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  • This wraps up the first act, I hope you enjoyed it so far as I had some trouble deciding how I write the story out. Moving on to the next act, something big is going to happen. However there are still a few plots I have to close out along the way before then, I plan to close them in the first half of the next act.

    The first act also a introduction to some characters, the ones that haven't will be brought in of course.

    I will also be doing a small revision of this act along with some Q & A and the alternate result of the choices - I will have that posted in a day or two.

    Hope you enjoyed the story so far, stay tune for more. :)

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    Chapter 10 Big Game Finishing Carl ask the young girl where she had found the egg, she was hesitant, afraid that she would be in s

  • Nice, awaiting the second Act. :-) It is getting interesting.

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    This wraps up the first act, I hope you enjoyed it so far as I had some trouble deciding how I write the story out. Moving on to the next ac

  • Results of other chosen choices - Questions

    Chapter 1 choices:

    [ Where did you get this?]
    Princess Xena in a vague tone explains her crest origin.

    [Strange, I feel that I should know what this is?]
    This was the chosen choice.

    [Oh sorry here, you dropped this.]
    Rallio misses an opportunity to trigger his past memory, but what discovers at a later time.

    Chapter 2 choices:

    [Take the tunnel]
    This was the chosen choice.

    [Travel through the valley]
    Freya encounter some wayward dwarfs.

    [Climb through more mountains]
    Freya sees a shadow of a fully grown dragon in the cloud’s. The very same one that Princess Xena have.

    Chapter 3 choices.

    [That map looks interesting..]
    Arto snatches a map that leads to an abandoned dwarf mine. Expected to still house resources.

    [Dragons? That sounds interesting.]
    This was the chosen choice.

    [ Tell the twins about what happened in the tunnel]
    Freya tells the twins of a entrance that leads to a pair of ruins. This result in them taking a detour from their main objective only to lead to a dead end.

    Chapter 4 choices:

    [So.. What's your story?]
    Luna would keep it simple and just give Jasper the mysterious figure backstory trope.

    [So Luna, are you some kind of witch?]
    Luna does not want to explain her powers origin to a mere stranger, but makes an exception.

    [You remind me of my ex wife, shockingly...]
    The chosen choice.

    Chapter 5 choices:
    [I'll take a sword.]
    This was chosen answer.

    [A spear... Why not?]
    Gereld would be very clumsy with this.

    [A battle axe. What could go wrong?]
    This weapon is would be a bit heavy for him. But he manages to slice a wooden dummy in half with it.

    Chapter 6 choices:

    [Take care of the dragopods first]
    These are taken care of, but the travelers are already gone.

    [Confront the trespassers]
    This was the chosen choice.

    Chapter 7:choices:

    [Jasper finds the girls once inside, Luna pose as orc.]
    The chosen choice.

    [Luna finds girls the inside, Jasper pose as orc.]
    Luna finds a way into the lower foundations of the stronghold, but get captured.

    Chapter 8 choices:

    [Spare the Orc Leader]
    The chosen choice.

    [Kill the Orc Leader]
    Korrin would slay the Orc, not knowing it was his friend’s brother. This would begin to eat him up inside - he feels tremendous guilt and regret.

    Chapter 9 choices:

    [What were you thinking!?]
    The girl runs away, afraid that Carl would hurt her, like the knights attend her too.

    [What's with the egg?]
    This was the chosen choice.

    Favorite/Least favorite character?

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter?

    Favorite/Least favorite moment?

    What would you like to learn more of?

    Any other questions?

  • Favorite/Least favorite character?

    Favorite: Either Korrin or Freya. Least Favorite: None yet

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter?

    Favorite: Chapter 8 or Chapter 9. Least Favorite: Still none :D

    Favorite/Least favorite moment?

    Favorite: Where Korrin fought against the orc leader. Least Favorite: I really dont have one. I like this story as it is.

    What would you like to learn more of?

    I would like to learn more about Dogu the warlock. We dont know much about him yet.

    Any other questions?

    Just continue to keep up the great work :)

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    Results of other chosen choices - Questions Chapter 1 choices: [ Where did you get this?] Princess Xena in a vague tone explains her

  • Favorite/Least favorite character? I like Korrin. Carl seems to be interesting too, but need to read more of him to decide. No least fav one.

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter? Chapter 3 when Freya meets the twins. No least fav one.

    Favorite/Least favorite moment? When Carl was going into underwater city with the girl. No least fav one.

    What would you like to learn more of? This underwater city sounds mysteious... and more of Dogu.

    Any other questions? Nope.

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    Results of other chosen choices - Questions Chapter 1 choices: [ Where did you get this?] Princess Xena in a vague tone explains her

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    Chapter 11

    Many years ago, in a faraway land… There was another land neighboring Dragoina that was a dusty and dark wasteland. It was a desert that was a whole island surrounded by the great ocean. Within that island was a group of people who ruled and made that island their home. They adapted to the desert's harsh environment but due to their mastery in magical arts they created a more suitable environment for them to flourish even further. A lust jungle and misty rivers emerge from the hot sandy surface forming-a beautiful biome that resembled some parts of Dragoina.

    This small civilization had a hierarchy, and their king was a sorcerer who taught his son the ways of his people. The king's son, Dogu was quite ambitious for his young age and often found himself getting into trouble. He often rambled through his father's magical belongings burning down his village with a spell of fire. Though he was mischievous in his early years as he grew older and mature he became and master magician at the age of 19.

    When he was an adult, Dogu’s father and his high officials sent him on a quest to a mysterious cave nearby their home. He was taste to retrieve a rare fruit and return home with it in his possession. When Dogu went out into the desert during the night where it was much cooler he notice the shadow below his feet. It grew to the size of a whale and he suddenly looked up into the sky to only find a demonic bird-like creature.

    This creature swooped down and took Dogu away, he was unconscious during the travel and when he finally awoken and found himself beside a small oasis. He climb into the small body of water and began to drink quenching his thirst to then be startled yet again by the same monstrous bird the abducted him.

    While still frightened by the presence of this beast Dogu asked why he was taken and brought here. The bird answer his question, ominously.

    “I am you of course, the dark you…” the bird said glaring into Dogu’s face with is ruby eyes.

    Dogu was confused, thinking this bird was messing with him. He threatened the destroy it with his magic but the bird let out a shocking screech knocking Dogu on his feat.

    “I AM YOU. YOUR DARKNESS! YOUR HATRED! NOW EMBRACE MORTAL!” The bird the ascended then flew directing into Dogu turning into shadowy astral energy before finally merging with him.

    Dogu immense power that the bird had given him made his magic and power far stronger than before - and just has the bird mentioned he grew darker and hateful. Before he would leave the oasis he would demonstrate his newly gain before, turning it into a crater by simply snapping his fingers.

    Hours later, he would return to his home with the fruit he was sent to retrieve. Placing into his father's hands with a sinister grimace he told his father, the king that he was leaving this place to acquire more power.

    His father could see what kind of evil has fallen over his son, horrified by his sudden change while. The king ordered the guard to take his son away until he could figure out what exactly was wrong with him. Dogu was not willing to cooperate, so he killed the guard that were sent after him with a dark spell that forge spears before finally turning his attention to his father.

    “I think I've come to realize my true destiny father. I want to rule my own land, be it true king or even a god would suffice.” Dogu said.

    His father called him mad, driven for a lust for power that was create from whatever corrupted him. He drew his own sword and prepared to strike his son down, but eventually is killed in the process.

    Hovering over his dying father, Dogu mentioned that he heading for the mainland to conquer it, then become the peoples one and all power god. His father finally succumbs to his injuries then Dogu took one final look at his village before burning it to the ground - however he took his pet dragon with him.. He then walked towards the edge of the ocean and stared out into the sea then transformed into a demonic crow making his way for the mainland.

    Upon arriving to Dragoina he first settled within the Coral region. A decade later he would moved to Vibrant to become a political leader and occasionally teach the magical arts. Years later he would travel the the mountain region of Lanayu and explore it mysteries including the ruins within atop of the Spark in which he learned how to enhance his magical capabilities.

    After studying these ruins for several months he learned of a way to transfer the power of many dragons into a single one. But this powerful spell would require the assistance of Dragoina’s royal family that reside within Drakone. That would be his next destination, and once he would arrive he would work his way up the ranks and slowly gain the favor of the king Thanus II who was recenly succeeded his father.

    Dogu was given the role of king's’ hand after many years of loyal services to the royal family earning their trust before finally he could sneak into the vault and obtain a special tome. He gracefully observed it’s contents and it held exactly what he needed activate the spell.

    Returning to the top of the Spark, he read the ancient scriptures out loud and below a portal opened up pulling all the dragons that were currently alive into it except for his own and one that was guarded by a ward placed on it by King Thanus. Their power and might transferred into Dogu’s own dragon multiplying its capabilities to a divine point. Now that he had the most powerful dragon in his clutches.

    With his dark magic he created an army of dead warriors and marched his way with his army to the royal palace gates and overthrew the current power. Dogu finally got what he wanted, ruler of Dragoina and all power with his might god dragon keep hidden until the time came to unleash it. While finally in power, he decided to put together a new council and make several changes while keeping some things similar to the past rule.

