Walking Dead RP: The Forgotten Children

The Forgotten Children

“Welcome to Ericson’s Boarding School for Troubled Youth!”

Hello fellow roleplayers! We are a group of creative and driven roleplayers running a text-based roleplay on Discord named The Forgotten Children. As a way to practice our writing, and explore Telltale’s The Walking Dead world a little more, we set up this Discord server devoted to roleplaying!

How it works is pretty simple: Pick a character and, provided they’re not taken, you’ll be introduced to the server and be able to interact with other characters. You can find a link to a spreadsheet, with characters that are taken and if the roleplayer would like to swap their role, right here!

How does it work?

The Discord server has different channels, several of which are to post on. These are written in standard prose, where we encourage various rules to make sure that it reads well if we ever want to read it back. It’s a great way to practice writing, and when it’s done well - as we encourage - it’ll also be fun to help write!

There are also channels to talk about anything else - games, news, or just to have a bit of a natter - as we like to encourage socialising, rather than just write-write-writing all the time!

How do I join?

Get in touch with us! The moderation team can be found on Discord, under the following Discord tags:

The Mediocre Gatsby#7921

Or give us a message on the Telltale forums site - DesertStorm38, TheFifthBeatle (known as @CrazyN8Ball and @High-Flying-Bird on the forums, respectively) and @BHBrowne are findable on this site - or a comment here. Either will work, and we’ll aim to reply to all posts/messages regarding joining this endeavor as soon as we can! There are certain rules all members have to follow, and there is a ‘trial process’ to joining - to maintain a certain quality - and this can all be discussed on Discord or in PMs on this site.


Currently, there aren’t many characters taken. This is owing to our limited numbers. We will be writing based on The Final Season, so characters that have died prior - Lee, Kenny, Luke, etc. - are sadly not available. Right now, we have an opening for many characters - the spreadsheet linked above shows the currently taken characters - and we are, very rarely, allowing Original Characters to join. However, these are uncommon cases - we’d much prefer to keep canon characters the main focus, but we will review everything on a case-by-case basis! If you can’t access the spreadsheet, for whatever reason, we’ve included a list of taken canon characters below:

Clementine. Written by BHBrowne

Marlon. Written by TheFifthBeatle

Violet. Written by The Mediocre Gatsby

Aasim. Written by DesertStorm38

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • all the best characters are taken but I always appreciate Role-play so good luck.

  • I would've taken Louis but it's a pain typing through a phone.

  • That's unfortunate, but thank you for your interest regardless!

  • Howdy everyone, just wanted to give a reminder that this place is still up and running, if you have any questions regarding the RP or wish to join it yourself, feel free to contact me either through PMs here or through Discord, contact info for the latter is already on the intro post.

    Thanks for your time, hope to see you there!

  • Can I get a link? To the discord, i mean.

    CrazyN8Ball posted: »

    Howdy everyone, just wanted to give a reminder that this place is still up and running, if you have any questions regarding the RP or wish t

  • Howdy once again, we are still up and running and have planned out quite the journey if you so choose to join us.

    Join in for a unique and fun time that looks to aim higher than what we actually ended up with in canon. Basically, come on in if you wish to right the shit that was Take us Back.

    All contact info posted on the advert post above still applies, thanks for your time, and hope to see you on board soon!

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