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    Excellent! This fanfiction has been amazing so far, just keep up the good work!

    Marak Gold. Yes Gold would be great. He lost his last money in this blasted tavern brawl. On the other hand, the chance to get a bit clos

    1. Marak. I was really surprised when you made him a viewpoint character, I was expecting him to be a Redshirt tbh, but his chapters have been awesome!
    2. Jaron
    3. Harren Hoare.
    4. The housekeeper I guess
    5. The intro, the Riverlands chapters, and the scene with the R'hllor visions.
    6. It's great, keep up the good work!

    So, that was Chapter I! I had tremendous fun writing it and I shall begin with writing for the next chapter tomorrow. But for now, I have a

  • 1.) I must say I have enjoyed Marak's chapters very much, he had a nice start in his first part that really introduced him well. And then that second chapter was amazing and gave us glimpse of his past. I also like Torvin and Jaron chapters.

    2.) Hmm.. Lucas is ok as a character but his chapters have been pretty slow so far (which is understandable in this point of the story). And Lyria, she is kinda meh for me.

    3.) Ah, this is so hard, I'm terrible at choosing a favorite character in any story. Well of course I love my Jaron :D Torvin, Marak, Lord Tully, those slaver dudes, there are some favorites for ya :D

    4.) Lyria

    5.) Torvin's, Marak's and Jaron's second chapters, and if I have to choose one, it's Torvin's. He and Lord Edmyn win my "Most Epic Moment of Chapter 1 -award" :D

    6.) Hmm, not really. Well I take it for granted that shit starts to hit the fan for some characters in future chapters and there will be more deaths.

    So, that was Chapter I! I had tremendous fun writing it and I shall begin with writing for the next chapter tomorrow. But for now, I have a

  • THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR MARAK FINALLY TELLING HER NOT TO CALL HIM TOUGH GUY AGAIN! That made my day like you have no idea, up until that point I was like, "she's stiiiiil sayyyyiiiiing iiiiittttttt." But you got me! Good chapter, I also liked the whole foreshadowing of the future (those who aren't familiar with the books are in for a treat!).

    I enjoyed that plot twist, and well, the letter in whole. Definitely a cool ending. I also liked that the reflection on the choices all seemed to be like they will be of great importance later on.

    Great work, once again, friend!

    Marak Gold. Yes Gold would be great. He lost his last money in this blasted tavern brawl. On the other hand, the chance to get a bit clos

  • Chapter I was absolutely amazing! You set a good storyline and made me really interested. I see that Willfred will appear in the second chapter and it seems exciting! But right now, I'd like to try to solve Marak's vision in the fire.

    ...a field of flowers, some bright and beautiful, some black and twisted, a swarm of black and orange butterflies flying over them, destroying them, leaving only the rotten behind...

    I think it is the Field Of Fire, a battle where Aegon won over Loren Lannister and Merne Gardener. Black and orange is Balerion, his dragon with black skin and orange fire.

    ...a red lion fighting a serpent at rainfall, the lion wounding the serpent, the serpent wounding the lion “Your line ends today!“, screams the serpent and plungs its teeth into the lion...

    Red lion is obviously Reynes but who is a serpenter? Since I created the members of house Reyne, I'm afraid to fidn out who exactly from that house fell before the serpenter.

    ...a winged woman on a yellow mountain, holding a golden whip, screaming for vengeance...

    Winged woman and a golden whip... Sounds like a dragon rider. It mights be Rhaenys' attempt to take over Dorne.

    ...lions and stags and squids and falcons fighting over a golden book, tearing it asunder, burning it to the ground...

    Lannister, Durrandons, Greyjoys and Arryns fighting over Raylansfair.

    ...a man wearing a bloody black crown, crying over four dead bodies, watching the sunrise...

    Now that's a hard one. Could be anyone.

    ...a silver-haired man standing next to a winged shadow, the shadow spitting fire in the air and burning, burning, burning everything...

    Field Of Fire again. Obviously Aegon and the dragons. endless wasteland, two armies fighting, a silver sun moving across the sky burning everything in it's path, one of the seven hells itself, until the silver sun falls from the sky and leaves only ruins and dead bodies, everything fallen...

    More Field Of Fire!

    ...everything falls, everything breaks, castles breaking, smallfolk breaking, dragons breaking, crowned men breaking, a broken man on a throne of swords, everything consumed by the fire, an old king with a mad gaze, yelling to burn them all, a lion attacking him, but still everything burns, consumed by fire, red fire, green fire

    Actually, it sounds like Robert's Rebellion (especially the mad king who says to burn everything, no doubt it's Aerys) but taking in mind the current situation, the burning of Harrenhall and death of king Harren sounds more possible.

  • 1) Okay, so Marak is great.

    **2) I have to agree with some of the others, Lucas' parts could be slow at times.

    **3) Tully

    **4) Lyria seemed kind of off, was it.

    **5) All of The Burning Man parts were tremendous.

    **6) I'm not really sure, to be honest. This is just...this is pretty damn good.

    So, that was Chapter I! I had tremendous fun writing it and I shall begin with writing for the next chapter tomorrow. But for now, I have a

  • I think that in that last part Marak saw a glimpse of future as far as Joffrey's reign and Battle of Blackwater. "...everything falls, everything breaks, castles breaking, smallfolk breaking, dragons breaking, crowned men breaking" I think that stuff could refer to Targaryen wars like Dance of Dragons (notice: dragons breaking). "An old king with a mad gaze, yelling to burn them all, a lion attacking him..." fall of Aerys and the Targaryen reign, "...but still everything burns, consumed by fire, red fire, green fire" Battle of Blackwater, red fire referring to Stannis and green fire to Tyrion's wild fire.

  • I have submitted my character at last! How do I know more about your plans in your writing?

  • Hahaha, what a story Marak.

  • Thanks for your character, I am sure I can use him :)

    Most of my plans aren't directly revealed to the reader, but I'll drop a few hints here and there where the story might be going. Sometimes you'll get foreshadowed (See the vision in the last part as an example). Should I have a question about your character, I will write you a private message. Should you have a specific question about the way your character acts in the story, the setting itself or how I'm going to handle certain events in the story, feel always free to write me a private message!

    I have submitted my character at last! How do I know more about your plans in your writing?

  • Those are some very good obervations from you and WildlingKing!

    I won't confirm anything until it happened in the story, but I can already tell you that you where right with some of them and that all of your theories make perfect sense. I'm happy that I apparently managed to write a vision that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

    And one thing I can confirm:

    an old king with a mad gaze, yelling to burn them all, a lion attacking him

    was indeed meant to be Aerys and Jaime, but yours is a very nice idea I actually haven't thought of!

