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  • [Stick together and free the guardians] I think it's safer to stick together...

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    Chapter 18 Alessa visited the nomadic village that sits just a few feet from old broken and ruined tower where her brother Arto assum

  • [Stick together and free the guardians]

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    Chapter 18 Alessa visited the nomadic village that sits just a few feet from old broken and ruined tower where her brother Arto assum

  • [Stick together and free the guardians]

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    Chapter 18 Alessa visited the nomadic village that sits just a few feet from old broken and ruined tower where her brother Arto assum

  • [Stick together and free the guardians]

    Splitting up is almost never a good idea. There is the possessed Arto somewhere in the tower and who knows what else they have to face. In fact, they should be able to free the guardians better and faster if they work as a team and combine their respective skills. Maybe they even fail to free the guardians if each of them goes alone.

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    Chapter 18 Alessa visited the nomadic village that sits just a few feet from old broken and ruined tower where her brother Arto assum

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    Chapter 19

    enter image description here

    Though splitting up to cover more ground may have been an adequate idea, but Jaghatai would not allow it. They decide to find the mechanism from the left path, walking through the colorful lights the lite up the whole room in a nice neon blue. Now they found themselves at a door leading down an old broken up hall with the same type of of lighting but only this time it was much dimming than the ones in the main hall.

    Alessa and Jaghatai navigated down the broken hallway only to hear something strange, some kind of scraping sounds against something. Then when finally seeing something rushed away the doorway making the two alert. Jaghatai removed his weapon, Alessa dig the same.

    A pair of scarlet eyes pierce through the darkness of the doorway, then from it came a dragopod attempting to rush down the duo. Swinging its scythe like appendages it misses and accidentally cause the ceiling to begin to collapse. Alessa points that out then assist that they get out of this hall before it falls onto them.

    As much as Jaghatai wanted to fight and defeat the giant insect, he retreats to safety for me and enter the doorway with Alessa. The ceiling of the hallway finally collapsed and as the dragopod attempted to force it’s way inside with them, it is crushed by the fallen debris.

    “That was close..” Alessa said to Jaghatai. She then turn towards a large statue, very similar to the duo encountered earlier since they first entered this tower.

    It is soaked in the darkness, the very same that corrupts Arto. It also holds something, most likely the device needed to travel upward to the top of this broken tower. As the approach the statue the floor begins to take a new form. Changing into some kind of puzzle. Now the only way to reach and free the statute is to solve this mysterious puzzle that blocks their pathway. Alessa offers to handle this one while Jaghatai keeps an eye out for anymore unwanted guest.

    She approaches the floating plates that glowed two different colors, blue and red. Apparently she had to walk across the one with the correct color that would lead her to the statue. The plate that held the statue was blue which means Alessa would have to travel across only the blue ones or stumble to her doom. They began to rearrange and awaited for Alessa to begin to solve the puzzle.

    There could have been many ways to solve this,but the way the plates were constantly changing their patterns moving slowly in a careful manner was not the way to go. Alessa had to move quickly across the blue ones before they change their color. She were making great progress until they began to move even faster. So close to reaching the statue.

    She landed on the last plate, it turned red at the very moment and as she began to fall from landing onto the wrong one, Jaghatai grabbed her arm before she could fall. Alessa asked him how exactly did he managed to make it across the plate puzzle in time.

    *“I took my time.” *Jaghatai said, turning to the statue covered in darkness. He then touched it and using the ancient essence of his people he cleansed it relinquishing any darkness that plagues it. The spirit of it was finally free bringing it to life.

    The statue then thanks both Alessa and Jaghatai for freeing it, then hands over the mechanism to the elevator. It then opens a new path that would lead them back to the main hall and join his brethren in the fight to rid this place of evil and vanishes.

    Jaghatai and Alessa pases through the portal and return to the main hall. They then places the mechanism into a missing slot of the elevator. It’s left lights begin to light up, and now there was only one more to recover before they could advance. Now, they duo moves towards the right pathway and navigates through the second hall only this they aren't attacked by anything and the ceiling does not collapse also. The push open the doorway and find themselves in a very empty room with a stairway leading downward somewhere into a maze like area.

    The duo travel down the spiral staircase leading into the dark dreaded area. Their isn’t much lighting. Alessa has decided to light a torch to give them more lighting. Upon walking away from the staircase, they find themselves directly in front of the statue they need to free but it is surrounded by some kind of magical wall.

    One of the statues, the one they freed recently appears before them offering a piece of advice allowing them to free its brethren.

    “Pardon me, I intended to to this earlier. Just it bounded me, a dark magic binds this one as well. Much more complex than the other puzzle. This one requires two of you to solve. Travel threw the maze and activate the two switches. Beware and the hands the fall from the ceiling!” The lone statue says before vanishing once again.

    Now understanding what they must do now, they prepare themselves to enter this small maze that is likely filled with traps and keeping in mind what the statue had mentioned. The ‘hands that fall from the ceiling.’

    They will have to split up for this one, and luckily for them this maze isn’t as large but that does not excuse the fact of there being more traps than the previous room. They must remain vigilant and heed the warning of the statue.

    Alessa takes the right path while Jaghatai takes the other, navigating through the dark corners of this miniature maze. At one point, Alessa was expecting to encounter a Minotaur. If she would, Aless would have some experience to deal with it as she ran into run a few months in the Lanayu mountain ruins. She continued to walk through until she came to a dead end then went back and turned another way and traveled than that path. Alessa could see a switch far back in her point of view. Straight down the path where she was located.

    All Alessa had to do now was to carefully navigate towards the switch and activate it, then await for Jaghatai to do the same. As Alessa got closer to the switch she could hear a sound, a swirl of wind coming from above and remembers what the statue mentioned earlier and looks around the dark ceiling for any sign of the wall creature.

    From a distance Jaghatai screams gaining Alessa attention. She yells across the maze asking if he was alright hoping to get a response. Finally he reply to her, claiming to have came across a deadly trap door and survived. Jaghatai has found his switch and prepares to activate it once Alessa arrives at hers. Unfortunate she won’t be going to hers not just yet as something is hunting her.

    The swirls grow louder and louder as she move forward and before she know it stop suddenly. She looks up and rolls out of the way as the wall monster falls onto the ground. It takes the form of a giant a giant demonic hand that crawls before Alessa. She removes a dagger from her waist and throw it into the wall monster, it bleeds strange green blood and becomes enraged charging after and chases Alessa through the maze.

    Eventually she have nowhere else to run but and end up in a dead end. She then notice something odd with the ground, it was likely a trap door that she could use as her advantage against the wall monster. Alessa sees the creature drawing closer and at full speed it zooms down the path and leaps into the air to grab her. However instead of ending up in the clutches of this dark beast, Alessa climbs up a broken wall to avoid the wall monster. The creature misses her and crashes into the wall, then fall onto the trap door to it’s doom. Now that the threat has been eliminated Alessa just had to activate the switch now.

    Once she returned to the switch, she gave the signal to Jaghatai to pull the switch, once they did the walls of the maze began to deconstruct around them making the room no longer a maze. They reunited and joined each other by the statue where they would free it from its dark binds and recover the mechanism to gain access to the towers apex. Now it was time to return to the main hall.

    When they return, they are greeted by a trio of statue guardians. They thank Alessa and Jaghatai for their heroic efforts at freeing them and wish then great fortune then bid them farewell. Alessa applies the final mechanism to the ancient elevator thus fully reinvigorating it and allow them to travel upwards. They board the elevator and travel up the high point of the broken tower to confront whatever darkness disturb this ancient place.

    They are now on the top of the tower. Once they step outside of the elevator room, they would be on the apex where the center of the disturbance awaits. Jaghatai notices a stone door beginning to open with a bright holy light gleaming from within the chamber. Jaghatai insist that they investigate before confronting the disturbance. They do so, enter the small lighted chamber only to find a old stone box with ancient dragonian runes.

    Jaghatai observes this box and opens it and inside he finds a shiny broken shard. Some kind of** material**, hard as a diamond and resembling a shard of a sword. Alessa ask what it was and Jaghatai explain to her being a gift from the guards then places the lid slightly on the box and leaves the chamber. Alessa however sees that the box was not fully empty, it still contained a small heavy sack and was tempted to claim it for herself..

