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  • I vote Guybrush all the way!

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    With Borderlands the-pre Sequel coming out, I was wondering if there was any news for a PN3. Only finding this, I am putting in my 2 cents. I am going to try for a serious cast here, so... I am looking at this from a financial standpoint and entertainment standpoint and actual plausibility.

    Couple of things, not to be sexist but "Poker Night" has been traditionally a male bonding type thing where guys can get together and be guys, so...

    1) female characters are a no-go right off the bat. (unless they do a girls only poker night which I would be all for)

    2) The Walking Dead, as popular as it is, is way too serious for this kinda game. Their would be a serious hole for jokes here, so no walking dead.

    3) Left 4 Dead, Again, serious atmosphere (yes it has its moments, but not a comedy) plus, its 5 years old... (Nick is the most appropriate candidate if this was going to happen)

    4) OMG I would LOVE to see archer at the table but... gaining licensing rights for it aside... any GOOD fan would know Archer doesn't gamble (at least not anymore, he tried, failed and is once again the only Vice he doesn't have) That being said... No Archer, and I don't think any of the other Male support characters would do well here. MAYBE Cyril Figgis... but honestly... who would wanna play poker with him?

    5) Deadpool would be my number 1 pick for this kind of game, he would fit all to perfectly with the craziness, jokes and has also recently starred in his own game. But he comes with a long list of problems. Primarily licensing rights... Marvel, Activision, and uhg...Disney... Just seems like more trouble than it is worth. But if it was pull off-able he would definetly be my choice for 4th seat.

    6) No anime (for obvious reasons)

    No Girls allowed!
    No Zombie apocalypse!
    No Anime
    No Archer (I am against this... I just cant see it happening)
    No Deadpool #Sadface

    Dealer : Moxxi (Borderlands the-pre Sequel)

    Bigby (Telltale's The Wolf Among Us)

    Dota 2 Character (Valve's Game)

    Mastershake (Aqua teen hunger force)

    Silent Bob (Clerks)


    Moxxi = With Borderlands the-pre Sequel around the corner, it would be nice to include them in this, but with claptrap already used I decided on Moxxi, even though she goes against my no girl rule, she is only would be the dealer and not a player. I also think she has what it takes to keep up with the guys.

    Bigby = This telltale game needs a telltale representative and with mainly "Wolf Among Us" and "The walking dead" as Telltales most current games I think Bigby's character and universe would fit well into this game. The Walking Dead's cast would be just to serious for this setting.
    Unlocks: The game aside, "Fables" the comic book it is based on has a slew of options for stuff to be used as "prizes"

    Dota 2 Characer - Valve has been kinda stagnent the past few years, portal 2 was in the last game and Left4Dead has enough popularity to feature a character, but it is 5 years old and sets a more serious tone. I DO NOT PLAY DOTA 2, so i cant recommend a "Hero" if this is even a possible choice. But from a financial standpoint, it is a good choice. It is Valve's most recent title and it offers an additional game to where awards can be issued.
    Unlocks: Dont know, Dont play the game

    Mastershake: Poker Night has its weird characters, Stongbad in 1 and Claptrap in 2. I think Master shake fits this role perfectly. Telltale already being in bed with Adultswim should not have a hard time getting rights for his use and the Aqua teen universe ahs alot to offer in terms of comedy and unlocks
    Unlocks: (for TF2: Broodwich for Heavy) (for Borderlands: Straw/Lid cap for claptrap?)

    Silent Bob: I know he doesnt talk, but he doesnt have too. (maybe one line when he wins or loses) He could have Jay in the background doing all the talking for him (kinda like Sam & Max) And as far as Licensing goes, I think Kevin SMith would love to do it!
    Unlocks: Silent bob's Coat + Hat,
    Mooby Hat,
    Jay's Hat + Hairstyle.