  • Just submitted a character and will submit another with a relation to that character soon :)

    Awesome story so far!

    1. Lucas

    2. Lyria

    3. Leonard the Stately

    4. Harris Flowers

    5. The chapter that has Lucas and Lenny team up and attempt to speak with Ser Ilan.

    6. More character development.

    So, that was Chapter I! I had tremendous fun writing it and I shall begin with writing for the next chapter tomorrow. But for now, I have a

  • Decided to add another character :D I know there seems to be a lot of characters to be introduced but I hope you can find some small role for her :p And if not, it's okay, you really have a lot of characters there to bring in already :D

  • Thank you for the character! And don't worry, I can already think of a role for her.

    Of course, there are lots of characters, but it is going to be a long story and in future parts there will also be quite some death. Since I don't want to kill off undeveloped characters (or leave characters undeveloped in general), that necessarily means that the chapters will become longer, sometimes much longer than the first one. I intend to double the amount of PoV characters in this chapter and some more are already planned, so I can develop the characters without the scene feeling unnecessarily crowded. Some characters like Abbas and Bakr even give me ideas for completely new plotlines and as a result even more opportunities to introduce and develop your characters. And since I have great fun in writing this story, I am really looking forward on it becoming a bit longer than originally planned. The only downside about this is, that it could take a while until specific characters reappear in future parts and that the narrative could be seen as slow by some. But I'm sure future parts will give every plotline a faster pacing, regardless of how many there are.

    Decided to add another character I know there seems to be a lot of characters to be introduced but I hope you can find some small role for her And if not, it's okay, you really have a lot of characters there to bring in already

  • Thanks, for the character!

    I'm glad you like the story :)

    Just submitted a character and will submit another with a relation to that character soon Awesome story so far!

    1. Marak
    2. Lyria
    3. Noelle
    4. Lyria
    5. Talking with the burning man was pretty tense
    6. You haven't done anything wrong but you can never go wrong with some character growth throughout the season. Tough times are a great time to find out a characters true personality.

    So, that was Chapter I! I had tremendous fun writing it and I shall begin with writing for the next chapter tomorrow. But for now, I have a

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    Act I: A Fate Uncertain

    Chapter II: Broken Vows


    Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the hull of the Pale Princess, letting the wind play with her black hair. In the distance, the lush, green shore of Reach was visible. And since early morning, Ellena saw the silhouette of the tallest building she had ever seen. At first she thought that it had to be some sort of mountain. But as they came closer it became apparent that it had to be a building. Maybe some sort of tower. It had to be the tallest building she had ever seen in her whole life, even taller than the Titan, who guarded the lagoon of Braavos. And it got even taller the closer she got to it. Now it was afternoon and within the next thirty minutes they would reach Oldtown. The tower was huge. There was no other word for it. The city itself was also far larger than Braavos, albeit not nearly as beautiful. It looked rather shabby. Now that she thought about it, Ellena found it quite strange that she actually missed Braavos. She had spent all of her twelve years in the city of the hundred isles and hadn't realized how beautiful it was until she had left it. Still, she would not go back. She would never go back. She would find a new home.

    “An amazing sight, isn't it?“, she heard a voice behind her. As she turned around, she saw Terroma, a short and pudgy man of maybe fifty years, walking up the short ladder to the upper deck. He gave her a smile, thankfully with his mouth closed. Terroma was one of the nicest people she had ever met, but his smile could only be described as hideous, with his mouth being full of crooked, yellow teeth. His hairline was already receding, but he was still insisting on wearing a short ponytail. Ellena wasn't easily scared by people, but even she found his seemingly unending patience and kindness slightly unsettling at first. When she sneaked aboard the Pale Princess in Braavos, she hid in his cabin, believing it to be empty. When Terroma had entered his cabin that evening, she tried to hide under his bed, only for him to find her immediately. In the first moment, she had been afraid of him, believing him to be angry. But Terroma had proven himself to be different than she expected. He had listened to her story and after she was finished, he gave her a kind smile, patted her on the back and told her to sleep in the bed for the night, while he himself would sleep on the floor. It wasn't until the Pale Princess was unable to return to Braavos that Terroma decided to reveal the blind passenger. The captain had been angry of course, but his daughter seemed to be rather amused by the whole incident. In the end she was allowed to stay on board of the Pale Princess. Ellena soon learned that she had sneaked on a merchant ship, travelling between Braavos and the cities of Reach. She had spent the past two weeks aboard the ship, while it passed the Stepstone Islands and sailed along the arid shore of Dorne.

    “Have you ever been to Oldtown, Terroma?“, she asked the older man. She remembered that Terroma used to work as a merchant himself, before retiring at an early age. He looked in the distance, his eyes glancing the Hightower. “A few times, back when I was still working“, he said while his constant smile slightly faded.

    Ellena gave him a worried look. “Is everything alright?“, she asked. Terroma had proven himself to be a friend and seeing him unhappy worried her. Ever since her father died she hadn't had much friends. She spent the last year in an orphanage in Braavos. For a short moment she had to close her eyes. The orphanage hasn't been the best place in her life.

    Terroma still looked in the distance. “Not all memories are good“, he finally said, before looking at her. “But I don't want to worry you. Soon we arrive in Oldtown. It is a beautiful city, even though its true beauty is often overlooked, sometimes overshadowed by its hideousness...“

    Ellena smiled. “So Oldtown is like you and your teeth...“, she said with a slight chuckle. When Terroma raised an eyebrow she added “That's a metaphora“

    Terroma let out a short laugh and gave her a yellow smile. “For such a young girl you know a great deal about complex words. Yes, that was a metaphora. Albeit not a very good one, since I am by no means attractive, even when I have my mouth closed“

    They both started to laugh. Terroma was an easily likeable man and Ellena found it relaxing to joke with him. In more than one way, he reminded her of her father. Her father...

    As quick as it came, Ellenas smile faded. Her father was dead, murdered almost a year ago. Murder wasn't uncommon in Braavos, but the assassination of her father was still quite strange. Is it common that a few bodies are fished out of the canals every night. Braavos attracted shady folk like every other big city, perhaps even a bit more. As usual, the poor people were the casualties of this. But Ellenas father had been rich. They had lived in a big mansion. They had protection. Rich people were almost never murdered by common street killers. They were the domain of the Faceless Men...

