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    Here is my ranking of the Spider-Man films. Didn't include Venom because while I don't hate those films, I just don't care about them after No Way Home.

    How would you guys rank them?

    1. No Way Home
    2. Spiderman 2
    3. Homecoming
    4. Spiderman 1
    5. Far From Home
    6. The Amazing Spiderman 2
    7. Spiderman 3
    8. The Amazing Spiderman 1
    9. Venom: Let There Be Carnage
    10. Venom

    Have not yet seen spiderverse. In fact had only seen 2 of these (being homecoming and far from home) when December started. But I'll get to spiderverse soon enough.

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    Here is my ranking of the Spider-Man films. Didn't include Venom because while I don't hate those films, I just don't care about them after No Way Home. How would you guys rank them?

  • Do it!!! It's absolutely worth it, considering it won the oscar for the Best Animated Picture, beating not one but TWO disney films (Incredibles 2 and Wreck it Ralph 2).

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    * No Way Home * Spiderman 2 * Homecoming * Spiderman 1 * Far From Home * The Amazing Spiderman 2 * Spiderman 3 * The Amazing Spiderma

    1. Spider-Man 2
    2. Spider-Man
    3. Into the Spider-Verse
    4. Spider-Man: No Way Home
    5. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    6. Spider-Man: Far from Home
    7. Amazing Spider-Man
    8. Spider-Man 3
    9. Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I did consider putting No Way Home above Spider-Verse but I need to watch it again, after the movie high wears off to be sure lol.

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    Here is my ranking of the Spider-Man films. Didn't include Venom because while I don't hate those films, I just don't care about them after No Way Home. How would you guys rank them?


    Well, I saw it, and I'm gonna need some time to collect my thoughts. This movie is a must see.

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    Boy, am I glad I didn't watch that trailer in November. It doesn't spoil too much, but does lay out a basic structure of what the plot will be.
    Being in the theatre today and watching it all unfold with very little knowledge of the events in it, was such a fun, fun ride.



    So, uhh.... yeah, where do I start indeed.

    • Let's start with the plot. I really liked how slow-paced it generally was in the first half of the film. They didn't go all-out battle with each villain at the start, with only getting one with Ock, a tease of Goblin, and an appearance of Lizard. The idea of Spidey getting his costume ruined and just turning it inside-out for some better battle-gear was pretty neat, if weirdly "we need a new design for merchandise".
    • The scene in which all the villains realize they die at (or near) the hands of Spider-Man, and are being forced to be sent back to their doom was chilling. Plus, having Peter go over the moral idea of doing that, putting them through that glimpse of (evil) freedom only to send them back to their deaths was pretty smart. I don't know if I'd do that in that situation.
    • The really big moment involving Aunt May's death was surprising and absolutely heart-breaking. I did not think they'd do that. Whoa. This movie got really dark in some moments, especially near the end too
    • All in all, I think they really pulled off the multi-villain movie... finally. Just needed to do away with introducing an origin for each of them in one film :lol:

    • Oh gosh, the villains in this movie shine. Oh yeah, watching Spider-Man 2 last night was so worth it. Getting all that context on Otto's origin and where he ends up -- especially with a specific moment later on -- was so neat.

    • Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, and Jamie Foxx gave great performances. Willem really had an awesome softer side to Norman that I was surprised they wrote into the film. Offered a great twist to what we would have expected from his appearance... and to make "The Goblin"'s return later pretty shocking.
    • And now... actors. They did it. I can't believe they did it. Marvel somehow convinced Sony to keep Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire a secret in all marketing releases. And even Charlie Cox! that they just threw in there for 5 mins and that was it... holy crap this film is such a lynchpin for so many events in the MCU now.
      The audience reaction when they appeared was fantastic and unexpected. Loved seeing the characters interact in the exact ways you'd think they would (artificial vs. natural webs, origin stories, etc.)
      And I think it was a masterful writing move to introduce them right after Aunt May's death. They bring the mood down hard with that scene, only to bring instant nostalgic joy with the next. [chef's kiss]

    • I find it interesting that this whole trilogy so far is Spidey's origin and coming into himself, rather than it being before this film, or in a montage like usual. He learns how he can become Spider-Man, (relying on himself), before asking If he's ready to be Spider-Man, a big-time superhero, juggling his summer trip and superheroism, and then asking Why he's Spider-Man, when his personal life, relationships, and villains intersect.

