Insult Sword Fighting! (Create your own insults!)



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    And a chikilidae looks better than you!

    I've seen better from a bludger!
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    Good! Because A bludger would be needed right now to permanently rid the memory of youre hideous personage!
    You are the congealed moldy under-cheese of my grandmother's enlarged toenail!
  • And yet she still looks younger than you do.

    You’re ugly.
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    Well you are pugly

    You fight like a Game develloper
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    How appropriate. You fight like a game reviewer.

    Take a long walk off a short pier.
  • You should learn how to dance. At the end of a rope.

    You’re a gutless turd.
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    Well, how appropriate you fight like a gutless undead cow!!!

    You fight like a brainless zombie infested cow!
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    Similarly, you're dead meat!

    You're less cultured than a Petri dish.
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    Well i guess we must have something in common after all.

    I've heard of 5 year olds tougher than you.
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    Now, that's no reason to be jealous of your classmates.

    Your voice is like the sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard.
  • That's so cheesy.

  • So is your mother.

    And yet she still looks younger than you do. You’re ugly.

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