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  • Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 1: Preparations

    “We have the celebration coming up, you remember?” My voice was hoarse.

    “Yeah, I haven’t forgotten. We’ve got most of our supplies ready, you?” Nozomi replied

    “We’re ready to go. Katrina told me that the Sanctuary is ready as well, we can finally start getting things set up.” I informed her.

    “Perfect, out of everything we have now this is what excites me most.” I could hear the anticipation in her voice.

    “It’s a special day for all of us. It’s a great way for us to step back and appreciate what we’ve done here.” The door behind me opened with a creak. I turned my head and found Morgan standing in the doorway. “I’ve gotta get going, I’ll talk to you same time tomorrow.”

    “No problem, take it easy.” She signed off.

    “What can I do for you?” I turned back to her.

    “You can let me know what I need to do for the preparations.” She placed her hand on her hip.

    “At the moment? Nothing. I’m still thinking about what we’re gonna be doing first.” I said

    “Hmm, well that’s all I needed.” She started to turn back to the door.

    “Are you sure there’s nothing else?” I grinned.

    “To be completely honest, yes. I wanted an excuse to come see you.” She smiled

    “You’re supposed to be in your guard tower.” I said

    “I know, that’s why I told Dwayne that I needed him to cover for me.” She took a seat next to me.

    “Well as long as someone’s watching I guess I don’t see a problem with it.” I leaned in and kissed her.

    “That’s better.” She said and took out her water bottle. “What are you up to?”

    “I was talking to Nozomi about the celebration before you came in. Everyone’s ready to go, now we just need to get things set up.” I told her

    “I can’t believe there’s only a week left until then.” Morgan thought outloud.

    There was a pause. “It’s a hard memory to keep, but an important one.” I said

    “What are you talking about?” She asked

    “The Follower War, it’s been a couple of years but it’s still hard to think about. I know we celebrate the change on that day when we won it’s still painful to think about everyone we lost.” My heart began to sink, I looked at the ground.

    “Don’t think about the bad times but what came after. Look at everything we’ve done since then!” She scooted closer to me and turned my head to face her.

    I felt at ease when I looked into her eyes. “I love you.” I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as her bright blue eyes looked at me with passion.

    “I love you too.” She embraced me in her welcoming arms.

    After a few moments I stepped back “You still have your appointment with Paige?”

    “Damn, I nearly forgot. Thanks for the reminder.” She sighed and rose from the chair.

    “Walk you there?” I offered

    “There’s nothing I’d like more.” She smiled sweetly and exited the Communications building with me. We stepped out into the glimmer of light flooding our eyes and warming our skin. A light breeze sent goosebumps up and down my arms. Countless numbers of shops were set up along the street, all ranging from vegetables to ammunition. Wellington was prosperous, we no longer needed supply runs to keep us going. Bright smiles could be seen from everyone walking through the community.

    “Good morning Cody!” Michiko rushed past Morgan and I.

    “Good morning!” I smiled and waved as she ran past us.

    “She’s got the right idea.” Morgan chimed in

    “What do you mean?” I became curious

    “Going for a run every morning, it’s a good idea to stay in good physical condition.” She explained

    “Hmm more sleep or run?” I joked with a sly grin.

    “Now that you mention it.” Morgan grinned

    I turned and noticed a new house being built, the only thing left was the top floor and a roof. A dozen men were working hard to finish it as quick as they could. Hammers were being pounded in an almost rhythmic fashion. Thoughts of listening to music on a quiet evening with friends flooded my mind. Back before everything came crumbling down, maybe those kind of days could be possible in the near future. I blinked, an image flashed and I could see myself laying in my dorm room with my roommate as we were content in our chairs talking all night about the future. While I missed those days, I couldn’t imagine life without the people I have now, without Morgan. My emotions were mixed, happiness and sadness. It was strange, I wasn’t used to this. I was usually open with Morgan about what I was feeling but I knew that this was better left to myself.

    “We’re almost there, wish me luck?” She smiled and let go of my arm.

    “Good luck, I hope everything goes well.” I smiled back.

    “Thanks sweetheart.” She kissed my cheek and walked ahead.

    “I bet you can’t hit it.” I heard a voice from atop the wall. I raised an eyebrow with curiosity and made my way to the ladder. I climbed the creaking ladder and found myself on the top of the scaffolding along with the guards.

    “Watch me.” A voice replied with confidence.

    I turned the corner and found two new guards peering over the wall at a walker stumbling closer. The guard on the right was holding a spear in his massive hands, the guard egging him on had his hands on his hips. “What’s going on?” My voice interrupted their competition.

    “Oh, shit!” The guard with the spear jumped back a few inches. “Sorry sir we were just-”

    “It’s fine, what are you doing anyway?” I asked and looked at the walker and then the spear.

    “Well this jackass was telling me I couldn’t hit that walker down there in the head with my spear.” The guard informed me.

    “Were you going to do it?” I stared at him.

    “I mean… yeah.” He said

    “And he’s the jackass?” I chuckled a bit. “Go ahead, just make sure you go out there and pick it up when you’re done.”

    “Nice, come on let’s see it.” The other guard quickly became eager.

    The guard on the right pulled back the spear as far as he could and launched it into the air. In the blink of an eye the spear pierced the walker through the throat. “Agh damn!”

    “Close but no dice.” The other guard mocked.

    “Both of you go out and get the spear back, be careful.” I stressed.

    “Yes sir.” The guards made their way to the ladder to their right.

    I looked beyond the wall and into the vastness of the land before me. I took in my hands the binoculars left atop the wall, I placed them to my eyes. Everything looked normal, another calm day. I set them back where they were and began to make my way towards the ladder until I heard my radio buzzing. I brought the radio to my face and pressed the button on the side. “Hello?”

    “Cody, is that you?” I could hear Clifford’s voice

    “Correct, what’s going on Clifford?” I asked

    “I was checking on the other outposts and I noticed we’re running low on supplies at the factory. By the looks of it they’ll be able to go another week or so but after then they’ll be completely out of food and water. We need to get it taken care of.” He informed me.

    “I see, thanks for letting me know Clifford. I’ll make sure to have Nico run a truck down to the outpost and deliver everything they need. Anything else?” I said

    A moment passed. “Yeah, there is something.”

    “What is it?” I was concerned.

    “I haven’t talked to April in about a week. I’m worried about her.” He enlightened me.

    “Have you talked to Katrina? I’m sure she might know something.” I was unsure.

    “I did. She hasn’t seen her at the Sanctuary either. She’s gone Cody.” There was worry in his voice.

    “Don’t get too worried yet Cliff. I’ll check around Wellington and talk to Nozomi. We’ll get this figured out. If I find something I’ll let you know.” I said

    “Ok, just please hurry. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.” He said

    “I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.” I reassured him

    “Thanks Cody.” He replied

    “No problem, talk to you then.” I put the radio back on my belt loop and rubbed my eyes. I took a few steps and placed my foot on the ladder. I quickly went down and walked back to the Communications building. I got back to the radio and grabbed the microphone. “Nozomi, you there?”

    “Not Nozomi, can I help?” I heard Samantha’s voice

    “I don’t expect you to have the answer for this but has April been at The Mountain Top in the past week?” I asked

    “No, the last time I saw her was about a month ago. Why?” She was curious.

    “Nothing, if you see her again could you let me know?” I said

    “Sure, no problem Cody.” She replied.

    “Thanks Samantha, I really appreciate this.” I told her

    “Don’t worry about it. I gotta go, bye.” She got off the radio.

    I was becoming more worried about what happened to April. I hadn’t seen April in months and she hasn’t been at any of the communities or outposts. I immediately thought about telling Clifford but I was hesitant. I knew that if I told him he would spring into action to find her. Perhaps it was best to figure something out before telling him? Regardless I needed to see Morgan and talk to her about her appointment and maybe putting a search team together.


    “Thanks sweetheart.” Morgan kissed Cody’s cheek and continued down the path. She could see Paige’s office just ahead. Morgan picked up her pace and found herself in front of Paige’s office in just a moment. She knocked on the wooden door and awaited a response. She could hear Paige approaching the door at a quick pace. The doorknob cranked to the left and opened the door revealing Paige ready for her appointment with Morgan. “Good morning!” Paige welcomed her into her office.

