pretty much anyone from Left 4 Dead. Francis or Ellis, preferably. A DOTA character might be interesting, too.

    Adult Swim: Pretty much every character the OP said. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, to start things off. A character from The Boondocks like Granddad, or Uncle Rucus if Telltale's willing to deal with his racist personality. TOM 3.5 from Toonami would be pretty fun to play with, especially if you get Steve Blum to voice him (which he would love to do, he loves Toonami and TOM). Black Dynamite (DYNOMITE! DYNOMITE!) would be a fun player, too. And finally, Early Cuyler from Squidbillies.

    Misc: Raiden (Metal Gear Solid), Scott Pilgrim, Adam Jensen/JC Denton (Deus Ex), Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend), (longshot because Disney isn't gonna give any characters to a M or T rated gambling game but) Grunkle Stan (Gravity Falls), and maybe a Saints Row character to boot (Pierce?)
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    From Valve, I'd like to see the G-Man play. I wanna find out who he is...
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    Telltale: Kenny or Ben from The Walking Dead. Seeing them again would really be a treat. I'd also like to see Coach Z rise from the H*R's grave
    Valve: What he said, and probably the Medic as well.
    Adult Swim: Any Superjail! character would be an interesting addition, as well as possibly Hank Hill, considering they have the rights to his series now, Harvey Birdman, and Space Ghost.
    Other: Dirty Harry, Freddy, Niko Bellic, and probably any of the characters from Double Fine.
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    Of those not yet mentioned in this thread nor had a work represented in any game of the series as of yet:

    Valve: Alyx Vance, Barney Calhoun, Nick

    Misc: Dr. Horrible, Murdoc (Gorillaz), Randy Marsh (South Park), Razputin (Psychonauts, or Sasha Nein if they won't allow Raz in a speakeasy), Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation)... among some other things

    EDIT: However, if they are to return some already-represented characters, I'd like to see Bubs, 21, the Spy, Wheatley and Handsome Jack.
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    Chippy / Pom Pom / Gromit / Putty from Seinfeld
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    Actually, now that I think on it, I wonder what items all these guys would put up for grabs as Unlockables...
    Coach Z: Either his Reynaldo turban for the Sniper, or his own Medallion, for Scout or Demoman.
    Kenny/Ben: The Sniper Rifle that reappears all throughout the games for the Sniper.
    Medic: His coat, allowing the players to remove it
    Superjail! character: Jacknife's... knife for the Spy.
    Hank Hill: His glasses for the Engi
    Dirty Harry: His iconic suit for Spy
    Freddy: Those claw thingies for... either Engi or Spy
    Niko Bellic: His Jacket, for the Heavy
    Double Fine Character: Depends on the game, naturally.
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    Purely theoretical; assuming licensed characters from any and everything:

    Sterling Archer for sure. Sarcastic, arrogant, lovable asshole.

    DeadPool. Imagine all the 4th wall breaking opportunities, could also fill the wacky crazy 'max/claptrap over the topness insane' roles.

    Zoe from L4D, a pop culture geekdom video game playing character that can reference and play off plenty of banter, plus fills the 'Token' Female role that has been absent so far. (GLaDOS not included - not a player)

    Miles Edgeworth. Dry, Deadpan, Pompous, wit. The "card sharp" of the group and 'Sam/Tycho' Straight man role.

    BrianBoyko wrote: »
    and finally...

    Tommy Wiseau. As himself.
    HA! or that. Yeah definitely that. :D
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    Bruce Campbell
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    BrianBoyko: Pearl Forrester or Tom Servo from MST3K

    YES! ALL THE YESSES! Anyone from MST3K is good for me, or, to make it even better, any bot from MST3K is good for me. Crow or Servo in the ''Strongbad/Claptrap'' crazy short character role would make an instant buy from me.
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    TTG: Guybrush & Homestar
    Valve:Spy or Weatley
    Adult Swim:Harvey Birdman
    Dealer:Heavy or Soldier
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    What a thread for my first post. Upon playing the first and seeing the trailer for the second, I can't think of anything I'd enjoy more than playing poker against Duckman, haha.

    Telltale: Kenny (TWD) or Hector
    Valve: Coach or The Scout
    [AS]: Pickles (Metalocalypse), Frylock or Zorak
    Wild Card: Duckman, Egon Spengler, Urdnot Wrex, Roman Bellic or Cpt. Malcolm Reynolds
    The Dealer: G Man or Frank West (Dead Rising)
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    SD Snatcher - Snatcher (Panda costume.)

    Now to characters which could actually have chance of being even mildly funny.

    Portal series - GLaDOS (As Poker player)
    Monkey Island series - Guybrush Threepwood (Tales of Monkey Island)
    Borderlands 2 - Handsome Jack
    Max with Samun-Mak personality taking over at times (basically give Max a split personality.)
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    Telltale Games: Theodore Dudebrough. Just Theodore Dudebrough. Dude needs to be brought back.

