The forgotten: Interactive story.



  • Dana Grey

    “Wait.” Dana said, as he walked to the door. He turned on his heel and gazed at her.

    “Yes?” He asked, after Dana hesitated.

    “I want to help you people. For… For my sister.” She said.

    “You’ve made a good choice.” He said, the stupid smile returning to his face as he walked back across the room and sat in a chair next to Dana.

    “So, uh, what do I do now?” Dana asked.

    “Now, you train.” Coleman said. “After that, we put you in play.” He said.

    “Train and then play.” Dana mused. “When do I start?” She asked.

    “Right now.” He said as he extended his arm to her, his palm out. His hand barely made contact with her and a jolt of electricity rushed through her body. She blacked out, but she was still awake. She couldn’t see, but she could feel. But the thing is, there wasn’t much to feel. It was like being suspended in space or something. What the hell was going on? What did that guy do to me? After a moment her eyes focused on a purplish haze, it spun and shimmered but faded as the real world came into focus. Her vision was tunneled, but she could tell she wasn’t in a hospital anymore. She was standing at what looked like a bus terminal. Well, standing is a bad word. She stumbled to her side and toppled over like a sack of bricks. She felt like she just got off a rollercoaster. The cements felt nice, at least it wasn’t spinning. It took a couple of minutes for everything to stop spinning and go back to normal, whatever the hell that was. Now time for the real questions, where was she? And how’d she get here. She placed her palms against the surface of the terminal and pushed upwards in an attempt to get up. She would’ve made it, had it not been for the heavy boot that was planted on her butt.

    “Stay down.” A gruff voice ordered. Dana complied, not only did she not want to die, the world was once again spinning. “First time teleporting?” He asked.

    “First time anything.” Dana said.

    “That’s good… Good.” He said. She felt the boot lift up and saw a man crouch down next to her face. He was built like an ox and had a face that looked like it was sculpted by Michelangelo himself. He had raging blue eyes and brown hair. Or at least that’s what it looked like, his hair was tucked under a camouflaged hat. “So you’re Dana Grey or Ally Greyson, or whatever the hell your name is?” He asked.

    “That’s one way to put it, but yes. I prefer Dana though.” Dana answered him.

    “Does it look to you like I give a shit what you prefer?” He asked. Ouch. That stung. “It said on your papers you tried to commit suicide by overdosing on Heroine. Is that right?” He asked. Dana remained silent as her eyes fixated on a far off point. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He said. “I hope we won’t have any problems with that.” He said. “Your paper also says your heart stopped, therefore you were dead. Isn’t that something.” He said.

    “Go fuck yourself.” Dana spat. His face twisted in rage, but he let it slide.

    “Alright, alright.” He said, obviously pissed off. “I’m assigning you to squad 231. Can you remember that number or are you too high?” He asked.

    “Where the hell even am I?” She asked.

    “You’re at the happiest place on the planet, camp Resnick; The PFDF’s personal training ground for people with extraordinary abilities, human or superhuman.” He said, did Dana detect sarcasm?

    “And I’m what?” Dana asked.

    “That’s what we’re here to figure out.” He said. “I’m Drill Sargent Bayes, and you and me are going be get really close in the next couple of months.” He said as he stood up. “Now get up.” He ordered. Dana pushed herself upwards and managed to get to her feet. She seriously did not like this guy. “Now, follow me and try not to get your head blown off.” He said as he began walking away. Dana stumbled after him for a few steps before she was able to regain her strides. As they walked Bayes pointed out some of the buildings, the mess hall, vehicle hangars, psych ward, hospital, command, et cetera. They walked until they came upon a large cluster of small shacks, each with a number above the doorway. “This.” He said. “Is where you’ll be living for the next few months.” He said as he mounted the stairs and threw open the door to shack 231. He stormed inside and held himself with pride, Dana lumbered along behind him, still a little nauseous. To Dana’s surprise there were about four other people inside, seeming mostly around her age. Except one, that looked a little young to be toting a gun, he was bent over tying his boot when they stormed in.

    “Private Acorn!” Bayes yelled, nearly at the top of his lungs. Acorn, what the hell kind of name is that? “What in the hell is this?” He asked. The kid shot up and sapped a salute, just as all the others had already done.

    “Sir, I was just tying my boot, Sir.” He said.

    “Is that so, little Acorn left his boot untied? Well guess what that means?” He asked the entire cabin. “No down time today, or tomorrow damn it.” He said, as he marched down the row of bunks, inspecting each and every person. “Now, squad 231 has gotten a new recruit as of today. Everyone welcome Private Zombie. Guess what guys? She tried to kill herself but failed.” He said. Ouch, again. And Private Zombie? What? Dana opened her mouth to say something. Bayes noticed. “What the hell is it, private? Spit it out.” He yelled at her, getting in her face.

    “Nothing.” Dana said, shrinking back.

    “What was that private?” He asked.

    “Nothing… Sir.” She said, her quivering voice making it sound more like a question.

    “Good. Squadron leader Tank, front and center.” He called. A man stepped out of ranks and approached Bayes, maintaining a cool, composed posture. “Squadron leader Tank, Private Zombie is now under your command. One fuck up and it’s your ass. Do you understand?” He asked.

    “Sir yes Sir.” Tank yelled back at him.

    “Good. You maggots got your schedules, don’t fucking be late.” He sneered as he turned on his heel and marched out the door, slamming it shut. As soon as he was gone the cabin was instantly at ease.

    “What the hell Acorn?” One said. “Seriously? I mean really?” They said.

    “Cut it out Fish, it was a mistake.” Acorn said, then turned to Dana. “Well Zombie, welcome to your hell away from home, squad 231.”

    “I still don’t even know what the hell is going on here.” Dana said.

    “It’s alright, you get used to not know what’s happening.” Acorn said.

    “What’s up with the stupid names?” Dana asked.

    “It’s Bayes little pastime. He gives everyone nicknames, just a little morale booster. For him.” Acorn said.

    “How did you end up with a name like Acorn?” Dana asked.

    “Because I’m a tough nut to crack.” He said. “Fish got his name because he was about to drown when they found him. Tank got his name because he got shot twice and really didn’t give a shit.” He went on. “I guess you got your name because you were dying?”

    “Dead.” Dana said.

    “Cool.” He said, as if it were nothing new.

    “What about her?” Dana asked, pointing out the only unnamed member of the squad.

    “Oh, She’s Ghost. Got her name because nobody knows anything about her, where’s she came form or where she’s going, it’s all a big mystery.” He said.

    “So, what is everyone’s real names?” Dana asked.

    “No clue. We don’t talk about our lives before camp.” He answered. “From now on, you’re Zombie. No one else.” He said.

    “Listen up people.” Tank said. “With the rookie coming in and Bayes already pissed off at us, we can’t afford to fuck up today. Zombie, just because you’re new around here doesn’t mean you get any special treatment. These first few days are going to kick your ass, but I swear if you give up I will personally skin you myself.” He said, he looked at Dana. “Put on your uniform and get ready for your first day recruit.” He said.

    “Uniform?” Dana asked.

    “On your bunk.” He said, motioning to a nearby cot. Dana walked over and picked up the pile of fatigues.

    “Where do I change?” She asked. Everyone laughed.

    “What’s the matter Zombie, got a problem with changing in front of men?” Fish busted out. Dana’s face turned red. Was it with embarrassment or anger though?

    “Recruit.” Tank said. “You’re going to put that uniform on, or there’s going to be hell to pay.” He said. Mother of God, she thought, what did I sign up for? Reluctantly she threw her shirt to the ground and pulled on the same olive drab shirt everyone else was wearing. Pants were next, then boots. She noticed her new name was sewn into the breast of the jacket. She hated it all already, and it had just started.

    “Alright, let’s move out. Try and keep up this time Acorn.” Tank said, the entire squad went mobile and out the door they went. Not in a full sprint, no, but pretty damn fast. Tank and Ghost were looking like they were both having a damn good time, but all the others, including Dana, felt like pure death. Well, Dana is Death incarnate. Luckily it was only a short run to wherever the hell they were going, which was a large open area near the edge of camp. Bayes was waiting there. Tank was the first to react, he stood up tall snapped off a salute, followed by Ghost. Dana was the last to salute, not last to show. Acorn was the last to show. Not much of a runner that kid. Dana was confused about the saluting, but when everyone else is doing it, why not do it to?

    “Acorn!” Bayes yelled. “Last to the line again? Beaten by the rookie?” He continued. “All of you on the ground, drop and give me twenty.” He said. Such a clichéd line, but Dana already had it though her dead; what this man said, you had to do. All five of them threw themselves into the ground, push-ups were never Dana’s strong suit, but she could manage twenty, even if it made her arms burn. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. What the hell? The strain on her arms became a lot heavier. She could feel the boot on her butt again.

    “What’s the matter Zombie?” Bayes asked. “Can’t handle the pressure?” He asked. Dana gritted her teeth, she wasn’t going to let this guy win. sixteen. “Answer me this Zombie, why did you try to kill yourself? Did your mommy not love you enough?” He asked.

    “My mother loved my just fine, Sir.” Dana answered. Seventeen. Everyone was silent. More than silent, they were staring at her. She was fighting back against Bayes, and winning.

    “A call for attention?” He asked.

    “No sir, it wasn’t.” Dana asked. Eighteen.

    “Then what was it?” He asked.