    Eventually, Dogu would meet the young knight Korrin who would become his general of the the new royal guard built on honor, but not Dogu’s honor - Korrin’s own. Years to come he would make sure there was order within his kingdom and defuse any civil wars within this land such as the orc’s recently. Though he has all this power, he still wonder to this day where King Thanus I daughter ran off to - if she was still alive. He hope that she still is as he has plans for another end game…

    Within the castle walls of the royal palace, the man known as Fulgrim a deadly duelist and noblemen is relaxing by the fountain reading a popular novel. It would seem that he is waiting for someone while humming in a very snobbish manner. Fulgrim personality was quite snobbish indeed and a perfectionist is the perfect word to describe him. But his deadly skill in swordplay landed him a seat next to Dogu as king’s hand.

    Dogu usually sent Fulgrim on secret mission within Dragoina to recover rare artifacts from the lands past and usually bump the treasure hunting twins during his travels. However they wasn’t a rivalry between the two. His held a heated rivalry of the years of their service - Korrin and Fulgrim. Both had their own differences whereas one stood of honor while the other stood for greed and perfection. The near perfect rivalry. Often the would engage in friendly duels in the courtyard of the castle to test their might. It would usually result in a draw.

    Moments after the a flock of crows crossed under the moonlight, Korrin passed through the gates with a somewhat angered with a hint of distrust. After recent news, Korrin request Dogu’s audiences immediately, however Fulgrim have other plans.

    “Well you’re in quite the rust Sir Korrin. Care for a friendly quarrel?” Fulgrim as he draws his rapier.

    “Not now Fulgrim , I have dired meanings to address.” Korrin as he prepares to enter the palace, but is nearly hit with one of Fulgrim’s daggers.

    He turns around toward him, then places his hand onto the hilt of his sword.

    [I don't have time for this right now Fulgrim..]

    [If you insist..]

  • [If you insist..] Because why not...

    I am glad to read about Dogu and his past - it was quite intriguing to see his transformation.

  • [If you insist..]

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    Chapter 11 Many years ago, in a faraway land… There was another land neighboring Dragoina that was a dusty and dark wasteland. It was a d

  • [If you insist..] It is going to be interesting :)

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    Chapter 11 Many years ago, in a faraway land… There was another land neighboring Dragoina that was a dusty and dark wasteland. It was a d

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    Chapter 12

    Korrin removed his sword from it sheath, with a firm grip striking his fighting stance waiting for Fulgrim to make his move. The egomaniac duelist thrust his rapier toward Korrin’s chest - he dodges and back swipes Fulgrim with his blade only to nick the air. He then leaps into the air bringing down a mighty slash to the earth leaving a cloud a dust and once it settled Fulgrim was casually sitting down next to a statue of a lion near the palace main door.

    “Are you done jumping around like a flea, Fulgrim? As I said, I’m in a hurry.” Korrin said growing quite impatient of this.

    Fulgrim stood up and in blinding speed he zoomed over and knocked Korrin’s sword out of his hand causing it to land near a pair of flowers. But Korrin used a second one he had on the opposite of where he still the recent one. He attacked with swift fury, delivering powerful blow that were strong over to push Fulgrim back but not taking hearing off his balance - not by a bit.

    The action was drawing the attentions of knights nearby and adventure local civilians including Rallio Turken’s son, Gereld. Everything was happening so fast it was difficult for them to keep up. All that could be seen were silver swipes of swords piercing the air and sparks flying as each blade met.
    Fulgrim almost knocked Korrin off his balance but the knight responded with a quick slice to the knee.

    A single drop of blood dripped from Fulgrim’s leg, his is perplexed of this outcome. How could he, a perfectionist allow himself to be cut so easily. This angers him, and he proceed to violently attack Korrin with inhuman speed putting the knight on his top guard. A tree nearby is cut into two as the duel or so to say battle as it seems grow more intense the very second.

    Somehow, Korrin caught onto his attack patterns, carefully defending himself from Fulgrim’s deadly strikes he waiting patiently and grab the hilt of his rapier. This surprised him once again so Fulgrim revealed a pair of hidden daggers within his left sleeve cut Korrin slightly on his cheek.

    It would seem that he was getting desperate which is why Korrin decided that it was time to put an end this. Once again he waited for the right time for Fulgrim to make a error then he would use it as his advantage.

    The was close to making contact Korrin’s body, but he caught Fulgrim’s arm holding the dagger then knocked him back on his knees. The crowd still watching grew silence then began to clap in amazement of the outcome of this intense duel. Korrin picked up the sword that was knocked out of his hand earlier then proceeded towards the entrance of the palace crossing Fulgrim who of course had something to say.

    “Hmp, impressive Korrin, I can see why Lord Dogu chose you..” Fulgrim said, trying to conceal his true feeling of defeat while keeping a smile for the crowd.

    “You’re… Getting slower. Maybe we’ll have a more proper duel next time..” Korrin said entering the palace.

    When Korrin leaves, Fulgrim tossed his dagger into the stone wall then called over his assistant to arrange a meeting with the mysterious blacksmith going by the name of Azreal. His assistant informs him that the said person has already left Drakone for Coral but he can arrange a meeting with the local blacksmith Durzol instead. However Fulgrim requires this Azreal person's work other than a common smith-man, the work of a mysterious figure who can make him the perfect weapon - so he can never lose a duel again…

    Inside the palace, Korrrin climbs the stair of crimson up the the second level of the building, he’s close to the throne room. He was determined to seek answers from Dogu inclined to never listen to another lies he speaks. If what the orc Kurtzol Warwolf said is true and this person sitting on the Dragoinian throne isn’t he appears to be, there will be dark day within Searing.

    Korrin approach the door leading into the throne room. Two knight guarding bow their heads in respect then allow him to enter. The door closes behind him, and in the far back of the massive room Dogu rested on the throne. Korrin walks down the pathway to approached the king and greets him - Dogu greets him in a property but suspicious tone. Dogu wonders what was on his most trusted knights mind this time around.

    “Hath Sir Korrin mind alack? Perhaps you require some noble words of guidance?” Dogu to Korrin. Awaiting the words of his loyal knight.

    “Nay, my lord. There is something else. Regarding one of our prisoners actually.. He spoke of your claim to throne to be false - deceitful. Is he telling the truth my lord?” Korrin asked with a strong demeanor.

    “You listen to a mere criminal while doubting your king? Are you slowly losing your grip on reality? Maybe the stress has befallen upon you during your time on the battlefield?” Dogu questioned, sensing that Korrin was leading onto something.

    “Nay, it is neither of what you mentioned. It’s just, things don’t quite add up.. Ever since I acquire the dra- “ Korrin stopping before finishing the word. Dogu raises out of his after hearing the first syllable of the word he was certain he would hear.

    “You made contact, with a dragon? Was it a newborn or was it an adult? Did you bring it here to the city? Speak!” Dogu demanding an answer from Korrin.

    “Ever since I touched it’s glistening red scales, I seen things I never imagined that I would see. A realm, a celestial realm far different from our own… Then it chosen me..” Korrin as a small red light begins to shine from his chest.

    “Korrin, where is the dragon that you found. You must bring it to me at once!” Dogu demanded, slamming his staff on the marble floor. Then he noticed the red light from Korrin’s chest growing larger and brighter.

    “I think you should answer the more important question my lord. Who are you really, and what happened on that night of King Thanus died.” Korrin as the light slowly grows brighter and brighter. Dogu couldn’t beleive what was happening before him. From amazement to satisfaction, Dogu was pleased by Korrin’s achievement.

    “I am impressed Korrin, you managed to tame a power that no mere mortal could. Now I know why I chosen you by my side those years ago.. Even the late Thanus seen something in you. He always had a gift for choosing, his own executioner..” Dogu said with a wicked grin on his face, revealing that he was responsible for the late king’s demise.He went on about how he orchestrated everything from the moment he set foot on these lands working his way up to the point where he would kill the king and usurp the throne. This was all part of his true plan that he had no intentions of revealing just yet.

    Korrin drew his sword and pointed it at Dogu realizing what he had done. Then Dogu chuckled at the very act, stating that kingslaying is treason. Then Dogu jokes of the fact of himself being a kingslayer knowing that a single soul won’t be able to do anything. However he Dogu decides to test him, to get a taste what what the dragon of fire has to offer. He steps away from the throne slamming his staff onto the ground causing it to emitting pure darkness taunting Korrin to make a move.

    The knight call forth his red dragon still quite young but seems to be growing quite fast and commands it to attack Dogu with it’s breath of fire. The darkness coming from Dogu’s staff shields him from the flames. Being unimpressed by the power of the young dragon owned by Korrin, the wizard slams his staff once again on the floor creating a shock waves knocking both him and his dragon away.

    While Korrin tries to get back on his feet, the throne room appearance changes, terraforming into a dead wasteland under a crescent moon. Dogu then mention that he has something of unimaginable power to reveal to him. The dark energy from his staff summons forth a towering monstrous figure taking the form of a decaying dead dragon born of dark energies. It stands several feet tall giving off a intense and intimidating vibe. However it does not frighten Korrin and his young dragon much.

    “This Korrin is the power of all the dragons of this land, all the dragons that I captured and merge into one terrifying being you see before you. I will release this beast upon the city and the many others. To prevent this, you WILL find the other three chosen by the elemental dragons and bring them to me!” Dogu said hovering beside his mighty beast side.