    No! She mustn't think of that night! Ellena turned around, away from the soaring tower, away from Terroma, so that he could not see the tears she felt in her eyes. “Is everything alright Ellena?“, the older man asked. Ellena nodded. “I... think I'll go to the lower deck, see if I can help Talea a bit“, she answered and for a moment she was afraid her voice might crack. Terroma was kind enough not to say another word, as Ellena walked away from him and down to the lower deck. The lower deck was the realm of Talea, the captains daughter and indisputable bookkeeper of the Pale Princess. She was a few years older than Ellena and a bit taller, a plain-faced woman with fair skin and dark brown hair. Right now she was about to give one of the sailors his payment, a middle-aged Tyroshi with a forked green beard and sunburnt skin. Even before she was in reach to eavesdrop on the conversation, Ellena could see that the Tyroshi wasn't happy. Talea stood bolt upright, facing the Tyroshi, who in turn glared at her.

    “Twenty irons for your monthly service aboard the Pale Princess“, Talea listed. The Tyroshi nodded. “Twenty irons, yes m'lady!“, he said with a slow growl. “Then tell me why I only have fifteen in this purse...“

    Even though she could not see her face, Ellena was certain that Talea was smiling. This seemed to be her favourite spare-time activity. “Three coins subtracted two weeks ago, for breaking a bottle of cheap wine from Norvos. One coin subtracted for being pissed on duty. The last coin subtracted for the accidental entrainment of my father's silver spoon. And I am merciful with that last one, Moreo!“, she listed. The Tyroshi, Moreo, stomped with his feet. “Ah, go fuck yourself Talea...“, he grumbled and attempted to turn around. The captains daughter quickly grabbed his arm. “One more coin for insulting your superior. And another one for behaving like a petulant child!“, she said, while holding out her hand. Moreo muttered something in his green beard, but nonetheless handed her two more coins from his purse, before leaving the lower deck as quickly as possible.

    “Bloody fuckwit...“, Talea mumbled before turning around and noticing Ellena standing only a few steps behind her. Ellena couldn't refrain a grin when the accountants face dropped. “Ellena... You were not supposed to hear that last one...“, Talea said, but quickly regained her composure.

    Ellena shrugged. “Don't worry, I already know that word“, she claimed. This time Talea gave her a sly smile. “Not in the way I meant it, trust me. What are you doing here anyway? I thought you wanted to see how we enter the bay of Oldtown“, she answered

    “Already did. And already saw the tower. And I think I even saw the Citadel. Then I talked to Terroma and decided that I have enough of watching towers and citadels. Do you have anything to do?“, Ellena explained. The little banter with Talea was refreshing. He memory of that night was only a distant echo now.

    Talea shook her head. “Afraid not, sweetie. We're going to berth every moment. After dealing with Moreo...“, she started, but Ellena interrupted her. “The bloody fuckwit, right?“, she said with a mocking smile. Taleas cheeks turned slightly red, but only for a moment. “You really weren't supposed to hear that... Please, not a single word to Terroma...“, she said, but she smiled while she said it. “I doubt Terroma would disapprove. He never disapproves...“, Ellena answered.

    Talea shook her head. “He does. He is just more subtle about it than the rest of us. Anyway, don't tell him, okay. He is like a fu... caring mother hen for you. After dealing with Moreo, the bloody fuckwit, I wanted to go upstairs either way, watching Oldtown from the safety of our Pale Princess, talking to my father“

    A call from the upper deck signaled that the Pale Princess was about to berth in the harbor of Oldtown. Talea and Ellena quickly made their way up and Ellena finally saw the city as a whole. It was huge, quite possibly the largest city she had ever seen. The harbor lacked the elegance of the Purple Harbor of Braavos, but was far bigger. Ships from all over the world were docked there. Ellena saw a swan ship from the Summer Islands, several trading ships from the Free Cities, countless Westerosi ships, even a ship that seemed to be of Ghiscari origin.

    “It's good to be back“, a voice behind her said. Terroma had once again managed to move in complete silence. The short man seemed to look at the city with anticipation. “Say, dearest Talea, how long will the ship stay in Oldtown?“, he asked. “We plan to stay six days, before travelling further to Raylansfair“, the accountant answered quickly. She had already told Ellena about Raylansfair, a cozy smalltown in the northern Reach that she took a special liking for. Once a year the Pale Princess took the journey through the Redwyne Straits, along the western shore to Raylansfair. Talea seemed to anticipate this part of the journey the most and Ellena was quite curious about it as well.

    “Do you plan to leave us in Oldtown, Terroma?“, Talea asked. Terroma wasn't part of the crew, instead he was simply a regular passenger on the Pale Princess. For this journey he apparently wanted to visit a friend in Oldtown. The retired merchant shook his head. “I do not intend to do so, dearest Talea. I'm going to meet my friend and hopefully return soon. For today, I only intend to take a walk through the city“, he explained. A walk through the city? Ellena looked up. She had never been to another city than Braavos. And Oldtown seemed to be remarkably different to Braavos. Maybe she could accompany Terroma for today. This city fascinated her. “Terroma... could I come with you today? I'd like to see this city“, she asked with a high-pitched voice and big eyes. That trick had always worked in her earlier life. And even though she was quite tall for her age, the cute little girl still worked. Terroma seemed to be uncertain only for a moment. “Of course you can, little Ellena“, he said with a soft voice.

    “Excuse me?“, Talea spoke. “She is twelve years old Terroma! And you know that Oldtown is dangerous. Too dangerous for a girl. What if you get attacked, or if she get's lost? Stay with me at the ship, Ellena. It won't be boring. Maybe I can show you the harbor“

    Terroma smiled and showed his crooked teeth. “Dangerous? Don't you worry Talea, I know Oldtown well. It isn't dangerous here, not with me around. Besides, Ellena is almost a grown woman herself. Let her make her own decisions“ With these words both of them looked at Ellena.

    [Go with Terroma into the city] [Stay with Talea aboard the Pale Princess]


    Torvin could tell that Lord Tully was ready to do everything to ensure the safety of his family. Just like him. “I don't intend on taking one step less than you, Lord Tully. Harwyn Hardhand took the Riverlands by force. Harren never did anything to achieve his right. And yet, he takes your gold and your men, takes everything we hold dear. I say it is time that he pays the iron price for all of this!“, he answered firmly, while carefully maintaining eye contact to the Riverlord.