    “A solution to my problem.” She answered. Her arms wobbled, they were going to give out. No, she wasn’t going to let this asshole win. Up. Ninteen.

    “Private Zombie.” He said. Dana attempted to push up one more time, but Bayes put more weight into his boot and pushed her down. Her face smacked into a small rock that happened to be laying nearby, just her luck. She could feel blood. She could hear the half-hearted sighs of the others. Bayes knelt down next to her. “There is no solution to this problem Zombie, none.” He said, then stood up. “Twenty more!” He yelled, Dana could see the look her was giving her. He didn’t think she could give anymore. She was still determined to prove him wrong. She placed her hands on the ground, and did it. She gave one more. Just as she fell back down and Bayes was about to start screaming his head off, a jeep busted its way onto the scene. A man stepped out and approached Bayes.

    “Private Zombie, Front and center!” He yelled. Oh God. Dana gave every last ounce of energy she had and forced herself up and walked over to the man. She stood up straight and snapped a salute. He waved her off. “Cut that out soldier.” He said. “What happened to your face?” He asked.

    “It was nothing.” She answered.

    “What’s going on here Lieutenant?” Bayes demanded.

    “Coleman ordered her to Psych. On the double.” The Lieutenant answered. So Coleman is back, great.

    “Then get going. We don’t need her here anyways.” Bayes said as he waved them away. He turned around and began unleashing a flurry of insults at the rest.

    “Get in the jeep. Let’s go.” The Lieutenant ordered. Dana opened the jeep’s door and slid into the back. The lieutenant got in the passenger’s seat and the driver floored it. They drove through the entire camp and to the Psych ward. “Go on in, he’s waiting for you.” He said. Dana got out of the jeep and as soon as her feet hit the ground, they sped off. Dana walked up to the large glass door and it swung open on it’s own. Inside she looked around, it was empty.

    “Zombie, over here.” A familiar voice called. She looked over and saw Coleman hunched over a table writing on a paper. Dana walked over to him. “It seems your having a fun time settling in at camp.” He said.

    “You teleported me to hell.” Dana said.

    “I thought you said you didn’t believe in that.” He said.

    “What the fuck do you want from me?” Dana asked.

    “Well, you still have a mouth on you.” He said. “You’ve only been here about an hour and you’ve already made enemies with the drill sergeant.”

    “Yeah, so.” Dana said. “Is that why I’m here, because I’m pissing people off? You just dumped me here and I have no idea what’s happening. All I’ve done is change my cloths and do nineteen push-ups.” Dana said.

    “I know.” He said. “But that’s not what this is about.”

    “What’s it about then?” She asked.

    “We want to run some tests on you. Try and figure out what, if any, powers you may have.” He said.

    “Great. Needles.” Dana said.

    “Not exactly.” He said.

    “What then?” She asked.

    “Follow me.” He answered, as he stood up and walked down a long hallway. Dana followed. “This test is going to mess with you, you’re going to have to go with your reflexes. Do what your mind tells you to do.” He said as he walked. A nurse walked by and handed him a cup filled with what looked like cough syrup. “Drink this.” He said, handing it to Dana.

    “What is it?” She asked.

    “It’s going to help us see inside your head.” He said.

    “Fun.” Dana said, with no other choice she swallowed the tasteless liquid. She could fell a tingle throughout her body. Coleman stopped at a door and opened it. He motioned for Dana to go inside, once she was in he shut the door and it was complete darkness. She turned around to the door, but it wasn’t there.

    “Hello? Not cool. Let me out.” She called. Suddenly there was a cry from behind her.

    “Dana Help!” A voice called. She spun around to see her sister, Kas, shackled to a chair. Blood was running from a gash in her forehead. Dana ran over to her.

    “What happened?” Dana asked.

    “Don’t trust them Dana, they aren’t who they say there are. You got to get out of here. Now!” Kas yelled to her.

    “I’m not just going to leave you.” Dana said. Kas lifted her left arm and shook the chain.

    “Do you have much of a choice?” She asked.

    “No. No she doesn’t.” A voice said. Dana spun around and saw a large man standing in the shadows. He stepped forward into the light. In his hand he held a pistol.

    “Who the hell are you people?” Dana demanded.

    “I think you know who we are.” He answered, he lifted his arm and leveled the pistol to her head. Dana filled with fear, her mind raced. She recalled what Coleman said. ‘Do what your mind tells you.’ But her mind wasn’t telling her anything except she was about to die, and she needed to run. But her legs were frozen in place. Time slowed and she saw the bullet fire. She saw it coming at her. She shut her eyes and waited for the worst. Then, nothing. She opened her eyes, and her jaw dropped. She was standing in a random town. Men were walking around wearing suits, street trolleys were bustling about. Many people stopped and gave Dana a confused glare.

    “Are you lost miss?” One asked.

    “What time is it?” She asked.

    “Twelve twenty-six. November seventh.” He said. “Are you feeling alright miss?” He asked.

    “What year is it?”

    “nineteen thirty. Are you alright? Come over here and sit down.” He said to her. “Where did you come form, it doesn’t look like you’re from around here by the way you dress.” He said. Dana’s head began to swim. Her body began to tingle again. The man’s face began to fade. Black. Then light. She looked up into Coleman’s eyes. He was gripping her shoulders.

    “That was incredible.” He said.

    “What… What just happened?” She asked,

    “You just traveled back in time. To Chicago, nineteen thirty.” He said. “How do you feel?” He asked.


    [Answer truthfully]

    [Answer with sarcasm]

    [Be angry]

  • [Answer with sarcasm]

    That Chicago man was nicer than Coleman, with only five lines.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “Wait.” Dana said, as he walked to the door. He turned on his heel and gazed at her. “Yes?” He asked, after Dana hesitated.

  • [Answer with sarcasm]

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    Dana Grey “Wait.” Dana said, as he walked to the door. He turned on his heel and gazed at her. “Yes?” He asked, after Dana hesitated.

  • [Answer with sarcasm] Sarcasm is always the answer.

    I'm curious what exactly the nature of Dana's powers are. She can travel through time, she can revive herself... that makes me wonder, perhaps the mutants are not limited to one power, or perhaps that revive thing was a one-time deal only. In any way, travelling through time is pretty nice, if she manages to master this power.

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    Dana Grey “Wait.” Dana said, as he walked to the door. He turned on his heel and gazed at her. “Yes?” He asked, after Dana hesitated.

  • she can revive herself

    Well, this could also be credited to modern medicine. But, that is only one possibility.

    [Answer with sarcasm] Sarcasm is always the answer. I'm curious what exactly the nature of Dana's powers are. She can travel through time

  • [Answer with sarcasm]

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    Dana Grey “Wait.” Dana said, as he walked to the door. He turned on his heel and gazed at her. “Yes?” He asked, after Dana hesitated.

  • Alina Zabek

    Alina awoke, with a pulsating pain in her head and a fuzzy memory of what happened. Perhaps that was for the best. She looked around the room and quickly realized it wasn’t her own and almost began to freak out. She could hear the EKG spiking as her heart raced.

    “Alina, calm down.” An all too familiar voice said off to her left. She rolled her head to the left and saw the long black hair, brown eyes, and light beard that was her brother.

    “Nathan.” She said, forcing a pained smile. “What are you doing here?” She asked.

    “I came directly here once I heard what happened. I wasn’t about to leave my younger sister out to dry.” He said.

    “What happened?” Alina asked.

    “How much do you remember?” Nathan asked.

    “Other than taking a brick to the face, not much.” She answered. His eyes drifted downwards. “What exactly happened?” She asked.

    “You… You don’t need to know yet. Just, focus on getting better.” He said.

    “I don’t even know why I’m here, or how I got here.” Alina said. Nathan took a breath.

    “You tried to stand up after Tyler found you, then fell flat on your face. He dragged you to his car and got you here.” He said.

    “Tyler…” Alina said, musing over the name.

    “Do you remember him?” Nathan asked. Alina concentrated a little more and let out a yell of pain as her head erupted into an immense pain, her brain left like it was liquefying and the rest of her head felt like it was burning by acid. She lifted her hands to the sides of her head and pressed against her temples to try and relieve some pain.

    “Holy shit, what’s wrong?” Nathan asked his voice sound way too far away. She saw him get up and run out of the room, moments later coming back in with a doctor who looked just as frightened as him. The doctor attempted to talk to Alina but it wasn’t working, at this point the only thing getting through to her was the pain that wouldn’t go away. She suddenly began to lose all feeling. She saw the doctor turn and look at her, his eyes widening as Alina drifted into a deep blackness that consumed everything.


    “Get her to an MRI, now. I want someone always monitoring her at all times.” Someone said.

    “Got it.” Another spoke.

    “Is she going to be alright? I mean, that wasn’t normal. Right?” Someone asked. Nathan.

    “It’s hard to tell, but after taking a hit to the head like she did… We’re just going to have an MRI done to look at her brain and make sure there’s no damage.” The doctor said. Alina forced herself to open her eyes, which felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each. There were multiple doctors in the room and Nathan, looking scared shitless. Her mouth felt like sandpaper.

    “W-what happened?” She asked. A doctor looked at her.

    “Try not to move, okay?” They said.

    “But, what happened?” She asked.

    “You just had a stroke. A bad one; we’re taking you to an MRI now.” He said.

    “Nathan.” Was all she could say.

