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  • [Confront Fulgrim] Its time to end this!

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    Chapter 26 Alessa decided to try something on her own while they other got into position. She waited for Dogu to approach the center

  • [Finish helping with the battle]

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    Chapter 26 Alessa decided to try something on her own while they other got into position. She waited for Dogu to approach the center

  • [Confront Fulgrim]

    It appears we're reaching the endgame of the story, with Alessa about to face Dogu, Korrin confronting Fulgrim and Dogu's army attacking in full force. Can't wait for the next parts, I'm sure it'll be pretty epic.

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    Chapter 26 Alessa decided to try something on her own while they other got into position. She waited for Dogu to approach the center

  • Chapter 27

    enter image description here

    The battle within the valley continued, the tide turned by Belegar’s magical creatures and the invading forces drawing near defeat while the sun begins to set over the valley. Korrin took his dragon atop of a peak to confirm his suspicion - the familiar face there was indeed Fulgrim and Korrin was determined to make him answer for whatever he was involved with here and then.

    His dragon descended several paces away from Fulgrim, he dismounted from it and drew his sword. Fulgrim too dismounted from his beast, drew his blade stepping away from a corrupted Jaghatai as well then approached his nemesis. The two engage short dialogue before they would like fight.

    “I knew I would find you here Korrin, betraying your King to join the daughter of fool and her parade of hopeless imbeciles” Fulgrim to Korrin.

    “Traitor is a bold word to call another man when you think about the things you have done, especially your master, Fulgrim.” Korrin to Fulgrim.

    “You simply don’t get it do you. You knew our old king was weak, he had to go. Dogu was the right man to lead Dragonia. Unite the four kingdoms. It was until you acquired the blasted dragon that snarls behind you. Korrin, you would had been at my lords sides as he bring this world a new-” Fulgrim to Korrin as he is cut off after being struck by him.

    “Save it Fulgrim, once I’m done with you I’m going after Dogu next!” Korrin as he attacked Fulgrim.

    Two of the lands most experienced swords against in combat, one who fights to save his land while the other fights to serve a madman. Two soul of different beliefs battle likely to the death in order to determine who was clearly better and who simply chose the right or wrong side.

    Korrin, they way he carried himself in this duel against his rival to nemesis. He fought with compassion, retribution and resolve for the land he care for. Korrin wanted to change the path that Dragoina was heading down under Dogu’s reign. His soul burn bright red as he swung his blade.

    Fulgrim just wanted to prove to Korrin that he was always the better fighter. He wanted to make Korrin understand so badly even if it meant crushing his honor. However it would seem Fulgrim fights for greed and to maintain his egotistical needs more thoroughly than his loyalty than Dogu.

    The beast that Fulgrim used as transportation tried to attack Korrin off guard. It was something not of this world as it skin was decayed and tar like and eyes crimson like a demon with sharp bone like material poking out of its backside. Korrin’s dragon however intervened to protect his master temporarily putting a hold on the duel.

    “It seems our beast want to duke it out as well! Let’s give them a go shall we!” Fulgrims as he commands his decaying beast to attack Korrin’s dragon.

    The dragon stretched his wings and blew a flaming ball of fire into the face of the beast knocking it into a mountain then follows after it. While the two beast engage in battle, Fulgrim performed a sneak attack on Korrin injuring his shoulder. With a barrage of slashes coming at him Korrin tried to hold off until he could look for a weak point in Fulgrims movements. He is fortunate to catch him offs guard and knocks him away.

    Having to recover from a forceful knock away by Korrin, Fulgrim decides to get dirty and used dark arts. He slams his rapier into the rocky soil slams both his hands together and form a dark b all of energy determined to kill him with.

    Before he can managed use this wicked attack on his nemesis Dogu’s voice echoes against his skull, telling him to return with what is left of the invasion force immediately. This angers him as he was ready to prove to Korrin that he was always the better fighter. He calls back his beast that has sprouted wings and leaves the mountain along with Jaghatai and the invasion force, what was left of it.

    Korrin’s could see the frustration in his dragon’s eye were real just as it was with his own. He told it that they will face Fulgrim again. The two rejoined the others down on the battlefield while they briefly celebrated their victory in protecting the last city of that has not been physically affected by Dogu. Now Belegar’s army along with Xena and the others returned to White Castle to discuss what is next for them.

    In the war room Xena called the dragonriders to a brief meeting, this was to determine if they was ready to take the ultimate challenge they might face in their whole lives.

    “Excellent work out there, we managed to keep Dogu out of our home base. But now, I believe it is time to attack the heart of the blight. I'm asking if you are ready to confront the madman who damns us..” Xena to the dragonriders.

    “Dogu has to pay for this, what he did to Excytes, Aurora, all of Dragoina. He will pay for it all!” Korrin to Xena.