    • And that final scene, where he's actually sewn his own Classic suit, all shiny, swinging through Manhattan... it was gorgeous and bittersweet. It's looking like Aunt May was actually his Uncle Ben moment, and he had little if not no interaction with the Ben Parker from his universe, since he didn't mention him one bit. (Though I'm sure we know he exists, since there was that namedrop in What If...? which is... somewhat canon?)
    • I'm very surprised with that after-credits scene. I haven't seen Venom 2 yet but I'm aware of its post-credits scene, so I'm glad they're just leaving a piece of the guy in this universe instead of having it be Tom Hardy's Eddie clash with Holland's Peter. Let Marvel Studios make their own twist on the character rather than forcing Hardy into it. (though I'd like the dynamic)
      The other credits scene being a full-on trailer for Doctor Strange 2 was cool. They haven't done that since Captain America 1, with the Avengers trailer. Cool. Looks like it'll be another crazy thing that finally links back to the Disney Plus shows.

    Now that I've calmed down and processed a bit, do I think this is the best Spider-Man movie? No. It was really great, it's up there in the top 3, but I think it works so well because of the previous movies events supporting it, as well as the events of previous movie franchises too.
    Into The Spider-Verse just works so well on its own, as a no-strings attached Spidey film.

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    I also rewatched the film before seeing No Way Home and it's still a fantastic film. I forgot how relatable Peter was in this film, with all the struggle in his life.

    Upon rewatching Spider-Man 2, I just noticed that one of Doc Ock's assistants in his lab is played by Daniel Dae Kim, who I know of from Lost and he is going to play Fire Lord Ozai in Netflix Avatar.

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    I just saw... SPIDER-MAN 2!! Okay, yeah, it's not the newest one, but I hadn't seen it in ages and I want to reacquaint myself with Doc O

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    Just want to mention the soundtrack since I've checked it out today.
    1. I'm surprised its so short, given the film is so long. I feel like we're missing some tracks from scenes, maybe I just need to see it again to figure out which music events follow what.
    2. Hearing the themes of Andrew and Tobey's movies alongside Tom's is so cool. I still can't believe this movie happened.
    3. I tried to listen to the old themes, but I couldn't confirm if Doc Ock's or Goblin's old themes appeared in this new one at all.
    Regardless, the current theme they're using for Goblin's scenes is scary. A bunch of long drawn out notes, and when things get really crazy, they bust out the choral chanting.
    4. This movie's soundtrack is pretty intense. More than usual I'd say. You can really feel the edge-of-your-seat tension in a lot of the tracks.

    Here's some that are cool.


    Upon rewatching Spider-Man 2, I just noticed that one of Doc Ock's assistants in his lab is played by Daniel Dae Kim

    I noticed the same thing! Interesting to see a pretty mainstream actor in a bit part like that.

  • You know, I am really disappointed to have seen the trailers and learn the details of No Way Home before hitting the theaters. Do you have any idea how COOL it would have been if everyone had ZERO ideas who would appear in the film?

    If there were no clues that Tobey and Andrew would return as their certain web heads, the audience reaction would have been just as huge as a nuclear explosion. I mean, we still got a great reaction but it would have been better if we went into this film with the lack of expectations and clues.

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    Hawkeye finale is out and I really enjoyed it! Lots of really cool action and character moments, as well as the introduction of a "new" MCU character. I'm also loving what they're doing with Kate and Yelena and I'm looking forward to seeing how their future in the franchise plays out. I think the episode is one of the better MCU show finales as well, though there is one part of it that does have me a bit worried which I will get to in the spoiler notes.

    Again, really enjoyed it overall and the finale might be my favourite of the season. Either that or episode 3 which is also top notch.


