Which characters did you hate the most throughout the series?

Throughout the first 3 seasons their were certainly some condescending pricks and characters that were just truly a pain in the a** plot wise and personality wise. Which characters did you loath the most in the post apocalyptic hell hole?

Here is my top 5 of characters that truly pissed me off.


Not high on everyone's list but ever since you first stumble upon this humpty dumpty shaped specimen I just wanted to crack her with a hatchet. Luckily the game grants that very wish and then some.

It's more so because I know her type in real life. The whole "The world owes me something because I'm fat" type of egg plant head having annoying prick. The attitude, the above everyone demeanor.

From the moment you meet her, she literally spends a good 20 minutes trying to get vernon to kill you, like literally expecting a Crawford member to wander into the sewer unarmed for no reason. As if it made sense. Then she actually basically calls Vernon a coward for handing you the gun. Spends the whole game berating everyone and when you try to talk to her for info in the school she basically tells you to leave her alone.

It's the whole ambiance of her. I hope season 1 doesn't count as spoilers but if it does, please beware beyond this point.

When she gets chewed by Walkers, I literally danced. I was hoping she'd had gotten done in. Then later when she comes back as a walker, and the icon comes up to hit her through the head with a hatchet, boy did I savor that.

F*** Brie!

Oh yeah lol, The hall of fame of condescending pricks in the walking dead. This dude is in the rafters. Epic gold standard of dudes who just needed a hatchet through the eye since day one.

The guy literally spends the first 20 minutes you meet him trying to kill a unbitten kid who clearly wasn't bitten in front his father. When you try to escape the dude has the nerve to punch you in the mouth leaving you to die in a swarm of walkers when you have a 8 year old girl to care for who loves you. Who disgusting can a POS be.

The dude is just the typical racist old man, bitter. Another folk you might encounter in real life.

Everyone gives Larry the benefit of the doubt. Saying "He has his reasons" Everyones been through their ish. It's a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE. Theirs no more "they've been through some things" excuse. Lee had to cut his own brother's undead head off. Carly had to watch her crush die. Clementine is alone with strangers with missing parents. Hershel had his son chewed. Everyone has had their share of stuff. So Larry can man up and stop being a a hole.

This one is probably number 1, it goes without saying. He was just a vile, retchid POS throughout. He was less subliminal with his scumminess. He's basically hitler lol. Dude almost Killed Kenny. He led to the downfall of him health wise, and mind wise. I really loathe this scumbag.

Like Father like Hoe daughter. She might actually be number 1. Because I was starting to hope Lee and Carly smashed before this manic depresant, phsyco little biotch off'd her because she got told the harsh truth. What a sicko. To shoot someone in the head like a baby throwing a temper tantrum because you lost an argument.

Ever since day one she was on a authoritarian power trip. I must lead, this is my group. I'm glad I left her to the side of the road. No room on the RV for that Stank. And although ben did some b.s. He made up for it and he was truly just a dumb naive kid. Carly was hot af, and I wanted interacial apoclypse babies. I wanted that apocolyptic boo lol.

I didn't loathe as many people in New Frontier, but this jap lady truly is a pain in the assenhiemer. Lol. Why for the life of me did she have to do Salem witch trial b.s and murder good people is beyond me. She ran a theiving ring and was all around a POS.

Which 5 are immortalized as your 5 pieces of trash in the series history? Who do you hate most?



  • Hmm, suprised Gabe isn't on your list. He seems to get a lot of hate on these forums

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    Anyway here is my top 5 most hated characters in no particulair order

    1. Larry (of course). His purpose in the game is to be an asshole.
    2. Carver, obviously
    3. Bonnie
    4. Joan
    5. Brie, or maybe Eleanor
  • 1 Vernon
    2 Eleanor
    3 Joan
    4 Arvo
    5 Gabe

    1. Jean
    2. Bonnie
    3. Arvo
    4. Gabe
    5. Kenny
    1. Kenny
    2. David
    3. Eleanor
    4. Carver
    5. Joan
  • I) Larry
    2) Carver
    3) Clem’s captor
    4) St. John’s
    5) Joan
    6) Lilly
    7) Walter (He’s to nice, his death was predictable)

  • 1.Kenny
    (I killed both at the end of season 2)

  • I forgot one alcoholic roid head lol.

