The forgotten: Interactive story.



  • Dana Grey

    Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even remembered her at all. She stared at the phone a bit too long before she bit down on her lip and hit the call button. She heard the ringing on the other end, for a moment she thought they wouldn’t pick up. But then.

    “Yellow.” A voice said, yellow. How her father had always answered the phone. “This is William Grey speaking.” No turning back now. Dana thought of anything to say, anything. Hello maybe?

    “Hi dad.” She said eventually. Her voice surprised her on how small it sounded.

    “Kas? Are you alright?” He asked. Dana didn’t know why, but at that comment her eyes began to fill with tears. He’d confused her for her younger sister.

    “No dad, it’s me. Dana.” She said. There was a brief silence. Oh God. He’s going to hang up.

    “Dana? Is that really you?” He asked.

    “Yeah dad.” She said. There was a noise that sounded halfway between a cough and a laugh.

    “Dana…” He said. “I missed you so much. It’s been so long I didn’t recognize the number. How have you been baby?” He asked.

    “I’ve been good, dad.” She said, she tried to add something to that but ran out of time.

    “When did you get out of prison?” He asked.

    “About three days ago.” Dana answered.

    “Nothing bad happened while you were there, right?” He asked. Dana rolled her eyes.

    “No dad. Nothing bad happened.” She answered, slightly annoyed.

    “Sorry. I just thought, you know…” He said. “You know, never mind I asked.” He said. Dana laughed a little. “So that’s it huh? You’re clean?” He asked. The knot reformed in her throat.

    “I, uh, I’m trying dad. I really am.” She said. She could imagine the stern face her father wore right now. “It’s just… So hard. I keep trying, but it keeps coming back.” She said, almost in tears.

    “I know honey. I know.” Her father said. “We can get through this, I know we can. Just let us help you.” He said, asked, demanded.

    “I want to change dad. I really do. Who I am hates who I’ve been. I just want to be a better person, for you guys, for Keith, for Sophie, for me.” She said.

    “We’ll help you. You know we will. Every step of the way.” He said.

    “I know dad.” She said. Her dad cleared his throat and changed the tone of the conversation.

    “How’s Sophie? I haven’t heard from her in a while.” He asked. Dana smiled a little to herself.

    “She’s good. She got a big promotion at work recently.” Dana said.

    “That’s good to hear.” He said.

    “Hey, does mom know about Sophie?” Dana asked, it was true. Even though it’d been a few years now, they still haven’t told her mother. Her mother was the type of person that you’d find in church every Sunday, on the dot. When it came to leeway, her mother had none to give if it was outside the bible. Her mother and father had been divorced since she was young, but she still loved them both.

    “Does your mother know? Hell no! She’d have a heart attack if she knew.” Her dad said.

    “So it’s still our secret?” She asked.

    “Your mother still thinks you ran off with that skater boy.” He said.

    “Skater boy?” She asked.

    “She thought Sophie was a guy when she saw her, still does.” He said.

    “How is mom?” Dana asked.

    “Oh, she’s as bullheaded as ever. She’s out helping set up for a play at the church right now. She still has a damn obsession with buying things we can’t afford.” He said. Dana laughed.

    “Good to see some things don’t change.” She said. He laughed a little, then sighed. There was a brief silence as his tone went back to serious again.

    “Dana, there’s something me and your mother have been meaning to tell you. For a long time, but we never really got the chance since you kinda ran off on us.” He said.

    “Really? What is it?” She asked.

    “That’s the thing. We think it would be better if we meet in person to tell you, you know?” He said. Dana could feel her stomach crawl as she thought of all the horrible things that they might want to say to her. What if aunt Bev died? What if one of them was terminally ill? What if…

    “When do you want to meet?” She asked, a little to quickly.

    “What are you doing tomorrow?” He asked.

    “Nothing.” She said.

    “Then we can meet in the park around noon if you want.” He said.

    “Yeah that will be fine. But Sophie will be at work.” Dana said.

    “That’s fine. It’ll probably be best if she’s not there anyways.” He said.

    “Okay.” Dana said.

    “See you at noon tomorrow?” He asked.

    “See you at noon.” She confirmed.

    “Where?” He asked. The game he always played to make sure she was listening.

    “At the park.” She repeated.

    “That’s right.” He said. “Nerd.” Dana smiled at the comment. “I love you Dana.” He said.

    “I love you too dad.” She answered.

    “Goodbye.” He said.

    “Goodbye.” She responded. After a moment the phone went silent, but she still held it to her ear. She felt relieved, happy, frightened and scared all at the same time. She didn’t know why, but the tears came and she let them. They rolled off of her cheeks and onto her tight navy blue T-shirt. She cried until she felt like she couldn’t cry anymore, then she cried a little more. After she finished crying she wiped her face with her hand and stood from the table. She walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, sitting herself down on the couch. She crossed her legs and reached for the remote. The TV turned on to the news channel. Nothing new really, the weather, the traffic, the shooting that happened in Dayton. None of that really bothered her though, what bothered her was the disappearances of all those people after the murder-suicide at the football game in Wilmington. How could something like that just happen and no one notice? Then she saw something new, also in Wilmington.

    “Police say that thirty-six year old Jeff Crum tried to kidnap the seventeen year old high school student Alina Zabek. He was chased after by multiple other high schoolers until he was found dead in an alleyway by Xenia High School student, Tyler Mason. Authorities say Mister Crum died of a heart attack. Alina Zabek was taken to the nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She is expected to make a full recovery. The search still continues for the student that went missing during the incident.” The reporter spoke. Dana shook her head and hit the power button, knocking the TV off. Wilmington had gone to shit. Dana felt glad she lived in Xenia. Dana heard the door open and someone walk up the stairs.

    “I’m back.” They called. Sophie. Dana stood up and met her at the stair case. Sophie smiled brightly at her. “What did you do while I was gone?” She asked. Dana hesitated before answering.

    “I called my dad.” She said.

    “Really?” She asked, honestly surprised. She walked into the kitchen carrying a few plastic bags. Dana admired how her jeans hugged her body just right, showing every curve. Dana had always had a thing for blondes in tight cloths.

    “Yeah, it was… different. Different in a good way. I’m going to go meet him tomorrow.” She said.

    “That’s good.” Sophie said as she put the bags down on the counter and walked back to Dana. She wrapped her arms around her neck and looked into her eyes with a smile. Dana wrapped her arms around Sophie’s waist. After a while, neither one had said anything.

    “What’s wrong?” Dana asked.

    “Nothing’s wrong, it’s just…” She trailed.

    “What?” Dana asked.

    “It’s been three days since you got out, and this is the first time I’ve really gotten to see you.” She said. Dana buried her head into Sophie’s shoulder and sighed. Sophie kissed the back of her neck, sending tingles down her spine. “I’ve just missed you is all.” She said. Dana looked up at her.

    “I missed you too Sophie.” She said. She pulled Sophie a little closer and kissed her candied lips. She could feel her heart racing inside her chest as, still gasping for air, they locked lips again. Dana could feel her heart beating against her chest and could feel Sophie’s doing the same. Sophie grabbed Dana’s hand and began pulling her down the hallway towards the bedroom. Dana always had a thing for blondes not wearing cloths.

    Julia Carter

    Julia scowled at Sean and Skylar, there was obviously something going on. And Julia wanted to know. She silently approached until she was within earshot.

    “… What do you want me to do Sean? I wasn’t even there.” Skylar growled at him.

    “Don’t give me any of your shit Skylar, I will knock your ass into next month.” He returned.

    “What did you want me to do? Somehow know what was going to happen? I talk to the dead, I’m not a God damn psychic.” She said.

    “What did I want you to do? I wanted you to do more than you did damn it!” He yelled, she shrunk back a little but yielded none.

    “How the fuck was I supposed to know the guy wasn’t who he said he was? You want me to start running fucking blood tests on every person we find?” She snapped.

    “Maybe you should, it would give you something to do other than sit on your ass and talk with dead people.” He said. Her eyes wandered downward to his hand, Julia could see he was holding a bottle that was nearly empty.

    “How much have you had today already?” She asked. Sean smirked.

    “It doesn’t matter, all that matters is the fact that I’m drunk before noon and still better at my job than you.” He said.

    “Fuck you!” She retaliated, pushing Sean. He stumbled backwards a few feet before catching himself. He pushed himself up from the wall and marched up to Skylar.