    Valve: I myself would actually say that even though a Left 4 Dead persona would be more fitting for a game of poker, I think a Dota 2 character would be more interesting.

    Guest: There are various ideas for that. Here are a few:

    George Takei
    George Takei probably is the most easiest celebrity to get for this. I mean, I can assume he would be down for some poker night.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Okay, we've got two options for Abe here, one being the statue head and the other being the historical figure. I myself would go for the historical figure, but more specifically, Nice Peter's Abe. You know, as in, Epic Rap Battles of History. He's got the ultimate shout voice.

    Aeris (VG Cats)
    Actually, I just like her to be in a game like this one. Also, she'd be a very agressive player, although with the same intelligence as Tycho I assume.

    Impossibear (Bravest Warriors)
    I think if we're going for a licensed IP to get featured, Bravest Warriors might be a fairly cheap yet still popular one.

    Shaggy Rogers
    Okay, so, if we have more money to spend, why not do a franchise that everybody should know? Like Scooby-Doo. But let's not put Scooby behind the table, but rather Shaggy.

    The Queen of Blades
    By now it shouldn't be much of a spoiler anymore. Sarah Kerrigan is no more. Having said that, why not Jim Raynor? Because he's a douche, that's why. And no, I will never take it back. NEVAH!!!

    Joe Zombie
    Joe Zombie is kind of legendary in the Stickdeath community. Seriously, before Rob DenBleyker was one of the comic artists for Explosm's Cyanide & Happiness, he made Stickdeath animations. We're still waiting for Joe Zombie 6, the final episode.

    Morgan Freeman
    Just get him.

    Rosangela Blackwell
    Okay, so, I really love the Blackwell series, so, can we get Rosangela Blackwell in a future Poker Night game? Please?

    Buffy Summers
    Okay, so, why not? In fact, if there were to ever be a Poker Night with ladies only, she would definitely need to be in.

    Platform specific guest characters
    This one would probably be the hardest out of all, because that would require you to record aproximately three times the amount of dialogue, four times if Nintendo gets one, and five times if Linux gets one as well. But, it would be a sweet ride to go that way. Here are some ideas:

    XBox - Master Chief: I mean, come on, who else would fill in the Microsof chair?

    PlayStation - Nathan Drake: I'd totally see him play a game of poker here.

    PC - Clippy: Nobody is more iconic than Clippy, and, have him voiced by Gilbert Gottfried while we're at it. Or, just have him be completely mute.

    Mac - Macintosh: I actually have no idea about a Mac equivalent, so, why not just a Macintosh?

    Linux - Tux: As Tux is mostly a mute character, this would simplify recording lines for Tux.

    Nintendo - Non-Specific Action Figure: Okay, why pick a non-specific action figure over the likes of, say, Captain Falcon? Easy, because he's non-specific. That and there are nearly no other Nintendo characters who could possibly play poker.
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    I'd vote for somebody from "Futurama" (Bender is probably too obvious a choice, so let's go for Zoidberg instead)... and if Roy Skelton was still with us, I think Zippy and George from "Rainbow" would have been great!
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    With Valve I'd like to see:
    Playing poker like a boss, chatting about black mesa and vents.

    Ellis or Nick
    Self explanatory

    Gordon Freeman
    I'm pretty sure he has a lot to say

    From Telltale:

    Just do it!!!!!

    From comics or cartoons ect.

    Aeris (VG cats)
    Like Gary said, Aeris (or Leo) would be epic.

    Gabe (penny Arcade)
    We already had Tycho, how about Gabe.


    Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)
    How can this NOT work :)

    Daxer (Jak and Daxter)
    Even tough he is a character only know on playstation consoles he is still awesome and I think he would be hilarious at poker.
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    I dream of a day where I'll see Dr. Krieger in a video game:
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    Archer, Homestar, Jack Donaghy, Bender.

    Easy pick.
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    GaryCXJk wrote: »
    Rosangela Blackwell
    Okay, so, I really love the Blackwell series, so, can we get Rosangela Blackwell in a future Poker Night game? Please?

    That would be awesome, but don't you think Joey would be a better fit for this game? Rosa's a little too anti-social.

    On that note, I'd like to see:
    Joey Mallone (Blackwell Saga)
    Bosco (Sam & Max)
    Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 2)
    And I agree with everyone else that Sterling Archer has got to be in this series sometime.

    I'd also like to see Nathan Drake. Because how has Nolan North not been in this already?
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    Except, you know, Joey has no hands. At least no physical hands.

