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  • [Dragons? That sounds interesting.] Dragon gods, huh? That indeed sounds interesting.

    Glad to see my dear twins in the story. Can't wait for Alessa to kick ass and for Arto to do... well... stuff :D

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    Chapter 3 Freya the insidious route, a dark and creepy tunnel which to be expected to have all kinds of trouble within. She wasn’t afraid

  • [Dragons? That sounds interesting.]

  • [Dragons? That sounds interesting.]

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    Chapter 3 Freya the insidious route, a dark and creepy tunnel which to be expected to have all kinds of trouble within. She wasn’t afraid

  • Chapter 4

    Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a million years ago, a lone star fell down from the heaven onto a rocky land under a mountain and from it emerge a elegant serpent. It made its nest by a mountain, so tall it pierce the skies, the not so many inhabitants were captivated by its divine grace and they began to worship it.

    The serpent protected the people who praise as if they were her own young, they called her Dragoina, their goddess. Her divine grace presenced becoming well known around the growing lands which attracted the attention of those who lurked in the south.

    Deep within the far south, a land of water breaking of into the mysterious sea lived a race of aquatic humanoids. Skill with fishing and aquatic arts, they were surely not to be taken so likely. They too had a god they worshiped, a nobel sea serpent who ruled the ocean. Though his true name was unknown most referred to him as Leviathan, the darkened cloud.

    A land with two different beliefs would eventually lead to disagreements that would of course, result in bloodshed. The people of the north and the aquatic people of the south attacked each other in a claim to see whose god was the inferior and whose was the one and true. This battle lasted for years until Dragoina and Leviathan came together and formed an agreement that would end the war between their people.

    “Dragoina, dragoness of light. I beseech thy clouded heart to her grace. To stop the slaughter of thy people and unit our land into an equal.” Leviathan kneeling before Dragoina.

    “Leviathan, lord of the ocean. I hear thy cry for peace, and will bear four holy children of flesh and scales -- so one day they will lead their respective lands in our name. Lanayu - our daughter, dragon of the earth. Vibrant - our son, dragon of the wind. Drakone - our son, dragon of the flame and finally our daughter Coral, dragon of the deep.”

    The two deities came together and bared their 4 children. The madness of their people had ceased and new dawn was ushered in following their birth of the four elemental dragons.

    This was known as the endless age of dragons, where dragons of all kinds reigned alongside the people of Dragoina living together as one this carried on up until the point of the banishment by the wizard, Dogu. The land expanded into four countries of the elemental dragons named after them as well. Each governed by a specific king or queen, only those deemed worthy.

    Though there were four different countries, only one true king would rule all four. That one king challenged the kings of the four lands and won, made Drakone, the land of fire the capital of Dragoina and rule over all. This lasted for millenniums as no one dared challenge the house of flame….

    Alessa would finish the rest of the story but she notice the attention he attracted from the knights near by, they are closing in on them. Freya grabs the sack with her dragon egg holding it close but out of sight. When they knights finally make contact with them they are then questioned.

    “Oi mates, were you eavesdropping on our here conversation” One knight said looking in Alessa and Arto’s face, he seems to remember the two from somewhere.

    “You two sure do look familiar, think I’ve seen yer both at the capitol.. Hey you there behind the twins! What’s in that bag?!” The knight as he see the big lump in Freya’s bag. If he was to get a hold of and find a dragon egg she would be punished immediately, but luckily Alessa acts quick before that could happen. She drops a smoke bomb between her and the knights and makes a clean exits with her brother and Freya and just to be certain they aren’t followed Arto creates and distraction for the knights after the smoke cleared.

    The trio grabbed a carriage and a horse and prepared to make way for the Spark to find treasures it’s ancient ruins may house. During the way the carriage crossed a woman in a black hooded cloak. She was staring into Freya’s eyes the all of sudden, it seems time slowed down temporarily except for that woman and Freya. The dragon egg in her sack slowly vibrated, like it were close to hatching.

    Time returned to normal and the woman was gone in an instant, nowhere to be found and Freya removed the egg from the sack and noticed the vibrations. She then alerted Alessa and Arto.

    Back in Vibrant, the sorceress Luna Phoenix was casual strolling along the countryside in search of something to do,and hopefully it involves her using her magic on something. Within her luck, a group of bandit orcs catchings her attention. The orcs have a man corned attempting to rob and more than like kill him afterwards so. Luna praises the gods for curing herself of boredom and runs towards the trouble.

    “Hey blockheads, pick on someone your own size.”Lighting burst from both of her hands.

    “Or not..” She taunt the orcs further. They call her several vulgar names with a combination of witch and they attack her. Their weapons are useless against Luna’s magic. Though they were your common orc bandits, they’re now slain..

    The remainder of the ones alive retreat back to wherever they came from and the man gets to walk away with his life. Luna helps him of of his feat and the man thanks her of her good samaritanship. He introduces himself as Jasper Hawkins, a charming spokesperson who apparently couldn’t take his way out of the recent situation.

    Luna asked why the orc’s attacked him, Jasper was looking for his ‘nieces’ who were kidnapped for ransom by a band of orcs. Before he came to Vibrant, Jasper was originally from Lanayu. He adopted two young orphans named Camilla and Maggie after their parents passed, he treated the two as if they were his own even though they were ten years apart.

    One day while Jasper was returning to from a trip from Lanayu - Pillaree, he found out on a raiding on his mansion in the countryside of Vibrant and the obduction of both Camilla and Maggie. Most of his staff had been greatly injured along with some of his personal items stolen.

    He wanted to confront the ones who committed such a terrible crime and bring his nieces back home but eventually he learned the hard way that orcs were not so easily to convince let along bandit orcs. Luna was fascinated by his bravery, and somewhat respected it. Plus she had nothing else better to do so she decided to assist Jasper on his quest to find his nieces held captive by the bandits.

    Jasper was pleased and suggested they get moving along right away. He also suggested that they get better acquainted with each other as the stronghold of the bandit orcs were miles away. Their luck hasn’t run out yet, it seems the orc left behind two strong stallion - prepped for travel.

    They mounted up, and galloped onward looking for any signs of the orcs that would lead to their stronghold. Jasper then proceed ask Luna about herself and Jasper shared the same of his life to become better acquainted.

    [So.. What's your story?]

    [So Luna, are you some kind of witch?

    [You remind me of my ex wife, shockingly...]

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    Minor edit to OP.

    If possible, I require one or more characters who origins reside within the Coral region.

    Thanks, also if you have any question please feel free to ask :)

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    Chapter 4 Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a mil

  • [You remind me of my ex wife, shockingly...] It'll provide background for both characters.

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    Chapter 4 Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a mil

  • [You remind me of my ex wife, shockingly...]

    I don't see anything going wrong with that statement.

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    Chapter 4 Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a mil

  • [So.. What's your story?]

    Let's not be so direct like other two options... :-D

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    Chapter 4 Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a mil

  • [You remind me of my ex wife, shockingly...]

    There is no way comparing her to his ex wife could possibly backfire, right?