    It was so awesome revealing to this dude that you were smashing his wife 7 days a week lol. The face on him. And I know he's supposed to be your brother but he was just so condescending. Sometimes I regretted treating him like dirt and smashing his wife but he was such a ex potato peeler in the 24th chef division of the fairy navy who had a chip on his shoulder. It was annoying and he was just a punk bully. And the game really set the tone of him being a a hole when he punches you earlier on the game.

    You punched me, I banged your girl. I'm petty like that lol. :smiley:

    I seen a captor mention and he truly high on mine lol but On my second playthough I kinda started to symphatize with him a bit, the game makes you feel guilty at the end. As sick and twisted as he was, he never hurt Clem which makes me exclude him. I do think he is the biggest tard of the series. Who leaves a trunk full of supplies, food and aid in the wide open wilderness during a zombie apoclypse and expect it to be fine and dandy when you get back? It's survival you moron. And who goes hunting in the apocolypse? He really was dumber than even ben.

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    I don't really hate the villains - they are hateable of course, but that means they were doing their job right. I'll focus on our own band of characters.

    Bonnie and Mike - betrayed you for no good reason. Arvo, at least I understand wanting to get away, I don't blame him. But, fuck Bonnie and Mike. I wouldn't really be pissed at them if they weren't trying to take ALL of the food as well, leaving a kid and a baby to the cold. Bloody arseholes.

    Nick and Sarah - wasted plot - they're crybabies most of the game and when things are finally starting to look up they die uselessly for no reason

    Jane - creating unnecessary conflict for stupid reasons under the pretense of "helping" Clem and then abandoning her via suicide anyway. Kenny can be an ass sometimes but at least he never gives up on the kids. He deserves more respect than Jane ever would.

  • Gabe 3 times, Bonnie two. Any order works for them.

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    Any relation to @zombiebonnie?

    Anyway, Jane, Justin, Badger, and Carver. Tripp and David came close though.

  • 1) Jane ... the worst, the worst character from any game,shes just a TT tool used to devalue your choices and guilt trip you :dizzy
    2)Gabe , predicatable garbage love interest
    3)the S1 stranger . believe it or not :D always found him like a cartoon character,running away staring at lee in the shadows to pretending to know where clems parents are to her,very cartoonish
    4)Arvo and the russian magic gun group,enough said
    5)AJ , plot device

  • When it comes to games I have an unnaturally high tolerance level, as opposed to real life, where so much as a fly passing by my face once would get me to light the place on fire if other people didn't live here. It's hard for me to outright hate any character, but if I had to pick between 5.

    1. Kenny.
      Already starting with blasphemy. Never really liked Kenny. He protected his family the best way he knew how. I respected that but that doesn't excuse his lack of interest for Lee's well being if you don't side with him against the execution of Larry, no matter how much of a lost cause he was. You try to take some time to save Larry and this man will literally watch you get yourself out of a scuffle and when you confront him he says "You survived, didn't ya?" Kiss my ass. To summarize, my issue with him is his pettiness and how it'd likely get me killed. Luckily he wises up by Ep 5. I don't have too much of a problem aside from his, as Jane so eloquently put it, "Wounded Warrior Crap" as if the rest of the world hadn't lost time and time again. I had my Clem say to Kenny that she had to shoot Lee and to stop feeling sorry for himself. He's 5 because he's had reflective moments where he's cooled his head and his "wildfire" so to speak of pettiness and grief calms into a strong flame with new motivation, but when he's being petty or in his feelings, he's likely the most annoying person to be around.

    2. Larry.
      His attitude speaks for itself. Nothing more to say there, we've all seen what kind of human being he is.

