Fancasting TWDG

If you don't know what fancasting is, it's when fans debate which actors would best portray the characters of a book/game/etc if it were turned into a movie. Of course that's unlikely to happen in this case, but I'm curious if there's a striking resemblance with any of the characters.

I hate to agree with Pewdiepie but Jaden Smith might be a contender as Louis. I could also see Willy being played by Noah Schnapp (Will in Stranger Things). What about the rest of the Ericson crew? James?

I figured someone might have already done this for previous seasons, but those characters are welcome too!


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    Truth be told I wouldn't want them to make a live action movie based on this game; but it is fun to discuss who you think would make good live action casing for these characters.

    I watched this video that displayed pictures of the voice cast by their characters and I noticed that Tenn and Violet's voice actors could probably pull off a convincing live action portrayal of their characters.

    Gideon Adlon has some similar facial features to Violet. If she was to cut and dye her hair it would be a pretty convincing match. Zaire Hampton basically looks like the real life equivalent of Tenn minus the scars of course.

  • Well, actually...

  • Chill

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    Well, actually...

  • Haha omg, who is that? He makes a pretty good Marlon

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    Well, actually...

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    Its Henry from the 2017 IT movie. I don't know the name of the actor

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    Haha omg, who is that? He makes a pretty good Marlon

  • Eva Green would make a nice Lilly.

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