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    Chapter 4 Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a mil

  • [So.. What's your story?]

    As hilarious as the other option is, maybe it is better to be less direct.

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    Chapter 4 Alessa had time to spare, she told Freya one of the oldest tales in Dragoina --. the goddess and her four children. About a mil

  • [You remind me of my ex wife, shockingly...]

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    Chapter 5

    Jasper told Luna that she reminded him of his ex wife from Lanayu, being a very charismatic woman with a very.. persuasive tone of attitude. Bringing this up couldn't had been a bad thing to say to someone who has the power to electrocute or incinerate anything she wanted, right? For Jasper’s sake, Luna was flattered even if she may had been a ‘hot head’ she still didn’t mind his kind but awkward compliments.

    The two went on sharing stories and experiences of their lives while they continued their journey to the orc’s stronghold in hopes of rescuing Jasper’s nieces from there. Jasper shared with Luna the tragic past of him and his nieces - a decade ago. He found the two young girls fending for themselves after their parents had died and adventuring he took them in and raised them in Vibrant. He one day hoped to take Maggie and Camilla and to his homeland in Lanayu and show them it's riches.

    He used to tell them tales of mountain inhabitants lurking there and often claimed that he saw a woman riding a dragon up in the clouds. This was after the dragons mysterious departed, and Jasper remembers that time - anyone who was to experience that time.

    Luna asked Jasper why his nieces were abducted by the orc’s, while galloping down the dusty road he looked to the sky and remembered the night his two nieces brought home a guest for supper,

    “Maggie… and Camilla, when returned home they brought a guest, a young woman in her twenties about your age Luna if not younger. Apparently this woman help my nieces out with something while they were attending the Bazaar. My nieces were there to deliver an important message to a friend of mines, Rallio Turken.

    As for this woman, she were well outspoken, bursting with wisdom however there was something about her. She pulled out this strange crest at the dinner table. I think it was the very same crest of the king before the one we have took power. Then something within me triggered, I felt a breeze… A gust of wind, but there weren’t any windows opened.

    The next day after dinner with that woman, word broke out that my nieces were abducted by those orcs. Which lead me to confront the runs we met awhile ago and here we are..”

    Luna found part of Jasper’s story to be a combination of a fairytale but still believe that his loved ones are in danger. Nevertheless she already promised that she help rescue them from the orc stronghold. It’s just that Luna feels there is more to Jasper then what he is making himself out to be.

    She decided to tell own of her own stories from her past, it during a festive in one of cities of Vibrant. Luna was just a teen entering adulthood during this time and she had already become talked about quite a bit earning herself a reputation. ‘The Untamable’ they called her, for not taking shit from anyone and often found herself doing whatever she pleased.

    People seemed to loved her, looked up to her, but some Noblemen and Higher Ups thought of her as a menace that needed to be stopped so they plotted against her with an attempt to make an example out of Luna. Of the failed, she burned down their brothel and cost the thousands of gold. Leaving her mark there, she went to the next city, and did what she wanted. Resuming her life as ‘The Untamable’ of Vibrant - Luna Phoenix.

    Jasper tried to make a joke about Luna’s presumably nickname, but decided not to after knowing what she was capable of… Can shoot fire and lightning out of her hand and only the gods knows what else.

    Having to share some things about each other, the two found out they had one thing in common; the love for dragons and hope to one day see them soar the skies of Dragoina once again just like before those years before they vanished. Luna ever since she was a little girl wanted one for herself, one that she can give a name and tear the clouds. Jasper remember seeing a family of dragons in the mountains of Lanayu devouring their well earned meal. It was kinda disturbing to watch actually..

    Yes all Dragoinian's share the same feeling of one day seeing their scaly guardians return to make their lands whole once again. However we still don’t know why they were sent away - but I have a feeling we will find out soon enough as the story continues.

    Jasper and Luna stopped by a camp by the road. It was a nomad camp, a group of different ethnics bound to wander the countryside, but they are quite friendly they offered the two shelter for a night. Before they could rest, wildlife decided to stop on by. Giant insects, native to Vibrant and Lanayu swooped on by the camp to terrorize the nomads livestock. This was an opportunity for Luna to use her magic once again as she felt the orc encounter was somewhat lackluster.

    She is warned by Jasper that those insects are known as dragopod’s, ten foot tall fire breathing insects with razor sharp limbs. This is of no concern of Luna, she tells Jasper and the nomads to stay back while she saves the cattle from the crawling menances. However Jasper insist that Luna stands no chance against these killers insectoids.

    “Luna are you crazy! Get out of there, those things will take your head off clean!” Jasper as screams across the fields as Luna approach the dragopods.

    As they prepare to dine on the cattle Luna electrocutes one of them, it hurts it but it is not so easily killed. It becomes quite pissed, lifting it’s massive scythe like claw into the air bringing it down over Luna with a mighty force breaking the earth beneath it. The is a large cloud of dust after that leaves Jasper worried for the worst greatly.

    As the dust clears a bright flame takes the form of a bird and blows up the dragopod - the shockwave sends Jasper on his feet and the head of the insect Luna was combating lands in front of him. It’s head still functioning tries to bite Jasper but Luna crushes it, and the remaining dragopod’s flee as result.

    The nomad’s cattle had been saved by Luna’s magic, but the display of her power raises some concern with Jasper. What exactly is she capable of, he thought, and he knew certain that he would see his nieces again soon enough with her help. He dared not question her furthermore, and was grateful to be on her signed.

    The next morning, the nomad’s were thankful of Luna for saving her, rewarding them with some vital information. One of the bandit orc’s stronghold was nearby, but it’s path is heavily guarded which shouldn't be a problem for our duo..

    The Land of Fire: Dragone housing the continent's capital, Searing and the royal palace. The capitol houses the lands most skilled fighter, they trainin under honor, loyalty. To protect and serve the land and their king from all threats by code of their law. Even after the passing of the former King and Queen their moral code still preserved even under the rule of the Warlock King Dogu. For some odd reason; when he took power he didn’t change the rules much. He only assigned new leaders of the other three countries and outlaw ancient relics of the past and extreme punishment of a possessing a dragon’s egg.

    New blood had arrived in the capital city Searing, people who broke the law, or were banished offered a second chance at redemption by becoming a knight with most of them being men. Among them were Gereld Turken who was recently acquitted of his crimes and was sent here to become a knight. Of course he wasn’t to happy to be here, to serve as a lapdog to an shady king, and to be separated from his family for an unknown time.

    Upon passing through the cities gates, Gereld get’s a clear view of the palace. Mesmerized by it’s scarlet beauty. One of the knights escorting smacks him on the back of his head with the hilt of his sword, anger him. He retaliates and tries to fight back but before anything can escalated Korrin Stoneshield steps in, offering to take Gereld under his wing .

    Korrin recognizes something within the young man, he sence determination, bravery and hopes after taking him under his wing to bring out his true potential and make one helluva knight out of him. Korrin ask Gereld to walk with to through the city.

