The OFFICIAL Asher X Random Forrester Soldier #167 Thread (Assoldier)

God, Forgive Me For This...

So if you've been living under a rock recently, there's an inside joke going around about a random soldier npc that fell in love with the roguishly handsome Asher Forrester...

Sadly, he'd never get to be with his true love for he was shot by an arrow and bled to death, but fear not!

Let us keep the ship sailing!

By Megami_Kizukanai

Assoldier World Map

By Brodester08

Assoldier Members

By lottii-lu

Fan Art

By StarKing789

By Dydix958

By Brodester08

By SirScrubbington

By Wolfenus54

By EleanaBaeForeva

By Brodester08

By ReggiesLeftArm

By Brodester08

By Brodester08

By Brodester08

By IronWoodLover

By Brodester08

By sheriffmiraforrester


By Salad4me

By Euron

By Brodester08

By Kateis

By Euron


Take the Oath, Brother/Sister...

Hear my words and bear witness to my vow. Sexy men gather, and so my shipping begins.

It shall not end until my death.

I will hold no shipping threads of my own, draw no fan art, write any fanfiction about any other ship.

I shall live and die in this thread.

I am the shipper in the darkness.

I am the watcher in the comments.

I am the shield that guards the realms of this thread.

I pledge my life and honor to the Asher x Random Forrester Soldier #167 Thread, for this night and all the nights to come.

Happy 60k to House Assoldier!



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