    “Good morning, Paige.” Morgan stepped into the building.

    “You want some coffee? I still have a bit left over from last week.” Paige asked

    “No thanks, I’m good.” Morgan placed her coat on the coatrack.

    “Suit yourself.” She took the mug into her hands and sipped from it.

    “How’s Nico been lately?” Morgan sat down in the chair opposite of Paige.

    “He’s been good I think. He’s been enjoying his new job.” Paige grinned and took another sip.

    “I figured he would. How about Gwendal?” said Morgan

    “He’s doing alright I guess. He’s just started apprenticing for Derek, learning how to make bullets and spears. I’m so proud of him.” She smiled thinking about it.

    “That’s amazing, he’s grown a lot in the last couple of years.” Morgan leaned back in the chair.

    “He really has, I’m just glad he can do something productive with his time instead of messing around with his friends all day.” Paige chuckled.

    “It’s good that he has something to keep him busy and learning something that’s vital to our community.” Morgan added

    “It’s great. Now, what seems to be the problem Morgan?” Paige leaned in.


    Nozomi put the last can on the shelf and took one last look at the garage. Everything was accounted for and with the new supplies they had to start moving supplies into other buildings as well. Before she could set down her notebook she heard a knock at the door. She approached the door and opened it. Samantha stood outside with an eager look on her face. “What is it Sam?”

    “Cody was on the radio just now.” She said

    “Again?” Nozomi was surprised

    “Yeah, asking about April.” Samantha informed her

    “April?” Nozomi was confused

    “Yeah, I guess she’s gone missing.” Samantha stepped inside of the garage.

    “She hasn’t been here in a long time, I wonder what happened.” Nozomi said

    “That’s what they’re trying to figure out.” Samantha grabbed a bottle of water on the stool next to her.

    “Well there’s not much we can do right now. We have a lot going on at the moment and we can’t be out searching for someone from a different community.” Nozomi replied coldly.

    “I’m sure we could spare a few people if Cody needs them.” Samantha reasoned with her.

    Nozomi sighed. “We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Until something changes my position is the same.”

    “Fine. Do you need me to do anything?” Samantha asked

    “Talk to Alan about meeting with me to discuss our defenses.” Nozomi set her clipboard on the table next to them.

    “I’ll get right on that.” Samantha nodded and exited the garage. Nozomi sighed and took one last look at the garage before stepping outside and shutting the door behind her.


    Clifford set the walkie talkie down and continued down the hallway of the factory. The grey walls were quite narrow and left no room for a large amount of people. At the end of the hallway was an entrance to the main hall in which most of the other survivors resided. Clifford found himself on the top of the stairwell looking down at the others. He wasted no time going down the stairs to make a quick announcement. “I just finished talking to Cody, we’re going to be getting a truck of supplies here within the week. Until then you have enough supplies to keep you going, you might have to cut back a bit on what you consume but it won’t be for long.” They group nodded in agreement and seemed fine with the news. With nothing more to report Clifford took his leave and made his way to the entrance of the factory. Before he could get through the doors he was stopped by the leader of the outpost.

    “I wasn’t able to tell you before but I’ve noticed some suspicious activity outside of the factory in the night. It’s usually nothing but lately I’ve been seeing what looks like people standing outside and watching.” He spoke lightly to avoid alerting everyone.

    “Are you sure it’s not just walkers?” Clifford was confused.

    “I’m certain, when I catch them out there I stay out of sight and watch to see if they try anything.” He revealed

    “Do they do anything?” Clifford became increasingly concerned.

    “Nothing, just stand there and watch. I don’t know if they’re out on their own or if they’re with a larger group. The only thing I do know is that we need to figure something out quickly, if anyone else finds out there could be paranoia among the people here.” He stressed

    “Is there anything else you can tell me? Anything at all.” said Clifford

    “Nothing, but I wrote this letter for Cody. I need you to deliver to him as soon as you can, can you do that for me Clifford?” He handed the dirty letter to Clifford.

    “Of course.” Clifford nodded

    “Thank you so very much.” He smiled and turned to go back to his daily routine. Clifford looked at the letter in his hands for a moment. He turned and left the factory, on his way to the next outpost.


    I made my way through the bustling market in the center of Wellington. Many trades were taking place showing me just how well everything was going. I noticed Derek had his own stand set up towards the end of the row. Gwendal stood beside him, he was nearly the same height. “A good day for trading?” I grinned and shook Derek’s hand.

    “A great day. Seems like everyone’s out here looking for something new.” Derek smiled

    “I’m glad to hear that.” I turned and looked at Gwendal. “I see you have some more help.”

    “Yep, ole’ Gwendal here really knows how to make a fine spear.” Derek chuckled “Now if only teaching him to make bullets was as easy.”

    “I’ll get there soon enough, just you wait.” Gwendal grinned at Derek.

    “And I’ll be there to congratulate you on a job well done when that happens.” Derek pat Gwendal on the back.

    “How much ammunition do you have made now anyway?” I was curious

    “Well I’d say it’s enough to supply a whole army. We’ve been stockpiling for quite a while.” Derek informed me.

    “Well that’s reason enough for a celebration.” I was impressed.

    “You give me a time and I’ll talk to Barry about trading some of his beer with me. He’s finally got his recipe down and let me tell you it’s some good shit!” said Derek

    “Sounds like a good time, I’ll have to take you up on that!” I said. “I better get going, I’m meeting Morgan and I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

    “Catch you later!” Derek waved. I continued down the path to Paige’s office. A few minutes later I was sitting on the bench outside of the building. I looked at my watch and groaned at the time. It was getting pretty late and there was a lot I needed to get done. Soon enough I heard the door next to me open and Morgan walked out.

    “Morgan, what’s going on?” I asked and hugged her. She was acting strange.

    “We um- we need to talk.” She was quiet and her voice was low.

    “We can right now.” I said.


    “Cody!” I heard someone running towards us. I turned to face them and noticed it was Alan.

    “What is it?” I asked

    “Nico’s back, he needs to see you right away.” He revealed

    “Can it wait Alan? I’m in the middle of something right now.” I stated

    “I know and I’m sorry, but Nico told me to make sure to get you as quickly as I could.” He apologized

    “Damnit.” I rubbed my forehead with frustration. I looked to Morgan. “Do you think this can wait until later?”

    “This is something we need to talk about now.” She stressed.

    “Are you sure it can’t wait?” I asked

    “I’m positive.” She said

    [Talk to Morgan] or [Go see Nico]

  • Ah, the new season at last :) So glad you managed to finish the first chapter! I just say, I am quite interested in what happened during this timeskip, who has ended up at which place and what else might have changed.

    [Go see Nico]

    Well... I can think that Morgan's talk will be of personal concern to her and Cody (a pregnancy maybe?), whereas Nico's talk is likely to be of importance to the entire community, or maybe to the other communities as well. That means, as a leader, Cody should prioritize the talk with Nico. Morgan might be upset, but this is simply a matter of leadership here. I doubt the consequences of not talking to Morgan right away will be so terrible, whereas not talking to Nico could, in theory at least, do serious harm if Cody is not there to react to an important threat.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 1: Preparations “We have the celebration coming up, you remember?” My voice was hoarse. “Yeah, I haven’

  • I'm also glad I was finally able to finish the chapter! Things have definitely changed over the 3 year timeskip and I can't wait for you to see everything that's changed!

    Ah, the new season at last So glad you managed to finish the first chapter! I just say, I am quite interested in what happened during this

  • As much as it pains me...

    [Go see Nico]

    I'm assuming that the talk Morgan wants to have is about her being pregnant, but idk what Nico could want.

    So glad this is back, and I can't wait to see what things have changed (besides April going missing, poor Clifford).

    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 1: Preparations “We have the celebration coming up, you remember?” My voice was hoarse. “Yeah, I haven’

  • Yes, this story is back! Excellent part to kick off the new chapter.

    [Go see Nico]

    As others have speculated, I do feel that Morgan is indeed pregnant. As important as that is, we have no idea what Nico wants. It can be even more important that what Morgan has to say, who knows. Hopefully Morgan doesn't get mad at us or anything.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 1: Preparations “We have the celebration coming up, you remember?” My voice was hoarse. “Yeah, I haven’

  • Voting has closed, Cody will [Go see Nico]! I can't wait to get started on the new chapter and continue the story. I hope you're all as excited as I am for the next chapter to be finished!