    My boy Kingpin is BACK!
    It feels like he never left. He acts pretty close to how he was in Daredevil, though with a bit of a power up considering how he managed to rip that car door open and throw Kate around like a ragdoll, along with all the punishment he takes. He's definitely more comic-booky, so it's not the exact same version we know.
    My boy Kingpin is DEAD!
    Well actually I'm not too sure. The scene with Maya shooting Fisk is ripped straight out of the comics and he survives that, though he does get blinded for a while. Hopefully that's the case and Fisk isn't a one and done villain. It'd be a massive waste if it was.
    Maybe he'll make an appearance in the Echo series, who knows!
    The standoff with Clint and Kate against the Tracksuit Mafia was fuckin' awesome. Loved seeing how creative they got with the arrows.
    Also really loved the one on one between Clint and Yelena. It felt very cathartic for both characters.
    The ending's super cute with Kate spending Christmas with the Bartons. Really wholesome, which makes sense considering the holiday theme.
    That after credits though lmao. I wish it was something more meaty but at the same time I thought it was hilarious. I kinda hope that they actually turn this into a full musical for D+, kinda like Hamilton.

    It seems like this episode takes place right at the end of No Way Home. In the movie, Spidey swings by the exact location of the tree. The environment even looks the same, so I'm surprised he didn't make a cameo. I guess there was another crime happening elsewhere lol.

  • I'm hyped for this movie.

  • Cool. The old Marvel Studios graphic appears in that fractured logo card at 0:42

    I'm hyped for this movie.

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    Sooo, because of No Way Home, I decided to rewatch The Amazing Spider-Man films and I was hoping that my opinions would change in a positive way because I used to despise those back in the day.

    How did that turn out, you may ask? Well, I went from "I HATE THOSE FILMS. ANDREW GARFIELD SUCKED AND THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 DESERVED TO BE CANCELLED" to just "whatever". My opinion hasn't changed that much, surprisingly but I feel more calm about Marc Webb's vision of the wall crawler.

    I am going to talk some spoilers. Do not hate me for bringing them out because you had almost a decade to watch them. So here we go:

    * Andrew Garfield is fucking fantastic. He sure as hell could have been a great replacement for the web head after Tobey Maguire. I mean, he is a Spider-Man fanatic and I can easily tell he enjoyed playing him in some certain scenes of his films.
    * The swinging choreography. As much as I love the swinging scenes in the Raimi trilogy, they didn't age very well compared to TASM's swinging. TASM's swinging scenarios are just plain amazing, no pun intended, and I think they used more practical effects than CGI to make those scenes.
    * Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. She definitely nailed the role of Peter Parker's first love interest (Unless you count Betty Brant as the official first girlfriend for Peter, according to the comics), she and Pete had a great chemistry and she was definitely better than Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man 3. She wasn't even much of a damsel in distress which makes her a little bit better than Mary Jane in the Raimi trilogy.
    * The action sequences are watchable enough, I guess. I wouldn't really say they are very memorable but they don't have any moments which takes me out of the action (Like shaky cam or horrible CGI). Great stuntwork and visuals.

    * NO ONE CARES ABOUT OSCORP OR PETER'S PARENTS. Seriously, I thought I was watching Spider-Man movie, not a Bourne film. What is the POINT? What does that have to do Peter's relationships and responsibilities?
    * The villains. None of them managed to win me over. All of them had flimsy reasons to become the villains. Dr. Curtis Connors had a decent start but once he turned into the Lizard, he became extremly boring and story just refuses to tell us why he wants to turn everyone into lizards exactly. Rhino is by far the worst Spider-Man villain adapted on the big screen, there is absolutely nothing interesting about him, except Paul Giamatti acting like a cartoon character. Electro is probably the only one who had the biggest potential to be the one villain that defined Andrew's franchise because he was sympathetic. However, his arc was completely ruined by falling in the category of superhero fanatics becoming villains (Like the Riddler from Batman Forever and Syndrome from The Incredibles). I was never a fan of that trope. Green, why was he introduced so early in the franchise? Where the hell did Harry Osborn come from? He wasn't mentioned ANYWHERE in the first film but his father was, yet Peter never mentioned being friends with Harry. Green Goblin is like the arch nemesis for the wall crawler, how can you just have him be in action in the final act of the second film? Do I even need to mention that he looks more like a zombie than a Goblin. Say what you want about Willem Dafoe's "Power Rangers" Goblin suit but at least he looked like a Goblin. Ridiculous yes but still more accurate to the comic counterpart.
    * The first movie was marketed as an "Untold Story" for Spider-Man, yet all I can remember is that it expanded more on Peter's origins rather than doing something that Sam Raimi never did in his films. This film is like a youtube video which borrows ideas from another video but tries so hard to execute them differently so they do not get copyrighted by the creator of the original video. The best example is Uncle Ben's famous quote. Instead of saying "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility", he says "Your father believed that if you could do good things for other people you had a moral obligation to do those things. That's what's at stake here. Not choice...Responsibility".
    * Uncle Ben's death is fucking garbage. Why the fuck would you try to stop an armed thief yourself, especially when you are in an old age and you are NOT A COP? I felt no sympathy from Marc Webb's version of Uncle Ben because he deserved what he got.
    * Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker. There are so many moments which doesn't make him very relatable as he is supposed to be. Like stalking Gwen everywhere, sneaking in Oscorp at high risks, using a skateboard in school, breaking so many promises etc.
    * Peter and Gwen's relationship isn't very well established in the first film as I remember. It was in the second film but they should have done it more in the first film. Gwen is not much of a character until the second film, the same film where she dies.

