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    Episode Five – Reflections [Prologue]


    12 years earlier:

    We walk across the meadow together, hand in hand. I stare into my mother's eyes. They look so polished, like they're sculpted from shiny black clay. And I think they're beautiful.

    "Rachel," My mother says in a low hum. "You should pick some flowers. Maybe we could leave these in the vase on the kitchen." She says.

    Skipping around and picking flowers were not my thing, wearing frilly dresses were not my thing. But I'll do anything for my mom. "You're right," I smile a little. "And we should plant them in the backyard, not in the kitchen."

    "Sounds like a plan." She nods. "Okay, yes. We will do that."

    I look at my mother. To me, she's beautiful. Narrow angular eyes like mine. Shiny black hair and dark olive skin without any imperfections. But that's where the similarities end between us.

    While I'm only eight, I'm already her height. My eyes are gray, like the color of steel. And while her facial features are soft and delicate, mine are strong like my father's. Who isn't an ugly man, at least not physically, but look rather odd on me.

    I run down a steep, but short hill all the way until I'm down the meadow. Quickly, grasping anything that comes my path before my eyes even register them. I'm almost certain that I've caught at least a handful of bugs, but if I did, they fall off as soon as I wipe them on jeans. I continue running around for five, ten minutes until my hands are covered with flowers.

    "These are nice." My mother has a lisp when she pronounces her s. Last year I learned she lived in the Phillipines all her life, and that's why she talks different than anyone else I know. We have this jar in our living room filled with money so we can visit one day. We've been saving for six months, she always talks about how she misses home. Especially after her mom, my grandma died, who I never even met.

    "We should get back." She says. "I don't feel fine if we leave Patrick by himself for more than fifteen minutes. Plus, we have to be at church in an hour."

    Patrick is my little brother, he's two right now and has a full head of shiny black hair. I look down at my jeans. My suspicion was right, there's bug guts, or something on my pants that wasn't there before. I shrug it off but my mom won't when she finds out.

    Before I can even see home through the trees I can hear sirens. They're not moving, they're at a fixed location I think. When we walk past the forest I see the bright flashing lights of blue and red that are disorienting. Cop cars.

    "Mrs. Theall, I presume." The closest to us, a young man with dirty blonde hair and light skin walks up to us. I imagine how odd it must be to see two people walk out the woods like it's nothing, we must look crazy right now.

    "Yes," She gulps. "That's me."

    "We're going to need to speak to you." He says. "Privately."

    "Wait, what's going on?" I demand. "Mama, what's happening?" I begin to run up to her side, clinging to her like velcro before another policemen grabs me by the stomach and pulls me back. "You can't know, not right now." I hear him say. The whole thing leaves me with a million questions and zero responses, but I shut up and nod.

    Out the corner of my eye I see it. It was hidden before by a tree and lights but now I see it's one of the flashing blue and red lights that were so disorienting. An ambulance. And behind that, a station wagon, now totaled. They pull out a stretcher, and my heart drops.

    That was my dad's car.

    That's my dad's stretcher.

    That's my dad's dead body.

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    Did you get the characters i send you?

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    Episode Five – Reflections [Prologue] Prologue: 12 years earlier: We walk across the meadow together, hand in hand. I stare into my

  • Yes, most will be in the DLC.

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    Awesome Chapter!!!!! Did you get the characters i send you?

  • Will be a S2?

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    Yes, most will be in the DLC.

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    Most likely, yes.

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    Will be a S2?

  • Is Episode 5 coming soon? It December 15! I'm just really excited lol

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 1/8]

    I wake up to the soft nudge on my right, James’s dirty boot kicking my arm as he rips my makeshift blanket of newspapers away from me, leaving me cold. Dazed and confused and I say the first thing that comes to mind.

    “Step away unless you want to die.” I groaned. But after a few seconds of relief, the kicking starts again.

    “Alright, alright. I’m coming.” I groggily pick myself up, surprisingly this was one of the better nights sleep I had. I wake up Tony sleeping next to me and he wakes up Selena.

    “I need to have your decision.” James spoke. Aw hell, I forgot all about this last night.

    “About the boy?” The words slowly come out my mouth as I stall for time. “About Anton? Oh, uh-“

    “You didn’t make a decision did you?” James wittily replied.

    “Afraid not.” I sighed, judging by James’s folded arms and agitated glare he was giving me I could tell he was displeased. “It’s fine, I’ll make the decision for you.” He spoke.

    “No.” I hurriedly spoke. “I can do this.”

    “Well make it fast, we ain’t got all day here.” He stormed off to his wife, Bridgit packing remaining supplies in the car. I looked at the rising peach colored sun, clouds above the horizon. It looked to be a nice day but who knows?

    I turned over to Tony, his dark green eyes looked into mine, I could feel the butterflies flutter in my stomach a little.

    “So what are you leaning towards?” I asked Tony. “Y’know about the Anton problem?”

    “I don’t know.” He faltered. “I’ve always been about giving people second chances but he got two people killed. I can’t just forgive that.” He said furrowed his brows and scratched his head. Something in the tone of his voice made me believe he wasn’t sure.

    “Maybe, I just don’t know. He did try to save us by killing that guy Cameron.” I spoke.

    “Yeah, who was just a kid.” Tony spoke cold. “It’s wrong.” He said.

    “Anton’s a kid too y’know.” I spat back, I looked at him still sleeping. His face read maybe sixteen or seventeen. “You know what, whatever. I say disgruntled, but not before Tony grabs me by the arm and swoops me back.

    “I’m sorry.” He whispers in my ear as he holds my body close to his. “Whatever you pick, I’ll pick.” He said.