    A portal opened behind Korrin and from the other side he could see hills and small mountains. It looked like it could lead to somewhere in Vibrant. Dogu insisted that he would choose the right choice other than a foolish one risking the safety of thousands of civilians. Taking one final looked at the dragon summoned by Dogu, he vows to return and destroy it and bring Dogu to justice. He leaps into the portal with his dragon and lands under a tree by a stream.

    His dragon hovers beside him awaiting orders from his master. Korrin is torn about what he should do next, after that terrible revelation that have recently occurred. In order to save the city he must find the other three dragon wielders and hopefully come up with a plan to stop Dogu.

    Korrin begins to develop a bond with his own dragon, understanding what it appears to be saying telepathically. He ask it where should the two travel next. His dragon tells him that the wind is blowing from their opposite direction. Perhaps another is close to awakening or did already have? His dragon mentioned solid stone cracking upon a mountain and the ocean roaring from the other directions.

    It was up to his master to decide where they would head next.

    [Follow the wind]

    [Follow the cracking of the earth]

    [Follow the path to the waves]

  • [Follow the cracking of the earth]

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    Chapter 12 Korrin removed his sword from it sheath, with a firm grip striking his fighting stance waiting for Fulgrim to make his move. T

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    [Follow the cracking of the earth]

    Because Freya and Alessa and Arto are in that region :D

    Great part by the way! I like Dogu as an antagonist and this confrontation beween him and Korrin was cool.

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    Chapter 12 Korrin removed his sword from it sheath, with a firm grip striking his fighting stance waiting for Fulgrim to make his move. T

  • [Follow the cracking of the earth] Might as well

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    Chapter 12 Korrin removed his sword from it sheath, with a firm grip striking his fighting stance waiting for Fulgrim to make his move. T

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    Chapter 13

    The road to Lanayu was a few days away by foot from where Korrin was currently. If only his dragon was fully grown, he would have been able to fly there arriving in a mere hour or so. His red dragon was still but a baby having to been recently hatch, though it’s size should not be taken lighting. It was still quite deadly, quite intelligent and growing very fast.

    Korrin identified where example where he was by looking around through landscapes of small rocky hills, forested lands and several streams. The countryside with Vibrant so it seemed, but not sight of the city Excytes. Maybe he would come across a village where its inhabitants could lend him a helping hand on his journey, though he wasn’t sure if they nomads would welcome the king’s guard within the lands after past quarrels with them.

    Traveling along the path of a stream, he noticed a flock of giant birds known commonly as garuda’s. They’re native in the Vibrant and Lanayu, often used for immediate transportation from city to to city and even country to country. These creature are rare these time around, as they were often used as aerial assault during wars long ago so their breeding was halted into to prevented a high amount from being out in the wild. They were also larger than the average dragon which was another reason of this.

    Garuda’s are strong, have razor sharp talons and can zoom through the sky like an arrow making transportation with these quite viable. While also possessing a personality of bravery and stoicism after being a product of war long ago, they began to become loyal and loving to their masters - the nomads.

    Nomads, not all but some adopt garuda as their guardians and helpers, using them to get from place to place and often hunt and gather with them. The garuda is also quite protective of their masters, ready to decimate anyone who dare bring harm to them.

    One of them caught an eye of Korrin, and alerted his masters of his presence. Two garuda’s then surrounded both sides of Korrin, making it near impossible to escape. He drew his sword and his dragon began to snarl exhaling smoke from it’s tiny nostrils. Then suddenly, an elder man accompanied by a group of young warriors equipped with spears approach the knight.

    The old man take a clear look at Korrin and can tell from his armor he is with the king’s guard. At first he would have demanded to know why someone like him was doing here alone trespassing on their lands then see’s the small crimson dragon. He mumbles something in an old language and gentle kneel before it, and the warriors accompanied him follows.

    This confuses but relieves Korrin, he was expecting to have quite the fight on his hands. His dragon flies over to his master and wonders to what exactly is going on as of now, then the old man began call over one of the garuda’s and asked Korrin a very direct question..

    “You are… Son of Drakone?” The old man said.

    “I believe so.. I no longer serve the deceiver Dogu. I’m on a quest to find the other dragon wielders.” Korrin replied, placing his sword back into his sheath.

    The old man step forwards to get a closer look at Korrin’s dragon and began to fill with joy and hope.

    “I waited so many years for this very day. So many dark years has passed since the man you once served took this land into his grip. Now the great vision I had long ago will finally be fulfilled.” The old man said.

    “He will not longer be in power once I’m finished. I’m currently en route to the Spark. My dragon has felt another presence there but..” Korrin said before the old man interrupt him.

    “Say no more, dragon of Drakone. My people served the late king for ages, and we have been in touch of the rightful heir to the throne for quite some time now.” The old man said, remove the royal family crest from his pocket.

    “Princess Xena? She is alive?! Wait… Dogu was asking for her, he doesn’t know she is alive.” Korrin putting together a theory.

    “You are correct and as of now, she is some atop of the Spark within the dragon of Lanayu. You must go to her at must. Then, unite the remaining two and bring the false king Dogu from his power. Take my garuda, he will fly there.” The old man said calling forth his garuda.

    Korrin approach it cautiously, being a brave man he is somewhat immediately by the creature as it size rivals a fully grown dragon. It welcomed him, allow him to climb aboard, then it stretched it muscles preparing to take flight.

    “Something telling me that there is more to this vision, right old man?” Korrin asked.

    “All will be revealed as you progress. However know this, you and the other chosen dragon users will change the future of Dragoina. Princess Xena, she plays a big part in all of this as well. You must find her, find them. Go, fly to your destiny.” The old stepping away as the garuda that Korrin is riding with blinding speed ascends upward into the sky then dart through the clouds on a path to Lanayu. He should arriving there sooner than he expected.

    Back on top of the Spark, the former princess of Dragoina makes an alarming reveal. This makes the dwarf lord Belegar weary, suspecting that this was some sort of trick. He demanded an explanation. Xena removed here cloak displacing common garbs and not her tradition royal garbs. She rid herself of them in order to blend in which allowed her to stay hidden and prevented her from gathering unwanted attention over the years. Xena secretly traveled throughout the lands in disguise with her dragon seeking out the ones connected to the time before Dogu took power.

    Using the crest her father gave her as a young, she sought out these people that still held a memory of that time and reignited them. Allowing those people to get a chance to take back what was lost and more importantly restore her family back to the throne. Xena then moved a large pouch of gold and tossed at Alessa who catches it in mid air, congratulating both her and Arto on completing the job they were giving.

    Xena then looked at Freya, then spoke of the dragon egg in her pouch and asked if it’s time was nearing. She replied with a yes, but was still thinking of trusting her word even while she claimed herself to be. Xena wasn’t surprised, as she have the ability to read peoples emotions, seeing that Freya is quite militant and kind like her parents. Another thing is that she has a strong connection with dragons which makes her a definable candidate for the dragon of earth. The princess moves forwards toward Freya then asked if she could take a look at the dragon egg in her pouch.

    “I understand your hesitance me. What I say is the absolute truth, and wish to bring our lands, our home back to it’s former glory. Please, let me have a closer look at the egg so that I may ensure it’s health.” Xena said.

    “This..This is quite overwhelming. I went through a lot to protect this egg for quite some time. Now only to find out that you want me to save the world puts even more pressure on me. “ Freya explained.

    “My father once said, as our destiny is laid out in front of us that it is never easy for us to follow and accept. It’s the case for most people, but for you Freya, you have the hold the will to do what is right. That I trust you would do..” Xena said.

    Freya thought of Xena’s words, took them to the heart. She herself wishes that the land return to the time before. She still misses the dragons all of them, and still to the day never forget the one that lived with her family. Freya grips the ouch housing the egg and hands it over careful to Xena. The princess caresses it and notices soft beats from with the shell. It’s was past it due from finally hatching, and Xena was well determined to free finally free it with Freya's help.

    Xena asked Freya to place her hands upon the egg, and once she did the egg began to crack. Snarls a small growls can be heard as the remaining shell continues to break apart and from it, the small green and brown dragon emerge from it. Xena then backs away slightly as Freya held her dragon it gazed upon its new master. The earth began to crack beneath Freya, rock levitated around the two as their power bonded with each other.

    Xena’s heart also fills as well, knowing that here long and painful journey will be drawing to an end, but not quite soon. There are still others to awaken, then once that is done, that will only leaves putting together a worthy plan to stop Dogu.

    As Freya bond with her dragon, Belegar hears something. The sound of electricity then ominous sounds coming from around the group. Darkness then clouds the mountain as the light from the sun vanishes and a black and blue color lights up the sky. Something wasn’t right the dwarf knew that this was some kind of dark sorcerer, something that he can expect from someone the his people dread since the passing of the late king.

    A dark figure walks from the smokey darkness revealing itself to be the dark sorcerer and usurping king himself, Dogu. He notices the dragon that Freya recently awoken then turns his attention to Xena then laughs in a calm but maniacal tone asking her if this was all that she had to offer over the years of planning against him. She removes the dagger from from waist and attack the sorcerer but he knocks her away.

    Alessa, Arto, Belegar and Freya run to her aid and at any money ready to fend off Dogu even if he was clearly in a league of his own..

