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  • [Conceal your gun.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 4/8] “Just pull over James.” I spoke clearly. “You sure?” James asked me, checking to see if this was

  • [Conceal your gun.]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 4/8] “Just pull over James.” I spoke clearly. “You sure?” James asked me, checking to see if this was

  • Wow, lot's of you guys voted, and thanks for the feedback guys! It really inspires me for next chapter when you guys are interested. I'm going to try to get next chapter up sooner than last also. Hopefully this'll be done before 2015.

    So it's unanimous, Rachel will [Conceal the gun.]

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    Wow, lot's of you guys voted, and thanks for the feedback guys! It really inspires me for next chapter when you guys are interested. I'm goi

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    Wow, lot's of you guys voted, and thanks for the feedback guys! It really inspires me for next chapter when you guys are interested. I'm goi

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 5/8]

    [Conceal your gun.]

    My flannel loosely draped over my jeans, maybe just baggy enough to hide the bulge of James’s gun. I looked down for a moment. The urge to look down was almost overwhelming, but I had decided against it since it would be an obvious sign that I was hiding something.

    I looked up at the tall chain linked fence, slowly opening itself up. Barbed wire covered the top, incase the watch towers weren’t enough.

    Bridgit stopped walking with the group and looked over her shoulder. “You waiting for a formal invitation or something?” She signaled me with her hand as an impatient look ran over her face, and who could blame her? We were all tired, hungry and irritable, I’d hate to imagine doing that pregnant.

    I pushed my aching legs forward, nothing but road pavement as far as I could see, except for the multiple towers that stretched on. I curiously looked up at the metal tower’s on both sides of me that seemed to go up into the sky forever.

    Through the fog you could see a large building, and several smaller building accompanying it. I looked at the few smiling faces, James, Bridgit and Tony. But a weight that had been there for so long that you think would go away still lingered, and heavier than ever.

    The large building was just ahead of us now, a warehouse with fifty feet tall walls, corrugated in a rusty aluminum and supported by large beams whose chunks of chipped orange paint lightly twirled in the wind.

    As we reached closer I could spot four military men, each standing a foot’s length from one another in front of the main entrance. All dressed in the same army uniform, all having the same Ak-47 resting in there hands. I turned to James who looked in awe at all the sights just like most everyone else. I eyed Bianca and L.J who each suspiciously glanced around to every crow of a bird or rustle in the wind.

    “My name’s James.” I considered closing his slacked jaw, his wide eyes looked more lively than ever.

    “Mike.” The muscular man firmly called out. He looked to be in his mid twenties and had shoulder length brown hair and a beard that looked like it hadn’t been taken care of since the apocalypse. His eyes were an eerie dark brown, almost black.

    “That’s Lars on my right.” Mike pointed to his closest right. Lars was an older man well past his youth. His gut so big it looked like he was about to pop out of his suit. He was slightly shorter than the others. His teeth deeply stained yellow and brown, but that didn’t keep him from smiling.

    “That’s Roger to my left.” Mike shrugged his head to the left to a man in his forties who was completely bald but had a dark brown beard on his face. A stern was fixed on his face, I could feel his glare staring into me.

    “And the one on my far right’s Robin.” Mike spoke. I looked over at him he was a man in his thirties with black hair and a bushy beard long with it

    “Thank y’all so much. This is really a nice place you’ve got” James thanked them with a fixed gazed at the building ahead. I turned back to Bridgit who was fanning her eyes, flooded with tears of joy.

    “Where the rest of y’alls people?” Bianca placed her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows in suspicion. I looked over at Mike making shifty eye contact between the other three other guards.

    “Not too many left anymore.” He spoke after a long moment of silence. “Sixteen of us still remain. T-this camp just north of us raided us a month back” He took a long blink and slowly shook his head, like he was just trying to forget the painful memories. “There were hundreds here before. They took our best men, women, even children.”

    A puzzling flurry of emotions had just slapped me to the harsh reality. One part of me couldn’t help but have my heart reach out to them. But were they kicking us out? Would I get to see my family now? Are they keeping our weapons?

    “So you’re kicking us out… just like that.” Selena said unsurprised. “I knew it.” She muttered under her breath.

    “L-l-le-let’s make it up to y-you.” The man with the gut stammered in a thick accent, almost making it impossible to listen to him.

    “Lars is right, Mike.” The bald man next to Mike leaned in towards him and whispered words unhearable to anyone else. “Please stay for dinner, get a good night’s rest. You guys could really use it.” The big, bald man begged us.

    “I don’t know about this.” Anton murmured quietly to himself.

    “Well we do need food.” James whispered as we huddled in, completely disregarding what Anton had just said. “We won’t make it another day out here.”

    “I guess something’s better than nothing.” Cynthia sighed. I glanced over at her, I could barely get a word out of her since her dad. After that day I thought she was too far gone, but that little girl was a fighter, even if it didn’t show. One thing was for certain though, that scared little girl I knew wasn’t there anymore.

    “She’s right.” L.J backed up Cynthia. “What’s for dinner?” He cupped his hands together and asked the guards. “If it’s meat we’re leaving.” L.J quickly whispered back to the group.

    “We got beans, vegetables… anything canned.” Robin called out.

    “Guess it’s settled.” Tony said. “We’ll stay.”

    The four guards briskly opened the two enormous metal doors, several feet taller than I was. The cold winds were stopped but a draft from the broken windows left parts of the room coldEach step on the concrete echoed through the large, mostly empty building. I looked at the ceiling above, thirty or so feet high. There must have been a second or third floor. The tall shelves filled with boxes and crates acted as walls. Cynthia’s hand stretching out to touch a shelf but not before a guard yelled out to not touch anything, his voice echoing through the hallway.

    The guards lead us to the back of the building where at least fifty mattresses lied on the concrete ground, no blankets or sheets. Just the mattress, with no privacy from their neighbors.

    “We’re going to do a pat down now, if that’s alright with you.” Roger, the bald man said. I shook my head in disbelief.