    Potential others:
    Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Family guy has ties with cartoon network so it might not be too impossible to see him. Plus they got the crossover thing going on recently :P

    No Rules, Anything goes line-up:
    Master Shake
    Nick (Left4dead2)

  • I think virtually anyone can appear in Poker Night as long as they can hold the cards and bluff well. Even if there are some characters that would be incompatible with a poker game, they can still appear as a cameo in the background.

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    With Borderlands the-pre Sequel coming out, I was wondering if there was any news for a PN3. Only finding this, I am putting in my 2 cents.

  • Seeing how each Has had a tf2 item and Pre Sequel just came out those would be some awesome rewards. Provided they fixed the BL2 head glitch. Along with Avatar Awards and XMB Themes

    2K: Booker Dewitt as the straight man.
    telltale: Guybrush Threepwood as whatever you would use to describe strongbad/cl4ptp
    Valve: Francis as the Brock esque tough guy.

    instead of going for an Adult Swim character maybe a Comedy Central animated show, maybe Bender or Randy Marsh
    if they were to go for another game company. Please please please Double Fine. Eddie Riggs, Manny Calvera, Coach Oleander ( seeing how Raz is a minor.)
    as for comics/webcomics Either PA Gabe or another game comic i.e. VG Cats
    and movie deals (this is a stretch) a Cornetto Trilogy character, most likely Shaun, seeing as Angel is Angel, and Gary is Spoiler
    and the dealer could be a character from a previously used franchise, Dr. Zed, Medic, and so on.
    I would suggest walking dead but I think there are more important things going on in the world.

  • My original idea: Alt text

    My revised idea: Alt text

    Telltale, I am BEGGING you. Make this happen!

  • Billy Yoder. Now that, would be funny.

    Hmm... TTG: Billy Yoder Valve: Nick from L4D2 (He's a conman, it would be interesting) or maybe Barney Calhoun.. I think he could brin

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    I know I'm REALLY late to the party, especially since this is my first post on the TTG Forums, but here's my idea for casting in Poker Night 3:

    -> Rhys (and Fiona acting like Max or Sam as comedic relief) (Tales from the Borderlands)

    ◦Bounty Item: A Vault Key

    ◦Skill/Playstyle: Cautious, rarely bluffing

    ◦Drink: A Pandorian Martini with a little umbrella in there


    1.Borderlands Unlock: The Atlas Silver

    2.TF2 Unlock: Rhys's Jacket

    3.XBL/PSN Avatar: Rhys's Eye

    1. Unlockable Stage: Hyperion Satellite Lunch Room. Special Exits have Hugo Vasquez dump the others out into space in akin to the style of GLaDOS's portals during the Portal Stage from Poker Night 2. At the end of the level, Hugo Vasquez himself will come out to personally thank us for winning. Just as he’s about to activate a trap door, however, Reginald Van Winslow arrives and reminds Vasquez that he is not to send any more players into the depths of space. Vasquez annoyingly activates a button that releases confetti and streamers along with a banner that rolls out from above reading “Congratulations Noob.” Rhys and Fiona's Special Stage Suits are akin to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis's Tux and Dress seen in the ending to the film True Lies, but with a Borderlands-ish design to them where it's patched together with Pandorian or Hyperion items.

    -> Johnny Gat (Saints Row)

    ◦Bounty Item: "Lazarus Girl" Album

    ◦Skill/Playstyle: Aggressive

    ◦Drink: Saints Flow


    1.Borderlands: K6 Krukov

    2.TF2: Johnny's Shades

    3.XBL/PSN: Johnny's Wings from the Upcoming DLC 'Gat out of Hell.'

    1. Unlockable Stage: Saints Penthouse from Saints Row The Third. Special Exits involve Paul (The Giant Saints Flow Mascot from Saints Row IV) reaching into The Inventory and tossing the players out after grabbing them. Upon winning, Gat will bust out the Dubstep Gun and fire it at us, causing everybody to start dancing to dubstep. Johnny's Special Suit is his Super Homie Outfit from Saints Row IV.