    “I just don’t like fighting with you, it’s not fun.” I breathe out.

    “Neither do I.” He replied. “Kiss?” He asked me, puckering his lips. I reached to his cheek and lightly pecked it with my lips, just to slightly bother him.

    “Maybe next time.” I tease him.

    “Ughh, gross.” Selena groaned as she got up from the ground from her slumber. “If you need me I’m going to be throwing up the non-existential food in my stomach right now.”

    “I’m going to talk to the others. Later.” I wave back behind me as I leisurely make my way to Margareth, starinf at the city from the edge of the roof.

    “Hey Margareth.” I say as I look over the roof, only a couple dozen remained on the road ahead now. “Just our luck.” I nudge her with a smile that can’t be contained.

    “They’re out there.” She pointed ahead. “I saw them, they’re a ways up north out of our vision, but there.” She sighed. “Oh what I’d do for some scotch right now.” She pitied.

    “You couldn’t sleep?” I asked concerned.

    “Well if I’m the only one up I may as well be taking watch right?” She pointed out, to which I nodded with a yes.

    “Did you check on Cynthia last night? Is she doing any better?” I asked, that girl was the closest thing I had to a little sister, I remember this one time I was younger I snuck my mom’s good lipstick from her counter and pretended Patrick was a girl. Needless to say it didn’t work out too good.

    “She wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t look at me.” Margareth said in a down tone. “She’s broken.” She told me, but it’s the next thing she whispers in my ear that catches me off guard.

    “But everybody is… Some people are just better at hiding it then others.” My eyes widen in shock. I had not once felt broken, the closest thing I’ve felt to it was probably when I killed Fredo or watched Audrey horrifically die the way she did but that was not broken.

    “Margareth…” I sigh.

    “It’s no big problem.” Margareth spoke thickly in her Irish accent. “Praying helps from time to time.”

    “I certainly believe so.” I said.

    “Now you can go, no need to be with a glum old lady like me.” She said despite being no older than forty.

    “Come with me.” I offer. “I think we’re about to vote whether to keep Anton or not.”

    “Oh… Swell…” She eyed down at her pistol in her left hand, slowly examining it before putting it in her pocket. We slowly walked together, I made sure to keep Margareth ahead of me as we walked to the car.

    “You made your decision?” James asked me as he grabbed the last supply he could find before leaving this place once and for all.

    “We’ve all made up our minds.” Margareth said.

    “Alright Margareth we’ll start with you.” He spoke.

    “Take him.” She said much to everyone’s surprise. “He’s just a kid and I’ll be damned before I let another one die.”

    “Alright, Selena?” James asked.

    “Leave him.” She spoke. “The fact of the matter is one of our own is dead because of him, what’s to say if it happens again?”

    “Bridgit baby, anything you’d like to say?” James asked. I looked over at Bridgit nervously fiddling her long blonde hair with curls on the end before speaking, avoiding eye contact with James and focusing it on me.

    “Well… I don’t know anymore.” She faltered. “Can’t we just give him a second chance, we gave Rachel a second chance after Fredo and she turned out fine so-“

    “Wait a minute, who’s Fredo?” Selena asked. I stare into James’s eyes, rather than seeing the pain and torment it caused him four months ago I see a blank expression lie on his face.

    “A dead friend, no big deal.” James shrugs it off like it was no big deal, but the scary thing was, I genuinely believe he saw it as no big deal now. Margareth was right, almost everybody here’s broken and what broke James was Milfred.

    “Oh... Okay.” Selena awkwardly said while giving me a glare so sharp it could cut diamonds.

    “Well I vote leave him.” James tells the group.

    “So the score is 2-2. Tony?” James says. “It’s your turn.”

    “I’m with whatever Rachel has.” Tony tells James, to which he gives a casual nod yes.

    “Rachel?” James asked me. “You’re the swing vote.” He spoke.

    “Wait.” I heard a little voice from behind. “Don’t I get to vote?” Cynthia asks.

    “Sorry missy, you have to be eighteen to be a registered voter.” James replies to which Bridgit gives a sharp elbowing to James’s gut.

    “I’m just kidding.” He said.

    “We leave him.” Cynthia spoke coldly. “We can’t trust him, he killed my best friend.” Cynthia states. The vote now being 3-2 in favor of leaving.

    “Okay Rachel, still the swing vote since you go for double.” James tells me. I gulp down, I look around me, what did Selena think of me? What would Bridgit and Margareth think of me by leaving a child behind? What would James, Selena and Cynthia say by me choosing to bring a killer on the road? I buckled down and released those few powerful words inside.

    [We leave him] [We bring him with us]

  • [We bring him with us]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 1/8] I wake up to the soft nudge on my right, James’s dirty boot kicking my arm as he rips my makeshift

  • [We bring him with us] Awesome Chapter!!!!!!

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 1/8] I wake up to the soft nudge on my right, James’s dirty boot kicking my arm as he rips my makeshift

  • Didn't see this comment till now, and part 1 just came out. I'm glad you're excited!

    Is Episode 5 coming soon? It December 15! I'm just really excited lol

  • [We bring him with us]

  • [We bring him with us]

    Anton was well-intentioned and does not deserve to be left behind, even if he screwed up big time.

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 1/8] I wake up to the soft nudge on my right, James’s dirty boot kicking my arm as he rips my makeshift

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    Voting is closed! Rachel will say, [We bring him with us.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 2/8]

    [We bring him with us.]

    “We take a chance,” I spoke. “We keep him and I’ll make sure he won’t mess up again. I can promise that.” I watched out the corner of my eye as Cynthia wilted her head and slowly walked off. It was a shame to see, the girl with so much hope and care for others was beginning to lose it before our eyes. Margareth hurriedly followed Cynthia.