    Tully seemed to be pleased. “And it shall be a stiff price...“, he added. “You don't fear death, Captain Breaker?“, he asked. Torvin shook his head. He had never feared death. And regardless what some people claimed, Harren Hoare wasn't worse than death. “When I was a newborn, I had to undertake the Drowning on behalf of my grandfather. The Drowned Priest hold me under the water of the rocky shore of Pyke. He did it for a moment too long and I stopped breathing. He managed to revive me, but I left every fear and every doubt in the water on that day. There is a common saying among the worshippers of the Drowned God, Lord Tully. What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger“, Torvin said. Lord Tully gave him an approving nod. “So, that is the meaning of this Drowning... I see. Captain Breaker, your support comes both, highly appreciated and highly unexpected. I have to think about this and I guess you should as well“

    Tully turned around and looked down the empty hallway. “I will gather my most loyal men. One of them owns property near Harrenhal. Follow the street on the eastern shore of the God's Eye for five miles, then turn left onto a small trail. You'll find a cottage in the woods. It might not be a very groundbreaking hideout, but it is safe. Safer than these walls at least. We will meet there two hours after midnight. You can bring your men too, but only those you can trust unconditionally“, he spoke and turned around one last time, this time reaching his hand out. “What is dead may never die!“, he said. Torvin shook his hand. “Family, Duty, Honor“, he answered. Tully gave him a short smile, yet his gaze was still as fierce as before. Then he turned around, walking down the hallway. Torvin noticed that he seemed to be taller than before, no longer resembling a humiliated fish, but more a lion about to attack. The captain went the other way, to his chamber. There was a lot he had to think about.

    While talking to Lord Tully, the court session must have ended. Torvin came across several Riverlords and their entourage. They avoided any eye contact. Some of Harrens captains on the other hand gave him quite unsettling looks. Lord Orkwood seemed to be amused when he saw him. Lord Blacktyde gave him a triumphant glare. There was little love for Torvins family among the other captains. Originating from the offspring of thralls and salt wifes, the family continually worked to gain more power, but was still loathed by some of the more traditional houses, mainly the Orkwoods and Greyjoys. Only thanks to his great-grandfathers bravery during the siege of Seagard was the family able to become somewhat respected. And his father destroyed this respect. Now it was up to Torvin. He won't let his family fade into insignificance once more. He would bring their honor back!

    When Torvin entered his chambers, Garthon was already awaiting him, as he expected. His younger brother sent him a furious glare as he entered. “Do you want to tell me what you just did?“, he asked, his voice barely concealing his rage. In all his life Torvin had rarely seen his brother so angry. “Do you want to tell me why you just outright announced to the king that you intend to ally yourself with Edmyn Tully?“, he asked again, this time a bit louder.

    Torvin shook his head. “I never announced that, brother. You must be mistaken“ He knew that this answer made it only worse. But he had no intentions to justify his actions, not towards Garthon. His brother wasn't the white sheep he liked to style himself as. He had done questionable things for the family himself. He had no right to judge him now!

    “Are you stupid, brother? What you did was noticed! Lord Orkwood told me that we are finished now. He didn't even try to conceal his glee! As he left the Great Hall, the King gave me a look that underlined Orkwoods statement. He knows, brother!“, Garthon exclaimed, now almost screaming. He took a step closer towards his brother. Torvin wasn't impressed the slightest. Orkwood. Greyjoy. Blacktyde. Three houses, who had a strong dislike for the Breakers. On the other hand, the houses Harlaw and Codd were quite friendly towards them. Harren Hoare had no evidence against him and not even he would turn against his captains without it. And even if he would, Torvin wouldn't give him any reason to target Garthon as well. “This is my choice, brother. This won't affect you, so stay out of it!“, Torvin growled.

    Garthon looked at him with cold rage and disappointment. “You say it won't affect me? Have you forgotten all the things I already had to do for you? In the end it is always me! It is always me, fixing the things you have broken with your damned pride and your obstinacy! And you... you don't even care. You will kill us both and it doesn't even matter for you, as long as you can restore our fucking honor!“ Years of disappointment forced their way into Garthons gaze. Torvin noticed. It did not matter. He wouldn't tolerate another insolence from Garthon. Not in this matter. “And even if you don't care that he will target me... Do you think it will stop with you and me? He will target your little bitch in Pyke, I guarantee it!“

    Torvin narrowed his eyes and took a step closer. “What have you said?“, he growled. It was true. He had a paramour in Pyke, but he hadn't seen her for months. Harren Hoare wouldn't target her, he didn't even know about her. He wouldn't.

    Instead of evading his gaze, Garthon took another step closer. “You heard me, Torvin Breaker. He will skin your little girl alive, while having her raped by Harmund and Harlan. And do you know what? If your plan fails, she will deserve it. That is called 'kin liability'

    Torvin didn't answer, at least not directly. He gave his brother a swift punch to the face, followed by another one to the chin. Garthon did not go down immediately, but managed to throw a fierce punch into Torvins face himself. Both brothers took a step back and slowly eyed each other. Garthon bleeded and Torvin could feel warm blood running down his own nose.

    His brothers face was a mask of barely controlled rage. “Fine, brother. Do what you want. Let yourself be killed...“, Garthon spoke with a cold voice. “I will go down with you and you don't even care. You're so confident, so full of yourself. Work with the Riverlord, kill the tyrant. But Harren Hoare isn't someone who can be disposed so easily, or else someone would have done it a long time ago. I hate the man at least as much as you. I probably hate him even more, since I care for more than just our honour“, he said and wiped the blood from his nose away with the back of his hand.

    “What do you want to say, Garthon?“, Torvin asked, his eyes narrowed. He knew, Garthon had a good point. It was foolish. But it was brave. And the only honourable thing to do.

    “You're going to drag us both down and I can't do anything against it... I might as well go down fighting and spitting Hoare in his face. The only alternative would be joining Harren and betraying you. And I could never stoop so low. We can blow punches at each other as long as we want. That won't change what you ae going to do. And what I have to do. When you talk to Lord Tully the next time... I want to accompany you. We should fight together, not against each other! Let me come with you, brother. Maybe together we can stop this family from going down“, Garthon pleaded.

    [Let Garthon come with you] [Make Garthon stay in Harrenhal]

  • [Go with Terroma into the city] If I were there, I would prefer to visit another place than getting bored.

    [Let Garthon come with you] We need always count on the brother.

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

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    {Go with Terroma into the city}

    {Make Garthon stay in Harrenhal)

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    [Stay with Talea aboard the Pale Princess] OLDTOWN DANGER!!!!

    [Make Garthon stay in Harrenhal] LIAR!!!

    Awesome Chapter!!!

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • Thanks for introducing Ellena already. It's also really good!

    [Go with Terroma into the city.] I trust him, it doesn't seem too dangerous if they're together.

    [Let Garthon come with you.] Garthon is right, despite him being a little rude.

  • (Go with Terroma into the city)

    (Make Garthon stay in Harrenhal)

    ....Hopefully it doesnt delete my comment again

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • And here we go again! Nice start for chapter 2 :)

    [Go with Terroma into the city] Little excitement for Ellena :)

    [Let Garthon come with you] If you can't trust your brother then who can you trust? If Garthon is a traitor then we're screwed but whatever :D

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • [Go with Terroma into the city]

    [Make Garthon stay in Harrenhal]

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • [Stay with Talea aboard the Pale Princess]

    [Make Garthon stay in Harrenhal]


    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

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    [Stay with Talea aboard the Pale Princess] Stranger danger lol.