    [Take the sack]

    [Leave it in the box]

  • [Take the sack]

    I'm simply curious what is there... even if it means trouble :-p

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    Chapter 19 Though splitting up to cover more ground may have been an adequate idea, but Jaghatai would not allow it. They decide to f

  • [Leave it in the box]

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    Chapter 19 Though splitting up to cover more ground may have been an adequate idea, but Jaghatai would not allow it. They decide to f

  • [Leave it in the box]

    Ah, I'm not sure. On the one hand, this is the sort of stuff that could cause the whole tower to collapse and Alessa to die, which I obviously don't want. On the other hand, Jaghatai just called it a gift from the guards. It is entirely possible that there is one gift for him and one gift for her, which would only be fair. I mean, why would the guards leave two gifts in the box otherwise? However, at the same time and influencing my decision, is the fact that I think this is some sort of test. As a treasure hunter, she is known for being greedy by default. Because of that, it makes little sense for Jaghatai, who has previously been highly sceptical of her, to just leave her in the room with a partially unlooted box. It would make sense that the guardians try to test her and if she successfully resists the temptation, perhaps she will be rewarded.

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    Chapter 19 Though splitting up to cover more ground may have been an adequate idea, but Jaghatai would not allow it. They decide to f

  • [Leave it in the box]

    What Liquid said makes sense to me. I am curious what she would find but this sounds like it could be a test.

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    Chapter 19 Though splitting up to cover more ground may have been an adequate idea, but Jaghatai would not allow it. They decide to f

  • Chapter 20

    enter image description here

    Alessa decides to leave the sack in the box, thinking it was some kind of test. Her treasure hunter’s instinct told her to grab it but it didn't feel right and besides, she plan on returning to this place something to loot whatever may been sealed in the other rooms. She backs away and as she leaves the room, a voice calls her back. It was one of the guardians, holding the sack Alessa eyed a moment ago.

    “You were right to not trust your nature as a hunter of antiques. If this was truly a test, you would has surely succeeded.” The guardian statue said.

    Alessa crept to hear what the guardian had to say this time only to find they sack she wanted to loot be presented to her as a token of appreciation. The guardian drops the sack into her hands and Alessa opens it’s only to find ancient Dragonian coins, they will likely be worth quite the fortune considers their condition is near new. The guardian statue turns away then waves before vanishing once more.

    Jaghatai re-enters the room asking Alessa if everything was fine.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. To the apex.” Alessa replied as the two left the room.

    The stone door behind them slammed shut and now the only thing left was to pass the the doorway leading out onto the apex where they would confront the dark blight that plagues the tower. As the step out they could feel a strong breeze blowing. Jaghatai can sense it’s unordinary. Magical as he describes it, coming from Vibrant . He believes something dangerous is terrible just happened in that region, but cannot worry about as of now. His task was just several feet ahead of him.

    On the towers apex was an altar, used in the ancient times as rituals or just an additional place to pray to the dragon god and their mother Dragoina. Then sudden the sight of madness caught their attention, Arto appeared before the shedding a cloud of darkness. A evil smirk appeared on his face as he greeted his sister and Jaghatai.

    “Wonderful, my dear sister and and you a friend. One of those nomads? Good, you both will make excellent additional sacrifices to Leviathan.” Arto said, suddering as the darkness eats away his former self.

    Alessa calls out to her brother be he laughs at her, claiming he is no more. He is now a tool of Lord Dogu and no more. Jaghatai then hands Alessa the shard he received from the box and ready his weapon, but Alessa insisted not to hurt her brother. However Jaghatai informed her that he was task to stop the blight that plagues this tower at all cost.

    “Wait, there has to be another way! We can save him from the bastard who did this to him!” Alessa pleaded.

    “I’m sorry Alessa, but I MUST save this tower. If it falls, all the evil that the ancient sealed away will be unleashed onto the lands. I must top, I will!” Jaghatai said.

    “He is my brother!” Alessa pleaded further.

    Then suddenly Arto burst into black flames. While Alessa and Jaghatai watch in horror, the flames extinguishes then from it the treacherous lord himself emerges from the murky smoke and laughs at the cries and pleads of Alessa.

    “Poor girl, losing her brother would surely break you. As comedic that would be, I rather no more time playing with you worms. Take the boy and leave this place. Or stay it matters not to me. This place, this giant ward that binds me goals will cease to exist either way.” Dogu said, picking up Arto with his magic and throwing him into Alessa and Jaghatai. He is still alive, but not conscious.

    “It was fun toying with you and your previous traveling companion by using your brother as a brief tool. But nowhere near as fun as infiltrating a kingdom, killing the kingdom and wakening the dragon of destruction..” Dogu gloated.

    “So the rumors were true. You really didkill and ursurp King Thanus and his wife.. But their only daughter. What of her you monster!” Jaghatai demand.

    “You are correct Nomad, but as for the late king and queen daughter. She still lives, and still defies me no matter how many times the odds have been against her. A wise but arrogant young lady she materialize as. She wants the throne that I stolen from her family. Willing to drag people with her to grave to do so.. Take the ‘four dragon riders of legend for example. Such a fairy tale..” Dogu said mocking Princess Xena effort to reclaim her rights to the royal throne.

    Alessa then gripped the shard in her hand as she hovered over her brother, then turned to face Dogu, threatening to kill him for all that he has done. Dogu notices the shard, he seems to be quite familiar with it. Demanding that Alessa hand it over at once.

    “That shard..! Hand it over at once you wrench!” Dogu yelled.

    “Go to hell Dogu, you’re getting nothing from me. And soon you won’t be getting anything else from anyone!” Alessa retorts removing her weapon from its sheath. Jaghatai joins her by her side and prepares for whatever Dogu will conjure out. He is displaying outstanding bravery.

    “You will hand over that damn shard, or be torn apart by my dragon!” Dogu as he summons forth his dragon. The same one that he acquired long ago when he banished the lands dragons into a void then fused them into a single terror.

    The large beast descends onto the tower leaking black lava like goo from it’s mouth it’s mouth. Slowly creeps closer to Alessa and awaits orders from it’s master.

    “I was originally going to use this beast to destroy a certain city. But a underling of mine already completed this task with his nefarious magics. Now, give me that shard, or face the wrath of one hundred thousand dragons.” Dogu said, in a serious tone, showing that this was his final warning.

    Alessa and Jaghatai gave Dogu their final answer, which was the same as before. An obvious no and the middle finger from Alessa. This lead to Dogu commanding his mega dragon to destroy Alessa, Jaghatai and Arto with a single blast of its deathly breath.

    The beast inhaled and then exhaled it’s flames that would surely be the end of it’s victims. However, the shard in her hand began to glisten followed by a pillar of light that beam down onto the top of the tower. The lights blinds everyone there for a brief moment including Dogu and his mega dragon. As the light clears up Alessa, has now transformed into some kind of dragoness paladin. Wielding a glorious shield that glows a light, but however the sword she wielded had not a glow. It seemed like it was missing something.. Not quite complete.

    Dogu could not believe his eyes, what he feared has come true. Dragoinia’s chosen champion has been reincarnated into Alessa. But she has not reached her true potential without her completed sword. Dogu commands his mega dragon to destroy his enemies once and for all. His dragon unleashes a flare of it’s might flames but causing something to happen.

    Alessa’s shield absorbed every bit of the eternal flame then reflects it right back it. The impact was severely powerful causing Dogu’s uberdragon to be destroyed by it’s own power. Upon it destruction, a void opens up in the sky then from it pours thousands and upon thousands of dragons. Both big and small all descend onto Dragoina and at last, they final have returned. The dragons have final returned home to the lands. Jaghatai also watches the incredible phenomenon unfold while still being amazed from the outcome of Alessa being chosen as by the goddess herself.

    Alessa turn her attention to Dogu but he is nowhere to be found. Either he couldn't handle the defeat of one his most powerful assets or the fact that the one person who could pose a true threat to him just one up’d him. Either way, the darkness that shook the tower has ceased and thus returning it to normal. Jaghatai would return to the village and bring the new and also hoping to meet a few dragons on the way.

    After returning to the village, Alessa is amazed by the sudden revelation. Her being an incarnate of some kind of a paladin. But she is more relieved with the return of her brother Ato who is still out cold from being under the control of Dogu.

    Jaghatai enters the hut where Alessa is staying has spoken with the elders about what happened with the tower. The shard, the one that was used to manifest Alessa’s sudden transformation - it needs to be forged into a sword. Once it is, it will have to the to purge Dogu from Dragoina. There's a blacksmith said to be in Drakone at this time by the name of Azreal. He posses the power and knowledge to perform such a task.

    Alessa ask how would she know where to find him there is he’s a wanderer. Which he explains that he is coming along with her. They are at an agreement and Alessa thanks Jaghatai for help save her brother. Jaghatai is more thankful of her for her godly work. The villages elders as well. In the morning, they will take a carriage to Drakone, hoping to find the blacksmith known as Azreal to forge Alyesa's blade.

    Atop of the Lanayu mountain the White Castle, Belegar rallies together an army of Dwarven warriors. He is joined the the amy’s general, his brother who brings terrible news. His scouts returned from patrol the plains of Vibrant, they witness a great devastation of the region's capital city. Excytes has been destroyed by its wrath and this was not natural. The twister was forged by magic, dark magic which lead to believe Dogu and his forces was behind it.