    “I wish my parents alive, to experience this moment. The birth a new Dragoina, free from people like Dogu. Let’s makes him bleed!” Freya to Xena.

    “I may be Mermorian, but Aurora was my home. I will never forgive that bastard for what he did to my home. He will feel the wrath of the sea and my dragon!” Carl to Xena.

    “This darkness, this evil that plague our lands, we cannot permit it to exist no further. I want my nieces, my family, my friends.. To know the peace that I foresee. The future that lies before if we are victorious. Let’s end this guy's.” Jasper to Xena.

    Xena grateful that these stranger, these heroes that she travel lands for in order to form a force that will give her back the kingdom that was taken from her. Filled with emotion beyond belief, but she tries to conceal her emotion and remain focused as her and the riders will fly to Drakone to combat Dogu and a final battle that will determine the fate of Dragoina and it’s inhabitants.

    She uses part of her power to bless the four dragon wielders with the light of the dragon goddess herself, rejuvenating whatever energy they might have used up on that gruesome battle earlier in the valley.

    The dragon riders make way to their own dragons and board them awaiting for Xena. But could possibly be more to Princess Xena’s goal than just defeating Dogu and restoring Dragoina? Could she have another plan of her own.. Hiding something about her true agenda?

    Back in the royal palace of Searing. Dogu has called back his four chosen, Fulgrim, Jaghatai, Vawen and Luna. He predicted that Xena and her dragon riders are due to attack the palace very soon after the recent events informing his four that they will soon be able to confront their ‘opposites’ very soon. Then Dogu will be able to eradicate the remainder of the royal family then march down into memory and awaken Leviathan.

    Something then happens in the courtyard, a commotion. It would seems someone is forcing their way into the palace. Vawen began to think that Xena has arrived already, but Dogu thought otherwise. He commanded his four to assume their position around the city before the other four could arrive.

    “Assume your position around the city. They will come, and they will fall.” Dogu to his four.

    “What of the intruder, my lord?” Vawen asked.

    “Leave this one to me, I don’t expect this to take long. This will by some until until our guest of honor arrive surely..” Dogu as he vanishes in darkness leaving his four to make way for their perspective point and await for Xena, Korrin, Carl, Freya and Jasper.

    From the courtyard of the palace, the intruder is revealed to be Alessa in her paladin armor equipment with her new completed sword, Dragonbane with the courtesy of Durzol. She has come to put an end to Dogu once it for all and is determined to slay him where he stands. All who has died by his hand all who gave their lives for this very moment, their sacrifices shall not be in vain.

    After slaying several guards she enters the palace doors. She inside, the once and beautiful place that was decorated in crimson and gold. Now, it is but the color of death and sorrow. Alessa navigates through the main hall until he found herself in a long hallway.

    A wisp of black fire appeared before her urging to follow it. She was of course hesitant towards it but wondered if she follow it or find her own way to Dogu herself.

    [Do I trust this thing?]

    [Screw it, I'll find my own way.]

  • [Do I trust this thing?]

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    Chapter 27 The battle within the valley continued, the tide turned by Belegar’s magical creatures and the invading forces drawing nea

  • [Do I trust this thing?]

    Black fire, huh? On the one hand, I do not trust this thing one bit. Black fire is almost always bad news. On the other hand, could Dogu really be that obvious? I think if he wanted to trick her, he'd do something more subtle, which makes me think there's someone else behind this black flame. Maybe an ally?

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    Chapter 27 The battle within the valley continued, the tide turned by Belegar’s magical creatures and the invading forces drawing nea

  • [Screw it, I'll find my own way.] I dont trust it. Dont think this choice will win but I dont trust it.

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    Chapter 27 The battle within the valley continued, the tide turned by Belegar’s magical creatures and the invading forces drawing nea

  • Chapter 28

    The Fate of Dragoina, Part 1

    enter image description here

    The tiny black flame spoke to Alessa in a very calm but ominous voice. It wasn't Dogu’s voice, but it was it wanted to help defeat him by passing on some very valuable information. The flame paused then whispered in Alessa ear that part of his magic, his dark magics involves illusions and trickery. If she would be easily fooled by this then she will certainly meet her end even with her gained power the black flame explained.

    Alessa took these words into consideration, though she just planned on driving her blade into Dogu’s chest but she also assumed he would put quite the fight, and she was beyond right. Before asking where Dogu was located, Alessa asked the flame it’s name, she felt there was more to it that just a guide and not a distraction of Dogu.

    The flame ensure her that it detested Dogu as much as everyone in Dragoina. It wanted no more than to see his end as it claimed to be one of Dogu’s victims long ago. The flame is a spirit of a late king of the Drakone region. His wife slain and his only daughter left to flee throughout the other regions in search of revenge. The flame mentioned that he tried to communicate with his daughter over the years, but she became clouded with vengeance, such a lust for it.