  • Im a bit late, sorry for missing the voting :D I would have voted for Nico as well. Loved the first chapter, I look forward for the next!

    Voting has closed, Cody will [Go see Nico]! I can't wait to get started on the new chapter and continue the story. I hope you're all as excited as I am for the next chapter to be finished!

  • UPDATE: Almost finished with the next chapter. I was hoping to have it out sooner but I've had a lot going on and I don't have much time to write. I apologize for the long wait and I hope it hasn't curbed your excitement for the next chapter.

  • Sure thing I'm looking forward for it! I'm glad a new part will be out soon and the wait certainly hasn't changed anything about it, there's no need to be worried :)

    UPDATE: Almost finished with the next chapter. I was hoping to have it out sooner but I've had a lot going on and I don't have much time to write. I apologize for the long wait and I hope it hasn't curbed your excitement for the next chapter.

  • Yeah, I am exited! Looking forward for the next chapter!

    UPDATE: Almost finished with the next chapter. I was hoping to have it out sooner but I've had a lot going on and I don't have much time to write. I apologize for the long wait and I hope it hasn't curbed your excitement for the next chapter.

  • Holy unexpected hiatus. I can't begin to apologize enough for the long wait. My computer gave out on me and I haven't been able to get a new one for quite some time. The chapter is nearly finished and it should be released in the next couple of days. Once again, I'm so sorry for how long it's been.

  • Welcome back, I'm so happy you managed to get a new PC. It has been a while, but I look forward for the next part!

    Holy unexpected hiatus. I can't begin to apologize enough for the long wait. My computer gave out on me and I haven't been able to get a new

  • As the king of unexpected hiatus(es?) I know that things happen, don't worry about it. Glad you got a new computer, and I'm sure the next part will be great ^^

    Holy unexpected hiatus. I can't begin to apologize enough for the long wait. My computer gave out on me and I haven't been able to get a new

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    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 2: A Helping Hand

    “Come on, we have to hurry!” The father repeated to his family. They lagged behind with shallow breaths and aching muscles.

    “We can’t keep running,” His wife managed to spit out. “Derek's too tired.”

    “We have to, there’s no way we can stop now!” He desperately reached out to his wife’s hand. He took her hand and pulled her along further, Derek right behind.

    “If they catch us that’s it, I won’t let that happen to you.” His determination and fear drove him past his limits.

    “I think I can hear the truck.” The small boy alerted his parents.

    “Shit, we have to run!” The father quivered from exhaustion before mustering the strength to push on. The trees surrounded them and darkness flooded the sky. Moaning could be heard all around them, Walkers looking for their next meal. It began to seem to him that this was the end, as much as he tried to prevent it.

    “If you come back now we’ll make it easier on you!” A booming voice could be heard through what seemed to be a megaphone. Headlights cut through the darkness and shone on the backs of the family. They were close.

    “KEEP GOING!” The father screamed with terror. A small crater in the ground caught the boy’s foot and sent him to the ground. The mother and father turned back to help.

    “Oh shit, come on!” The mother tried to pull him up.

    “AGGHH!” The boy was pained.

    “Jesus his ankle’s broken!” The father pulled him up from the ground by his arms. He heaved him over his back. The boy latched onto him and they continued forward.

    “Damnit, stop now or you’ll be fired upon!” The voice warned.

    “We have to stop!” The mother planted herself to her position and wouldn’t budge.

    “No, they’re lying! We have to go!” The father pleaded and tried to pull her along.

    “Blake…” She pleaded.

    “FIRE!” The voice commanded. A storm of bullets flooded the woods. Before he could do anything, a bullet went through his wife’s head.

    “BETH!!!” He cried

    “MOM!” His son wailed. Blake couldn’t hold back the tears and fell to the ground. The truck approached, the headlights now shining down on Blake and his son. He couldn’t muster the strength to get up and fight back.

    “Now,” The voice was cold “get in the fucking truck.”

    “I--I--” Blake couldn’t speak.

    The man pulled a pistol out of his waistband and pointed it at Blake. “Blake.”

    Silence. Blake couldn’t feel anything anymore. The crackling of wood and crickets were the only thing that could be heard. Blake couldn’t make himself move, each time he tried it felt like he was going to pass out. “Drop the gun!”

    “The fuck?” The man searched for whoever spoke.

    “You’re surrounded by ten snipers and fifteen assault rifles. Drop the gun.. Now.” The voice grew louder.

    “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but you’re in for a rude goddamn awaken-AGGGHHHH!” He wailed with pain as a bullet traveled through his hand.

    “I told you to drop the gun.” said the voice.

    “DAMNIT!” The guards covered the man as he held his mutilated hand. “Drive!” He yelled at the driver of the truck. The driver slammed on the gas pedal and the truck sprang forward towards the road. Blake was motionless, not fully comprehending what had happened.

    “Dad?” The son looked around as a large group circled them.

    “Please, let us go!” He pleaded, looking at the dark silhouettes surrounding them.

    “It’s alright, it’s alright.” The voice tried to ease the tension. “My name’s Nico, I come from a large community called Wellington. Let me help you.” He offered his hand to Blake.

    Blake hesitated and surveyed the situation before ultimately taking Nico’s hand. Nico lifted him up off the ground and helped steady him. “Wellington? I’ve heard about you guys.”

    “I’m not surprised. We have a large network made up of several different communities.” Nico revealed to Blake.

    “Why are you telling me this?” Blake managed to get out.

    “We always welcome new people in, it only serves to help us.” said Nico.

    “You went out of your way to save us.” Blake was dumbfounded.

    “It’s not often you find people, we have to stick together nowadays. What’s left if we don’t?” Nico motioned for his group to get ready to leave.

    “Are you trying to recruit us or something?” Blake was nervous.

    “I guess you could say that, what do you say?” Nico asked

    Blake pondered for a moment and looked at his son. “What do you think Dennis?”

    Dennis looked around at the group and finally back to Blake. “Let’s go.”

    “I guess we’re in.” Blake stood tall. “But first I need to bury her.” He looked down at Beth.

    “Alright, we’ll just need you to hurry. Ok?” said Nico

    “Yeah.” Blake’s voice was somber.

    A couple of hours passed by and it was late into the night. Blake and Dennis said their goodbyes to Beth and eventually made their way back to Nico at the makeshift shelter. A slight drizzle dampened the air and wet their clothes. “You ready?” asked Nico.

    “Yeah, we’re ready.” Blake replied.

    “Alright, we have some vehicles just ahead. It will take a couple days if we’re lucky. We’ve come pretty far out of our way and with the storm rolling in, it could complicate things. ” Nico led the pair to the trucks just beyond their sight. Dawn was approaching quickly and the clouds overhead were dark and unforgiving. Thunder disrupted the somber tone and it wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon. The group filled into the vehicles and prepared for the long trip back.

    “Dad?” Dennis looked at Blake after climbing into the back of the truck.

    “Yes, son?” Blake’s eyes were empty, an empty soul behind them.

    “Do you think this is the answer?” He was nervous.

    “I don’t know.” Blake could only be blunt with him.


    “And that’s how you found them?” I looked in the back of the truck and found Blake and Dennis asleep.

    “Yeah, it’s terrible we weren’t able to help his wife.” Nico focused and shut his eyes.

    “You can’t be stuck on that Nico, it’ll eat you up until nothing’s left. You were able to get them out of there, that’s what matters now.” I tried to comfort him.

    “Thanks Cody.” He managed.

    “I wonder why he was running from that group, did he tell you anything?” I questioned Nico.

    “All he would really tell us about them is that they’re going to be pissed if they ever find them.” Nico revealed.

    “Shit, this could be dangerous to everyone here at Wellington.” I thought outloud.

    “Well we can’t just kick them out!” Nico defended.

    “I’m not saying we do that, we just have to be careful now that Blake and Dennis are here. We can’t be sure that the group he was with will keep trying to find him and if they’re willing to fight for them.” I explained.

    “I get that.” Nico sighed and rubbed his eyes.