    Dogu sets his sight on Arto which he identify him as a sorcerer as well but not as neary as powerful as he is. He unfortunately uses him as an example, using his dark magic to turn Alessa’s brother against her. He becomes fueled by the darkness bestowed upon him by Dogu, transforming him into a demon. Before Dogu departs, he reminds Xena to abandon her goal to stop him, or else more tragedy would follow.

    “My princess, or former princess. Let be your only warning, failure to comply will result in more suffering.. Abandon your quest for reclamation and embrace my rule.” Dogu as he vanishes, leaving behind the possessed Arto in the care of the others.

    The sight angers Alessa, her dear brother turned into a vicious monster. She tries to reason with him, but her words aren’t getting through. Belegar insisted that they incapacitate him until they figure out a way return him to normal, but Alessa agreed only if they prevented any harm to him. Belegar wasn’t intending to keep any promises.

    The possessed Arto used his newly gain dark magic to create multiple hands of energy to capture everyone and placed them into a tight grip unable to escape. Then he proceeded to grip tightly until he could squeeze the life out of everyone.

    Freya’s dragon however breathed yellow flames into Arto vision. He swats the fires away the focus his attention onto the baby dragon, summon doppelgangers to kill it.
    It tries burn them away but the young dragon’s flame isn’t yet quite strong enough to fully damage the dark beings.Everyone struggles to break free but makes no progress, Arto have them in his clutches and intends to kill them all in the name of Dogu.

    When all seem lost a bright red light brightens the darkened area of then mounting and from it’s crimson rays. Sir Korrin and his dragon emerges to help. Using his newly gained power he lashes the hand that is holding Freya and her dragon rejoins her.

    She too begins to develop her own glow, the same color of her own dragons flames and Korrin suspects that she is one of the chosen and offers to help her and her friends against this threat willing.

    “Okay, I got him just in time but not sooner it seems. Which would you want to take, M’lady?” Korrin said.

    [Handle Arto, while Korrin help the others]

    [Help the others, while Korrin handle Arto]

  • [Handle Arto, while Korrin help the others]

    It's an easy choice for me. Freya knows that Alessa does not wish any harm to befall her brother. Korrin does not know that, so he shouldn't be the one to handle Arto. While Freya might find a way to deal with him nonlethally, or at the very least would try her best not to kill him, Korrin would most likely kill him without a second thought. Therefore, he should rather be the one to help the others.

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    Chapter 13 The road to Lanayu was a few days away by foot from where Korrin was currently. If only his dragon was fully grown, he would h

  • [Handle Arto, while Korrin help the others]

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    Chapter 13 The road to Lanayu was a few days away by foot from where Korrin was currently. If only his dragon was fully grown, he would h

  • [Handle Arto, while Korrin help the others]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 13 The road to Lanayu was a few days away by foot from where Korrin was currently. If only his dragon was fully grown, he would h

  • [Handle Arto, while Korrin help the others]

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    Chapter 13 The road to Lanayu was a few days away by foot from where Korrin was currently. If only his dragon was fully grown, he would h

  • enter image description here

    Chapter 14

    While Korrin tended to the others recovering from Arto’s attack, the younger earth sorceress Freya went for the her former friend that was being possessed by Dogu’s dark arts. She didn’t want to kill, she only wanted to knock him out so that he can somehow be brought back to his former self. Being quite the former foe, Freya decided call forth her dragon recently born, it was eager to assist its master in combat despite its small size and young age.

    Possessed Arto called from the shadows several clones of himself. Though they are duplicates the a much stronger than the appear. One of them let out and eerie cry and began to violent swipe the air with its claws making it way Freya. With the stomp of her foot the earth beneath the duplicate Arto shattered thus destroying it and the most magnificent way. Then when after being destroyed the remaining immediately surrounded Freya leaping in mid-air to strike her. But her dragon using its petrifying breath disoriented them as they turned them as the turned to stone the dust.

    Freya noticed her power has been amplified with her dragon like Korrin’s. Turning her attention to Arto she uses her magic to create a small cloud of dust around him hoping to by some time while she gets in closer. However his power is too great. He blows the dust away the shoots dark energy balls from his staff at Freya. The earth barrier that she summoned protected her from any harm that would have been dealt, but that wasn’t enough to stop Arto. He kept on shooting into he could break through her defenses in which it was looking to be very soon.

    As the stone barriers cracked further, Freya’s dragon decided to take action. It ascended into the sky and hid behind the clouds waiting for the moment to return and strike. Arto summoned forth more clones to overwhelm Freya while he went in for the kill. The clones creeped slowly around the rocky surroundings out of sight then slowly made their way towards their target. Silent as a mole and lethal as a viper, they prepare to deliver a punishing blow to their target.

    Before that could happen, Freya’s dragon descended from the clouds unleashing a fearsome yellow flame onto its targets. The sight of this knocked Arto of guard allowing Freya to make a fast move to incapacitate him. She punch him with a rocky hand that delivered enough force to knock him out of conscious and not him and surviving an attempt on her live, thanks to the help of her dragon.

    Speaking with help dragon she thanks it, being grateful grateful to have it at her side. She has this amazing feeling while she pets if hard scaly surface, a nostalgic one. Reminded of the time long ago when she was a child. The farm, the female dragon that lived with her. The old feeling returned to her once again and it was the only time when she felt at home again.

    Her dragon caught onto something happening to Arto, then it gained Freya’s attention. The possessed Arto summoned forth a demonic bird and began to boarded. He laughs in a dark eerie tone as the bird rises further into the sky. Freya tries to stop him but he destroys any projectile being sent at him. Alessa joins Freya side and calls out for her hoping to get a response from him. He looks at his sister, he hears her but ignores her pleas. The bird with Arto onboard vanishes behind the clouds.

    Alessa goes after him, Freya tried to stop her but it was already too late, she was already gone following the path of the bird Arto departed with. Everyone recoup on their position of the current situation which has become worse. Everyone was fully acquainted with their new ally Korrin who is also a fellow dragon user. He explains that he came to to find others like him, bound to a prophecy to restore Dragoina to her former glory gain the favor and trust of Princess Xena who shares a similar goal.

    Two of the dragon god's chosen users had already been awaken, lefts only two - water and wind. They had to be found in order to stop Dogu and whatever he is planning with his superpowered dragon so they forge an alliance in order to do so. Belegar offered assist in this crusade, the dwarven kingdom would join the fight against this foe, not only to remove evil hold over the lands but to regain his people mountain back from the evil that plagues.

    As Korrin believes he can sway a few soldiers in Drakone to join him, but Xena informs him that an army of thousands won’t be enough to stop the beast that Dogu possesses Korrin describe. They will need to power of the other two dragon users located in the deep and the roaring west. With the power of all four, they can destroy the beast Dogu’s wields rendering him powerless and leaving him no choice to surrender. His power over Arto would also dissipate along with everything else corrected by him.

    Everyone come to an agree of what must be done, Belegar leaves for his castle atop of his mountain while Xena, Freya and Korrin make plans to find the other two dragons and their user. Before then there is somewhere they must go. Xena surprises the with her very own dragon, a gift from her late father, the late king. It was a fully grown dragon, tremendous size and with no doubt had tremendous power. However it had no connection with the elemental dragon gods, it was no ordinary dragon.

    “Climb on. Before we depart on this dangerous journey there is a place we need to travel to that will be quite beneficial for your dragons. It’s not to far away.” Xena said, awaiting Freya and Korrin to climb aboard her dragon.

    They were securely in place on boarded the large dragon. It sniffed the air to determine if there was going to be a bad weather then stretched its muscles in its winged before finally hovering over the grounded and descending the Spark in blinding speed. After the sort flight, the trio landed in place not to far from the city Pillaree.

    Freya is very well familiar with this place as she recalled traveling here earlier in her journey. The place they were traveling to was a set of ruins within the cavern connecting to the city and the wilderness of Lanayu. They entered the cavern and noticed the bright light coming the opening farther down the path within the cavern. This made Xena very suspicious and worried, she ran towards the like leaving behind Korrin and Freya. Eventually they managed to catch up to her and when they did they found her at the entrance of the ruins that were desecrated recent visitors.

    The entrances was heavily damages and mosts of the trinkets such as vases and pottery stolen and that was about it. The place was smaller than what Freya expected, being made of beautiful but clearly aged marble stone carved to perfect. Korrin described this place like some kind of vault of something, he was correct as Xena stated.

    “This place was one of many special vault hidden of the entire continent containing all kinds of valuable treasures. The only way they can be opened is with magic…. Thankfully whoever looted this place didn’t get away of what we are here for..” Xena said thankfully.

    “How many of these vault place are there?” Freya asked, hoping to explore them in the near future with Alessa and Arto someday.

    “Hundreds if I recall. When I younger, my father and mother took me to one below the castle in Searing. And looks like I found what we need. Freya, Korrin, please step over her in the stone.” Xena said calling the two over by a tablet of** four dragons**.

    The tablet depict the gods, Drakone the flame, Vibrant the gust, Lanayu the quake and Coral of the aquatic. All who would appear fighting some kind of serpent like creature rising up from the depths of the far sea. Xena used her own magic attempting to communicate with the gods. They heard her prayer and bestowed upon her their favor.

    Xena turned towards Freya and Korrin and shared some of her newly acquired power with them and their dragons strength also increased.