    3. David
      This one was complicated. It had less to do with HIM but more so with the execution of his character. From Clem's perspective, you're basically forced to say "WTF is wrong with this dude?" Since it's Clem, people have basically become slaves to her feelings. In Javi's perspective, he's our brother, but you are given no reason to care for him because, with every starting flashback, you guys are butting heads, even when you don't say shit. They tried to make a complex, complicated character but the final result ended up being a mess, and they tried to redeem him in From the Gallows because for once, the team by the finale of TWD WASN'T fighting amongst themselves nor were they separated or killed off. Everyone was together, working to stay alive, talking things through with a leveled voice, Clem stopped letting her period control her hate for David and forgives him and then Kate chooses the "perfect time" to break the status quo forever and cuck David as if he wasn't making a perfectly sane and solid point in leaving Richmond. Then due to the content of David's character, proceeds to (TRY) to beat you down despite having zero affection for her if you went that route. Total mess.

    4. Joan
      Blew her brains out. Thank you, TT, but she was a horrible antagonist. Do better.

    5. Arvo
      Let me kill him. Such a random, useless character. First time I tried to help him and he betrayed that help with a shot to the shoulder. Next playthrough, I told Kenny to unleash that wildfire on his punchable face. Telltale, if you care about your fans, let me get that revenge.

    1. Gabe (Everything about this character sucks, he should have died instead of Mariana in Episode 1)
    2. Jane (Rip-off of Molly, tells me to leave my friends behind and left a baby in a car where he could have died and killed my best friend, Sarah. I watched her getting stabbed by Kenny, no regrets)
    3. Kate (Unnecessarily forced romance, terrible motivations, I wish they shot her in the head in Episode 1. How come there was no ending with Gabe and Kate both dead?)
    4. Arvo (Why would someone defend a shitbird like him? I didn't steal his stuff, still came to ambush my group and shot me in the shoulder. WHY WAS THERE NO OPTION TO SHOOT HIM?)
    5. Bonnie (She has been a traitor since 400 Days. She is the main reason the Cabin Group died in the first place)
  • 5: Larry
    3: Arvo
    2: Carver
    1: Jane

  • Kenny has bipolar layers to get through lol. That's why I like him though.

    I spent all of season 1 kissing Kenny's ass, I literally sided with him from day one. I saved duck over Hershel's son and he just let his son die in front of everyone. I killed duck so he wouldn't have to, cooled his head on the train, split Larry's head open with him and held is skitzo daughter back. Sided with him in every argument. Just for at the end of the game to hear.

    "I wonder if it was on my foot, if you'd do the same. Becuase you been caring a lot about yourself Lee"

    Really? I told him to go F*** himself. lol

    Season 2 reestablishes him as my favorite again though, he was Clem's new Lee. Of course not as good but he always put the kids first. And he didn't take the cowards way out like Katjaa. Katjaa is the biggest coward in TWD history. Leaving Kenny to rot. So inconsiderate.

    Sarunas21 posted: »

    When it comes to games I have an unnaturally high tolerance level, as opposed to real life, where so much as a fly passing by my face once w

  • I forgot about Katja, and I'd probably replace someone in my top 5 for her. How could you be so cowardly enough to take your own life leaving your husband to carry the bag for two bodies? Your son died, Kenny was grieving too. How could you abandon him and leave him to mourne two loved ones? That's some sick twisted WEAK stuff. Katja was low and she doesn't get enough flack from this community at large imo lol.

    Kenny didn't deserve that and both could have helped eachother cope.

    F Katja

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    5: Gabe (ANF)
    4: Carver (S2)
    3: David (ANF)
    2: Jane (S2)
    1: Kenny (S2)

    Honourable Mentions:
    Sam (Michonne Mini-Series)
    Vernon (S1)
    Clementine (S2)

  • Hm...

    1. The Stanger (he is the sole reason Lee is gone!)
    2. Carver (I didn't stayed to watch his death but it was well deserved)
    3. Arvo (We all deep down wanted the option for Kenny to kick his ass for good)
    4. Joan (Man... no words for that cow after what she did to my boy Tripp)
    5. Badger (He's probably rotting in hell right now, well good riddance)
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    • Larry
    • Arvo
    • Gabe
    • Kate
    • Bonnie
  • Top 5 hated characters:

    • Arvo
    • Arvoo
    • Arvooo
    • Arvoooo
    • Arvooooo
  • Lmao I hope Brie's actress the character model was based on doesn't frequent these forums because that was fucking brutal.

