What is your favorite Sierra music? (not necessarily KQ)

We all know Sierra games had some AWESOME music. What are your favorites? Some of mine are (in no particular order, maybe will add more later):

Space Quest 3 theme
I just love how the SQ main theme is merged with the Sierra fanfare, and the music after that is EPIC.

Erana's Peace from QfG1
There's just something about this music... it's really enchanting.

King's Quest 3 intro music
Many know that I'm no particular fan of KQ series, but I do like KQ3 very much. And the intro music really makes me feel for sadness in Gwydion's heart.

Conquests of the Longbow intro music
It surprises me how great CotL is and how it's one of the lesser known (in general audience, I guess every Sierra fan knows it) Sierra adventure games among people. To me, it's one of the ultimate best Sierra adventures.


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