    And yes, that DOES stop you from handling cards.
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    Gordon Freeman
    I'm pretty sure he has a lot to say

    Only if it's Ross Scott.
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    The Nostalgia Critic (The Nostalgia Critic)
    Darth Vader (Star Wars)
    Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
    Demoman (Team Fortress 2)

    Because why the hell naht. Besides, well, licensing problems. Hey it's a wish list. And several other good options were listed already.
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    GaryCXJk wrote: »
    Except, you know, Joey has no hands. At least no physical hands.

    And yes, that DOES stop you from handling cards.

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    Let's have a silly list.

    Sachiko Shinozaki from Corpse Party series.
    L from Death Note series.
    Luffy from One Piece series.
    Gintoki from Gintama series.
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    A few more ideas:

    Daniel D'Arby (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) - This wouldn't end well, particularly with poker involved. Maybe he should be the dealer instead, and even then it won't end well.
    Garrett (Thief) - If we can have him as snarky as he was in the Stephen Russell days, that would be a plus for the table.
    Jeeves (Jeeves and Wooster) - Now if only we can have Stephen Fry for this...
    Dave Lister (Red Dwarf) - I figured this would be a good fit.
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    Even though this will never happen...

    Cole from Gears of War (every time he wins a big pot, he does his trademark "WOO! Cole Train!")

    Ralph from Wreck-it Ralph

    Vector from the Sonic franchise (because he's got nothing else better to do)

    Tony Chu from Chew (especially if the "Buy them drinks" feature sticks around)

    with The VooDoo Lady from Monkey Island as The Dealer
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    Any combo of the following.

    Leisure Suit Larry
    Manny Calavera
    Roger Wilco
    Nelson Tethers
    Oscar Morales
    Willy Beamish.. YEAH THATS RIGHT!!! WILLY BEAMISH lol
    Marty McFly
    Gabriel Knight
    Murray the Demonic Skull
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    Here are some other ideas.

    Telltale Games: *Perhaps* Momma Bosco as one of the players.

    Valve: Have miss Pauling be the host or the Administrator be the dealer, and / or Alyx Vance as a player.


    Well, aside from having Aeris (VG Cats), the Queen of Blades (Starcraft), Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or Rosangela Blackwell (Blackwell series) as possible contenders, we could also pick any of the following:

    Basically Zone-Sama's mascot, and an excuse to use the voice of Caxx.

    Harley Quinn
    I mean, sure, why not? I mean, she's popular, right?

    Turanga Leela
    I mean, people do want to have Futurama be tackled by Telltale Games, so why not her?

    So, with that said, I might want to go through the play style of each character.

    Momma Bosco
    I have to be honest, I have no idea how this character actually is, but I would say she's the intelligent type with probably a bit too much confidence in her own skills, taking more risks the further the game goes.

    Alyx Vance
    Being the daughter of a physicist, she probably is pretty smart and cunning, although one might assume she also knows how and when to bluff.

    Despite being of reasonable intelligence, she also is a typical gamer, and frequently loses her shit, so the agressive approach would surely fit her.

    The Queen of Blades
    As she's the leader of the Swarm, she surely must possess some tactical skills, but because she's also mostly a Zerg, agression is always the best approach, so one might think that she might be calculated, but when she thinks she can play agressive, she will.

    Buffy Summers
    One would assume she would only join in on the poker fun to wind down, so she pretty much has a laid-back attitude, making it for the player to easily get some chips out of her. She's not a fool though, so it won't be easy to trick her into going all-in.

    Rosangela Blackwell
    Being a social recluse has its advantage, and even though she has Joey, she never uses it, as she does have standards. Therefore she is pretty insecure about her play, and will often quickly fold if she suspects others have better hands.

    Okay, I've never actually seen any of her animations yet, mostly due to the fact that most of Zone-Sama's stuff is both arrousing and fucking funny at the same time, giving you awkward boners. So, it might be she's a loose cannon, mixed with a bit of bluffing.

    Harley Quinn
    There actually are a lot of interpretations of her, but I guess she's mostly a bluffer, her being a psychiatrist and all, with parts of agression in it.

    Turanga Leela
    For the record, just because she's the captain of the ship doesn't mean she's the most intelligent person on the crew. I mean, she's no fool, but she's not a rocket scientist either. The one who is is a nutjob. I do think an agressive approach would work best with her, but also a tactical approach. Basically, she's a mix between a bluffer, an agressor and a tactician. Basically she's trying to get as many chips from you without you realizing you've just fallen into her trap.

    I also hope it would be a strip poker game with these characters, but that's just wishful thinking.
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    Irishmile wrote: »
    Willy Beamish.. YEAH THATS RIGHT!!! WILLY BEAMISH lol

    Is he even old enough to gamble? Racing frogs is one thing, but Texas Hold 'em?
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    I posted most of this somewhere else, but...

    Norman Bates (preferably more classic and not from the Bates Motel TV series)
    Sailor Moon (cel-shaded)
    Freddy Krueger
    Schindler (yes, from Schindler's List; my brother's random choice)

    And for the dealer, how about something totally off the wall? The Crypt Keeper.
    "Kehehehehe! That was a BOOtiful hand!"