    [Let Garthon come with you] You might as well have Garthon with you, right?

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • [Go with Terroma into the city]

    [Let Garthon come with you]

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • [Go with Terroma into the city]

    [Let Garthon come with you]

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • [Go with Terroma into the city]

    [Let Garthon come with you]

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

  • [Go with Terroma into the city] and [Let Garthon come with you]

    Act I: A Fate Uncertain Chapter II: Broken Vows Ellena Ellena sat at the railing, watching the waves below her crashing against the

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    Ellena will accompany Terroma to Oldtown

    Torvin will allow Garthon to meet Lord Tully with him

    I'm afraid I have two bad news today:

    First, university has started again. This basically means that I'll have less time for the next months. I'll still write as often as possible, but while it usually took me 1-2 days for the new part in Chapter 1, expect the new schedule to be closer to 2-3 days of writing.

    Second, I'll be going on a short trip for the weekend, meaning the new part won't be up until Sunday or possibly Monday. I will still be able to stay on the forum via phone, but there is no way I'm going to finish writing the part with it ;)

    The part is almost halfway written though and will introduce some new characters I'm really looking forward to.

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    the new part won't be up until Sunday or possibly Monday

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    For the next part, expect coats of gold and coats of red.

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    the new part won't be up until Sunday or possibly Monday Well, screw that! To my own surprise, I have Wi-Fi and plenty of time in th

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    The part turned out a bit longer than I planned and as a result, it will be split again. It would be easier if you vote under the second part. Also, please note that the keyboard I am writing this part with sucks big time and it probably missed a few letters from time to time. I am also certain that did a few more grammatical errors than usual. Please, accept my apologies.


    Willfred looked down from the highest tower and saw the procession slowly nearing the castle. The king preferred not to travel with his whole court and Willfred counted not more than about fifty horses, slowly advancing the rugged and bleak path that lead up to his father's castle. He saw a multitude of different banners however. Apparently the king travelled with an excessive amount of nobles. Of course, the golden lion of Lannister was the most prominent banner, but Willfred also saw the burning tree of House Marbrand, the black and white boar of House Crakehall and, much to his surprise, the six seashells of Westerling. So, the King of the Rock was bringing him to Castamere? Willfred stood up from the comfortable position he lay in. Castamere was not a big castle on the surface, but it's southern tower was huge enough to look down the mountainous path and the valley below. When he was younger, Willfred believed that he could see all of his families land from up here. While he knew better now, it did not lessen the breathtaking view. The area around Castamere wasn't very fertile, quite barren, with only little trees and bushes and slightly yellowish grass. It was also quite mountainous and the most beautiful landscape Willfred had ever seen. His familys wealth came from the deep silver mines under Castamere. They had lived here for centuries. Every mountain, every river, every village he could see belonged to his father. And over everything waved the banner of the red lion of Reyne. Dark clouds were looming at the sky. Soon there would be rain.

    “Will? Are you up there?“, a female voice called him out. Willfred rolled with his eyes before turning to the ladder leading down the tower. “What is it?“, he asked, slightly annoyed, before starting to climb the ladder down. Of course he could imagine what was expected from him. The King of the Rock decided to pay Castamere a visit and the whole family was needed to greet him. Apparently the king also wanted to hold a war council with his generals, right at Castamere and as Lord Reynes oldest son, Willfred had to attend. Not like he did not want to. This war council was actually one of the things he looked most forward too on this day. It was more the fact that he wasn't that eager to spent hours in a dusty old chamber, together with his father, several lords of the Rock and King Loren Lannister, his soon-to-be father-in-law.

    For a short moment, his thoughts wandered to Lorna, the king's daughter. Blonde hair, blue eyes, like all Lannister have. Tw years younger. A pretty body and an even prettier face. It was mainly his fathers credit that the king agreed to this marriage. Lorna Lannister was a renowned beauty, like most of her family, but even more important, she was a Lannister. Among her suitors had been several lords of the Vale and Reach and according to some rumors, even Harmund Hoare, eldest son of King Harren the Black. His father had done much for the Lannisters and eventually King Loren agreed, albeit still reluctantly. Even though Willfred had only seen her a few times, he was already looking forward to it. But every time he and the king were in the same room, he was afraid to say something that might ruin their relationship.

    “Will!“, the voice called again. Willfred sighed, looked down and saw his younger sister standing at the bottom of the ladder. Alanna was almost a copy of her young mother, a tall and skinny girl with high cheekbones and deep blue eyes. Willfred noticed that she had her long blonde hair carefully styled for the event. He also realized that she had cried recently. How completely unexpected… “Alanna!”, he said in audibly feigned surprise. “How did you find me?”

    Alanna scoffed. “Two-Face told me…”, she said with a low voice. Willfred laughed with a slightly mocking tone. Alanna was afraid of his bodyguard "Two-Face", albeit there was little to be afraid of. “He is such a gossip…”, he said, while climbing down the ladder. “And besides, there is only one place in this whole castle where you could stay all morning”, Alanna added. “Come on now, father wants us to gather in the courtyard!”

    “By the way sister, have you just cried?” Willfred gave his sister a sly smile, while walking towards the staircase that leads down the tower and into the courtyard. Alanna rolled her eyes at him and did not answer at first. That was typical for her. Crying. It was adorable when she was younger, but now, Willfred found it annoying. And he was sure that her future husband would find it annoying too. Maybe that was one of the reasons her father hadn't found a suitable husband for her yet.

    “I am afraid Will…”, she finally said with a weak voice. Ah, Seven Hells. Willfred stopped, turned around and immediately hugged his sister. Annoying or not, he could tell when she was serious and he could tell when she was afraid. And he didn’t want her to be afraid, he preferred the joyful and kind-hearted Alanna. She began to weep softly. “I am afraid that the king sends you and father into war…”, she whispers. Will had no answer for this, except hugging her tighter. He wasn’t afraid of war, but then again, he never went into war before. What if the king would send him to the Riverlands? He had no answer, instead he could just give his sister a gentle hug. And he could try not to be afraid himself. “We should get down. Dry your tears, sister, you don’t want to let the king see them, do you? Think about it, you’ll get to see Tino again!” Tinnet, their younger brother, would come with the king. Alanna gave him a weak nod, before they both continued the way down. It started to rain.