    The way the flame of the fallen king describe his daughter reminded her of someone Alessa met with on Mount Spark while she traveling with Arto and Freya. Then it struck her, the fallen king was actually speaking of Princess Xena.

    At first when they met on the Spark, this Xena seemed like a very straightforward individuals with a plan. She wanted Dogu gone, which Alessa was okay with but the way she was going to do it seemed somewhat shady to her.

    The fallen king is relieved that Alessa has met his daughter believe that he was a step closer to bring her back to reactive and take her away from this suicidal path of vengeance. He asks Alessa if she was currently aware of her location. Her answers was the last time she last seen Xena was on the spark which was months ago, and remembered she was gathering four individuals with special elemental dragons.

    Within the burning heart of the king fear was struck upon learning that his own daughter would be willing to bring upon the destruction of Dragoina only to she Dogu suffer. This troubled him severely and ask a very dire favor of Alessa. If he would assist him in defeating Dogu her and now, would she her him stop his daughter before she destroy Dragoina.

    Upon learning of a new possible threat to the land aside from Dogu, Alessa feels that she has a duty. Being chosen by the dragon goddess herself as she must defend Dragoina - starting by eliminating Dogu. She agrees to help the king after she is finished here.

    A sinister laugh is heard from the other side of the palace, it must have been Dogu. The fallen king who refers to himself as King Thanus asked for Alessa to follow him as he would guide her through the palace to find out where the laugh originated from.

    The two navigated through the darkened corridors of the once beautiful palace. Passing through the main hall they stumble upon an old painting old painting on the wall surrounded by crimson orchids. It was a painting of King Thanus, his wife and daughter. The sight of him made the flame sprite whimper softly as he he gaze upon the contents.

    Alessa tried to comfort Thanus, but she feared that she would burn herself. He returns to reality and continues to track the location of where the laugh was last heard. They find themselves at a door that would lead into a ballroom. This was likely where the sinister laugh came from. Alessa could still hear the screech of it, like a class scraping across steel.

    Alessa opened the door and found the was was of course clouded in darkness with a single candle on a centerpiece lit but the fireplace not. There was a tall wicked figure figure standing in the very center faced away from the door. It was Dogu, waiting.

    After Alessa drew her blade and removed her shield from her back, both her and Dogu exchange in some dialogue.

    “Dogu, your reign of terror ends here.” Alessa said.

    “My reign, will end indeed but now here. It will end when I meet with the great dragon lord Leviathan who sleeps in a temple within Mermore. However I cannot say the same for you.” Dogu sneering as if he had already one.

    “Let’s get this over with you freak! I’m sick of your mouth!” Alessa shouted.

    “Then come at me, dragon champion. You won’t be successful as your predecessors, but you will share the same fate! DEATH!” Dogu as he launched a powerful beam of dark magical energy at Alessa. She blocks it with her shield and shifts forward preparing to strike with dragonbane.

    As the battle between Dogu and Alessa begins, Xena and her dragon riders arrive in the city of Searing. She feels somewhat mortified to have returned to her home and find it the current condition. Torn apart the the conflict of the cities people and whatever Dogu has turned it turn. Vowing to make it all better when she once Dogu is gone.

    Floating in the sky on her dragon with the others she noticed something within the sight of the royal palace. Four figures floating in four different corners around the palace waiting. Korrin recognizes one of them as Fulgrim and immediately zoomed across the sky on his dragon to confront him.

    Jasper recognized another as his dear friend who helped him during the orc stronghold assault, Luna Phoenix and goes to her location with his dragon.

    Freya recognizes Vawen and then goes to confront him as well with her dragon. She knew few people in Excytes who were close to here, and wanted the honor of bringing this monster to justice.

    There was only one left, Jaghatai. Carl went to face him. However he felt that this wasn’t right. In his heart he felt he did not want to be here, he wanted to be in his hometown after learning of it’s destruction. He couldn't even follow through his original mission to find his uncle here, Darcsyd, but he could not sense his aquatic aura. As if he wasn’t here, but something was wrong. His uncle was here but, however he manage to escape but where?

    Carl looks at Xena for a short second before going to confront Jaghatai. What Xena told him didn't feel all too truthful, not much of it made sense. Why couldn't he just leave and go check on his home in Aurora. He thought of this while he traveled for Jaghatai.

    Xena observed carefully as her dragon riders faced off against their rivals. As she studied the battles carefully she griped a chrest - the very same one that she show various others. It would appear it was being charged by the four elemental dragons and their riders. Once it was fully charge it was unknown what she would do afterwards..

    Back inside the palace, Alessa and Dogu’s battle begins to intensify. Alessa using her shield’s magic is able to block most of the magical attacks being thrown at her and advance forward. Dogu switches up his tactics as well.