    I quickly looked over to Selena’s face hoping she wouldn’t catch me look, she did and it wasn’t pretty. A steaming red face and cold glare was pointed towards me. She had her fist clenched as if she was prepared to fight. I wasn't a fighter, I had never been in a single fist fight in my life, and despite Selena being half a foot shorter than me I knew she could kick my ass, but ever so slowly her hands began to ease up as she cooled down. I let out a sigh of relief.

    “I hope you’re right, for everyone’s sake.” Selena hissed at me as she walked to a vacant corner of the roof. I could see Tony hesitate to follow her. He looked at me to which I nodded him to go.

    “Well now we have another problem, there are only six seats but eight people.” James told us.

    “It’s not going to be a comfortable ride but we’d be one over even if we didn’t take Anton with us.” Bridgit stated, she was one of the few people who I could still trust, who hasn’t broken. Despite being physically weaker and pregnant, Bridgit was mentally the strongest.

    “I suppose we’ll all cram in, with the exception of you two.” I point out to James and Bridgit, due to her needing her space and James most likely being the one driving.

    “You said the camp was in Colorado right?” I asked James.

    “Yup, heart of Denver, some place the military’s turning into a refugee center for folks like us.” He replied. I won't lie, there were some days that I almost forgot my family, forgot what life was like before the apocalypse, and then there were days I tried to forget, but it almost never worked. I wasn't going to risk my life going up north by myself but with the opportunity to be in Colorado, I wasn't just going to let this slip by.

    “I was thinking that maybe before I could… uh.” Come on Rachel spit it out, now or never.

    “Look for my mom.” I blurt out. “And brother.” I quietly add on.

    “We’ll see.” James spoke. Oh no, that's never good. When somebody says we’ll see, the patience of waiting for the actual response almost always turns into a disappointing no, and in this case, heartache.

    “What do you mean we’ll see?” I protested. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “Look if we have the gas, and supplies when we get there then we’ll look for your family. The top priority is this group, just like it always has been. Why do you think you’d be the exception?” He questioned me.

    I could feel the tears returning for in that moment, but just in that moment. I had forced myself to stop. I wouldn’t let him see me cry. I wanted him to see me mad.

    I rolled my eyes as I turned away from him and walked off, his nonchalant behavior could be quite bothersome. He asked me where I was going, to which I angrily replied to wake Anton up.

    I curled over his light body, his breath so light it was like he was barely breathing. I gave him a good shake and like that he was up and awake.

    “What is it? Are you feeling okay? It looks like you’re high.” He asked me as he slowly removed the newspapers off of him and stood up. He continued staring at my eyes, which were probably red and puffy.

    “We’re on the road in five minutes, be ready.” I look away fromhim, I could feel that rocky lump in my throat return from trying to hold it in.

    “Really? Considering yesterday? I thought one of you were going to put a bullet in my head in my sleep.” He casually said. I tried my best to pull off a small laugh which ultimately fell flat, guess I wasn’t that good of an actor.

    “So yeah, just get in the car.” My last words to him were as I slowly walked over to Tony and Selena who, you’re not going to guess this, arguing.

    In the distance I could barely make out the words, it just sounded like words that made no sense when put together, but as I slowly approached I could hear. I could hear it loud and clear.

    It was about me.

    “I’m just saying that you’ve been with her for literally one day and you decided to let her vote for you just like that!?” Selena said as she turned her head and saw me. “Oh look who it is now!” She sarcastically said with over the top hand gestures and an overdramatic smile.

    “Come talk to me when you care about someone other than yourself.” Tony spat back fire with fire.

    “Oh, oh yeah that’s real mature of you to say Tony, congratu-fucking-lations! Would you like your nobel peace prize framed?” Selena exaggerated.

    “Because it’s true! You can stop being so condescending now. What about that first day? When I said I was going to go look for mom and dad.” Tony yelled.

    “They’re dead Tony! Move on!” Selena yelled into the unavoidable void of silence. “I- I just couldn’t handle seeing them dead… or worse.” She looked him in the eye before running off, the tears streaming down her face as she fled, this time down the garage.

    “Ah, shit. I’m going to go after her.” I yanked him back by his arm.

    “Don’t you see? Every time you two talk it always ends up in fighting… Just give her space.” I spoke weakly, the lump in my throat still causing my voice to crack.

    “I hate this, she’s all that’s left and I try to be nice but she just get’s so angry… I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her…” Tony spoke. I awkwardly cradled my arm around him trying to bring him back and it works.

    “You haven’t lost her yet.” I spoke.

    We all piled up in the small rusty green Sedan. Well… almost everyone. James planned out that we were going to make a loop around the airport and look for Selena.

    The stench of seven people who haven’t taken there last real shower in over four months compacted in a warm musty car that only seated six people was absolutely unbearable. At least the windows were cranked open, a slight breeze blew my hair that was barely to short to flow in the breeze as it did before the apocalypse.

    “How are you feeling?” I asked Cynth who I was seated next to. She dodged my eyes and adverted her attention down to the floor. So I sat and waited, a minute of silence passed felt like ten, as we looped around the airport yet again for Selena.


    “We didn’t even get to bury my dad.” She bleakly stated. “And you promised we would, this is even the car we found him in.” She said letdown as she turned away and refused to talk anymore.

    “I think I see her!” Bridgit pointed out to the far right corner. She was right behind some bushes, clubbing something down with her machete. The shaky brakes had made an abrupt stop as Tony darted out the car to get her. I don’t know how but Tony had managed to convince her to come back in the car. She silently sat down looking out the window. Her olive skinned face with splotches of dark red blood one could only assume to be that of a biters as we drove off.