    “Quite a temper you have on you kid. Did that land you here?” Korrin asked, but Gereld remains silent about why he was actually sent here, afraid of bringing it up here and avoid any further harsh punishment that might befall him.

    He ask for his name and Gereld politely tells Korrin his name and then Korrin introduces himself as General Stoneshield. They then come across a yard when sparks are flying, blades meeting and bodies introduced the earth - one of the main training yards.

    Gereld was surprised that he would jump right into training just as he arrived, not even a proper introduction.

    “Now what kind of weapon do you prepare, kid. Or Gereld?” Korrin said as he open the gates of the training yard.

    [I'll take a sword.]

    [A spear... Why not?]

    [A battle axe. What could go wrong?]

  • [A spear... Why not?]

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    Chapter 5 Jasper told Luna that she reminded him of his ex wife from Lanayu, being a very charismatic woman with a very.. persuasive tone

  • [I'll take a sword.]

    Nothing fancy, really. Just get's the job done in the end.

    Great part once again!

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    Chapter 5 Jasper told Luna that she reminded him of his ex wife from Lanayu, being a very charismatic woman with a very.. persuasive tone

  • [I'll take a sword.]

    Swords are by default the most heroic weapon on this list, as well as the most useful. You can't really do anything wrong with a sword.

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    Chapter 5 Jasper told Luna that she reminded him of his ex wife from Lanayu, being a very charismatic woman with a very.. persuasive tone

  • [A battle axe. What could go wrong?] I like axes

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    Chapter 5 Jasper told Luna that she reminded him of his ex wife from Lanayu, being a very charismatic woman with a very.. persuasive tone

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    Chapter 6

    A sword, a weapon, a tool, an image of a knight and one can’t easily master it’s art so easily as they must train - hone their skills. They fight for honor and loyalty, living to serve their country and willing to lay down their lives for their land. This is the code of a Dragoinian Knight.

    The boy Gereld had already held a sword in hand before, he wasn’t top notch, and clearly no night but he had some experience. Both him and his siblings held a weapon once, their father showed them. Gereld wielded a tradition double edge blade, while his sister wielded a fencing rapier of the short, though they weren’t quite experienced they knew the basics.

    Korrin tested the young mans endurance and watched him careful while he defended himself from other knight. He was impressed by what he brought to the table, he was a natural. If things went well, within a few days or weeks he would hope to make a fine addition to the Dragoinian guard.
    Before he can continuing training his apprentice, Korrin was called in to meet with King Dogu, this was urgent so he dared not to waste further time in the training yard - he made way for the palace.

    Sir Korrin made his way through the streets of Searing, it was nightfall and the cities beautiful red glow began to light up resembling a ruby under the moonlight. This city was in well order, nearly almost zero crime. Anyone who dared commit a petty crime or even the simplest within his majesty’s walls, the punishment was quite thorough. It was nightfall so not many of it’s residents were out and most it the cities business were closed beside a few pubs or so.

    Drakone was a country made up of skilled fightings as the description of the country depicts, but within its several cities including the capital Searing, there are skilled blacksmiths and craftsman. Korrin is friends with one of the country's best blacksmith,and orc by the name of Durzol, he crafted some of his armors and swords over the years. Sometime while he have the time both Korrin and Durzol have a drink, but the time for a drink is rare this time around as the war with the bandit orcs in Vibrant rises and Korrin is tasked with dealing with that issue.

    The palace gate is well guarded, platoons of knights planted at the entrance ready to cut down anyone who dare enter without and invention. One of the knights who lead the royal guard shares a** rivalry** with Korrin, but nothing too serious - so far..

    The palace itself is made up of a beautiful light stone, decorated in ancient markings dating back to the time of its creation, centuries ago. There are over one hundred rooms including a passage system directly under the castle connecting to several tunnels that lead out into the countryside. The reddish brown earthly stone it is built on glistens, and the lamps bearing the red flames makes the sight all to appearing. The appearance of this building gives the city it’s namesake, this is the land of fire after all.

    Korrin arrives in the courtyard greeted by his fellow knights who respects him quite well, majority of the Dragoinian guard respects Korrin - Though there are a few who do not. He climbs the stairway leading inside of the to throne room where he would meet with the king. The two guard opened the large and entered, Dogu awaited at the fall end of the throne room awaiting Korrin.

    The king greeted his right hand knight and immediately got to the point of why he had summoned him.

    “Sir Korrin, so glad to see her on in a timely matter. Our sources have uncovered the location of the bandit orcs in southern Vibrant, their leader is there as well… Put an end to this trivial war.”

    Korrin bowed his head and followed his lord’s orders, he is certain and relieved to end bandits terror before things would thicken. As Korrin acknowledge his majesty’s orders Dogu ask Korrin one more question before sending him off. Dogu then raises from his chair and walks over towards the window and glare out of the window looking onto the city.

    “Have you encountered the woman I spoke of, Sir Korrin?” Dogu asked.

    “No I have, your majesty. May I ask why you have been so, hesitant of this woman?” Korrin carefully asked without angering Dogu.

    “It’s no true concern at the moment, that will be looked into later. You’re dismissed, and may the gods grant you the strength you may require.” Dogu allows Korrin to return to the city and make preparations for vibrant.

    He visits his friend Durzol to hopeful gain some information on the orc stronghold, and idea of what he will likely be going against. When he told the old Durzol of where he was going, the old orc remembers his time as a bandit. He stopped being a bandit after his son Torsimer was born when he was 31. Warning Korrin of his old clans capabilities, the knight is not so frightened by the stories of the bandit clans carnage for he is well determined to stop them at all cost. Korrin will not allow those bandit turn his land into their personal playground, so he brings the war to them - and plans to keep it there.

    After gathering whatever information Durzol has to offer, he rallies a small group of skilled knights and makes way for Vibrant. He has no idea how long he will be gone, but he has high hopes of Gereld making progress, going to him him as a knight by the time he returns.

    “Onward to victory, to Vibrant we go!”

    Returning to the great mountains of Lanayu, a noble dwarf by the name of Belegar Stonebreaker - the is his house resides at the mountain White Castle. The mountains other twin is name Grey Spike are the home of the dwarfs currently living in Lanayu because of a conflict long ago. A unknown forced casted away from the rest of their mountains leaving them with only the two mentioned. Belegar is still looking to a way to restore his people mountains, but then he would have to go against the might of King Dogu in which he had no interest of doing. He sought another way to do so, looking up to the god Lanayu for guidance.

    One day while resting within his quarters high up in White Castle, one of his followers presented him with word of trespassers climbing the sacred mountain, The Spark. The mountain was off limits to all outsiders and one of the Stonebreakers prime duties is to protect the ancient mountain from all harm.

    He informed his advisers of the situation and grabbed his mighty hammer. They insisted that their lord bring backup but he declines, assuring that he will not be absence from his no longer 2 hours or less. Mounting onto his war boar, Belegar makes way for the mountain to confront the trespassers. The boar he road was strong, build well and quit fast. It horns we sharp as a spear, and it bear the speed of a racehorse, clearly it was a force to be reckoned with.