    -> Gary King (From The World's End)

    ◦Bounty Item: "Out of Order" Sign from The World's End

    ◦Skill/Playstyle: Amateur, but also a bit cocky and not afraid to mix it up from time to time

    ◦Drink: A Pint of Beer


    1.Borderlands: Nicholas Angel's Twin Shotguns from Hot Fuzz

    2.TF2: Shaun's Bloodied Work Shirt and Tie from Shaun of The Dead

    3.XBL/PSN: Gary King's Jacket and T-Shirt

    1. Unlockable Stage: The World's End Pub. Special Exits are random from three different choices. Either a zombie horde will arrive to chase the looser away, The Neighborhood Watch Association of Sandford will arrive brandishing weapons and chase the looser away proclaiming "for the greater good," or a Blank will arrive having taken the form of the looser and attack them, causing them to run away. Upon Winning, the voice of the Network from The World’s End *will appear to congratulate us on winning and offer us a chance to join the Network for the next step in humanity only to be told off by Gary. Gary's Special Suit is the one he's wearing in the final scene of *World's End with the Cowboy-like getup.

    -> The Nerd (from Robot Chicken)

    ◦Bounty Item: A Robot Chicken Nerd Action Figure seen in the Segment “Appeasing the Gods”

    ◦Skill/Playstyle: Nervous, Plays to Win but also Takes a bit of Time to Decide

    ◦Drink: A Toy Beer Bottle


    1.Borderlands: The Mad Scientist’s Nail Gun

    2.TF2: Robot Chicken’s Body Armor

    3.XBL/PSN: The Nerd’s Casual Suit

    1. Unlockable Stage: The Mad Scientist’s Laboratory. Special Exits include the Mad Scientist popping up from behind the losers and drugging them with a rag bathed in chloroform, then dragging them off. Upon winning, we see the Mad Scientist shaking our hand and then taking us over behind the bar through a secret entrance to show us the losers now all converted into Robot Cyborgs and tied to chairs forced to watch Robot Chicken Episodes. His special suit is the same one he wore in the segment "Greatest American Nerd".


    S.A.R.A.** (From Toonami)

    Unlockable Stage: Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution from Toonami. Special Exits include TOM racing in on his Rocket-Powered Motorcycle, and snatching the loser away, dropping them off in a nearby seat after doing a few stunts on the bike whilst holding onto them. Upon winning, TOM enters and congratulates us for winning, and invites us to sit back and watch some good old anime with him.

    I think I'll be posting some dialogue between characters, taunts, and intros soon for my idea.

  • The only TFTB character I could really see in a PN3 might be Vaughn as the dealer.

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    Angry Person: Bigby Wolf (Wolf Among Us)

    Crazy Person: Doc Brown or Krieg (Borderlands 2)

    Heavy Bluffer: Bender (Futurama) or Jimmy Two-Teeth (Sam & Max)

    Straight Man: Guybrush (Monkey Island) or one of the Ghostbusters

    Dealer: Space Ghost (Hell yeah!)

    Bartender: Bosco (Sam & Max) or Moxxi again

    It would probably have to follow the base Angry Person(Heavy, Brock), Crazy person(Max, Claptrap), Heavy Bluffer(Strong bad, Ash), and the straight man(Tyco, Sam) that the last two games followed.

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    Okay, here's my intro for my Poker Night 3 Game Characters. Other dialogue ideas will follow soon.


    The player walks into the Inventory. They go down the secret entrance similar to Poker Night 2, only this time, they know where to go without any need of worrying. Along the way, they pass by some other game characters including Yoder (from Jurassic Park,) and Bigby (from The Wolf Among Us,) who simply growls at them. Eventually, they reach the secret entrance and open it. They are met with the familiar sight of the Inventory, only Reginald Van Winslow is not around to greet them. Instead, taking his place is Ramsay Snow! He leans on the bannister before looking up to notice you.