  • Yeah, I've always been concerned about that when I learned about that contest thing.

    Lmao I hope Brie's actress the character model was based on doesn't frequent these forums because that was fucking brutal.

  • Hated Troy the most, you touch Clem and you're on the list.

  • People I hate the most
    1. Ben
    2. Gabe
    3. Carver
    4. Joan
    5. Kate
    6. Larry

  • I’m going to break it down by season.

    Season 1:
    1. Larry
    2. Vernon

    Season 2:
    1. Jane
    2. Bonnie
    3. Arvo
    4. Mike

    Season 3/ANF: Is it possible to put everyone except Clem and Javi? No, fine:
    1. Kate: She deserves a description. I know a lot of people hate her, but I don’t think people fully understand, at least in my view, just why she is so horrible. She’s in a bad marriage with David, and we see her have feelings for his brother Javi, my question is why? The game presented Javi as an absentee brother more focused on his career than family, meaning he was rarely, if ever, around, so why would Kate start feeling anything for him? He’s done nothing to earn it. You can argue that she feels this way about him because of what he’s done for her in the apocalypse, but these feelings were there long before that, we see them in Episode 2’s flashback, before the apocalypse AND when he was just banned from baseball. Unless something happened that we didn’t see (which is entirely plausible, but since we don’t see it, we can’t consider it) that would explain why she has feelings for him, just why does she? I’ve thought about this for a while, and I’m probably going to get some people who widely disagree with me, but the only possible reason I can think of is SOLELY because Javi is David’s brother, and she pursues this because she is purposely trying to antagonize and irritate David. She and Javi were together 4 years and she never discusses her feelings towards him at all, but as soon as David reenters the picture, she’s all “I want to give this a chance, let’s escape the first chance we get and abandon David.” Then, in Episode 5 she either walks right up to Javi and kisses him, or she yells at him for daring to not feel the same way about her as she does for him (like I’m sorry I don’t care about you, you selfish, cowardly, and inconsistent piece of human excrement), which then prompts the climactic fight between Javi and David. She just might be, because she’s continuously depicted as one of the main characters and “good guys,” one of the most wretched and contemptible characters in the entire game. Just...wow, I can’t stand her. Rant over.
    2. Gabe
    3. Badger
    4. Eleanor
    5. Joan: I wanted to leave villains off this list because, obviously, we’re not meant to like them, but at least with those characters, you had justifiable reasons, but at the same time, saw where they were coming from and may have even sympathized with them to an extent. But Joan, she’s as one dimensional as they come, her entire character is a joke. She’s a horrible excuse for a villain, and that’s why she’s on this list.

  • kenny, carver, christa, rebecca, bonnie

    christa and rebecca made terrible first impressions and i never got over that. bonnie carver and kenny were just horrible human beans.

  • Do I even have to say it?

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    David was a raging sociopathic black hole of self-righteous narcissism who destroyed every trace of joy, humor, and tenderness around him. At least Carver made no pretense about the kind of man he was. David, on the other hand, always saw himself as the shining knight of the zombie apocalypse even while ripping a baby out of the arms of his guardian. And we're stuck with him FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON.

    For all of their griping about Kenny's presence in S2, at least the Kenny-haters were given the chance to shoot him in the head themselves. But those of us who found David absolutely unbearable had no such luck.

  • Gabe for sure

  • Words cannot describe how negatively I feel towards this BITCH.

  • 1) Gabe
    2) Lily
    3) David

  • she got my boy Tripp killed lol

    Dex-Starr posted: »

    Words cannot describe how negatively I feel towards this BITCH.

  • Amen to that.

    I'd add Ben as 6th.

    AronDracula posted: »

    * Gabe (Everything about this character sucks, he should have died instead of Mariana in Episode 1) * Jane (Rip-off of Molly, tells me to l

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    I got 4 I could rant on about for weeks but I'll try to keep it short.

    Arvo: Shot Clem. Don't think I need to say more. Dickhead.

    Badger: The most boring and stereotypical psychopath villain the series have seen so far. Did jackshit besides from killing one of the potentially better characters in ANF. Glad we got the chance to give him the Negan special.