    “You bitch!” He yelled and swung the bottle at her, it shattered over her head and she fell to the ground holding her head. Sean looked at the shattered end of the bottle in his hand. The still unsteady Skylar stood no defense as the inebriated Sean poised to strike her again. Julia burst into a run towards them. But was too late, Sean brought the shattered bottle down like a knife, and just when it looked like it was over for Skylar she rolled out of the way. She’d escaped death, but not fully. The bottle imbedded itself into her arm and she let out a cry of pain as she kicked Sean in the stomach. He doubled over in pain and she scrambled to her feet. She stumbled backwards until she was caught by the wall to the barracks. Sean stood up and began stumbling towards Skylar, who was still trying to catch her breath, pulling something from a pouch on his chest. A knife. Julia quickly stepped in between the two. Sean glared at her with his drunken glazed-over eyes.

    “Get out of the way.” He demanded.

    “Leave her alone Sean. She’s had enough.” Julia said in an autoreactive tone. He scowled.

    “I’ll determine when she has enough. I’m tired of her bullshit, some people just need to be taught some respect.” He said.

    “Something you never learned.” Skylar wheezed. Julia turned to look at her.

    “Not. Helping.” Julia said. Skylar managed a weak nod. She knew if Sean got past her, she was done for. Sean’s eyes flashed with anger and his grip on the knife tightened.

    “I’m through with this shit! Get out of the damn way!” He yelled.

    “No.” Julia said. This answer did not please the drunken Sean. He swung the knife with lightning bolt speed right at Julia’s gut. For any normal person, game over. But for Julia, this is what she trained for. Just at the right moment, she threw out her arm and gripped his wrist, stopping the knife mid-swing. Julia proceeded to punch the un-expecting Sean straight in the gut with her right arm whilst still restraining his arm in her left. He instinctively dropped the knife and Julia twisted his arm so it was behind his back. She kicked the back of his knee and forced him to the ground, getting a face-full of broken glass. Julia planted her knee on his back to prevent him from rising, but she knew he was too strong to keep down for long. She was beginning to fear he was going to throw him off when she heard the sounds of boots on the cement. She looked up and saw a group of soldiers running towards them. Each one had a MP badge on their arm. Two of them came up to Julia, planning a hand on her shoulder.

    “We’ve got it from here miss.” The deep voice beneath the helmet said. Julia hesitantly rose and the MP’s went to work subduing Sean, who kept advertising his innocence blaming it all on Julia and Skylar.

    “I’m innocent! I didn’t do anything! This bitch came out of nowhere and attacked me!” He said.

    “Yeah, yeah. Keep telling yourself that.” An MP said as they hauled him to his feet and began to carry him off.

    “Hey, we’re going to need a medic. She’s cut up pretty bad.” Another MP said, Julia turned and saw there was a red streak on the wall leading down to where Skylar now sat, leaning against it. She looked over at Julia, unable to move her injured arm. Seconds passed until an ambulance showed up on the scene. The paramedics jumped out and rushed over to Skylar. A third man came out of the back of the ambulance, though he wasn’t a paramedic or MP. The paramedics quickly loaded Skylar onto a gurney and began carting her off towards the Ambulance, she caught the man’s arm that’d just jumped out of the ambulance and looked at him.

    “Weber, you need to talk to Julia.” She said, through obvious pain. Blood ran from her forehead down her face in a gruesome cascade of red. Her arm didn’t look much better, even still a large piece of glass still protruded from the wound.

    “I’m on it. Don’t worry.” He responded as they closed the door to the ambulance and took off down the street, sirens wailing. Weber walked over to Julia and looked at her.

    “I’m Jason Weber, part of Skylar’s team. There are a few things I need to talk to you about.” He said gruffly, almost as if he’d rehearsed it. “You know, why don’t we go inside so these men can finish up?” He said. Julia nodded and they walked towards the door to the barracks, Weber was careful to not let Julia get to far away from him. Once they were inside Weber motioned for Julia to sit on one of the bunks that were neatly arranged in rows. After Julia was semi-comfortably seated he began to talk, and pace. Pacing. Annoying.

    “As you know, when we showed up and rescued you and your group from that hole you were in we saved two refugees and took one prisoner.” He began, looking to Julia.

    “Yeah?” Julia egged him on.

    “You said that the one we took prisoner was Micheal Carter, your brother, correct?” He asked.

    “Yeah, regretfully I’m related to that scumbag.” She said.

    “We put him in containment earlier this morning and put him on constant monitoring. But…” Weber said, but before he could even get out another word Julia cut him off.

    “Is he dead?” She asked. He sighed.

    “No, it’s worse than that. The man we all thought was Micheal, really isn’t Micheal after all. He’s a man named Leland Frey, a sociopath from Ohio responsible for all sorts of hell.” He said.

    “Leland… Frey?” Julia asked, taken aback.

    “Yes, we believe so.” He said.

    “And you’re telling me why?” She asked.

    “Two reasons actually. It isn’t your brother you need to be mad at. He was in no way responsible for the murder of Piper. And two, because you’re not safe here anymore. With Leland running around, we need to get anyone with powers out of here as soon as possible. It seems like your stay here is being cut short.” He said. “We’re going to move you to a more secure location for tonight and get you on a plane out of here first thing tomorrow morning.” He said.

    “What about Gilligan?” She aksed.

    “Every person with powers is going to be taken to a separate location for safety. Hopefully you understand.” He said.

    “Wait, how do I know you’re not Leland Frey?” Julia asked. “What if you just want to split me off from the group to kill me or something?” He rolled his eyes.

    “Do we really need to get into this shit? Your life is in danger, and you want sit around and play twenty questions?” He asked, getting defensive. “We need to go.” He said.


    [Go with Weber]

    [Refuse to go with Weber]

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    [Refuse to go with Weber]

    Dammit to hell! I knew Micheal wasn't to be trusted!

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even r

  • Damn it, I knew it! Something was off with Michael, I knew he wasn't a cold-blooded killer. Now I really hope that Leland hasn't killed him when he impersonated him. I mean, it looks like he was responsible for Michael's disappearance in the first place and I hope that Julia will get a chance to see her real brother again. Gosh, it would be really sad if he would have been dead all along, after all the hate Julia had for him for a while. I can't even imagine how bad she must feel right now and how much worse she must feel should she find out that he really has been dead all along.

    [Refuse to go with Weber]

    I have to admit, I really had to think about this for a long time now. This is a seriously hard choice. I mean, on the one hand I find it more than shady how defensive Weber got and how he tries to pressure her into going with him. On the other hand, Skylar basically confirmed his story, aside from the part with the plan. In the end, my distrust and my fear for Julia's life proved to be stronger than my willingness to trust this guy. Even if Weber is really Weber and says the truth, splitting the mutants up is not a good idea and that was where I got a bit skeptical about his story. Of course, Leland is apparently on the loose, even if I am not sure how he managed to escape custody. However, Julia is in a camp full with armed soldiers. It can't get much safer than that. A shapeshifter can follow her anywhere and can effortlessly find out where she is, simply by impersonating the highest-ranking officer around and requesting the information. But if they closely guard her in a military camp, even he should have a hard time getting close to her. Besides, there is still this odd thing about Leland saving her life back after the football game. I still don't know if his goal is to kill her, or if he has different plans for her. If he just wants her dead, there was no need to risk his life back at the game. He also seemed genuinely concerned for her when she got killed by Gerald. However, regardless what he has planned for her, I don't want him anywhere near her. However, considering how she just beat that jerk Sean like a badass and how she maybe still has her Wolverine powers, there is always the chance that he seriously underestimates her and that this will be his undoing if he tries anything with her.

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    Dana Grey Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even r

  • [Refuse to go with Weber]

    Loving Dana. Julia was right to bring that up. I mean, if Leland can impersonate people, no one can be trusted fully. Shit, not even Gilligan. D:

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    Dana Grey Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even r

  • Rule number one dude. Rule number one.

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    [Refuse to go with Weber] Loving Dana. Julia was right to bring that up. I mean, if Leland can impersonate people, no one can be trusted fully. Shit, not even Gilligan.

  • Damn it, I knew it! Something was off with Michael, I knew he wasn't a cold-blooded killer.

    I believe you actually called it earlier on. I thinks.

    Damn it, I knew it! Something was off with Michael, I knew he wasn't a cold-blooded killer. Now I really hope that Leland hasn't killed him

  • But it wasn't Micheal... It was Leland posing as Micheal, so Micheal isn't actually Micheal, Micheal is Leland in Micheal form. >:3

    [Refuse to go with Weber] Dammit to hell! I knew Micheal wasn't to be trusted!

  • [Refuse to go with Weber]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even r

  • But if Leland is Micheal and Micheal is Micheal and Jeff Crum is a dead man but Leland is Leland then who's abducting the children?!

    mr.quality posted: »

    But it wasn't Micheal... It was Leland posing as Micheal, so Micheal isn't actually Micheal, Micheal is Leland in Micheal form. >:3

  • Stay tuned my friend!

    But if Leland is Micheal and Micheal is Micheal and Jeff Crum is a dead man but Leland is Leland then who's abducting the children?!

