Your favourite lines/quotes from the game?



  • My favorite Rhys Quote:

    Rhys: Oh my god, who called in the whaaambulance, huh? Look, if you don't know where the World of Curiosities is, stop wasting our time and just tell us. So we can move on to the next hole of garbage that you people call a suburb and see if their morons know any better." Jack would be so proud....brings a tear to the eye.

    My favorite Sasha Quote/moment:

    Sasha: ENHANCE!

    Fiona: I don't think that's how it works?

    Sasha: Oooooh that's what it wants us to think...YOU HEAR THAT MACHINE, I'm onto you.

    My favorite Vaughn Quote/moment:


    Sasha: Oh god it turned him insane. Or into an eyeball fetishist.

    Favorite Fiona Quote/moment:

    Fiona: Touchgoal! Or, shit-I dunno-I'm happy!

    Rhys: Touchgo-touchgoal?

    Fiona: Shut up. Take this.

    Favorite Jack Quote/moment:

    Jack: Where the hell is Rhys?

    Fiona: Last I heard, he was in your office.

    Jack: Trust me, cupcake. He ain't up there otherwise I'd be inside him.




    BONUS: My favorite Rhysha Quote/moment:

    Sasha: It's

    Rhys: romantic?

    Sasha: What was that?

    Rhys: Hm? I was-nothing-didn't say nothing.

    Sasha: what'd you ju-What'd you just say?

    Rhys: I uh-sa [clears throat]-I s-said romantic.

    Sasha: Yeah....that's...what I thought you said.

    Rhys: Am I-am I wrong? Look at this place.

    Sasha: No. You're not wrong. It's...just a weird thing to say.

    Rhys: Well...weird is a bit harsh. I mean, depends on how you kinda...look at it. Yeah let's uh...go check out that a...thing...maybe we should...

    [Sasha hopefully won't remember that]

  • When Dumpy almost hits Vaughn in the face

    " Arrrgghh your.....suck "


  • LB:

    • "Fatality"
    • "this is an outrage. Let me speak to your manager"


    • "I think I got baggies in the van"
  • "You scratch my nuts, I scratch yours. What do you say, Rhys?"

    "Scratch your own nuts."

    "Oh I will, Rhys. I'LL SCRATCH EM REAL GOOD."

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    This is gonna be veeery long

    Ooh my body, it hurts inside my body! (Rhys)

    See ya, kiddo! (Rhys)

    Rhys: Who are you? Stranger: I ask the questions. Rhys: Ok then do you mind asking yourself who you are?

    You're...really cool...I just wanted you to know that Zer0: <3 (Rhys)

    August: So what's your name? Rhys: It's Rhys August: Reeze? Rhys: No, it's Rhys August: And what did I say?

    Rhys: You're not as smart as you think you are! Jack: And you're not as good with threats as you think you are!

    "Welcome to oblivion" (Loader Bot)

    "Maybe you should've read the manuaaaal, huh?" (Rhys)

    Vallory: You the leader of this outfit? Fiona: Nope, I just landed closer to you

    Kroger: You're pointing a gun at a man who gets shot through his chest for fun Finch: I'm usually drunk... and charge 40 bucks

    Whoa, wait a sec, is that the monster we're fighting? lots of beeps This is a suicide mission! We're all gonna die!! Don't you see?!?! (Claptrap)

    Bossanova: MY WOOFER!!!!!! Zer0: :)

    Jack: He's gonna say me... Vasquez:.... Handsome Jack.... Jack: You idiots always say me

    If you find another flashlight under there, I'm leaving (Sasha)

    There are aliens inside the massive alien, what the hell? (Sasha)

    Fiona: Nice haircut, you lying Hyperion jackass! Rhys: It is a nice haircut! Fiona: Oh, shut up! Rhys:Stop it, stop it, you're getting dirt in my eye!!! Fiona: Well that sucks cause I'm trying to get it into your lying mouth!

    Your face is on that paper with that writin' on it! What's it about huh? What's 'em words say? (Tector)

    And here I thought I was gonna have to stab someone... (Vallory)

    Come on slowpoke, time's a wastin'! (Gortys)

    Aww man, I ain't cleaning that shit up again (Guard)

    ...'Cause I'm Hugo Vasquez, and I miss... guys... that I miss (Rhysquez)

    My fav however, is this one

    Who's got two big thumbs and just had his finger guns come back online? This guy!