    “I’m right here, it’s okay.” Nathan said. Alina felt the bed she was laying on begin to move.

    Nathan Zabek

    That was probably the most horrible thing he’d ever seen. His little sister in a hospital bed having seizure right in front of him and not knowing what to do. Now, they’ve taken her off to an MRI and here he sits, waiting. Hopefully for good news, but this is a hospital. You know better than to hope for good news in a hospital. He pulled out his phone with shaky hands and looked at it. Where the hell were his parents? They should’ve been here an hour ago, at least. He saw a man in a lab coat walking towards him and stood up.

    “How is she?” He asked. The doctor shook his head. “Not a good sign, that is not good.” Nathan said.

    “We’ve got good news and bad news.” The doctor said. “The bad news is, she has a brain hemorrhage.” He said, with a pause.

    “Big word man, that scares me.” Nathan said.

    “It means her brain is bleeding.” He said.

    “You can put a Band-Aid on that to stop it from bleeding, right?” Nathan said. Stupid thing to say, but scared people say stupid things.

    “I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than that, she’s going to need surgery if she’s going to live. The surgery itself is risky, we risk permanent damage to the brain if we operate.” He said.

    “Is there another option?” Nathan asked.

    “We don’t operate. We keep monitoring her and pray to God that the bleeding fixes itself.” He said.

    “What happens of it doesn’t stop bleeding?” Nathan asked.

    “She dies.” He said.

    “Why are you telling me this?” Nathan asked.

    “If we’re going to operate, we need to do it now. And since your parents were not present, the decision falls on you.” He said.

    “Doctor Snyder.” Another doctor said as she approached.

    “What is it?” he asked.

    “We managed to stabilize her, but her vitals are going off the chart. If we keep going like this we risk permanent brain damage.” She said.

    “I know that.” Snyder said. “But it’s still up to Mr. Zabek on how we are to proceed.” He said.


    [Agree to the surgery]

    [Deny the surgery]

  • [Agree to the surgery]

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    Alina Zabek Alina awoke, with a pulsating pain in her head and a fuzzy memory of what happened. Perhaps that was for the best. She looked

  • I expected her to be in somewhat bad condition after what she went through but holy shit.

    Luck doesn't seem to be on anyone's side, currently, so I gotta go with [Agree to the surgery]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Alina Zabek Alina awoke, with a pulsating pain in her head and a fuzzy memory of what happened. Perhaps that was for the best. She looked

  • Hello everyone, I don't normally do this, but...

    I have made a new story, which is a continuation of a previous story, Stranded. I've just released the first part, and I'm kinda exited for it. So if you would like, go ahead and check it out by clicking link below... I think. Tech stuff, never my strong suit.

  • [Agree to the surgery]

    I... ah, damn it, I don't know. I have not expected things to look that bad for Alina. I wonder if her concentrating on the man who tried to kidnap her is related to her suffering a stroke. Anyway, there's a risk of permanent brain damage or death in both options. I do think giving it a try has the better chance than just hoping for the best though. I guess the hospital has skilled surgeons and if anyone can save her life, it's going to be one of them.

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    Alina Zabek Alina awoke, with a pulsating pain in her head and a fuzzy memory of what happened. Perhaps that was for the best. She looked

  • [Agree to the surgery]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Alina Zabek Alina awoke, with a pulsating pain in her head and a fuzzy memory of what happened. Perhaps that was for the best. She looked

  • Dana Grey

    “I feel like someone in 1930 Chicago has a hell of a story to tell when he gets home.” Dana answered him.

    “Ah, yes I’m sure they’ll send him to the insane asylum.” Coleman said.

    “Wow, it was a joke.” Dana said.

    “No, I was quite literal.” He said.

    “Fuck you.” Dana said.

    “Duly noted.” He said. “From here on in, you’re being reassigned, no more training with the regular squads. We’ve seen your power, so now it’s time to test it.” He said. “Trust me, this is going to be fun.” He said.

    “For you.” She said.

    “Look, you never signed any sort of contract or anything, nothing’s keeping you here. If you want to go, go. Leave the entire world defenseless against Leland because you didn’t like my attitude.” He said.

    “Asshole.” Dana murmured.

    “So I’ve been told.” He said. “But, good for you since you won’t be dealing with me anymore.” He said.

    “Really? This must be my lucky day.” She sarcastically answered.

    “It must, because Doctor Hopkins will be supervising you from now on. He’s our expert with people with your… skill.” He said.

    “Doctor Hopkins?” She asked.

    “Yeah, that’s me.” A new voice said accompanied by the closing of a door. Dana looked over and saw a tall dark haired man with glasses walk in. “Jasper Hopkins. At your service.” He said, holding out a hand to Dana. She wearily took it and shook his hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you, it’s great to finally meet you in person. I hope Doc Coleman wasn’t too much of an ass.” He said. Coleman grunted.

    “Me? An Ass? Never.” Coleman said.

    “That means you were being an ass.” Hopkins said.

    “Yeah.” Coleman said.

    “Now that we’ve got that settled, Miss Grey, how about you come with me. There’s probably a lot we need to talk about.” Hopkins said.

    “Yeah, uh… Sure.” Dana said as she stood up. Hopkins looked over at Coleman and nodded.

    “You need to work on your bedside manners.” He said.

    “Fuck off.” Coleman said. Hopkins laughed as he grabbed at the door. Dana followed him out in the hallway, for the first time noticing the splitting headache she had accompanied by slightly blurred vision.

    “Doctor Hopkins,” She began.

    “Please, call me Jasper.” He said.

    “Jasper, what exactly was in the drink Coleman gave me?” She asked.

    “Coleman gave you a drink?” He asked, slightly confused. “That motherfucker, I told him not to do that.” He grumbled.

    “Why? What’s wrong?” Dana asked.

    “That drink, it went through and found all the drugs that were still in your body.” He said. “And then it sent them into your bloodstream.” He said.

    “So, your telling me Coleman just forced me to drink heroin?” She asked, now angered.

    “To put it simply, yes.” Jasper said. Dana stopped and began to turn around, but Jasper noticed and placed a surprisingly firm hand on her shoulder. “We’ll deal with him, okay?” He said. Dana shook her head.

    “I’ve been trying to get off that stuff for so long.” She said.

    “I don’t doubt that, but maybe this is a good thing. Now, all the drugs that were in your body are gone.” He said. “This might be a new beginning for you, it can be a good thing.” He said.

    “We’ll see about that.” Dana grumbled.

    “Now, please, don’t be offended when I ask. But I am slightly confused, should I call you Dana or Alley?” He asked. Dana huffed angrily.

    “It’s Dana, pure and simple. Nothing else.” She said, looking him in his warm brown eyes.

    “Sorry, I just wasn’t sure when I read your file.” He said. Dana narrowed her eyes at him.

    “Don’t bring it up again.” She said.

    “I won’t. I promise.” He said as he continued walking. They fell into complete silence for the better part of a minute. Jasper stopped and grabbed a nearby nurse. “Get Coleman.” Is all he said, but she seemed to understand as she walked off.

    “So, why did you take my case?” Dana asked.

    “Like Coleman said, I am an expert in people with your gift.” He said, running his hand through his long brown hair. “I’ve been doing this for a while now.”

    “Do you… Have the power to?” She asked.

    “I used to. A while back. Now, it’s just a memory. If you want to see someone will a hell of a time traveling power, you should see my friend D. B.” He said.

    “D. B?” She asked.

    “Yeah, D. B. Cooper.” He said.

    “As in…” Dana trailed.

    “The D. B. Cooper, the hijacker that disappeared with 200,000 dollars back in 1971.” Jasper said. “It’s a helluva story. He went to ancient Babylon first on accident, good guy really.” He said.

    “Wow. I never imagined.” She said.

    “Where did you think he went?” He asked.

    “Well, sure as shit not Babylon.” Dana said.

    “Yeah, back then. That was the good times, no ‘Leland Frey’ or any of his dipsticks to hunt us down. We did whatever the hell we wanted. You see, Leland hadn’t grown to power yet. He was only in the shadows then.” He went on.

    “Wait, he was alive back then? How is he here? Can he time travel to?” She asked.

    “No, it’s worse than that. Leland has been around since… Hell, I have no idea. He’s as old a dirt really.” He said.

    “So, he’s really old. Then why is he suddenly being active in his murdering antics?” Dana asked.

    “You answered your own question. He’s old. He may live long, but nothing lasts forever, and he knows that. My best guess is that he’s looking for a suitable wife so someone can continue to kill us.” Jasper said.

    “Damn.” She said.

    “But that’s just a guess.” He said. “Now, I guess we need to talk about something important.” He said.

    “What?” She asked.

    “A few days ago, Two teenagers were murders, Tyler Mason and Chad Sparks, with a third one missing, Alina Zabek. You recall that, right?” He asked.

    “Yeah, I heard about that. But Tyler and Alina are alive. Chad is missing.” She said.

    “That’s what your history says. True history says differently. Alina was kidnapped, Chad and Tyler shot and killed after they tried to stop it.” He said. “It was one of us that changed that. And I think it was you.” He said.

    “Me? I don’t remember that.” She said.

    “Because it hasn’t happened yet. But it has, and it will, so it was and it is. But it’s still not, but it will be.” He said. “I’m just confusing you.” He said. “We’ll train you with your power. You’ll become great, you’ll be able to change history.” He said. “Just give us the chance. What do you say?” He asked.