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    I never knew one sentence with four words, one of the words being friend, could seem so.... threatening..

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    Stay tuned my friend!

  • [Go with Weber]

    Am I really the only one willing to trust him? I mean, I doubt Weber and Julia will go alone, without any additional guards, so if he really is Leland, he would have no chance of hurting her. If he is Leland, he would have his chance of attacking her now while they are alone. Julia is also a real badass and could probably kick his ass like she did with Sean but I definitely do not want her to die. By the way, if they have locked Leland up, how was he able to escape?

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    Dana Grey Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even r

  • [Go with Weber]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey Dana looked at the phone. It had been a very long time since she’d talked to her parents, sometimes she wondered if they even r

  • By the way, if they have locked Leland up, how was he able to escape?

    He does have superpowers, soo....

    janitor posted: »

    [Go with Weber] Am I really the only one willing to trust him? I mean, I doubt Weber and Julia will go alone, without any additional guar

  • Okay, You're going to have to excuse my lack of activity recently. I just went to GWOC on saturday and after a very fortunate turn of events, I am headed to districts with the rest of the varsity team. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a part up, I'm going to be training hard all week but I'll hopefully have time between practice and homework for this. Thanks guys. ~ King Quality.
  • Dana Grey

    Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a half-eaten bucket of chicken in his hand. Dana shook her head as she reached into the bucket and pulled out a leg, it was cold but it tasted pretty good. Chicken for breakfast, a meal her father would approve of. Her sister, not so much. Kas, she had been a vegetarian since her first hunting trip with their father. Which reminded her, she had to go and meet he dad today, at noon. In the park. She heard footsteps coming down the hallway and turned to see Sophie walking towards her. She flashed her a smile. Dana had always been jealous of her. Every inch of her seemed perfect from her feet to her silky blonde hair, which stood in stark contrast to Dana’s curly brown hair.

    “Seriously?” Sophie asked. “Chicken for breakfast?” Dana smiled as she nodded to Keith.

    “My brother brought it over last night. May as well eat it while it’s good.” She said. Sophie rolled her eyes. “Ready for work?” Dana asked.

    “Oh, defiantly. I can already tell it’s going to be a great day at the R&Hell.” She joked. R&Hell was he little nickname for the place she worked, R&L. It really seemed to fit pretty well.

    “Be careful out there, something bad is going on in Wilmington. People are disappearing and shit.” Dana said.

    “I’ll be fine Dana, I promise.” Sophie said. “Have fun with your dad today.” She said. Dana’s mind instantly went back to serious. What was so problematic that her father couldn’t just tell her over the phone?

    “Of course I will.” Dana said. Sophie smiled at her, then looked down at her wristwatch.

    “Oh shit.” She said. “I’m going to be late again.” She quickly kissed Dana. “I’ll see you after work, love you.”

    “Love you too.” Dana said as Sophie turned and walked down the stairs. Dana didn’t divert her eyes the entire time. Sophie never put much work into how she looked, she was just naturally gorgeous. Of course Dana was just the opposite; she put so much work into making her look… Kinda average. She looked at the mirror hanging on the wall and sighed, she had never looked beautiful, and she’d always been just okay. Defeated, she walked over to the couch and flopped down next to Keith. She took another bite out of the chicken leg.

    “You don’t think I’m ugly, do you?” She asked. She got only a snore in return. Dana shook her head and threw the chicken leg at Keith, who after being struck in the head, instantly shot up.

    “What the?” He asked, looking at the chewed up chicken leg lying in his lap.

    “I asked you a question.” Dana said. Keith grunted as he sat up.

    “What?” He asked, he sounded a little ticked off.

    “I asked you if I looked ugly.” Dana repeated, this time more of a joke than a real question.

    “For fucks sake.” Keith muttered. “You look like a damn prom queen.” He said as he buried his face into the couch, moments later he shot up. “What time is it?” He asked.

    “Time for you to get a watch.” Dana joked.

    “What’s got you in a good mood this morning?” Keith asked.

    “Absolutely nothing.” Dana joked, with a smile.

    “Whatever.” Keith said. “I’m going to pass by the park on my way home, you want me to drop you off there?” He asked.

    “Dude, I can drive. I have a car.” Dana said. Keith just looked at her. “Dude come on, I’m clean. I swear.” She said rolling her eyes.

    “For like a day, Dana. You shouldn’t be driving.” He said. Dana scowled.

    “I can fucking drive myself to the damn park.” She demanded. Keith backed off a little, obviously not amused.

    “Okay, fine. I can’t stop you from being stupid, I can only offer an alternative.” He said.

    “If you’re going to be an ass, then you can just get out of my house.” Dana said.

    “Fine, whatever.” He said as he stood up from the couch. “If that’s how you want it, that’s fine.” He said as he walked away, down the stairs and out the door. Dana could hear his truck starting and the tires squeal as he peeled off down the road.

    Dana sat on the park bench, eagerly looking around, waiting for her father to show up. She’d gotten here pretty early, but she couldn’t wait anymore. There weren’t many people here today, which was upsetting. It was a nice day out. More people should come to the park on good days. But the thing Dana disliked the most was the ducks. Those damn winged hell-spawn sent to this earth by Satan himself.

    “Go away.” Dana shooed a duck when it came to close to her, she kicked at it with her boot and it ran off. “Damn thing.” She muttered to herself. She heard a car coming up the street and instinctively looked up, her heart skipped a beat when she saw the blue jeep. The same jeep her father had had many years ago. She suddenly had second thoughts. She wanted to run, she didn’t know what she could say. But her escape plan was foiled as the jeep parked right next to her car. A tall bearded man stepped out and closed the door. No doubting that was her father, he hadn’t changed a bit. He saw her and his eyes lit up.

    “Dana?” He asked, something sounding like hope and fear in his voice all in one.

    “Yes.” Dana said. He wasted no time in wrapping her in a tight hug. Dana could barely breathe against the strain of his muscles. After some time he finally let go, never once breaking eye contact with her.

    “It’s been so long.” He said. “You look so grown up.”

    “Well you look just about the same.” Dana said. He smiled.

    “So I hear. I get my genes from my father.” He said.

    “You really do look a lot alike him, just like Kas looks a lot like mom.” Dana said. “It’s strange, I’m the only one that doesn’t look like anyone in the family. Stupid genetics, huh?” Dana laughed. Her father didn’t. His expression went from exited to stern. “What? Did I say something?” She asked. He placed his hand firmly on her shoulder, with a deep sigh.

    “That’s why I’m here Dana.” He said.

    “What’s why you’re here?” She asked.

    “Dana, you… There’s a reason you don’t look like anyone in our family Dana.” He said.

    “So you’re saying…” Dana began.

    “Dana, what do you know about a man named Julian Grayson?” He asked.

    “I’ve never heard that name before.” She said.

    “Yeah, that’s right.” He said. “You’d know him as Julian Grey. Your recognize that name?” He asked.

    “Yeah, I know who Julian Grey is. Some rich guy that got murdered, his kids disappeared.” She said.

    “Yeah, that’s exactly right.” He said.

    “You’re not saying what I think you’re saying, right?” Dana asked. He sighed.

    “I wanted to tell you for a long time Dana, I really did. But your mother always got it her way, so I kept my mouth shut. Dana, You are Julian Greyson’s missing daughter. Your birth name is Ally Greyson, we took you in after you were kidnapped.” He said.

    “I was kidnapped?” She asked.

    “Yes…” He said and took a shaky breath. “Me and your mother were good friends of the kidnapper. He gave us you as a gift.” He said.

    “My whole life… It’s just a lie? Keith and Kas and mom and you, it’s all fake? I was just some damn present from your murmuring friend?” She asked.

    “Dana…” He said, reaching out his hand. Dana swatted it away, Or was it Ally? Who even was she?

    “Stay away from me!” She yelled as she jumped up from the bence.

