Poker Night 3 - Fantasy Casting Thread



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    Ryu-Chan wrote: »
    Host: Jon H. Benjamin from Jon Benjamin Has a Van.

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    Oh oh umm hard choice, but any of these characters would be cool:

    Telltale: Guybrush, LeChuck, Lee, Kenny, Carly or Doug
    Doublefine: Raz, Eddie
    Valve: Ellis, Zoey, Bill, Nick, Francis... (I think Nick would be best for a poker game) and more Glados tbh :P I love her

    Characters that would never happen: Manny from Grim Fandango uwu
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    Thomas from Thomas was Alone...
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    Flint Paper, please. Alternatively, Norrington/Papierwaite from Sam and Max would be hilarious!
    Nelson Tethers
    Alyx Vance
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    Came by, had a look, Wouldn't harm anyone if I made my version of who to feature in Poker Night 3.

    From Gearbox's Borderlands series: Brick, Mordecai or Tiny Tina (How could this not work with Tiny Tina? She played a dungeon or dragon's a like game, so why not some poker aswell?)

    From Valve's L4D series: Francis, Elis or Nick (I prefer Elis to be honest)

    From Telltale's The walking dead series: Lee (Seriously, this is the only guy that popped into my head? Well got to be honest with ya, He's the only targeted character I know so far as by name)

    From Valve's TF2 series (even though we had the Heavy, There has to be another one or two): Spy, Demoman or Scout

    Other's from any series: Deadpool (He has to be in it. Even if he had 1 simple game so far, It wouldn't do any harm for him to be featured. Or will it?)

    Dealer: Vaas (This won't end well for player's eliminated from the table)
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    I'd say Sterling Archer, Shore leave from Adultswim {Venture Bros.}, Return of Claptrap maybe or Glados {eitherway archers scared of cyborg it would make funny commentary as well as conversation between Shore leave and Archer. Nick or Ellis from Left 4 dead Valve, maybe this time around an exclusive character for each console {sony: Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Microsoft: Biard from Gears of war, PC... idk}
    someone in the forum said Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse but i'd actually say Pickles or Murderface would be funnier lol..

    out of all of those though i'd honestly just say Acher HAS to be on the next one. the guys a loose cannon, a secret agent, he's got a million references or lines that could work with most characters and he's the closest person to take Brock Sampson or Ash Williams spot.
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    Shore leave from Adultswim {Venture Bros.}

    Shore Leave? There are countless lovable Venture Brothers characters, and Shore Leave is one of them. But he is in no way recognizable enough to be playable. Before we could ever see Shore Leave, we would have to first see Rusty Venture, the Monarch, Billy Quizboy, Dr. Orpheus, Sgt. Hatred, and Henchman 21. Do you think all those characters could one day be at the Inventory? God I hope so. God I hope so.
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    It would be cool if we would get a " Villains At The Inventory " game .
    - Skunkape ( Sam and Max )
    - Lechuck ( Monkey Island )
    - Barnsley Noble ( Hector )
    - Nate ( Walking Dead 400 Days )
    I can imagine the dialogue with Nate
    Nate : So Skunk , scale 1 of 10 .
    Skunkape : Excuse me ?
    Nate: Your queen , how would you rate her ?
    Skunkape : Rate her ?
    Nate: Like a nine right ?
    Skunkape : I'm not following you , and I don't even want to .
    Nate: Ten ?
    Skunkape: Please shut up .
    Nate: If you save five I'm gonna flip !
    Skunkape : Three .
    Nate decides to take his gun and shoots Skunkape but the bullet doesn't have any effects .
    Skunkape: Ha ! You stupid human , I can't be hurt by your pitiful earth weapon .
    Nate: Aw man , your just as annoying as that kid who I picked up on the road . Nice kid though .
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    Hay I know everyone want to talk about who they want to be in poker night 3, yet there is one thing I want them to add in the most.
    MULTIPLY mode so we can play our friends.
    think about it when we choice the play our friends we pick one of the many chars they got on it. so what happens the chars do their auto play talks but we do the cards playing.