    “It’s not.” Selena spoke.

    “She’s kidding.” Tony stepped in.

    Had the others forgot I had a gun in my pocket? Or did they wan Granted, I hadn’t used it in several days. I needed to hide it, quick.

    Three of the four men had begun patting us down, while Robin had his gun pointed at us incase someone tried something. They started out in the front, I looked behind me and casually moved to the very end, hoping it’d buy time. James, Bridgit and Cynthia went in the first group. James glared at the men as they pat down his wife. Margareth, Bianca and L.J went next, despite Bianca protesting. Anton, Tony and Selena were the last three to go on before me. My gun was still placed in my pocket, I had no time to throw out the gun.

    When a bloodcurdling scream from upstairs sent shiver’s down my spine. The guards all turned their backs with the same wide eye glance. All four guards go running off past the large shelves that obstruct our view. I quickly run towards the nearest row of beds and quickly tuck my gun under.

    “Roger, Lars, get back in there and watch the people!” I hear Mike’s strict voice in the distance call out. I run back to the line before anymore can happen.

    Lars, the old man with a big gut, slowly walks up to me. His big sweaty palms pat me down, running directly where I had my gun. Lars and Roger walked off and I let out a sigh of relief.

    But nothing was alright.


    We sat down in one of the small buildings, now turned into a kitchen. The mostly empty rows shelves, with canned foods here and there filled out the room. I took in a deep whiff of what was cooking on the stove. The aroma of a steaming pot of beans was heavenly at this moment, it filled the dull room with life. I didn’t even like beans. I had placed my gun back into my pocket, not much I could do with only one bullet though but you never know.

    “Dinner is served.” Roger grabbed the bowls from the counter to the table we sat in. Several guards walked into the room, gently closing the large corrugated door behind them.

    With my spoon I inspected the beans. It was a grey in color and mushy in texture, nothing out of the ordinary. I watched as the others started shoveling the food in there mouth, even L.J and Bianca who were very reluctant.

    “Go on eat.” Mike folded his hands as he stared deep into my eyes. “We worked all day on it, it’d be a shame to see it go to waste.”

    “You’re not going to see that happen.” I tell him before I taked my first bite. It wasn’t exactly good, it left a bitter aftertaste, but hey; a girls gotta eat. In fact I couldn’t get enough. I quickly devoured the whole thing. I looked across the smile at Mike, an eerily wide smile slowly creaked across his face.

    After dinner was over I volunteered to help. Maybe it’d get us good with the guards, or at least that’s what James believed. I was shocked at the amount of running water they used for dishes; let alone running water. When Mike wasn’t looking I cupped my hands together and splashed some on my face.

    His footsteps echoed on the shiny concrete floor; Mike’s AK hung up on a corner. I could feel his wide grin shoot in the back of my head. I continued washing, the sponge in my hand acting as a stress reliever.

    “I saw that.” Mike informed me as he grew closer to me. “It’s fine, I do it all the time since we don’t got showers.” He looked me in the face as he turned me around.

    “You gonna say something?” He whispered in my ear. I pushed myself to washing the dishes again, trying to avoid eye contact.

    “You’re doing that wrong.” Mike whispered into the back of my ear, his body leaning into mine, he picked up the sponge as I held the dish. “Just like that.” His arms slowly caressing up his way up to my chest.

    “GET OFF OF ME!” I screamed as I jabbed him in the gut. He grunted in pain as I pushed past his curled body. A sudden jerk on my leg dragged me to the ground; my gun spilling out into the open.

    He and I looked at each other for a fraction of a second, both with the same intent to reach the gun first. I pushed myself forward, crawling as fast as I could, the gun was almost in arms reach when he dragged me back and kicked me in the face with his boot. He pinned me down, with his gun pointed at my forehead.

    “You coulda lived… You stupid bitch!” He slapped my face. Then I scream at the top of my lungs. “Help!” Mike jams his fingers down my throat, effectively cutting off my voice. I know for an instance he looks at the door to see if anyone’s coming, to which no one is.

    “Dead or alive, either will do. Just like your pathetic friends.” He says with a grin. “First we’ll start with you, then the men, we’ll be sure to take our time with the girls. Might even keep that girl.”

    I squirmed around trying to push him over, but he’s too heavy and has a tight lock. His words about Cynthia filled me with fury. If it wasn’t me getting him in the end it’d be karma. I spit on his face, if I was going to die I was going to at least get back a little.

    At least it would be a quick death.

    The metal door slammed open. A bullet fired into the air, but it’s not me, who’s shot. I stare into Mike’s dying eyes, the blood on his neck spewing all over me. I quickly push his weakening, dying body off of me, looking at the person who saved me.

    But when I lift myself up to my knees I see a military outfit, quickly marching his way towards me. I let out a gasp at Lars looking down at me. His AK-47 pressed firmly into his hands. My first reaction is to thank him, when suddenly a force so strong hits me upside the head.

    And the room went pitch black.

    When I wake up, I think I’m still passed out. A dim room with no light is where I’m at. I touch a corrugated rusted wall, a piece of it dented like someone tried to escape here once. I feel the old wooden floor, a splinter getting stuck in my finger as I felt around. Maybe they gouged my eyes out and I can’t see, but I’d certainly feel that. I touch around my face just to make sure. I let out a sigh of relief. I was fine.

    “H-hello?” I call out to the eerie room, but nothing came out. I crawled around to feel my way. When I stumble across rotting skin. I let out a horrific shriek at what I have touched. Luckily not a biter though, it’s too silent and not moving. I touch around more, and feel another body and another. I stand up on my legs and stick my arm out. I uncontrollably let out another shriek. For so long we had thought this place was a sanctuary, that we might be able to live a normal life now.

    But we were so wrong.

    My hand was touching corpses, dozens of corpses those people killed for who knows how long. And that’s when I realized everything they told us was a lie. The camp being raided didn’t happen a month ago, they had told us about a camp just three weeks ago; the woman, the children, the other guards being murdered were just some sob story to lure people in.