    “Dana, stop.” He said, to no avail. Dana, Ally, whoever, took off running towards her car. She didn’t care, she just started the car and floored it, not caring about damn stop signs or speed limits. The police could just run her off the road and she’d be perfectly happy. She sped all the way home and haphazardly parked her car, storming to the front door. She threw it open and ran up the stairs, not bothering to close it behind her. She went down the hallway and into the bedroom. She paused at the dresser. She placed her hands on the clean surface and stared into the mirror. Someone was looking back at her, but she had no idea who. Was it Dana? Or was it Ally? Or was it someone else? Did it even matter who she was? Who really cared anyways, nobody would even look her way. She was just a washed up druggie. It took her a moment to realize her fists were balled and tears were rolling down her face. Full of anger and not much thought she lashed out at the reflective surface which shattered on impact. The tiny shards flew everywhere. She couldn’t help but to laugh a little as she stared at the warm blood trickling down her arm and staining her skin with a crimson color before dropping to the floor. She sunk to the ground, unable to even force herself to stand anymore. She looked over towards the closet. No. Yes. No. It called to her. She needed it. She deserved it. One arm after another she began to crawl through the smashed glass, not bothering to care as it cut away at her flesh. She gripped the closet handle and threw it open. Without a care in the world she began throwing things from the closet until she found it, a simple shoebox. Or at least that’s what everyone thought it was. With her blood soaked hand, she ripped the top off the shoe box. It was all there. Her stash. She picked up the small syringe containing the liquid and turned it over in her hands, inspecting it. How long had this been in there anyways? Any reason or rhyme escaped from her mind as she jabbed the needle into the flesh on her arm. No measurements, no nothing. This was going to be it. All she needed to end it all. She released its contents into her arm. Almost instantly she could feel the rush, her eyes began rolling up in the back of her head as the world began darkening around her, giving way to light. A shadowy figure stood in the doorway, not saying a word.

    “Who am I?” Dana choked, as her head lolled back. “Who am I…”

    Adam Becker

    Left, Right, Up, Down. Darkness all around. Adam had woken up a while ago, he had been able to tell he was in some sort of cage, three walls made of solid concrete while one was a sheet metal. There were a few others in here, hard to tell how many. Adam kicked the person next to him.

    “Hey, get up.” He said.

    “Not now, let me sleep.” The other on responded, obviously male. Adam kicked him again.

    “Get up.” He said, louder this time.

    “Julia, I’m trying to sleep.” He said. Adam, now fed up, kicked at him as hard as he could.

    “Wake up!” Adam demanded.

    “Holy Shit!” The other man yelled as he quickly sat up. “Julia?” He asked. “Where the hell am I?”

    “That’s what I’m trying to figure out.” Adam answered. “Do you have a light on you or something?” He asked.

    “I got something.” A woman’s voice said from the dark. After a few moments there was the sound of a lighter being flicked then a small flame light up the area just enough to see each other. The woman holding the lighter had long dark brown hair that looked black with matching brown eyes. The man also had dark hair, but had blue eyes. He seemed pretty muscular and was pretty tanned. Liked some sort of football player or something.

    “How the hell do we get out of here?” The other man asked.

    “Over here, there’s a latch or something.” Yet another female’s voice called from the edge of darkness. She shuffled into view. She had long blonde hair with green eyes, she was skinny but held a feminine form, her skin almost looked like it’d never been touched by the sun. “Who are you people?” She asked.

    “I could ask you the same question.” Adam said.

    “I asked first.” She said.

    “I’m Adam Becker.” Adam answered.

    “Callista Everett.” The dark haired woman said.

    “Should have known I’d run into you again.” The man said. “Micheal Carter.” He said.

    “Just a bunch of names. Nothing more.” The woman who was yet unnamed said. “I’m Kasey Grey. Most people call me Kas, if that’s important at all.” She said, just trying to keep the conversation going. Adam had seen people do it all the time. It was the silence that killed them, so they killed it.

    “Well Kas, You said there was a latch over there?” Adam asked.

    “Yeah, I’ve been trying to get it open for like an hour, but it’s locked on the other side.” She said.

    “So how do we get out? I mean, there’s nothing other than us in here.” Micheal said. Adam heared the muffled sounds of a conversation outside the sheet metal wall, along with footsteps. He quickly stood up and went to the wall, pressing his ear to it.

    “How long do you think we got, Wade?” One asked.

    “I don’t know, Keep your guard up. Somethings got me on edge right now.” Another voice, presumably Wade said.

    “You haven’t been wrong about the Scavengers yet. I trust you man, we all do.” The other said.

    “I try to do what I can. It’s not always easy to do what I have to, but if it means you guys get to live just a little longer, then my pain is worth it in full.” Wade said. “One last sweep before we head home, let’s make sure we’ve got everything.” He said. Adam began to bang on the metal.

    “Hey!” He yelled. “Let us out of here!” He waited. Silence. They’d just run and left them here.

    “Who’s in there?” Wade’s voice called.

    “There’s four of us, we can’t get out!” Adam said.

    “Alright, get back from the wall.” Wade said, after a few moments there was a sound of a welding torch. “Hey, help me lift this thing.” He called to the other one. After a few moments the entire wall lifted upwards and the room filled with sunlight. To Adam’s surprise, to teenagers stood in the doorway. One looked scared shitless and the other was standing upright, with a bandana over his face and a pair of reflective Ski goggles. He was still holding the welding torch in his hand. He chucked it aside and pulled the bandana down to his neck and pushed the goggled up onto his forehead. He looked over the group with his green eyes, looking for something.

    “They’re good.” He decided.

    “Are you sure?” The other one asked.

    “There’s no way these people are Scavengers.” He said. “Hi, I’m Wade Davis. I guess I represent what’s left of Xenia High school. This is Terry.” He said nodding to the other kid.

    “What’s going on here?” Kas asked.

    “What rock have you people been living under for the past month? The wall came down, the Scavengers showed up. The end.” Wade said.

    “The wall?” Adam asked. Wade pointed upwards to the sky. Adam walked out of the room and looked up. The sky was the same. “What am I looking at?” Adam asked.

    “The wall. It’s a dome that encases all of Xenia. As far as we can tell there’s no way in or out. Even touching the wall is suicide. Trust me, I lost a lot of people before I figured that one out.” Wade said.

    “I still don’t see it.” Adam said.

    “Alright, look closely. Does the sky usually reflect light? If you look at it, you can see it. It looks like a glass sphere in the sky. Like we’re in a snow globe.” Wade said, trying to put it simply. Adam then saw it. The sky was reflective. Shiny. It was like looking out a widow, but this window was the sky itself.

    “How is this possible?” Adam asked.

    “You really aren’t from here are you?” Wade asked, looking confused. “Strange. But, what’s happening here with the wall and the Scavengers, it just breaks all human logic. Like someone hacked the universe of something. I don’t understand it. Well, I never was the smartest.”

    “Wait, you keep saying Scavengers, what does that mean?” Adam asked. Wade looked at his watch. His eyes widened.

    “It means if we want to live we need to get moving. Now.” He said, as he turned and began running. “Hurry the fuck up if you want to live!” He said. Adam instinctively took off after him, the other three eventually caught on and ran after them. “Hey Zach!” Wade yelled into a walkie talkie. “This is Wade, We’re running late and approaching the executive door. Have them open when we get there.” He yelled.

    “Copy that Wade. Better get moving, the Scavengers are gonna be on you any minute now.” A voice responded. Wade was cutting through yards ad zig-zagging around buildings. Adam was having a hard time keeping up with him, but everyone managed. And soon a large building came into view.

    “There it is!” Wade yelled, pointing to a set of open doors. “Move!” He yelled as he broke into a sprit. He stopped just outside the door and waited for everyone to get in, then he ran in and slammed the door shut. Adam grasped his knees gasping for air. “That…” Wade began. “Was a close one.”

    “Hey Wade, where’s Terry?” Someone asked. Wade quickly looked up and looked around.

    “Mother of God.” He said as he turned and looked out the glass door. Sure enough Terry was sluggishly running towards them. Suddenly, the watch on Wade’s wrist began beeping. Terry’s chest suddenly exploded into a red goo as he tumbled end over end as he came to an abrupt stop. Moments later they heard the gunshot. Wade turned and looked at Adam. “That…” He said, shakily. “Was a scavenger.”

    “Now what?” Adam asked.

    “Now we wait. The Scavengers rule the outside for the next…” He looked at his watch. “72 hours. After that, it’s our time again.” He said.

    “You really don’t seem fazed by Terry’s death.” Micheal said.

    “There used to be over two hundred of us just few weeks ago.” Wade said. “Now there’s twenty, now that Terry’s dead. Death is just a daily routine here.” He said. “Zach, Show them around.” He said as he walked down the hallways and disappeared.

    “Where’s he going?” Micheal asked.

    “The cafeteria. That’s kinda where everyone hangs out.” The one named Zach said. “And that’s where I’m taking you guys.” He said as he began walking. “This way.” He said. Everyone followed him, ignoring the bloody mutilated body laying out in the parking lot. Zach led them down the hallway, instructing them to not enter any of these rooms that were in this hallway. “This is the executive wing, Big Wigs only.” He joked.

    “So, I Wade like your leader or something?” Callista asked.

    “No, He should be though. He’s smart, kind, and brave. You don’t always find all of that in one place. Everyone around here respects him, he’s like a living hero. But he’s always so isolated really. He doesn’t give himself enough credit. He saved a girl’s life back in the beginning, saved all of our lives time and time again, but he doesn’t realize that, he only sees the ones that are dead.” He said as he stopped, he waved an arm at a big open area with lots of tables and chairs. It was mostly empty. Nineteen in total. “So this is where I let you guys off. Get some food if you want it. Try to keep the noise down though, we need to be able to tell if there’s a Vulture coming or not.”