    Now that was taking care of, it was time find the others. The wind dragon user was located in vibrant, but he has yet to awaken his dragon at the time…

    Elsewhere, at the royal palace. Vawen O’Flaemor is called in by Dogu. Both him and Dogu were close allies during time they usurped the king. At the time Vawen would help Dogu acquire the throne and in return Vawen longevity would be extended. They both have gotten what they wanted but the time has seemingly come again where they would need to work together and achieve what the desire once again.

    Vawen enters the throne room and approaches Do, asking of why he had been summoned here.

    “Need to usurped another king lord Dogu?" Vawen joked.

    “No, something… Slightly more extreme. The time of dragons are once again among us, and someone in Vibrant threatens my rule Vawen. Eliminate them and more immortality will be among you as well.” Dogu exclaimed the situation, assuming that Vawen would be more the well interested.

    Vawen was given an image of whom he was tasked to eliminate, and will more immortality on the line, he is eager to get this job. He leaves and once using a portal to make his way quickly to Vibrant finding himself in the countryside with lone mansion within vision. He begins his search there walking up towards the estates examining it. He then begins to knock on the door, waiting for someone to answer it.

    Inside, Jasper hears knocking and walks toward the door to prepared to answer it, however the dragon egg his nieces recovered during their time at the orc’s stronghold in still in visible view. He quickly grabs it and places it safely in a compartment where no one can see it then walks back to the door to likely answer it.

    [Answer the door]

    [Don't answer]

  • [Answer the door]

    Wait, what happened to Alessa and Arto? Where have they gone to D:

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    Chapter 14 While Korrin tended to the others recovering from Arto’s attack, the younger earth sorceress Freya went for the her former fri

  • [Answer the door]

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    Chapter 14 While Korrin tended to the others recovering from Arto’s attack, the younger earth sorceress Freya went for the her former fri

  • [Answer the door]

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    Chapter 14 While Korrin tended to the others recovering from Arto’s attack, the younger earth sorceress Freya went for the her former fri

  • [Answer the door]

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    Chapter 14 While Korrin tended to the others recovering from Arto’s attack, the younger earth sorceress Freya went for the her former fri

  • enter image description here

    Chapter 15

    The knocking on Jasper’s door continued, it would appear the have already grown impatient waiting for an answer. With quite the anticipation and eager to find out who would visit him this time of evening. Firmingly placing his hand on the doorknob, he squeezes it then finally opens and before he him awaits Vawen, Dogu’s partner sent to kill the remaining dragon users before they could awaken their power and unite against him.

    Vawen greeted Jasper, revealing a sigil of the king, requiring his audience. He is invited into the mansion for tea and crumpets following discussing matters that require his attention so urgently.
    A picture of Jasper and his two adopted nieces Camilla and Maggie on a cabinet, the very same one where the dragon egg is hidden away. Though vawen aware of such a thing, Jasper is still worried of its discovery.

    Pulling a chair from the round table in the center of the living room, Vawen takes a seat. Jasper then begins to pull tea into two teacups then removed the wrapping from a dish of freshly baked pastries . Vawen went on and helped himself before being asked by Jasper on what business the king had of him.

    “So, what does his majesty require of me?” Jasper eagerly asked.

    Vawen finished eating his crumpet then picked up his cup of tea and began to patiently drink until it was empty. Ignoring Jasper frustrated, so he asked Vawen once again in a more impatient with a very classy tone. This time the guest finally replied after being rude for all of those moments, then finally answered the question.

    “You see Mr. Hopkins, you pose a great threat to my lord - the king. Therefore I’m going to be straightforward with this. I’m going to have to eliminate you now, if you mind..” Vawen as he slams the teacup onto the table the used the glass shards, sending them into Jasper’s left arm.

    Jasper falls out of his seat in slight shock. He climbs away from the table close to the cabinet leaving behind a trail of blood along the way. Vawen laugh at his struggle to survive, stating that he would play a big part in extending his life, and is looking forward in trapping his soul with many others in his necklace.

    Upon clinging on the bottom of the cabinet, he climbs up and accidentally pulls open it causing the dragon egg inside to fall out of it. Reacting quickly, he manages to catch it in his right hand then it. A heartbeat is felt from inside, and the shells begin to crack then from it emerges an emerald dragon with a light green aura pulsing from it. The baby dragon hovered at it’s master side sensing danger and harm that has befallen upon its master.

    Jasper is in awe after what he just witnessed, but the pain in his left arms continues to kick in making him weapon from blood lost. He reaches for a rag within the cabinet and wraps it around his injury to prevent any further bloodlost. His newly hatched dragon hovers over by his master's side, it turns its attention to Vawen who is in joy and excited at what he sees before him.

    “If only I was sent to kill you earlier, but now matter. Your beast, your little dragon. It is no match for me and my overwhelming capabilities…. Oh how I will enjoy watching you both suf-” Vawen cut off after being hit with a power blast from Jasper’s dragon. It sent him crashing through the door of the mansion and out into the fields. The baby dragon then darts after him, determined to finish the job. Jasper then helps himself up from the the floor and using whatever strength he can muster, he goes after Vawen and his dragon.

    On the field Vawen recovers from that devastating blow from the dragon. Admitting that he quite impressed by the sheer power of the beast before. Stating that it will be a shame that it would never live to realize its full potential. Vawen using his magic to summon a dark grey storm cloud high above the in the clouds. It begins to slowly rotate as thunder roars.

    Jasper joins his dragons side, demanding to know why Vawen was doing and why king Dogu wanted him dead. Vawen’s laughs while gripping the necklace the house many souls, then unreluctantly answer Jasper’s willful question as the cloud above him takes the form of a funnel.

    “You were clearly chosen by the wind god dragon, Vibrant. You, a mere mortal a human now hold his power. You and that dragon beside you, the threat to Dogu and stumbling block between me and immortality.! Therefore, you must perish!” Vawen as he raises his hand high channeling his power to call for a mighty tornado to kill Jasper, along with everyone else in the radius. He did not care for other casualties, it just meant more souls for him and his necklace to add onto his power.

    As the tornado began to form from the funnel, the winds began to kick up quickly. Creating gusts over 80 mph. As tornadoes were quite rare, one of the size that is being conjured by Vawen could be strong enough to destroy several villages nearby and leaving behind a high body count. This as a thought sunk into Jasper's mind, he couldn't bare it. His dragon turned to him, speaking with him telepathically. As a dragon wielder and its user share a bond, they can understand each other through this way.

    “What that, you going to what?” But you could.. Okay.” Jasper communicating with his dragon.

    It then ascends into the sky and flies around into a circle creating cycle of wind and causes of a bolt of lightning to strike the earth before Vawen. It was a powerful blast, something unnatural, something unreal. The power of this recently born dragon seemed to be scaled to an umber height which was impressive for its young age. While Jasper possesses no natural powers of his own besides speaking in large crowds, thinking of how powerful this dragon would be once it reach its full potential is quite terrifying.

    As the smoke clears after the strike, Vawen is left unharmed and more amused than before. He uses his own lighting bolt to strike the dragon out of the sky sending it crashing onto the ground over the other side of a stream between the plain and a rocky field. Jasper rushed to his dragons aid by it side, and thankfully it was still alive but injured just like it’s master. He could feel it’s pain and see the sadness in it’s eyes after putting everything it had in that attack on Vawen. He picks up his baby dragon and hold it, then the tornado began to meet with the soil roars as it nearly completes its formation.

    Vawen thanks Jasper and his pet for the entertainment, for his own and the potential soul of many others nearby. Assuring that others would join him very soon. The tornado formation is finally complete, it meets with the soil and begins sucking up everything in its path with Vawen controlling it. He sends his creation in the path of Jasper determined to kill him. Before the tornado began to move forward, Vawen is struck by fire and sudden the earth underneath his feet breaks and is destroyed, sending him flying into his own tornado.

    He is sucked up into the vortex screaming and cursing, the tornado begins to dissipate as the funnel goes back into the clouds. Jasper is confused of what have just happened. The clouds clear and the sun peeks behind the fluffy clouds and then a large winged shadow hovers above him. He looks up and see’s a fully grown dragon, ridden by three people.

    It descends by Jasper’s side leaving him in further amazement, a young woman appears jumps off of the dragon and approaches him taking great notices of his own dragon in his hands.

    “Are you hurt? Is your dragon hurt as well? Let me tend to your injuries If I may.” The lady said.

    Jasper thanked her still adjusting to all of this, he thank her for her intrusion and without her and her companies help, many lives would have been lost including his own. He introduces himself to her, and she and others did the same.

    “My name is princess Xena, daughter of the late king Thanus. These are my, friends. Korrin, and Freya. Like you they are dragon users. We require you help with something.” Xena exclaimed.

    “With what. Last time someone required something from me, they tried to kill me with a twister..” Jasper joked.

    “I can ensure we mean no harm, we only want to take back this land from the tyrant Dogu and restore our world to it’s former glory. After the recently ordeal, I assume you’ll have some kind of score to settle with him as well?” Xena asked.

    Jasper recalled what Vawen mentioned earlier, he agrees to join Xena and the other wielders on the mission to gather the dragon users with only one left, residing in the deep watery south. However before he would embark on a journey of the such he would need to assure the safety of his two niece currently residing in Excytes several miles away. However as the sun sets, the lighting of the city can be seen over the horizon. Jasper notices a funnel shape cloud forming in the far distance. He panics warning the others of the danger the country's capital city facing certain destruction.