    The floor beneath Alessa begins to warp, pulled out of reality. Giant hands formed from black goo reaches out of the warp area attempting to swat her like a bug. Alessa slashes through while trying not to fall through the void Dogu has created. Thanus warns her to the cieling as Dogu summoned creatures from above to attack her, the very same one she fault in the towers - the wallmasters.

    Alessa places her shield back on her back and shield her should and climb on the chandelier swing on it the leaping on the area where Dogu was. The sorcerer then summons two decaying dragons that known as necrodraco’s to his aid and commands them to kill Alessa.

    Redrawing her blade and shield, she defends herself from their ferocious attacks. If it wasn’t for her magical paladin armour she would has already been badly hurt or worse.
    She ask for Thanus advise for defeating these two beast. He gives her two options that are both very risky, but at this point and the current situation she is in, it is all she has now.

    [Use the portals as your advantage]

    [Rush down the necrodraco's]

  • [Use the portals as your advantage]

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    Chapter 28 The Fate of Dragoina, Part 1 The tiny black flame spoke to Alessa in a very calm but ominous voice. It wasn't Dogu’s vo

  • [Use the portals as your advantage]

    Rushing against two undead dragons sounds foolish. Even with her power-up, I don't think Alessa stands a serious chance against them. These portals meanwhile sound like a clever way to give her an advantage. Sheer brutal force is unlikely to win here, so Alessa has to be clever if she wants to stand a chance.

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    Chapter 28 The Fate of Dragoina, Part 1 The tiny black flame spoke to Alessa in a very calm but ominous voice. It wasn't Dogu’s vo

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    [Use the portals as your advantage]

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    Chapter 28 The Fate of Dragoina, Part 1 The tiny black flame spoke to Alessa in a very calm but ominous voice. It wasn't Dogu’s vo

  • Chapter 29

    Chapter 29

    enter image description here

    The fate of Dragoina Part 2

    Alessa takes the portal and temporally travel through void. There are a pathway of floating stones that could be used to travel across, but she would have to be careful not fall in the abyss She is attacked by more magical forged by Dogu’s magic one of the had a firm grip on her left leg while traveling through the void. She managed to cut it clean from her and escape from its grip then see’s an exit from this void.

    Leaping through the portal she lands behind Dogu. He turns around quickly then is slashed by Alessa with her sword. The gash from the attack leaks darkness and he falls back. Dogu then calls his two dragons to his aid to kill Alessa. They inhale, then exhale dark flames directly at Alessa in universe, but with the magical defense of her shield she blocks the assault but it would appear her defenses would not last long.

    King Thanus tells her to use his flame to slay the two dragons. In the form of a flame sprite, the old king infuses into Alessa sword giving it and bright flaming aura. The sword vibrants in her hands as the spirit of the fallen king merge with it. It echoes “Aim for their hearts” before the flames turn a golden color as she firmly held it.

    The two dragons stop their attack then charge after her. Alessa leaps in the air invading one of the dragon's attacks then impaling one of them in the heart with her sword. As it hit the ground and likely dies the other shoots a dark fireball at Alessa while she was landing landing. The remaining dragon slowly approaches snarl and anticipating a fresh kill for his master. When it hovers over Alessa she turns around at takes it’s head clean of with her blade.

    Alessa returns to feet with a burn mark that is on her waist, but she is not so worried about it. She finds Dogu has escape which angers her greatly. She was so close but he manage to escape but King Thanus informs her that he could not have gone far. Then a shockwave shakes the palace, something is happening outside a battle. Alessa decides to leave the palace to find out what exactly was going on while finding Dogu was primarily on her mind.

    Outside she found dragons and creatures battling it out in the sky. She spotted Xena on the rooftop beside her dragon. She climbs the buildings and confront her to find out what exactly was going on her.

    When she finally reaches Xena, her dragon raises and blocks Alessa pathway before Xena notices and yields it. Alessa then greets the princess before question her.

    *“Xena, long time since we last met on the Spark.. Mind telling me what the hell is going on here?” *Alessa asked, awaiting an answer.

    “I would like to say, the dawn of a new age. My age..” Xena sneered.

    “What are you talking about Xena?” Alessa demanded.

    “You were chosen by the dragon goddess to slay Leviathan. He is coming, as Dogu going to awaken him now.” Alessa said.

    “Dogu will not reach that point, I will take him down. But you still haven't told me what is going on here!” Alessa bellowed.

    “Behold…” Xena using strange magic caused lightning to strike Fulgrim, Luna, Vawen, and Jaghatai out of the sky ending the battle between them and the dragon riders.

    The dragonriders the return to join Xena, all except for Carl who was still floating in the sky with his dragon. The other three however was not quit themselves as they had a blank dead look on their face as if they were being controlled.

    Alessa tried to call their names but they refuse to answer. Then Xena notices that Carl is missing suspecting her control over was weaker than she anticipated as she is able to control the dragon soul they all posses with her own magic. Alessa begins to suspect that Xena was in League with Dogu assuming that what she mentioned on the Spark about reclaiming her land was a lie, but Xena corrects her assumption.