    Belegar worried if Princess Xena was alright as her and her companion had searching for their counterpart in the area. He worried no more as the princess herself enter the battle room and is relieved to see her well. He demanded to know the what happened down there and who conjured up such destruction. Were the cityfolk of Excytes were alright.

    Xena feeling incredible guilt and humbleness after what happened to the city. She blames herself for it’s destruction and the deaths of the citizens. Going on about how she should have killed Dogu’s emissary before he could escape. Belegar tried to strengthen her will and comfort. He informs her that it wasn’t her fault, the mad man who destroyed the city was unpredictable, and she was right not to kill him - as that kind of job is done by a knight and a Queen. Belegar reminds her of her task, to reclaim the throne from Dogu and Restore the lands.

    Belega noticed that Xena came alone, wondering where the others were. Jasper stayed behind to assist his friend Luna to treat the wounded and bury the dead of the destroyed city Excytes.

    Freya is training in the outskirts of Pillaare, furthering the training with her earth magics.

    Korin, accompanied with the newcomer Carl Mudson is returning to Drakone, even if he is wanted man by Dogu and the King’s Guard. The father soldier he was training before her to the mantle of the dragon of rider of fire was killed during the destruction of Excytes. He have no idea how he is going to break the news to Gereld.

    Which lead Xena here to break the unfortunate news. The sight of her sorrow made Belegar unweary as he informs her how strong and wilful her father was, as he was a great king and friend to Belegar father. There is no time to weep, the four dragon rulers has been united, and soon Xena will have an army thanks to Belgar effort to gather allies from across regions of Lanayu, Vibrant,Drakone and Coral.

    He needed Xena to be strong because if not, Dogu would have won. All who died so that she could get to point would have been in vain. Belegar’s words of encouragement brings her back to reality. She was not give in now, not now not ever. Once the preparation have been made, she and the army will march to Drakone where the fate of Dragoina will be decided.

    Suddenly, a deranged dwarf by the name of Angorn the room. She brings some interesting news.

    “Hoy Belegar, thy foolish king. I bring no trouble, but lavishing news. Dragons, hundreds of them are nearing! It’s like they came out of thin air!”

    End of ACT II

  • That was pretty nice act, lot's of things happened and now we are at the end of the story. Glad Arto is okay, and wow, Alessa! :-)

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    Chapter 20 Alessa decides to leave the sack in the box, thinking it was some kind of test. Her treasure hunter’s instinct told her to

  • Alright, I must say, this was a super cool chapter and certainly one of my favourites, maybe even my favourite in the entire story. I did not see this twist coming at all and I enjoyed it greatly. Go, Alessa :D She was incredible this chapter and I am greatly intrigued that she has been chosen as Dragoina's champion. I am curious and intrigued how the story is going to continue from here on. It seems the good guys are finally in a position to strike back at Dogu, with the dragons returning and Alessa being chosen as the champion.

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    Chapter 20 Alessa decides to leave the sack in the box, thinking it was some kind of test. Her treasure hunter’s instinct told her to

  • Thanks, I enjoyed working on this as long as I could and I enjoyed everyone's characters. Which is why I plan on closing the story out next act. Now that the dragons have returned things could be very different in Dragoina and as well the recent choices made could affect the outcome of ending.

    Alright, I must say, this was a super cool chapter and certainly one of my favourites, maybe even my favourite in the entire story. I did no

  • Wow, awesome chapter and awesome finale for the act! I look forward for the next act :)

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    Chapter 20 Alessa decides to leave the sack in the box, thinking it was some kind of test. Her treasure hunter’s instinct told her to

  • Alright time for the results of the chosen choices for this act. Bold indicate the choice that you chose.

    Chapter 11:

    [I don't have time for this right now Fulgrim..] Korrin ignores Fulgrim as he is clearly in a rush, Fulgrim says something to Korrin that irks him.

    [If you insist..]

    Chapter 12:

    [Follow the wind] Korrin stops by Excytes to visit Ralio Turken and to introduce to his dragon.

    [Follow the cracking of the earth]

    [Follow the path to the waves] Korrin travels to Coral but is unable to enter its capitol city with his dragon.

    Chapter 13:

    [Handle Arto, while Korrin help the others]

    [Help the others, while Korrin handle Arto] Korrin accidentally injures Arto.

    Chapter 14:

    [Answer the door]

    [Don't answer] Eventually the door gets blown in by the impatient Vawen.

    Chapter 15:

    [Finish those Terrorcrab patties!]

    [I want to learn more about Mermore] Carl learns how the ancient underwater story came to be.

    [Please teach me how to use my powers] Carl learns how to use some of his aquatic abilities. With some premature misfires.

    Chapter 16:

    [Can you conjure up something to help?]

    [Well, I have a dragon now. What could go wrong..?] Carl decides to take his dragon with him. However Magnus informs him that his dragon isn't prepare to combat a creature of that size yet.

    Chapter 17:

    [Check with the nomads, gain some Intel on this tower.]

    [Enter the tower, trusting your own skill and will.] If this was chosen.. Alessa would encounter a ceiling monster in the tower and is found unconscious by Jaghatai.

    Chapter 18:

    [Split up to free the guardians] They are able to free the guardians faster, but end up getting in trouble with the towers feral inhabitants.

    [Stick together and free the guardians]

    Chapter 19:

    [Take the sack] Alessa takes the sacks, but something happens. She gets a glimpse of soon to be acquired power.

    [Leave it in the box]

    And that's that. Only one more act to go before I close out my story. Hope you enjoyed so far.

    Favorite/Least favorite character?

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter?

    Favorite/Least favorite moment?

    What would you like to learn more of?

    Any other questions?

  • Favorite/Least favorite character?

    As for my favourites... it's hard to decide on one in particular, but I like Korrin and Freya and of course I also like Alessa a lot. I feel like they are the best developed characters at the point and the ones that seem the most central. In terms of least favourite characters, I'm not sure if I have one. I like all of the characters, though some of them had a lot less to do than others. I believe though, the one out of the main characters I like the least is Ralio Turken. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate him or anything like that, I just currently find him the least interesting out of the main characters.

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter?

    The important thing first, I don't have a least favourite chapter. They all brought something new to the table and even the slower, less interesting ones still brought the story forwards, so I don't think I have a clear least favourite. My favourite though is the latest chapter, because the events in it were not only totally unexpected, they were also very epic.

    Favorite/Least favorite moment?

    Again, I don't have a clear least favourite moment, for the same reasons as stated above. My favourite moment though is definitely the one in the latest chapter, where Alessa becomes Dragoina's champion. I did not expect it and it was, like the whole chapter, absolutely epic. There are other moments I liked a lot, but this one sticks out in particular.

    What would you like to learn more of?

    We already know a bit about Dogu's past, which would have been something I would have been very interested in otherwise. Well... from the alternative choices, the history of Mermore sounds interesting and it seems we sadly missed an opportunity to learn about it. Then again, we had Terrorcrab patties, which means it was worth it. Still learning about that location would be nice.

    Any other questions?

    None yet, though I surely will think of something the next time you ask this question :)

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    Alright time for the results of the chosen choices for this act. Bold indicate the choice that you chose. Chapter 11: [I don't have ti

  • Favorite/Least favorite character? Korrin is interesting one, as well as Carl - he is kinda funny. Freya as well, since she is in the story since like the beginning of the story. Least favourite? Not existing.

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter? All were very nice

    Favorite/Least favorite moment? I think awakenings of the dragons at each of the chosen ones.

    What would you like to learn more of? As Liquid said, Mermore would be nice to read more about. There was some history mentioned, but more the better!

    Any other questions? Not at the moment

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    Alright time for the results of the chosen choices for this act. Bold indicate the choice that you chose. Chapter 11: [I don't have ti

  • Favorite/Least favorite character? The ones I enjoyed the most are Freya and Alessa. Korrin was nice too. The character I enjoyed the least is Carl Mudson. I dont have a particular reason, I just didnt get behind his character.

    Favorite/Least favorite chapter? I liked all of them but the last one felt the most epic.

    Favorite/Least favorite moment? A few ones but for some reason, the part with Korrin and the orc leader was the moment I enjoyed the most.

    What would you like to learn more of? Mermore and Carl Mudson are my least favourite right now but I would like for this to change by learning more about both.

    Any other questions? Nope, just continue the way you do and everything will be great!