    “Since they’re already here we should start thinking about what we’re going to do if they don’t want to stay with us. We can offer them a few more communities if they’d be more comfortable being further away.” I suggested.

    “Lakeside?” Nico commented.

    “That could work, they’re far enough out there that they shouldn’t have to worry about being found by that group.” I quiety closed the doors and followed Nico back to the front of the gate.

    “Sorry if I took you away from anything important, I just knew that I needed to see you as soon as I got back.” Nico apologized.

    “It’s fine, I just need to meet back up with Morgan. She had an appointment with Paige today and she seemed pretty concerned about what she found out. You still need me?” I asked and began to make my way back towards the inside of the gate.

    “No, I can unload everything with my crew and we’ll be back inside soon enough for dinner. See you then.” Nico waved and turned back to his team and motioned them to get back to work. My feet crunched the gravel set below. My mind had begun to wander and I thought of many different possibilities of the outcome of Morgan’s visit. I had felt a fear I had long forgotten of. My trip back to my house was filled with these thoughts of what may happen and what may not happen. I stood outside the long door and had to muster the courage to enter. I turned the doorknob and slowly opened the creaking door to reveal Morgan laid up on the couch. She had seemed downtrodden and the worry came back with a vengeance.

    “Morgan, are you ok?” My voice nearly quivered.

    She lifted her head and set her eyes on my position, not turning for even a moment. It had seemed she was upset with me for talking to Nico instead of her. I felt regret for my decision but it was something that needed to be addressed. Perhaps I would be able to explain to her the situation and it would help with her anger. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She groaned and turned over on the couch.

    “There was a situation with Nico out there. He found a man and his son being chased by this group and he brought them back. I’m sorry for going but it was important.” I tried to apologize.

    “I understand Cody, it’s just really important that you listen to what I’m about to tell you.” She stressed and motioned for me to sit next to her on the beaten up couch. I hesitated for a moment, but only out of fear of the news she would bring. I finally sank into the seat and prepared for the worst. “I can’t think of any other way to say it except that.... I’m pregnant Cody.”

    In that instant all the worry and fear escaped from my body and only happiness replaced it. My heart nearly burst from the excitement I had felt in that precious moment. I couldn’t form any words sufficient enough to express just how happy I felt. I could do nothing but hug her and begin to laugh. “Oh my god, Morgan…” My voice quivered.

    “We’re having a baby!” Morgan smiled back and kissed me. We held each other for awhile not knowing when to stop. I had finally felt that all of the blood, sweat, and tears we poured into creating this new world had been completely worth it. If I hadn’t known before this, I now knew the true meaning of hope. Hope for a better life where we can move on from the pain and misery of the fallen world.


    It had been hard trying to curb his worry of what had happened to April. Where is she? Is she hurt? Is she okay? All of these questions wouldn’t leave Clifford a moment of peace. Focusing on the trip back to Wellington was a lost cause at this point. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box filled with cigarettes. In times like this he had taken comfort in enjoying a cigarette and sorting out his thoughts. He brought out the accompanying lighter for these moments and lit the cigarette. He took the cigarette in his lips and inhaled deeply, hoping this would bring some relief to his pain. In that moment he had alone with his thoughts he looked around and appreciated that he was safe inside of the vehicle. For a moment he had thought to himself whether he should look for April on his own and ignore Cody. He shook the thought from his mind and turned the keys in the ignition. He took one last drag from the cigarette and opened the window to throw it out. He looked at the road ahead and began to drive forward with purpose.


    “We set up the spikes a few months ago and they’ve been working great.” Alan said

    “Yeah, I’m just worried that if a herd were to come through they’d bust right through. We need to make some more additions, or else things might not go so smoothly.” Nozomi warned, taking a swig of whiskey from her glass.

    “I can get my crew right on that. Just get me the supplies I need and you can consider it done.” Alan got up from the chair and began to exit the room.

    “Alan…” Nozomi stopped him.

    “Yes?” He turned back around to face her.

    “Thank you.” She said.

    Alan nodded and left the room. Nozomi looked back down at her glass of whiskey and tapped on the edges. She then looked out of the window directly behind her to see The Mountain Top beaming with energy and life. She reflected on the past few years and how far they had come since what happened with The Followers. These thoughts overcame her, she finished off the whiskey and set the glass on the desk beside her. She rubbed her temples and tried to mentally prepare herself for the rest of the day. Samantha had took it upon herself to meet with the head farmer of the community and report back to her later in the day. This freed up much of Nozomi’s schedule and perhaps she would be able to relax. The stress had been piling on recently and a day away from some of her responsibilities would do her good. Without warning she noticed someone being detained by other members of the community. She leaped out of her chair and flew out of the building. She burst through the door and made her way to the conflict. A young man had been caught in the grip of two adults. “What’s going on?” Nozomi questioned them.

    “We caught this little shit stealing things from our house!” The older woman had turned to tell her.

    “Is this true?” Nozomi looked down at the young man.

    “Yes.” He confessed.

    “You know that committing a crime in our community is intolerable, correct?” Nozomi asked him.

    “Yes.” He looked at the ground.

    “Because of your acts, you’re going to be in the cell for a week.” said Nozomi

    “Please no! I won’t do it again!” He pleaded.

    “You have to be punished it’s either this or exile.” She was unforgiving. He looked around at everyone and gained no sympathy. He accepted his fate. “A week in the cell it is. Take him away!” She called for the guards. Nozomi used the old cell for the criminals that had resided within the walls. Of course this was the lightest punishment that one would get. She watched as they took him to the cells and almost felt sorry for what had to be done to the young man. She could see it in his eyes, he was thankful the worst he got was the cell. The crowd began to return their daily routines.

    End of Part 1...

  • Part 2...


    I looked at the peculiar dish of food for a moment, studying what I would soon be eating. The dinner tables were packed like always. It was nice to have these moments where everyone was together and enjoying themselves. Morgan sat across from me and had already begun eating. She glanced up at me and I took a spoonful of the dish. I was delighted by the taste, I was also slightly surprised given it’s look. “How are you enjoying your dinner?” I looked up from the dish and focused on Morgan.

    “It tastes amazing, they’ve done it yet again.” She thought of the chefs.

    “I’d say so, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” I smiled at her and continued to eat. I noticed Paige sitting with Gwendal and Nico. They looked so happy, like a normal family before everything was destroyed. I began to think if that’s how Morgan and I would look with our child. I tried not to think too much more about the future, best to worry about what I have now. Some time had passed before I was able to part ways with Morgan and go back to Nico. The hall once flooded with people had dwindled to only Nico and I. All but a few of the lights had been shut off to conserve the power. “So, what’d you end up doing with Blake and his son?”

    “I sent a few people from my group to the Lakeside. It’ll only take a few days or so for them to arrive. I’m hoping Blake and Derek will be comfortable there.” said Nico

    “I’m sure they’ll love it there. It’ll be a good home for both of them.” I reassured Nico.

    “Another matter we need to discuss…” Nico reminded me.

    “I know, it’s hard with the celebration so close. Nearly every thing’s prepared, It won’t take too much more time. If you’re wondering about what you and your crew will be doing over the next few days, don’t. You’re all gonna get a break from it, you’ve all earned it.” I smiled.

    “Thank you so much Cody, Paige and Gwendal are going to love the news!” He appreciated the gesture.

    “I wonder when all the other communities will arrive.” said Nico.

    “I’m sure they’re going to be getting here in just a couple of days. I know everyone’s excited about this year’s celebration. I wouldn’t be worried about them showing up late.” I said.

    “I guess I’ll take your word for it. So I wasn’t able to ask earlier. What’s going on with Morgan?” Nico was curious.

    I chuckled to myself a bit just thinking about it. “Well uh… Morgan’s pregnant.”

    “Seriously?” There was eagerness in his voice.

    “Yeah.” I couldn’t help but smile.

    Nico hugged me and patted me on the back. “That’s amazing man!”

    “Thanks Nico!” I hugged him back.

    He released me and on his face was a serious expression. I became a little worried. He then laughed a bit. “Cody Jr.’s gonna grow up to be a badass just like his dad!”

    “Really Nico?” I grinned.

    “Alright fine, you can name him Nico. I approve.” He laughed some more. “But really though, that’s great man. I’m happy for you.” His expression truly changed this time. “Oh shit, I made you miss out on hearing the news earlier. I’m so damn sorry!”