    He turns to Xena begging her to take him there, his only family is in grave danger and the moment he waits the closer to death they’ll become. The princess notices what is happening in the far horizon as well, determined to prevent any further harm from coming to her people. She will not doubt agrees to stop the coming threat to the city, Once Jasper see’s his nieces to safely, he'd be gladly to join the group on their crusade.

    All four board Xena’s dragon en route to stop the coming thread to the city of Excytes..

    Returning to deep, the aquatic underwater city of Memore…

    Carl introduced the the queen of the underwater realm, she informs him that both her late sister and Carl share a resemblances. Questioning him on his origins, she is quite intrigue and starts to wonder if this young could possibly be her long lost nephew that once orphaned above the surface. The night of the Queen sister death, she recalled a storm, fog, thunder. Her sister traveled to the surface frequently, and during that time she became quite fond of a local fisherman who reside in the seaside city Aurora.

    The two fell in love, live every other story like these. It ended in tragedy unfortunately when the queen’s sister died in labor soon the surface, with the fisherman fell into depression and the waves took him to his watery doom. Their child indeed up in an orphanage where he grew up to be a very talented fisherman like his old man. The queen explained this to Carl, he began to understand where he was from and who he was. However he needed to know more.

    Queen Mermore invited Carl to the palace, thanking him once again to for the safe return of her daughter Melona. Navigating down the beautiful sapphire stoned walkway and well constructed monuments and building of this fine aquatic utopia world, Carl is mesmerized by its beauty.

    This place is old as Dragoina itself, having a similar custom to the surface, but not very so. Their king isn’t an evil tyrant like the current one of the surface. This also confirms that the queen of Mermore is aware of Dogu unlike any of the surface dwellers. Her husband had left for the surface several days from ago yet return unfortunate, so Carl won’t be able to meet him just yet.

    Upon arriving at the palace, the queen sent Melona to her room to resume her studies and led Carl to the dining for some delicious seafood cuisine. While Carl stuffed his face, Queen Memore opened a box and removed a picture of her and her sister. She shared a striker resemblance to his mother, as he kept a picture of her with her father long ago on his dresser.

    He realized what this actual meant, he was part Mermorian and part Dragoinian.. This also explain his near inhuman stamina and swimming capabilities along with being able to hold his breath for a long time. His other abilities have yet to manifest. Though the queen was more than happy to help her nephew. It was the least she could do. Look after her deceased sister son. Everytime she looks into his eyes, she see her, with is a painful reminder to what happen, but now that Queen Mermore knows her lost kin is safe, she can happily more on.

    She offers to help Carl unlock his full capability as a Mermorian, but does not force it on him, she asked Carl what he would like to do first.

    [Finish those Terrorcrab patties!]

    [I want to learn more about Mermore]

    [Please teach me how to use my powers]

  • [Please teach me how to use my powers] simply because war is coming, there is no time for history or patties!

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    Chapter 15 The knocking on Jasper’s door continued, it would appear the have already grown impatient waiting for an answer. With quite th

  • [Finish those Terrorcrab patties!] I have no idea what Terrorcrab patties are, but they sound delicious!

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    Chapter 15 The knocking on Jasper’s door continued, it would appear the have already grown impatient waiting for an answer. With quite th

  • [Finish those Terrorcrab patties!]

  • [Finish those Terrorcrab patties!] Sure thing.

    Great part!

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    Chapter 15 The knocking on Jasper’s door continued, it would appear the have already grown impatient waiting for an answer. With quite th

  • [Please teach me how to use my powers]

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    Chapter 15 The knocking on Jasper’s door continued, it would appear the have already grown impatient waiting for an answer. With quite th


    Chapter 16

    Succumbing to the delicious taste of the seafood Carl finishes what is left, then a guard enters the chamber with some troubling new. The King of Memore, Darcsyd, has yet to return or send out any word of him returning. Which had stirred up quite the worry for The Queen and especially her daughter Melona. Perhaps this may have been a reason she wandered off from the palace and traveled to the surface. She wanted to find her father and being as she never ventured to the surface before, Melona was unaware of the laws and its punishment.

    Queen Memore removes herself from that table and bidding her dear nephew a temporarily farewell while she attends a meeting the other knights regarding her husband's disappearances. Carl could see the sadness and concern in her eyes and know something is up. As the Queen leaves a tall man by the name of Magnus Prospero enters the room and picks a fresh apple. Greeting Carl, he is aware of the currently situation. Well Carl’s identity actually and the fact of him being half human-human and half-mermorian.

    “Ah you must be the boy, Queen Memore long lost nephew.. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Magnus, a lore master here. I was recently task by the queen to get you better acquainted with your heritage an hour ago. You were busy enjoy our famous dishes so I didn't want to disturb the guest of honor.” Magnus said.

    “It’s fine, was a damn good meal if you ask me. I guest you can tell how to use my water magic. There is so much to learn now that I’ve discovered another part of my life.” Carl said.

    “Aye, I’m sure you have plenty of time to learn all about your mother's family and her long history. As well as understand the full potential of your Mermorian abilities. However there is something urgent you must prepare for, we need to get started right away.” Magnus said helping Carl out of his seat, insisting he follow him.

    “We going straight into training?” Carl asked.

    “Close enough.” Magnus responded.

    Carl followed Magnus through the palace until they arrived on the roof. It was empty except for a lone table housing a large tome. There a perfect view of the city and the other complexes including a view of the ocean depths and it’s lost mysteries. Magnus looked out into the horizon of the ocean floor and beyond. He became filled with nostalgia as he explains to Carl when he a youth he would ride sea dragons and hunt with them. He himself had a dragon of his own, sapphire shaded serpent no larger than a whale. When his dear friend vanish, something in him broke.

    Though Magnus feels it, he refuses to show any sign of sadness or sorrow. He turns to Carl with a smile, and ask him an serious question.

    “Unfortunately, as much as I would love you to teach you more about our beautiful city and culture there is a more urgent matter we need to look into at our full attention.. Carl, how would you feel if I were to ask you to.. Save Dragoinia?” Magnus asked.

    “I would say.. Whoa?” Carl responded. Magnus laugh the walked over to the table asking Carl to join him.

    Magnus speaks of the assumed dead princess coming to this city a year ago, informed me of the treachery of the current so called king. Magnus and the King of Memore had a friendship with the surface king and his royal family. When the tragic new broke he wanted to get to the bottom of it, beginning to send spies to the capitol country to spy on Dogu. Eventual the assumed dead Princess Xena appeared before, which confirmed him and Darcsyd’s suspicion.

    “Wait a minute. You mean that creepy guy with the staff isn't really the king of Dragoina? He killed the real king?!” Carl shock and surprised.

    “Precisely, and there is more. He is actually out to kill you as well. You and three others threaten his rule..” Magnus said.

    “What? Hold on, I’ve never met the guy and he wants to kill me?!” Carl slightly panicked.

    “You’re quite the special fellow. The water dragon goddess coral blessed you. I can feel her energy resonating from you, the queen can feel it. Dogu feel it which is why he probably sent someone after at this very moment. We need to prepare now before-” Magnus cut off as the building begins to shake.

    The two looks over the Balcony and sees a battle down below. Carl has no idea who the guards are fighting, they appeared to be some kind of cultist. However Magnus recognized them. They referred to themselves as ‘The Thousand Son’s’ he immediately left the room asking Carl to find Melona and ensure her safety while assisting the guard while combating the cultist.

    Carl acknowledges and leaves to find Melona. He travels through the palace lucky enough to not encounter the cultist but instead finds a wounded soldier. He goes to to the dying soldier and is given the location of Melona before he finally dies. Carl make use of this newly gained information and finally reaches the door to her room. It is being attacked and picked apart by the cultist. Carl catches their attention and they draw their weapons.

    He picks up a lone flagpole using it as a weapon. Challenging the two cultist, they charge after him and with a mighty swing swaps both of them in the face knocking them back. They become enraged growing tentacles from their face and charge after him again. The flag pole snaps in half after hitting the two but before then something happens to Carl. He is able to summon water and using it to send the cultist out of nearby windows.

    His newly gained ability confused him but he began to realize that it was time to become better acquainted with his psychology and use it as his advantage towards surviving. He tries the same mov he recently used on the cultist on the door. Smashing in open with a stream of water. Inside the room he found Melona holding her dragon egg, horrified and demanding to know what was going on.

    Carl approached her as the building continued to rumble, he warned that she had to get you to safety. Melona ask if he was taking her to her mother, Carl was unsure since he had no idea where she could be at this very moment. Perhaps if he ran into another guard they would likely point them in her direction. Though they royal guard seemed heavily occupied defending the city from the invading cultist. It was up to Carl again to lead Melona to safety.

    From his viewpoint, they were likely on the fifth level of the palace. Melona suggested that they navigate to the throne where her mother would likely be at the time. Carl takes this into considerations and allow Melona to lead the way. She hands Carl her dragon egg and press a switch behind a bookcase opening a cobweb infested tunnel where she claims that this passage was used a easy route to the lower levels. Melona used to them to play hide and seek as a child.