    I have been writing a lot and I am feeling tired right now. Overall, those films are mediocre at best. They do have their great moments but they were completely overshadowed by Avi Arad's garbage decisions. Stop with the fucking studio interference and let the directors use their own vision for fuck's sakes. I'll give him credit for not ruining Spider-Verse and No Way Home but he is still not to be trusted. I will also say that after No Way Home, Andrew Garfield deserves a real conclusion to his universe. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 needs to be made because he deserves it.

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    Saw the Hawkeye finale today.

    This was a really fun series, probably my favourite of the Disney Plus shows so far. I just really liked the grounded, small-scale tone of the show. It really helped it develop a great personal conflict with a handful of characters in a tight, christmas-y-thematic New York.
    It also introduced a lot of other fun characters and concepts that were cool to see. It kind of reminded me of the Marvel Netflix shows in some areas, just with more campy comedy and less blood.

    • While I did enjoy Yelena's inclusion in the MCU, it feels like she really had her silly one-liners turned up to 11 in this show, and it was a bit much for my tastes. She's supposed to be a ruthless Assassin (mostly) with a personal vendetta against Clint, and yet she's very jokey and nonchalant about it all when around Kate. It undercut the seriousness of it a lot and I didn't really like that.
    • the return of Kingpin was super duper cool. Doubly so since his reveal was on like the 17th of December, and then just a day or so later, Daredevil appears in No Way Home! Amazing timing on that, gotta give props to Disney's/Sony's marketing and release team. Big moment for the MCU here.
    • Also very neat to see the small (haha) crossover of Ant Man and a bit of Stark and Shield with some of the trick arrows. It really sells the connected universe when they do small touches like that, especially when the growing/shrinking power set is actually used in a series where you really wouldn't expect it.
    • (On that note, RIP tiny Bro dudes. I honestly feel really bad for them. They're about to be ripped apart by that adorable owl. That's one of the bigger dark implied deaths of the MCU.)
    • I do not think Kingpin is dead. I think Marvel knows what they're doing, and they would not kill off such a big important character with an off-screen "camera pan away for the kids" moment, especially right after another fake-out death in that toy store. He probably turned the gun on Maya or wasn't shot where it counts.
    • Jack was my favourite part of this episode. He's just such a chill character, and was having the time of his life with that sword here too lol. The LARPers are fun, though I can't get over how their friendship started because the firefighter guy literally stole the costume from the burnt apartment. ...Like, really?
    • Seeing the full musical number at the end was really nice. Makes you wonder a bit if a cheesy superhero musical can actually be pulled off, or if it'll forever be doomed like that one awful Spider-Man Broadway show.
    • Weird we didn't get a tease for what's next for Hawkeye or Kate or Maya. All the other shows at least had some tease of a season 2 or character continuation.
  • Man, I wanna see No Way Home again. Can you believe that this is the first time I want to rewatch a film again in theaters? The blu-ray release is already too far away and I really wanna see this film again but I can't because covid lockdown striked again.