    then depending on the background depends how we lose, like the book can eat us like in poker night 2 army of darkness background. or so on.

    doesn't anyone want to be able to play with their friends on this and still play the chars as well?
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    Runnhurd wrote: »
    Hay I know everyone want to talk about who they want to be in poker night 3, yet there is one thing I want them to add in the most.
    MULTIPLY mode so we can play our friends.
    think about it when we choice the play our friends we pick one of the many chars they got on it. so what happens the chars do their auto play talks but we do the cards playing.

    then depending on the background depends how we lose, like the book can eat us like in poker night 2 army of darkness background. or so on.

    doesn't anyone want to be able to play with their friends on this and still play the chars as well?

    If you had read around these forums you would see that many people (myself included) are very against multiplayer. Poker Night is not a series where you should be able to play AS the characters. You're suppose to interact with them to hear the funny things they have to say.
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    Runnhurd wrote: »
    Hay I know everyone want to talk about who they want to be in poker night 3, yet there is one thing I want them to add in the most.
    MULTIPLY mode so we can play our friends.
    think about it when we choice the play our friends we pick one of the many chars they got on it. so what happens the chars do their auto play talks but we do the cards playing.

    then depending on the background depends how we lose, like the book can eat us like in poker night 2 army of darkness background. or so on.

    doesn't anyone want to be able to play with their friends on this and still play the chars as well?
    As Max said...
    'He's playing computer-poker by himself, he doesn't have friends'
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    From TV: Captain Mal from Firefly or Sterling Archer
    From Video Games: Why not Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite?
    From Comics: Deadpool
    From Movies: Nick Fury from the Avengers (which is also applicable to the comic section)
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    Raphael from TMNT!
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    My picks for opponents in Poker Night 3. I think this would be a hysterical group. You've got a diverse assortment pulling from Telltale, Valve, Cartoon Network, and Marvel Comics. We would need the original voice actors of course, and the Robot Chicken nerd would HAVE to be animated in true stop-motion style. Tell me this wouldn't be awesome! Nick could talk about his shady criminal past, Guybrush would accuse the others of being pirates, the nerd would complain about the absence of babes and ridicule the rest of the group's poor cosplay, and Deadpool would make everyone hilariously uncomfortable! Please Telltale, please make it happen!

    EDIT: Oh oh, I really love these previous suggestions: Axe Cop, Tom Servo, Sterling Archer. All great ideas!
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    since MGM hands out characters to the poker night guys like candy..

    I find the dogs playing running casino/poker in that movie to be hilarious. I know it will never happen though would not sell.

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    Oh guys u wrote so much awesome ideas! But I think one seat is waiting for Duke Nukem! Always bet on Duke! He's charismatic, funny, and I want to hear conversations with other interesting characters! :)
    (Also Nelson Tethers would be nice.)
    Best poker games ever BTW!

  • They should have Dance Central 3 characters included. It's a girls Poker Night at the Inventory.

    Harmonix: Dare (dealer and host) MacCoy, Angel, Miss Aubrey
    Disney: Vanellope Von Schweetz, Taffyta Muttonfudge
    Konami: Yuni Berth
    LEGO: Natalie Breez
    SEGA: Ulala

  • This is who I would like to see for part 3

    TellTale - Doc Brown (Back To The Future) or Guybrush (Monkey Island)

    Cartoon Network - Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or Toki Wartooth (Metalocalypse)

    Misc - Joe Bob Briggs (TNT Monstervison) or Tom Servo (MST3K)

    Movie Character - Lone Ranger (Classic) or Freddy Kruger (Nightmare On Elm Street) or Rocky Balboa (Rocky)

    Video Game - Crypto (Destroy All Humans) or Glass Joe (Punch Out)

    Comic - The Thing (Fantastic Four) or Loki (Thor)

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  • Time to get back on the bandwagon. Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, Dave Lister from Red Dwarf, Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and John Blacksad from the Blacksad graphic novels.