    Tripp: Useless "tough guy" character who had no depth whatsoever besides from having an aching heart and saying a couple of cringy one liners before his death. Really loved how Javier wrecked his whole town and got most of his community killed and in the next scene he was like: "You're the boss, Javi!". Like what the fuck are you on, are you Tripping from shrooms or what?

    Eleanor: A snake with motives that made absolutely zero sense and still managed to pin it all on the player due to poor writing by Telltale. The fact that she didn't die in ANF still makes me mad.

  • Eleanor: A snake with motives that made absolutely zero sense and still managed to pin it all on the player due to poor writing by Telltale. The fact that she didn't die in ANF still makes me mad.


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    I got 4 I could rant on about for weeks but I'll try to keep it short. Arvo: Shot Clem. Don't think I need to say more. Dickhead. Badg

  • ANF Clem

  • I'll mention some that the first poster didn't mention.

    For me it is..

    The Stranger, guy who pretty much got Lee bit and broke up the first group and also blaming you for not saving Doug instead of Carly or the other way round even though you could not save both, what a dick.

    Harry Potter, hating Clementine just for shooting his walker sister that was going to kill the baby. Why what was he going to do with his walker sister? Take care of her and feed her like a pet?

    Kenny, yes a fan favourite but just an in your face asshole in S2 and just pissing everyone off wanting to find a boat in S1 and then also in S2 getting so easily wound up by Jane then one of them ends up dead.

    I didn't even play S3 but I can tell just by looking at this characters face that he is a prick, whoever he is.

    Same goes for this S3 character who I believe is one you play as, he looks like such a pansy ass.

    Like Carver, Randall is just another stereo typical pantomime villain in the Michonne game. He has a good voice actor though.

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    I was actually planning on starting a similar thread to this myself - great minds ;D

    Anyway. I'm ignoring the villians because there meant to be hated and seem the most obvious choices.

    Jane. For the record, I don't hate her but I never particularly cared for her either. I do feel she was treated unfairly being put up against Kenny and his many fanboys for the final decison, she never really stood a chance. (A character I don't care for vs a character I don't care for? Way to go telltale!) She taught us a cool trick with the screwdriver but other than that what did she do? Tries to get us to leave the group because of 'unreliable' people, then leaves on her own, comes back for Clem, hides AJ to test Kenny... then if we stay with her she hangs herself when she discovers she's pregnant. Flaky, Flaky.

    Vernon. Quite simply because a doctor should know better than to steal a boat. FIND YOUR OWN DAMN BOAT!
    To quote my boy Boyd "Vernon and the boat are the reason the group fell apart, not trusting strangers! Vernon was out for the boat the whole time! And the SECOND they left that boat unattended, we just stole it! THAT's when our group fell apart."

    Arvo. He shot Clem. Enough said.

    **Kenny (For the record this is S2 Kenny).
    **I didn't always agree with Kenny in S1 but I understood where he was coming from and I found his 'death' a 'good' ending for him. From the beginning he was just a father looking out for his family. He made bold rash decisions and hated you if you had a different opinion but after the loss of his family, he ultimately sacrified himself to save someone else. He went out on a high! The decision to bring him back in S2 and have him spiral out of control becoming more and more agreesive and psychotic however - NO. This ruined his character arc. I have said this before and I will say it again. Kenny should have stayed dead. No 'I got lucky. Real lucky' copout. No new girlfriend so he can derail even worse than before. It is literally his return in S2 that puts him on this list.

    Larry - I feel like this is what season 2 Kenny became tbh. (Or a combination of Larry and Carver)
    "I know who you are, and I don't give a shit about what happens to you, but if anything happens to my daughter or that little girl you got with you, you watch your ass." ....sounds like Kenny to me!
    Larry leaves Lee to die despite knowing he is caring for a young girl, pratically scolds everyone, has no sense of humour and in general is a huge pain in the ass.

    For the record, David and Gabe (= the reason why gamers generally don't like in game kids) totally make the list too but as far as I am concerned TNF does not exist. (I never played it only watched a playthrough and was not at all impressed by it in the slightest hence it not exsisting.)

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