    Not liking modern journalism this week. You never can tell what's made up for clicks or a dubious source exaggerated for a good headline... especially when you come across
    1. "Sony reportedly in talks to continue an Amazing Spider-Man 3"
    2. "Emma Stone being pinned to play 'Spider-Gwen' alongside Andrew Garfield in new film."
    3. "Andrew Garfield's 'Amazing Spider-Man' reportedly being set to battle Tom Hardy's 'Venom'"

    And all that sounds pretty cool, yet far-fetched. (If Garfield's Spidey does make a solo return, I hope to God they get different writers. Just borrow some from Marvel Studios or something.)

    Seconded with seeing NWH again @AronDracula
    it really is such an 'Endgame' type of event. So much fun, executed in such a satisfying way, that's also Tom Holland's best Spidey film.
    Sucks about the new covid lockdown. Hopefully yours don't last too long.

  • After recent Marvel events I've decided to pick up where I left off with the Marvel Netflix shows.
    I left off after finishing Defenders, so currently I'm going through Punisher S1, then I'll get to JJ2, LC2, IF2, and the biggie that everyone says is great, Daredevil3.

    The Punisher show is good. It's got a great central plot about Frank's PTSD and learning to cope with his isolated position in life with Micro, an ex-government hacker.

    What does irritate me though is just how these Netflix shows are structured. They're all 13-episode seasons, 1-hour-ish episodes.
    That's nice if you like length, but man, sometimes it really makes events drag out. I just want to get to some good stuff, but characters often get pulled into side-activities that don't really affect the main plot.
    Disney's got the better plan at least. Freedom of structure. Some shows are 9 30-minutr episodes, some are all near an hour, some a mix of the two, etc. I'm excited to get to Iron Fist S2 since I've heard it's only 10 episodes, so some filler should be removed at least

  • Watched No Way Home again and it still holds up! Caught some more details I had missed in my initial viewing which is neat. Man, I'm really looking forward to whatever the next trilogy is.

  • Despite my personal preference on it, I hope Raimi peppers in some jumpy horror elements into Doctor Strange 2. He used it to great effect in the original Spider-Man trilogy.
    Really elevated the spook factor of some of the villains. If we're dealing with Multiversal Monsters then that's the way to go.

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    No Way Home just reached 2 billion dollars box office, beating both Avengers Infinity War and Star Wars The Force Awakens. I honestly couldn't be more happier and I'm glad that pandemic didn't do shit to stop this film from reaching that number, although it did for me.

    EDIT: Wait a minute. Now it's back to 1.5 Billion according to box office mojo. Was I dreaming or did some hackers just pull a false information? I take back everything back what I said above.


    Apparently there's 2 different versions of the first Norman Osborn/Green Goblin scene where he's talking to the mask.
    One of them has weird edits where it randomly does closeups on Norman's face, while the other one shows careful tension as you don't see the mask talking until Norman turns around...
    I saw the second version. No idea what the first one looks like, but a lot of people say it's the worse one.
    I'd post a clip of it from someone who noticed it on twitter, but yeah, spoilers and I'm not about to promote illegal camcorder footage.

  • The first Moon Knight trailer is gonna drop tomorrow, sometime after 8:15pm ET when the NFL Wild Card game starts.

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    The trailer for Moon Knight is out with a release date of March 30th!

    It looks like they're going deep into Mark being absolutely batshit insane!

    The poster for it is out as well.

    With how the trailer looks and the blood on the poster, I hope this means the show will go pretty dark. Well as dark as a PG13 rating can go anyway.

  • This feels like it'll be way more of a psychological thriller than Wandavision was!

    Ooh and that poster is very interesting. We might be towing the line of PG-13 more often, I hope?

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    The trailer for Moon Knight is out with a release date of March 30th! It looks like they're going deep into Mark being absolutely bat

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    I watched Eternals and it was, eh, okay.
    Good not great.

    Lots of characters to keep track of, wasn't much of a fan of the first third/half of the film where they kept doing flashbacks to history they helped change. When Kingo appeared it started to speed up and bring some levity.
    Makkari probably had the best use of CGI super-speed in the history of cinema. Barely any slow-motion shots, and clear enough what she was doing while moving super fast. Impressive.

    The Deviants really faded into the background when the Celestial plot twist came into play. I was surprised when it reappeared at the end of the film.
    Wasn't much of a fan of Sprite (her crush on older-guy Ikaris didn't help) :/

    Ikaris was a nice grey character but it sucks that they decided to kill him off anyway.
    Not totally sure why humans don't have much records of Eternals saving them from Deviants hunting them in the past, but eh.
    Interested in how that giant Celestial coming out of the Earth (and appearing in space) is gonna shake up the normal humans' lives. Pretty crazy that this happens soon before (or after?) Spider-Man No Way Home. Humans just can't catch a break can't they?

