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    You should probably spoiler tag this.

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    Well said, Avengers 4 End Game (Rumored Title) is apparently going to feature Time Travel, there are set photos online of Chris Evans with h

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    Glad you enjoyed it.

    I think that's why it's sometimes good for Marvel to really come out of left field for their director choices and direction of plot. The last two Thor movies were pretty serious stuff, and were okay in the grand scheme of things (opinion) but this one was much different and very well made. Marvel took a chance and got a guy from New Zealand who made small comedy movies take the reins (and hair, and home) of Thor, and turn it into something unexpected and unique.
    The marketing and posters had a 70s/80s design, awesome rock fused in, and decided to -- yeah -- choose the two characters who've been kind of overlooked and hadn't had a gem of a movie team up to escape the almighty Jeff Goldblum. (Oh? What about the other plot with the sister? No. Can't overlook Goldblum.)

    Holy cow now I want Edgar Wright back, even though it'll never happen by this point (since he says he wants nothing to do with Marvel after he was fired from the writing team of Ant-Man).

    So I decided since the rest of the world is packed like sardine cans in a theater watching Infinity War tonight, I'd sit in the comfort of m

  • Maybe, but they will probably put a bit of the Time Travel part in the trailer, either that or there are going to be tones of articles on the subject, not that there aren't articles on it but there will probably be even more.

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    You should probably spoiler tag this.

  • I'm not going to see the movie, but it's fun watching all the related spoofs.

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    Haha! The Marvel Bunch was sooo! funny!!! Its cool to see that they are still making those spoofs!

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    I'm not going to see the movie, but it's fun watching all the related spoofs.

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    Just got back from infinity war.

    Great movie, it all came together after 10 years. Very brave ending by marvel but I will definitely not be mad once they rewind time and save all the ones that died during it, those deaths were definitely shocking and all but they did feel like a cop out, and I'm not mad if they're also reversed with a cop out. Loki, Gamora, those I approve of, they worked. Spiderman's death though man, that was fucking heartbreaking, even with me being 100% sure that he'll be back.

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    What if the mods banned half of the members of the Telltale forums to “balance” out the forums in celebration of infinity war.

  • Thanos was right, y'all. Perhaps a bit extremist in his solution, but he wasn't wrong.

  • I REALLY liked the Avengers Infinity War a lot!! But there are some interesting things I kinda feel right now. Like I agree some these "Deaths" by the Infinity Gauntlet by Thanks definitely will have to come back,but physical deaths like Loki,Gamora,and the rest of other two have to be died cause of storyline and it makes more sense. I kinda feel like ppl been saying Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 will have Gamora back,but not physically alive more like a flashback for Peter Quill to remember her and the Vision was interesting and it was a physical deaths not a Infinity Gauntlet cause death. So it also makes sense to see ScarletWitch and Vision sort of settling down and wanting to be done with being heroes and feel the Gamora part? Her being died serves good purpose for Peter Quill.Because where to you think Nebula will go? She might become a Guardian in the team after losing her sister. I think she does this cause she felt it would honor her death and give her herself meaning again. But still I feel some these Deaths need to be permanent cause they have to be. Better story and better self serving.

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    Infinity War was an AWESOME! movie, if you think about it we have actually waited 7 years for this movie and we finally got it a couple of days ago which is crazy! everything about this movie was amazing, the fight scenes, the effects, the music, everything was great. Once you finish the movie it feels kinda like the MCU has ended because most of the characters are dead, everyone is together fighting and Thanos got exactly what he wanted, peace. All the actors were great and played their roles great as always especially Josh Brolin considering he has only played Thanos 3 times before in small scenes, I didn't expect the movie to start where Thor left off but it was still awesome, it was so cool to see The Hulk fight Thanos because they are 2 big characters (physically) unfortunately The Hulk was defeated and only made small little appearances throughout the film because Bruce Banner couldn't get him out so he had to use The Hulkbuster armour which was awesome. The end credits scene was very interesting, we get to see Nick Fury and Maria Hill disintegrate but just before Nick Fury disintegrates he manages to send a message to Captain Marvel who is going to have her movie soon after Antman And The Wasp.

  • Kevin Feige says Infinity War Deaths Will Be Premanent so based on that? I think it's very very likely will get some permanent deaths in the Infinity War. I saw it and I think Gamora,Vision,Loki and and others will be physical deaths rather than Infinity Gauntlet Deaths caused by Thanos. So I think it makes sense in a way and more impact and more emotional.

  • So I just saw Infinity War...

    I can't wait a year. I can't. This is too much right now. I can't avoid spoilers again. Save me.

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    Unrelated to Avengers, there was this PG version of Deadpool 2's newest trailer beforehand. Swears edited out, sexual references as well.

    It was weird to see. Made me think I was in the wrong theater when it first showed up.
    (Meaning, I expected the R-rated trailer was playing so I thought someone made a mistake for a PG13 theater.)