    Dealer is Cookie Masterson from You Don't Know Jack

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    Joined solely so I could join in this awesome thread. :D Anyhoo, here's my lineup:

    1. Adam Jensen - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    2. Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem franchise

    3. Sterling Archer - Archer

    4. Gaige - Borderlands 2

    Still trying to decide if it should be Adam Jensen, or Raiden from the "Metal Gear" franchise. Anyhoo, do you guys like it?

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    I absolutely need Sterling Archer and Handsome Jack. For the other two, i dunno, maybe Bigby for Telltale? And I really like Astonishing Lucas Farias Cookie Masterson idea. But really, as long as I get Sterling Archer and Handsome Jack in one room, I'm happy.

  • Boris Karloff Along With The Entire Cast Of The Crow Starring Brandon Lee

  • I would Have Murdoc From Gorillaz, Tom from Toonami (Reel in some of those anime fans), Brian from Family guy and Deadpool.

  • I think you guys are being to predictable with your suggestions. It's like, after the first game came out, everyone was just predicting Valve and past Telltale characters and no one else. Did anyone expect Claptrap, Brock or Ash? Exactly. If Telltale make a third game, they will be even more unexpected and include characters no one expected. Isn't the kind of the beauty of it all?

  • Hmmm, I think a GREAT addition would be Rick and Morty. The set up would be great because you could say that they invited Doc and Marty, but they took their spot. Plus, it's been established Rick plays poker. That, and it would be VERY easy to interpret the characters into 2d, and they could easily fill the duo gap Sam and Max would leave. They serve drinks, so Rick would be right at home, and Justin Roiland seems like he'd be easy to get on board. (that, and there could be fun interactions with things like the Meeseeks or something.

  • I would like to see Rigby from Regular Show play. His lazy attitude and anger issues would be a fine addition to the game.

    I would also like to see Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb, but since she belongs to Disney I think she would be hard to get.

  • Here's my casting for part 3 (and Telltale please make this happen)
    Valve: Gordon Freeman
    Telltale: I'd like to see Bigby Wolf, maybe Doc Brown.
    Cartoon Series: I would LOVE to see Archer (from the Archer series) This definitely has to happen! It would make my life complete. Playing poker with Sterling "The Duchess" Archer, it would be amazing.
    Misc: I would love to see Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson himself. "Say Check one more time"
    Oh, also if you can, add Deadpool to the group, but please, add Sterling Archer to the group.

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    As we all noticed , there's a specific formula for each crew , a tough guy, crazy guy , clever guy and annoying guy and perhaps a suprise guest.
    I PK at the inventory and PK2 that formula was used.

    Now in PK3 ( if it comes out) would be cool to see maybe:

    Bigby as the tough guy like heavy and brock

    Francis as the annoying who would always say "I hate these cards" and insult you all the time.

    Cleveland Brown as the calm guy like tycho and ash williams

    Joker as the funny/crazy guy.

    and the dealer maybe R2-D2 or C-3PO would be cool to see them if Disney would allow it.

  • Okay, so the spoiler in here isn't that major, but still. Here's a themed four people thing.

    1) Agent Coulson (Marvel)
    2) Momma Bosco (Sam & Max)
    3) Joey Mallone (Blackwell series)
    4) Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat)

    Number one could also be replaced with Superman, as all of those listed here have died at least once and came back to life again in the same continuity.

    Other possible candidates:

    Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)
    GLaDOS (Portal)
    Spider-Man (Err... do I really need to explain where he's from?)
    Jesus Christ (Bible)
    Kenny McCormick (South Park)
    Dr. Hobo (VG Cats)
  • I've been thinking about this quiet a bit lately (since I have a really boring job that gives me lots of time to read and think), and over the last week of thinking I beleive I've stumbled upon a perfect set of characters to play poker with

    Sterling Archer - It just has to happen, he's perfect for the part. All the reasons why should be here has been said already in the previous posts. He's funny, cleaver, and when you assume Archer is just making stuff up as he goes along (specifically when things get dangerous in the cartoon) you find out that he's really been paying attention and reacting to the situation accordingly the whole time. He's perfect for being the straight man

    Rick and Morty - Rick and Morty won't be invited to the card game, they just show up thanks to Rick's transdimensional portal gun. Instead a high profile video game character will be invited to partake in the card game, but they will fail to show up on time (Duke Nukem? Master Chief? Super Mario? Any multimillion dollar selling character will do, even if their name isn't outright spoken). Given Rick's callous "I don't give a fuck because everything is meaningless" attitude (seriously, me made the devil try to commit suicide) and Morty's "Mortyness" they'd make for great additions. I can already imaging Rick and Archer having an argument over whose the better alcoholic.