    Ramsay: Ah, so the first has arrived. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ramsay Snow, bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton, and the supervisor for tonight’s festivities. Please, follow me.

    The player follows Ramsay down the stairs.

    Ramsay (as they walk over to the table): In case you’re wondering, Sir Van Winslow was unable to attend tonight, so I volunteered myself to be the host for tonight. Seeing as how I am the best choice there is. Perhaps even the only choice.

    The player takes their seat at the empty table. Ramsay looks at him.

    Ramsay: It appears that you are the first to arrive. I will ensure that you are taken care of until…

    Voice (OS): Yo, buddy!

    The two look over to see Johnny Gat walking up to the table.

    Gat: If you were thinking about killing him, don’t. The night’s still young so I can still either kill this sucker or take all of his money.

    Gat takes his seat on the far-right side of the table.

    **Caption: **Johnny Gat. Saints Row.

    Ramsay walks up to Gat.

    Ramsay: Ah, Mr. Gat. So nice of you to join us. While I do admire your enthusiasm for death, I’m afraid that legal rules still state that we are to keep the player alive unless he loses.

    Gat: Yeah, whatever. (Waves a hand.) Can we just get to the game already?

    Ramsay looks angered.

    Ramsay: We’re still waiting for…

    Voice (OS): OH MY GOSH!!!

    The Nerd from Robot Chicken runs up, taking his seat imminently, at the far left of the table.

    The Nerd: It’s Johnny Gat and Ramsay Snow!! (Looks at the player, and then talk in a bored tone.) Oh, and some other guy.

    Caption: The Nerd. Robot Chicken.

    Ramsay: I must admit, I know nothing of our friend here, but during the information on those who were invited, I was led to believe that he bested legends twice in multiple tournaments held here at The Inventory.

    Johnny Gat: ** **The Nerd:
    Bull**t. *Gasp No way!

    Ramsay turns back to the player.

    Ramsay: It’s only from what I understand, but we’ll have to wait and see how he fares. Once our final members arrive.

    Voice (OS): Here we are!

    Everyone look over to see Rhys and Fiona walking up to them. Rhys takes a seat next to Gat.

    Caption: Rhys. Tales from the Borderlands.

    Fiona goes to take the last seat, but Ramsay takes out a knife to stop her.

    Ramsay: My apologizes, Lady Fiona. But we are expecting one more player.

    Fiona (Scoffing): Oh yeah, and who’s this final jackass joining us tonight?

    Suddenly, the group hears some kind of loud music blasting from the door upstairs. They all look up as the door slams open revealing Gary King (from The World’s End.) He is accompanied by the song I’m Free by The Soup Dragons. Gary dances his way down inside, closing the door behind him. He attempts to jump off the ledge and over to the chandelier, but ends up tripping over the balcony (ala The Cornetto Trilogy Fence Gag), and falls towards the ground, as the music stops.

    Gary (As he falls): Oh no…

    (He hits the ground face-first and then gets up, brushing himself down with his hands. He walks over to the table. He takes the last seat grinning.)

    Gary: The King has arrived.

    Caption: Gary King. The World’s End.

    Ramsay: I apologize, dearie. But it appears you must either help yourself to the bar or leave.

    Fiona: The bar. I feel as if I’ll need some drinks by the time this tournament’s over.

    Rhys (Shocked): What?! But Fiona…

    Fiona (Smiling): Don’t look at me. You were the one who said they had the table booked for the two of us to play in.

    Rhys: But I…I…I…

    Fiona turns and takes a seat at a nearby bar, snapping her fingers. Instantly, one of the bartenders (actually Jane from The Walking Dead Season 2,) walks up to take her order. Ramsay smiles as the focus goes back to the now-filled table.

    Ramsay: Well then. It appears everything is in order. As per-rules of the Inventory, tonight’s tournament will be a $20,000 Buy-In.

    (The group tosses their money onto the table.)