    A bright light from underneath broke out for several seconds, it took some time for my eyes to adjust. The bickering sounds and commotion could be none other than my group; Selena furiously cursing at one of the guards to get off of her. Margareth’s voice yelling in her native Irish accent, Tony muttering something under his breath but other than that, it was complete silence.

    I looked at Tony from the distance, one of his beautiful green eyes now covered by a black eye, a grimace ran over his face at the lies that we thought were truth. He shook his head in confusion staring at the wooden ground before I called out. “Tony?”

    His one good eye slowly lit up, then horrifically taken aback at the dead bodies behind me, but it doesn’t stop him from running over to me. He held me close with one of his big hugs. I could feel my breathing tighten again, the tears in my eyes streamed down my cheeks; soaking his denim jacket.

    “T-they tried to…” I try to say the words but I can’t. It would make the whole thing too real.

    “Shhh, you’re here now… and that’s all I care about.” He held me tight, which was all I needed right now. I looked at the lit up room one last time before they closed the door one last time.

    “You’re animals!” Bridgit spoke to the closed door. “All of you!” I followed the group’s voice. Tony held my hand and followed along. It wasn’t until right now did I realize the putrid smell of the rotting bodies, my adrenaline must’ve worn off.

    “This is- this is it man. We’re screwed.” Anton whispered. I heard James’s deep voice call out. “Don’t say that.” He hissed.

    “I told you this was a bad idea!” Anton shouted into the black void but most likely directed at James.

    “Shut your mouth. You shouldn’t even be here right now. The only reason you are is because Rachel decided to save your puny ass. So maybe stop your whining for one moment!” James grew louder.

    “I’m sorry I’m not perfect, I-“

    “You’re not even close. From the beginning you’ve done more harm than good; and I’ll be damned if I let a child killer near my baby!” James said.

    “Shut up! Shut the hell up!” Selena stepped in. “Get your head out of your ass and think. Nobody here wants to die am I right? Well I know I don’t. We just have to think.”

    “You got any sweetie?” Bianca sarcastically said.

    “Where are we?” I asked, just to stop the commotion that always happens.

    “Where in the attic of the main building.” Margareth informed me.

    “What if we break the floor? It’s really old. It might give.” Cynthia suggested.

    “The fall would probably kill us. Besides, there’s a stack of dead bodies over there and it hasn’t given in yet.” I tell her. I feel her hot breath pant in horror as another bright light comes out from the door again. A dozen guards with guns pointed at us.

    “Alright take one girl. Just one. We have to save them up.” A guard spoke. He slowly made his around as the other’s investigated. Poking around at each of us.

    “Too old.” One said to Margareth.

    “Too pregnant.” Another said to Bridgit.

    “This one will do.” A guard said as he lifted Cynthia up, her feet dangling in the air as he observed her.

    “Man, you’re sick. Put er’ down.” One justified as the other threw Cynthia to the ground like she was some kind of ragdoll.

    “What about this one?” A guard pointed his gun at me.

    “She’s alright, I guess. Asian girls aren’t really my type.” He said to the guard as if I wasn’t even there.

    “This one. The one with the short black ponytail.” One guard pointed out to Selena. “She’ll do.” Another guard smiled with a crooked grin slowly creaking across his face.

    “No!” Tony cried out. “Don’t hurt her! Please!”

    A guard strolled over to Tony and I with a superior look over his face. “I make no promises.” He whispered. I turned to Selena one last time. The tears fled down her olive skin fast. Her begs for mercy not heard as she violently kicked and squirmed to break free from the multiple guards carrying her. The white light from below was cut back to pitch black. Tony ran to the door, slamming his fist down and shoving the knob, but to no avail.

    “Stop it! You monsters!” I hysterically plead. This was our fate. We're all dead already! The thought screamed in my mind and I kept them there.

    “Make it stop!” I cried at her screams from underneath. I violently shook myself, slamming myself into the floor and screaming, trying to get out of this death cell.

    “SELENA!” Tony called out. I could hear Selena’s screams fill the room underneath us screaming for help. When her screaming came to an abrupt stop. And all fell silent. Tony’s sobs filled the room with agony as he rolled around the floor in a fit of rage.

    I pat his back, trying to ease him, but it wouldn’t work. I was just a breaking woman helping a breaking man. How was I going to help?

    “I know this isn’t the time but we still need to come up with a plan.” Bianca said.

    “Fuck you!” Tony screeched. “Fuck you! My sister is down there!” Tony sobbed as I continued comforting him. “I’m going to kill them. I’m going to fucking kill them!” He screamed.

    “Hey I know how you feel, trust me.” Bianca told him but I could feel the tension still rising in this room.

    “But you need to keep your voice down.” Bianca hissed. “They wired this place. I saw it when they opened the door.”

    “What do you suggest we do?” James asked.

    “The way I see it, we got two plans.” We all circled around her and listened to her voice.

    “We can either be submissive and try to cooperate with them, hopefully letting us and Selena go. Or my favorite option, we pull the tables right under them, with a surprise attack.” Bianca suggested.

    ["We fight back."] [Be submissive.]

    Sorry this took a while, I broke my hand so I took some time off from the forums, plus it takes a lot more time to write with only one hand.

  • Damn that was a thrilling chapter! Poor Selena... I hope she gets out of this alive, even though I fear the worst...

    ["We fight back."]

    Right now, simply getting raped is the best possible outcome for Selena. That shows just how fucked up these guys are. Being submissive could result in them killing Selena once they get bored of her and then taking Cynthia instead. Also, killing at least the males seems to be something these bandits intend to do either way. These scumbags have to die, they deserve that even more than Brecker ever did!

    Sorry to hear that with your hand. Get well soon!