    “I- uh…” Dana stuttered.




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    I'm very intrigued to find out where this is going. That, and it wouldn't hurt for Dana to know how to use her powers, just in case things turn sour.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I feel like someone in 1930 Chicago has a hell of a story to tell when he gets home.” Dana answered him. “Ah, yes I’m sure

  • [Accept]

    I don't really see a reason not to give them a chance. Jasper seems to be an okay guy and while the okay guys often turn out to be not so okay guys, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I have also seen this line:

    My best guess is that he’s looking for a suitable wife so someone can continue to kill us.

    Oh shit... oh hell no, suddenly some stuff makes a lot more sense to me. For example, why he hasn't killed Julia all the times he was able to do so, why he would rather abduct her instead of killing her on spot and stuff like that. Maybe I am wrong with this, but it would make a lot of sense. I don't like how much sense it makes.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I feel like someone in 1930 Chicago has a hell of a story to tell when he gets home.” Dana answered him. “Ah, yes I’m sure

  • [Accept]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I feel like someone in 1930 Chicago has a hell of a story to tell when he gets home.” Dana answered him. “Ah, yes I’m sure

  • [Accept]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I feel like someone in 1930 Chicago has a hell of a story to tell when he gets home.” Dana answered him. “Ah, yes I’m sure

  • Dana Grey

    “I’ll do it.” Dana said. “I give you a chance.” She said. She saw a slight smile appear on Jasper’s face before it disappeared once more. He looked conflicted on whether to be happy or concerned.

    “You do realize hard times await you, and you have no obligation to do this if you don’t want to, right?” He asked, genuinely concerned. That or he was totally faking it, it was hard to tell with these guys.

    “I’ve made my choice, now stop trying to dissuade me before I change my mind.” She said.

    “Duly noted.” Jasper said. “In that case, I’ll show you to your new partner.” He said.

    “Partner?” She asked.

    “Yeah, it’s too dangerous out there for people with powers to go wandering alone. So we stick them with another person and hope it turns out for the best.” Jasper said.

    “Sounds like fun.” Dana said. “Who is she?”

    “Well he is named Samuel Anderson.” He said. “I think you two are going to make a good team.” He continued.

    “Where is he?” Dana asked.

    “Right this way.” Jasper said as he walked off with Dana following close behind him. They wove their way out of the building they were in and off towards a barracks. Jasper opened the door and walked in.

    “What did I tell you?” A man yelled. “Five seconds, five seconds exactly.” He said.

    “What are you going on about this time Anderson?” Jasper asked.

    “I made a bet with the rookie on when you’d be coming by.” Samuel Anderson said.

    “What was the bet?” Jasper asked.

    “A pack of smokes and twenty bucks.” Samuel said. Jasper looked at the squeamish looking kid standing next to Samuel. He looked no older than 16, he was tall and lanky with a face full of acne, the kid looked nothing like a soldier.

    “Did you agree to the bet?” Jasper asked the rookie.

    “Yeah, I did.” The rookie said, sounding pissed off more than anything else.

    “Then you better pay up.” Jasper said.

    “I was planning on it.” The kid said as he walked off.

    “Sam.” Jasper said.

    “I know, I know.” Samuel said. “Quit making bets with rookies, they don’t know any better.” He said.

    “That, but also…” Jasper began before being cut off.

    “You want me to meet my new partner, Alley Greyson who goes by the name of Dana Grey.” He said. Dana looked at Samuel. He was built like a brick wall, arms as big as a warship’s cannons, a barrel chest and square shoulders. The guy looked like he was made to move mountains, not sit around making bets at a table. Even if his face said otherwise. Looking at just his face and nothing else, he looked like a normal guy you’d see on the streets. Browns eyes, short black hair. A nice smile.

    “I didn’t tell him about you.” Jasper said.

    “How do you know my name?” Dana asked Samuel.

    “Same way I know your blood pressure is 117/79 and your body temperature is 99.4.” He said. “Same way I know you still wear that ring on your finger even though, by the looks of it, they broke it off.” He said. Dana stopped dead, looking at the ring on her finger. It shined in the light of the barracks. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insensitive.” Samuel said, as if reading her mind.

    “In other words he has the power of being a pain in the ass.” Jasper said.

    “I’m pretty much a glorified Psychic.” Samuel said. “But anyways, glad to have you on board. It’s always good to have a time traveler with you. You never know when you’ll have to go back in time to save your own ass.” He said.

    “I wish I could say I was glad to be here.” Dana said as she continued to look at the silver band on her finger. Samuel looked over at Jasper.

    “Why don’t you head back to your barracks, we can start with this tomorrow.” Samuel said. Dana looked up at him, not understanding. “You’ve been through a lot in these last few days Dana. You need a break. Everyone has a limit, and we don’t need to go pushing around to find yours. Take the day off.” He said. Dana looked over at Jasper.

    “I’ll walk you back to the barracks.” He said.

    “I’m fine.” Dana said. “I mean really.” She said.

    “You’re not fine, Dana.” Samuel said. “Trust me.”

    “Come on, let’s go.” Jasper said as he led her out of the room and back onto the base. “He cares about you.” Jasper said as they walked.

    “I’m fine, really. I can do whatever you need me to do.” She said.

    “Samuel’s entire power focuses around reading people, if he doesn’t think you’re up for it, I don’t think you’re up for it.” Jasper said. “You need some time, we’re giving you some time. Simple as that.”

    “And if he thinks I’m not up to the challenge tomorrow?” Dana asked.

    “Then we wait longer.” Jasper said. “We’ve already pushed you to the edge and over.” He said. “There’s no sense in digging a ditch at the bottom.” He said as he looked over at one of the buildings as they walked by.

    “Where are we?” Dana asked.

    “What do you mean?” Jasper asked.

    “Where am I? On Earth, where am I?” She asked.

    “Why do you think you’re on Earth?” Jasper asked, then smiled. “I’m just messing with you.” He said. “This is Wright Patterson Air Force Base we call this part of the base Camp Resnick. Right in Ohio.” He said.

    “So…” Dana trailed. “This is a military base being used to train people like me?” She asked.

    “Or.” Jasper said. “It’s a base for people like you being used by the military.” He said. “It all depends on perspective.”

    “I don’t have a lot of that these days.” Dana said.

    “That may be the problem.” Jasper said as he approached the door to the barracks and pulled it open. “We’ll see you tomorrow, Dana.” He said.

    “Yeah.” Dana said. “Tomorrow.” She mumbled as she stepped in and the door swung shut behind her. Everyone inside stopped and looked at her.

    “Zombie, you’re back.” Acorn was the first to notice her presence. “I was beginning to think they killed you.” He said.

    “Killed me?” Dana asked.

    “It’s only rumors, the kind of stuff they do in psych.” Tank said. “How’d it turn out for you? Did they find your power?” He asked.

    “I guess so.” Dana said, unsure of what to really say.

    “What is it? What can you do?” Fish asked. Dana was surprised by the squad’s sudden interest in her.

    “Turns out I’m a time traveler.” Dana said. “I guess.”

    “That’s so cool!” Fish yelled out.

    “I wish They’d find my power already.” Tank moaned. “I’ve been to psych five times already with no luck.” He said.

    “Where did you go, when you time travelled?” Acorn asked, Dana was about to answer when a new voice entered the conversation.

    “What the hell does it matter, where she went or what she does?” A female voice spoke. “She’s a freak, just like the rest of us. A reject of the modern world that they sent here to this hellhole just because we exist.” She said, looking directly into Dana’s eyes.

    “You talk?” Acorn asked, looking quite perplexed. Ghost looked at him, disgusted. She huffed and marched off back into the back of the barracks.

    “Holy shit.” Tank said. “We’ve been together for, who knows how long. And this is the first time I’ve ever heard her talk.” Tank said.

    “I can’t tell if she likes you or hates you.” Fish said, looking at Dana.

    “You’re not the only one in that boat.” Dana said, looking at the back of Ghost’s head as she flopped down onto a bunk and stared at a wall.

    “Hey, Zombie.” Tank said.

    “Yeah?” Dana asked.

    “Maybe you should try to talk to her.” He said. “I mean, you’re the only person she’s ever talked to. Like, ever. This could mean something big.” He said.

    “Or it could mean she’s pissed off.” Fish said.


    [Agree to talk to Ghost]

    [Stay away from Ghost]

  • [Agree to talk to Ghost]

    Everyone needs someone to talk to, even if that someone died of an overdose not even two days before.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I’ll do it.” Dana said. “I give you a chance.” She said. She saw a slight smile appear on Jasper’s face before it disappeared

  • [Agree to talk to Ghost]

    That might backfire, but maybe Dana ends up befriending her. Can never hurt to talk to people, right?

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I’ll do it.” Dana said. “I give you a chance.” She said. She saw a slight smile appear on Jasper’s face before it disappeared

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    [Agree to talk to Ghost]

    I think the worst thing that can happen is Ghost being pissed at her.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Dana Grey “I’ll do it.” Dana said. “I give you a chance.” She said. She saw a slight smile appear on Jasper’s face before it disappeared

  • Nathan Zabek

    “Jesus Christ…” Nathan muttered. “Do it. Do whatever it takes to keep her alive.” He said.

    “We’ll try our best.” Doctor Snyder said.