    Ramsay: It is done. The deck is shuffled, the players are ready. Let the tournament…commence.

    (Focus goes back to Player’s POV.)

    Ramsay (OS): Gentlemen, as GLaDOS was recently fired for putting one of our guests into an Aperture Science Experiment where they ended up igniting themselves on fire, I leave you in the capable hands of our new dealer; S.A.R.A.

    (Suddenly, a holographic projection in emitted over the table, revealing the form of S.A.R.A from Toonami. The others gasp and back away in shock, save for The Nerd who looks at her in wonder and awe.)

    S.A.R.A.: Hello, gentlemen.

    Gary: Rhys: Gat:
    WTF!!! ACK! THE F**K?!

    The Nerd: WOW! It’s Insane-o-flex from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters! I loved that song I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)! Classic song! Ha-ha!

    S.A.R.A.: I know you’re not. Don’t worry gentlemen. I assure you I am at least less cruel than GLaDOS. Well, only by a little bit. Anyways, let us begin…

  • I could definitely see...
    Rick & Morty (Rick&Morty)
    Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem)
    Bigby Wolf (wolf among us)
    Austin Powers (Mike myers)
    Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
    Spawn (Image comics)
    Earthworm jim (Earthworm jim)
    Nerd (Robot chicken)
    GuyBrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)
    Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson mysteries)
    Bill (Left 4 dead)

    That is all I got right now, but any of those people would make an awesome addition to poker night 3.

  • Oh yeah and Archer from the show Archer.

  • Deadpool voiced by nolan north if you could get him in the next game it will be amazing.

  • I would like to see the Heavy in it again the Woodsman because that's the kind of place he would hang out and the dealer would be the Stanley Parabale Narator and the other would be some other two but I don't really know who.

  • Registered for posting this:
    Dealers: Wheatley(Portal), Transistor(Transistor), Elohim(The Talos Principle), The Narrator(Stanley Parable), G-Man(Half-Life), The Administrator(Team Fortress 2), Default Standard Announcer and Mega-Kill Announcer(mega-kill anouncer says when someone busted out) — they're both from Dota 2, Glyph or Avina(Mass Effect).
    Bartenders: Holly(The Wolf Among Us), The Courier(Dota 2), Cube Companion(Portal).

  • Forget this idioсy that I'm writed higher. At the free time I had enough time to think of different combinations of characters.

    1.1. This is my first favorite combination.

    1. Bigby Wolf(The Wolf Among Us) — he represents Telltale Games' character. And we just need brutal smoking guy in the poker game.

    Bounty item: potion of charms.

    TF2 reward: maybe Bigby's stylishly beard for the Heavy and Engineer.

    Unlockably Location: "Trip Trap Bar" — at the background we can see Jack and Grendel who can alternately break in the dialogue. The bartender in this location is Holly. By the way Holly and Grendel can turn into their troll form and sitting there characters except Bigby will be surprised.

    2. Inspector Hector — the twin soul of Bigby because of his profession.

    Bounty item: i don't sure, maybe that "Badge of Carnage".

    TF2 reward: maybe his funny hairstyle for all classes.

    Unlockable Location: his desrepit house.

    I will complete this later.

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    Bender (futurama), Guybrush Threepwood, Andrew Hussie, Yahtzee (zero punctuation), Master Shake, Crow or Tom Servo (MST3K)

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    Okay, guys... I have just thought of the most bestest most awesomest Poker Night 3 roster EVER.

    Here are the characters:

    The Civilian (Team Fortress 2) - A completely emotionless man who looks identical to the Scout and is perpetually in a reference pose which allows him to glide along the ground. His bounty item would be a bobble head of the original Civilian from Team Fortress Classic, and his most obvious tell would be when he emits a generic sounding death scream.

    The Companion Cube (Portal) - A cube with a heart on it. Its bounty item would be another companion cube. Its most obvious tell would be when it hums the choir song that the turrets sing at the end of Portal 2 quietly.