    Belegar took the secret path that his family built in order to race the mid layer of the mountain in order to meet the trespassers before they could proceed further. Traveling up through the mountains rough terrain he war boar picks up the scent of the trespassers, bring him to a high view of them. There are three in total. A young woman, and a pair of twins.

    However that wasn’t the only scent his war boar picked up. The dreadful stench of dragopods, the giant insects were nearby and the kind in this region are quite territorial. There have been some rumors of an entire colony nesting within the mountain, so any disturbance would surely be the beginning of something this region of the country would demand.

    A few years ago, during the first year of Dogu’s rule, a similar situation occurred. Some children playing the area killed a baby dragopod, it’s wailing screams as it died felt off into the mountain and alerted the its mother and many more of the killer insects. It was a bloody day that would go down in these mountain history, and Belegar could allow anything like that to happen to his people in his, or anyone in his country.

    The trespassers were approaching quickly so he had to think about what he would do not. Either travel ahead and take out the dragopods quietly with alerting it’s alleged colony or confront the trespassers now and stop them before it is too late.

    [Take care of the dragopods first]

    [Confront the trespassers]

  • [Confront the trespassers]

    I want to see who it is. I know we should probably do something about the dragopods, but I don't want to let those people get away without finding out what they're doing.

    Great part!

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    Chapter 6 A sword, a weapon, a tool, an image of a knight and one can’t easily master it’s art so easily as they must train - hone their

  • [Confront the trespassers] Freya, Alessa and Arto are coming ☺

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    Chapter 6 A sword, a weapon, a tool, an image of a knight and one can’t easily master it’s art so easily as they must train - hone their

  • [Confront the trespassers]

    With the dragopods around, this might be a mistake. However, if he takes these things out first, there's also the big chance that it is going to alert the colony, especially if he does not warn the trespassers.

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    Chapter 6 A sword, a weapon, a tool, an image of a knight and one can’t easily master it’s art so easily as they must train - hone their

  • [Take care of the dragopods first]

    Eh, maybe it is better to kill the dangerous creatures first.

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    Chapter 6 A sword, a weapon, a tool, an image of a knight and one can’t easily master it’s art so easily as they must train - hone their

  • Chapter 7

    Belegar descended onto the pathway of the trespassers, they are started by the sight of a four foot dwarf wielding an iron hammer and mounting a war boar. The male of the group, a young wizard name greeted Belegar, ask of of his knowledge of these parts, as he and his travel companions are searching for a shrine above the spark.

    Belegar examines the group before him, they didn’t look like any thieves or vandalist of the kind. He would have welcomed them to his lands, but they were acquainted in the wrong place and wrong time. Belegar pointed his hand in the directed of the advancing dragopods that are likely in search of their next meal. The dwarf lord gave them a choice to either follow him out of harm's way or face a possible armada of killer bugs.

    They agreed to his terms, and followed him up a path leading closer to the top of the massive mountain. Even if the summer was approaching, the icy top of The Spark would never melt. Some say magic prevented it from melting, but if it ever did the water from the melted ice would seep into the canyons and flood them. Destroying many towns and villages.

    Ascending this mountain was no easy task, its environment was quite hazardous so experienced climbing was a definite must. Thankfully the three travelers had ran into Belegar. He lead on them a shortcut to the top that was built by his ancestors so that they speak to the gods. Come to think of it, there was a **shrine **at the top of the peak but Belegar never step foot in it - until today.

    They weren’t far from the top, the sir began to chill as if winter was near. One of the females, Alessa introduced herself properly, then her brother Arto and their friend Freya did the same. The three heard of Belegar before but they haven’t seen him in person, they heard story of him. The brave dwarf lord who protects what remains of his kingdom with his mighty hammer. It was quite exciting for them to meet a proclaimed person. Alessa and Arto were tempted to share their occupation with Belegar but refrained from doing so.However Belegar was still wondering why the three of them were exploring this mountain.

    “Alright lads, you seem like some generous travelers but can you mind telling what are you doing up here?” Belegar asked.

    “Would you believe us if we were sightseeing..?” Alessa chuckled.

    “No..” Belegar said in a serious tone.

    Alessa alternated the truth and told Belegar that they were aid to research old ruins around this mountain. Gathering knowledge for the grand library so that they may be preserved and archived in history. The tale worked, Belegar believed her. He always wanted the world to know more of his people of than the steritphocial tropes the rest of Dragoina depicts them as. He gladly welcomes the idea and is willing to share some facts of his people long history of the way to bore them while the travel upward. Arto falls asleep after the first story, Alessa continues to sharper her daggers and Freya… well. She is actually paying attention to Belegar’s stories, she is fascinated by their mythology and their uniqueness.

    In Freya’s bag, the dragon egg inside begins to pulsate. She in a cool environment so there no way it could be near hatching, unless…. Perhaps, there more than a way to hatch one then naturally, then what the stories depicts. What if, the dragon that nest inside a egg can have a specific trait - an element like the four dragon gods of Dragoina. Freya thought of this during her travels with the twins as held her dragon egg, and she recalled there being several species of dragons during her youth before they disappeared.

    She thought about this for awhile, for the longest time and it the theorizing and wonder was overwhelming. They close to the top, so Belegar decided that they should take a short break before continuing onward. There was a cave nearby, a good place to set up shop there.

    Alessa removed her weapons - mainly the small daggers preparing them for their next target(s). Arto removed his hat and placed nearby him then took a nap. Belegar groomed his war boar assuring than he keep up its appearance to add on to is fierce nature. While the Freya practiced her earth magics more hoping to get better and more agile with them.

    While everyone was doing their own their, Belegar’s war boar picked up something. It got up from its master's side and roared at the person standing in the entrance. Alessa stood up and raised her sword at the stranger demand that they identify themselves.

    The stranger to a step forward and removed their hooded cloak revealing the face of a beautiful woman in her twenties, along with a headpiece bearing the symbol of the former king.

    “My name, is Princess Xena. Daughter of the late king Thanus… I have come here to seek the one chosen by Lanayu, the Earth Dragon…”

    Back in Vibrant, Luna and Jasper gained a clean site of the orc’s stronghold. It was surrounded by a moat, archers on each side of a tower, patrol squads with hounds and so on. It was like breaking into a maximum security prison. The place was well fortified, and it was likely the only way in was through the front door. If anything that had the courage to climb up the strongholds would like be decimated by not only the archers - but the cannons behind the walls as well.

    Personally, Luna wanted to use her magic and just destroy the whole damn thing, but Jasper reminded her why they were here and he wouldn't want to put his nieces in any further danger. Luna respected his wishes and proposed an alternative method instead of her useful burn-shock then ask questions later.

    A carriage caught her eye. It must of been a something the orc bandits capture and brought back to their base which gave her an idea of what to do next. But first she needed to get the stolen carriage.

    “Okay, Jasper I have a plan follow me.” Luna eagerly leading Jasper.