    The Narrator from The Stanley Parable - "But wait...!" you exclaim "The Narrator is nothing but a disembodied voice, how could a person with no physical body play a game of 3 and/or 5 card stud?" Simple, he'll need a surrogate body to handle the cards and do all those things one would do while playing cards. "But who will be his surrogate? Surely it will be hard to find a person" you ask. The answer is simple, Ben from Telltale's The Walking Dead season 1. "Ben from The Walking Dead? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You mean that lanky malcontented sycophant who essentially caused all that BAD STUFF to happen and single handedly sent the group to their ultimate fate? Why would anyone want that child of a man-child to play cards for them?" Simple, because Ben can be easily trolled by The Narrator thus making him perfect for the part.

    Wil Wheaton - We've had comic characters, video game characters, cartoon characters who've played at The Inventory. So why not invite a real live human being (though rendered as a 3d computer model)? This dude has nerd cred, can be quite funny, knows how to act and deliver a good line, and has had quite the number of rolls (acting and voice acting) since his days as "that annoying kid" from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    All this topped off with Sam and Max being the house dealer(s) and announcer(s). Their dry wit is always welcome in these games.
  • Alright, I just had a thought for who. I'm going on the "big/tough guy", "smart guy", "crazy guy" and "staight man" theme outlined by Tviky, as well as the trend of a Telltale character, a VALVe character, and two wildcards (and a dealer who could be any of those).

    For the big/tough guy and Telltale character, Bigby Wolf. He could get progressively more wolflike if the game's gets close. Maybe even half transforming if its you vs. him. He'd also have a bit of a straight man edge, giving mostly dry humor and perhaps the occasional "you wouldn't like me when I'm angry" joke. He'd be the best at playing poker and the toughest to beat.

    The smart guy, Rick and Morty. Telltale said Doc Brown and Marty were originally going to be in Poker Night 2, but felt the were too "family friendly". Rick and Morty pretty much ARE Doc Brown and Marty but without the family friendliness, so they'd be a great choice. Morty would be a side character who offers commentary, like Max in Poker Night 2. There would a neat mechanic on their poker playing. If you buy enough drinks for Rick, he'll get too drunk to keep playing and Morty will take over for him. Rick is a tough opponent, due to a mixture of knowledge and it being nearly impossible to predict what he'll do. Morty on the other hand has really noticeable tells and is easy to beat. But if you focus on getting Morty to play you run the risk of paying too little attention to the other players.

    The "crazy guy" would be a VALVe character, but I'm not sure who: Dr. Kleiner might fit, but he's too similar to Rick in being a "somewhat mad scientist". Maybe the G-Man? He'd be less traditionally crazy and more "no one has the faintest idea what he's talking about". He'd give fake tells or go all in for terrible cards for reasons beyond mortal comprehension.

    The straight man would be Octodad. He would speak entirely in subtitled blubs but despite being an octopus in a suit he'd act the most normal of anyone. He'd do reasonable poker moves and get exasperated with the others. As a running gag no one would seem to be aware that he's an octopus except Morty, who is constantly put down by the others for suggesting it.

    The dealers would the Lutece twins. They would provide an interesting substitute for GLaDOS' mechanized card delivery, instead changing them via tears and stuff. They would already know Rick, having run into each other in various cross-dimensional shenanigans and would hate each other in a "coworker in the same field so you see them all the time but can't stand them" kind of way. They'd also have a funny satire of Telltale's choices by trying to figure out which decisions Bigby made in The Wolf Among Us.
  • Telltale: Kenny
    Dealer: G-Man
    Adult Swim: Rick (Rick And Morty)
    Misc: Andrew Ryan
  • Okay, fuck it, I'm all for Wil Wheaton.