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 5/8] [Conceal your gun.] My flannel loosely draped over my jeans, maybe just baggy enough to hide the

  • ["We fight back."]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 5/8] [Conceal your gun.] My flannel loosely draped over my jeans, maybe just baggy enough to hide the

  • Aww, hope you get better soon. :(

    ["We fight back."]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 5/8] [Conceal your gun.] My flannel loosely draped over my jeans, maybe just baggy enough to hide the

  • ["We fight back."]
    talk about intense omg

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 5/8] [Conceal your gun.] My flannel loosely draped over my jeans, maybe just baggy enough to hide the

  • ["We fight back"]

    Awesome chapter!!

  • ["We fight back."]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 5/8] [Conceal your gun.] My flannel loosely draped over my jeans, maybe just baggy enough to hide the

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8]

    “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a moment. In that moment the room dropped to dead silence.

    “People are going to die. On both sides.” Bridgit said faint enough for only us to hear.

    “I’m with Bridgit on this one.” Anton agreed.

    “If you two think for a second things are going to get better than your just lying to yourself.” Tony whispered. You saw who they are. This is who they are!”

    “Count me in.” James whispered.

    “As am I.” Margareth spoke.

    “You can count on Bianca and I already.” L.J said.

    “I don’t know…” Anton groaned. I leaned over to him and whispered. “C’mon Anton. Selena needs us.”

    “I guess I’ll do it to, but I’m going to need a little help. I’m not very good with this kind of stuff.” Bridgit whispered. I heard a low growl roam through the roof, probably James talking to Bridgit.

    I ungraciously crawl towards Cynthia blindly, a bone chilling draft blew onto her where she was seated, almost forgot how cold the city could get at night.

    “It’s a little cold.” I said trying to spark up conversation. I could feel her stare pound into my face when she looked at me just barely enough through the blackness.

    “Guess so.” She said in that hollow tone of voice that’s been there since her dad died.

    “I’m sorry they took your backpack.” I told her, having some blankets sure would be good now. There was a long pause before she spoke back to me. The only thing keeping this conversation from going awry was the back chatter from those around us.

    “You gave it to me.” She dimly smiled. “I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me.”

    “Me too.” I spoke. “I kept all my books and notes and a calculator in there.” I vividly remember those days I wish I hadn’t taken for granted now. When my biggest worry was whether I’d pass the final tomorrow not whether I’d die tomorrow.

    “But that’s not what I came to talk about.” I grimly stated. “Get your hands on a gun tomorrow and don’t forget what I taught you. Stay by me and don’t leave unless I say so.” I firmly told her. She nodded her head as she listened.

    “But if things go wrong tomorrow… run.” I ordered her, her face alarmed at the intensity of my voice.

    “I want to fight. I want to be strong like everyone else. But I can’t do anything, I’m the weakest one here.” Her greenish-blue eyes met the ground

    I took it all in, I sat around trying to think of something. “We have to be brave now.”

    The next morning is filled with a dead silence as we nervously anticipate what came next. A small beam of light from a window to small to squirm out of, I occasionally looked out of it, revealing a heavy fog that was still there. Nobody went to sleep that night, we just couldn’t, because of fear.

    I looked at the back corner of the room one more time, the group sat there with a wooden beam protecting most of them with a ferocious look on there face as they pumped themselves up. The oak door I was waiting next to had not a single noise come out of it for hours. My heart fluttered at the plan, I would need to be quick, ruthless and strong. Hopefully it’d be one guard coming up against us, but that would be wishful thinking.

    When I do hear footsteps growing outside the door, I freeze. The oak door quickly slammed open as the half dozen guards all with guns marched in. “Alright, who’s ready for round two?” one said with a crooked smile on his face.

    “Take me.” I daintily said. At this point the guar- no, this is no guard; this is a savage. At this point the savage is face to face with me now.

    “That’s not for you to decide.” He says, his hot breath burning at my skin.

    “Please! Look at them; they’re scared. Just do what you want with me and don’t hurt them.” I fall to his knees and beg. I could feel real tears stream down my eyes. That's a shocker. I think to myself before pulling myself back up. I slowly reach into my pocket and hide it behind my back before they can notice.

    “If you must, let’s go.” He tells me in a somewhat agitated voice, like he was doing us a favor. Still eye to eye with me, just like I was hoping. I won’t shake, I won’t cry, this is what they deserve.

    I underhandedly swing the sharpened bone from behind and jam it as far as I can under his chin. I hear the shots fire from everywhere, but I can’t look back, I can’t worry about them now. I hide behind the savage, his body being fired with holes, he had to be dead now. I think maybe I can just outlast them, but they quickly come forward.
    His gun is strapped to his lifeless chest. Of course! Just my luck. I quickly reach for his gun, a bullet just whizzing past my forearm. Through my five seconds of relentless pulling and tugging at the strap, the damn thing breaks free. I fire blindly into the air, the roaring bullets had drowned out every other audible noise.

    When the gun stops firing and there’s nothing but gasps for air behind me, I dropped the rifle in shock. I look at the six dead bodies around me, ready to turn at any moment. The relief was short lived. Distraught voices downstairs quickly grew angry.

    “Is everyone okay?” My voice calls shakily. But I knew as the painful moans filled the room that someone wasn’t alright, not even close. I rush over to them.

    Margareth cupped her bicep with a steady stream of blood flushing out. “I’m fine.” She gasped. “I-I just need to stop the blood flow so-“ She abruptly stopped and listened. The footsteps continually growing louser “We need to leave now.

    “Grab the guns.” James says. Running towards the six guns on the dead bodies. Hastily grabbing them incase they turned just then. “They’re fuckin’ empty!” James throws the gun onto the floor. “We gotta move, just run!” He orders, rushing out the door with the others. I notice Anton pick up a revolver in one of the men’s holster. I quickly observed the others, unfortunately none of the others remained.

    We quickly ran down the stairs, the cement steps echoing throughout the building. I felt a sharp yank in my hand, making me pull out my sharpened bone and almost stab. Luckily I miss, since it’s Tony. He hastily whispers in my ear.