    “I’m not the villain of this story Alessa, the beast the sleeps within the city of Memore is. Over the time I spent travelling the control in search of my dragon riders, I learned that I am destined more than to just rule my throne..” Xena said.

    “And what is that?” Alessa asked.

    “Use the divine grace to create a new Dragoina, with peace and prosperity. A world without men like Dogu. I will be it’s queen, it’s one true ruler with the four regions united as one under my families name.” Xena sneered gracefully.

    “So, you are no better than Dogu? It’s a shame, I seen you as this noble princess who wants to avenge her father.” Alessa remarked.

    “I was the girl who lost everything Alessa, times change. However now, my country, my land, my people and I have suffered enough. I will be traveling to Mermore to retire Dogu and would like you to join me, Alessa.” Xena offered.

    “I met your father Xena, King Thanus. He is still here, but he fused with my sword unfortunately. He misses you, and I don’t think he would want you to go down the path you currently treading towards.” Alessa informing Xena.

    “Yes, my dear father. Who I loved along with my Mother. He trusted Dogu which lead to our family being destroyed and our land thrown into chaos. As much as I loved, I cannot allow myself to be as weak as he was..” Xena said.

    “Sorry your highness, but I’m not buying. The way I’m hearing this is that you share a similar goal as Dogu. Except it’s less genocidal but more treacherous. I also cannot allow you use my friends as your tools of vengeance. They’re people!” Alessa said.

    “How, unfortunate. I was hoping that we align each other against Dogu before he can summon back Leviathan. Yet you let your arrogance get your head and cloud your judgement. If only the goddess chosen someone with slightly more wisdom. Maybe Arto sacrifice would have not been in vain..” Xena said.

    This angered Alessa who drew her sword. Xena then orders Korrin to attack Alessa but his fiery attack is then diminished by Carl’s watery magic. He descend down onto the roof where Alessa and Xena were and sided with Alessa. Carl then tells Alessa that he will buy her some time to escape. Alessa wants to stay and stop Xena but then he reminds her of her two mission. Dogu at this very moment is on his way to free the dark dragon god Leviathan.

    If he succeeds Dragoina will be destroyed and nothing of the land's rich history will be left. Carl also ask Alessa if she see his uncle Darcsyd, tell him that he was sorry for not finding him sooner than he intended to. He is then grabbed and bound by Xena’s magic telling her to flee now.

    Alessa leaps off the rooftops and lands in a wagon of hay. Her sword then begins to speak with her as moves in the voice of King Thanus. He tells her that he has enough power left for him to conjure up a spell for transportation.

    He then tells her to how dragonbane in the air recite a spell which turns Alessa into a flaming dragon. It ascend into the sky through the clouds and in blinding speed she zooms through the cloud in this form en route to Aurora where she will need to find a way to Mermore to stop Dogu and potentially Xena as well.

    In the form she have taken she have arrived sooner to the occupied city than she expected. Normally it would have taken a day or two to get there on horse from Drakone region to the Coral. Even if she had taken a normal dragon it would have taken several hours or less. She there and notices that a siege on the city happened here earlier, quite similar in Searing.

    When she lands she finds a pile of soldiers out cold. They seemed to have taken a real beating from someone. As she approaches the cities gates someone appears behind and holds a sword to her back demanding to know who she was.

    She carefully turns around to reveal an older man that is sporting so traditional Mermorian garbs that Alessa recognizes. He again ask what Alessa was doing hear awaiting an answer.

    [I am here to save Dragoina]

    [You are from Mermore?]

  • This is also the FINAL voting. :)

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    Chapter 29 Chapter 29 The fate of Dragoina Part 2 Alessa takes the portal and temporally travel through void. There are a pathw

  • [I am here to save Dragoina] He asked her a question and it would be rude to answer with another question. It's probably not wise to be rude to the guy holding the sword. Aside from that, she is here to save Dragoina, so that would be quite the truth.

    And man, the last voting, you say? Can't believe the story is already over, but then again, it has been going on for seven months, as I have just realized. Time passes quickly and I'm excited for the finale :) Looks like a lot of stuff is going to happen, with Dogu still on the run and Xena having turned into a fullblown (if intriguing) villain.

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    Chapter 29 Chapter 29 The fate of Dragoina Part 2 Alessa takes the portal and temporally travel through void. There are a pathw

  • [I am here to save Dragoina]

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    Chapter 29 Chapter 29 The fate of Dragoina Part 2 Alessa takes the portal and temporally travel through void. There are a pathw

  • [I am here to save Dragoina] Saving Dragoina means saving Mermore as well, right?