    Something happened when Carl held the dragon egg, he felt a heartbeat followed by vibrations. Then cracking and sudden a small blue scaly head with a pair of serpent eyes emerged from the shell. Melona turned around and saw what lies before placing her hand over her mouth in shock.

    “It wasn’t me, soon as I touched it the thing started hatching!” Carl said defensively.

    Melona wasn’t angry at all, she recalled the story her mother and father used to read her as a child when she was younger. The legend of four heroes and their elemental dragons. They would united against the evil wizard and save their land from the shadows. At this point she knew that Carl was one of them and now, she expected him to fulfill his hero duties. Starting by ridding these invaders from her home.

    A group of cultist discovers the two, the initiate their attack but Carl defends with a wall of water telling Melona to run and find her mother while he handles the cultist. She flees in search of her mother and Carl is left with his next act of heroism.

    This time his newly gained dragon joins him by his side. Seeing the threat before it and it’s master, the dragon lets out a supersonic wave of water so powerful enough to pierce directly though each of these cultist and kill them. Their cries call forth another group, a larger amount this time. Carl and his dragon are swarmed but the baby dragon thinks ahead this time. He pulls his master near a window and pulls him out of the window, and normal a person would likely fall to their death but instead out of instinct Carl creates a water slide which he glides to the courtyard to safety.

    His power of water is manifesting greatly do to the dragon he awakened, taking what Magnus and Melona said into consideration. A shadow that looms over the dome of the palace. He looks out and see a monstrous tentacle being, a kraken. They were presumed to bead extinct with a very few hidden in the ocean caverns. The cultist seemed to have one working with them which spells out massive trouble for Mermore and even Aurora if it reaches the surface.

    Carl is joined by Magnus who brings some good news. The queen and her daughter is safe, along with the royal guard able to push back the invaders. He looks up where Carl is pointing and see the titan the looms outside the dome. Magnus then realized that the Thousand Sons acquire a kraken which made their threat level soar above expectations. This creatures needed to be stopped before it could begin damaging the city or even making a nest.

    Magnus turned Carl and his dragon acknowledging that fact that he is the one chosen by Coral and asks “What steps would a hero take to approach and eliminate this threat?” Awaiting Carl’s response.

    [Can you conjure up something to help?]

    [Well, I have a dragon now. What could go wrong..?]

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    [Can you conjure up something to help?] Help would be appreciated, especially that dragon just hatched

  • [Can you conjure up something to help?]

  • [Can you conjure up something to help?]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 16 Succumbing to the delicious taste of the seafood Carl finishes what is left, then a guard enters the chamber with some troubli

  • [Can you conjure up something to help?]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 16 Succumbing to the delicious taste of the seafood Carl finishes what is left, then a guard enters the chamber with some troubli

  • enter image description here

    Chapter 17

    From seeing the beast loom above the dome of the city, Magnus prep for a way of exterminating the grave threat to Mermore. Looking to his tome’s in search of a spell that could drive the kraken back into the lowest depths of the sea. Wondering how the cultist acquired such a thing baffled him, as the thought of his longterm enemies power growing worried him. However the cult were no where near powerful enough to capture a wild kraken, they had to had help from someone.

    The city began to shake as the beast began slamic outside of the dome. It was time to act now, as of now the only way to stop the kraken was to kill it. Though they are rare and quite extinct, the chance of leaving it alive to reproduce would only pose more threat to the surface and the city of Mermore. So it had to be destroyed, to save the lives of millions one kraken had to die.

    Magnus began to conjure a spell of aquatic mysticism forge a weapon for Carl to use against the creature. A trident a fitting weapon he thought and handed it over to Carl explaining that the weapon is somewhat alive. He can used as a weapon or use it as an attack dog as well being able to communicate with it and use it to do his own bidding. He took the weapon from Magnus and began to experience some changes to his body. It would appear bounding with this weapon made him more powerful in a way. He could feel his muscle tighten, his strength surging.

    Magnus looked at Carl telling him that he has faith in Carl, he doesn’t have to go through with this if he doesn’t want. The only problem of him not tackling this threat would result in the destruction of the city. Carl wasn’t worried, if he had the power necessary to eliminate the kraken then he believes he can pull it off. He never ran from a challenge before, no matter how big it was.

    Carl reminded Magnus from the surface dwellers viewpoint he was called one of the lands best fishermen. He claims to demonstrate that as of now. Placing his dragon in the care of Magnus, Carl made way for the docks to where the kraken was last seen moving to after bumping against the top of dome. He could see several green tentacles moving around, from the barrier separating the ocean and city’s water. Gripping his trident he threw it at one of the tentacles with sheer force. The kraken lims spewed blood everywhere, you can easily tell it was in severe pain. It reach further into the dome to grab whatever attacked it only to come up empty handed. Carl’s trident returned to him after it materialize into water back into his hands. He is impressed by that weapon Magnus gave him but gets easily distracted and is nearly crushed by another tentacle.

    The kraken forces its head into the dome, revealing its monstrous face, massive mouth filled with hundreds of teeth. The roar from it caused building to tremble and object to be pushed away in the opposite direction. Carl holds his ground, waiting for the time to strike again. He see an opportunity to strike this time aiming for its eye. He throw his trident at full speed but somehow the kraken anticipated this and smacks it into the a stone wall turning it to water puddle. The kraken roars then slides it’s head out of the dome. It swims upward from the ocean floor and makes it way for the surface.

    Whether the kraken was testing him or trying to bait him, Carl didn’t care. He had to follow it and destroy it quickly. His trident glowed a turquoise color, and next he felt his the blood in his body to shake rapidly and next his entire body and form turned to a liquid. Carl now liquidized decide to use this new ability as an advantage to catch up with the kraken that has made it way to the surface. He enters the water then enters the ocean traveling at unknown speeds through the water in his liquid form.

    He could still see where he was going but there wasn’t much he could do in this form. The sight of a tentacle catches his own, he has found it, then heads in that direction. Carl rises from the ocean then lands on a rock returning to his solid form. He hurt his side, but he can recover from a rough landing. He should be able to recover from all the injuries caused from learning his new abilities.

    Learning of his new surrounding. He found himself in a ship graveyard on the coast of a broken pair of Islands and there was the kraken and his powerful tentacles peeking out of the water. It attacked him immediately throwing debris from destroyed ships at him. Carl avoid this and jumped back into the ocean. The kraken followed him and the two began to clash underwater.

    This was no easy fight for Carl, but though he was inexperienced he was doing well against a creature of massive said and multi appendages. He adventually managed to severely injure it right eye with his trident. This only made the kraken more violent to point where Carl had to retreat to the surface of the Island but not even land could stop the beast rage. As Carl ran across the sandy debris covered beach to catch his breath the kraken came after him determined to take him to his doom.

    It used all its tentacles to ensure that Carl had no way to go, then open its massive mouth with the hundreds of teeth sharper than any dagger. It moved in with full anticipation of a gory meal, leaned several feet above Carl with saliva dripping from its putrid foul mouth and scooped up presumably Carl and everything else he was standing on or by. It swallowed in satisfaction rubbing its own belly with one of its tentacles.

    Before it would return Mermrore it felt something going on inside its body. Before it struck it, the kraken felt something wrong going on inside its body. It began to bleed from it’s mouth and eyes and before it do something it was too late. The kraken explode after being electrocuted internal causing whatever remained of it to fly across the island and into the sea. Carl emerged unharmed, having to survive being eaten alive by the kraken. As he was scooped up by it he liquidize himself and once he was inside he used his trident to summon lightning from within and fry the kraken from the inside out.

    This was truly this biggest fish he had ever caught and this would make one helluva story to tell his children and grandchildren one day. He now returns to Mermore only find find the violence of the cultist diminished thanks to the help of Magnus and the royal guards efforts. There were still a few cultist left to take out, but the guard had that part covered. Order was returning to Mermore and Carl was recognized for his heroic deeds. He was called to throne room for a royal recognition.

    Within the throne room, the queen had recognized Carl for his outstanding feats of bravery displayed before the people of the great watery city only wishing that her husband, King Darcsyd would be here to hand Carl the reward she is presenting him. ‘Warrior of Mermore’, the highest honor bestowed upon within these city walls. Carl however refuses to accept this, if it would be right that the king himself present this honor to him that so be, he will rather respect tradition and wait for lord Darcsyd present this to him. He then ask the queen why the king might have not returned by now, assuming something went wrong. She answered him.

    “I would assume Magnus informed of the tale of the four elementals, correct? It would appears my husband foreseen something, a massive battle on a burning lands against a dark entity and its army of darkness.” Queen Mermore said.

    “Did he go seek out the dragon wielders before their time due to this?” Cark asked.

    “Precisely, nephew. He feared that the entity would already began their pursuit of these four chosen individuals. So he decided it was best to get a headstart and this lead him to the high throne of Dragoina and it’s new king, Dogu..” Queen Mermore replied.

    “That guy has always seemed to be sketchy, what kind of king sits in a dark castle all day?” Carl said.

    “A very evil one it seems. My husband never trusted him ever since he took power. Then as he drew closer unraveling some dreadful secrets of him it.. It.. I’m sorry, the recent new is too painful for me to bear.” The queen said, with Magnus trying to comfort her but she insisted that she finish and inform Carl of a newly dire situation of Mermore.