    “No no no, don’t apologize. It was something that needed my attention. Besides, you were doing what you thought was best. I’m glad you decided to get me as soon as you got back here. Seriously, don’t be blaming yourself.” I said.

    “If you say so. Look, if there’s anything you ever need, don’t hesitate to ask me for help.” He was stern.

    “I’ll make sure to ask you first. I really appreciate this Nico.” I grinned again.

    “Don’t mention it.” He grinned back at me. “Alright, well I better get back to Paige. Don’t want to keep her waiting on me too long.”

    “Sounds like a good idea.” I said.

    “Let’s talk some more tomorrow ok?” Nico began to exit the room.

    “You got it.” I left the hall with him. I took a look back at the building and then took my leave. I began to think of the celebration and what may come from it. It’s always been such a success and I was near certain that that would be the case yet again. I narrowed down my thoughts to those only consisting of Morgan and the baby. It was hard not to think about, it’s such a huge change in my life. I slowed my pace along the trail and took time to appreciate everything going on. It was a fantastic few days and the next were sure to be promising as well. I turned the corner and found the square near empty with only a few other faces present. The small shops lined the street and it made for a welcoming stroll through the square. A small breeze came through and lightly brushed my hair away from my face. We were nearing summer again and thankfully it seemed that we would be getting more rain for the crops. A few of the people still left out and about waved as I passed them. I waved back and continued down the path. I neared the door to Morgan and I’s house. One of the lights was still on, Morgan must have been waiting for me. I opened the door and peered into the warm house.

    “How were things with Nico?” Morgan closed a book she was reading and set it down on the coffee table.

    “Good, I told him about the baby.” I took my coat off and placed it on the rack to my right.

    “I figured you would, you two are thick as thieves.” She grinned and got up.

    “He made sure that I knew if we ever needed help to come to him first.” I approached her. We kissed and I joined her on the couch. I picked up the book on the coffee table to examine it. I set it back down. “What’s this?”

    “Just something I’ve been reading lately. It’s been nice to have something to keep my occupied. It can get pretty boring around here.” She said.

    “I’m ok with boring. Just means that we’ve made it.” I smiled and kissed her again.

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right. So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?” She asked.

    “Well it depends on what I want to get done first. We have quite a few spikes to replace along the wall but then again we also need some more people down at the expansion. I’m trying to decide which one to get done first.” I said.

    “Well they both need to get done, I guess just think about it and let me know in the morning. Let’s get some sleep.” Morgan got up from the couch and made her way to the bedroom. I followed her closely and thought to myself which one needed to be done first. Like Morgan said, they’re both really important. Morgan took off her clothes and crawled into the bed, she rearranged herself to find some comfort. I didn’t hesitate to join her. “Goodnight sweetheart.” She kissed me before turning over in the bed.

    “Goodnight.” I smiled and closed my eyes. A few minutes passed by and I finally began to drift into a blissful sleep. I woke up later the next morning, I felt groggy from the night. I let out a rather loud yawn and looked over to find Morgan was already up and ready for the day. I put on a t-shirt and some jeans. I stumbled over to the bathroom, still half-asleep. I flipped the light switch on and looked at myself in the mirror, I was still disgusted whenever I looked at my eye. I didn’t see how Morgan was able to look past it. I brushed my hair and slipped my eyepatch back on. I picked up my toothbrush and finished my morning routine. I made my way to the living room and found Morgan sitting in a rickety recliner in the corner of the room.

    “I didn’t want to wake you.” She smiled.

    “I appreciate it, I needed the extra sleep. I just gotta hurry and get to work.” I said.

    “Which reminds me, what are you going to do first?” She asked and finished tying her shoes.

    “Shit, I didn’t think about that.” I slipped my boots on.

    “Well?” She needed an answer.

    [Reinforce the defenses] or [Work on the expansion]

  • Welcome back! And man, this was a seriously long chapter, well worth the wait. I think this wasn't the first chapter of such a length you have written and these are always a treat. And well, I called it, Morgan is pregnant! I am honestly not sure how to feel about that one. Sure enough, I cannot share Cody's clear joy, as this is a huge risk. Having a baby in the apocalypse is dangerous, even if the situation with the stable group of communities is surely the best possible. But even that won't eliminate the risks that are unfortunately very present. I also see a Lakeside community mentioned, which made me even more curious, just how many communities are they have in this alliance? There is Wellington, led by Cody, the Mountain Top, led by Nozomi, the Sanctuary, led by... by whom exactly? Katrina maybe, given that she has been mentioned when the Sanctuary was mentioned and hasn't been around in person since the timeskip. But that Lakeside community is new to me and I have no idea who might be there.

    [Reinforce the defenses]

    Defenses should always be essential. What good would an expansion be if they cannot fully defend it as they should? No, this has always been a priority and should be done as fast as possible and as thorough as possible. Can't risk any danger to happen. On top of that, I doubt they need the expansion all that direly and that matter can surely wait a bit longer, but defenses could always become much needed very quickly.

    Part 2... Cody… I looked at the peculiar dish of food for a moment, studying what I would soon be eating. The dinner tables were packe

  • Both the Lakeside and the Sanctuary will come into the spotlight in the upcoming chapters. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

    Welcome back! And man, this was a seriously long chapter, well worth the wait. I think this wasn't the first chapter of such a length you ha

  • Big Announcement! Each episode is going to be having 8 chapters each and the season is going to be about 7 or 8 episodes! I'm very excited about the direction this season is going and I already know that it's going to be so much fun to write. Thanks for the continued support!

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    Always great to see another chapter of this, because they're always interesting! Pretty big chapter as well. Love seeing the different ways the characters and communities have grown, and there's sure to be more ahead. And huzzah, Morgan is pregnant! While this is good, it also presents dangers which will probably appear in their myriad forms.

    [Reinforce the defenses]

    As per the usual, Liquid has voiced my opinions and most of my reasoning for my vote. Expansion is all well and good, but without defenses it wouldn't do any good.

    Part 2... Cody… I looked at the peculiar dish of food for a moment, studying what I would soon be eating. The dinner tables were packe

  • Voting has closed, Cody will reinforce the defenses. I'm so excited to start writing this chapter! A lot of big things are coming in the upcoming chapters that I can't wait to share with you all!

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but this means that this season is going to be the largest to date, right? With the chapters itself seeming to be longer than ever before, it is save to say that I am very excited to find out about the direction you plan to take the season into. I'm really glad you are so excited for the season, because I sure as hell am hyped as well. Naturally, I look forward for the next chapter :)

    Big Announcement! Each episode is going to be having 8 chapters each and the season is going to be about 7 or 8 episodes! I'm very excited a

  • This will indeed be the largest season to date! I can't guarantee how long each individual chapter will be but I'm hoping they will all be as long as the first two have been! I'm glad you're hyped for this season!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this means that this season is going to be the largest to date, right? With the chapters itself seeming to be l

  • Sorry for not being able to read/vote like I said I would, but I would have chosen to reinforce the defenses anyway. I have been so busy lately as the end of the school year approaches, but that was a great part and I'm glad you're back again :)

    Voting has closed, Cody will reinforce the defenses. I'm so excited to start writing this chapter! A lot of big things are coming in the upcoming chapters that I can't wait to share with you all!

  • That's no problem! I"m glad you were able to read it. I understand being busy towards the end of the school year, it's tough!

    Partition posted: »

    Sorry for not being able to read/vote like I said I would, but I would have chosen to reinforce the defenses anyway. I have been so busy lately as the end of the school year approaches, but that was a great part and I'm glad you're back again

  • Update: I'm still working on the next chapter and I'm hoping to finalize it soon!

  • Noooo, I have missed another voting :( Sorry for this. I had exams and had to learn for long time but now I am back in full. I have read everything I missed and I look forward for the next part. Maybe I will even manage to vote for a change XD

    Update: I'm still working on the next chapter and I'm hoping to finalize it soon!

  • It's all good, I totally understand the struggle of exams!

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    Noooo, I have missed another voting Sorry for this. I had exams and had to learn for long time but now I am back in full. I have read everything I missed and I look forward for the next part. Maybe I will even manage to vote for a change XD

  • Episode 1: A New Dawn  Chapter 3: Old Photographs

    “I’m gonna be working on the defenses. It’s more important than the expansion.” I answered Morgan.