    “Willfred! Alanna! Come over here, the king will arrive every moment!”, Willfred heard his mother calling. In her youth, she had been looking quite similar to Alanna and in Willfreds earliest memories, she still did. Three births had caused her to gain a little weight and her hair was also much shorter than Alannas. For Willfred she was still the most beautiful woman in the Rock. Well… Lorna Lannister was probably more beautiful. Still, his mother was definitely the kindest person in the Rock, at least towards her family. Next to her stood his father, a tall and muscular man with short black hair and a bushy black beard. Willfred was quite thankful that he inherited his fathers unusual hair colour. It helped to set him apart from the people of the Rock, who usually had blonde hair. He looked at Willfred with a stern look on his face, his usual look. “Come on, boy. Get ready, the King arrives!”, he said and Willfred was happy to oblige.

    Almost the whole household was present on the courtyard, from the captain of the guard to the lowest servant. Two-Face was there, House Reynes loyal bodyguard. His true name was a matter of debate, but as an old friend of Willfreds father, nobody cared to ask. According to Alanna, Two-Face real name was Walder. But Walder would be a pretty unfitting name for a man with such a monstrous appearance. He was tall, muscular with black hair and a thick beard. What gave him his nickname were the burn scars on one side of his face. They weren’t as bad looking as his nickname made them seem to look and certainly not as bad looking as in the stories about him, but still noticeable and according to Two-Face they originated from dragon fire. But Two-Face told many stories when he was in a good mood. Behind Alanna stood her handmaiden, Lea, a thin young woman with the black hair of a northerner, blue eyes and unusually slightly pointed ears. Right now, Lea was wiping Alannas face dry. When she noticed Willfreds stare, she gave him a friendly smile. A smile and that was it. Lea rarely spoke when high nobles were present. She came from the north and was Alannas haindmaiden ever since she arrived in Castamere, ten years ago. And while she was a really kind and pleasant girl, she was almost ridiculously shy. In his younger years, Willfred loved to prank Lea. But as he grwed up, he developed a deep friendship to her. Yes, it certainly seemed like everyone wanted to meet the King. Willfred stood between his sister and his father. Alanna indeed had managed to dry her tears. A short trumpet blast from the walls announced the arrival of the king. The gate was opened and a small man in official attire rode in, followed by the King and his entourage. Willfred took a deep breath. He was always a bit nervous when meeting the king.

    “His Majesty, Loren of House Lannister, first of his name, King of the Rock!”, the man announced announced. “Ser Lucion Lannister, heir of the Rock! His squire, Tinnet Reyne! Lord Stefron Marbrand, Lord of Ashemark! Lord Quentyn Crakehall, Lord of Crakehall! General Vashord Tallian, as the representative of House Westerling of the Crag!”

    When the last name was called, Willfred noticed his father’s eyes narrowing. There was little love between Lord Darren Reyne and General Vashord Tallian. Tallian was one of King Lorens highest-ranking officers, a strict man and brilliant strategist, but also the most vocal critic when it comes to the Reynes’ reluctance of participating in the war against the Ironborn. Right now he was wearing full armor in red and gold, but without a helmet. The general was younger than Willfred thought and a bit on the heavy side, with pale skin and short brown hair. Alanna grabbed his arm. “There he is!”, she said with barely concealed excitement. Willfred shifted his attention to the King. Loren Lannister wasn’t as handsome as the Lannisters usually were, but he was tall, with broad shoulders and a gaunt face. His deep blue eyes had a cold, determined look on them, his short blonde hair was carefully back-kempt and he was always completely clean-shaven. The king wasn’t as charismatic as his predecessors had been, but he was a brilliant man with high militaric knowledge and an appreciation for warfare. The right king for times of war. A leader, not to be loved, but to be followed. Willfreds own strategic knowledge certainly helped in winning the hand of Lorens daughter. Unfortunately she wasn’t attending this event. Instead Lucion, the kings only son was coming with him. He was far less pleasant company, at least for Willfred. Lucion was even taller than his father and by all means a very handsome man, with shining blue eyes and a kind smile. For Willfred it looked like he was mocking him. Next to Lannister walked Willfreds youngest brother Tinnet, Lucions squire. While Willfred got his looks mainly from his father and Alanna mainly from her mother, Tinnet looked like a weird mix between them. He had his mother’s physique, paired with the black hair and hazel eyes of his father. As soon as he saw his siblings, a bright smile appeared on his face. They hadn’t seen each other for months.

    The king walked up to Willfreds father, who got on his knees, together with the rest of the household. Willfred got on his knees too, but noticed that the kings entourage preferred to stand, or even remain in the saddle. “Your grace! It is an honor to welcome you in Castamere!”, his father said. Willfred looked up and saw a smile appearing on King Lorens face. “And I am honored to be your guest, Darren!”, he proclaimed, while giving him a handshake. Afterwards he looked at the rest of the family. A smile appeared on his face as he hugged Willfreds mother. “Mileena! It’s good to see you!” Meanwhile his father and General Tallian limited their greeting to a short nod and a cold glare. King Loren had finished greeting Willfreds mother and walked up to his future good son. “Willfred. I hope you feel well…”, he said, while carefully looking at him. Willfred knew, he wasn’t the kings first choice as a son-in-law, but he was ready to prove his worth. “I’m feeling fine, your grace. Thank you. I hope your journey was good”, he answered. Loren gave him a smile. “It has been a bit rainy”, he answered. Willfred felt obliged to give him at least a weak laugh. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his mother smiling while the handsome Lord Marbrand, a short man with bright red hair, took a gallant bow in front of here. Then he saw Tinnet running up to his sister and giving her a tight hug. Alanna was crying again, this time clearly out of joy. She had always been close to Tinnet and in recent years he had spent more time in Casterly Rock than in Castamere. Everyone in Castamere loved Tino, but for Alanna, the seperation it had been the hardest. In earlier years, they were inseperable, always roaming the castle and the mines, looking for an adventure. King Loren smiled as he saw Alannas joy. For a man as stern and unadorned as Loren, he had a surprising fondness for the joy of others. It was one of the reasons why Willfred felt a deep sympathy for the man. A deep sympathy, mixed with a slight fear for his sternness. “Your brother deeply missed you, Willfred. You should talk to him. We have a small war meeting this evening, just me, your father, Lucion, General Tallian and the lords Marbrand and Crakehall. I’d be honored if you would join us” Of course, Willfred knew this already. His father had told him days ago. With these words, Loren turned around, walking up to Willfreds father again, who talked to the elderly Lord Crakehall right now. Two-Face walked up to General Tallian and gave him a friendly handshake. The two men had served in several battles against the Ironborn and Two-Face held the general in surprisingly high regards.

    “Will!” As Willfred turned around, he saw Tinnet, who gave him a hug. Now as he was closer, Willfred realized that Tinnet had grown considerably since they have seen each other the last time. In his red and gold clothing he looked like a young lord. And if his hair had been blonde, he could have passed as a Lannister. “Tino! Look at you, all grown up. Soon all the girls in the Rock will chase you!”, Willfred laughed, while Tinnets face got red. “You are embarrassing Will…”, he mumbled.