    As the carriage stopped before reaching the entrance of the stronghold Luna step in front of it gaining the orc orcs attention. They removed themselves from the carriage and drew their weapons. Jasper then knocked both of them out with a wooden beam.
    Luna gave him a good on being okay fighting, he smiled. Luna then also asked if he wanted to be the cargo or the mailman, Jasper was confused on exactly what she was asking him.

    Luna explained that one of them will have to pose as a orc while the other, once inside finds the girls. Normally she would have chosen but since this is Jasper's mission she decide to let him choose what he wanted to do.

    [Jasper finds the girls once inside, Luna pose as orc.]

    [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.]

  • [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.]

    I am not sure how exactly someone poses as an orc. Aren't they like, bulky, green and nasty? Though, of course I don't know how the orcs in your story look like. In general, if these orcs look similar to the Warcraft orcs, then I feel like Jasper has a better choice of posing as one of them.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 7 Belegar descended onto the pathway of the trespassers, they are started by the sight of a four foot dwarf wielding an iron hamm

  • I will likely have them use magic, which can virtually be an unlimited resource in this story. But I have limits on how far they can go.

    One of the characters that were submitted have use of some dark arts that rival the main antagonist, so strong that I have to keep him balanced so that he cant kill the villain in one hit or something. XD

    There are also fell things I want to throw in, after I wrap up the first act just to make the presence of this worlds magic understandable

    [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.] I am not sure how exactly someone poses as an orc. Aren't they like, bulky, green and

  • [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.]

    I'm not sure. Maybe. Maybe.

    Great part!!

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 7 Belegar descended onto the pathway of the trespassers, they are started by the sight of a four foot dwarf wielding an iron hamm

  • [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.] I see the man in better position of pretending the orc... :-D

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    Chapter 7 Belegar descended onto the pathway of the trespassers, they are started by the sight of a four foot dwarf wielding an iron hamm

  • [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 7 Belegar descended onto the pathway of the trespassers, they are started by the sight of a four foot dwarf wielding an iron hamm

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    Chapter 8

    enter image description here

    Jasper insisted that Luna would use her magic to pose as an orc, he wanted to see his nieces and ensure their safety. Not like he hadn't trusted her, though. Jasper just feels that she have more experience than him in this kind of situation - They are sneaking into a heavily guarded stronghold. To tell you the truth, Luna may be wild, but she never tried anything like this before. She won’t let Jasper down, for Maggie and Camilla’s sake.

    “Mundane-Lunes!” Luna chanting a spell, which turns her into a short orc.

    Her appearance is quite similar to the orc that she encountered with Jasper on the road her. Dark green screen, cladded armor, yellow pointy sharp teeth, ivory horns all completed with a simple battle mace forged of fine but rusted metal. The spell also changed her gender, awkwardly - but it was exactly what was need to get Jasper inside of the stronghold.

    Now that was taken care of, Jasper then had to hide within the cargo of the stolen carriage. He removed the trinkets within one of the wooden crates and hid within it. Luna then reloaded the carriage with Jasper and ready the horses to move it. The horses began to move the carriage towards the gates. There was a fifty-fifty chance this could plan could work, and Jasper was willing to take the chances to save his nieces.

    Upon arriving at the gate, one of the guards quickly expect the carriage and allowed it and Luna inside the walls. The inside of the stronghold was more sinister than it’s outside. There were workers, consisting of different races - dwarves, merms,humans and so on. They were being whipped every time they made an error or where slacking behind, it was painful for Luna to watch. She wish she could help them, but she promised to help Jasper find his nieces.

    Luna moved the carriage to place where others were parked and prepared to be unloaded. She stopped her’s and scanned the stronghold further, but one of the orc’s stopped her to conversate. The orc told her after she was done unloading to meet in the tower for a briefing. Luna noded and let out snarling sounds, the kind that orc’s make and said “Alrighty mate” then prepared to unpack. However, the orc noticed something strange about Luna in her disguise. He could smell her scent, it was quite strange, he didn’t say anything but paid close attention to her from here on out..

    The crate Luna unpacked was the very one that hides Jasper and placed it on a conveyor belt that would transfer crates to a storage room where they would be opened and expected. She have done her part, now it was all Jasper now. After finishing loading the others, Luna then would follow the a group of orc to the meeting that was being held, with the very same one who was watching her from earlier staying quite close.

    The conveyor belt stop, so Jasper must have been in the storage room. His crate was picked up but and placed on the cold cemented ground. It’s top was open and the orc who peeked inside was introduced to Jasper’s right fist. After knocking one out, he kindly greeted the remaining two. They drew their battle axes and attacked Jasper, but he catches one of their axes with the wooden lid then punches it directly in the eyes then he smacks the orc with a wooden stick knocking out.

    The last remaining orc tries to fight but instead retreats to seek help, but he slips on something and the rest is history. Now Jasper have to find out where Maggie and Camilla were being held. He peeked outside the door way to make sure that he was in there clear. He went left and traveled down the narrow hall with several lit candles.

    Jasper could hear someone approaching, they were closing in so it was too late to run down the hall without being seen. There was no escaping, and it looks like he would have his hands full in this narrow hallway. When shadows behind the corner grew, its figures revealed to be exactly what he expected - a band of orcs.

    He caught their attention immediately, they also had this expression on their faces. The kind of “Hey where the hell did you come from?” look that would mean bad news for Jasper. There was no way he could take them or flee, they would just alert the rest of the stronghold. However again, luck was once again on his side. From where the orcs were standing an explosion went off before and and the orcs was no longer there. All that was left to be seen was a giant flame ball nested where they once stood.

    Jasper felt the gods have blessed him or something - it was quite strange. Ever since he and Luna infiltrated this place their were having great progress. Now only if he could find his nieces and get out of this hell hole. He peak out of the hole and seen a battle unfolding down in the strongholds courtyards. From there he could the banners of the royal guard that is lead by Korrin Stoneshield. Jasper had to find his Maggie and Camilla now, before the royal guard leveled this entire fortress. As he sets out to in a desperate attempt to find his loved ones, a strange breeze - a gust of wind follows him.

    Luna who is disguised as an orc arrives in the meeting with the other orcs. The leader of the bandit orcs, larger and more authoritative. He was giving orders to prepare his troops to fend of the royal guard. He wasn’t planning on losing this strong to them, not while they he was close to pushing his civil war to the grand capital of Dragoina. Luna tried to ease her way out of the room but the same orc who was suspicious of her, he pulls her into a room next nearby and throws her against the wall.

    The impacts hurts her, causing Luna to revert back to normal from her disguise. The orc grumbles, taunting Luna of how he knew that she was a fake and how he would dispatch of her. The orc step closer removing his dagger from his belt, then hovered it over Luna and brought it down. It hit the stone surface, and not Luna. Being a sorceress, she was able to manipulate the odds within her favor. Luna uses her lightning to kill the lone orc, but now she was without an disguise.