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    Chapter 29 Chapter 29 The fate of Dragoina Part 2 Alessa takes the portal and temporally travel through void. There are a pathw

  • Yes, Mermore is part of Dragoina but kinda operates on its own.

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    [I am here to save Dragoina] Saving Dragoina means saving Mermore as well, right?

  • Chapter 30 - Final

    enter image description here

    Alessa introduces herself as the savior of Dragoina to the man with the aquatic like garbs. He summons a trident from water by his side then uses it to impale a knight that tried to catch him of guard then turns towards Alessa and introduces himself Darcsyd. He is identified as the current king of the city of Mermore that was imprisoned by Dogu upon traveling to Drakone to bring some alarming news. He was where he found out Dogus true motives which lead to his capture and execution.

    He manage to avoid that thanks to Alessa whom which he thanks once more. Alessa did in fact remembered that time, where she freed him and the other captives on the assault of palace. But another question came up, she wanted to know if she knew anyone by the name of Carl who is affiliated with his city.

    Darcsyd was indeed familiar with the name as he recalled the child of his wife's sister sending him to the surface following her death at the hands of the wicked clan Thousand Sounds who opposed the city. Carl was sent to the surface in order to be safe from that clan. Darcsyd would hope one day that his nephew would return to Memore with his family and maybe one day reclaim the throne for himself. That will no longer be the cast as he is now under the influence and control of Princess Xena as her ‘sword of vengeance’.

    Alessa mentions that Xena is on her way here with her dragon riders so he has to make it to Dogu before she does. She also mention what Dogu plans do which severely troubles Darcsyd even more than before. His city will likely suffer dearly if Leviathan is revived and will certainly turn his vengeful eye on the people who sealed him away.

    He asked for Alessa to follow him so that he will lead her into the cave housing the transportation device. The very same one that Carl used to travel to Mermore the first time. There could not be anymore time to waste.

    The navigate through the broken city, torn apart by the wrath of Dogu’s forces. The once and beautiful city Aurora and it’s sandy beaches now in ruined. Carl would have be utter torn f he witness the site of his home as Alessa did.

    After finally navigating through the destruction of the city they arrive on a beach then head left towards a cave. Eventually they find the hidden cave with the mechs. One is missing and they other is destroyed. Alessa assume it was Dogu who did this, which was likely the case since the only way to gain access to the city from the surfaces is by one of these transportations mechs.

    King Darcsyd mentions that he can repair it, but it will a few minutes. While that was being taken care of Alessa spoke with the spirit of Xena’s father, King Thanus on a way to stop Leviathan if it comes to that. There wasn’t much of an idea to think when going up against a being whose power rival the goddess herslf..

    Within the city of Mermore. Dogu sneak his way through the city guard using his dark magic. He would then find his way inside the palace. He kills several of the guards while making his way to the throne room. The city is put on high alert and the palace then becomes infested by Dogu’s dark minions.

    No matter how power and skilled the royal guard were they were no match for Dogu hellish might. Magnus Prospero tried to combat the creatures that were being constantly brought through portals from another realm by Dogu. He did managed to seal several before being severely injured from a surprise encounter of a necrodraco.

    Eventually the city would suffer the same fate that Aurora had suffered leaving everything in an utter disaster. If the Thousand Hands caught onto what was going on, they would surely join the fray as payback for the previous assault. A kraken at this time would surely seal the fate of Mermore..

    Dogu reached the throne, where the Queen and her daughter Melona along with several other guards. They would protect the Queen and her daughter with their lives but Dogu assured everyone safety if the queen relinquished the key around her neck. This was the key required to end the temple where Leviathan is held.

    Of course she refuses, knowing what that could mean if the beast is freed. Dogu refuses to take no for an answer so he pushes all the guards surrounding her out of the way and shifts across the room in front her. He then tries to grab the key from the Queen but is slightly pushes away by an water attack from Melona.

    This angers Dogu so he conjures a ball of dark energy and hurl it at Melona, but her mother jumps in the way and takes the hit. The keys flies from her neck as she falls and Melona watches in horror then joins her mother by her side.

    Dogu then vanishes with the key to quickly make his way towards the temple housing Leviathan. It was just several feet from the palace from the left within walking distance. He stood on the steps that lead inside then said to himself. “ It is time to summon him. Our souls will join as one.. Then I will make this world in my own image. An image that near perfect, or flawed..”.

    Dogu then to ascend the staircase and arrive a large door with ancient Dragoinian text. He slowly places his hand on the door then finally inserted the key. He then takes several steps back before they door slams open and sheer darkness pours out of the temple. A monstrous clawed hand then grabs Dogu and pulls him inside the temple followed by silence.

    Back on the beach, the mech is repaired allowing Alessa and King Darcsyd to travel to Mermore and shortly after they depart on their destination,Another mech of the same feats follow after them.