    “I don’t want your best damn it!” Nathan yelled at him. “I want my sister alive!” He said.

    The doctor looked shocked by the sudden outburst but seemed oddly used to it, and even seemed to understand. Nathan felt a little bad about yelling at the doctor, he normally wasn’t like this; yelling and screaming. But this was his sister, about to be cut open like some science project.

    “I understand Mr. Zabek.” Doctor Snyder said. “We will do everything in our power to get her back on her feet.” He said, as he turned to leave to waiting room. Nathan could hear his footsteps as he left, due to the silence.

    Nathan looked up around the waiting room. Everyone was staring at him, like he was some sort of freak. One woman across the row of chairs from him was looking at him like this was all amusing to her.

    “The fuck are you looking at?” Nathan sneered as he sank back into a chair.

    “I’m not sure yet.” She answered. “Either I’m looking at someone who has a perpetual hate for doctors or I’m looking at someone who’s missing someone they love.” She said.

    “Huh.” Nathan sighed.

    “Bastet di Randagio.” She said. “And you are?”

    “Nathan Zabek.” Nathan answered.

    “This is always the worst part.” Bastet said.

    “What is?” Nathan asked.

    “The waiting.” She said. “Hoping everything turns out okay in the end.”

    “You have someone you care about in here too?” Nathan asked.

    “My mother.” Bastet said. “She fell ill many years ago, when I was around eighteen. Ever since then, hospital trips have been a regular occurrence.” She said.

    “Don’t they know what’s wrong with her?” Nathan asked.

    “I wish they did.” She said. “It’s been years and every doctor we’ve seen has drawn a black on her.” She said.

    “That’s…” Nathan said. “That’s horrible.” He said.

    “And now I’m 21 and sitting in the same old waiting room once again, praying I’ll get to see my mother one more time.” She said.

    “I… I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Nathan said.

    “Don’t be.” Bastet said. “Sometimes, it’s just how life works. Sometimes the mystery never gets solved. Sometimes the best part of it all is the chase.” She said. “That’s what my mother always said.”

    “What about your father?” Nathan asked. “Where is he?”

    “My father…” She started. “He died when I was only sixteen.”

    “Oh…” Nathan muttered.

    “Now, all that there is left to do is to wait.” She said.

    Julia Carter

    Julia eyed Weber. He seemed on edge and very uncomfortable at this point.

    “I’m not going anywhere with you.” Julia said.

    “What?” He asked.

    “You heard me.” She said. “I’m staying in the barracks with Gilligan.”

    “You’re putting your life at stake here.” Weber said.

    “Maybe I am.” She said. “But think about it, separating everyone makes them weaker and easy to pick off. I’m not stupid, but apparently you are.” She said.

    “Not really.” Weber said. “Look around you. If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve already done it.” He said as he walked away. Julia looked around the barracks, he was right. If he wanted to kill her he could’ve easily done it. There was only one other person in here, and he wasn’t even paying any attention.

    Julia stood from the bunk she was seated on and walked around the barracks towards him. Julia sat down on the bunk next to him.

    “What are you looking at?” Julia asked him.

    “It’s Piper’s sketch book.” Gilligan answered. “She gave it to me before the not-Micheal Micheal shot her.” He said.

    “So they already told you?” Julia asked.

    “Yeah.” Gilligan said, seeming to be unfazed by the revelation. “She was a pretty good artist. I mean, look at this one.” He said, flipping through the pages to the sketch book, coming to a stop on one page. The hand-drawn picture depicted a group of people standing on top what looked like a mountain overlooking an island. They were all silhouetted by the large setting sun in the background. It seemed tranquil, yet ominous in some way.

    “She was a good drawer.” Julia agreed.

    “She was.” He said.

    “You felling alright?” Julia asked him.

    “I wish I could say I was.” Gilligan said. “But right now, it’s all just starting to catch up to me.” He said. “She’s really dead, isn’t she?”

    “A lot of people are, Gilligan.” Julia said.

    “And that’s supposed to make me feel better how?” He asked.

    “It wasn’t.” She said.

    “Thanks.” He said.

    “This whole thing is fucked up. I don’t know who I can trust and who I can’t. Hell, I don’t even know who’s who anymore.” She said.

    “Whatever happed to life without powers?” Gilligan said. “Life where your own life wasn’t threatened by the fact that you’re in the general vicinity of someone with a power.” Julia felt the comment was aimed at her, but brushed it off.

    “I know how you feel.” Julia said. “I just want it all to go away.”

    “Why?” He asked. “You’re alive because of it.”

    “A lot of people are dead because of it.” She restated, noting the few drops of blood on the cover of the sketch pad. Most likely Piper’s.

    “That there are.” Gilligan said.

    “That there are.” Julia sighed.

    “Do you think we’re safe here?” He asked.

    “What do you mean?” She asked.

    “With Leland roaming around, do you think we’re safe here. In this barrack?” He asked.

    “Where else would we go?” She asked.

    “I’ve got an idea.” Gilligan said.

    “Like what?” She asked.

    “The SEM building.” He said. “It’s deep into the base, so if Leland wants to get to us he’d have to go through a lot.” He said.

    “Smart, but how would we get in?” Julia asked. “The doors are always locked without a key card.”

    “About that…” Gilligan said, pulling a small plastic card out of his pocket.

    “Where did you get that?” She asked.

    “I lifted it off of a solider.” Gilligan said. “It was the only way, Julia.” He said.

    “You stole a soldiers ID?” She exclaimed.

    “When you put it like that it sounds bad.” He said.

    “It sounds bad any way you put it!” She said.

    “So does that mean we’re going?” He asked.


    [Go to the SEM building]

    [Stay in the barracks]

  • “Look around you. If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve already done it.” He said as he walked away.

    This is something Leland would have probably said as well. I mean, considering how many chances he had and how easy it should be for him to get close to her, I am by now convinced that he does not wish to kill her. Of course, this is only a small relief, as his apparent fascination with her still makes me afraid of what he could have planned. Part of me wonders if not trusting Weber was a mistake. However, at the same time, even if Weber was telling her the truth, there is simply no way he could have actually kept her safe, not as long as Leland is still alive. Julia can only be truly safe if she, or someone else, manages to kill that fucker.

    [Go to the SEM building]

    I got a bad feeling about this. I got such a bad feeling about this. At the same time, I got a similarly bad feeling about staying in the barracks. I think, by now it isn't the question if Leland manages to capture her, it is the question when he is going to do it. He could be basically everyone. He could have been Weber, and I actually still think he was, but at the same time, it is not impossible for him to be Gilligan right now. I hope we can trust the guy who seems to be Gilligan. The only reason I am willing to trust him is, if Julia stays in the barracks, Leland is going to get her sooner or later anyway, because the barracks are definitely not a safe place. With the SEM building, there is at least a small chance that she manages to evade getting captured by him. If this is a trap by Leland, then the outcome would, in the long run, most likely be similar to what is going to happen either way if she stays in the barracks. Damn it... don't die, Julia D:

    mr.quality posted: »

    Nathan Zabek “Jesus Christ…” Nathan muttered. “Do it. Do whatever it takes to keep her alive.” He said. “We’ll try our best.” Doctor S

  • [Go to the SEM building]

    Currently, I am terrified for everyone's safety. Julia and Gilligan, because Gilligan does have a fair point that the barracks are not safe and various other reasons. Julia, because how are we to know that Gilligan is real? While highly unlikely, we didn't see a difference in real Michael and fake Michael until fake Michael acted out. Alina, because brain surgery and the fact that Nathan compared her to a science project. Actual Michael, Kas, Callista, and Adam, because where the fuck are they? and Tyler the same as before. And also Chad for that same reason. I don't know, I find it hard to assure he's dead after what went down in the alley.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Nathan Zabek “Jesus Christ…” Nathan muttered. “Do it. Do whatever it takes to keep her alive.” He said. “We’ll try our best.” Doctor S

  • He could be basically everyone. He could have been Weber, and I actually still think he was, but at the same time, it is not impossible for him to be Gilligan right now.

    Confusing, right?

    “Look around you. If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve already done it.” He said as he walked away. This is something Leland would ha

  • There's a lot of stuff happening to a lot of people. But trust me, I have ideas.

    [Go to the SEM building] Currently, I am terrified for everyone's safety. Julia and Gilligan, because Gilligan does have a fair point tha

  • I also just realized that if Dana is indeed the sci-fi woman who stopped the kidnapping and murder, Tyler literally owes her his life. And speaking of the kidnapping, something's been on my mind since this line from Jasper:

    My best guess is that he’s looking for a suitable wife so someone can continue to kill us.

    Not only does this worry me for Alina, because it does justify the kidnapping, but it worries me for Julia. Why would Leland pretend to be her brother and take out Piper if he didn't want to single Julia out?

    mr.quality posted: »

    There's a lot of stuff happening to a lot of people. But trust me, I have ideas.