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    Alright time for the results of the chosen choices for this act. Bold indicate the choice that you chose. Chapter 11: [I don't have ti

  • Chapter 21

    enter image description here

    Taking place three months after the past events, a series of new events are set into motion as the fate of Dragoina and her people rest upon the shoulders of certain individuals. Following the destruction of the city Excytes, Princess Xena and her newly gained army thanks to Belegar provided along with others across the land who volunteered to join her cause secretly grows. Her forces, the resistance over the past months have began setting up base over the entire continent, expanding the progression and biding time to attack the royal palace in Drakone.

    (Three months earlier, following Excytes destruction.)

    The reason they chose not to do so at their ever growing numbers was because Dogu has taken prisoners planning to execute. One of the captives were the missing king of Mermore, Darcsyd and Carl’s uncle. He promised his aunt that he would search for him and return but upon traveling with Korrin to Drakone he learned that he is among the pair that is dated to be executed.

    Korrin managed to rescue Rallio Turken’s son from Dogu’s forces bring him back to the resistance hidden base among the Lanayu mountains. Gereld learns of his father's dead at the hands of Vawen and his hellish twister. This indeed angered him learning upon this the young knight in training wanted revenge. Blood for blood, he wanted to slay the man responsible for the death of his father and many people from his home.

    Korrin see’s the fire, the fever, the rage, and lust for revenge in Gereld’s eyes. That same feeling that he himself felt the moment he learned of Dogu’s between. He calms the young knight down and assure him that the betrayer and deceiver Dogu would pay for all of his crimes he committed on the land. He honors this as he honor his code to protect Dragoina. The two must return to Lanayu to meet with Princess Xena with Carl joining them, however as for Gereld he will be retiring in Pillaree with his sisters. The city is heavily guarded by the dwarves and the resistance. There is also a ward to prevent Dogu’s forces from entering, temporarily.

    (Present day, three months after Excytes destruction.)

    Princess Xena calls for a meeting atop of the mountain, Whitecastle. Her generals are there with her along with their dragon who all have grown in size over that past months. Korrin, Freya, Jasper and Carl along with Belegar await what the princess has planned for their next move. They now begin to discuss logistics and further plans to prepare the assault of the city Searing, the capitol of Dakone and the home of the royal palace.

    The city has been corrupted by Dogu, the royal guard transformed into beast under their darklords command. It’s citizens are slavered in reconstructing the city from it’s former beauty into something depressing and gloomy. However there were some who manage to evade being captured and used against their will by Dogu. They were likely to be made base under the city within ancient hidden catacombs. The very same Xena used to flee long ago.

    Those group of people are being lead by Alessa her brother Ato and the nomad Jaghatai. They serve as intelligence for the resistance gathering any user information that should be known with the city. Alessa is also own a mission of her own, but provide useful intel to the resistance in order to breach the city is priority.

    Xena has also gained several other allies throughout the Drakone region. There weren’t many, and most of the other cities had already been seized by Dogu’s forces. The few loyal the future Queen resided in the cities and towns and awaited for Xena her ever growing army to march forth throughout the burning land.

    From Vibrant, it’s beautiful former capital city, Excytes laid in ruin after the recent attack three months ago. The survivors seek refuge in other neighboring cities, all loathe Dogu for bringing death and despair to their home. The man who they believed to be their King nearly wiped them all out. They undoubtedly stand with Xena providing whatever support they can.

    In the deep south of the land Coral is now being invaded by Dogu forces that were tasked to assimilate people into their army. Their primary targets are that countries capital, Aurora to make as one of their base of operations. They other cities there are quite smaller than Aurora. It would be easier for Dogu’s forces to claim the smaller ones but it seems the capitol is the priority.

    Carl learns of the news of his home. This saddens him that the place of his birth will soon become a factory of suffering. Xena comforts him, informing him that Aurora have the protection of their dragons along with Mermore who recently joined the war. With word of their king, Darcsyd still alive but soon to be executed, they are willing to defend the city from Dogu’s advancing forces.

    Carl ask Xena if it were possible to recruit the dragons into their forces. They were returned to Dragoina recently, big and small. He believed with their sheer forces they could fight along with them.

    Xena informed him that the dragon’s were in some kind of deep slumber. Many are unaware of the war that is currently occurring and just want to roam the wild freely, but if their home is threatened they will defended it. Forcibly? Not, and besides they had their own dragons who have grown near adulthood in just a few months. They will only need the power of the four elemental dragon to defeat Dogu, however she feels their ultimate power together may not be enough to destroy the dark lord. Xena is very eager to find out what is the missing piece before she invades Searing.

    A scout by the name of the Celso Pranda enter the war room. He brings some interesting news.

    "M'lady Xena, I bring some interesting Intel. There has been word of a been a strange vanishing anomaly of the sort appear in various areas between Lanayu and Vibrant's wilds.." Celso Pranda said.

    "Anomoly? Some could magic.. Could it be Dogu or... Something else." Xena said, thing this over thoroughly. She remind herself that she must be vigilant towards these things. Especially when they are happening in their territory. She calls for Korrin along with Freya, Jasper and Carl to track down this anomaly with their dragons and find out exactly what that is. Celso bids them for well and return will his scout the wilds to find out any other valuable information.

    Before the four would leave Xena pulls Jasper aside asking a question about his friend Luna.

    "Pardon me Jasper, before you and the others depart I have a question about your friend Luna Phoenix." Xena asked in a somewhat concerned tone.

    "Yes your majesty?" Jasper asked

    "How is she? If I may ask. The destruction of Excytes must have too much as it were for me and many others. The last time I seen her, she was tending to the wounded." Xena said.

    "I'm not quite sure where she went of to. My nieces Maggie and Camilla haven't seen her either. I'm worried." Jasper said.

    "You stay behind and search for her if you wish. Surely you may be able to recover something from the inhabitants of Pillaree." Xena insisted.

    "That won't be necessary my queen. I'm sure Luna is fine, she's a witch but that does not mean I shouldn't be worried. Not one bit.." Jasper said.

    "Right, of course. The moment I hear something about her I will inform you right away Jasper, farewell." Xena saying goodbye and Jasper leaves for his dragon to join the others.

    Outside upon waiting for Jasper, Korrin ask the group where they should head next. The strange anomaly recent locations where nearby, so they would investigate either of those spots first.

    [The wilderness of Vibrant. Near a abandoned mine.]

    [A giant chasm. Outskirts of Lanayu.]

  • [A giant chasm. Outskirts of Lanayu.]

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    Chapter 21 Taking place three months after the past events, a series of new events are set into motion as the fate of Dragoina and he

  • [A giant chasm. Outskirts of Lanayu.]

    Might as well. I think there is nothing that speaks particularly in favour of one option, so I'm fine with this option. Aside from that, I found the Lanayu parts of the story more interesting than the Vibrant parts, so far at least.

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    Chapter 21 Taking place three months after the past events, a series of new events are set into motion as the fate of Dragoina and he

  • [A giant chasm. Outskirts of Lanayu.]

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    Chapter 21 Taking place three months after the past events, a series of new events are set into motion as the fate of Dragoina and he

  • Chapter 22

    enter image description here

    The group decided to navigate to a giant chasm somewhere in the outskirts of the Lanayu landscape. On their way they notice a family of dragons, likely on their way to roast a boar and such. It was a nostalgia feeling for Freya to witness, she recall seeing wild dragons in her youth roaming the skies and mountains tops. There were a dozen small ones and few biggers ones traveling together. It was a beautiful sight.

    They arrived at the chasm, it was noon and the sun was slightly hidden behind some clouds and the tall peaks. The twilight set the tone of this environment quite well, it was fitting along with there being not a single sound. Not even the noise the wind makes or single roar from the wildlife. There was something suspicious from about this mysterious place, whatever the strange anomaly scout Celso picked up has to be here somewhere.

    Freya to a closer look into the chasm, it looked to be over several feet deep maybe even more. The darkness make it harder to tell, and there was also a steep path the lead into the depths that would appear to be man made. Someone or something wanted them to come here, and the group was determined to find out what was going on here.

    Sending their dragons away while they prepared to descended down into the abyss, however something was troubling Carl. He’s was about his hometown Aurora, not only that he is worried that he won’t be able to rescue the Memore King before Dogu could execute him. If he already haven’t. He was starting to second guess this whole thing, thinking this would seem like a waste of time where he could be saving people instead investigating like some supernatural sleuth.

    Korrin ask if there was something wrong, but Carl told him that he was fine insisting that the get a move on before whatever they looking for navigates somewhere else again. Following Korrin, the group walk along the pathway leading deep into the chasm. The light begin to fade as they found themselves inside the earth. There was a waterfall running from a crevice leading all the down to the bottom of the pit. This would come in handy in case Carl would need to heal.

    Freya used here power to create a more sturdy path for the group to travel further down. Korrin lit a torch to give them more light to see where exactly they were going. When they arrived at the bottom of the chasm the found nothing but cave formations and a stream created from the waterfall. They spent a few minutes investigating the area to see if there was any sign of strange activity. No luck, just a few cave pseudo dragons cave llama’s. There was nothing out of the ordinary here until Jasper felt a strange presence near him.