    “Alright, sounds like a plan. Are we going to meet up for lunch after?” Morgan began to open the door.

    “Yeah, I’ll see you then.” I shut the door behind us and zipped up my jacket.

    “Alright, I love you.” Morgan smiled and kissed me on the lips.

    “Love you too.” I kissed her back and smiled.

    I didn’t have much time to get over to the site, the group must have been waiting on me. I hurried along the stone path and turned the corner to find a small group in front of the gate. They were chatting about something, laughing and sharing smiles. “Good morning everyone.” I joined in.

    “Morning Cody, ready to get to work?” Tom asked.

    “Yeah, let’s get to it.” Two of the workers opened the gate and we all made our way outside. The sun was shining and it gave me a good feeling about the rest of the day. Unlike most days it was ghost-quiet, not a single sound pervading the air. I turned to the face the splintered spikes protruding from the earth.

    “Alright everyone, we’re going to be taking these spikes out of the ground so they can be repurposed as spears for our guards up top.” Tom pointed at the top of the wall. “Just dig them out with your shovels and then grab the replacements that are leaned up against the wall there.” He showcased the fresh spikes ready for use. “Ready to get started?”

    The group got to work replacing the spikes. I started working on the one closest to the gate. I took a shovel in my hands and dug the blade into the ground around the spike. The dirt was compact and hard to break up. It took me a while but I was finally able to pull the worn spike out. I tossed it off to the side and took a fresh one from the stack. I jammed it into the hole already dug out and filled in the remaining area with the leftover dirt. My morning continued with this work until finally we had all the spikes replaced. I checked my watch and noticed that it was already half past noon. We finished earlier than I anticipated. I wiped the sweat from my brow and made my way back towards the gate. Everyone seemed eager to get back inside and get lunch, though the day was far from over.


    Clifford parked outside of Wellington, he sat in the vehicle thinking about April. He dug in his front pocket to pull out the photograph he took with her a year ago. Her smile reminding him of the good times they had. The looming fear of her never returning brought tears to his eyes. Never seeing her beautiful blue eyes. Her glowing smile. His head fell to the wheel as tears streamed down his face. He needed to take a moment to compose himself before delivering the letter to Cody. He wiped the tears from his face and opened the door.

    A cold wind blew, leaving a chill in his bones. He shut the door behind him and made his way to the gate. “Open up!” He called to the guards on the other side. The gate inched open, Clifford entered the community and noticed Morgan opened the gate.

    “You’re back.” Said Morgan.

    “I finished my rounds at the outposts, everyone’s fully stocked and ready for the winter.” Clifford stepped forward.

    “Good, Cody will be glad to hear that.” Morgan glanced down and noticed the letter. “Something important?”

    “Yeah, I need to see Cody.” He answered

    “He just got done finishing the defenses out front, he should be at the hall eating lunch.” Morgan informed him.

    “Alright, thanks.” He began to leave.

    “Clifford.” Morgan called.

    “Yeah?” He turned to face her.

    “We’re going to find her.” She said

    Clifford nodded and continued on the path to the hall. Cody must’ve told her. Clifford thought. The hall came into his view, he opened the door and approached the table. Cody was eating soup with the crew, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. “Cody.”

    “Clifford, I’m glad you made it back. How are you?” Cody got up from his seat.

    “To be completely honest, I’m pretty fucking terrible.” Clifford had an edge to his voice.

    “I’m sorry, I’m doing everything I can to find her Cliff.” Cody tried to reason with him.

    “Are you? From what I understand, you’re sitting here while she’s out there somewhere. Is that really all you can do?” He got closer to Cody.

    “Cliff man, you need to calm down.” Alan got up.

    “I’m just wondering if anyone actually gives a single shit about April being missing. Or is it just me?” Clifford raised his voice.

    “Of course we care, Clifford.” Cody tried to ease the tension.

    “Then why don’t you send a group to go out looking for her?” Clifford tried to calm down.

    I put my arm on his shoulder. “I’m going to Cliff, I’ve been trying to get more information from the other communities. I want to make sure that my people know which direction to start looking in before I send them out, alright?”

    He raised his head and sighed deeply. “I’m sorry, Cody. It’s just been hard, I know it’s not your fault.”

    “It’s alright Cliff, I understand what you’re going through. Trust me.” Old memories had resurfaced in Cody. Alan was more comfortable and sat back down on the bench.

    “What have you found out?” Clifford was noticeably curious.

    “Not a whole lot really. No one’s seen her in quite a while. I was going to contact Lakeside after I finished up on the defenses, would you like to join me?” Cody asked

    “Yeah, I’d like that.” Clifford found it in himself to smile.


    I opened the door for Clifford, I followed him inside. A chill in the room sent a shiver up my spine making me cringe. I found my gloves on the desk to our right, I took them from their position and slipped them on to avert the cold. “Shall we?” I sat at the desk, in front of the radio. Clifford took a chair from the corner and positioned it next to myself.

    “Do you want to ask them?” I offered the microphone to Clifford.

    “Are you sure?” He took it in his hand, hesitantly.

    “Go ahead.” I nodded.

    He took a moment before pressing and holding the button on the side. “Lakeside, are you there?”

    An older woman answered. “Yeah, what do you need Cody?”

    “Oh, I’m not Cody. My name is Clifford, I manage the trading amongst the communities. I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions.” Clifford seemed nervous.

    “Feel free, my name is Mandy” She replied.

    “A pleasure to speak to you, would you or anyone else there know of an April Warrens?” Clifford asked.

    “Warrens? I think I remember hearing that name thrown around a few times. Why, what’s happened to her?” Mandy was curious.

    “Well,” Clifford became a little choked up. “she’s been missing for a couple of weeks now, I was just wondering if any of you knew anything.”

    “I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m looking at our logs and I’m not seeing any relations with an April Warrens. Did she do a lot of interacting with other communities?” Mandy asked.

    “No, she worked as a farmer here. She didn’t like traveling all that much.” Clifford stated.

    “Hah, I understand that. My husband always tried to get me to go on vacations but I wasn’t gonna have it.” She chuckled a bit.

    “I’m sorry to sound like I’m rushing this but, has there been any unusual activity taking place near or in your community?” Clifford asked

    “Clifford?” I was curious.

    “Not that I’m aware, things have been pretty quiet around here.” Mandy was confused.

    “Alright, thank you. Goodbye.” Clifford put the microphone away.

    “Goodbye.” Said Mandy.

    “Why did you ask her if anything unusual was going on there?” I needed to know.

    “Jesus, I’m sorry Cody. I got so caught up in everything that I forgot.” He reached in his coat pocket and pulled a letter out.

    “What’s this?” I took it.

    “Ben, gave me this letter when I was at the factory. He said he needed you to read it right away.” Clifford told me as I began to open the letter.

    I read the contents of the letter and pieced together why Clifford asked Mandy about unusual activity. “People have been watching the factory?” I thought out loud.

    “Seems that way.” Clifford shrugged.

    “I wonder if this has any connection to Blake.” I said

    “What do you mean?” Clifford asked.

    “Nico, rescued Blake and his son from this group that was chasing them out in the woods.” I told Clifford.

    “And you think that group may be watching the factory?” Said Clifford.

    “It’s a possibility,” I got up from the chair and began to pace around the room. “If that’s the case then they know the location of one of our outposts. If they find out Nico is tied to the communities then this could lead to them retaliating for what happened.”

    “Would they risk attacking us though? If they know how large our network is then they’d have to be stupid to try and attack us.” Clifford turned.

    “That’s if they don’t have a larger group than we do.” I turned back to look at Clifford.

    “There’d have to be hundreds of them.” Clifford was unsure.

    “More.” I became uneasy at the thought. “We have to make sure that neither Blake or Nico are spotted by these people.”

    “They could just be walkers.” Clifford tried to ease my mind.

    “They could be, but we can’t be certain.” I said.

    “I thought we were finished with the fighting.” Clifford sighed and wiped his brow.

    “We never will be.” I stated.


    Morgan began to climb up the ladder near the wall, It took a while for her to reach the top. George spotted Morgan and rushed over to help her up. “Here, take my hand.” He offered.