    This was the least of her worries though as the stronghold began to shake as the projectiles from the royal guard army. Some dust from the ceiling partially gets but eye, but its was no worry. She recovered and peak through the door of the war room it was empty. Look like they went to defend their stronghold from the attackers leaving Luna to loot anything valuable that she might could sell for a few coins back in Excytes.

    Luna peeked out from the window and seen Jasper running through all hallway from the floor below. Since her cover was blown all that left now is to help Jasper find Maggie and Camilla.

    Luna channeled her power, the spell she was about use require a portion of it. She teleports and direct onto him in a awkward position.

    “Hey..” Luna says blushing.

    She then stands up and helps Jasper on his fleet brushes of the dirt on his shirt, he’s speechless. Luna then grabs his hand and brings him back to reality. It was now or never, they have to find them now.

    Continuing down they arrive at a pair of steps leading underground. Whaling can be heard below, some of sound like Maggies and Camilla. That is exactly where they would head next, they didn’t have a choice really - the doorway had collapsed behind them. Luna and Jasper carefully traveled down into the dungeon until the arrived at a series of cells that are occupied. Prisoners of the orc bandits consisting of women and children are freed by Luna while Jasper searched for his nieces.

    After freeing more than a dozen prisoners, Jasper finally found them. There only people left in his life that still loves him. Being reunited with Maggie and Camilla was quite emotional to watch, almost leaving Luna with a tear. The stronghold continues to tremble as the battle outside rages on. If they don’t find a way out of her soon enough this whole place will come down on top of them and bury them.

    Still quite exhausted from using her teleportation spell, she ignores the consequences and uses it to move the group of people along with Jasper and his nieces to safety. The lands in the countryside of Vibrant - just several miles from Jasper’s mansion. This moment’s before the dungeons roof would finally collapse, and they were able to escape thanks to Luna’s magic. But the effects of using such a spell left her weakened and tired. Luna falls elegantly and is caught in by Jasper. The two stare into each other's eyes and share a moment.

    “Thank you Luna” Jasper says as the sun sets.

    He is forever in her debt after going out of her way to help him save his loved ones. Jasper felt a form of tranquility, he could felt a strange power.. A breeze, a gust of wind. This strange power resemble the power of the dragon, Vibrant. One of the four elemental dragon gods. Could it have been possible the he was chosen by him, yet he does not yet possess a dragon of his own?

    Back on the battlefield of the orc stronghold, Korrin and the orc boss battle each other on the bloody burning land. Both are experienced fighters but surely there can only be one victor.

    The two wielded mighty swords, exchange deadly blows leaving sparks in the air. The orc boss was larger than Korrin, seemingly stronger than him but the brave knight wasn’t going down anytime soon. A few blows were landed on Korrin, the orc was able to cut through Korrin’s thick armor and leave a disgusting gash on his body. For a moment he slouched over with an attempt to regain his balanced.

    Refusing to be defeated, and determined to end the orc’s reign of terror over the lands once and for all. He channels the flame that burns bright into his soul into his sword. The tip becomes crimson, and then Korrin leaps towards the orc boss and challenge to one final duel until their sword meet once again with deadly results. After a cloud of cinder clears, Korrin is left standing but the orc however crashes to the ground.

    Upon witnessing the defeat of their leader, the remaining orc surrender to the royal guard ending their war on Vibrant and Drakone. Korrin victorious goes over to the defeat orc, it still draws breath and Korrin is willing to hear what he has to say.

    “I am impressed human.. Very… But why, do you serve false king…?” The orc trying to cling onto life. While staring into Korrin’s face. Korrin thinks about what the orc is saying about Dogu, then decides his next move.

    [Spare the Orc Leader]

    [Kill the Orc Leader]

  • If you have any questions regarding the story and it's current chapter please feel free to ask :)

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 8 Jasper insisted that Luna would use her magic to pose as an orc, he wanted to see his nieces and ensure their safety. Not l

  • [Spare the Orc Leader]

    It's clear that Dogu is up to no good. Korrin seems to be a decent guy, considering that he is serving an evil warlock, so there might be hope for him despite his master. This orc is obviously not a friend of Dogu, so sparing him could mean a potential ally later on.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 8 Jasper insisted that Luna would use her magic to pose as an orc, he wanted to see his nieces and ensure their safety. Not l

  • [Spare the Orc Leader]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 8 Jasper insisted that Luna would use her magic to pose as an orc, he wanted to see his nieces and ensure their safety. Not l

  • [Spare the Orc Leader] I feel this is the choice Korrin would make.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 8 Jasper insisted that Luna would use her magic to pose as an orc, he wanted to see his nieces and ensure their safety. Not l

  • [Kill the Orc Leader]

    The guy was going to rip our heads off a minute ago, what makes you think sparing him is going to change anything? Call me what you wish, but I don't like this guy. Orc. Orc guy.

    Great part!

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    Chapter 8 Jasper insisted that Luna would use her magic to pose as an orc, he wanted to see his nieces and ensure their safety. Not l

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    Chapter 9

    enter image description here

    Drakone's Chosen Protector

    As the fire settles among the burning field drenched in the blood of the fallen, Sir Korrin held his blade over the defeat orc leader. The very one that was responsible for causing trouble of throughout the lands - robbing merchants traveling along the countrysides and taken hostages. This has have gone on for quite some time since the passing of the the late king, Thanus. Now, their reign of terror over these lands have ceased thanks to the bravery of Korrin and his troops.

    Korrin instincts told him to slay the beast, but something else insisted that he stay his hand and bring him into be questioned instead of dispatching like a common criminal.

    “You’re coming with me, orc. The court and the king would have a world of you.” Korrin as he places his sword back into his sheath and restrain the orc in ropes to be escorted back to Searing.

    “You fight like killer, but have not the heart of one. You serve evil king, false king.” The orc judging Korrin on his action. One he noticed but have yet to bring was the fact of how well Korrin use of the fire element. He recalls the strange woman in black cloak description of it turned out exactly as she described it.

    “Orc, you bring up the old king, and you call the current false. Why is this?” Korrin asked, though he kind of expected to hear some sinister statements of Dogu. Especially the harsh penalty of hiding relics of the old and unhatched dragon eggs.

    “My name is Kurtzol Warwolf, and just because my tongue is unusual to you that inhabits Drakone does not mean I’m buffoon.” Kurtzol correcting him, but Korrin reminded him that he was his captive and that he should watch his tone towards the man who spared him.

    “So you are related to the blacksmiths, Durzol? He’s a good friend of mines, a good man.” Korrin describing Kurtzol’s brother being quite different from those of his race. The stories of orc being ruthless and violent bandits, he just couldn’t see it in him.

    “That is true. Long before my crusade, brother left clan to settle family in Drakone, within the flaming city Searing. He was fine craftsman, I can see his work from looking at your blade.” Kurtzol said while walking along the road staring st the rocky hills alongside Korrin and his men. He wasn’t showing any signs of attempting to escape though.

    “That is good to know, but I think you should answer my main question now Kurtzol. Why do you care about a dead king, why are you calling King Dogu a false since he inherited legitimately after his kin was killed off?” Korrin demanding answers to his question, refusing to accept any answer but the truth.