    He turned around quickly only to find something materializing before him taking the form of a man. As this figure came together he began to introduce himself in a deep and powerful tone, similar to some kind of god greeting a mortal for the first time. As the figure became a solid form, he called himself Vulkan the Wanderer. A servant of the goddess Dragoina. He reveals to the group they he lead them him for one reason and some vital informations.

    “I am the wanderer. I brought you to warn you of a great Danger that awaits you.” Vulkan said.

    “Since you knew who we were couldn't you just found us instead of dragging us out here?” Jasper said.

    “I would have consider that, but then I would put myself in the sight of Dogu. I myself along would not be a match against the wicked wizard.” Vulkan explained.

    Korrin assumed that Vulkan had some vital information that could assist them on the assault on Searing. He was right, but there more than just a logistic, but a warning.

    “Dogu has a backup plan in case his plan of forcefully conquering the land fails. You should be prepared for whatever he has in store once you do manage to stop his army.” Vulkan said.

    “Any idea of exactly what could that be? Perhaps some kind of desperate attempt to blow Dragonia off the map or something insane as such?” Korrin asked.

    “Leviathan..” Vulkan answered.

    They grow silence as the name flickers across their mind. The name, the being that sleeps in the ocean. He was said to be the father of dragons while Dragoina was depicted as the mother. Long ago there was a conflict between each of their followers, that resulted in a hundred year war.

    Leviathan and his followers wanted to turn the non-dragon inhabitants into dragons while his wife Dragoina detest the idea. Her and her followers went to war with the dark dragon and won fortunately. However Leviathan refused to asset defeat. He tried to plunge the entire continent into a murky wave but ends up being sealed away by a champion and a magical sword that broke into shards after the sealing was complete.

    Before Leviathan could enter his eternal slumber he send a single raven to a far away land in hopes of reclaiming a suitable host that would resurrect him.

    Now that they are aware what exactly Dogu true endgame is the heroes must return to Xena to bring her this disturbing news. Before they can assault the city they must find this champion to ensure that Dogu next has the chance to bring the dark dragon father back into this world.Vulkan also reminds the group that they met the champion a long time ago. However they begin to speculate who Vulkan could be speaking of, they met countless people over the course of time.

    He then informs the group that his time in this plane is over, as he fulfilled his mission to and must return to the realm of gods hoping to meet them again someday. Vulkan bid them farewell and evaporates.

    They four leave the chasm and call back their dragons to return the White Castle with the alarming news. On the way Freya tries to remember who exactly could Vulkan be speaking of, as cryptic it sounded. She ask Korrin who he thought who it could be and he thinks about the time he was in Searing to rescue Gereld from the royal guard. He recalled hearing Gereld mention A nomad and twin siblings being spotted in the city but doesn’t jump to conclusion just yet.

    In Searing, Alessa disguises herself as one of Dogu's elite loyal followers in order to navigate the city without bringing too much attention to her. She is on a mission to find a blacksmith by the name of Durzol hoping he has the has the ability to craft her weapon, Dragonbane to stay Dogu. While navigating through the crimson city she find herself in the town market with a dozen of people working. In sight she sees a blacksmith shop perhaps the one Durzol but however, she hears a commotion going on inside and peaks through the window.

    She see's an orc arguing with two knights, they are quite angry and it is likely get quite violent soon. She plans to enter the shop but is caught by two guards telling her that she is needed in the court. She acknowledged and leaves the shop but not entirely. Instead Alessa looks for a way inside without alerting the guard that now guarding the entrance.She has two options.

    [Enter from the roof]

    [Enter from the back door]

  • [Enter from the back door]

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    Chapter 22 The group decided to navigate to a giant chasm somewhere in the outskirts of the Lanayu landscape. On their way they notic

  • [Enter from the roof]

    I know Alessa is insanely skilled at climbing, so it shouldn't be much of a problem for her to get up there. From the roof, she can literally get the drop on the knights inside Durzol's shop, which should give her a significant advantage in case a fight breaks out.

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    Chapter 22 The group decided to navigate to a giant chasm somewhere in the outskirts of the Lanayu landscape. On their way they notic

  • [Enter from the roof]

    I agree with Liquids reason. Having a height advantage in fights is useful, that much I know.

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    Chapter 22 The group decided to navigate to a giant chasm somewhere in the outskirts of the Lanayu landscape. On their way they notic

  • enter image description here

    Chapter 23

    Alessa enters from the roof by climbing up an old ladder. Once she reaches a place to enter through a window of a room lit with a single candle. It was nearing nightfall so that was a good thing. Made it easier for Alessa to sneak in, but the thought of someone being inside the room she was just about to enter somewhat worried her.

    She peeked inside to see if there was a soul insight, and fortunately and suspiciously there weren’t. Lifting up the window she carefully entered and surveyed the room only the find a bunch of books and what appears to be blueprints and schematics of some weaponry. Some looked new some look to be weapons ancient times along with a anvil and a hammer by the fireplace.

    The commotion downstairs grew louder followed by a few cries for help. Alessa then removes one of her daggers the peeks out into the hallway. A pair of royal guards, well whatever Dogu did to them didn’t make them appear as human knights anymore. Their skin was darkish blue and eyes were dead like they were no longer living. As the rushed downstairs Alessa followed after them and once she reach the top of the stairs then she heard the cries for help once more and rushed downstairs.

    Upon arriving she witnessed the gang of Dogu’s knights surrounding the blacksmith Durzol defending himself against the attackers with a sword. She assist him by attacking the knight from behinds. A big brawl executes and Durzol with the aid of Alessa defeats most them. The door slams open and two more knights slowly enters but something is wrong.

    The two knights then fall face flat onto the floor. Apparently they were impaled by some kind spear or pike. Another figure enters revealing himself to be Jaghatai who willing joins the fray fight. Alessa told him that she was doing alone, but he knew that she would require his help one way another so he decided to keep close and follow her.
    “I thought you were watching the civilians?! You followed me?” Alessa asked.

    “Your brother said that he would keep an eye on them. You however needed a hand in whatever you were getting into. Even if you were ‘surveying’ the city.” Jaghatai replied.

    The remainder of the knights turned their attention to Jaghatai and attacked him, but Alessa and Durzol kills them and they are in the clear. After catching their breath, they move the bodies of the dead knights to the back. Afterwards Durzol thanks him Alessa and Jaghatai for helping fend of the knights. Introducing himself as a famed blacksmith offering to forge a weapon as a reward of her interference.

    This is good news to Alessa, she needs a blacksmith to receate her blade to destroy Dogu. She removes the shard from her bag and hand it to Duzol who then examines it carefully. He is then struck by something majestic, some kind of holy touch of the dagon goddess herself then falls onto the chair behind him.

    “Oh..” Durzol signed gently, then open the box on the floor beside the chair and removed a crest. The same royal crest from Xena’s family.

    With the dragons strange return and Dogu’s attempt conquer to the land, the chance to change the land was now. He turned Alessa then assumed that she was the champion chosen by the goddess and agreed to make the sword that she required. However a history lesson of the weapon and how it came to be is required.

    “Come, sit. Drink tea. In order for me to craft sword, you must learn of it’s history.. The Dragonbane..” Durzol said as Alessa and Jaghatai gathered around the table.

    Long ago, during the battle between the divine goddess Dragoina and her gloomy and hateful significant other, Leviathan. There was a time when the two dragon once love each other, giving live to the lands many dragons and be praised by their people. Then Leviathan felt that the inhabitants of the land would betray and beleive they were best kept under check like pets. Dragoina did the like his idea, they began to grow apart from one another and would then become enemies and retort, to war...

    Many of their followes would be lost, mostly Dragoina as his influence and his lust for anti hope grew with his power., but t he godess was not planning on losing this war for easily.

    Her holiness called forth a single champion, forging a sword from her own fang to create a blade that wielded power to destroy any dragon. The champion to the form of what it soul describe oneself as. Leviathan was growing far too powerful for Dagoina which is why she forged this blade. It came with a price however.

    The power this sword wield could slice through the darkest of hearts like butter and purge their soul to purity. This was proven when the champion used this weapon against the followers of Leviathan on the battlefield. However the same could not be said when used against the being it was made to slay..

    After cutting through countless forces, the champion learned of location of Leviathan and traveled there, the bottom of the sea. The champion traveled to the lair of Leviathan within a temple resting within the aquatic city Mermore to face him. He would combat him in an intense duel. After a struggle after the destructive force, the champion slays Leviathan and seals him away within the temple of the watery city that was designed to hold him by an ancient Mermorean King. Though he may have been gone, his influence slowly seeped out but not wholly slipped into the world and infect individuals of weak will that will serve him towards resurrection.