    “Cynthia do you have any rags in that bag?” Margareth, who was seated between her and Anton asked. Without speaking a word, she dug into her backpack and after a while found some rags and handed them to Selena to wipe her face, but still leaving it on the rest of her body.

    “Thanks.” Selena coldly stated, not taking her eyes off the road ahead.

    “No problem.” Cynthia sighed staring down at the rug floor of the seat.

    It had to be no later than an hour into the silent drive when I could see the half a dozen or so biters on the road. But it was no big problem we had seen biters before. But slowly the biters began to go from a half a dozen to a whole dozen, to several dozen.

    Until the only thing you could see ahead was a dark cloud of biters.

    “Holy shit.” James gasped at the sight ahead. “This is almost as bad as that one after Breckers.” Ugh- I could have lived a long happy life without ever hearing those words again.

    “Not quite. This has thinned out quite a bit from last night, there might be several hundred up ahead but there’s some empty pockets.” Margareth had stated.

    “Keep driving.” Bridgit demanded. “It’s too late to back track.”

    “Are you fucking nuts!” Tony exclaimed the disbelief in his face was unreal.

    “We can’t waste any gas, and we’re almost out the beltway it’ll be smooth sailing once we reach the rural.” Bridgit spoke.

    “She’s right, we can’t just turn back now.”

    “Well fuck.” Tony sighed and in the corner of my eye I saw him pray.

    I looked out the front window as James narrowly dodged some biters and clipping others. James even hit one head on leaving the dark red bloodstains behind that the windshield wiper wiped off. No doubt they were following us but they couldn’t follow us all the way to Colorado over the sound of a car engine, could they?

    This had been going on for several seconds before I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. A smile lit across my face before Margareth could make her next statement.

    “There’s people! We have to go help them!” Margareth cried. I looked over as James swerved the car around, there cries of help not going unnoticed or denied. A pale girl with a rifle missing most of her shots. A young man with gold chains and a dagger fighting for her life and the woman with dangerously long cornrows using a gun.

    Our gun.

    “Help! Please… please help!” I hear the pale girl through the open window who helped robbed us begs as the biters slowly surround them in every direction.

    “Shut up, just shut the fuck up Emily!” Bianca yelled at her. While the boy with the gold chains slowly started cursing in horror at there fate.

    “Pieces of shit, all of em’. I’m turning around.” James said after a good chuckle of there misfortune. I remember Bianca’s words, "The struggle will either make or break you." Well who’s struggling now? I felt no remorse for Bianca but those other two… What were there names, L.J and Emily. I felt the guilt eat away at me if I knew I could have saved them.

    Just one of them.

    [Revenge.] [Jump out the car and try to save them.]

  • [Try to save them.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 2/8] [We bring him with us.] “We take a chance,” I spoke. “We keep him and I’ll make sure he won’t me

  • [Jump out the car and try to save them.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 2/8] [We bring him with us.] “We take a chance,” I spoke. “We keep him and I’ll make sure he won’t me

  • [Jump out the car and try to save them] Why there isn´t to help L.J and Emily but leave/shoot Bianca?. WHY?

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!!!

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 2/8] [We bring him with us.] “We take a chance,” I spoke. “We keep him and I’ll make sure he won’t me

  • Even though Bianca's seems like an asshole, Rachel's not the kind to kill out of anger.


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    [Jump out the car and try to save them] Why there isn´t to help L.J and Emily but leave/shoot Bianca?. WHY? Awesome Chapter!!!!!!!

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    [Jump out the car and try to save them] Why there isn´t to help L.J and Emily but leave/shoot Bianca?. WHY? Awesome Chapter!!!!!!!

  • [Jump out the car and try to save them.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 2/8] [We bring him with us.] “We take a chance,” I spoke. “We keep him and I’ll make sure he won’t me

  • Woohoo! Finally out for winter break and will have loads of time to finish season one, probably finishing it this week!

    In other news Rachel will [Jump out the car and try to save them.]

  • You're lucky. To have a winter break, I must study one more week in school :(

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    Woohoo! Finally out for winter break and will have loads of time to finish season one, probably finishing it this week! In other news Rachel will [Jump out the car and try to save them.]

  • I'm sorry, if it helps I hope you have a great break when you get out for school.

    You're lucky. To have a winter break, I must study one more week in school

  • So part 3 is going to be the longest chapter yet. (3000+ words). Would you rather have it split up into two or keep it as is? There's a lot going on as is in both halves.

  • I'd say keep it as is

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    So part 3 is going to be the longest chapter yet. (3000+ words). Would you rather have it split up into two or keep it as is? There's a lot going on as is in both halves.

  • As you want

    TWD_25 posted: »

    So part 3 is going to be the longest chapter yet. (3000+ words). Would you rather have it split up into two or keep it as is? There's a lot going on as is in both halves.

  • I'd rather split it in two parts if that means another choice. I love choices :D

    Ultimately it's up to you

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    So part 3 is going to be the longest chapter yet. (3000+ words). Would you rather have it split up into two or keep it as is? There's a lot going on as is in both halves.

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 3/8]

    I hastily push my way through to the door as James begins to back up. I can feel the hands tugging me back and warning me but I push my way past them somehow.

    I awkwardly rolled out the moving car, slamming my face into the pavement, it felt like I was hit upside the head with a baseball bat. I spit out all the loose gravel that was shoveled into my mouth during that fall and disorientedly crawled back up to my feet, where everything was a blur.