    “I need to go.” He says. “Selena’s on this floor I know it.” I stare in disbelief. This was a death sentence. It was a narrow hall on the second floor with echoing cement floors and large orange storage lockers.

    “I’m coming with you.” I spoke. Boyfriend or not Selena was still my friend.

    “No. You have to leave.” He said. Letting go of my hand as I plunged in, my lips pressing onto his. I had to pull myself off of him and run back to the group. I wouldn’t look back, I held on to that last memory of him.

    I sprinted down the last staircase to the bottom floor. I looked around distraught and alone, at least a dozen guards occupied the room, all with the same goal, to rape and kill us. I quickly moved behind shelves filled with crates. I pull out my bone and get ready for the worst.

    The room quickly went from a hostile environment too dead silent. Boots clattered onto the shiny cement floor, there echo making it difficult to pinpoint where they were. Just stay calm. Find the others. Escape. I repeat the words over in my head, trying to calm myself down.

    My heart dropped at the sight of combat boots walk past, the only thing hiding me from them was the crate, my head peeping out now and then. The bald man Roger walked along the halls with several others, I counted three combat boots total. His furrowed eyebrows along with death written in his eyes told me he was furious.

    “Come out now.” He said. “Let me kill you quick.” His voice echoed through the halls.

    A single assault rifle deafened the room for a fraction of a second. A high pitch shriek I could identify several halls down was shortly heard after, the combat boots began walking that way. I scanned the area, making sure it was clear to move closer.

    And then I saw it. Everything began to move slower like in the movies. Bridgit’s long, wavy blonde hair swished from side to side as she kicked and squirmed for freedom. Roger grabbed her in a chokehold around the neck, a knife in one fist gentley caressing her neck and a gun aimed at the group.

    James was racing down one hall, separated from the rest when Bridgit struggling for air stopped him dead in his tracks. “Let her go!” James charges down the hall to Roger, the roar of the bullets beginning again. I peeped over the corner once more. James lied face down on the pavement, slowly sitting back up as he cradled his hand around his gushing kneecap.

    “Nobody move or I kill her.” Roger demanded. “All of you get back upstairs now.” There was no hope, I couldn’t just go stabbing someone again, I would get shot by one of the other two men if I went up and stabbed him. Maybe Tony would come in and save the day, maybe he found guns, but this wasn’t a fairytale, I knew that wouldn’t happen. And then I remembered Anton, with his revolver.

    “Anton!” I scream out. The guards all turning at me with the same diabolical grin planted on there face. “Do it!” I see his hesitant face, his face a ghostly white as he stands there, frozen.

    “Anton please!” I plead, at this time, Bridgit starts turning purple. I listened to James’s voice, not being able to take my eyes off what’s happening.

    “Anton?” James asked confused, until he spots the gun in his hand. “Anton please.” James’s his strangled voice cried out as his one good knee trembled, causing him to fall onto the ground, soaked with his tears and blood.

    Bridgit’s body hung like a ragdoll around his arm, her skin a dark shade of purple. It's over, but Roger reaches for his knife anyways and slits her neck, blood gushes across the floor. I look in disbelief, for a moment as I stand there,

    A larger group of these savages circle around us. Trapping us. I look over at Roger, the man who killed a pregnant woman. Lars and Robin stand by him, as the circle quickly grows smaller.

    “You almost got us.” Roger chuckled. “I’ll admit that you were close, but that’s all you’ll ever be… close.” And at that moment, I knew none of these people had a single shred of humanity. First Selena, then Bridgit. When’s it going to be me?

    And suddenly a small tap hummed behind the rusted, corrugated wall next to me. Tap. Tap. Tap. The sound I used to fear, the sound that kept me up at night. Roger continued on about some speech about something, he clearly couldn't hear what I was hearing. "You're all unfortunately going to die now," An evil grin grows across his face. "Painfully." The sounds began to grow, the thick moan of biters; a sound I used to fear was now my saving grace. Pounding, slamming there bodies into the wall. There was a fall from the stairs. Alerting some guards, six men still in military outfits hobble down to their next meal. One of there own.

    One takes a big chunk from one’s neck, another going for the stomach of a different man. The guards shoot the rest down and before they can point them back at us, theres a noise coming from the door they have to face.

    The large wooden doors get trampled by dozens of biters flooding the room all at once. Some of them run for the back door, in a last ditch effort to escape, only to reveal more biters, tearing them apart. Roger, Lars and Robin look in horror as there sanctuary gets destroyed. A smile rises on my face for a moment, and while at first I try to fight it, I let it overtake me, like a dark matter consuming me. It's revenge, it's justice for Selena and Bridgette.

    Anton takes a shot at one of the distraught men, killing them. Bianca looks back and forth, like she’s caught in between two places. She finally lunges at Lars, effectively knocking him over and using him as a human shield. She comes up with few breaths, but when she does I notice an ear in her mouth, Lars’s ear.

    L.J sneakily runs up to another guard and knees him in the leg. Steals his gun and starts firing at anything moving. Margareth is watching Cynthia, trying not to get shot or bit.

    I get jerked back yet again, but this time it’s not the soothing comfort of Tony, my throat gets cut off by Rogers forearm and he has his next casualty. “Don’t struggle!” He grunts. I hear the metallic sound of his knife rising from his holster. His fingers are just out of my reach to bite, I clamp into the air, blindly trying to bite skin. The air is fading away quickly from me from all my struggling. I'm burning, and the knife touches the tip of my neck. My life flashes before my eyes again, remembering all the memories. I remember Audrey doing this, my life flashing before my eyes. But those were happy memories, when I was still a scared woman. But I’m not scared now.

    I’m angry.

    I slam his body over and over into the rusted wall, using my height to my advantage. The burning sensation in my lungs stops as I take a deep gulp of air in. I hop onto Roger’s back pulling out my bone and stabbing him as much as I can. His punches are unavoidable but I dig my two thumbs into the sockets of his eyes. I can feel the ball of one slump out of it’s place as it hangs by a cord, I rip the cord completely off, his bloodcurdling screams becoming horrific.