    The sword shattered and its fragment salvaged by the followers of Dragoina then taken the top of a tower guarded by stone guardians until a new champion would be needed once again.

    As the land lived peacefully since then, long before the champion had left the world of the living his gift from the goddess passed onto his kin for centuries. Now the time to channel the champion's spirit once again. But is Alessa ready to pay whatever price it may cost to create such a powerful weapon remains to be discovered.

    After the story ends, Durzol remembers why those knight’s where here and warns Alessa and Jaghatai that it is not safe to discuss this here. They will have to find a more secure spot to forge her weapon. Alessa insist that Durzol come with under the city where the rest of the civilians who manage to flee city but not the region.

    The orc blacksmith agrees to come along with then, as he just had to grab a few things. Those items included a few blacksmith equipment and picture of his family in Vibrant. He learned of it’s capital city Excytes when Korrin paid him a brief visit awile ago. His family were moved to Pillaree in Lanayu long before the city's destruction thankfully.

    A knock is heard on front door, everyone stops what the doing then turn to Durzol who whispers “He is here..” as if a demon has come for him.

    Alessa tries to open the door but then it comes flying open revealing a sinister arrogant and flamboyant man. It was Fulgrim, with a few adjustments thanks to Dogu’s magics. He has come to escort Durzol to the palace, and he owes Fulgrim a sword so that he may slay his rival Korrin.

    “What is this? Insects, how disgusting. Shall we will have to this infestation?”

    Both Alessa and Jaghatai then shield Kurzol from Fulgrim. Another brawl was likely to occur.

    [Jaghatai attack Fulgrim]

    [Alessa attack Fulgrim]

  • [Alessa attack Fulgrim] Go for the glory, go for the kill

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    Chapter 23 Alessa enters from the roof by climbing up an old ladder. Once she reaches a place to enter through a window of a room lit wit

  • [Jaghatai attack Fulgrim]

    In an earlier part, it has been mentioned that Fulgrim is a dangerous fighter and an equal of Korrin, who was shown to be very skilled as well. Alessa's task is too important to risk her life here and obviously, I don't want to endanger her until it cannot be avoided. I guess if they both fight together, they can overpower him, but for this, someone has to draw his attention. So, let's have Jaghatai keeping Fulgrim busy here, so that Alessa can perhaps flank him.

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    Chapter 23 Alessa enters from the roof by climbing up an old ladder. Once she reaches a place to enter through a window of a room lit wit

  • [Jaghatai attack Fulgrim]

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    Chapter 23 Alessa enters from the roof by climbing up an old ladder. Once she reaches a place to enter through a window of a room lit wit

  • Chapter 24

    enter image description here

    Jaghatai attack attacked Fulgrim with his weapon, but the mad swordsman removed his rapier quickly from its sheath and dueled the nomad. Alessa took the opportunity to escape with Durzol into the underbase. The two are followed by some of Dogu’s men, but Durzol is given instructions to the location of the base. He then makes his way to that area while Alessa tries to distract the knights by throwing them off pursuit.

    They didn’t see Durzol leave, Alessa distracted them so now they were in full pursuit of her. By climb upon a piece a fabric that once covered a fruit market shop she climbs up and hides within a an empty crate. The knight temporary lose sight of her, but Alessa made a mistake leaving being a footprint next to the place she climb upward with. They examine the place and climb upward to the family of empty crates poking them with their swords.

    Alessa realizes what they are doing then burst out of her own crate and throws several smoke bombs in the faces of the knights the retreats from their view. Alessa returns to the secret entrance that leads to the base under the city. Once she return the time to craft her weapon will begin, then she would be able to confront Dogu.

    In Durzol’s shop, Jaghatai is beaten by Fulgrim. As he go in for the kill a voice sparked across his mind, it was his lord master Dogu calling him back to the throne room. Fulgrim replied that that the blacksmith escaped but he have in his possession an accomplish. Dogu tells him to bring Jaghatai back to the palace, he would have use of him for the invasion of Aurora. Fulgrim listened to his master then order the knight to bring Jaghatai back to the palace with him.

    Hidden beneath the city of Searing laid old ruins, ancient shelter that housed the soldiers of the city long ago. It was also used as a checkpoint and was connected by pathways the connect to other checkpoints like. These other checkpoints were the capital cities - Pillaree, Aurora and the recently destroyed Excytes. Thankfully, Dogu believes these checkpoints are but rubble, he is right though. The other are are but rubble, except for the one under the city which was held togther by some strange magical force.

    The checkpoint Alessa and the civilians who fled when Dogu sieged the city. The original plan was to find a way to get the civilians out using the tunnels to connect to the other checkpoints, but that was no longer an option since the others no longer exist. The civilians hope did not falter, they wanted to fight beside Alessa when they time came to strike the palace. They had that much faith in her, even without knowing a even bigger surprise was soon to head their way.

    While Durzol was getting settled in by a giant oven and an anvil Alessa approached him with a shard of the legendary blade. He took it from her hand and gave one strong look, they placed in unto the anvil to prepare work. Before he would start it was time for Alessa to under the price of crafting such a powerful blade. She was ready to pay whatever price required to defeat Dogu. That madman's reign of terror had to end.

    Durzol said to Alessa that before he would craft the blade that she would need to meet with Azrael, who was also a blacksmith but with transcendent knowledge of crafting ancient weaponry from the past. Alessa ask where to find this Azrael person, Durzol replied, “In his realm” then Alessa began to grow drowsy and before she knew it she was fast asleep.

    Alessa then awoken in a void like realm where weapon of all kind levitated in midair. Each had a specific aura surrounding them. The ground was like a giant pond several inches deep. The sky white and endless, with a sun and moon neighboring each other.

    When Alessa tried to touch one of the weapons she is stopped by a man, he then insist that she is here because she seek true power with a cost. Alessa tells the man that he is correct and assume that he is the one called Azrael. He was in fact the blacksmith, and informs Alessa that all the stories she has heard about him were indeed true.

    “So you want to recreate the Dragonbane, correct?” Azrael said.

    “Yes, I have the shard with me.. Well in the real world. The blacksmith Durzol is willing to make it but it requires a sacrifice like he said.” Alessa replied.

    “Are you sure aware to the price it cost to make the weapon?” Azrael asked.

    “Not quite, now that I am here with you I want to learn that price, and what I need to do to defeat Dogu. Please tell me Azrael.” Alessa begged.

    Azrael asked Alessa to walk with as he explained the power and price of crafting the Dragonbane.

    “The weapon you require was created to purify the darkest hearts. Anything struck by it was meant to stay down. When the goddess Dragoina first crafted her champion had to pay a price to use it full power..” Azrael explained.

    “What price, tell me?” Alessa demanded.

    “You see Alessa, this champion had a twin. That twin volunteered to sacrifice himself to power the sword to be able to stay Leviathan. Of course this was not easy for the champion… Once the deed was done he smashed the sword which turned into the shard you now have..” Azrael explained further.

    “So what are you saying is my brother have to die so I can make this damn sword?” Alessa in an outburst having to learn of the ever anticipating ‘price’ to be paid.

    “It is entirely up to you and your brother Alessa. I myself wish there was another way to do this but, unfortunately there is not.. Upon your decision, if you willing to pay the price to forge this weapon I will give the necessary tool to do so. I wait your answer.” Azrael said.

    Alessa took the time to think this over and how her brother would react to this. At first they she knew about this during the tower incident she would have said now immediately. But now, see is the glimmer of hope Dragoina have left. She recalls a job her and her brother was tasked will awhile ago. They were paid to investigate a jungle temple in vibrant by a collector from Excytes.

    When they arrive at the site of this jungle temple, they were attacked by these strange primeape like creatures named ‘Da-dinkee’s’ who were 3 foot tall and very strong. They managed to get away from the dangerous monkey like creatures and made their way inside the temple. Upon navigating through it’s dangerous and trap infested corridors they found what they was looking for.

    When they returned to the collector he repaid as planned but with something more in addition to the gold. This collector share a phrase of the future with the twins regarding their future and the potential future of the land. “A misfortune temporarily clouds your judgment, but your next action will decide the future”.Alessa now cuts back to the present and then gives Azrael her decision. She willfully agrees to pay the price that is required to create the Dragonbane.

    Satisfied with her decision Azrael hands Alessa a clear blue orb. He tells he that Arto will know what to do once he held the orb, then bids her farewell as the realm before fades and she return to the real world.

    When Alessa wakes up she finds herself to be on a bed with surrounded by her brother and Durzol with the orb in her hand. Durzol seeing that she has what she need knows that Alessa is willing to pay the price, but she has to break the news to her brother too.