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    So I watched Infinity War the other day and I really loved it. It was nice to see a Marvel movie do so much different but also still feel the same. One thing though with spoilers below:

    Not sure about the deaths. Its really hard and probably one of the best moments of this film was how we just watch everyone disappear, but the thing is its obvious some of these characters are going to come back (atleast some) I mean Black Panther is still super new and is extremely popular, I dont see him leaving so fast. Spider-Man as well, they wouldn't kill him off so fast, not to mention Homecoming 2 is happening and releasing after Avengers 4 so he comes back somehow. Also how all the guardians of the galaxy are dead but Rocket but a Guardians 3 is happening. So obviously something is going to happen to reverse all these deaths. Not sure how it'll work, but they'll do something with it, and Im worried the reversal will make it not feel it has much impact. (Obviously they "said" their deaths are permanent but I mean its just marketing talk to keep hype and being topical)

  • Here's my full thoughts of the movie. non-spoilers up first.

    I really liked it. It was one of the better Marvel movies, and also one of the most shocking and somber ones. The pacing I found was a bit fast, (there's not much of a breather to let the plot set up at the start because it just starts immediately) but there was a lot to go through and it was handled very well. I think many of the characters got adequate screentime, and the 'main recognisable bunch' totally got their share.
    I left the theater in awe... and with other thoughts but I won't mention them here for spoilers. You want 'em? Call Mantis. Or look down for my spoiler comment
    This movie is worth the price of admission, and worth the long wait of teases to get to this point. It was great.

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    Spoilers for Infinity War below.

    I'm serious.



    Here we go. Full Spoilers.

    • I've got to say, that beginning was pretty shocking and really set up the movie as dark, dark, dark... (apart from the comic-type quips)
    • Loki actually dying was surprising. He was not on my list, and I hardly expected him to die at the start.
    • (sidenote throughout the whole scene there and further on I kept worrying about that Valkyrie girl and Korg from Ragnarok. Where are they? Are they dead? They better not have killed Korg.)
    • I like how everyone thought Strange and Iron Man were going to have a fight on the streets from leaked set pictures. Nope. They were fighting some other dudes.
    • Also, those are weird spaceships. Not portals, spaceships. Interesting how so many human minds saw the circular shapes and thought ooh a portal from space.
    • I love that transformation of Spidey's suit to the armored Iron Spider. It just all fits overtop of the original one.
    • When the music kicked in when Cap and co. arrived in Scotland, that was awesome.
    • I'm partly glad that they included some form of retro music for the Guardians' appearance (I wanted that detail and we got it) but they only used one song so I feel that it just wasn't really necessary.
    • That whole scene with Thanos using the Reality Stone was really well done. I was confused and had my emotions played with... ooh boy. "I like you".
    • ...That whole scene with Spidey and IM saving Strange was also great. Good practical way to take care of that overpowered nuisance.
    • I love how the movie still follows Thanos a bit on his quest for the Stones. Sure, that one scene on Valdar (or whatever) had Gamora, but to me it felt more Thanos-centric. It was a really powerful moment when he knew he had to sacrifice Gamora, both because you knew he actually cared somewhat and also because the agony of mourning begins. Out of all the Guardians, I did not expect Gamora to fall first. Her death set me up for pain, misery, and sadness later on.
    • --It was hard to recover from that moment quickly when it transitioned to Wakanda. I was not in the mood for laughs (the bow was a good joke, but wrong time).
    • I adore that mix-up scene with Star-Lord and the Earthlings. "-Who are you?" -Where is Gamora? -...Who do you work for? -What, am I supposed to say Jesus?"
    • The Guardians have been so isolated from the other franchises thus far (since they're basically the only ones in space), I was craving some interaction between them and others. It delivered strong.
    • Cool stuff with Rocket/Thor dynamic. I did not expect it, but I like it. There's also really good special effects going on for Peter Dinklage. I did not expect to see him in this movie, let alone so big. It's awesome.
    • The part with reactivating the weapons facility was great. And with Thor almost sacrificing himself to get his new axe? Opening those gates? EPIC. Thor is truly the best Avenger.
    • The Wakandan war was a crazy spectacle. Good tactics from the opposition (sacrifice as much as possible so others can get through).
    • That battle on Titan was a good one, also some nice monologuing from Thanos at the start. His intentions may be homicidal and very unruly, but you have to admit it makes some sense. Overpopulation can be an issue.
    • Great fighting from all the peoples on the moon there. Spidey getting in on the action, really really great special effects from Strange (I expected a bit more kaleidoscope stuff in the fight at the beginning -- much like the solo movie -- but the stuff here is fine.)
    • Sure, you can be mad at Quill for acting on emotion. But remember: he said it himself. "Hey, I'm 50% stupid human"
    • Holy cow I was (and still am) worried for Stark. He was outmatched and outplayed by the power of Thanos. He better not bleed out in Part 2.
    • Thor wrecking everyone in Wakanda, as he should. He's the best omg. (I also love that moment between Groot and Cap. So cute.)


    Death. Despair. Doom. Balance.