  • [Go to the SEM building]

    This is very hard. I like Julia and I guess she is in the most danger at the moment because Leland has some evil plan for her. And he could be Gilligan. But this Gilligan has Pipers sketchbook, which she gave to the real Gilligan and not to Leland. That means if this Gilligan is Leland, then the real Gilligan could be dead already because how else should Leland get his hands on the sketchbook. Gosh, this is all so confusing! I hope Julia can trust him but even if she can, I dont think they are safe in the SEM building. Leland somehow managed to escape from a prison cell so he probably has ways to enter the building as well. They will probably be safer than in the barracks but that does not mean much.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Nathan Zabek “Jesus Christ…” Nathan muttered. “Do it. Do whatever it takes to keep her alive.” He said. “We’ll try our best.” Doctor S

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    [Go hunting with Billy]

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    Nathan Zabek “Jesus Christ…” Nathan muttered. “Do it. Do whatever it takes to keep her alive.” He said. “We’ll try our best.” Doctor S

  • huh?

    supersagig posted: »

    [Go hunting with Billy]

  • I agree with this choice

    supersagig posted: »

    [Go hunting with Billy]

  • lol. I confused it with anoyther story XD

    [Go to the SEM building]

    mr.quality posted: »


  • Adam Becker

    News of Adam being invisible spread like wildfire. More literally than figuratively. Some girl spontaneously broke into flames and bumped into Kas, lighting her ablaze. Zas took off running down the hallway screaming. Stop, drop and roll.

    “For fuck’s sake! Stop moving!” One kid yelled at her as a drinking fountain exploded, but the water took a strange arc and blasted Kas, putting the flames out.

    “What in the hell is going on here?” Another kid asked.

    “It was Wade.” Raven said. “It was him all along.”

    “What do you mean?” Kas asked, rejoining the group.

    “Are you alright?” Adam asked. “I mean, you were just burning.”

    “Yeah, and you’re invisible.” Kas said, looking at her hands that were scarred from burning. “I don’t feel a thing. So you were saying something about that kid that just got slaughtered?” She asked Raven. Raven glared at her.

    “Most of us here had powers, and we all knew it.” She said. “But ever since we were all locked in the building together, our powers were gone.” She said.

    “So Wade was blocking out your powers.” Micheal said.

    “It seems like.” Raven said. “And now that he’s dead, we have our powers back.”

    “I never thought someone dying would be a good thing.” Adam said. “Sorry, that was rude.”

    “So what do we do from here?” Callista asked, joining the conversation.

    “Pray to God a miracle happens.” Raven said.

    “What kind of miracle are we asking for?” Micheal asked.

    “That our deaths are quick.” Raven said.

    “Or maybe we could do something useful.” Adam said.

    “You’re really going to have to quit being invisible.” Micheal said. “It’s really weird talking to thin air. It makes me feel like I’m crazier than I already am.”

    “Dude, I don’t know how I’m doing it.” Adam said.

    “You’ll get used to it after a while. It just takes some time.” Raven said. “But, it sounds like you have some sort of plan. Let’s hear it.”

    “How many of those Scavengers do you think there are?” Adam asked.

    “Nobody really knows, Wade speculated that they might be regenerating, clones or something like that. He said there really was no definitely amount and they’d just keep coming faster than you could kill them.” Raven said.

    “And he was more than happy to go run out into the open to fight them?” Micheal asked.

    “He said he thought he knew something about them.” Raven said. “What’s your point with all of this, invisible man?”

    “My point is, no matter how many there are out there, they can’t take all of us at once.” Adam said.

    “You want to get all of us to run out into a slaughter?” Raven asked.

    “It’s better than sitting around waiting to die.” Adam said.

    “At least this way there’s a chance of surviving!” Raven yelled.

    “Starving to death isn’t much of surviving!” Adam yelled at the girl, she backed off a little.

    “For all we know, someone is still out there trying to get in here and save us.” Raven said.

    “Look around you.” Adam said. “No one’s coming.” Adam said.

    “Just keep talking a little longer so I can find out where you are.” Raven growled.

    “Is that a threat?” Adam asked, almost laughing. “Are you threatening me?”

    “It isn’t a threat if I actually do it.” Raven said. Adam could see Raven drawing a knife out of her back pocket. Did invisibility also mean invincibility?

    “Cut it out, both of you.” Micheal said. “We’re not far enough into this thing to be ripping out each other’s throats.” He said, sending a glare in Adam’s general direction. Adam smiled a little, this invisiblity thing could be fun. The army should look into this thing… If they haven’t already.

    Raven huffed and shoved the knife back into her pocket.

    “Fine.” She growled. “But you better think twice before talking to me again.” She said.

    “I have no need to talk to you.” Adam grumbled.

    “Oh shit!” Kas yelled. “Get down!”

    Adam looked up just in time to see a ball of light glowing and shimmering into a supernova of an explosion. The entire world was filled with blinding while light as Adam was swept off his feet. He could feel himself sailing through the air like a ragdoll, only to crash into a brick wall.

    I guess invisibility only works when your enemy isn’t exploding feet away from you.

    Adam sat up staring through the smoke and ashes. He sat up and looked around the school. He’d been blown all the way back into the back of the cafeteria.

    “Holy shit.” Adam muttered as he saw half of the school was collapsed where the explosion had gone off.

    “Anyone alive?” Kas asked through the smoke.

    “Over here.” Adam said as he stood up and brushed the debris off himself. He saw kas come walking through the smoke into his view. “I’m right here.” Adam said, so she’d know where he was.

    “I know, I can see you.” Kas said.

    “You can see me?” Adam asked.

    “Yeah, you’re not invisible anymore.” She said.

    “Damn it.” Adam muttered.

    “What happened?” Kas asked.

    “I know as much as you do.” Adam said. “There was an explosion and next thing I know I’m over here.”

    “I seriously thought I was dead.”Kas said.

    “You get used to the feeling after a while.” Adam said. “We should probably go see if anyone needs help.”

    “Yeah.” Kas said. The two began walking through the smoky ruins of the school towards the rubble.

    “Hello?” Adam called. “Anyone?”

    “Please tell me we did not just get blown into another dimension.” Kas muttered.

    “I wouldn’t doubt it.” Adam muttered.

    “Over here.” Someone called through the smoke.

    “Where are you?” Adam asked.

    “Give me a second, I think I can clear out the smoke.” She said. Adam looked over to Kas.

    “I she says she can do it, let her try.” Kas said.

    “Okay.” Adam said. He felt a strong gust of wind, nearly knocking him off of his feet.

    “Shit!” Kas yelled as she tumbled to the ground unprepared for the wind. When Adam felt the wind die down, he opened his eyes. Indeed a lot of the smoke had been blown away, but there was still a lot. At least he could see now.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it that strong.” The woman said. Adam looked around until he saw Callista, laying on the ground with a big chunk of concrete and rebar covering her legs.

    “Holy shit, are you alright?” Adam asked as he rushed to her side.

    “Yeah, I’m fine.” Callista said. “I’ve just got a ton of concrete on my legs right now.”

    “You can control the wind?” Kas asked as she joined the two.

    “Seems like.” Callista said. “Are you just going to sit around and have tea time, or try and get this thing of my legs?” She asked. Adam looked up to Kas.

    “Let’s give it a shot.” Adam said. “Just try to put it off, there’s no way we’re lifting this thing.”

    “I got ya.” Kat said as she placed her hands on the chunk of rock.

    “You ready?” Adam asked.

    “Yeah.” Callista said.

    “Sure.” Kas said.

    “Push!” He yelled. Him and Kas put all their combined strength into the chunk or rock, Adam felt it shift a little followed by a crunching sound.

    “Fuck!” Callista yelled.

    “Shit.” Kas said. “Are you alright?”

    “No, I’m not alright!” Callista yelled. “I think you just fucking broke my leg.”

    “Look, there’s no way the two of us are going to be able to move this thing.” Adam said. “We’re going to need to find some help.”

    “Move!” Micheal’s voice said as he walked up from behind Adam. “I got this.” He said, gripping the rock.

    “Push on three.” Adam said, placing his hands back on the rock.

    “What are you doing?” Micheal asked. “Move before you get hurt.” Adam rolled his eyes and took a step back.

    “The two of us couldn’t move the rock together, Micheal.” Adam said. “There’s no way you can move it yourself.”

    Without so much as a grunt, Micheal lifted the rock up off the ground in one hand. Adam’s jaw dropped as Micheal threw the rock away from him like it was a paper weight.

    “You want to say something now?” Micheal asked.

    “I eat my words.” Adam said.

    “Oww.” Callista moaned. “Fuck. Yeah, it’s pretty broken.”

    “What do we do?” Kas asked.

    “We have to find the students, they can’t all be dead.” Adam said.

    “They were all in that hallway when it exploded.” Micheal said. Adam looked around at the rubble.

    “Where the fuck was that hallway?” He asked.

    “I think it was this way.” Kas said as she began walking away. Adam followed her. Micheal picked up Callista and began to follow them whilst carrying her.

    “Prince charming to the rescue once again.” Micheal said. Callista rolled her brown eyes.

    “I’d rather walk.” She said. Micheal smiled smugly.

    “Here.” Kas said, suddenly stopping. She turned and looked at a mound of rubble. “There’s someone right here.”

    “How do you know?” Adam asked.

    “I can’t explain it.” Kas said. “It’s like… Heat signatures or something, I can tell they’re there, but I can’t actually see them.”

    “Micheal, that’s your que.” Adam said.

    “What am I now?” Micheal asked. “A bulldozer?” He asked.

    “Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Adam said. “Kas, keep looking for more people. Callista, see if there’s something you can do about the smoke.”

    “Who put you in charge?” Callista asked.

    “I did.” Adam said.