    “Vulture?” Kas asked.

    “You don’t want to know.” Zach said as he walked away back down the hallway. Adam spotted Wade, who’d ditched the bandana and ski goggles. He was now sitting on a table instead of a chair, wearing glasses and had a spanishy looking blanket draped around his shoulders. He was looking at everyone in the cafeteria, but more or less focusing on one girl. He had a binder in his hands filled with papers he was looking over very half-assed. He seemed tired, scared and overwhelmed. But he wasn’t showing it. Adam respected that. He must know that everyone looked up to him, and if they saw him break down that would spell the end for everyone. Wade seemed like a kid that knew a lot, probably to much for his own good. He obviously had a lot of weight on his shoulders and no one around to help.


    [Talk with Wade]

    [Talk with the group]

  • [Talk with Wade] I'm liking where this is going so far. Can't wait for the next Adam part.

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    Dana Grey Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a ha

  • Thanks man. Like I said earlier, there are no promises about when I can get another part out, this may be the last one for a while. Well, at least this week if worst comes to worst.

    [Talk with Wade] I'm liking where this is going so far. Can't wait for the next Adam part.

  • [Talk with Wade]

    Nothing could possibly go wrong

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    Dana Grey Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a ha

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    [Talk with Wade]

    Oh damn, so much stuff is happening O.O Dana's part was already nice, but Adam's... damn, that was a seriously great part! Michael is alive, which is good, even if I am very scared for Julia now for some reason. I guess Leland had something to do with his disappearance, considering that he shapeshifted into him. I wonder if that psychopath is working for the people that abducted the mutants. But, most importantly, Xenia just got turned into that town from Under the Dome. That was a very nice twist and I wonder what this stuff with the Scavengers is about. Are the Scavengers beings of some sort, or does this term refer to a weapon? How exactly did Michael, Adam and Callista end up inside Xenia? Are they mutants too? And perhaps the most interesting question that turned up after this part, are the people that were originally behind the abductions of Julia and Gilligan also behind this dome thingy? Are they the Scavengers? I can't wait for more!

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    Dana Grey Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a ha

  • Nothing.... Nothing at all...

    [Talk with Wade] Nothing could possibly go wrong

  • Ohhh, Lots of questions! Quality likes....

    How exactly did Michael, Adam and Callista end up inside Xenia?

    Well, Callista got caught off screen. Adam got caught in a previous part, Micheal disappeared a long time ago. But as to exactly how they ended up under the dome, no secrets shall be revealed. Yet...

    Are they mutants too? And perhaps the most interesting question that turned up after this part, are the people that were originally behind the abductions of Julia and Gilligan also behind this dome thingy? Are they the Scavengers? I can't wait for more!

    Time will tell my friend. Time will tell.

    Are the Scavengers beings of some sort, or does this term refer to a weapon?

    Time will te-... A screw it, I sound like a broken record. So my answer is; Maybe.

    [Talk with Wade] Oh damn, so much stuff is happening O.O Dana's part was already nice, but Adam's... damn, that was a seriously great par

  • He's got a spanishy looking blanket, how bad could he be?

    a spanishy looking blanket draped around his shoulders.

    also, is this a term for a poncho?

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    Nothing.... Nothing at all...

  • also, is this a term for a poncho?

    Well, no not really. It's just a blanket that looks pretty spanishy. It was like, midnight when I finished this, so not everything was working in my head.

    He's got a spanishy looking blanket, how bad could he be? a spanishy looking blanket draped around his shoulders. also, is this a term for a poncho?

  • [Talk with the group]

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    Dana Grey Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a ha

  • [Talk with the group]

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    Dana Grey Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a ha

  • [Talk with Wade]

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    Dana Grey Apparently Keith had come over sometime during the night, since when Dana woke up she found him sleeping on the couch with a ha

  • Adam Becker

    Adam looked to the group he’d shown up with, not that he knew them at all or anything. Then he looked back to Wade, he was still looking around. The Watcher. Adam began walking over to him, stopping just short. He looked a lot different than he did earlier; his fierce, determined look had now given way to a look of sorrow shrouded in sternness. Adam could now tell he had short brown hair and green eyes beneath the glasses.

    “You know, it’s pretty common that if you want to talk to someone you actually say something.” Wade said, noticing Adam was standing behind him. Strange, he didn’t turn his head or anything. The Watcher had noticed. He pulled the blanket around his shoulders, he looked like some lost kid the way he sat on the table, his eyes constantly darting around, but always focusing on one point in particular, that girl. “You know, I don’t think I ever caught your name.” Wade said.

    “Adam.” Adam said. “Adam Becker.” Wade gave off a weak smile.

    “Nice to meet you Adam, welcome to your new hell away from home.” Wade said.

    “I guess I kinda need to thank you for saving our lives today.” Adam said.

    “You don’t need to thank me for that, we protect our own, you know? If we didn’t do that, what separates us from the Scavengers?” Wade said.

    “I really wish I knew what the hell a Scavenger was.” Adam said. Wade narrowed his eyes.

    “You really aren’t from here, are you? Where were you yesterday?” He asked.

    “Yesterday I was at John Brian. Not here.” Adam said.

    “Damn it.” Wade whispered. “That means someone out there still has a way in, but we still don’t have a way out.” He said. “But, uh, I guess you want some kind of explanation, huh?”

    “That would be nice.” Adam said.

    “Follow me.” Wade said. Wade hopped off the table and began walking away, the blanket still draped over his shoulders like a cape. He walked down the hallway to a stairwell and up a flight of stairs, then ducked into a classroom that had a large window in it. Adam felt unnerved about the fact that he saw a kid get shot dead minutes earlier, yet Wade was perfectly comfortable standing in full view. Wade noticed Adam’s hesitation. Damn Watcher. “They can’t get us in here. It’s something about the school, it’s like a boundary to them or something.” He explained, though Adam wasn’t fully convinced. Anyway, he hesitantly went in joining Wade by the window.

    “It was just a normal day, you know. When this all happened.” Wade began, like he was telling some old story book tale. “We all showed up to school expecting another day of hell, but what we got exceeded our expectations of how much life could suck. The lucky ones were already inside when the wall fell…” He said.

    “The wall?” Adam asked.

    “The wall, the fucking mystical boundary that separates us from the real world. There’s lots of theories on who put it there, The Government, the army, God, aliens. My personal favorite is the vengeful spirit of the Dodo bird.” Wade said, with a slight smile.

    “Who do you think put it there?” Adam asked.

    “The wall itself defies human logic, so it’s not human at all. It’s from out of this world one way or another, be it God or aliens or whatever you want it to be.” Wade said. “Anyways, after the wall fell, the Scavengers came.”

    “What are the Scavengers?” Adam asked.

    “They’re Ghoul-like creatures that represent humans, to a point. They kind of look like if you were to take a human and grind off any feature until your left with just a husk of a human, mixing it with an ape and setting it free to wreak havoc.” Wade said. “They killed anything that was outside the school. Anything and everything.”

    “Where were you?” Adam asked.

    “Outside the school.” Wade said.

    “You just said…” Adam said.

    “I know what I said…” Wade said, shakily. “I was the only survivor. I total there were only around two hundred inside. After people realized what happened, they went crazy. People don’t like what they can’t control. Kids committed suicide, killed each other, or just flat out ran outside for the Scavengers. But some, pushed to the edge and then over, swore allegiance to the Scavengers. We call them Vultures. They’ve been brainwashed, all they know is to kill. The first few days really showed us what we were made of. Although people were dying, we were still living. I was kind of the ‘flagship’. They saw I was still strong and they looked to me. I felt obligated and found a way to keep going. I established order in the chaos. I began putting teams together, to go outside. We were able to learn a lot about the Scavengers that way.”

    “Learned stuff like?” Adam asked

    “If you spend enough time around anyone you get to know them, their habits, their likes and dislikes, stuff like that.” Wade said. “I was able to kill one once. They aren’t human. Hell, they aren’t even living really.”

    “What?” Adam asked.

    “They’re machines. Automatons.” Wade said. “We were able to figure out the fact that they are controlled by a beacon or transmitter. I think if we can find it, we can destroy it and at least get rid of the Scavengers.”

    “Where do you think it is?” Adam asked.

    “It would have to be high up, but the thing is, I’ve sent teams all over the city, and they’ve found nothing.” Wade said.

    “What about that?” Adam asked, pointing to a clock tower that looked to be near the center of town.