    “Thanks.” She accepted the offer.

    “What are you doing up here?” He asked.

    “My job.” She smirked.

    “Ha.” George rolled his eyes and grinned.

    “I’m just gonna make sure everything’s running smoothly. You can never be too careful.” She walked along the wooden platform.

    Morgan turned her head and looked out beyond the wall. She smiled at the beauty of it, on the surface everything seemed perfect and beautiful. She turned her gaze to a tree and noticed a walker was laid up against it, missing its legs. She continued along the platform until she reached her outlook. Her rifle was propped up against the wall. She noticed the small tally marks on the barrel. Her favorite chair, waiting for her. She sat down and took her rifle in her hands, the weight of it was comforting. She stuck the barrel out of the small window and aimed at the walker against the tree. She took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. She sat the butt of the gun on the ground and took the small pocket knife off the table. She flipped the blade open and carved another mark on the barrel.

    She enjoyed these moments alone, she had time to think about everything. Time to think about the pregnancy. It had scared her, as much as Cody told her that he was excited she knew that he was afraid too. This new world hasn’t looked favorably on families. It helped ease her fear knowing that she’s behind the walls, safe from the dangers lurking outside. She closed her eyes for a moment and before she knew it, drifted off to sleep. A couple of hours had passed before she opened her eyes again. “What the hell…” She rubbed her eyes and looked around. She noticed that the sun was beginning to go down. She set her rifle back up against the wall and rushed to the ladder. Morgan ran as fast as she could to the hall to meet up with Cody for dinner.

    Cody noticed Morgan at the door and joined her. “Hey, how was your day?” He kissed her on the cheek and walked with her to the table.

    “It was pretty boring.” Morgan grinned and took her seat. Cody handed her the plate, it was covered with chicken and corn. “Looks good.”

    “So, Nico and Paige were wondering if we’d like to go over to their house tonight for a visit.” Cody took a bite of his food.

    “Any reason why?” Morgan asked.

    “I guess they just wanted us all to hangout and catch up on everything. I thought it’d be fun, I told them I’d have to ask you first though.” He continued.

    “I’m not really sure, I’m starting to feel a little queasy.” Said Morgan

    “Oh, I see. Well like I said it’s your decision. If you don’t think you can handle tonight then just let me know, I can tell them.” Cody reached out for her hand, Morgan placed hers in his and smiled.

    [Go to Nico and Paige’s House] or [Stay Home]

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    Looks like I picked the right day to lurk, any day's a good day when I see an update on this! :D

    Poor Cliff, this is hitting him harder than I anticipated. Speaking of Cliff, I also only just remembered the whole factory watching problem.

    [Go to Nico and Paige's House]

    I live by the bias, and die by the bias.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn  Chapter 3: Old Photographs “I’m gonna be working on the defenses. It’s more important than the expansion.” I answe

  • I'm gonna be able to start writing a lot more frequently. I'm hoping this will lead to a much faster time to put out new chapters. I'm sorry the new chapter took so long, I will definitely try and reduce the wait for upcoming chapters.

  • Great to see another part again :)

    [Go to Nico and Paige’s House] Eh, why not? It'd be good to catch up and hang out. I know Morgan isn't feeling good but I don't think it's bad enough to the point where she has to be in bed all night.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn  Chapter 3: Old Photographs “I’m gonna be working on the defenses. It’s more important than the expansion.” I answe

  • Voting has closed, Cody and Morgan will go to Nico and Paige's house. I'm planning on doing a lot of writing this weekend, hopefully making it so the next chapter is finished in a few days!

  • [Go to Nico and Paige’s House]

    Again, I am so sorry for missing this voting. This has to be the first and hopefully only time this happens to me, but it also means I can no longer say that I have managed to vote on every single choice in the entire story. Now I have refollowed the thread, so I look forward for the coming parts :)

    And it was a great part! The whole season is starting nicely, so with more frequent updates, I fully believe this can be the best to date. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for the coming parts, as right now, I am not sure which direction it will take, albeit I have some speculation there.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn  Chapter 3: Old Photographs “I’m gonna be working on the defenses. It’s more important than the expansion.” I answe

  • Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 4: Lakeside

    The truck eased into a stop outside of the gate. Small wood paneling had covered most of the walls, looking more worn than the day before. The ground was soft from the rain that soaked it the night before, making it hard to drive the vehicles through. It was problematic, but nothing they couldn’t handle. The driver opened the driver side door to get out. He made his way to the back of the truck with a slight limp, his ankle had been broken during one of their scouting missions. Though he didn’t care much for the place, it felt nice to be home. The handles on the door were rusting and unreliable but they didn’t have many other options. The man sighed as he tried to open the door a couple of times with no success. The third time he pulled as hard as he could and the door reluctantly flew open. The force nearly threw him backward. Inside, Blake and his son leaned against the left side. They seemed fearful of what may await them outside of that truck. “You’re here, come on out.” The man motioned with his hand.

    “Alright, come on Dennis.” Blake helped his son up, they walked towards the opening in front of them. The light was blinding, they didn’t get much sun during their ride over. They jumped down onto the mushy ground, their feet sinking in. “Where are we?”

    “We’re at Lakeside, I’m going to get you set up in there and then you’re on your own.” The driver’s voice was gruff, it sounded like too many years of smoking had caught up to him. Blake and Dennis followed closely behind the man, awaiting what lay beyond the gate ahead. “Noah, open the damn gate!”

    The young man nearly jumped out of his skin and got up from his chair. “Shit, sorry!” He rushed to the handle of the gate.

    “Don’t be sorry, just get off your ass and open this damn door!” The driver growled.

    Blake was grateful they wouldn’t have to deal with him much longer. The gate opened with a creak and revealed to Blake and Dennis the life on the other side of the decaying walls. The driver pushed forward, Blake followed. Blake took a moment to take all of it in and he realized just how fantastic it felt to be here. The livestock looked pleased with their conditions as they grazed on the verdant grass. The crops were beaming with joy and looked very healthy. An opening in the wall led into a dock by the lake. Small boats were lined all along the dock, ready to be taken out onto the glistening water. A few people could be seen interacting with one another at a gazebo flooded with flowers. The buildings were most constructed from wood and reused metal, anything to provide shelter. A large area had been littered with crates filled with alcohol, food, and gifts. It seemed like preparation for the festival was coming along well. Many of the residents looked content in their current position, it gave Blake a reassured mind. “Come on, I’ll take you to the man in charge.” The driver kept them at a steady pace.

    “What’s your name anyway?” Dennis struggled to keep up.

    “I’m Ben.” He was clearly annoyed.

    “How much longer until we get there? My son’s ankle isn’t in the best shape, he needs to get to a doctor.” Blake walked beside Ben.

    “Not too much longer.” He replied. A few moments later they turned. “Here we are.” He pointed to the largest building at Lakeside. It was a beautiful cabin that reminded Blake of camping with Dennis and his wife, Beth. Ben opened the old door, a warm feeling flooded Blake’s body upon entering the spacious cabin. A fire was roaring in the stove across from the furniture. The crackle of the fire reminded Blake of winters with his father. They would gather firewood and use it the next night to keep warm when the nights were harshest. The man sitting in a large recliner was older, his demeanor was that of wisdom. He was clearly asleep in the chair, Ben went to his side to wake him. “Sir, we have more people joining.” He whispered in the man’s ear.

    “Oh, hello you two. May I ask what your names are?” He shook Blake and Dennis’ hands.

    “I’m Blake, and this is my son, Dennis.” Blake told the man.

    “It’s nice to meet you both, my name’s Joseph.” His face was wrinkled from old age. He had a kind expression but he didn’t seem to be a pushover. His hands were calloused and firm from all the years he’d spent working as a construction worker. “I’m glad to welcome you all to Lakeside, we can find you a place to stay in just a short while.”

    “I need to take my son to see one of your doctors, he broke his ankle out there and we haven’t had a chance to get it properly looked at.” Blake interjected.

    “That’ll be no problem at all, Ben can you escort Dennis to the infirmary?” Joseph looked at Dennis’ ankle.

    “On it. Follow me Dennis.” Ben led him out of the cabin.

    “I’ll see you in a bit.” Blake tried to reassure him.