    “GET IN THE CAR! COME ON!” I yell at the blurry people firing and stabbing and screaming, they take note and run for the car, quickly stepping on the gas every fifteen seconds or so to keep its distance. If I had something to grab onto, just to keep me upright, the road had kept spinning and I kept falling. A biter slowly hobbled its way over to me, it’s hands gripping tightly onto both my shoulders and pushing me back down onto the pavement. I had never grabbed a gun out the trunk, never grabbed my bow and arrow. I freeze in fear for a moment before I manage to crouch my feet under its chest and kick him off into a shallow ditch, buying me time to run.

    I look back behind me. The herd growing near me, Bianca and L.J were several hundred yards ahead, making a mad dash to the car. Emily following close behind, her gray jeans with a rip and a growing blood stain from a cut in her thigh.

    I picked up my pace, sprinting for the car. I ran track in high school and was actually decent, but at this moment right now, I could barely outrun the walkers. The road kept spinning and I constantly kept tripping on my own two feet. I was so close to the vehicle that was now moving, if I just reached a little further…

    I squirmed in back to where my seat was, now occupied by Bianca and L.J as the car sprinted off. Guess I had to sit on the ground now along with Emily who had was just staring down at the rip in her grey jeans, and the gash that would not stop bleeding.

    “What the hell was that?” James said not taking his eyes off the road but I could feel the tension in his voice. “You could’ve killed yourself and for WHAT? For these people, if you can call the that?” James spitefully said.

    “James… stop.” I said quietly enraged.

    “No.” He says, I’m sure he’s saying it just to get under my skin. And he almost succeeds, when I suddenly get cut off by L.J.

    “Look, I am so, so sorry we stole from you but we had to…” L.J hysterically pleaded. “We had no other choice!”

    “Let’s hear it.” James requested.

    “We came from a big group. Thirty of us when all this started, now it’s just us three.” L.J said.

    “We tried making it up north with this R.V we found, and y’alls supplies. R.V broke down couple miles back.” Bianca added.

    “So that’s your sob story?” James retorted. “Pathetic” He uttered out. I noticed Bianca’s deathly snarl as she stared deep into the back of James’s head like she was an animal ready to hunt her prey. Maybe she would try, but she would certainly lose considering James is the only one with a gun in his pocket that works. Her dark brown eyes slowly closed shut but her snarl lingered even in her sleep.

    15 minutes later:

    The sea of biters quickly thinned out as soon as we made it out of the city. I looked at the soft rolling hills of green country road ahead and the occasional cloud above that gave weakened the sun every once in a while. Nobody talked. There was an occasional whisper or so between people. Bridgit whispered to James, Bianca whispered to L.J, Tony whispered to Selena, and Emily sat on the floor, sobbing.

    I stared down at her leg, She used Selena’s rag to cleanse the wound and a water bottle in her pocket. Her almond brown eyes looking deep into the gash as the blood was cleaned off. When I saw it. I looked at her horrid, reddened eyes as she stared down at the gash that was not a gash.

    A bitemark.

    “She’s been bit!” I yelled. The car brakes jerked me around as they came to a frighteningly quick stop. James got out the car and slammed his door shut. The car quickly became a frenzy of people running out for the door. The passenger door swung open and James grabbed her by the collar of her black vest, gun in one hand as the door slammed shut. I quickly ran out the door along with everyone else.

    “Please no! No!“ Emily cried out as James pointed the gun at her head. “I don’t want to die!” She sobbed.

    “I’m very sorry this happened to you…” James’s stammered. From the faltering in his voice you could tell he was getting choked up. “We can’t let this happen again.”

    “No!” Bianca pushed herself against the crowd between the gun and Emily. “T-there has to be another way! Can’t we cut it?!” She started to snivel, looking at her friend’s leg stunned.

    “No!” Emily protested.

    “Unfortunately that’s just a myth anyways.” I spoke. “There was this one guy I know who cut his arm, he didn’t make it…” I recollect memories of Sam that stings. But the one that stings the most is looking at Sam and Zaphaeus’s bodies lying there dead and half eaten.

    “Then I guess this has to be done.” Emily stammered as she sloppily wiped the constant tears away from her eyes. “I’ll do it.” She said as she inched towards the gun in James’s hand. I stared at him mouthing the words to hand it over, eventually handing it over and going embracing Bridgit.

    Bianca shuffled over to Emily, as if she had to force her legs to move. They shared a hug together before Bianca had made herself pull away.

    “I’m sorry, Emily.” Bianca weakly spoke. “I should’ve had your back more times.” She said as she tried holding it all in. This had completely surprised me, it was a side to Bianca I had never seen.

    “You and L.J will be fine. Keep your humanity.” Emily said as she pressed the gun to her skull as I stared directly into Emily’s light almond brown eyes one last time before the gun fired.

    I could hear the sobs of specific people, L.J and Bianca mourned over the friend they have lost. Cynthia wiped the tears away from her eyes at the bitter memories she’s had with death. I stood there silent, feeling absolutely nothing as did most of us. And that was something I wasn’t very comfortable with.

    8 hours later:

    My back ached in pain as I lied on an awkward position on the ground, daytime quickly passed to night time without even noticing it. Tony extended his hand as I held it between mine, despite him being fast asleep. I couldn’t go to sleep, the apocalypse had turned me into quite the insomniac, a handful of others lied awake with me through the silent road despite

    WELCOME TO OKLAHOMA. DISCOVER THE EXCELLENCE. A big blue sign had read, but it was the graffiti that had caught my attention.

    NO HOPE. The big red spray painted words read out. I fell a chill run down my spine at the look of it.

    “We just made it out of Texas?” Margareth said in her confused Irish accent as she woke up. Cynthia lied next to Margareth with her

    “Well Texas is a big state.” I point out.