    Was surprised to see Kit Harrington essentially play a normal dude at the start and end of the film for a Marvel paycheck, (he was one of the first casting mentions I heard of so this small role really surprised me)
    But then the end credits scene happens. Ok hm.
    Also Harry Styles lol.

  • If anyone's interested, the full screenplay for Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available to read and download!

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    Yes, this is real. Seeing all three of these web heads together is just heart melting.

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    We are going to be eating really, really well this year in Marvel content.

    • Moon Knight (starts March 30th)
    • Morbius [Sony] (April 1st)
    • Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (May 6th)
    • Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8th)
    • Ms. Marvel (rumored Mid-2022)
    • She-Hulk (rumored Mid-Late-2022)
    • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One [Sony] (October 7th)
    • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11th)
    • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Late-2022)
  • Ranking in scale of most to least hyped/interested.

    1. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
    2. Moon Knight
    3. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One
    4. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
    5. Morbius
    6. Thor: Love and Thunder
    7. Ms. Marvel
    8. She-Hulk
    9. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
    AChicken posted: »

    We are going to be eating really, really well this year in Marvel content. * Moon Knight (starts March 30th) * Morbius [Sony] (April 1

    1. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
    2. Moon Knight
    3. Morbius (quite intrigued to see what the fuck is up with the universe of the film versus the actual movie)
    4. GotG Holiday Special
    5. She-Hulk
    6. Thor: Love and Thunder
    7. Ms. Marvel
    8. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    For me, Black Panther has just been plagued with so much bad press from all sorts of angles, my hype just isn't there. I enjoyed the first movie, but it really wasn't anything groundbreaking for me.

    Spiderverse excluded since I haven't seen the first one, otherwise it'd probably be high from all the good things I've heard.

    AChicken posted: »

    We are going to be eating really, really well this year in Marvel content. * Moon Knight (starts March 30th) * Morbius [Sony] (April 1

  • Now this is HYPE

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    Now this is HYPE

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    The poster for Multiverse of Madness and there's a sneaky reference to What If? in it!

    At the bottom right of Strange you can see the Captain Carter shield!

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    And... Gosh, this looks like it ties into a lot of stuff!

    • What If and Loki and NWH (the multiverse breaking)
    • WandaVision (with Wanda reconciling -- even the Westview house appearing?!)
    • more What If (with Sinister Strange + Tentacle monster?)
    • the OG Strange film (with the Mordu subplot -- honestly worried its a lot for one film)
    • And... Marvel Zombies, maybe?

    Edit: poster detail
    YOOOOOO it definitely is it!

    lupinb0y posted: »


  • There was a 30-second TV spot for Doctor Strange 2 during the super bowl that looked like it had a handful of interesting shots not in the main trailer...

    As much as I hate Screen Culture (for their awful fake trailers they play off as official) it seems they're the only one who actually uploaded the real Big Game Spot. So here.

  • Am I the only one excited for this the most? I was introduced to Moon Knight's character when I played Spider-Man Web of Shadows (One of my favorite Spidey games and very underrated). Moon Knight does seem to be the Batman for Marvel but he looks cool as hell. I think I'm more excited for this than Doctor Strange 2. It also happens to come out in the same month with The Batman and I'd rather watch both of those than compete who is better.

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    Here is the trailer for the blu-ray of Spider-Man No Way Home. The trailer and the thumbnail contain spoilers of that film in case you haven't seen it.

  • Marvel released the promo image for the No Way Home Bluray release. It's pretty good.

    Big Spoils of course.

  • I thought the way it was done in the film was enough but this is even better. I hate the fact that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko passed away before the release of the film. I think he would have been proud.

    lupinb0y posted: »

    Marvel released the promo image for the No Way Home Bluray release. It's pretty good. Big Spoils of course. (Spoiler)

  • Disney Plus Canada is getting the Netflix Marvel shows in March, since theyll be leaving us after February 28th... for some reason. Weird contract deal if you ask me.

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