    “Aye Aye, Captain.” Kas said as she walked off looking around the rubble. Micheal put Callista down on the floor and moved over to the rubble and began to dig through it like a kid in a sandbox.

    “Adam.” Micheal said, looking up.

    “What is it?” Adam asked.

    “There’s more than one.” He said.

    “Good to know.” Adam said. “Let’s get them out of there.” He said.

    “On it.” Micheal said as he continued to throw the rubble aside until he could easily grab the people and pull them free. In total there was about five.

    “How did the five of you live through that?” Adam asked.

    “Henry can apparently make a force field on que.” One said.

    “Handy.” Micheal said.

    “Saved our asses.” Another said. “Thanks for getting us out of there.”

    “No problem kid.” Adam said.

    “Adam! Micheal!” Kas yelled. “Hurry!” Adam glanced over at Micheal and took off running towards Kas with Micheal following right behind him. Adam slowed so a still crawl when he saw what happened.

    It was Raven. She was laying on her back, looking up at the sky since there was no ceiling. There would’ve been a ceiling, but sadly it was on top of her chest. Adam could see blood.

    “Move, I can get it off in a snap.” Micheal said.

    “No, we can’t move it.” Kas said, turning away from Raven. “It’s bad.”

    “How bad?” Adam asked. Kas glanced over her shoulder at Raven and lowered her voice to a whisper.

    “She’s got a piece of rebar through her stomach. But the sheer weight of the thing is keeping her from bleeding out. If we take it off, she’ll bleed out within minutes.”

    “This is so fucked up.” Micheal said. “We leave it on her, she dies. We take it off of her, she dies anyways.”

    “So you’re saying that we can’t save her.” Adam said.

    “Yes.” Kas said, nodding slowly and avoiding eye contact. “All we can do is decide between a slow drawn out death or a quick one.” She said.

    “M-Maybe someone in that group I just pulled out of the rubble can heal her, maybe that’s their power.” Micheal said.

    “Do you want to be her life on it?” Kas asked.

    “You guys don’t have to whisper.” Raven choked. “I can hear you anways.”

    “Jesus, She’s awake?” Adam asked. Kas looked like she was going to say something but just couldn’t.

    “This isn’t fucking right.” Adam said. He looked back and saw that the group of five they’d rescued had made their way down towards Adam. “You! Can any of you fix her?” Adam asked.

    “No.” They said. “None of us are healers.”

    “Fuck!” Adam yelled at the sky. “Fuck!” He said pacing a few steps. “We either keep her alive and pray someone that’s a healer is alive somewhere in this giant fucking pile, or we draw our losses and let her die painlessly.” Adam said. “Fuck.” He muttered. “Are we going to take a vote on this girls life?” He asked.

    “I… It… I can’t.” Kas shakily said. “I can’t.” She repeated as she walked off, in tears. Adam looked over to Micheal.

    “It doesn’t feel right man, I just can’t vote on what to do to her.” Micheal said. “I’ll follow whatever you say.” He said.


    [Take the rebar out and let her die quickly]

    [Leave the rebar in and hope there’s a healer]

  • I have to say, I am really enjoying all of these superpowers and how they work together. Michael apparently lucked out with super strength, but the rest have nice powers as well. That was an amazing part :D

    [Leave the rebar in and hope there’s a healer]

    They can't just let her die, there has to be a way! It is definitely worth a try, because the worst thing that can happen is that she is going to die either way. Hopefully they manage to find a healer, but even if they don't, they should try everything they can to save her.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker News of Adam being invisible spread like wildfire. More literally than figuratively. Some girl spontaneously broke into flame

  • [Leave the rebar in and hope there’s a healer]

    This could be a mistake but I think they should try to save her.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker News of Adam being invisible spread like wildfire. More literally than figuratively. Some girl spontaneously broke into flame

  • [Take the rebar out and let her die quickly]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker News of Adam being invisible spread like wildfire. More literally than figuratively. Some girl spontaneously broke into flame

  • Adam Becker

    “It’s not our choice to make weather or not we kill this girl.” Adam said to Micheal. “We’re going to try our damnedest to get her out of here alive.” He said. Micheal nodded to him.

    “If that’s what you think is right.” He said. Adam looked up over to Kas sitting on the ground nearby with her legs pulled up against her chest.

    “Stay here, I’m going to talk to her.” Adam said to Micheal. “Just try to keep looking for people, for now.” Adam said.

    “Okay.” Micheal said. Adam walked away over towards Kas, his shoes crunch small pieces of rubble as he walked. He looked down at her, just sitting there. Alone, afraid, Broken. Adam kicked away some rubble with his shoe before he sat down next to her. He could hear her broken breathing and silenced sobs.

    “Hey Kas.” Adam said, in the kindest tone he could muster. He looked over at her. Her long blonde hair was covering her face, hiding it from Adam.

    “It’s not right.” She whispered. “None of this should be happening.”

    “I know, It’s all just so messed up.” Adam said.

    “Messed up doesn’t even begin to describe what’s happening.” She said.

    “I know.” Adam said.

    “’Messed up’ is my mother’s asshole boyfriend. This…” She said. “This is beyond words. That girl is younger than me, and she’s going to die. And I’m only 18.”

    “I know.” Adam said once again.

    “No, the thing is, you don’t know.” Kas said. “You could care less about any of these people. All you want to do is save your own ass, the rest of us can rot in hell for all you care.” She snapped at him.

    “Kas, that’s not true.” Adam said. “I care. I really do, otherwise I wouldn’t be here talking with you.”

    “Sure.” Kas said.

    “Look, I know you may not want to talk right now, but we need you now more than ever.”

    “How so? So I can go rotting around in the rubble looking for other possibly dead people?” She asked.

    “They’ll be definitely dead if you don’t.” Adam said.

    “I don’t know if I can do it.” She said.

    “None of us know. Not anymore, from here on in we’re treading on new paths.” Adam said. “But I do know one thing, Kas.” He said.

    “And that would be?” She asked.

    “You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for, kid.” He said. “I can tell you one thing, I’ve seen a lot of courage and a lot of hardship. You have a lot of courage, even in the face of hardship, you’re just not sure what to do with that courage.”

    “Yeah, a lot of courage I have. I couldn’t even bring myself to shoot a rabbit, and I can’t even eat meat anymore.” She said.

    “That’s because you have something special.” Adam said. “You have heart. You have compassion, and that’s something that not everyone has.”

    “A lot of good my ‘heart’ is doing this place.” She huffed.

    “We need you Kas. We need you here and we need you now.” He said. Kas’ eyes fixated directly forwards and was followed by a deadly silence that hung above them and throughout the entire building. After some time Adam sighed and began to stand up, no matter how many honey-coated words he said, he wasn’t going to win her over. She was too far gone.

    Just as he stood to walk away, she brushed her hands against her jeans and slowly stood up. Her hair was lopsided on her head, but she seemed not to care.

    “I so need a drink.” She said as she walked past Adam back towards the rubble.

    “You’re a little young to be drinking.” Adam said.

    “I don’t care.” She responded.

    “Well then, first round’s on me.” He said.

    “I’ll hold you to it.” She said as she began climbing through the piles of plaster, rebar, and concrete, scanning the mess with her eyes. Adam began walking back towards Micheal, who at the time was conversing with the group they’d just pulled from the rubble not too long ago. He did not look happy.

    “What’s going on over here?” Asked Adam.

    “We might have a problem on our hands.” Micheal said, eyeing one of the students.

    “What kind of problem?” Adam asked.

    “This one here, his name is Julian,” Micheal began. “Might have been the one that caused the explosion.” Micheal said.

    “You went and started a witch hunt while I was talking to Kas?” Adam asked. “What the hell is wrong with you? Just a minute ago there were a lot of us, and now there’s barely any. And you want to go around pointing fingers?” He asked. Micheal looked at Adam, void of any emotion.

    “They came to me.” He said snuggly. He turned to Julian, a dark haired kid built like a freight train. “Julian, show him what you can do.” He said with a nod.

    “Oh shit, here it goes.” Julia said. “Stand back. I don’t want to hurt anyone.” He said as he held out his hand. One second his palm was empty and outstretched. The next second there was a bright flash of light, like a camera’s flashbulb. When Adam’s eyes readjusted, Julian was holding a water bottle full of water in his hand.

    “How did you?” Adam asked.

    “Power man, there something else.” Julian said, handing Adam the bottle. “Give that to someone who needs it.

    “Okay.” Adam said. “But what does that have to do with the explosion?”

    “He can summon things, more or less.” Micheal said. “That requires energy. The bigger the object the more the energy needed.”

    “Also, living things take a lot of energy.” Julian said.

    “So, what exactly are you saying?” Adam asked.

    “He tried to summon someone.” Micheal said.

    “Who?” Adam asked.

    “A-Adam… Micheal…” Kas stuttered from not far off. Adam turned around and saw what she was talking about. A young man was climbing through the rubble, shocked and dazed like he’d just had a bomb go off next to him… Well, he did.

    But it wasn’t anything about the boys appearance or any of his injuries that worried Adam. It was who the kid was.

    “Wade.” Adam said.

    “How did I… How am I here?” He asked. “I was… I felt… I’m… I was dead.” He said.

    “What the fuck…” Micheal muttered. “I watched you die. You can’t be here.” He said.

    “I felt myself die.” Wade said.