    “I remember when I lived back in Dublin I could take a ferry to Wales and be there in less time than this.” She took a deep sigh. “Lot’s of family I won’t see ever again.”

    “We’re a family now.” I say trying to cheer her up, I look at her as she looks down at Cynthia resting on her shoulder and a warm smile begins to crack that cold scowl that I thought might be there forever.

    “I guess you’re right.” She smiled at me before turning her attention out the window, then suddenly redirecting it towards me.

    “Are you still going to look for you family when we get there?” She whispered soft enough for James who was still driving not to hear.

    “I don’t know.” I responded back.

    “Do it.” She suggested. “Family’s the most important thing now, don’t lose it.” She advised before looking back out the window and muttering something under her breath about a book.

    I turned to Bianca who’s regular snarl had returned again. I lightly nudged her to get her attention as she looked down at me with a cold stare.

    “What?” She asked rather impatiently.

    “How are you feeling.” I reached out.

    “I don’t want to talk about it.” Bianca shrugged it off.

    “Bianca…” I sighed.

    “I said I don’t want to talk about it!” She snapped. “Now please, just leave me alone.” She looked away from me, with an anger in her eyes like nothing else. The void of silence filling the car, yet again before James finally said something to break the tension.

    “Have I ever told you my love of the road?” James spoke.

    “Really? I don’t think you’ve told anybody that.” I chuckled at the thought.

    “I do. Don’t hate me for it.” He joked with me. “Bridgit and I planned to go on a cross country road trip before all this, just to get away from it all.” He said staring at her sleeping body. “Never happened but hey, look at us now!” He quietly said to me making sure not to wake up Bridgit who was next to him.

    “You think this is fun? Try sitting back here for nine hours, then talk to me.” I poked fun at his dream but would it be nice to get up and walk for a while.

    “The car doesn’t have too many miles on her anymore.” He said unexpectedly calm.

    “Well shit.” L.J contributed to the conversation.

    “This map says we might be able to make it to this small town just north of us.” He spoke.

    “How small?” Margareth asked.

    “Small enough that it’d probably not go into your average map.” James said as he handed the map over to Margareth.

    “Lebanon, population: 303.” She directly read from the map. “Sounds safe to me.”

    “From what I’ve been through towns ain’t usually the best spot to be in, who knows what could be there.” Bianca spoke.

    “You robbed us in the city.”

    “Exactly.” Bianca said.

    [Stay in the forest for the night.] [Go to town.]

    Split this up into two because it’s been a while. I’ll try to get the second chapter up tomorrow.

  • [Stay in the forest for the night.]

    Going into a potentially dangerous town at night could be too risky.

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 3/8] I hastily push my way through to the door as James begins to back up. I can feel the hands tugging

  • [Stay in the forest for the night.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 3/8] I hastily push my way through to the door as James begins to back up. I can feel the hands tugging

  • [Go to town.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 3/8] I hastily push my way through to the door as James begins to back up. I can feel the hands tugging

  • [Go to town.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 3/8] I hastily push my way through to the door as James begins to back up. I can feel the hands tugging

  • I'll break the tie with;

    [Stay in the forest for the night]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 3/8] I hastily push my way through to the door as James begins to back up. I can feel the hands tugging

  • Voting is closed! The group will [Stay in the forest for the night.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 4/8]

    “Just pull over James.” I spoke clearly.

    “You sure?” James asked me, checking to see if this was what I really wanted.

    “These days I’d rather take my chances with biters over people. Especially a town that looks like it’s from Timbuktu.” I reinforced myself.

    “Great, great.” James said as he ran his fingers through his short black locks, his eyes nervously glancing side to side for somewhere to pullover. “Now that leaves another problem.”

    “And what could that be?” Bianca spoke in her casually snappy tone.

    “We’ll need someone to keep watch while the others sleep.” He said as he pulled over the to the side of the road.

    “Me.” I abruptly reply, almost cutting James off. “I’m not much of a sleeper anyways.”

    Margareth quickly began to wake the others up as they groggily made out the car. James and I stayed back for a moment despite Bridgit walking off with the group. I propped myself up onto one of the seats as James started talking.

    “Take it.” He nudged me with it.

    “Thanks.” I tell him as I grab the glock from his hand.

    “Don’t go shooting any of us in the night.” He smirked at me.

    “I do what I want.” I reply, we both chuckle for a moment at our sarcasm before abruptly stopping and heading out the car.

    I hastily get out the car as fast as I could, I couldn’t wait to stretch out. Why did they put the tallest girl in the group on the floor? It doesn’t matter anyways now, what’s done is done.

    A warm Oklahoma breeze twirls my black hair in the air, not quite far since my hair is only neck length. I arch my back and hear the pops it makes when you stretch it after sitting for so long. God it felt good to move after being in an uncomfortable position for over eight hours. I stretch out my legs and let out one of those noises you make when you stretch and it feels so good.

    My brother Patrick used to call them Pterodactyl screams.

    “That’s sexy.” Tony stepped up to me.

    “You know what’s really sexy?” I seductively whispered in his ear jokingly. “Not eating anything in the past three days.” I listened to his laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh along, he had a kind of laugh that would light up a room, it was contagious. I felt myself blush as I shied away from his eyes.

    He gently leaned his lips onto mine where they passionately locked for the first time, I could feel myself blushing but I didn’t care, I felt happy in that moment which was something I hadn’t been for awhile now.

    “Tony… stop, there’s people.” I whisper in between the kissing. To which he lets go. I rub my sweaty palms against my jeans, hoping they’ll stop.

    “Well that was exciting, not gonna lie. You should get some rest.” I told him.