    A bright laugh came from the kings son, who just walked up to them. Willfred noticed that Alanna blushed. Lucion Lannister was certainly handsome and Alanna hd a weakness for handsome princes. He was around Willfreds age and almost as good as a fighter. The two times they have sparred with each other had ended in victories for the Lannister, but Willfred knew that Lucion just got lucky these times.

    “The girls already chase him, Willfred! You should see my sisters dim-witted handmaidens all gushing over him when we walk around the castle”, Lucion said with a kind smile. “How are you, brother?”, he asked. Willfred wanted to tell this arrogant Lannister that he wasn’t his brother. Not yet. And being brother to Lucion Lannister certainly was one of the downsides of his engagement. But what he instead said was “I am fine… Really. I hope your journey had been alright, Lucion”

    Lucion shook his head. “It rained all day”, he answered with a slight smile. Seven hells, this joke hadn’t even been funny when the king said it! Willfred gave him a cold look, but Lucion didn’t even seem to notice it. “How is your training going, Will? We should spar, maybe after the greeting is over. What do you think?”

    Yes, what did he think? He would love to wipe the floor with this arrogant Lannister boy. He would love to prove that he was better. On the other hand, would the king appreciate that? Maybe it was better to adjourn the sparring their next meeting in a few months, when no king and no father could disapprove of their behavior.

    [Agree to spar with Lucion after the war meeting] [Decline to spar with Lucion]

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    Like I said before, the part will be split due to the length. Please, vote under this part for both parts!


    It was evening when they saw the lights of a large two-story building in the distance. A tavern maybe? Lucas certainly hoped it was a tavern and he could tell that Leonard hoped the same. In the early morning, Leonards horse stepped on a snake and fell badly. While Leonard only got a few bruises from the fall, the horse broke it’s leg. They had to put the poor animal down and the remaining horse had to carry both of their equipment now. Lucas and Leonard had to walk all day, only stopping two times, to eat a bit and to talk to a farmer, who had seen a boy who looked like Dairon yesterday, riding like the Stranger himself was behind him. With a bit of luck he had managed to kill his horse by now. In that case they should have catched up with him soon.

    “Have you ever been to this area, Len?”, Lucas asked. He had never traveled around the western Reach himself that much, but was more familiar with the Stormlands, where he had travelled for about half a year after he was knighted. Afterwards he had travelled to Essos to fight in a small mercenary company. But Reach, his homeland, was still unfamiliar for him.

    “A few times actually. Up there is one of the most important crossroads in Reach. The road to the west leads to Highgarden. To the north lies the kingdom of the Rock. To the south we’re coming to Oldtown and Honeyholt. Down there is a tavern, the “Hammered Harp”. Probably the only house in this area without bed bugs… and the wenches aren’t bad either”, Leonard explained with a sly grin. Lucas rolled his eyes. “You speak from experience?”, he asked, without even wanting to hear an answer. “Nah, just mentioned it in case you want to. I don’t like whoring around, believe me or not”, Leonard answered. That slightly surprised Lucas. Leonard “the Stately” got quite some attention from women, mainly for his auburn hair and his scar. A scar like the one in Leonards face would have been disfiguring many other men. For Leonard it only added to his “experienced warrior”-look the women seem to like. Lucas wasn’t bad looking either, as far as he could judge it himself, but he never reached Leonards level of popularity in Raylansfair.

    “Now you surprise me, Len. I always thought you were one for the easy girls”, Lucas said mockingly. The look Leonard gave him could be described as cold, but that would be like comparing the winter nights in Reach to those beyond the Wall. “Easy Leonard, I’m just kidding you. After that thing with the Impaler you still owe me, remember?”, Lucas answered quickly. Seems like he had touched a nerve. “Bad experience?”, he asked, slightly more sympathetic. Lenard nodded. “You can’t even imagine, Flowers… But I’m not going to tell you now!”, he said, the sharp glance disappearing. He shivered for a short moment, even though the night was pretty mild.

    The Hammered Harp was now directly in front of them. It was tall for a tavern, with large windows and even a small stable. Apparently the innkeeper was growing his own crops around the tavern. Somebody was playing “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” on a harp, with a deep male vice singing horribly along the lines. Maybe one of the people in this inn had seen Dairon. And if not, at least he would be able to sleep in a real bed tonight. In Essos he had spent weeks sleeping on the rocky ground, but it never got any easier. Essos… not all of his memories from there were good, but at least he was independent there. He had travelled with a small group of mercenaries, the Gutters and fought for a magister from Myr, a small man with the darkest eyes Lucas had ever seen.

    “Well, I’ll be damned…”, he heard a voice behind him. Lucas and Leonard flipped around, Lucas with his hand on the hilt of his sword. Out of the shadows of the barn came a muscular man around Lucas age, with a short brown stubble and with a large scar on his face that costed him his left eye. He gave Lucas a bright smile. “Lucas Flowers, you sly bastard! What the hell are you doing here?” With these words he took a step closer. Leonard looked at Lucas, who started to make a big grin. Now what are the chances for this? “Temari! What are you doing here?”, he asked, giving the other man a friendly handshake. Temari Keys was one of the mercenaries he travelled with in Essos. Usually he was cold and kept his distance, but his smile right now indicated that he was almost overjoyed. And probably not sober. “We’re on our way to a job, Lucas! Come inside, Gutten will be so happy when he sees you, maybe he will piss himself!”, Temari answered.

    “What the… Flowers, do you know that guy?”, Leonard asked, carefully eyeing Temari. Temari noticed that. “You have a problem with me, mate? Is that guy with you, Lucas?”, the mercenary asked with a hostile tone. Lucas rolled his eyes. Temari liked getting into fights and Leonard was n coward either. That could be interesting… “Temari, that is Ser Leonard Constantine. We’re looking for a boy, an apprentice of Raylansfairs Maester”, Lucas explained. Temari gave Leonard a cold glare with his one good eye and nodded. “Then come in! Maybe Gutten can tell you more about that”, he said and went into the tavern.

    The tavern wasn’t as full as Lucas expected from the noise. It could hold a few dozen people in the main room, but right now there were far fewer. Three women sat on a table, watching a tall man in full armour, dancing with a young red-haired woman in his arms. The man was in his late thirties and wore an eyepatch over his right eye. He had very short brown hair, together with a mustache. A pretty girl with light brown hair sat in a corner, playing the harp. Playing the “Bear and the Maiden Fair” Gutten loved that song. After hearing it for dozen times a day in Myr, Lucas got a bit sick from it however.

    "Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air.