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    Rhys: Handso- ow ow ow ow ow


    Jack:You're the only one running man.... I can flyyyyyyy.

  • My favorite quote would be by Handsome Jack:

    Rhys: Ah! RUN!

    Jack: You're the only one runnin' pal. I can FLYYYY!

  • Just now saw you posted the same thing. Great minds think alike I suppose.

    AronDracula posted: »

    Rhys: Handso- ow ow ow ow ow Jack:Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry Jack:You're the only one running man.... I can flyyyyyyy.

  • See that to me would be pure nightmare fuel for Rhys. Somewhere in the basement a claptrap that promised to skin you alive...

    SCR4P-TP posted: »

    I didn't kill him. I'd just stick him into a claptrap or something, in the basement of Rhys new house. (y'know, downstairs so he can't move up stairs)

  • Why, though? He can never come up the stairs. Besides, he wouldnt even be able to skin Rhys with handflaps

    Linnet posted: »

    See that to me would be pure nightmare fuel for Rhys. Somewhere in the basement a claptrap that promised to skin you alive...

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    Rhys: We're going to be ok

    Gortys: Actually, the probability that at least one of us is going to die is very high

    Rhys: Gortys, I know that, I was lying to myself

    Gortys: Oh! Sorry! Carry on, then...

    Rhys: We're going to be ok...

    Gortys: Yeah we are!

    • "CATCH-A-RIDE!" - Scooter -
      R - "Not even worried about it, Bro."
      V - "Man I'm so relieved to hear you say that, Bro."
      R - "I knew you'd never betray me, Bro."
      V - "Never, Bro. Never." fits bump
      R - "Hey, we're Bro's, Bro." LB fist bump
      R - "That's Bro, Bro."
      V - "Bro, for Bro."
      R - "Bro, Bro."
      v - "Bro bro bro bro bro bro-"
      (present) F - "Bro, Bro"
      R - "We don't talk like that."
      F - "Bro, bros, bro, bro bro-bro-bro bro bro bro."
      R - "Are you done?"
      F - "Bro bro? Bro bro bro."
      R - "Unbelievable!"
  • I know I've said it already, but

    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

    God, every time I hear it, it gives me chills. It's possibly my favorite quote in all of Telltale games.

  • when jack mentions skin pizza party i just seem to laugh at rhys reaction

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    I love the final trade-off between Rhys and Jack, most especially:

    Jack: How many people did you eject into space to get rid of me, huh?

    Rhys: "I did what I had to do."/"I guess I'll have to live with that."/"There was no other way."

    Jack: "Awesome. Cooldogs. I'll spare you the amount of times I've told myself exactly the same thing."

  • "Thanks...for uhh..shutting up" -August

  • Rhys- "You're a maniac."


  • "Hmph, confidence. The last refuge of the straight up hopeless."
    Kroger is hilarious.

  • "Everyone thinks they're the hero of their own story." *Handsoms Jack

  • "I Kinda hoping you'd say that..."

    That quote still echoes in my head argggghhgg whyyyy do i like it soooo muchhh

  • There are so many good quotes and lines which I think is great -> here is a small selection:

    Loader Bot : Hi

    Fiona : Oh, nice haircut you lying Hyperion jachass.

    Rhys : Its a nice haircut

    Fiona : Oh, shut up!

    Rhys : Stop it. Stop it ! Your getting dirt in my eye!

    Fiona : Well that sucks., cause i´m trying to get dirt in your lying mouth.


    Vaughn : I am not afraid anymore ! You hear me Hyperion ? I am Vaughn and not afraid ! Gah! What the hell was that?

    Rhys : Relax, Its Yvette.

    Vaughn : Oh..... okay..... I have to pee. And not cause i was scared. I had to go anyway.

    Vaughn : Tell her to to send some supplies!

    Rhys : Yeah, dont talk to me while you´re peeing. Thank you.

    Vaughn : Sorry...... Almost done!

    Yvette : Look, I´am able to track you so stay safe for now. I´ll send what I can.

    Rhys : Cooool

    that was not my favorite but an emotional

    Scooter : Alright ya´ll .. this is probaly the end, but you see Maxxi or Elli you tell em .. I did awsome shit! Okay? Its been real. Catch a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide ( Booooomm landed on Pandora)

    See you Space Cowboy


    Handsome Jack : So how are the things ? Still alive I see. Well done. Oh just a quick quesh for you Both. Where the Hell is Rhys?