    His screams call out, and it seems like he's trying to say something but the pain is too much, I hop off his back and take a look at his face. His hands are covering his face, but there's blood, so much blood.

    James limps over slowly, shoving me away from Roger. “Let me.” He murmured, his eyes still bloodshot red from moments ago. I saw James punch him in the face, knocking him down to the floor. He quickly unstrapped his rifle and smashed his head in with the butt of it multiple times. Concaving his head after a few hits.

    “We have to run!” Margareth said, now armed with a gun.

    “Wait, what about Tony and Selena?” I called out. Nobody seemed to care as they were all too busy.

    “I see an opening. Back door.” Cynthia pointed out. We all ran, I reluctantly looked back at the warehouse, knowing I was leaving them for dead, but it was either find them and die with them, or leave them and live.

    We quickly run through the now broken trampled fence, those carrying rifles consistently firing. Through a ice cold creek and into the forest. I helped support James as we ran off. Not stopping until we were at least a mile away from the place and out of biter territory.

    James leaned down against a rock, still distraught. His knee was shot but he cupped his face. The sobs continually flowing out of him. It took him a moment before he regained most of his composure again.

    He sat back up and snarled. “You…” He pointed to Anton. “You bastard! She was pregnant!” James spoke. He had now officially lost everything, his best friend, his dad, his wife, his baby. Everything. He reached for his AK when a sudden, somber shot rang through the woods. James fell to the floor, dead.

    Anton sprinted off. The fog making him nearly invisible. I sprinted toward him with all my might, I was fast. I was going to catch him. I neared at him at an autumn tree. I slammed his body into a tree and pinned him down. He lifted his gun at me and fired. Only to hear the empty echo’s of the chamber. I held my sharpened bone, sharp enough to kill, inches from his face. I knew I couldn’t trust him I knew it!

    “Please!” He begged. “I just want to live…” He called out. But that meant nothing to me, he had killed three lives of our own, and attempted to kill me. This wasn’t the same me from five months ago.

    I was gone.

    [Kill him] [Exile him.]

  • [Exile him.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8] “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a mome

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    Oh shit... James and Bridgit? That is hard... I have to say, I saw James coming, but definitely not like this. Bridgit got me totally off-guard however! And Tony and Selena possibly dead? Damn, I hope they are not dead... Maybe he found her and they can escape somehow! Yeah, I'm probably in denial ;_;

    And that was definitely the best chapter so far! It was so thrilling! But now for Anton...

    [Kill him]

    I can forgive Judys death. Anton wanted to do the right thing and ended up screwing up. I can't forgive Bridgits death. He did the most cowardly and despicable thing possible and for that he would deserve to be exiled. But killing James was the final straw. It was murder and to be honest, my patience with this selfish coward is over. They should have left him the first time. Now he deserves a sudden and severe case of bone to the throat. If he is exiled he can come back to steal from the group, or do other harm because he "wants to live"

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8] “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a mome

  • [Kill him]


    Amazing Chapter!!!!!!!!

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8] “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a mome

  • @TWD_25 , What would have happened if we left Anton behind?

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8] “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a mome

  • [Exile him]

    I'm way too soft lol

  • [Kill him]

    I want more drama.

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8] “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a mome

  • [Kill him]

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 6/8] “We fight back.” I whispered to the darkness. I can feel the stares around me accumulate for a mome

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    e.e Fucking Anton

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Voting is closed! Rachel will [Kill Anton.] That's a pretty ruthless decision. One of the most ruthless decisions so far. So @superasig a

  • Voting is closed! Rachel will [Kill Anton.] That's a pretty ruthless decision. One of the most ruthless decisions so far.

    So @superasig asked what would've happened if we left Anton behind. So obviously we wouldn't have the same option whether or not to kill Anton and his fate would become unknown. I usually just wing it, but this time i planned it out before I started episode 5. Just about everything would go down the same but L.J would grab the gun. He would fire at Roger, killing him and saving Bridgit but dying. James would also survive. The new decision would be to run with the group or try to find Selena and Tony. Maybe I'd change that a little because I stopped working on that idea once you decided to bring Anton.

    But that ending wasn't as intense so I'm glad y'all picked to bring Anton. Get ready for the last decision and without trying to spoil anything I'm just going to say this is the most important one yet. So choose wisely, the chapter should be up tonight and the final chapter up tomorrow in the morning.

  • And if we choose to leave L.J , Bianca and Emily behind too? @TWD_25

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    Voting is closed! Rachel will [Kill Anton.] That's a pretty ruthless decision. One of the most ruthless decisions so far. So @superasig a

  • I can't wait, this is gonna be epic and sad...

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    Voting is closed! Rachel will [Kill Anton.] That's a pretty ruthless decision. One of the most ruthless decisions so far. So @superasig a

  • Oh yeah, we would have to replace L.J with someone else. I forgot about adding that, it would be Margareth filling in for L.J's spot and dying. Fun fact, I had planned Margareth to die several times this season. Including taking James's death, getting murdered by Brecker or suicide.

    supersagig posted: »

    And if we choose to leave L.J , Bianca and Emily behind too? @TWD_25

  • I think the final choice will be about Tony and Selena or something about Rachel

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Oh yeah, we would have to replace L.J with someone else. I forgot about adding that, it would be Margareth filling in for L.J's spot and dyi

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    God damn it Anton!

    So, his kill count now includes Judy, Cameron, Bridgit, James, Rachel (Attempted), Another piece of Rachels humanity, Himself and quite possibly Tony and Selena (since the decision to go after them immediately could've boosted their chances of survival considerably)

    I'm dying in anticipation for this epic penultimate chapter and the last decision. And even though I should know better, I'm hoping for the best. Maybe at least one of them survives, though I don't know which one I'd like more to survive. But just in case Tony and Selly are dead... could I send you another character after this Season?