    “Holy shit.” Julian said. “It fucking worked!”

    “Don’t get so exited kid, you still caused this shit.” Adam snapped at him. Julian sank back. “What’s that, in your hand?” Adam asked. Wade looked down at his clenched fist as if for the first time just noticing it. He unclenched his fingers, looking at the small object in his hand. It was a simple metal pin, all it was was a stylized letter ‘S’. But as he looked at it, his hands began to shake, his eyes widened.

    “Op five… Op five…” He muttered. “Jesus… I did it… I fucking did it.” He continued.

    “Did what? What did you do?” Adam asked.

    “I-I have the key.” Wade said. “We’re going home. All of us.” He said.

    “Not all of us.” Micheal said, before Adam could hush him. Wade looked over at him, a glint in his eyes.

    “What did you say?” He asked. “What happened?” He asked. Micheal looked to Adam, and Adam looked at Micheal.

    “The reason you’re back here is because Julian teleported you here or some shit like that.” Kas said. “There was an explosion that blew up the building.” She went on.

    “What do you mean? How many are hurt? Where is everyone?” He asked.

    “Wade…” Adam said. “Who you see here, is everyone that’s left.” He said.

    “Raven.” Wade said. “Where is she?” He asked.

    “Wade, she’s…” Kas began.

    “Where is she!” Wade yelled at her, which seemed very out of character for him.

    “She’s dying, but not dead.” Adam said.

    “Take me to her.” Wade said, no one moved or talked. “I said, Take me to her!” He snapped. Adam turned and began to walk back towards where they’d left Raven, trapped under the rebar. Wade followed closely behind him. When she came into view, he pushed past Adam and dropped to his knees next to her. He took her hand in his and looked her in the eyes.

    “Wade…” She squeaked.

    “Yeah.” Wade said. “I did it. We can go home.”

    “There is no home.” She said. “Not anymore.”

    “I know.” He said.

    “I-“ She stuttered, choking on her own words.

    “Shh.” Wade said. “Don’t talk. It will all be over soon.” He said, as he looked her in the eye. After a long bout of silence, he spoke. “Are you sure this is what you want?” He asked shakily.

    “Yes.” She said, through broken words. A tear was forming in the pit of her eye that slowly worked its way down her cheek. Wade brushed it away with a shallow forced smile.

    “Okay.” He said. “Your choice is yours, and I understand that. I will respect your wishes, but it want you to know something. We will miss you.” He said, as he moved his other hand over her chest and placed it right where her heart would be. There was a faint glow where his hand was placed, Adam watched as Raven’s eyes fixated upwards as her muscles relaxed. She breathed one last breath and uttered one last sentence.

    “Thank you.” She said, before she ceased to move at all. Wade sat there on his knees next to her, just breathing. Then he stood and faced Adam, his face looked like solid stone.

    “Where is she?” He asked.

    “Who?” Adam asked.

    “Callista Everett.” He said. “The one with the bad leg.” He said.

    “O-over there.” Adam said. “What did you just do? What happened to Raven?” Adam asked.

    “Death won’t be cheated.” Wade said as he pushed past Adam, Kas, Micheal, and everyone else . “Death plays an unfair game where all of us are just pawns in the bigger scheme and he won’t have us pawns cheating at his game. Death demands death. Life demands life. The wages of life is death, if only we all knew that when we came into this world.” Wade went on as he spotted Callista and crouched down next to her, looking at her leg. “This one?” He asked, gripping her leg. She nodded painfully. “Death won’t be cheated. To give life, you must first take it. The powers we are given are not a blessing, they are a curse. We live our life thinking we can make it through all right, just playing along with Death’s sick game, when all along, the longer we played, the more we’d lose.” He said, as he spread his hand over her broken leg. She winced painfully. The soft glow returned to his hands, and the pained expression left Callista’s face, but seemed to only fill Wade’s.

    “What did you do?” Micheal asked.

    “I healed her.” Wade said. “Part of Raven now forever lives inside of her. Part of her will always live on inside of me. Her thoughts and memories are intermixed with my own, and forever will be. She is part of me, as are all the other lives I’ve transferred.” He said.

    “How many have you?” Adam asked.

    “I don’t know…” Wade said. “When I was younger, I used to play in the street. Like some stupid idiot that refused to obey rules. I saw the car coming, but I knew I had no time. I felt it hit me, I felt myself die. But I just stood up and walked away. I watched as my mother collapse, dead in my front yard. The official report said the car missed me and my mother died of a heart attack. I now know better. I now understand more about these powers I’ve been given, why I can remember parts of my mother I’d never be able to know. How I can freeze other’s powers. How I can read people’s minds.” Wade said. “I’m some hybrid freak, a danger to the entire world around us.” He said.

    “You’ve died before?” Kas asked.

    “Yes, just that once. And I was too young to think about it, so I never did. I just listened to what everyone else said, I was lucky to be alive.” He said, as he rubbed the cross that hung on a tread around his neck. “That I was blessed, to have not been hit by that car. But I know it was me now, me who killed my mother.” He said as he ripped the necklace from his neck and chucked it to the ground. It clattered on the ruined floor and skidded to a stop at Julian’s feet.

    “You couldn’t have known.” Adam said.

    “Could I have?” He asked. “I’m just a danger to everyone around me. I revive myself, and take the lives of everyone around me. Death demands death.”

    “Wade, you can’t be like this man.” Julian said stepping towards Wade. “I know you better.”

    “You don’t know shit about me.” Wade growled. “Now back away.”

    “Wade, you’re my friend. I trust you, we can get through this together.” Julian said as he placed his hand on Wade’s shoulder.

    “No!” Wade yelled a moment too late. Julian dropped to the ground with his eyes rolled back in his head. Wade looked at Julian’s body. “Do you see now?” He asked. “You can’t be near me! I kill everything I care about. I have no control over this power I have.” He said.

    “None of us do.” Adam said. “But what you’ve done doesn’t make you a bad person.”

    “Does it?” He asked. “I stole my own mothers life so I could live. I took the life from the girl I love so I could give it to your friend. I am the definition of evil, I don’t save the day. I don’t do what’s right. And I don’t get to live happily ever after.” Wade said. “I’m morally grey, broken and divided in my own head with no rest to speak of. All I’ve done and all I will do, what is it for? So I can die? So I’m just part of that game?” He asked, an almost deranged look in his eye.

    “Wade, we can work this out.” Kas said.

    “I wish that was true, I really do.” Wade said as he clenched his fist around the pin in his hand, while taking a breath. “But this is the end for me. If you all go through that door without me, no one will be left for me to hurt. No one left for me to kill.” Wade said his eyes now full of sorrow.

    “We can’t do that Wade, you’re one of us.” Adam said. “We’ve all made mistakes. We all have our faults. I’ve gotten my friends killed on my watch, and I’ve killed people to. Giving up is what we all want to do, we all just want to sit around and wait for death to claim us, because that’s what’s easy. But what is hard is the choice to go one in spite of everything. To acknowledge defeat, then spit in its face just because we refuse to back down. We keep going to show death who’s boss. We live on, not because it’s easy, but because the reward is worth the pain. Life is worth living, Wade. There’s no heroics in giving up on it. That’s only cowardice. And I’ve made that choice before, and regret it. If you really want to stop playing Death’s game, then don’t be part of it.” Adam said. “Live.”

    Wade looked at Adam, shame-filled and broken. Adam had seen a lot of war-torn families in his time, lots of them with children. But right now Wade look just as lost and scared as one of those kids back in Iraq. Void of hope, filled to the brim with anger and fear. Unsure of anything, unable to trust himself or anyone around him. But through all of this, he forced on a brave face. But even the bravest of faces fail to hide the scars that lie beneath.


    [Convince Wade to come with you]

    [Leave him behind]

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    [Leave him behind]

    First of all, Wade clearly is dangerous. Sure, he is a nice guy, I like him and he has a useful power, but at the same time, this short encounter with Julian shows that he has little control over his powers. In the end, he might be useful and leaving him behind feels wrong, but he is also very dangerous and might cause more harm than good.

    I also noticed that his powers are very similar to Julia's powers, which makes me afraid. Like Wade, Julia also survived her own death. In Julia's case, no one died for her, although maybe Piper's death was a result of it, even though it had required a direct action from Leland. Although, maybe there will be someone who dies as a result of her powers later. I mean, Wade has healing powers and Julia has healing powers, although Julia seems to be naturally more gifted at keeping the negative effects in line. So far, she hasn't killed anyone by getting touched. However, it makes me even more afraid, as it adds a new possible reason for why Leland wants her. If she learns to kill specific people with her powers, to heal other specific people, I am sure she would be invaluable for this madman, aside from the implied stuff about him having a thing for her.

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    Adam Becker “It’s not our choice to make weather or not we kill this girl.” Adam said to Micheal. “We’re going to try our damnedest to ge

  • [Convince Wade to come with you]

    I think this is more in line with Adams character. He wouldnt leave anyone behind. Wade is dangerous but he is also useful and if he learns to control his powers, he can be a great ally.

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker “It’s not our choice to make weather or not we kill this girl.” Adam said to Micheal. “We’re going to try our damnedest to ge

  • [Convince Wade to come with you]

    mr.quality posted: »

    Adam Becker “It’s not our choice to make weather or not we kill this girl.” Adam said to Micheal. “We’re going to try our damnedest to ge

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