New Sam & Max games in 2020/2021!!!

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How come nobody is talking about the new Sam & Max games that are coming out? I guess that after a whole decade of no new S&M related releases at all, most people abandoned these forums. The games are:

I know that one of these games is "just" a remaster, and that none of these games are by the current Telltale Games team, but still I thought it was worth a mention. After all, these forums are still up even though the current Telltale doesn't have the rights to Sam & Max anymore.

Happy Giant is a company specialized in augmented reality, virtual reality and mobile games. I'm still not sure how will I like this style of gameplay, but having a brand new Sam & Max game in 2021 sure is nice.

Skunkape Games is a company made up from people who worked in the original Telltale Games team and in the original Sam & Max seasons, so it's the best team for such a remaster. It's now available for PC and Nintendo Switch, with physical versions being released by Limited Run Games on April 30th, 2021. They also sell a slip cover to hold all 3 physical releases of Sam & Max for the Nintendo Switch, so that means they won't stop with just releasing "Save The World Remastered".

I'm guessing they might even start with a Season 4 after they're done with the remasters! After all, it wouldn't make sense to create a new company (named after a Sam & Max character, no less!) only to make remasters and stop there.

Here's an extensive list of the enhancements in the new version of Save The World:



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