    Greeting his sister upon waking up, Arto ask Alessa if she was alright. She was fine, after being carried to another dimension. At first she is hesitant after breaking the news to her brother especially after he recently got him back after he was under Dogu’s control on the tower.

    “So, I have to sacrifice myself in order to save Dragoina..” Arto clarified.

    “You don’t have to my brother! There has to be another way to do this. There must be!" Alessa said, even though she know there isn’t. She is just not dealing with the fact that she will have to lose her brother in order to save the world. The darkness that tries to grow in her tempts her her smash the orb and let Dragoina burn, by the spirit of the champion tells her no too. It is all too stressful.

    Arto takes the orb and places holds it in his hands.

    “You know that is one way I would want people to remember me, it very heroic in my book..” Arto saud as the orb begins to glow and spark.

    The ritual is starting now, and the orn recognize Arto as the host and slowly begins to consume him. Alessa leaps out of the beg to stop him but he puts up a magical barrier around him to stop her. She bangs on the barrier begging him to stop as she doesn’t want to lose him once more.

    “It’s fine sis, this is okay fate for me. You are the champion, the hero of this land so you need all you can get to beat that crazy bastard- Make him pay for everything he’s done Alessa!” Arto last words before he is absorbed by the orb leaving behind a blinding blue light.

    After the light disappears where Arto once stood laid another shard of a sword, the missing piece needed to reconstruct the Dargonbane. Alessa walked over to pick it up slowly weeping, then Durzol joined her by her side to comfort her.She deals with the fact that her brother willing sacrifice himself so she can defeat Dogu meaning that if she fails his sacrifice will be in vain. Everything that lead up to this point won’t be for nothing.

    A civilian enters the room and informs Alessa that the public execution of several prisoners were about to be carried out in the palace courtyard tomorrow night. Alessa risen and ask Durzol how long it would take to create forge the sword. He replied “It only requires a proper hilt, as the blade is already complete with the ritual. Maybe sharpen it a bit” then is handed the complete blade of the Dragonbane in order to be finished.

    Alessa then leaves the room and meet with some of the city's former lawman to discuss a plan to stop the executions. She is asked how would like to assault the palace with two choice up for option.

    [Acquire knight amour from armory, sneak into courtyard and carefully rescue each prisoner.]

    [Stage your surrender]

  • [Acquire knight amour from armory, sneak into courtyard and carefully rescue each prisoner.]

    Oh no, I missed the last voting :( But my favored option has won, so its not that bad. With this choice, it sounds better not to stage a surrender. All kinds of things can go wrong if she tries that.

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    Chapter 24 Jaghatai attack attacked Fulgrim with his weapon, but the mad swordsman removed his rapier quickly from its sheath and due

  • [Acquire knight amour from armory, sneak into courtyard and carefully rescue each prisoner.]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 24 Jaghatai attack attacked Fulgrim with his weapon, but the mad swordsman removed his rapier quickly from its sheath and due

  • [Acquire knight amour from armory, sneak into courtyard and carefully rescue each prisoner.]

    Oh, Arto :( That was sad, even though I like the way he decided to go out, by his own accord. Now Alessa has to make sure that his sacrifice won't be in vain. And for that, she has to make sure that she won't die in the attempt to rescure the prisoners. Like janitor said, there's a lot that can go wrong if the stages a surrender. I guess Dogu's men can do all kinds of nasty things to make sure that she won't be able to escape if they already caught her, so infiltrating their ranks sounds like the better option, at least like the option with more chance of success.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 24 Jaghatai attack attacked Fulgrim with his weapon, but the mad swordsman removed his rapier quickly from its sheath and due

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    Chapter 25

    enter image description here

    Alessa makes decision that will be best to acquire some armour from an armory then sneak into the palace courtyard and begin to rescue the prisoners. Fortunate for them the goddess luck is on their side as an armory station right above them. Some of Alessa’s followers have been working on a tunnel for quite some time just incase I time came where they need to break into that amory house

    Her subordinates brought her to the digger site with the amory just above the current room they currently resided. Once the digging was complete Alessa and a few others would infiltrate the amory, and collect a set of armour to sneak into the palace. There was also a map of the courtyard and the entire palace itself. Alessa will use that once inside and once the prisoners are free she will then confront Dogu.

    Before Alessa left to pursue a point of no return she will pay some of the city folk who followed her down her during the siege on the city a visit hoping to gain a slight morale boost along with the sum gained from her brother’s sacrifice.

    One by one see visit every single and group of people down here to see if they were doing okay. They are thankful of Alessa for saving them however they are more worried about their loved ones still trapped above within the city. She will free them, she will free the whole city very soon.

    The digging to the armory was nearly complete with only a few inches of dirt left. Alessa was handed the map of the palace. Once the prisoners were rescue her subordinates would guide them back here safely while she confronted Dogu. The time to put an end to his tyranny is finally near.

    Inside the palace of Searing, Dogu call to meeting his lieutenants Vawen, Fulgrim and two new additions under the control of the very same magic that control Arto. Luna Phoenix and Jaghatai have been captured and taken in as each of lieutenants of Dogu’s army each with one very important task than just carrying out their lords orders.

    Luna was taken following the destruction of Excytes, and was difficult to get ahold of taking many of Dogu’s troops with her. Jaghatai recently stepped out of his bounds and faced Fulgrim and was swiftly defeated.

    These four were chosen by Dogu for a very special task. To eliminate Dragoina’s chosen dragon riders who would likely interfere with their lords plan to resurrect the fallen dragon god Leviathan. He know with the help of Xena they would be successful which is why Dogu put together their group of four. Each giving a dragon to command as well.

    The four lieutenants all present in the throne room for a meeting awaited their lord's command.

    “It it time to take this land by force. The dragon lord sleeps within Mermore and await his revival. We must take Aurora now in order to gain access to that underwater city.” Dogu explained.

    The four lieutenants acknowledge their lord's words, then Fulgrim asked about Pillaree wondering if they should beginning to diminish Xena’s forces and cripple her while they have chance.

    “What of Pillaree my lord? Would it be in our best interest to hinder Xena’s forces within the Lanayu province?” Fulgrim asked.

    Dogu took these words into consideration. Knowing that his nemesis power is growing after she made herself known to be alive throughout the land. Crippling her at her base of operations would be beneficial to him, buying him more time to awaken Leviathan.

    “You make a very valid input Fulgrim. You and Jaghatai will traveling to Lanayu province. Burn as many mountains and cities as you can then meet back here to acquire further orders..” Dogu said leaning over in the throne.

    “Yes my lord” Fulgrim agreed.”

    Vawen asked what would both he and Luna would like to do next?

    “What of us my lord?” Vawen asked.

    “You and miss Luna will be tasked to capture Aurora. A victory there will be most crucial to our mission. We need that city in order to gain access to Mermore and the temple within. Failure will not be tolerated.” Dogu said.

    “Absolutely my lord. It will be an honour to rip apart the city of fishermen and whalers.” Vawen acknowledge.

    After the meeting was adjourned they four went their ways. Dogu prepared for the execution that was just about to go underway in the courtyard very soon. The dark lord himself gaze until a mirror upon the wall then shattered it. He was either angry of what he have become or have yet to become. He then leaves the throne room and make his way to the execution of the prisoners.

    Back in the hidden base under the city, the digging has finally been completed. A small hole big enough for a single person to fit through one at a time. This hole lead directly into an building that was several feet away from an armoury. Alessa climbed through first, to make sure everything was clear. The home was empty. Then remind of the group that are joining Alessa on this rescue mission climbed up through the hole into the house and once everyone was there they would make their way to the courtyard.

    Alessa looked outside of the window, a group of guard had passed by, once they were out of sight the group would begin to move. Before doing so they went over the plan. Everyone seemed to remember their parts.

    Placing a hand on the door handle Alessa carefully opened the door and peeked out one last time.
    The other followed her as they navigated through the streets of the crimson in incognito mode. There weren’t anyone in sight, which meant the execution was just about to start, Alessa had to hurry now.

    They arrived at a building with an old and worn dog, this must have been the armory. Alessa told the group to wait here while she climb through a window to open from the inside since it have been locked. It could have also been rusted shut.

    After climbing the wall she found herself inside the warehouse, no soul insight. But wait, there was… A trio of knight entered mentioning something about someone named Darcsyd of Mermore to be executed among a few others. She waits for them to leave out another door then goes to unlock the other door to allow her subordinates to enter and equip armor of the royal guard. Once they’re finished, they will join a group of soldiers marching their way to the palace courtyard.

    They leave the armory and notices the group of marching knights. They waited until it was the right time to slip in, preferably in the very back to draw the least attentioned.