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Voting is closed! Rachel will [Kill Anton.] That's a pretty ruthless decision. One of the most ruthless decisions so far. So @superasig a

  • I still wonder if Ned is still alive...

  • These are my death predictions...

    For Tony and Selena, I think only one of them survived, although I don't think we will see who lived until Season 2. I think that Cynthia will live too. Anton will obviously die too. I could see Margareth dying also. For Bianca and L.J., I think L.J will die. If we every see Ned again, I think it would be in Season 2. For Rachel, in the direction her story is going right now, I think that she will make it to Season 2.

  • @TWD_25 , if we send you any characters could they be used for S2?

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8]

    Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’s trying to come up with a compelling story for me to get off of him.

    “Just let me go.” He gasped. Falling short of both our expectations.

    “It’s too late for second chances.” I say.

    When I looked at Anton I saw a young man, Brecker was a sadistic old man, which horrified me, but not Anton, someone I thought deserved a second chance took the chance and had killed his own people. Something Brecker wouldn’t even do.

    I slam the back of his head on the tree, knocking him unconcious for a moment. My bone drives deeply into the center of his throat. His body tried to let out a scream but nothing came out. He began wheezing for air; but that was useless, he would drown in his own blood. I pushed myself back up and looked. Anton’s fingers slowly reaching out for me as I push myself onto my feet. His hand slowly fell back down to his body. The gurgling had stopped. The grass was now covered in his blood.

    I trek through the forest, which was more of a field with several trees. I couldn’t look back, I really couldn’t; a thick blanket of fog covered Anton’s dead body. I knew he would turn. And he deserved to be one of those for the rest of his life.

    I didn’t deserve this; not when so many good people were dead. Milfred, Bridgit, and Ned just to think of a few. Tony hadn’t made it out, there was just no way. Almost all of who I was before was gone. My best friends, my morals, my trust were gone.

    It wasn’t long before I found them, searching in the forest. Cynthia darted towards me. I was surprised when I finally realized she was hugging me. “He’s dead?” She whispered, looking up at me. I quickly nodded. “Good.” She finally said.

    “James. He’s- he’s just dead.” Margareth said with a fresh rag wrapped over her wounded arm. “Where do we go from here?” She wiped the tears away with her good arm.

    “Shit man,” L.J walked up to me. “It’s just us now. How are we going to make it just the five of us?” He realized.

    Bianca stood adrift from everyone else, her arms crossed with a scowl painted on her bloody face. I was curious about her past. What had broke her? What thoughts filled her waking moments, what was the last thing she thought about before she went to sleep? She cleared her voice and finally spoke. “We’re going to survive. I know we will.” She said rather unphased. “When I look around you know what I see? Survivors. Nothing more or less.”

    I turned to Margareth, a disheartened look ran over her face. “I am more than a survivor.”

    “No you're not.” Bianca nonchalantly stated, walking forward, leading us further through the woods. "This is who we are now."

    We had lost so many people, it couldn’t be this bad for everyone, could it? I looked around. Looking around, everyone had lost somebody close to them. Margareth had Ned, Cynthia had her dad, Bianca and L.J had apparently lost everyone in there group. And then there was me; Selena, Zaphaeus and Tony.

    But not all was lost. My gray eyes lit up with a motive now, I began running, my legs carrying me as best they could.

    “W-wait…” Cynthia ran up behind me, her feet crunching on the forest floor. “Where are you going?” She asked trying to regain her breath. The others followed quickly behind.


    The warm spring sun shined through the still thick but thinning fog in the hours that passed, shining it’s lights through the trails while a cool breeze blows on. Margareth had told me that everyone was broken several weeks ago, I thought she was wrong at first, and I still hope she is. The only thing keeping me moving was finding my mom and Patrick.

    My footsteps softened as I stepped through the flowery meadows. A spectacular array of brightly colored flowers filled the field. The happy memories flood my brain all at once. We used to go here all the time, and then one day, she just stopped.

    “What’s with the smile?” Cynthia said curious. I bent over and quickly reached down for a couple.

    “What, you don’t smile at flowers?” I ask.

    “Pssh, no. That’s baby stuff.” She said nonchalant.

    “Well surprised as you may be there’s old memories in here also.” I told her. I took a quick whiff of the flowers. Stuffing them in my pocket. I slowly trudged up the hill. Looking ahead at the tiny old house I called home.

    “Surprising, you know what’s surprising? The fact that we made it hours without a weapon.” Bianca said, as she got up the hill. The small neighborhood with dozens of small brick houses lied ahead. Bianca stared around in awe.

    “Which one?” L.J asked stepping onto the streets. I lightly nudge him back.

    “Y’all stay here. I’m going in.” I tell them. There faces stare at me with the same worried look.

    “You don’t even know she’s in there.” Margareth said displeased.

    “If we all go in there, and they’re not the ones there. We’ll die. I need to take this chance. Just let me.” My voice strained. Their reluctant nods of approval finally let me go. I run to the three bedroom, one story house on the corner of the street. Out of their vision.

    I take in a deep breath as I stand face to face with the cheap wooden door. I didn’t feel ready, but would I ever be? It was time to face reality, however bad it might be on the other side. I slowly crack open the door, loudly creaking open, revealing myself to anyone there. The carpet muffles my footsteps.

    I stare in awe at the inside. Almost untouched by the world outside. Its only signs of damage were ones of the past. I step through the living room and into the kitchen. A cracked window catches my attention of the backyard, past the fog is a shadow. And it’s no stranger. Or biters. Something worse. It’s a small wooden cross.

    The muscles in my body tighten so bad they feel like they’re about to snap. It felt like someone had just stabbed me in the heart, more painful than any physical pain. Regardless, I push the visual out of my head and continue searching through the house.

    There’s only one room left, and so far signs of nothing. I swallow down the lump in my throat and walk down the little hall that leads to my bedroom door. I delicately touch the knob, opening the dark room up.