    The Slender Man (Slender) - A tall man in a suit with tentacles pertruding from his back and a completely blank white face with no discernible facial features. His bounty item would be Masky's mask from the Marble Hornets video series. His most obvious tell would involve him messing up your monitor and causing your computer to crash.

    King Ghidorah (Godzilla) - A several hundred foot tall monster from outer space who often travelled to earth and fought other massive Kaiju. He has three heads, but has no arms. His bounty item would be nothing. His most obvious tell would involve him not fitting inside the Inventory at all and blowing the whole place up.

    And the dealer would be Cthulhu.

  • That will be just "silent" night, except Cthulhu and Cube.

    Okay, guys... I have just thought of the most bestest most awesomest Poker Night 3 roster EVER. Here are the characters: The Civilian

  • My completed idea:

    1. Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us) — represents Telltale Games.

    Type: tight.

    TF2 reward: "Big Bad Beard" for all classes.

    Unlockable location: "Trip Trap Bar" — at the background we can see Jack and Grendel who can alternately break in the dialogue. The bartender in this location is Holly. By the way Holly and Grendel can turn into their troll form and sitting there characters except Bigby will be surprised.

    Bounty item: The Book of Fables.

    2. Inspector Hector (Hector: Badge of Carnage) — second represent for TTG.

    Type: bluff

    TF2 reward: "Inspector of Carnage" — just litle badge on the chest for all classes.

    Unlockable location: Hector's house. He will give to the guests drinks himself.

    Bounty item: The Badge of Carnage.

    3. Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem) — represents a video game.

    Type: agressive.

    TF2 reward: there already a hat in TF2 named "Crafty Hair".

    Unlockable location: a strip bar where Duke like to be. Bartender in this location will be an alien unit "Duke Nukem".

    Bounty item: His gun.

    4. Master Shake (ATHF) — represents Adult Swim. He has two sidekicks in the all of locations — Meatwad and Frylock.

    Type: crazy.

    TF2 reward: "Fizzy Exciter" — a drink for Scout. When he drinks it his damage becomes higher.

    Unlockable location: his house. Meatwad will be bartender.

    Bounty item: Frylock's gem.

    5. Master Yoda (Star Wars) — represents a film. He will be the dealer and he appears on the table in the form of hologramm.

    TF2 reward: "Laser Show" — a taunt. When the character uses it he shows a technique of laser sword.

    Unlockable location: "Cantina Bar" — there are many aliens on the background. The bartenders will be RD2D2 and C-3PO.

    Bounty item: laser sword.

    6. Heisenberg (Breaking Bad) — represents TV-series. He will buy an inventory from Reginald Van Winslow. He won't play.

    TF2 reward: "Suppression Pack" — a little pack of meth on the back for all classes.

    Unlockable location: Heisenberg's laboratory. The bartender will be Jesse Pinkman and he won't give drinks to guests but meth.

    Bounty item: the mountain of meth.

    The End.

  • Yeah but don't you think it's the best roster EVEEEEEEEEEER m8

    IMPION posted: »

    That will be just "silent" night, except Cthulhu and Cube.

  • in poker night 3

    i love to see
    Lee Everett from walking dead

    Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us

    duke nukem

    Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 4

    Lula from Lula 3D

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    Worm from rounders,Meg griffin,Captain Ron and..... Duke Nuke em perfect hail to the king baby

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    1. TTG: Lee or Kenny
    2. Valve: Engineer (Mainly because the heavy mentioned that he was a regular there) or Bill from L4D
    3. Adult Swim: Rick from Rick and Morty
    4. Misc.: Nick Fury or Phil Coulson (since the partnership with Marvel and TTG)
    1. TTG: Clemintine, being the obnoxious child star that she is.
    2. GearBox: Pierce Brosnan, James bond from golden eye. He seems like he would be the type to do this sort of thing plus that would be really funny/cool to play with James bond.
    3. Adult swim: Well Bender that's easy it keeps the whole robot thing going on and he will definitely be a funny member to add to this cast.
    4. Misc: Lets Take Urdnot Wrex from the mass effect series, he would keep the big man (alien now) thing going on and he always has something funny to say.
    5. Valve: as Dealer Well I guess Wheatley or keep Glados or something..... not sure but it should be a computer because it allows them to ask very complicated questioned and get actual answers.
  • New picks for me:

    • Fiona

      • Franchise: Borderlands/Tales From the Borderlands
      • Style: Gear Switcher -- Fiona, as a hustler, should be a really good card player. I mean really good. She should be making "pro" moves like playing tight (AJ+, KQ) out of position, and playing loose with (A8+, A2s+, any two broadway, suited connectors) out of position. She should continue for half pot on the flop and turn on most boards, unless she's so strong she thinks she can slowplay (this should be her main tell.
      • Unlock: Fiona's Holdout for Borderlands the PreSequel -- a gun with a clip of 1, and a ginormous reload time, wildly inaccurate, that does tons of damage on hit.
      • Bounty Item: Atlas Key
    • Rick Sanchez

      • Franchise: Rick and Morty/Williams St.
      • Style: Loose Aggressive -- Rick should be willing to risk everything because money means nothing to him, because there's always more where that came from - the slave Morties of the Riculous Omega 3 Mines.
      • Unlock: Rick's Hair for Engineer, TF2
      • Bounty Item: Mr. Meeseeks Box.
      • Notes: Rick should call on Mr. Meeseeks to help him "win a pot" - the longer the losing streak continues, the more that Mr. Meeseeks starts to get visibly worried. If Rick is eliminated while Mr. Meeseeks is out... Mr. Meeseeks should pull a knife on Rick, which Rick defuses by signaling Winslow, who gives him a complimentary literal "pot" as a consolation prize. "Eh... I'll accept it," Mr. Meeseeks says as he winks out of existence.
    • Xena: Warrior Princess

      • Franchise: Sam Raimi
      • Style: Tight-Aggressive -- A warrior knows when not to fight - but when fighting, go all-out.
      • Unlock: Xena's Leather Warrior Garb for Pyro, TF2
      • Bounty Item: Chackram
  • Characters I want :

    Doug (The walking dead)
    Spy (tf2)
    Woodsman (The wolf among us)
    Ellis (Left4Dead2)
    Wheatley (Portal 2)

  • i have many character ideas my latest is harvey birdman, deadpool, homer simpson, and aeries from vgcats

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    First of all, I think that all the characters should be GAME characters, and why do so many people want rick and morty in a poker game. I also think that its stupid to have real actors in a cartoon game like people from breaking bad.
    Anywhoo! Onto my thoughts of game characters in poker night 3.
    I think that you should be able to choose who you play against, like their are a range of characters that you will choose from!
    Here's all the character I think should be in the game and some (sort of) stats:

    1. Bigby wolf (wolf among us)
    • How he acts: calm/chilled
    • bounty item: A pack of Huff & Puffs - these are the cigarettes that bigby smokes in the game.(every now and then (in-game) Bigby will smoke a cigarette
    • unlock: The Bigby bracers (Wolf claws for the heavy)
    • Extra: Will be asked questions about becoming a wolf and where he came from.
    1. The spy (Team fortress 2)
    • How he acts: secretive/buffs
    • bounty item: the spy's mask (when this item is presented (in-game) the spy takes off his mask and fro the rest of the game you will see his real face)
    • unlock: The unseen truth (the spy's real face)
    • Extra: Will be asked how his watch works and if with bigby they may argue about who's cigarette brand is better.
    1. (like in art of game) Jacket (hotline Miami)
    • How he acts: Quiet
    • bounty item: Jackets baseball bat
    • Unlock: the Miami masher (baseball bat for scout)
    • Extra: Will not speak much.
    1. Agent 47 (Hitman)
    • How he acts: very serious/rarely bluffs
    • Bounty item: agent 47's silverballer's
    • unlocks: an agent's classics (One of Hitman's silverballers for the spy)
    • Extra: Will be hard to beat and will never show signs of a bluff.
    1. Fenton paddock (lost horizon)
    • how he acts: Obvious
    • Bounty item: Fenton's flatcap
    • unlocks: Fenton's flattery (Fenton's flatcap of every class)
    • Extra: Will be easy to spot bluffing.

    and that's all I've got up to now...