    The two arrive in Mermore only to find it in chaos, the price to pay wherever Dogu goes as he he pain suffering and despair.. This troubles Darcsyd belong belief and he must find his wife and daughter immediately. He points Alessa in the direction of the Temple which is in plain from then wishes her the best and rays to the goddess that she would succeed in saving the world. He then takes the form of water and travels to the palace to find his wife and daughter.

    Alessa is left alone to confront Dogu. This will be her last chance to save Dragoina before it is lost forever, with addition to this being her the ultimately challenge for her. She approaches the stairway of the temple and slowly ascend upwards. She finds the door wide open and insight from within all she can she is darkness.

    She then hears a laugh that is very familiar to Dogu. Alessa then draws her sword as she enters the temple. A berrier thenforms by the doorway preventing her from leaving the temple lights up in blue flames as she is approached by Dogu who body appears to be slowly fading.

    The two then engage in brief conversation.

    It all ends here girl..” Dogu says.

    On that I can certainly agree on Dogu. I plan on taking you and that thing behind out before I leave this place.” Alessa replied.

    You’re arrogance never ceases to amaze me Alessa. If only you could see the Dragoina I wanted to build. But you have to strive with the false hope and honor an irrelevant goddess bestowed upon you!” Dogu bellowed.

    Just transform or do whatever already, I’m sick of waiting!” Alessa said.

    The wizard then smiled before giving himself the Leviathan who was taken form behind him. The soul of Dogu was then absorbed by Leviathan as he began to regain his lost power and take the form a hellish black dragon.

    He was in awe to find himself restored again after being sealed away long ago by his wife Dragoina and her followers. He regain his memory, his power and his determination to finish what he started long ago.Fueled by the extra power he has gained from Dogu he lifts up the roof of the temple and climbs out it to stretch his sore limbs and destroy something for the hell of it and a mere warm up.

    Alessa follows after then leaps into the air and stabs him in the tail with dragonbane. Leviathan screeches in agonizing pain then begins to attack her in a fury of rage. His attacks grow much violent by the minute as he uses a different after nearly ever time.

    Alessa in her paladin form can barely stand up to this dragon god’s might so she takes cover for now until she can come up with a way to stop him. She then speaks with the spirit of Thanus to figure a way to stop him while getting completely decimated by him.

    There is unfortunately isn't much that can be done against Leviathan accept finding a way through his malicious offensives then using dragonbane to finish him. While Alessa thinks this over Leviathan demands that she appear before him or he will destroy this entire city with her in it.

    At this point she isn’t left with much of a choice. She has to do something o else Leviathan is going to turn this place into a massive watery tomb.

    enter image description here

    Leviathan loses patience and conjures up a odd magical flames from his mouth and prepares to unleash it unto the city. Before he could, his is struck in the back by an arrow of light causing him to fall onto an building.

    He then reaches behind and yanks it out of his back then smash it into pieces.

    “You bitch…” Leviathan as he rises and recovers from his injuries she turns to find Xena and the elemental dragons by her side.

    Leviathan the sprouts his wings and charges direct at her in full power.

    Xena uses her own power along with the dragons to create a powerful bound strong enough to hold Leviathan in place for a short time. This gives Alessa the chance to leap onto him and impale him right in the heart with dragonbane.

    Upon impact shockwaves from Leviathan being stabbed pushes Alessa back and the sword dragon also shatters once again fulfilling it’s role and reason that it create for.

    As Leviathan go up into flames cursing those whole slain him, the spirit of Arto appears before her from a brief moment the vanishes. The spirit of Thanus congratulates Alessa on a well earned and most impressive victory. However there was no time to celebrate even after a very important victory as Xena presence assured that.

    Xena approached Alessa and was impressed by how far she came since their initial encounter, but even after helping her slay a god she still requires want she claims to deserve.

    Give it to me Alessa.” Xena demanded holding out her hand.

    Uh, what..?" Alessa said in a confused tone unsure what Xena was asking for exactly.

    Give the will will of the goddess, so that I can take back what I have lost. What was taken from ME!” Xena yelled.

    Oh I thought.. Nevermind. Maybe you should speak to father about this..” Alessa said reaching into her pocket to remove the soul of Thanus so that he may speak. With his daughter.

    Xena is shocked and cannot believe her eyes, she was actually speaking directly to her father after having to lost him many years ago. Though the reunion isn’t quite as expected.

    Xena, this isn’t you. Your lust for power will plague Dragoina into darkness much like Dogu, maybe even worse! Please abandon your pilgrimage for power and live the rest of your live in peace.” King Thanus pleaded.

    No father, you are wrong. That man,, Dogu. He gain your trust and he DESTROYED our family. But he is no longer here to accept the blame. It is time for our family to taken back this land and build a new. An single empire under one rule.” Xena said.

    Xena you cannot do this!” Thanus said.