    Fun fact, he hosts a show on YouTube together with Felicia Day that's about tabletop gaming.

  • I would love to see these guys:
    Earthworm jim
    Homer simpson
    Danny(bravest warriors)
    Nathan Drake
    Duke nukem
    One of the ghostbusters(Doesn't matter to me)
    Lee Everette
    Adam west
    johnny Bravo
    Green Hornet
    Medic(Team fortress)
    That is about all I can think of right now, but those are my ideas. I will go ahead and say Duke Nukem would be hilarious.

  • Lee or Kenny (Kenny would sort of fall in better but lee could be interesting aswell cuz in small talk he could talk about just about going to prison untill..)
    Enginner(Texas hold 'em style boys!)
    Duke Nukem (Badass poker)
    The Postal dude(needs milk money)

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    • John O'Hurley, aka Mr. Peterman, aka Coors The Silver Bullet Announcer - Dealer

    • Duke Nukem

    • Randy Marsh

    • Toby 'Tobuscus' Turner

    • Deadpool

    • Guybrush Threepwood

    • Lara Croft

    • Nick / Ellis / Coach

    • Tiny cameo for G-man

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    I'll throw my two cents in.

    (Apologies for the formatting; I just can't seem to get it quite right)

    I had an idea that there would be a number of different tables the player could select from. During the intro, when you arrive at the Inventory, there would be a sign on the door advertising their specials (Example: Friday is "High Rollers Night," Thursday is "Secret Agent Men," Tuesday is "Fan Appreciation Night," etc.) The item you pick would determine who you played with.

    Also, ideally, the dealer would be the Narrator from Leisure Suit Larry

    Some of those tables:

    High Rollers

    -> Duke Nukem

    • Bounty Item: A marble bust of himself
    • Skill/Playstyle: Either "aggressive" or "good poker player."
    • Drink: A six-pack of beer. Each time he takes a drink, he chugs the can and then crushes it.
    • Unlockables:
    1. Borderlands Unlock: Ripper
    2. TF2 Unlock: Duke's shades; Golden Eagle pistol
    3. XBL/PSN Avatar: Duke's Shades, Duke's Belt

    Other: when knocked out, he'll go over to the bar and hit on Moxxie.

    -> Bosco (Sam & Max)

    • Bounty Item: His wienie rotisserie (which has wienies old enough to qualify his store as a historic landmark)
    • Skill/Playstyle: Cautious, rarely bluffing
    • Drink: A green Sludgee
    • Unlockables:
    1. Borderlands: Flintlock pistol (a futuristic version of Flint's handgun)
    2. TF2: Set of Hilariously Inadequate Disguises; Flint's handgun
    3. XBL/PSN: Set of Hilariously Inadequate Disguises; Bosco's Uniform

    -> Wolf (PAYDAY series)

    • Bounty Item: A sapphire (which he says "comes courtesy of The Garnet Group")
    • Skill/Playstyle: Good amateur
    • Drink: A glass of champagne
    • Unlockables:
    1. Borderlands: Bronco (an overpowered revolver)
    2. TF2: Set of Clown Masks; Reinbeck Shotgun
    3. XBL/PSN: Set of Clown Masks; Dallas's Plaid Suit Jacket
    • Other: He'll sometimes communicate with Bain over his earpiece as far as what his next move should be.

    -> Larry Laffer (Leisure Suit Larry series)

    • Bounty Item: His breath spray
    • Skill/Playstyle: Overestimates both his own skill and the strength of his hand
    • Drink: A mug of beer, which he downs in his usual pseudo-macho style.
    • Unlockables:
    1. Borderlands: ?
    2. TF2: White Leisure Suit; some kinda weapon whose name is a double entendre
    3. XBL/PSN: White Leisure Suit
    • Other: when knocked out, he'll wander around and try to hit on Moxxie (and fails) or any of a number of objects (paintings, performers, etc.) around the bar. Or (if dialogue from The Narrator is any indication) attempting to tinkle on various items.