    Fiona : Last I heard he was in your Office.

    Handsome Jack : Ah, trust me, cupcake. He aint in there. Otherwise , I´d be inside him.

    Fiona und Sasha

    enter image description here


    Handsome Jack : Hey! How said you could kill my guards ? YOU BASTARD!!

    August destroyed all Monitors

    August: Hell of a lot Monitors in this place

    small selection. : D

    How should I say it's just so much what Fiona Rhys and Co. say. And everyone has their favorites

  • "Alright, quit it you jerkoffs... Hey, speaking of which. When you do your business, do you use robohand or the real one?"

    I legit wanna know.

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    There's a lot of great quotes, many of which have been said already. I don't know if these are all my favorites but they just came to my mind:

    Loader Bot: "Hi!"

    Rhys-quez: "Sup, ladies! Whatca been doin'? Talkin' about boys?"

    Captain: "No. Just discussing casual misogynism and how it manifests in corporate executives."

    Rhys-quez: "Oh. Yeah, well... Uh. Just kidding around."

    Guard: "And boys. Captain's brother is finally marrying his boyfriend."

    Captain: "This is the happiest I've ever been."

    Rhys: "You're... you're really cool... I just... I wanted you to know that."

    Zer0: <3

    Vaughn: "Rhys, what are you doing?"

    Grease Face: "Yeah, Rhys.... what are you doing?"

    Rhys: "What? You got a greasy face. Look! Get some lotion, get some gel, do a wrap or something... I mean, if you wanna lash out, you know, blame your genes, it's not your fault."

    Vaughn: "Oh look, fella, um, my friend is really, really sorry. He's got some kind of, uh, condition where he says really stupid crap just to see what'll happen."

    (It's almost like Vaughn aimed that last comment straight at the player.)

    Gortys: "How is your day going?"

    Loader Bot: "It's a mixed bag."

    Gortys: "That's great! Variety is so important."

    (From Ep.1) Everything the bandit discussing with Fiona and Vaughn says. That guy was... strangely adorable.

    Rhys: "Poor Henderson." :(

    Jack: Henderson? The guy Vasquez tossed out of an airlock? You know he was like, a massive racist, right?"

    Rhys: "What? No, he-"

    Jack: "Yeah, he also owned a kitten fighting ring."

    Rhys: "Is that what I think it is?"

    Jack: "Only if you're imagining a grown man stepping into a ring with a kitten and pummeling it for twelve minutes."

    Rhys: "Oh, well just... ugh. Screw that guy." >:(

    Jack: "Yeah, no, definitely screw that guy. I mean, in all fairness, it was very entertaining, but yeah, total asshole."

    (Why does Borderlands make me laugh at the most awful stuff? XD)

    The final trade-off between Rhys and Jack.

  • Anything Loader Bot says. I love him, and we're gonna get married.

    Nah, lots of good quotes in this thread but didn't see Scooter's "step 3 is makin' out" mentioned, which genuinely made me laugh out loud.

    .... ad then immediately get sad five minutes later.

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    SCR4P-TP posted: »

    One of the few things he did right was Handsome Jack. And the eyeball scene where Athena is so weirded out by Fiona carrying an eyeball in her pocket. |D

  • Is it a tie?

  • Whenever Vasquez spoke. Patrick Warburton's voice will never be unpleasant to hear.

  • When Rhys was saying faace it just makes me laugh

  • Dumpy's voice lines.

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    [robot noises, resembling a dying animal more than a robot]

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    "No, ah come on. Let him do it himself."

  • "Batter up BITCHES!"

    That shit had me rolling, and I'm not a person who laughs very easily.

  • I don't remember who said this but I like this quote:
    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

  • "no refund" -Loser Marcus

  • "I was fabricated, programmed and wired ready. I was also built to dance. shows off sick dance moves"

  • Handsome Jack in the final episode.

    Anyway, my favorite is "Awesome," "whoa, wait a minute, Wallethead."

    I don't remember who said this but I like this quote: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

  • "I will name my first born Loader Bot." - R
    "Everyone thinks they´re the hero of their own story." —J
    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions., right?" - J
    "Why must the universe punish the good?" - LB
    "You're the one running, I can flyyyy." - J
    "That is so weird! Your carrying that around is the weirdest thing I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of weird things!" - A

    J: I'll remember that.
    ? Handsome Jack will remember that.
    looks up and points at the UI text in hella confusion
    J: What the hell is that?

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