    “You’re not going to sleep?” Tony asked in a confused tone. “Did James-“

    “I volunteered. I wanted to.” I quickly cut him off, hoping it will cheer him.

    “Well I guess I’ll see you in the morning.” Tony said, slightly upset.

    “Guess so.” I replied back, I wasn’t going to let that bother me. Everyone here needs a good night rest, and I was no exception, but I just couldn’t. I looked over behind my shoulder, Selena sat on a log by the road as she twiddled her fingers. I sat on the log, a good distance away from her at the edge of it.

    “I miss my old life…” She muttered under her breath. “I miss being your best friend. I miss Zaphaeus. Hell, I even miss that miserable old diner I worked in… Is that weird?” She said embarrassed. I chuckled a little at that statement.

    “There hasn’t been one day I wish I couldn’t go back.” I spoke without looking at her. At this point I don’t know where our friendship lies, maybe it was broken, how could we? I took a deep breath and looked at the tiny weeds growing on the ground, the overgrown grass just slightly extending to the road.

    “But do you know what I miss the most?” She softly said, I scooted towards her just a little further to hear. “It was those days that I with my brother and we weren’t at each other’s throats all the time. When I wasn’t always the bad guy people think I am.” She whispered. I glanced over for a second to see her eyes staring back at me.

    “At least we can put all of this behind us when we get up to camp tomorrow.” I try to remain cheerful.

    “We used to be close, I can’t even remember what happened.” She closed her eyes in a frustrated way, as she wiped the sweat off her forehead, like she needed to be free.

    “Me neither.” I whispered. I could relate, Selena hadn’t just pushed Tony out of her life. She pushed me away as well.

    “Okay, enough chit-chat for today.” James walked up behind us, startling me. “We should move on in to the forest. I don’t doubt that if someone saw this car, they’d kill us for it.” James said.

    “People sure have changed.” Bridgit says, who’s right by his side. I stared down at her stomach, both her hands wrapped around it.

    “Have you thought of any names yet.” I asked out of curiosity.

    “There’s one we both like, but only one so far.” Bridgit softly said.

    “Let’s hear it.” Selena insisted.

    “Hope. That’s it so far, we’re still trying to come up with boy names. James we should make a list!” Bridgit said excitedly.

    “Oh, yay.” James said unexcitedly. Him and Bridgit walked a little deeper into the beginning of the forest as the rest of us followed.

    “You need to start taking this a little more seriously.” Bridgit chuckled.

    “I am!” James laughed along

    “It’s your baby too!” She smiled. “You know who’s going to win this argument.” She points to herself. “That’s right, the one carrying the baby.”

    “All right, all right. You win.” James said as he kissed his wife. I couldn’t help but smile to see another person happy.

    The talking and laughing had simmered down to a few quiet whispers to one another as almost everyone drifted to sleep. I talked to Anton for quite some time who was the last one to drift off. He talked about his life before, how he had nothing left but us now. A smile lit across my face at that. He thanked me for bringing him along again, saying he was very grateful.

    I breathed in the embers of the waning flame, standing over everyone sleeping. Every single rustle the trees made frightened me. The wind howling through the forest frightened me, but I had to reassure myself that it’s just the wind. Nothing would get by me.

    A sudden rustle through some shrubs behind me were making a sound unlike any other, a human sound. I heard the low moans as I grabbed James’s gun out my pocket.

    Only one biter appeared out, one very short biter. Did I really need to wake everyone up with this? Or alert every biter within five miles? I diverted it’s attention away from the group with me, calling out every five seconds or so. I quickly ran up behind him and pushed it down. But that only made him stumble and possibly angrier if these things had emotion. I quickly evaded the arms coming towards me.

    With one good kick to the knee the biter had toppled over. I stomped my foot repeatedly over his head for several minutes, until it concaved in. I just had to make sure.

    I walked back to the camp for the night, looking down at the dark red blood spewed on my jeans and shoes, my heart stopped at that moment. I sat down on the grassy floor and looked at the blood, I had to check, if I didn’t I may as well be lying to myself. My hand trembled as I rolled up the bloody leg of my jeans to my knee just to make sure it wasn’t mine.

    A huge sigh of relief came out as I saw no bite marks, it was just the biter’s blood. I wouldn’t take any chances this next time, maybe I should get my bow and arrow. I had almost forgot that I there was a bag full of weapons in the trunk.

    I quickly ran over back to the road as fast as I could. The ground below made a soft, muffled noise due to the freshly green spring grass below my feet.

    I looked at the long, flat road ahead of me, most of it was unseeable in the night. Yet a small, steady light up ahead grew further and further away.

    Those lights were headlights, and that car was our car.

    I was livid with anger. Out of habit I take a bite into my lower lip no doubt to the point of blood and let my muffled scream out. I couldn’t run, no matter how much I wanted to make a run for it that would mean losing track of the group in the forest, which would be a deathtrap for my sleeping friends.

    My blood boiled as I stomped back into the forest. I wanted to hurt something, wanted to stab somebody. Maybe they were good people that needed it, or they had a hurt kid. But I couldn’t care less.

    15 days later:

    A fog so deep had rolled onto the streets of Denver Colorado. I stared down at my feet trudging along the pavement, they were one of the only things I could see at the moment. I heard a low moan ahead and squinted my eyes at the biter hobbling towards Bianca. She swung a pickaxe to the head. We all stopped and watched as Bianca roughly ripped the bloddy pickaxe out the female biter, the blood spewing all over her orange prison jumpsuit.

    “What’d you go to prison for?” Cynthia looked up to Bianca with a curious tone looming in her voice.

    “Cynthia!” Margareth hissed.

    “Sorry, was that mean?” Cynthia quivered.