    Secret Agent Men

    -> The Spy (Team Fortress 2)

    • Drink: Glass of Wine
    • Bounty Item: Disguise Kit
    • Playstyle: Aggressive
    • Unlockables:
    1. TF2: ?
    2. XBL/PSN: Various TF2 outfits

    -> The Cloaker (PAYDAY series)

    (his dialogue includes telling the player to "go cry on the forum like the little b**** you are" when they lose a hand to him. He says the same thing in PAYDAY 2.)

    • Drink: Rum & Cola (which he drinks through his gas mask, via a straw)
    • Bounty Item: Night Vision Goggles
    • Playstyle: Cautious
    • Unlockables:
    1. TF2: Electric Prod (a melee weapon); night vision goggles
    2. XBL/PSN: Cloaker's outfit

    -> Superball (Sam and Max)

    • Drink: Martini
    • Bounty Item: Amnesia-inducing sunglasses
    • Playstyle: Good poker player (he once guarded a professional poker tournament)
    • Unlockables:
    1. TF2: Service Pistol; Wireless hearing device; Amnesia-inducing sunglasses
    2. XBL/PSN: Superball's outfit from Bright Side of the Moon

    -> Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid series)

    (bit of a long shot, but hey, he did appear in Brawl.)

    • Drink: Whiskey. Along with a bowl of instant noodles. :)
    • Bounty Item: Cardboard box
    • Playstyle: Slightly cautious (think The Heavy from Poker Night 1).

    (I had someone else to go in Snake's place, but now I can't remember who it was. Oh well.)

    Ladies Night

    -> Elaine Threepwood (Monkey Island series)

    • Drink: Grog
    • Bounty Item:
    • Playstyle: Cautious, always trying to think things through and plan ahead
    • Unlockables:
    1. TF2: Dairy Farmer's Cutlass; Elaine's outfit
    2. XBL/PSN: Elaine's Outfit

    -> Alyx (Half-Life)

    Haven't played Half-Life, so I can't comment as to what she would have

    -> Sybil Pandemik (Sam and Max series)

    • Drink: Jitter Cola and rum
    • Bounty Item: Maybe her intercom?
    • Playstyle: Amateur
    • Unlockables:
    1. TF2: Sybil's Glasses
    2. XBL/PSN: Sybil's glasses; Sybil's outfit

    -> Recette and Tear (Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale)

    • Drink: Some kinda caffeinated beverage, making her even more jittery and hyper than she already is
    • Bounty Item: A piece of candy
    • Playstyle: Alternating between Tear's cautious style and Recette's more aggressive.
    • Unlockables:
    1. TF2: Tear (sits on the character's shoulder); Longsword
    2. XBL/PSN: Shoulder fairy; Recette's outfit
  • My first comment about this was a bit crap so here are my ideas relist

    Kenny from TWD
    Playstyle: Bluff or aggresive
    Bounty item: His hat ( Wearable in TF2)
    Drinks: Whiskey out of a bottle

    Engie from Team fortress 2
    Playstyle: Very good bluff but doesnt know when others do it
    Bounty item: Gunslinger(is then acquired for free in game)

    Duke Nukem
    Playstyle:Almost never folds doesnt understand bluff.
    Bounty item: Duke's shades when he takes them off there is another pair underneath
    Drinks: 6-pack beer (drink one can in a sip and throws it away)

    Postal Dude
    Playstyle: Knows when people bluff but he doesnt do it himself
    Bounty item: Throwable scissors (Scout's weapon in TF2)
    Drinks: Beer in a keg

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    TTG: Billy Yoder

    Valve: Nick from L4D2 (He's a conman, it would be interesting) or maybe Barney Calhoun.. I think he could bring in some fun conversation

    Adult Swim: Harvey Birdman or maybe Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    Misc: Jason Brody from Far Cry 3

    Dealer: Marcus from Borderlands

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