    Watch me father! I will be a far greater ruler than you and anyone before. I will rule with an iron fist and destroy all my enemies. I will make Dragoina great again! With or without either of you!!” Xena as she commands her dragons to attack Alessa and Thanus.

    Before their attacks can go off, a beam of lights shines down onto the city. From it a vast white dragon descends down unto the city. It gazes at Alessa then slowly drains the magic bestowed upon her reverting her back to normal.

    It then lets out a mighty roar that causes previous events to flash before everyone's eyes before darkness followed, then silence…

    When Alessa awoken she find herself beside a dragon overlooking a city. She is then surprised by her brother Arto who is alive.

    She is very confused of what just happened as the last thing should remember was the dragon goddess taking back what she lent Alessa then silence. Arto informs that she must have been dreaming and they are going to be late picking up Freya from their next expedition. The three would be exploring some ancient ruins in the Vibrant plains.

    Alessa notices several different things about her surrounds, like the banner of King Thanus hanging throughout the city, and the many presences of dragons living among humans.She theorize that something happened when the dragon goddess came down to reclaim her power back from her. The timeline must have been altered..

    Dogu never took the throne, nor did the cause the dragons and vanish along with many other terrible events that unfounded before. Could this mean she never met the others if the timeline was changed somehow? That would be the case, but she seems they remember them and the remember her.

    A shadow has been lifted from Dragoina and a new dawn for the land has been set. But if the past was change, what could this mean for the future of this world and it’s characters affected by this new change…

    A story left for another day..

    enter image description here


  • After 8 months (Longest story I've ever written) I finally completed this. I must say it was both exciting and stressful and I enjoyed using the characters you all given me to work with. I don't think I'm going to write anything like anytime soon, think I need a break lol.

    But yeah, this a great experience and I hope you all enjoyed this.

    If you have any questions regarding this story or my next interactive project that I would love work on after a break - for free to ask.

    Thanks again, cya around!

  • Is it 8 months already? Really? Phew, time flies fast for sure... anyway, it was great to be here from the beginning to the very end and to be the part of your story.

    Thank you for writing it and I will be waiting for another one! :-)

    MasterStone posted: »

    After 8 months (Longest story I've ever written) I finally completed this. I must say it was both exciting and stressful and I enjoyed using

  • Man, can't believe it's been 8 months already =) That has been an amazing story and I enjoyed every part of it. The finale has been especially epic, I was wondering how you could manage to end the story in just a single part without rushing things, considering that two big villains were still alive, but you handled it well. If there is anything I could criticize, it would probably be that you use too much reported speech in your writing. It's nothing too bad, but direct speech makes things far more immersive to read and it works better to give the characters depth. While you used both, direct and reported speech, roughly equally, I believe direct speech should make up an utmost majority of the talking in a story. For example, the dialogue between Thanus and Xena has been far more immersive than the talk between Alessa and Darcsyd at the beginning of the chapter. But in the end, that is not a major criticism, it's just the only thing I can think of that could be better. All in all, I greatly enjoyed the story, you crafted a very nice fantasy world and the parts were quite epic. Well done and thanks a lot for writing :)

    So, about that next project of yours... is there anything you can already reveal? I'm curious what you have in mind. I could see a follow-up to Shadow of Dragoina, considering the final sentence, but whatever you wish to write, be sure that I'm going to read it!

    MasterStone posted: »

    After 8 months (Longest story I've ever written) I finally completed this. I must say it was both exciting and stressful and I enjoyed using

  • After Liquid's praise I have to say if you write something new I want to join in too. I admit I didn't read this story yet, but I put it in my to-do list.

    MasterStone posted: »

    After 8 months (Longest story I've ever written) I finally completed this. I must say it was both exciting and stressful and I enjoyed using

  • Thank you for your review Liquid, and your critique is greatly appreciated!

    Here is a small hint of my next story when that time comes.

    enter image description here

    Man, can't believe it's been 8 months already That has been an amazing story and I enjoyed every part of it. The finale has been especially

  • Now that is quite an intriguing teaser! I love sci-fi, so you already got me hyped for it =)

    MasterStone posted: »

    Thank you for your review Liquid, and your critique is greatly appreciated! Here is a small hint of my next story when that time comes.

  • Awesome finale! I liked this story very much, thank you that I was able to be part of it. Now I am excited for your new project when it begins, I will join it for sure :)

    MasterStone posted: »

    After 8 months (Longest story I've ever written) I finally completed this. I must say it was both exciting and stressful and I enjoyed using

  • any news on when the new story will start?

    MasterStone posted: »

    Thank you for your review Liquid, and your critique is greatly appreciated! Here is a small hint of my next story when that time comes.

  • It already started. Unfortunately, very shortly after starting it, MasterStone ha put the story on indefinite hold and I haven't seen him around in the forums ever since. It's a shame, since the story seemed very promising. You can see it here:

    husmusen posted: »

    any news on when the new story will start?

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