    “We already checked that… Wait.” Wade quickly flipped the binder open and looked at it. “Fuck me. Damn it to all!” He yelled, throwing the binder across the room. “That’s it! You’re a fucking genius. Three fucking weeks, or whatever the hell. And I forgot to check the clock tower?” He said. “I’m going to need to put together a team to send out.” He said. “But I guess we aren’t done here are we?” He said.

    “I guess not.” Adam said.

    “Long story short, good turned to bad and bad turned to misery. Now everyone here is starving to death daily. Any questions before I move on?” he asked.

    “A few.” Adam said. “If you’ve done so much, why don’t you take charge.”

    “It’s not my place. I can’t make those decisions. I’m not made to lead, but to follow.” Wade said.

    “Seems like you did a damn fine job at leading.”

    “I was scared shitless the entire time.” He answered.

    “Good leaders know fear, great leaders know how to use it.” Adam said. Wade shook his head.

    “I’m not leading because I don’t trust myself. Not anymore. Anymore questions?” He asked.

    “Who was that girl you were staring at?” Adam asked, random question. Not his place. Just something to talk about. Wade instantly turned red. The Watcher had been noticed. Adam was thinking he was going to just say ‘no one’ and walk away, but to his surprise he answered.

    “Her name is Raven.” He said. “I murdered her boyfriend.” His tone dropping.

    “What?” Adam asked in shock. He would’ve never pegged this kid as a killed.

    “Back in the beginning when people were going crazy, killing themselves and shit. Her boyfriend snapped one day. Pulled a knife and went banzai on her. He would’ve killed her, just about to slit her throat when I showed up. I killed him. Chopped the back of his neck clean off with my sword. His corpse fell to the floor spewing blood, Raven was looking at him, and looking at me. The look she gave me… I just killed the last person she had left. And Now I have to live with that, even though she said she understood, I could just see the pain, I could feel it, you know? But that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is what I felt. I didn’t feel any pain, or sorrow. I felt nothing. I cut that kid down like he was just a blade of grass, something to be forgotten. I still can’t bring myself to talk to her. I just can’t.. Forgive myself, you know? What do you think? You probably think I’m an idiot, or a psycho killer.” He said. “Do you think I should say something to her? Anything? Like, I don’t think I can just sit here forever and ignore the fact that I killed the girl that like’s boyfriend. How long until that just eats me through and through? How long until I end up like her boyfriend? Crazy, broken, and then dead?”


    [Advise him to speak to Raven about what happened.]

    [Advise him to stay away from her in general.]

  • [Advise him to speak to Raven about what happened.]

    It's better to talk about things rather than bottling them up. Furthermore, he'll just feel worse if he keeps it to himself forever.

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    Adam Becker Adam looked to the group he’d shown up with, not that he knew them at all or anything. Then he looked back to Wade, he was st

  • [Advise him to speak to Raven about what happened.]

    Hope has a pretty fair point. And avoiding her after killing her boyfriend is just a dick move.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker Adam looked to the group he’d shown up with, not that he knew them at all or anything. Then he looked back to Wade, he was st

  • [Advise him to speak to Raven about what happened.]

    I agree with Hope, it should be better to talk about it. Just ignoring her won't make things better. Hopefully, talking to her won't cause things to escalate.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker Adam looked to the group he’d shown up with, not that he knew them at all or anything. Then he looked back to Wade, he was st

  • [Advise him to speak to Raven about what happened.]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker Adam looked to the group he’d shown up with, not that he knew them at all or anything. Then he looked back to Wade, he was st

  • Okay, So as I may have forgot to mention, Cross Country season has officially ended as of last Saturday. I didn't do to well at districts, so I won't be going on to regionals. That being said, becasue I suck at running, I will now have a lot more time for other stuff, Like homework and writing. So, just wanted to inform you guys of what was happening. All hail King Quality!

  • [Advise him to speak to Raven about what happened.]

    This can go both ways. Maybe it makes things better, maybe it makes things way worse but I dont think he can keep this guilt forever.

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    Adam Becker Adam looked to the group he’d shown up with, not that he knew them at all or anything. Then he looked back to Wade, he was st

  • Dana Grey

    She saw her life in third person. Like she was there, but not in control of herself, like a bunch of random scenes cut from a movie and pasted together. As she slowly drifted farther and farther away she saw a figure appeared in the doorway, holding something in there hands. They dropped it to the floor and it shattered as the figure let out a scream and ran to Dana’s side.

    “Oh my God, what did you do?!” The figure screeched. Dana fogged out and the next thing she didn’t remember was her being carried out of the house by a small army of paramedics. The figure from earlier was sitting, paralyzed with grief, shaking with sobs. As they left out the front door, Dana was blinded by the light of to sun. Next scene: Dana was in the back of a speeding ambulance, sirens wailing, the paramedics working feverishly on something. Dana wanted to ask, but she knew none of this was really real, it was all just happening in her mind’s eye. Just a reconstruction of what had actually happened. One of the paramedics looked at her, shaking his head.

    “There’s no hope. She’s a goner.” He said. Blackness. Complete and utter blackness came next. No credits, not extra bonus scene. Just cut to black, that’s all folks. Exit stage right. Dana was dead, she knew it in her heart and knew it in her soul. If she even had either of those. So this is death, Dana thought as she peered into the never ending void constructed by the pits of her mind. But then, the next scene came. A hospital room. Nothing special, beige walls, one of those senseless paintings on the walls. There was a window on one side of the room. Oh, and there’s Dana, lying dead in the hospital bed, connected to an IV pumping fluids into her arm. Multiple bandages covering her cuts from the broken mirror, her hand almost entirely wrapped in gauze. And there was that figure from earlier again, weeping at her bedside, messing with a small ring on their hand.

    “I love you.” They whispered. “I always will.”

    Cut to black. Like some kind of slasher film, the plot sucks but the killings are gorgeous. The next scene really wasn’t a scene at all. She was back, whoever she was. She lifted her hand in front of her face and examined the bandages. A wave of emotions came over her. Why did she even do that? How stupid is she? Just flat out why? Her head drifted to her left where she found a piece of paper rolled up on the table, being held closed by a single silver ring. Dana tried to reach out but realized that that was going to be a little hard, mostly because she still couldn’t feel half her body. But against the insurmountable odds, she managed to reach out and grab it. She brought it over to her lap and looked at it. She recognized that ring. She would recognize it anywhere. Sophie. She pulled the ring off and unraveled the letter, her heart skipping as she read.

    “I’m sorry that you were asleep when I wrote this… I guess I should be used to that by now.” It began. “I’ll have my brother stop by this Saturday to pick up my stuff, just make sure you’re not there. This may sound bad, please don’t take it the wrong way. I love you, but, you hold me down. Goodbye ~Sophie.” Straight to the point, eh? Just like Sophie.

    Dana felt the single silent tear drop from her eye down her cheek and onto the paper as the reality of it all set in. She read it over and over; maybe there was something she’d missed. Maybe someone was going to throw open the door and say “Got you!” No such luck. What was on this paper damn well may have been written in stone already.

    “Looks like she broke the engagement, kid.” A gruff voice sounded. Dana looked up in a start. She hadn’t noticed anyone in here, well, she hadn’t noticed a lot of things. Like the fact the flower vase next to her bed was full of yellow lilies, Sophie’s favorite flower, or the fact that there was still Sophie’s jacket laying on the edge of the bed. Dana was fed up, she was full of a lot of things, and right now compassion was not one of them.

    “Who the hell are you?” Dana snapped. The man smiled.

    “I’m Doctor Coleman, just some guy.” He said, with an irritating smile that never went away. “The better question is, who are you?” He said, articulating the last words so they designated in Dana’s mind. Dana was about to answer but Doctor Colman cut her short. “Is it Dana Grey?” He asked. “Or is it Ally Greyson?” He now asked, in a lower tone. No longer hosting the least bit of friendliness. Dana’s expression went dark.

    “Who the hell do you think you are? Busting in here and asking me who I am? How the hell do you know my real name?” She asked, she didn’t even knew her real name until recently. Her eyes narrowed at the man. “You’re not even a doctor are you?” She asked. He smiled that same annoying smile.

    “I assure you, I am a doctor. Just not the type you’d want to go to for a checkup.” He said.

    “Then why are you here?” She asked.

    “We need you. We need people like you,” He began, being cut off by Dana this time.

    “What do you mean people like me? Suicidal drug addicts?” She snapped at him, whilst attempting to throw a TV remote at him. Which failed since she couldn’t barely reach it.

    “Whoa there Zombie, slow your roll. You were dead just a couple of hours ago.” He said.

    “Dead?” Dana asked.

    “Dead.” He confirmed. “Your heart stopped for over a minute, they just about signed the death certificate. But one way or another, you are a modern day Lazarus.” He said.

    “Lazarus? What’s that?” Dana asked.