    My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!

    And off they went from here to there,

    The bear, the bear and the maiden fair."

    The man sang along the lines, completely out of tone and with a horrible singing voice, while spinning the young girl in his arms around. She clearly enjoyed it and even did him the favour of sighing and squealing and kicking the air in a joyful manner. As soon as the man saw Lucas he gently put the girl to the ground and let out a loud laugh.

    “Lucas Flowers! Seven Hells, what are you doing here? Come on, my friend, give me a hug!”, he shouted over the tavern, while walking towards Lucas. “It’s good to see you, John”, Lucas exclaimed. He hadn’t seen John Gutten and his mercenaries for over a year. The man hadn’t changed at all, except for a new scar on his right upper arm. He pulled Lucas into a firm hug. “Aylard! Bring my friend here a jug of your best!”, John shouted. The innkeeper, a brown-haired tree of a man, gave an approving nod “Will do, Sir Gutten”, he answered. Behind the innkeeper, Lucas noticed an old warhammer on the wall. The girl with the harp got up and walked into a backroom, while the red-haired wench gave Lucas a wink before walking behind the bar.

    “Sir Gutten? Are you a knight now?”, Lucas asked, to which John started to laugh. “If I didn’t know you so well, I’d probably punch you for that. Why should I become a knight, fancy Ser Flowers?”, he asked, accompanied by a laugh. Yes, he was definitely not sober. But John Gutten was pleasant company even when he was pissed drunken, at least once Lucas got to know him better. Usually the man was cold and distant, but very kind to his mercenaries and a boisterous man when drunken.

    “Come on, grab a seat. I have to introduce you to our newest member!”, John exclaimed, basically dragging Lucas to the table. Three women sat there. Lucas recognized Janae, Johns second-in-command. She was attractive, with long black hair and the bronze skin of the people from Essos, but with a cold look in her dark eyes. She wasn’t smiling, but instead gave Lucas an approving nod. Janae rarely smiled and rarely spoke to him, but from what he had heard about her, she used to live in slavery, but escaped about fifteen years ago. Numerous scars on her body still showed the hardships of her past life and the look in her eyes while killing something told Lucas everything he needed to know about her. Still, he was happy to see her again. Janae had her good moments as well. Next to her sat a young girl with brown hair, deep brown eyes and olive skin. Lucas did not recognize her at first but then he looked over to Temari and his jaw dropped. “Behara?”, he asked in disbelief. Behara Keys, Temaris younger sister was almost a grown woman now. She gave him a pretty smile and Lucas felt that he blushed. “I… haven’t recognized you!”, he exclaimed and Gutten laughed again. “Not many people do. Our Behara has grown into a fine woman, hasn’t she?” Lucas joined in his hearty laugh. It felt great to see them again! Then he looked at the third woman at the table. He did not recognize her at all. And until now, Janae and Behara had been the only women in Guttens small group. She was a pale woman in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes. While not less attractive than Janae, she had the same cold look in her eyes. Regardless of that, she gave Lucas a surprisingly sweet smile. “So, you’re the knight who rode with mercenaries? Gutten can’t stop talking about that time when you killed the crossbowmen near Volantis” Lucas had to laugh when she mentioned that particular incident. “Two crossbowmen. And John attracted their fire”, he clarified. The woman let out a hearty laugh “Gutten tells a better story”, she said before patting Lucas on the back. “Samantha Ducard. I joined the Gutters in Pentos, seven months ago”, she introduced herself. The red-haired barmaid that danced with Gutten came to the table and gave Lucas a jug of ale. As she walked away, Gutten gave her a light slap on the butt. “You should be careful with Sammy. A nice smile, until she gets into a fight. That girl is like Janae, only twelve years younger” Janae gave him a look of feigned disapprovement. “How charming you are, my bear”, she said with a cold scoff. John gave her a bright smile. “Always, my maiden fair” At least with these two nothing had changed. They were like an old married couple.

    A loud noise mad Lucas and Gutten look up. Temari and Leonard looked at each other. One of them had just thrown a metal jug of beer on the ground. Another inn worker, a blonde woman in her early thirties came over and began t wipe the beer from the floor. “You don’t even know me and still you dare to judge me?”, Leonard asked with a colt voice. Temaris look was equally cold. “I know people like you. You think you’re something better, just because you are a knight. I can’t stand this arrogance”, he answered and looked over to Lucas. “Hey Lucas, there’s good news! Me and Ser Constantine agree with each other that we dislike each other”

    Guttens eyes narrowed “That other guy is with you?”, he asked. John could be friendly and jovial with his friends, but towards strangers he could be outright cold. “He helps me on a case. He has his good sides”, he answered. Of course, Leonard had his good sides, mostly when he was quiet. Gutten shrugged. “That’s enough for me. I fought side by side with men who had no good sides”

    Temari walked up to their table and placed his hands on Beharas shoulders, while Leonard sat on another table. “No way I’m sitting down with these guys, Flowers. I can tell when I’m not wanted somewhere. Come on, sit with me. I think I owe you a beer for the thing with Ilhan. And we should really plan our next steps. Our target isn’t here, so we should think about getting on the road again”, the knight said.

    Temari laughed a cold and hateful laugh. “You don’t really think about doing that, don’t you? Let him sit alone. Tell us about your mission. Tell us about what happened in your last year. We have some catching up to do”

    Janae snorted “Catching up, huh? Lucas was gone for a year, he hadn’t missed that much”. But she sounded almost friendly when she said this. Samantha leaned back. “I only heard the stories. The knight of Flowers, they called you. You have to tell me what really happened in Volantis!” She didn’t sound that interested, Lucas realized. She was only trying to be polite.

    Lucas looked up at Gutten, who gave him a fatherly smile. Then he looked at Leonard, who sat all on his own. If the Gutters had one thing they all hated, it was needless arrogance. And if Leonard had one flaw, it was his needless arrogance. He wanted to sit down with Gutten, wanted to talk about old times. But could he really let Leonard spend the whole evening alone? The other knight just started to warm up to him.

    [Sit down with the mercenaries] [Sit down with Leonard]

  • [Decline to spar with Lucion]

    [Sit down with the mercenaries]

    Like I said before, the part will be split due to the length. Please, vote under this part for both parts! Lucas It was evening when

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    [Decline to spar with Lucion] I imagine that a spar would be a bad idea, at least for right now.

    [Sit down with the mercenaries] Hopefully Lenny understands, right?

    Like I said before, the part will be split due to the length. Please, vote under this part for both parts! Lucas It was evening when

  • [Decline to spar with Lucion]

    [Sit down with the mercenaries]

    Like I said before, the part will be split due to the length. Please, vote under this part for both parts! Lucas It was evening when

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