Walking Dead The Final Season Character Names

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A few unusual names that have come up so far are Marlon, Abel, and Tenn (I think the full is Tennessee?). Hell, Clementine has been an unusual name.

So, what significance, if any, do you think any of the characters' names have?

For instance, Marlon is apparently a French baby name for "little falcon." To me, the character Marlon was very much like a little falcon in the sense he attempted to be a guiding force for the group (a falcon), but couldn't live up to actually being a good leader (little), as well as being a coward (also sometimes associated with little, which can be lack of bravery).

Abel seems to obviously come from Cain and Abel in the Bible. I'm not going to go into the full religious aspects of that since it's way too much to cover in a post. The name seems to be related to his role in that story though, be it truly or ironically. Not sure if the schoolhouse group and/or Clementine is supposed to be Cain.

So, what do you all think?


  • For Abel, it's also worth mentioning that he smokes Bible page cigarettes. For some reason.

  • Lotta folks gotta hold onto their pot in the ZA, and people're still leaving bibles all over, so burn what pages you can for a good smoke.

    You'd think they'd try, like, actual plants or something, though. Not being a smoker, I do hear non-weed plants are less enjoyable, but it's far more accessible than looking around for old books. When's the last time you've seen Walking Dead scenery without trees?

    protocol115 posted: »

    For Abel, it's also worth mentioning that he smokes Bible page cigarettes. For some reason.

  • Well, the connection between Abel and the bible cigarettes is quite obvious. Tennessee is also mentioned in the ending song once. I also don't know the North American landscape, so I have no idea if we actually are in Tennessee.

    "One time, friends, I had a ma
    I even had a pa
    He beat her with a belt once 'cause she cried
    She told him to take care of me
    Headed down to Tennessee
    It's easier than just waitin' around to die"

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