    *“King that you serve,but who I choose to serve. Dogu is not king, he stole the title after murdering old king and old queen. He manipulated his way, he is bad. He blinds you but, lady in** black cloak**..”* One of the knights hits Kurtzol in the back of his head with the hilt of his sword. Claiming of him speaking of treason, but Korrin insist that he continues after the subject of a woman in black cloak was brought up.

    “She said that one who wield fire of a dragon, a knight. Will save the lands for that is dark and cloudy and sleeps beneaths .” Kurtzol as he mentions the distantly vague terms to Korrin who has mixed feelings of these words. Korrin remembers something that happened a long time ago after he was knighted. A flame, a random crimson flame the flickered before him for a moment, then vanished. Since then he became to grow much stronger than he was before. Thus explaining why his sword doused itself in flames during his fight with Kurtzol.

    Korrin told his men to continue forward and take the prisoner back to Drakone while he make an urgent stop at Excytes to visit someone who presuming had documentation of the old times and hopefully to shed some light on this woman in a black cloak and a manifestation of his power.

    Vibrant’s capital city was in the middle of another festival, it was nightfall. The lamps light up the city like magma within a cave and many people were dressed up. Merchants were making a killing of the goods being sold and some tried to sell something to kill but he was in a hurry. Korrin pasted a brothel, the mistress along with two of her insisted that he take rest after assuming him been in a long battle from the dry blood on his armor. He was flattered but declined, he was not in the mood.

    He finally arrived at his destination, a keep where his friend Rallio Turken lives. He hopes that gain information on the strange woman appearing all over Dragoina. Korrin also has a feeling that he may not find what he is looking for but this is the only lead he have right not.

    He knock on the door several times and after a while it opens. Rallio answers and is surprised with an unexpected visit, hoping that nothing wrong have happened to his son. Korrin informs Rallio that his son was doing fine, but still is a long way off from becoming a knight. The two sat down for tea and Korrin immediately gotten to the point of him coming all this way.

    “Rallio, have you encountered a woman in black recently..?” Korrin asked. Rallio paused for a moment and placed his cup onto the table and sighed, then folded his hands and walked over to the bookshelf.

    “Do you remember the time when dragons reigned by our sides, Korrin?” Rallio asked.

    “Yes of course, I was but a young lad during the time. I do remember my parents and my neighbors owning one.” Korrin diving into some of his fragmented memory.

    “I remember as well. My wife had one,it laid several eggs that were stolen from us prior to her death.. When I met that woman in black at the market, the memory the knowledge I once had came back to me.. I was a dragon keeper.” Rallio explaining his story to Korrin.

    “That’s amazing actually, only skilled people could proper tame a wild dragon with them burning you down, but about the woman. Who is she Rallio?” Korrin asked, urging Rallio to tell him what he know about this strange figure.

    Rallio paused then got a flashback, an image of the royal crest of the late king before he died, and then he remembers the woman's face after meeting her on the steps of the courtroom. He presses a secret switch revealing a door behind it.

    “That woman Korrin, she is one of the many keys in saving this land. Along with you…” Rallio stepping aside revealing a dragon egg he have been holding onto for so long. Korrin steps for a closer look at the egg. He slowly place his hand on it’s smooth but slightly bumpy texture. Korrin felt warmth, life while touching the egg.

    Rallio insisted that he pick it up, and so he did and afterwards the egg became cloaked in a red aura that was quite similar to Korrin’s sword while he was fighting Kurtzol. Moments later he heard something while still holding while holding it, a cracking noise as the egg began to vibrate. It was beginning to hatch leaving Korrin in hands, he can see the small head of the winged lizard reached the surface.

    “This is really happening?” Korrin said holding the newborn dragon in his arms. Rallio then walks over to him asking if he violated the law of the ‘king’. Korrin still can’t believe what he was holding was silence. Beginning to doubt all the lies Dogu has told him during his time as a knight.

    He swore to protect Dragoina from all her hidden evils that may lurk within, and from judging from the past lies that Dogu have told Korrin, he thought it was time to confront him and got his answers..

    In the city of Aurora in the country Coral, Carl Mudson using his trusty fishing rod catches several fish from the ocean to see back at the city market. He caught more than a dozen of sea carps, enough to make around 100 coins or maybe less ever since there has been a tax increase. The knights were serious on enforcing taxes, and would become unnecessarily brutal on those who missed them.

    Carl mainly used his earnings pay for the orphanage he usually donated his earnings to, he grew up there. The owner of the orphanage is growing old and if she was to ever go the building would be sold off so the children wouldn't have anywhere to go which is why he donates and to keep the place up hoping to one day takeover for the old lady when she is no longer in this world. The children would still have some a place to call home,

    While walking along the sandy path of the city, Carl hears commotion going on down the pathway to his left. Normally he would expect a bunch of drunken sailors to fighting outside of a pub again but this wasn’t the case.

    He threw his bag of fish to the ground and seen a bunch of knight surrounding a kid. She holding a dragon egg, it was the color of the sea and being that she was seen in public with it, there would surely been some consequences.

    “You’re in deep shit girl. You broke King Dogu’s law! Surrender now and your punishment will be merciful.” One of the knights said while trying to get the girl to surrender hovering his sword before her.

    Carl intervened using his magic of water manipulation to forge a giant tentacle of liquid and attack the knights anonymously without being seen. He tosses them into a pond faraway giving him time before finally confronting the girl he saved just now.

    [What were you thinking!?]

    [What's with the egg?]

  • [What's with the egg?]

    ... Dragons.

    Great part!!!

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 9 Drakone's Chosen Protector As the fire settles among the burning field drenched in the blood of the fallen, Sir Korrin h

  • [What's with the egg?]

    I don't think she was thinking much, considering that she's not only just a kid, but also had nothing better to do than to visibly hold this dragon egg in public, so let's just find out what the deal with that thing is.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 9 Drakone's Chosen Protector As the fire settles among the burning field drenched in the blood of the fallen, Sir Korrin h

  • [What's with the egg?]

    Wonder from where she got the egg... especially being a kid.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 9 Drakone's Chosen Protector As the fire settles among the burning field drenched in the blood of the fallen, Sir Korrin h

  • [What's with the egg?]

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    Chapter 9 Drakone's Chosen Protector As the fire settles among the burning field drenched in the blood of the fallen, Sir Korrin h

  • [What's with the egg?]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 9 Drakone's Chosen Protector As the fire settles among the burning field drenched in the blood of the fallen, Sir Korrin h

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    Chapter 10

    enter image description here

    Big Game Finishing

    Carl ask the young girl where she had found the egg, she was hesitant, afraid that she would be in serious trouble carrying around such a thing. Never to say a word as she looks down onto the sandy surface on the land. Carl could tell the young girl born during time when dragon eggs outlawed and was met with cruel justice. He then told the girl that he was taking her home further questioning her.

    “Where are your parent’s..?” Carl asked.

