Telltale thinks Game of Thrones is bigger than TWD. If TTG's GoT is a success will they abandon TWD?



  • I respect your opinion on some things you've said but... this doesn't do it for you?

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    Zyphon posted: »

    Walking Dead Comics > Game of Thrones Books Walking Dead TV Show > Game of Thrones TV Show (if nothing else, then at least in terms

  • Man, TWD fans are vicious opinionated beasts shit... sad stuff doods.

    How I feel about this is why do people continue to think that Telltale are their toys plus Clem makes the moolah so don't worry just yet.

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  • Okay, I just watched all of Season 1 and 2.

    So far, The Walking Dead > Game of Thrones

    ...So far. It is really good though.

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