    “Nah, it’s fine…” Bianca paused looking nervously away. “I… uh I assaulted a cop… They were supposed to let me out that same week I got in but then, shit happened.” She stammered. She lifted the body and stripped the biter of it’s clothes, a sweater and denim jeans.

    “I’ll be back in a sec.” Bianca said as she darted in towards a building. I stared in confusion, I squint around at everyone with the same expression.

    “What was her deal?” Anton looked around and asked.

    “She seemed pretty normal to me.” Selena stated.

    “It’s probably nothing. I’ve been with her since this started, I think I’d know.” L.J spoke up.

    “We can’t just stand here in the middle of the city. Not while we’re so close.” James said as he looked at the map. “Ya see, we’re here this is the camp. The camp is here.” He slid his finger ever so slightly.

    “Hey man, calm down we’ll get there!” L.J protested.

    “We have lost too much already to put in any delays! Did you forget about the car, or your dead friend?!” James yelled into L.J’s face.

    “Fuck you man!” He pushed away James, I looked at James who locked his jaw and clenched his fist. I noticed James reach over for his rifle, strapped behind his back.

    “No!” Cynthia abruptly cried out. I stared over at her. Her backpack I gave her ragged and splattered in blood.

    “We’re all just hungry. Please, can we please stop! We’re almost there, no one’s going to get hurt.” I stared at her. Through the fog I could just barely see her scared face.

    “Let’s go.” Bianca said behind me. I turned around at her new appearance. A wool sweater with a couple of bloodstains but still nice, denim jeans and her dangerously long cornrows unbraided and put into a tight bun.

    “Wow, you changed.” L.J sighed.

    “Yeah well change isn’t always bad.” Bianca reminded.

    “Enough chit-chat.” James said, directing the group to the military base.

    The cold winds chimed through the high buildings, you couldn’t see them but you could hear them. I shivered at the growing winds as we made our trek forward.

    “It’s cold, I know.” Margareth told me. “But hopefully things are better where the military set up.”

    “It has to be…” I weakly whispered. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take. It’s colder than a Texas winter.”

    “Didn’t you used to live here?” Selena walked up to Margareth and I.

    “Yeah, well at least then there was heating.” I told her.

    “You still looking for your family?” Selena asked me.

    “I don’t know anymore… Maybe.” I faltered. Selena’s icy glare looked at me displeased.

    “Well you should…” She paused. “I wish I had the balls to do the same. I left my parents and I’ll live with that regret for the rest of my life.” She got choked up, wiping away the tears from her eyes. Before I could reach up Tony came up to her.

    “It’s not your fault.” Tony told her as he put his arm around her shoulder. The tears fled down her eyes as she continued weeping.

    “I’m sorry.” Tony whispered to his sister. “It’s-“

    Guys!” James yelled out to the group.

    “This is it.” He pointed out to an unseeable building just ahead.

    “Are you sure?” Bridgit asked.

    “Positive. Look, the coordinates lead to this point.” He pointed out to Bridgit who looked over at the map.

    The fire of a bullet ripped past me, just avoiding my shirt. I looked around at the group seeing if the bullet hit anyone else. I had a sigh of relief as I realized no one was hit, they must’ve had someone perched in either a tower or rooftop, I couldn’t tell. All I saw was a fifteen or so foot chain linked fence and a megaphone with a wire.

    “That’s far enough.” The strict male voice speaks through the megaphone. “Hands where I can see em’.” He ordered.

    “What do you need?” The voice called out. I look over to James seeing if he’s as shocked as I am.

    “You’re a community.” James said confused. “We heard it!”

    “Sir this ain’t-“ The strict man’s voice get’s cut off. I hear the murmurs that are to far away from the mic hear.

    “All right, we’ll unlock the gates.” The voice said. “But only if you drop your weapons. That goes for rifle man, pickaxe lady and the kid with a backpack.” The man firmly stated.

    “Now turn around.” He demanded. I looked over at James to see if he was as surprised as I am. My heart pounded as I turned around, praying I would not get shot.

    “You two.” He points out to Selena and Tony, the last two other then me to have weapons.

    “Drop em’.” He spoke. They both dropped there handguns, James dropped his rifle, Bianca dropped her pickaxe, and Cynthia reluctantly dropped her blue backpack I gave her when all this started. I looked at the glock in my pocket James handed me fifteen days ago, one bullet still remaining.

    “And if that’s it.” The gate magically unlocked by itself. I was pleasantly surprised that electricity still worked. I looked down at the pocket of my jeans, my flannel covering the majority of my pocket. I looked as the group moved ahead into the inside, discovering what lies next.

    If they see this, I might die. I think to myself. I didn’t know these people, what would they do if they realize I have this. But if I don’t we could all very well be dead.

    [Conceal your gun.] [Turn in your gun.]

    Holy shit, this literally took all day. I'm going to take a 40 hour nap now. Sorry for blowing off the end.

  • [Conceal your gun]

    Awesome Chapter!!!!

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 4/8] “Just pull over James.” I spoke clearly. “You sure?” James asked me, checking to see if this was

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    [Conceal Your Gun]
    Amazing chapter, your hard work really paid off here! Keep it up!

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    That was a great chapter! I especially liked the lots of character development in it. Rachel and Tony are really adorable. Also, I can't help but feel sympathy for Selena. Poor girl :(

    Bianca is a badass though and I'm glad she and L.J. joined the group.

    [Conceal your gun.]

    Better safe than sorry, eh? I don't trust this community, especially after it seems like the guard first wanted to say something different before unlocking the gates.

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 4/8] “Just pull over James.” I spoke clearly. “You sure?” James asked me, checking to see if this was

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