    Neary the castle palace gates Alessa whispered to one of her subordinates that she will distract while the rest extracted the prisoners and. Once they are off the premises split into two groups and make their way to the house where the hole was dug from the base. The must also keep a low profile as possible. A knight in front of them heard noise behind them. The group grew silent and the knight ignored them.

    Now the group finally arrived to reach the courtyard. As the gate opened and Alessa passing through she immediately catch eye of the dozen of prisoners one a stage tied up beside a single giant magical spear. That was likely their instrument of execution. There was also a extremely large numbers of soldiers within the courtyard as well.

    Dogu was also present, when Alessa noticed this she filled with rage and wanted to leap onto the pavilion and end him now. Instead she halt her rage for now, as she must rescue this civilian that will be executed shortly.
    Dogu stood up from his seat to begin a speech before the executions would then take place. Alessa looked around to see what she could use as a distraction while the others get into position to extract.

    [Ignite crates filled with explosives]

    [Try something interesting..]

  • [Try something interesting..]

    I think this will be... interesting ;)

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 25 Alessa makes decision that will be best to acquire some armour from an armory then sneak into the palace courtyard and be

  • [Try something interesting..]

    Ah, I don't know. With the explosives option, we know what we get. However, it is not necessarily the better option, as explosives are certainly not safe at all. Meanwhile, I am just too curious to see what kind of interesting stuff Alessa plans to come up with. By the way, great part! Even though nothing huge happened here, this was, for some reason, one of my favourites :)

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    Chapter 25 Alessa makes decision that will be best to acquire some armour from an armory then sneak into the palace courtyard and be

  • [Try something interesting..]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 25 Alessa makes decision that will be best to acquire some armour from an armory then sneak into the palace courtyard and be

  • Chapter 26

    enter image description here

    Alessa decided to try something on her own while they other got into position. She waited for Dogu to approach the center reciting the charges the accused has caused among the Dragoinian empire. Majority of these accused awaiting their execution were against Dogu and his rule, while other were prisoners of wall and said to be put down for other means. Once the speech was finished Dogu gave the orders to ready the instrument of death.

    The execution with a dark cloak covering his face approached the massive magical spear and prepared to lift it placing his firm grip onto the hilt. Before he could completely lift in the air a ray of light beamed down into the crowd and from it was Alessa fully equipped in her paladin armor.

    The sight shocked Dogu and people began flee being aware what was about to unfold. Dogu retreated into the castle commanding his knights to slay Alessa. The rebels aligned with Alessa proceeded onto the pavilion to free the prisoners from their bindings. However the execution blocked their way. He was wielding a mighty axe and was ready to cut them all down.

    The executioner let at a battleroar as he hovered his battle axe in the air, then is struck by a beam of blue energy then collapses immediately. The beam seem to have come from the man who refer to himself as Darcsyd and one of the prisoners. He ask the rebels to free him and the other captives immediately and so they did,

    Meanwhile Alessa mows down rows of Dogu’s knights with the blessing of the divine dragon goddess. After they realize that are losing they form a circle surrounding her with the spears aiming directly at Alessa. As they move closer and closer, Alessa channels her spiritual energy into her shield and manages to knock few away from her but more soon to join in and replace their fallen comrades .

    Alessa seemed to have used so much of her power just know, thinking how this would been much easier if she had her sword with her. The knights numbers began to grow and soon she would overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

    Out of the blue, the same beam that was shot by Darcsyd cut down all the knight around him leaving nothing but Alessa standing. She turns to the man in shocked but expressives her gratitude towards him.

    “Thank you, that was a close one..” Alessa thanking Darcsyd for saving her.

    “Of course M’lady. Your friends have freed the other hostages and are now on their way to your base. There is also something I must ask of you.” Darcsyd asked.

    “What is it?” Alessa asked.

    “A body of water. I need to find a body of water at once.” Darcsyd asked.

    “Why do you need a…? Nevermind, I have to get back and retrieve my sword!” Alessa said.

    “I need to return to Mermore, at once my city is in danger. Please madam I require your assistance you you required mines.” Darcsyd pleaded.

    As he did save Alessa’s life, she took the time to give directions to a nearby lake outside of the city. Though he had to go through any knight along the way to exit the city which would not be a problem for him.The two bid each other farewell and go their own separate ways.

    Alessa would return to to the underground base to retrieve her sword from Durzol then return to the palace to confront Dogu. As she arrives to claim it she checked with the civilians to ensure that everyone was doing okay.

    One of the commanders pulled her aside and informed her that he will likely be moving everyone and the civilians out of the city fearing that upcoming battle may destroy the whole area. Alessa acknowledges the commander's wishes and makes her way to Durzol. As she enter the temporary lair of the blacksmith he is holding her completed sword out ready for it to be claimed by its’ master.

    Within Coral region, the city Aurora is being invaded by Vawen and Luna’s forces bring with an armada of Dogu’s forces. They start by destroying ships and knocking in doors taking many prisoners and killing all who resist them. Dogu tasked them to take that city as a checkpoint before they are able to invade the deep, the city beneath the ocean - Mermore.

    Aurora was generally a very peaceful city throughout the entire continent. There was never really any violent occurrences with the city which dubbed it the city of peace. Though at times there were some shady activities involving bandits and some politicians in the past this city was even then consider a peaceful place by the ocean. That all changed when Dogu sent his henchmen there to take and turn it into a nightmare.

    The cities civilians, those who didn’t stay and fight against the invaders were forced to work building equipment and fortifications for the armada.

    Vawen asked Luna if she wanted to destroy something to satisfy her burning lust for destruction. She was silent the whole time, as if she was waiting for someone to walk through the gate so he left her be for now while he went and explore the the beach hoping to discover anything of importance.

    Within the region of Lanayu, deep within the mountains, Xena is informed by the scout Celso with some very disturbing news of the recent capture of the city Aurora. This troubles her and knows that once Carl learns of this troubling news he would rush down there and blinding speed and throw himself in harm's way. Korrin, Freya, Carl and Jasper all enter the room, Xena unwillingly breaks the news to them all and just as she expected Carl doesn't take the news to well.

    Carl storms out of the war room heartbroken after what he have learned about his home. He wants to board his dragon and fly directly down there and make whoever pay for whatever happened down there.

    Jasper joins him and asked if Carl was doing okay, when he was clearly in a mood to wrecked something. He wasn’t acting his usual jolly self so Jasper tried to calm him down.

    “They’re going to pay for this Carl, rest assure.” Jasper said to Carl.

    “My home, my city… “ Carl said emotionally trying to contain his feelings, his anger.

    “I can ask Xena, we can travel down there and… Wait what is that?” Jasper said caching eye of an approaching cloud of darkness traveling through the canyon. Within the cloud he sees hundreds approaching on horses.

    Jasper and Carl goes and warn Xena on the immediate invasion.

    Belegar and Angorn prepare to their troops to defend the mountains and the city Pillaree from the invader. Xena sends her four dragon riders along with them to provide air support against them as well.

    They cannot afford to lose this region or this city to Dogu’s forces since now he has control of the other three. Even if they do manage to win this battle, they will have to to whether to attack Dogu now or wait longer. If they choose to wait, they only will allow him to grow closer to their goal.

    As the battle within the canyon begins, a group of mountain orc joins the fray as well. They chose to fight because their land and home are also threatened and they depose Dogu as well making them allied with Xena and Belegar.

    Their strong forceful attacks are successful in taking out the initial hoard of Dogu’s forces leaving Belegar army to finish off the remaining while the dragon riders attack from above with their dragons and provide whatever support the can. Freya was originally asked to use her earth magic to pulled the invaders underneath the ground but she states that she never used that much magic before and it could be fatal to her.

    It doesn’t seem to come to that since the invaders are seeming to dropping like flies. They are pulling back for some reason which can’t be good.

    A dozen of giant armored dragopods march forth being ridden the invaders. The armor they are equipped with prevents them from being harmed by most physical and magical attacks including the inferno from the dragons.

    The battle now seemed to be within the enemies favors with their new weapons. However this does not falter his will to win this fight. While mounted on his war boar he blows a small horn the the earth begins to tremble.

    From the dirt magical rocky beings emerges from the soil. Towering humanoid creatures that was craft from mud, magic and the will of a dwarf. They stood two stories tall and was packing some serious power. With the command of Belegar they rocky beings began to smash through the dragopods and the rest of his forces along with the help of the mountain orcs jump back into the fray.

    As the battle continues Korrin see’s a familiar face nearby on a peak watching everything unfold that looked exactly like Fulgrim determining whether if he should confront him or stay and help with the battle.

    [Confront Fulgrim]

    [Finish helping with the battle]

  • [Confront Fulgrim]

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    Chapter 26 Alessa decided to try something on her own while they other got into position. She waited for Dogu to approach the center

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