  • I have another Idea!
    Octodad (Octodad: Dadliest Catch).
    How he acts: can make a mess and is very open with emotions but you can't understand him.
    Bounty item: #1 dad mug.
    Unlocks: the working dad (octodad bright blue suit for the spy).
    Extra: can sometimes make a mess (when he is busted out you can see him in the room behind making a mess).

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    I think it would be a good idea to have ALF in Poker Night 3. It would be really clever in my opinion. Plus, who doesn't like the ol' Alfer. It could work!

  • It's funny because Doug is actually one of TTG's employees. Looks exactly like him.

    WobblyJelly posted: »

    Characters I want : Doug (The walking dead) Spy (tf2) Woodsman (The wolf among us) Ellis (Left4Dead2) Wheatley (Portal 2)

  • That is my EXACT vision for Rick! We should start a campaign. LOL

    BrianBoyko posted: »

    New picks for me: * Fiona * Franchise: Borderlands/Tales From the Borderlands * Style: Gear Switcher -- Fiona, as a hustler, shou

  • Also, I'm thinking Bender from Futurama.

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    Daxter from Jak and Daxter
    Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse
    Manny from Grim Fandango
    & Rick from Rick and Morty

  • I think Daxter from Jak and Daxter would be would be Perfect for Poker night 3

    It's funny because Doug is actually one of TTG's employees. Looks exactly like him.

  • Here's my cast for ** Poker Night 3** if they ever make one which I hope they do.
    Here's my cast of 4 characters:

    • Bigby Wolf from Fables/The Wolf Among Us
    • Sterling Archer from Archer
    • Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty
    • Fiona or Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands
      Also here is the Dealer: either Colin the Pig or Bufkin from Fables/The Wolf Among Us, Einstein (the dog) from Back To The Future, Vaughn or Loader Bot & Gortys or Marcus from Tales From The Borderlands. Any one these guys would be perfect.
      That and also maybe some more interactive gameplay as well as some levels with some other different cast of characters and probably a higher difficulty as you progress and win each tournament. What do you guys think?
  • Last time they had a pretty great mix of characters from different media, covering the 4 corners of geek fandom. Movies, Comics, Video Games and TV/Cartoons. Keeping to that formula here's who I'd love to see in the next Poker Night Tournament.


    • Rick Sanchez, Rick and Morty.
    • Conker, Conkers Bad Fur Day
    • Han Solo, Star Wars
    • Wade Wilson, Deadpool


    • Cortana, Halo

    Honourable mentions to Bender from Futurama, Booga from Tank Girl, Burnt Face Man from that David Firth cartoon, Jay and Silent Bob would be funny and maybe Batmans butler Alfred Pennyworth as Dealer.

    Judging from some of the other suggestions here though, Rick Sanchez is a must if you make another one. That would be awesome!

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    I gotta say, a lot of cool ideas here. My ideal lineups are as follows

    1. Deadpool, Johnny Gat (Saints Row), Rochelle (L4D2), and either Sans or Papyrus (Undertale) with maybe Sam and Max or Ash Williams as the dealer.

    2. Batman (In his Arkham look), Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan), someone from Super Monday Night Combat, and Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight). Dealer is Atlas from P2.

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    • the violent one: Flandere Scarlet
    • the annoying one: Konata Izumi
    • the easygoing one: Catty from Undertale
    • the comic relief: Miku Hatsune
    • the dealer: The Mangle from Fnaf
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