    “King Darcsyd along with a orc bandit king among others are set to be executed with the coming day for treason. There’s nothing we can do, as Dogu plans to invade this city and decimate our culture if we chose to intervene. Hence the recent attack of the cultist as a warning.” The queen explained.

    “He was here? How did this happen? No, I can save him, believe me I really can. I’ve learned many things from my time here. Gained a dragon and nifty new weapon, so I think I can handle whatever this Dogu throws at me. Did I mentioned that I killed a kraken..?” Carl said.

    “You share the wits of your father and the bravery of your mother, Carl. But even though you have acquired great power in under a short time, you must reunite with your fellow riders before you can confront Dogu. Going after him alone would only lead to your downfall do you understand?” Queen Mermore said.

    Carl respected her wish with his acknowledgement. He would unite with the other dragon users to defeat Dogu and rescue the king of Mermore before his execution would be carried out. He prepared to make preparations to leave explaining that he would use his ability to turn into liquid and travel from the ocean up a river to find the other dragons. Magnus informed Carl that his scrying crystal ball last foreseen them attacking a tornado in Vibrant. That is where Carl would head next. Saying his goodbyes and keeping his promise that he would return with the king, he leaves the underwater city with his dragon to find the other wielders.

    This closes out this underwater story arc, but this also leads another chapter in this ongoing tale of restoration. Our two treasure hunting siblings found themselves involved in something the weren’t prepared for. They assumed they in in for the score of their lives only leading to one of them becoming possessed and driven to madness.

    Since the skirmish atop of Mt. Spark, Alessa have been tracking Arto around the border of Lanayu and Vibrant. She followed the trail of his destruction, usually purplish black fire footsteps and lead him to a old broken tower that is a few yards from a newly developed nomad camp. They must have recently established their camp which could mean Arto might have already arrived her and entered the broken tower before they arrived. She wonders why Arto chose to come him, to this tower. Perhaps it had something to do the spell that Dogu cast on him and is driving him mad.

    She ask herself whether she should ask the local nomads about this broken tower. Hoping to gain an idea to why her possessed brother would be come here. However she had a few run-in’s with nomads in the past becoming quite unpopular with them.

    [Check with the nomads, gain some Intel on this tower.]

    [Enter the tower, trusting your own skill and will.]

  • [Check with the nomads, gain some Intel on this tower.] Better to check if they know anything.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 17 From seeing the beast loom above the dome of the city, Magnus prep for a way of exterminating the grave threat to Mermore. Loo

  • [Check with the nomads, gain some Intel on this tower.]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 17 From seeing the beast loom above the dome of the city, Magnus prep for a way of exterminating the grave threat to Mermore. Loo

  • [Check with the nomads, gain some Intel on this tower.]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 17 From seeing the beast loom above the dome of the city, Magnus prep for a way of exterminating the grave threat to Mermore. Loo

  • [Check with the nomads, gain some Intel on this tower.]

    This sounds slightly better. While I trust Alessa to have the skill necessary to survive whatever she encounters in that tower, there is always the chance that something unexpected happens. She might be unpopular with the nomads, but in the end I hope she will learn some important intel from them.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 17 From seeing the beast loom above the dome of the city, Magnus prep for a way of exterminating the grave threat to Mermore. Loo

  • Chapter 18

    enter image description here

    Alessa visited the nomadic village that sits just a few feet from old broken and ruined tower where her brother Arto assumed to be at the time. Hoping to gain some insight on what mysteries or traps this structure may house and to gain so materials to assist with her exploration. She walk along the dirt paths where a pile of boulders are aligned across another. From the gate she see a group of people at the rear entrance of the village.

    There was a wise old man and woman along with a taller mighty man armed with an ancient weapon, a jaden dao. He is also dressed in cladded white armor with a single bolt of lightning as well. He would appear to be arguing with them elder couple, all three then return to the village and enters a large hut. Alessa walks through the gate of the village and suddenly is gazed upon by many villagers. They seem to be aware who she was immediately right as Alessa entered the village.

    The guards are alerted and before she know it, Alessa is surrounded by strongmen, or the guards of this nomadic group. Asking what business she had her, word seemed to got around among the other villages. They are still quite furious after one of her and Arto’s expeditions awhile ago caused a nomad’s sister group their home after releasing a group of dragopods from a sealed temple. Still quite angry with the incident, they decide to leave her fate with their leaders instead of dishing out justice themselves.

    They bring her to the big hut in center of the village and once inside they find the elderly couple seated with the tall broad man chatting. They stopped after the strongmen and Alessa enter, and they immediately recognizes her. The elderly young man approaches to get a closer look then takes one long look into Alessa face then mentions “You must be judged by your actions. Trial by combat!” Then the guards brings her outside to the village square to defend herself in combat from whatever the nomads will throw at here.

    The strongmen hand Alessa a weapon, a simple broadsword to defend herself against their champion who enters the ring. It is the tall man from earlier, it would appear that the elderly couple wanted him as their champion to challenge Alessa. He accepts then gratefully steps into the ring face to face with Alessa. The elderly man enters and explains the outcome of this trial of combat.

    “This is a trial of combat. The one on trial, the one who caused the destruction of our brothers and sisters village.. From releasing dragopods upon their village in her quest for greed.. She will fight for her freedom, and life. Begin!” The elderly man said giving the order for the fight to proceed.

    Alessa though was in a tight situation have a cocky smirk on her face as if she was flattered by this, almost near certain she would win this fight. However she did not underestimate her opponent. Not one bit, as she seen how well he carried himself. He was a fighter, a warrior. This would not disappoint her, though she was in a hurry to find her brother so she had to end this quickly.

    Both her and the man too their fighting stance. The man attack first then Alessa dodges and removed a bolas from her waist and threw it him. He is caught and falls to the ground, but as he struggle to break free the man throws a dagger attached to him at Alessa which are deflected by one of her steel bracelets Barely harming her.

    The man is freed from the bolas and gets back on his feet and charges at Alessa who does the same. Before they meet blows the top of the towers begins to burst with dark energy, the very same one that Arto emits since he was possessed by Dogu’s dark magic. The towers structure slowly begins to break apart and crumble to the ground sending the village in a panic. Eventually it stops, for now.

    The fight between Alessa and the villages’ champion is put on a halt when the elderly man asked his champion the investigate the tower and it’s sudden strange occurrence. Alessa buds in and explains that she came to find her brother whom she was tracking. Requiring the guidance and knowledge of the nomads to a search the tower for him. Alessa also apologizes for the accident with the dragopods and the other nomads taking full responsibility for her error willing to make it up to the by calming the blight of chaos a top of the tower at the very moment offering her assistance.

    The elderly man thinks of this and turns to his champions, then tell him to take Alessa with her inside this tower to investigate the darkness at the very top. He agrees and ask the two to go at once as the tower continues to rumble and fears that it could crumble onto the village any moment. Alessa and the village champion leaves and heads for the tower just a few feet down the dirt path.

    They arrive, standing directly over this towering building that touched the clouds. It was about a hundred feet and likely around fifty floors and hundreds of rooms inside. Alessa asked the village champion how long it would take them to get to the top. He told her that if she plan on looting this ancient monument to guess asking, he would kill her onsite if she was too. Then ask her to call him by his real name and not his title.

    “Call me Jaghatai, the name village champion is no longer me, I just decide to visit after a long week of wandering the mountains of Lanayu.” Jaghatai said.

    “Ah, I see. That’s quite new to me. I have never encounter a nomad who travels alone by himself, away from their tribe. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything” Alessa said.

    “I’m quite different from many other nomads encountered. You aren’t so bad yourself treasure hunter. Even though you released giant insects onto a village.. Though I did enjoy slaying them.” Jaghatai said.

    “Uhh, sure.. Now how do we open this stone door? It’s not moving, like the age rusted it over the years. How did Arto get inside I wonder.” Alessa thought.

    “The entrance requires a special spell, known to by the ancient people of Dragonia. Allow me..” Jaghatai said as he cast a quick spell to open the large doors leading into the tower.

    The door slowly opens and sand and dust flies out from inside. The place has not been opens for decades. Jaghatai claims the tower to be little over two hundred years old being named after Dragoina herself. The Tower of Dragoina, housing meaning secrets of the ancient time kept hidden and protected by the nomads generation to generation.

    Once they enter the tower the can see all the way up to the apex. Alessa is amazed the the design of this ancient building describing as nothing she ever seen before. Leading all the up were magical lights that illuminated the whole structure inside soon as they entered. Jaghatai informs Alessa of a special mechanism that would take them directly to the top, but one of the switches appears to be missing.

    Alessa assumed that they couldn’t have been stolen as this place have been closed off for years. She is corrected by a strange voice, which is revealed to be the voice of a stone statue that descended upon Alessa and Jaghatai. It introduced himself as a guardian of this tower awakened from recent events. The reason it appeared before the two was because it require their help in order to fix the mechanism that will open the entrance to the apex.

    The guardian statue inform them that his two brethren are being held captive by powerful dark evil that binds them as they hold the missing pieces. Alessa and Jaghatai must free the two guardians and retrieve the missing pieces so they are able to venture to the very top of the tower. With the tower continuing to shake, they time to act was now before it was too late.

    [Split up to free the guardians]

    [Stick together and free the guardians]

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