    The only people remaining in the cabin were Joseph and Blake. Blake turned back to face Joseph. “Shall we?” Joseph motioned his hand toward the door. They both exited the cabin, the winds weren’t as pleasant as the fire. “What do you think so far?”

    “It’s amazing, it’s like a different world than the one outside.” Said Blake.

    “That’s what I wanted to do, make a life worth living inside of these walls. We accomplished that goal.” Joseph was proud of the community.

    “How many people live here?” Blake was curious.

    “Truth be told, I don’t even know.” He laughed and pat Blake on the back.

    “Where are my son and I going to be staying?” He wondered.

    “You’ll be staying in the south side building, it’s not all the way finished but what is built is comfortable. I can promise that.” Joseph lead him through the community.

    “I’m grateful that you’ll take us in.” Blake looked around at the vastness of the community.

    “We have to look out for each other if we want to survive this, the only thing that matters is the living coming together to fight the dead.” Joseph took a mint out of his pocket, unwrapped it and began to chew on it.

    “I appreciate the idea, but people will never put aside their own bullshit to do what really matters.” Blake’s cynicism of people became apparent to Joseph.

    “I didn’t know you thought so lowly of people.” Joseph seemed concerned for him.

    “Guess I’ve just dealt with too many assholes.” He shook his head.

    “Well here we are.” They reached Blake’s new home. “I hope you’ll enjoy staying here with us. If you ever have any concerns I’ll be in my cabin. Okay?”

    “Yeah, thanks Joseph.” Blake smiled and opened the door. The room had the same allure as the cabin, Blake finally felt at home.


    Clifford parked the rundown car outside of the gas station. The windows were busted out with the only thing keeping the dead out being nailed on boards. The doors were replaced a few months ago with sturdier wooden doors. Clifford shut the car door behind him and made his way to the doors. He knocked in a special pattern and the doors unlocked. A woman was on the other side to greet him. “Good evening.” She said.

    “Good evening.” Clifford said back. “I brought your supplies for the month, there are a few boxes in the back of my car. Can I get some help bringing them in?”

    “Sure, Bill, Cliff needs help with the supplies!” She shouted.

    “I’ll be right back with the boxes.” Clifford walked to the trunk of the car and opened it up. There were four large cardboard boxes filled with canned foods and fresh vegetables. Clifford mustered his strength and brought one of the boxes from the trunk. He grunted and nearly dropped it, it was much heavier than it looked. Bill came around and picked up another box. A few minutes passed and Clifford was on the last box. He set it next to the others on one of the booths in the corner of the station. His brow was lightly covered with sweat, he took the bottom of his shirt and wiped it off. He sighed and made his way back to the doors.

    “We really appreciate this Cliff.” The woman smiled.

    “No problem Daisy. I’ll be back next month with more.” He turned to face her. His eyes drifted for a moment and he noticed a familiar coat. “What the fuck.” He mumbled to himself as he approached the coat.

    “What is it Cliff?” Daisy asked.

    Clifford picked it up and looked it over. It was April’s. “Where did you get this?” His voice was gruff.

    “Where did we get what?” She approached Clifford. She looked at the coat and thought nothing of it. “I don’t know, it’s just a coat.”

    “This was April’s coat, she always wore it. Why would it be here?” He stood up, his anger getting the better of him. He turned around to face Daisy.

    “I swear, I don’t know why that’s here.” She told him.

    “She wouldn’t just leave it here.” Clifford’s anger was building.

    “You need to calm down, Ok?” Daisy tried.

    “Has anyone here seen April Warrens?” He held up her coat. “She wore this.”

    The building was silent. Clifford huffed and rushed to the doors. “Clifford, wait!” Daisy tried to stop him.

    He wouldn’t stop, he slammed the doors open and took the keys from his pocket. He flung the door open and got inside of the car. He spent a moment in silence before punching the dashboard. Then again. And again. And again. He stuck the key in the ignition and turned as hard as he could. The engine roared to life, he switched into reverse and sped out of the area. Clifford had to find her. He had to.


    Morgan and I approached the door to Nico and Paige’s house. The night air was calming as the breeze blew throughout the cold night. Stars shone down on us illuminating the walkway. I held my arm around Morgan’s waist as we walked together. Her beauty distracted me at times, every feature perfect. My gloved hand knocked on the door a few times, letting them know we arrived. It took a moment but the door opened, Nico and Paige stood there with gracious expressions on their faces. “It’s great to see you!” Paige welcomed us into their home. I let Morgan go first and entered after her. I unzipped my coat and pulled my arm out of the sleeves. I set it on the rack and made my way to the living room where they had all of the furniture laid out for our visit. I sat on their couch facing Paige and Nico, Morgan sat alongside me. I settled into the spot and Nico handed me a mug filled with warm tea. I accepted the mug and took a long sip of the refreshing beverage. The tea warmed my body and I felt even more at home.

    “I’m glad you both could make it.” Paige put her metal arm in their room before joining us back in the living room.

    “Where’s Gwendal at? It’s already nine o’clock.” I checked the watch on my wrist.

    “He was with one of his friends, he should be getting back any time now.” Paige settled into the chair opposite of Morgan and I.

    “I’m glad we could all finally get together again for a visit. It’s been so long since the last time.” Nico rested his head on his hand.

    “Yeah, it’s been too long.” Morgan was still feeling rather sick.

    “You ok?” I placed my hand on her shoulder.

    “I’m alright, just feeling a little nauseous.” She said.

    “If you need to head out it’s fine. We don’t want to keep you if you’re not feeling well.” Nico showed concern.

    “No, I’ll be alright.” Morgan appreciated the gesture and tried to ease her discomfort. She held her hand on her stomach and looked towards the restroom. “Actually… maybe not.” She leaped from her seat and dashed to the restroom.

    “Are you ok?” I asked

    “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She lied.

    “Alright, I’m right here if you need me.” I said

    “We should’ve done this another night.” Paige glanced over to the restroom and back at me.

    “She’ll be alright, she’s tough.” Nico smiled and took a sip of his drink. “So how are things coming along with the defenses outside?”

    “We’ve got the spikes replaced, I’m hoping that’ll keep helping. I actually thought of talking to the group about putting up more defensive measures.” I adjusted my position and took a sip from the mug.

    “I don’t think that’d be all that necessary, we’ve kept the walkers out this long with the spikes.” Paige added.

    “I guess I can see both sides of the argument, more traps would be helpful but it’d take quite a bit of work. If we allocate more people to setting up traps we’ll have to take a brief hiatus from our supply runs.” Nico stated.

    “Hmm, it’s something to think about. We’re not running low on supplies at the moment but you never know what could happen. On the other hand, it’ll help not having to worry about walkers being right outside of our doors.” I thought out loud.

    [Build More Defenses] or [Continue Supply Runs]

  • Ooooh man, you were not kidding when you said you aim for quicker releases. This I like, oh yes. Faster parts are always wonderful, they make the story only better. So, aye, it amazes me and makes me extremely glad that you managed to release this one so quickly. Here's hoping for the future parts :)

    [Build More Defenses]

    Defenses should always come first. As Cody himself said, they are not running low on supplies. And more supplies need more defenses first, to avoid losing them. If they ever run low on them, they can always just make more supply runs again, but for the time being, truly building up a strong defense should be mandatory.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 4: Lakeside The truck eased into a stop outside of the gate. Small wood paneling had covered most of the w

  • [Build More Defenses]

    Loving this chapter, it warms my heart to see Cody and the rest in that kind of environment ^^

    More sadness for Cliff however, seems like he's feeling the polar opposite without April.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 4: Lakeside The truck eased into a stop outside of the gate. Small wood paneling had covered most of the w

  • Voting has closed, Wellington will be constructing more defenses. Not sure when I'll have the next part up but it should be sometime this weekend. Thank you for your continued support of this series, I really appreciate it!

  • Sorry for being two months late, but another superb part. I really like where the story is at right now and I would like to add that I would have also chose [Build more defenses] ;)

    Can't wait for the next part!

  • Gonna try to get the next chapter written soon, I've been terribly busy and it's been hard to find anytime to write.

  • Good news! I've made a lot of progress on the next chapter and I'm thinking it'll be finished within the week!

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