    With a special cameo by Clippy (old Microsoft Word).
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    Guybrush would be great.

    "That's the second biggest raise I've ever seen!"
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    Yeah... Guybrush NEEDS to be in Poker Night 3...
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    Just like Theodore Dudebrough needs to be brought back. Dude.
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    -The Schafer special-

    Manny Calavera
    Guybrush / Purple Tentacle
    Eddie Riggs
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    Hector for Telltale's guy. Just to be the one guy that doesn't say Guybrush!
    Wheatley and GLADoS would struggle for control of dealing cards.
    The War Mage from Orcs Must Die!
    Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend.
    Buster Bluth from Arrested Development as a super surprising wild card.
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    Some ideas, trying to not say obvious ones such as Bender (by the way, they must get Bender):

    * As much as I'd love to see some Guybrush in PN3, it wouldn't be a bad move if they cast Stan or Murray to represent MI.

    * The Thing from Fantastic Four usually hosts poker games for the Marvel superhero community, so I think he would be a great addition.

    * Any Simpsons character voiced by Hank Azaria or Harry Shearer.

    * Also, it's time for us to see some females in the table. Some good choices would be Lara Croft, Faith from Mirror's Edge, Crimson Viper from SF4 and Mom from Futurama (if they don't get Bender, of course).

    * If they could get the original actors, it would be awesome to see Barney Stinson from CBS' How I Met Your Mother and Mal Reynolds from Firefly. Heck, throw in Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer, let NPH and Nathan Fillion voice the whole thing and call it a day! :P
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    Flint Paper - Sam & Max
    Roger Smith - American Dad
    The Soldier or Demoman - TF2
    and Vaas from Far Cry 3 because seeing him play poker would be hilarious.
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    Doc Brown (Back To The Future)

    Katz (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

    Kim Pine (Scott Pilgrim VS. The World)

    Pierce Washington (Saints Row series)

    Dealer: Victor (Fallout: New Vegas)
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    I'll mention (and expand on) my idea from the old DLC character ideas thread.

    Lee Everett, with Clementine appearing like Max in PN2 (The Walking Dead)
    Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)
    Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
    Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
    Dealer: The G-Man

    Unlocks would be:
    -Clementine's Hat (all classes)
    -Garrus' Visor (Sniper)
    -Motorized Minigun (Heavy)
    -Doc Brown's back-up-in-case-his-hair-gets-singed-off wig (Medic and Engineer)
    -Lamarr (all classes)

    Some sample dialogue:

    Garrus: Aren't you supposed to be dead, Everett?
    Lee: And your not supposed to be born for a thousand years.
    Garrus: Touche.
    Doc Brown: Ah, the wonders of time travel!

    *The player gets busted out*
    G-Man: It seems... you did not prepare... for unforeseen consequences.

    *When entering their draw-ins"
    Elizabeth: Here, I found some cash!
    *Elizabeth opens a tear and pulls out a wad of money*

    Doc Brown when folding: Great Scott, these cards are terrible!

    Garrus upon winning a hand: I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is my favorite card game at the inventory!

    Doc Brown: Since I began my time traveling career I've often wondered how everything's going to end. I always chicken out from just going and seeing it for myself.
    Lee: I'll tell you how it ends. It ends with the dead. The dead always win.
    Garrus: No, no, no. In the end you'll have to make one final choice about your life: red, green, or blue.
    Elizabeth: Things end the same way they being, a man, a city, a lighthouse...
    Garrus: Which one of those is the renegade ending?
    Doc Brown: On second thought, maybe its better to keep things a mystery. Stupid spoilers.
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    just a few idea's i thought would be cool

    A zombified lee, Radien from MGR, karl pilkington ang yahtzee from zero punctuation. i came up with a piece of dialogue

    *Lee's arm falls off trying to take the pot
    uhhh could someone grab that

    raiden - I've been there, done that and done that too my enemies

    karl - do you use that on you women or is that a different body

    raiden- NO I CANT!!!

    Yahtzee - im surrounded by a rotting drama show, a metal drama show and a reject off here comes bod

    Lee-....... i'll just go find some tape.

    just i few idea's
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    Bill L4D, Vaas FC3, Bosco S&M, Agent 47 Hitman. Guest Dealer: Bill Murray, Guybrush Threepwood or Mario. Oh and make the player Gordon Freeman. The advertisement could be Gordon standing next to a 3. Then he gets shoved out of the way by Bosco running from Agent 47 who is being followed by Bill insisting they hold up so he can heal them. Bill Murray says "Were you expecting something else." as the poker night logo has replaced the half life logo on Gordons chest when he stands up. Vaas's taunting laughter heard in the distance with the poker night musical twang sound. End of trailer.
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