    “Eh, I see. Not big on the Bible?” Coleman said. Que annoying smile. “Lazarus was a dead man, dead for four days, I think. Jesus brought him back to life.” He said.

    “So you’re saying ‘God’s son’ brought me back from the dead.” Dana said, unamused. Yeah, she was just dead. All the more reasons she didn’t want to hear about this ‘God’.

    “It’s whatever you believe, Ally. But you can’t just ignore the fact that you were dead.” He said.

    “Yes, let’s just drop everything important and shout it from the rooftops.” Dana said. “And don’t call me Ally.” Dana sneered. He tilted his head.

    “Whatever you want, but I assure you. You were dead, this is a new life for you.” He said.

    “Are you going to go away any time soon?” She asked.

    “No. Not until you hear me through.” He said, Dana huffed angrily.

    “Then speak.” She demanded.

    “You’re a carrier, you have the genetic deformity needed to develop super human abilities. We’ve been watching you for quite some time now. People like you, with the genetic code, have been hunted down to near extinction by a group of hunters spearheaded by one man, Leland Fray. If we stand any chance of saving them, we need all the help we can get.” He said.

    “And I thought I was the one on drugs.” Dana said, with a small laugh. The doctors ever annoying smile vanished. Dana watched in awe as he extended his right hand, and to her horror, it was light a blaze with fire.

    “It wasn’t a joke.” He said, closing his hand and extinguishing the blaze. There was no scar, no burns, no nothing. This has to be from the drugs. “We can help each other, you know. You want to be free from the drugs, and an entire species needs your help. It sounds like a fair trade.” He said. He pulled out a small white stock board card and threw it to her, it landed on her lap. Dana lifted it up with her numb hands.

    ‘Doctor Jack Coleman.’ Was all it said, with a phone number written on it.

    “The world needs your help Kid.” He said. “I just hope you are willing to give a little, to get a lot.” He said. He stood to leave, walking towards the door. But he paused in the doorway. “There’s just one more thing I think you, or Ally, needs to see before I leave.” He said.

    “What is it?” Dana asked.

    “So you do respond to Ally?” He asked, annoying. Fricking. Smile.

    “Shut up.” Dana growled.

    “You got it kid.” He said.

    “Stop calling me kid.” Dana said.

    “Zombie?” He asked. Dana shook her head, why was she even talking with this guy? She had no idea who he was.

    “Just show me already.” She demanded.

    The wheelchair made her feel old, almost ancient. Like some sort of artifact to be admired from behind a glass wall. The hallway was long and busy, the elevator down was longer but much less busy. The entire time Dana could feel the gaze of ‘Doctor Coleman’ burrowing into the back of her head the entire time, though they both remained mostly silent besides Doc’s lame attempts at picking up conversation. With a loud ding, the elevator door opened. Coleman pushed her down the hallway, which compared to the rest of the hospital was dark and unwelcoming. He stopped at a door and forced it open, pushing Dana inside. It was a morgue. On the table lay a single body covered only by a single sheet. It was pretty obvious she’d been shot in the throat. Her hair lay all across the table like an ocean wave. She looked so peaceful, even though she looked like she died so violently.

    “Why are you showing me this?” Dana asked.

    “I’m showing you this because you needed to know.” He answered.

    “Know what?” She asked.

    “Ally Greyson, this is your biological sister, Piper.” He said. “On the day of the murder the two of you were caught in harms way, you were both taken. You got the easy life, she drew the short stick. Her entire life they lied to her, they said you were in danger, they’d kill you if she didn’t do what they said. She was forced into the life of a hunter. A horrible thing, a hunter is. Their only purpose in life is to end others. That’s it. She did terrible things, and was convinced it was what she had to do. She killed the group she was working with and made a break for it with a group that had been captured. Sadly for them, one of the men in that group was actually Leland Frey. He shot her, right in the throat. She died shortly afterwards. She gave her last breath in defense of a sister she had no idea was perfectly safe the entire time. I am showing her to you so you know what kind of enemy we’re against. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, what I’m asking of you. But it will be worth it to see the end of the reign of terror that is Leland.” Dana’s mind swarmed with thoughts and questions, but no possible conclusions. Only one seemed to escape the world of thought and enter the realm of words.

    “What was she like?” Dana asked. He shook his head.

    “She was a good person forced to do bad things.” Is all he said. “Her courage to fight back has sent shockwaves all through the enemy ranks. We’ve been operating from the shadows for too long, and if we are ever going to have a chance of entering the light again. Now’s the time.” He said.

    “How can you be so sure of me? I’m just a fuck up.” Dana said. Coleman’s gaze never left the dead woman.

    “It’s much easier to shape the broken than it is the strong.” He said. As awkward a note that was to end a conversation, it did. And now they were on their way back to the hospital room, Dana found out she had a sister that was dead, the world went on. Nobody cared. The end. In the room Coleman helped her back into the bed, numb as ever. Not only her body was numb, but now the world was numb. Nothing mattered. At any given moment, it seemed, something was going to pop up to screw the rest of her life up. Now she had no family, no money, no fiancée. No nothing at all. When was it going to stop? After a brief awkward eye contact in continuum with silence, he walked towards the door.

    “Please, just think about it.” He said. The stupid smile was no more.


    [I want to help]

    [Never come here again]

    [Let me think about it…]

    Adam Becker

    “You can’t just ignore her forever, especially in a time like this when one minute you’re here, the next you’re not. Leave nothing unsaid.” Adam spoke. Wade nodded.

    “You know, it’s a little weird talking to an adult. They were the first to go, none of have seen an adult in a long time.” Wade said.

    “So they targeted specific age groups first?” Adam asked.

    “Yeah, they killed the prime aged people first. If there’s no one left to take care of the young, they’ll die off on their own. And that’s exactly what happened. The infants and young kids just starved to death. The ones to young to know better just wandered out into the street to be picked off by a Vulture.” He said, almost as if this was something that would occur in a normal world.

    “Very Systematic.” Adam determined.

    “There’s just one problem with killing off people systematically.” Wade said. “When you do that, only the strong, the brave, the smart, only the best are left standing.” He said as he stood and began walking away. Adam lingered longer looking out the window at the clock tower that loomed over the tree line. Adam looked at the binder Wade had thrown across the room, very over dramatic really. But what was inside was almost shocking. A spreadsheet of what looked like very street address in all of Xenia. Each followed by an X or the word ‘Clear’. Each had a set of numbers that made absolutely no sense at all following. The one that was just called ‘Clock tower’ had lots of numbers, more than any other location.

    “It’s impressive what you can do with a spreadsheet nowadays, huh?” Wade’s voice asked from the doorway.

    “What do these numbers mean?” Adam asked.

    “Number of dead found, number of runners we lost, number of scavengers encountered, number of vultures encountered. Etc…” He said.

    “Looks like a lot of shit went on at the Clock tower. Why have you not sent a party there?” Adam asked.

    “We have, lots of times. They just never came back so we forgot about it. But now, maybe if we work it just right we can squeeze a group in there. Whatever it is.”

    “You’re willing to risk your life for something you don’t know exists?” Adam asked.

    “I’m not going for one, and it’s not my call. Our so glorious King makes the real decisions around here, I’m just a Vassal, if you will.” Wade said. Great, a high schooler with a liking for spread sheets and a taste for words.

    “You seem to be out there a lot, always willing to risk your life. Why won’t you go out on this one?” Adam asked.

    “Like you said, I’m not afraid to risk my life. That’s why, as of now, I am the most important person in here.” Wade said.

    “Why is that?” Adam asked.

    “You’ll see.” He answered. Back to the cafeteria. There wasn’t really much to say, Adam didn’t really have an interest in learning about any of the people he’d shown up with as of now. Oh, and when Zach had said get some food, that was a joke. There was no food. None at all. Adam stopped at a table where the group he’d shown up with sat. Wade walked on and kneeled next to the girl named Raven.

    “Hey, uh… We need to talk.” He said. She looked over at him. Adam instantly saw the regret in his eyes, but he pressed on. Adam tuned him out.

    “So, were you able to make any sense of this thing?” Micheal asked.

    “No, none at all. I still don’t understand it at all, but after talking with the kid, it’s starting to make more sense. In the sense that it doesn’t make any sense at all.” Adam said.

    “All this kids here are so on edge, like, their always scared. All the time.” Kas said. “I tried to talk to someone, they just looked at me like I murdered their dog.”

    “Wouldn’t you be on edge if you were in their position?” Calista asked.

    “We are in their position now.” Adam reminded her.

    “Maybe it’s for a reason? Maybe we’re supposed to help them?” Calista asked.

    “This place.” Kas informed them, whilst taking a drink from a bottle. “Is way beyond saving.” Adam gripped her wrist and pulled the bottle away from her, taking a look at it. Whiskey.