    “In the ocean…” She replied hesitantly, pointing in it’s direction.

    Carl suspected that this girl was in fact a ‘Merm’ from judging by her greenish-blue skin and her sapphire earring. She is likely from the aquatic city Mermore, that rests under the ocean who may had lost her way from home. Nevertheless, she broken the law of the king and since Carl prevented the knights from taking her away word will surely spread and they will come back looking for her.

    “Look’s like you are from Mermore, we should take you home.” Carl insisted, though the girl wasn’t all so happy returning.

    “You are right sir, but… I’m terribly frightened of the monster that attacks my home. My father and his army tried to fend it off, but it’s too strong.” The girl said, with a small teardrop in the corner of her eye.

    “A monster you say, is this monster a kraken of some sort…? A rather… colossal one to be exact?” Carl said, with intentions to investigate.

    “That correct. But my father journeyed to the surface to seek help from big king in Drakone.. He was gone for a long time now, 3 weeks with no word. My mother and I were worried, so I traveled to surface to find help.” The girl explaining her reason of being in Aurora.

    “Hmm strange, something may be wrong for him to be go that long. You say you traveled to surface to find help, but what is with the dragon egg again?” Carl asked without an attempt to make her cry.

    “This, was my father's last dragon egg.I’m not sure of where his other are hid, I was not born yet. I was not born when the other sea dragons swam through sea. I do remember the bedtime stories they told me..” The girl gently rubbing the smooth blue surface of the egg.

    “So you take it everywhere you go, like a teddy bear. That’s cute, however if you travel on the surface there is a law - very strict one that could get you in a lot of trouble.” Carl said while keeping a jolly but serious tone toward the girl. She appologize for a carelessness and agrees to return to the her home below before asking for Carl’s name. He tells her his name and she tells him hers, Melona of Mermore. She was the city’s princess and Carl was but a orphaned fishermen with aquatic abilities.

    After agreeing to return home with her dragon egg, Carl made a decision to go with her in hopes of sorting out the kraken business. He had nothing better to do anyway, and how many people alive actually caught a beast of such and lived to tell the tale. Carl was the kind of fellow to help out people out regardless of what the situations. Melona reminded him of a girl who he used to call his little sister from the orphanage. He couldn't let her go back home to something terrible, his heart couldn’t bare it.

    He took Melona’s hand and the two walked down a sandy path towards the beach. It was nearing sunset, the waves from the ocean were growing silent and peaceful. Not a bad time to go fishing either. There were a family of sea tortoise nesting nearby, about a dozen. Eight ships were docked that usually carried fishermen or travelers but they weren’t anyone onboard at the time. Not many people were on the beach as expected to be that night. This made it easier from Carl and Melona to find a way down to Mermore.

    Walking about a half mile Melona pointed out a cavern, that is where she was able to make it to the surface. They two entered and found a mech the people in Aurora referred to as ‘the sub’, a diving mech that allowed people to explore below the ocean during the ancient times. Some say it operated by by magic, they are likely right since it can survive majority of what the ocean can throw at it. This is what Melona used to travel to Aurora, and this is how they will make it back to her home.

    “So this is how you got here. I never expected that one of these existed right in my backyard!” Carl said, with excited. He remembered hearing tales of people using these mechs to travel under the ocean.

    “It looks like it’s still function. I can place on auto pilot. We should be in Mermore in less than fifteen minutes. If we have no trouble.” Melona as she opens the cockpit of the sub,then placing her dragon egg in the seat behind the pilot seat safely. Then climbs in preparing it. Carl climbed inside with Melona into the passenger seat next to her. The automatic seat belt function activated slightly choking him before Melona could stop them. Once the preparations were made, the sub door closed and it’s magical engines began to roar and it’s tech set its course to their destination.

    “Carl, there is something else I should tell along the way.” Melona as the sub actives and it begins to sink into the water and slowly navigates outside of the cave then move out into the sea.

    “What on your mind? Afraid we run into the kraken on the way?” Carl joked.

    “Not just that. It’s about.. No, nothing I tell you about it when this is over. As for the kraken, well… When I left for the surface in search of help I noticed that it never followed me or bothered to go after me.” Melona said, showing deep concern of the subject.

    “Weird, maybe it was too focused on your city or it wanted you to.. Escape..” Carl thinking deeply about this theory.

    “That is what I believe as well. Father told before he left that krakens are very rare, since they were driven to a point of near extinction during the time of the dragons. The sea dragons would hunt them in pacts..” Melona sharing her knowledge on the krakens history during the dragon age.

    “Hmm, well it looks like they’re about to become even more rare. If something like that were ever to reach the surface It could destroy Aurora or worst. I have to stop it.” Carl certain to follow through with his goal to liberate the ocean of the creature before its trouble would spread onto the surface.

    The sub had already begun it travel through the ocean, already several feet near the very bottom Passing through several coral reefs along the way along with several school of various fishes, sharks and whales. It was quite the site. Along the way, the sonar of the sub picked up something. Melona looked outside of it and noticed a massive crack near the bottom of the ocean.

    Carl suspected the kraken could have originated from that very place. Melona noted that if they managed to take care of the first they would have to find a way to seal that massive hole in case another would find a way from it. Carl told Melona not worry as he would find a way to deal with it. For the sake of Mermore and Aurora, but he had not the slightest clue of how to exactly stop the kraken, but from avoid frightening Melona he haven’t said a word.

    After several minutes of high speed traveling within the sub, multiple lights could be seen ahead. It appears the have already arrived. With no signs of the kraken thankfully. Perhaps it grew tired and took a break, but either way Carl and Melona were not intending to find out. They made their way towards the city to find a way inside it protected walls.

    Memore was more advanced that any city within Dragoina. The city was operated by ancient tech created by ancient mermaids and mermen that passed on from generations and generations. Why haven’t they bothered to share their technology with the rest of the continent was beyond question. The King of Dragoina had no rule down over the ocean, no authority so he couldn't force them share if he wanted to.

    The city itself was divided into domes, four large oval ones and two taller ones that resembled a chicken egg. Melona informed informed Carl that the dome they were going to was the ‘royal’ dome. That is where the king and queen resides and Melona’s home. It was located in the very center of the ocean floor surrounded by the other domes. The lights really made them all stand out in a beautiful way. There was also debris from maybe old tech from some time.

    When the sub finally neared the royal dome, it was immediately surrounded by two others who immediately used two harpoons on it. They then began to drag the sub carrying Carl and Melona towards the entrance of the dome. A magic barrier lifted allowing the three subs to past by. While being dragged inside the dome, they are brought up to the surface inside docking within to be a residential area.

    Melona tells Carl not to worry as she will tell the royal guard to stand down once they see who is inside. The door of their sub begins to open and from the outside Melona finds the cities royal guard, along with her mother. The Queen of Mermore. Who is more than relieved to see her daughter alive and well, but quite disappointed in her for disobeying her.

    The Queen then noticed Carl, who shocks her because of his striking resemblance to her deceased sister….

    End of Act One.

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