Season 2 Episode 5 Waiting Thread - Rated by NZ and Aus, Releasing Dec 19th, Trailer Out Now

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Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2

Please use this thread for discussion about game release dates and/or discussion about the wait for the next episode. Thanks!


December 14th

December 13th

December 12th

December 8th

November 23rd

November 22nd

November 18th

November 17th

November 15th

Please try to stick to genuine, on topic posts. This thread is meant for fans of both Minecraft and Telltale to wait for the game. Thanks!

Discussion of spoilers from past episodes is okay, but please do not discuss story spoilers (or share videos) relevant to this particular episode inside its own Waiting Thread - Episode Waiting Threads are meant to be spoiler free discussions where people can follow news updates and see if an episode is out yet.

Be respectful of personal boundaries towards Telltale Staff members (past and present). Keep all game discussions focused on the content and not the creators. Avoid posting social media content from staff members that is not related to official and intentional game promotion. Please note that most staff members cannot directly comment on future episode release dates, upcoming episode spoilers, etc.



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