    “Where’d you get this?” Adam asked.

    “It didn’t take her long to snoop out where they hid it all. Nobody was going to fight her over a bottle of whiskey, so they let her take it.” Micheal said.

    “Aren’t you a little young to be drinking?” Adam asked.

    “Exactly.” Calista said.

    “Shut up and give me that back.” Kas said, reaching for the bottle. Adam pulled it farther away and handed it to Micheal.

    “Why me?” He asked.

    “Just don’t let her have it.” Adam said. Kas sunk back and folded her arms across her chest. Adam looked over and saw that It had gone well between Raven and Wade, or at least that’s what it looked like. She was burrowing her face into his shoulder and he was gripping her tightly like he was afraid if he let go, she’d be gone forever. Adam stood and began walking in their direction, more so just past them then actually towards them, but as he got near he heard a staticy garbled sound. Wade reached down and pulled up a walkie-talkie.

    “Who is this?” He asked.

    “This is team two, we are inside the Clock tower. We repeat, we are inside the clock tower.” A voice responded. Wade jumped up, starling both him and Raven.

    “Who gave you authority to leave?” Wade asked.

    “Not you, my king.” The radio joked. “We’re under orders from high command.” They said.

    “I see. Casualties?” Wade asked.

    “Negative, the squad is still intact.” They responded.

    “Keep your guard up, scavengers can be anywhere.” Wade said.

    “How did they get out of here without being shot?” Adam asked.

    “They can’t shoot what they can’t see. Camouflage.” Wade responded.

    “Wade, we got something here.” The voice said.

    “What is it?” Wade asked.

    “A door, it’s sealed, no way in. But it looks like some sort of key or something goes in it.” They said.

    “Are you sure?” Wade asked.

    “Let me check.” They said. Long silence. When the voice came back it was a new person. “Okay, do not touch that door. Ted just got the shit electrocuted out of him.” The new voice said.

    “But you see the door?” Wade asked.

    “Yes, we see the door. If some sort of alien technology is hidden in Xenia, it’ll be behind this door.”

    “Okay, call off the scouting. Get back here ASAP.” Wade said.


    “You aren’t getting through that door without the key.” Wade said.

    “And what are you doing?” They asked.

    “I’m getting the key.” He said, then placed the radio on the table, whist rubbing his forehead. “Op. Five.” He whispered to himself, then turned to everyone and yelled. “Op. Five! Op. Five is a go! We found it! We finally found it!” The room that just moments earlier was full of lost and dying souls now sounded rejoiced. They cheered, they clapped. Someone had a trumpet they lifted from the band room. Adam pulled Wade aside.

    “What’s Op. Five?” He asked.

    “Operation five is the reason why I became important.” He said as he pulled away and walked down the hallway. Adam noticed that the girl, Raven had not reacted to the news like everyone else. It was a few minutes before Wade reappeared. Nothing was new, minus the fact he was wearing a katana on his back.

    “What’s the katana for?” Adam asked.

    “I’m going to go kill the Vulture king.” He said.

    “What?” Adam asked.

    “You heard me. I’m going on a suicide mission to kill the man in charge and take his key.”

    “And if you die?” Adam asked.

    “Nothing is accomplished, nothing is lost.” Wade said.

    “But, what about what you said? Camouflage?” Adam asked.

    “The Camo I’m talking about isn’t as easy to come by as what you’re talking about. What I’m talking about is a type of Camo that showed up at the same time the Scavengers did. This…” Wade said, nodding to the sword. “Is the only way.”

    “Why not a gun?” Adam asked.

    “We don’t have any. That’s part of the reason why we call them scavengers, they take stuff, and guns were high on their list.” He answered.

    “You don’t have to do this.” Adam said.

    “You have no idea.” Wade said, as he walked on towards the hallway that led to the doors that not long ago they’d just came in through. As he approached the beginning of the hallway he was swarmed by everyone that had been in the cafeteria. He looked around.

    “This is it everyone, What we’ve been waiting for, for so long.” He said. “We’re

  • . “We’re taking them out, here and now.” He said. Then he turned to Adam. “Keep my people safe for me. You understand?” He asked.

    “It doesn’t have to be you.” Adam said.

    “The needs of the many out weight the needs of a few.” Wade said, as he turned away. He stopped as he spotted Raven. He paused and took a breath. He took the blanket that was stuffed under his arm and draped it around her shoulders. “Stay warm, winter will be coming soon and it’s going to be cold. Tell everyone back home I love them.” He said.

    “How do you intend on getting the key from point A to point B if you’re dead?” Adam asked.

    “It doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t conform to our logic. Trust me.” He said. “All I need to do is put a piece of steel in his heart.” He said. “Look,” He said, now addressing everyone. “It’s been a hell of a run with you guys, and I know the times have been more than fucked up. But what is said is true, hard times bring out the best in everyone. You all are the best people I’ve ever met, and I’m proud to say I survived this shit show with you guys.” He said. Then turned his back on everyone. “I’ll see you all on the other side.” He said. They only sound was the sound of his sneakers on the hallway floor. No one followed him, no one spoke. A class room door busted open and a group of around five walked out, looking like they were all football players. They snapped a salute to Wade, and he returned it. So they must be the big wigs. He got not very far down the hallway before stopping dead in his tracks. Second thoughts. He spun on his heel and marched back towards the amassed group.

    “Fuck this.” He said as he stepped up to Raven and engulfed her in a kiss. She was totally caught off guard by this, and it was hard to tell if she was protesting it or if she was okay with it. After more than just an awkward moment he finally let her go. He held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. Then without a word, he walked away. This time he made it to the door. He paused, right hand on the glass door, left he held a sword. Then, without warning he pushed the door open and ran out. Almost instantly the ghoulish figures came out of nowhere, jumping from the top of the school or crawling out from under cars, or just running at him. He began cutting them down, the sword cut through them like butter, their blood was blue, a ghastly shade of blue. Every time one of them hit the ground their bodies would corrode like they were made of metal then they would just be no more. They’d fall apart like dirt, little particles going everywhere. The only problem was, there were way too many of them. They just kept coming, for every one he cut down, two more took its place. One of them took a swing at him, catching his right shoulder. It left no mark, but he let out a yell as if he’d just been shot. Then, they surrounded him, hundreds of them, versus one of him. The yelling grew louder and louder, and then, it was gone. Then the scavengers were gone, like they never existed. There was nothing left. No evidence Wade Davis had ever existed, minus the single black sneaker laying in the parking lot, surrounded with a pool of blood.

    “He’s dead.” Someone said.

    “The King is dead.” Someone said. “We’re doomed.”

    “Adam?” Micheal called.

    “Yeah?” Adam answered.

    “Adam, where are you?” He asked. Adam looked over, annoyed. He was standing right next to him.

    “Look to your left you idiot.” Adam said. Micheal looked to his left, straight at him.

    “Seriously dude, stop playing games. This is serious.” Micheal said. Adam reached out and grabbed his shoulders.

    “I’m right here.” Adam said, annoyed. Micheal reached up and touched Adam’s arm. He looked like he’d seen a ghost.

    “How are you doing this?” Micheal asked.

    “Doing what?” Adam asked.

    “Adam, your invisible.”

  • [I want to help]

    Wow, so Dana is the sister of Piper. Did not see that coming, but it's a great twist! Since she is at the same location Piper's body is located, I guess she is at the army camp, with Julia, Gilligan and most likely Leland too, even if it is hard to tell where that guy currently is. Damn, that is going to be very, very interesting. As for Leland, I am still curious, if his goal is to kill the mutants, why has he helped Julia when they first met instead of just killing her directly? He also had many chances later, which is really unsettling now that I think about it. That would imply that he has different plans for her and I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Quite probably, it's a very bad thing.

    As for Adam's part.... well, rest in piece, Wade. That was a very gruesome death and he failed pretty epically in his mission. At least it looks like Adam's super power has been revealed and I am pretty sure he has better chances of succeeding where Wade failed.

    mr.quality posted: »

    . “We’re taking them out, here and now.” He said. Then he turned to Adam. “Keep my people safe for me. You understand?” He asked. “It doe

  • Damn dude. That took a huge turn.

    [I want to help]

    mr.quality posted: »

    . “We’re taking them out, here and now.” He said. Then he turned to Adam. “Keep my people safe for me. You understand?” He asked. “It doe

  • [I want to help]

    mr.quality posted: »

    . “We’re taking them out, here and now.” He said. Then he turned to Adam. “Keep my people safe for me. You understand?” He asked. “It doe

  • [I want to help]

    mr.quality posted: »

    . “We’re taking them out, here and now.” He said. Then he turned to Adam. “Keep my people safe for me. You understand?” He asked. “It doe

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