    • Little by little my heart started to shatter. They killed off people before in this movie, but I didn't expect this scale. Peter Parker/Spider-Man was the one who got me. I started crying at a Marvel movie. Again (thx Mary Poppins).
      Seriously Spidey no! No not him! Not Star-Lord! Not Black Panther!! TOO MANY.
      This was a really great film. I felt that the humour was not needed in some scenes, especially after dramatic and depressing moments, but there was a good balance overall.
      ...I unfortunately correctly predicted 3 deaths. Drax, Vision, and Spider-Man. Too bad Marvel went further than that.

    I'd give it a 9 at least. Too much to process right now to give a final verdict. It wasn't perfect, as pacing could have been a bit slower, but then we'd have a 3 hour movie. It was really good though.

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    Infinity War..........

    ......what the fuck......?


  • I loved the movie Avengers: Infinity War!! The movie had some funny moments especially Star-Lord he was hilarious during some scenes. The effects, fights, and characters were outstanding and some of the moments had great tension and kept you on your toes wondering who would win. The only problem this movie has is it's final five minutes it was confusing.

  • What was confusing about the final five minutes?

    Thanos snaps his fingers, and half of each race in the universe gets wiped out. Including all your favourite supers.
    He then relaxes as his quest is complete.
    If you mean the after-credits scene, it turns out Nick Fury was paging Captain Marvel who has a film early next year.

    I loved the movie Avengers: Infinity War!! The movie had some funny moments especially Star-Lord he was hilarious during some scenes. The ef

  • No to be honest it was the part where Thanos no longer has the gauntlet. Also why did he want to wipe out everything he keeps saying it was to protect people but he is wiping them all out so I don't understand what his motivation is.

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    What was confusing about the final five minutes? (Spoiler)

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    Thanos' motivation for committing a galaxy-wide genocide is to prevent the death of the galaxy. As he explained to Gamora and when he was on Titan to fight against Iron Man and his allies, he believes that overpopulation will consume every natural resource in the galaxy which will cause extinction everywhere. So in his mind, it is the balance between life and resources. If life multiples and becomes too much for resource to replenishes, it will ultimately consume the galaxy and cause death everywhere. Essentially he believes that he is saving the galaxy by wiping half of the population in the entire galaxy, to re-establish a balance. And he believes this because his homeplanet, Titan (The planet where he fought against Iron Man and his allies) was destroyed due to overpopulation and mass consumption of resources and he believes his plan is working because he told Gamora that her homeplanet has become a paradise after he killed off half the population there.


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    1 Dave did a good job explaining Thanos' motivation, the part where Thanos doesnt have the gauntlet is just Thanos doing exactly what he said he was going to do. Destroy half the life in the universe and then watch the sun rise. The reason he isnt wearing the gauntlet anymore is because we see after he snapped his fingers it was destroyed. My guess for the next movie is the Avengers have to figure out how to remake the gauntlet to reverse everything.


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  • blind pls forgive i did >1 instead of ! please forgive and make poptarts give me rhys socks

    (If you were confused at how people did spoiler tags, you can click the formatting button - it has the paragraph icon - and you can click "Spoiler". You can also just type >! to create a spoiler tag too)

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    blind pls forgive i did >1 instead of ! please forgive and make poptarts give me rhys socks

  • Oh ok that makes sense thanks for clearing that up! :smile:

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  • But can he still have the socks? :wink:

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  • Ooooo, Mjolnir the ban hammer is about to strike...

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  • Not after such a heinous and unforgivable offense, of course not! :triumph:

    But can he still have the socks?

  • New trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

  • After the events of Infinity Wars, I think we can all use some laughs from Ant-Man

  • It wasn’t destroyed. He still uses it to teleport away after the snap. It was scorched and definitely damaged, but it was evidently still usable.

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  • Well I wasnt trying to say completely destroyed you probably worded that a lot better than me. What I was trying to say was I believe that the gauntlet is not going to work in a way like it did when Thanos snapped his fingers, meaning they'll make a new one to reverse everything, or fix the old one.


  • I was normally thinking of getting off-board the MCU train after Infinity War and A4, but I'm not gonna lie, Ant Man and the Wasp looks like a fun little romp. I might cave in and watch it.

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    New trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

  • Go for it!

    I was normally thinking of getting off-board the MCU train after Infinity War and A4, but I'm not gonna lie, Ant Man and the Wasp looks like a fun little romp. I might cave in and watch it.

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    Wow, great film. Thanos was WAY better than I expected him to be. I loved the ending though I wouldn't be surprised if it turned many off due to being a total downer. Overall I really enjoyed it :smile:

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    2 Things about Ned (Peter [Parker]'s friend):

    1. Ned better not be Dead
    2. Also, he was right. Everyone on that bus probably hates him now. "Oh my god, we're all going to die!!" (He didn't know the half of it...)
  • MCU's 10th anniversary today.

  • Just seen Infinity War.

    ...I'll need some time to recover.

  • Was that the first Marvel movie?

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    MCU's 10th anniversary today.

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