    She sat at the edge of my bed, her black hair masking her face. And when she heard the creak she jumped, dropping the picture frame to the ground. It took me a moment to let my guard down, but when she parted her hair behind her ears revealing her dark brown eyes and dark olive skin did I could finally breathe. And for the first time since I could remember, tears of joy flooded my eyes.

    She pushed herself up off the bed. Sobbing hysterically tears of joy. “…Rachel?” Her voice lingered in the room, like she was here but her mind was somewhere else.
    She pushed the tears aside as she slowly began walking towards me. I held her small little body in my arms, she was much shorter than I was despite being my mother, I had my dad’s height I suppose, considering she was almost a foot shorter than me.

    “M-my baby is back.” Mom sobbed hysterically, her tears soaking into my flannel. Her hugs made me feel like I was still her little girl, and nothing was wrong.

    “You’re a fighter.” Mom whispered.

    “Because of you.” I say.

    “And so beautiful too.” She touches the ends of my chopped off hair. “But we need to get that hair out of your eyes, you have very pretty eyes.” She says, pushing it behind my ears.

    But I can hardly recognize myself in the cracked mirror that leaned against the wall. It had been so long since I saw a reflection of myself, and I was not the same person from five months ago. Months of dirt painted my face, splotches of dried blood paint my face.

    Everything was fine. When the air in my lungs vanished. My feet disappear from under me. I clutch onto my mom

    “Shhh… Momma’s got you.” She whispers, comforting my numb body. I close my eyes, it’s peaceful in that moment. But the numbness grows like a fire. A dull pain in my back aches and overtakes all m senses. I look over to the mirror. My mother weakly cradling me in one hand; while a knife quickly dug into my back with the other.

    “You’re going to a better place now.” She revealed. I look down, the foam in my mouth drips down and I begin choking down my own blood. I want to scream but only a strangled cry comes out.

    “…W-why?” I manage to gasp out.

    “Because you don’t deserve any more pain.” She digs the knife further into my back.

    This was not the same woman I called mom for twenty years. This was someone else, someone too far gone to be brought back. My heavy eyes fixated on her weathered but still beautiful face. I looked her in the eye as my life literally fell through my hands. This wasn’t Brecker, or Anton. This was my mom, and I don’t think I could.

    No matter how far gone she was.

    [Kill your mother.] [Die.]

  • [Die.]

    Only because this seems better :P. I thinj Rachel is crazy anyways :P

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8] Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’

  • Jesus Christ...This decision...I can't even...

    [Kill Your Mother]

    Rachel may not have humanity left, but she still cares at least about Cynthia.

  • edited January 2015

    [Kill your mother.]

    God that is brutal... But Rachel is a survivor! She hasn't come this far just to die here! She has people she cares for and people who care for her and rely on her.

    I also care far too much for her character to let her go like this. She is a great character and probably my favourite protagonist in any fanfiction.

    And even though I'm proud to be in full denial mode here, just imagine how heartbreaking it would be if Tony somehow made it out alive, maybe even with Selena, only to find Rachel dead... That would probably reduce me to a sobbing wreck.

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8] Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’

  • [Kill your mother.]

    This just seems better from a narrative standpoint, honestly. If Rachel was killed by her mother at the end and her mother went on living, it would be a bit anti-climactic. As it stands with this choice however, it's likely Rachel will still die I guess, as she got a knife stabbed into her back. However, it would just seem more...more fitting for this choice to go.

    And fucking depressing.

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8] Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’

  • Well...

    That happened...

    [Kill your mother.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8] Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’


    [Kill your mother.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8] Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’

  • [Kill your mother.]

    TWD_25 posted: »

    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 7/8] Before I even have time to think, I thrust the bone. Anton’s hands weakly blocking at it, as if he’

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    Voting is closed! Rachel will [Kill her mother.]

    It's a messed up ending that even made me cringe a bit when I first thought about. But what fun would it be in a story if everybody got along perfectly?

    And on a happier note, LAST CHAPTER! WOOP, WOOP!

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    Episode Five - Reflections [Part 8/8]

    Was this real? Had this all been in my imagination? For a short instance I felt nothing but the joy of finding my mother quickly sinking. But like recently, that was too good to be true. My mother wrapped me up in her small arms of her as I slowly sunk down to the floor.

    “Just go to sleep.” She whispered softly in my ear, digging the knife further each breath I took. “I love you so much. A-and you have no idea how much this hurts me.” She caressed the tears away from my cheek. She ever so gently lowered me to the floor, my coughs weaker and weaker. I looked down at the blood stained carpet, my blood.

    “Just like Patrick.”

    And in that moment, I was certain she had stabbed my heart. Part of me knew the moment I saw that cross. But now, the last thing to keep me alive ripped away. What was the point of living anymore? All my hope was dead. My two bestfriends ripped away, Tony, James, Bridgit and her baby. I never even got to meet him or her. All that was left was the memories.

    The tears, rushing down my eyes were almost blinding. I had looked back at this never thinking it could go so wrong, not even if they were both dead. All of this time I wanted to find her, when all this time she wanted to do the exact same. I can feel my blood boil with rage As I stagger back up.

    I push my mom’s hands away as she tries to put me back down. Her small frail body flies across the room into my bedroom mirror, where it broke into a dozen fragments, the shards cutting deep into her back. I staggered across the room as fast as a dying girl could go. My hands ready to kill.

    Intense pain, both physically and psychologically. It was all I could feel at that moment, from these past five months, and the past twenty years before.

    Her screams of help . She choked out as I gripped my hands around her throat. The tears welled up over these past five months all being released right now.

    “…I’m sorry,” I manage to get out as I curled over her body. I shield my eyes from her by closing them, but her muffled screams behind my hand scar me for life.

    “forgive me.” I coughed out as her struggling began to slow down, I felt her cold fingers lightly caressing my face one last time and a soft thud as it hit the ground. Without seeing it, I knew those brown eyes of her had dimmed for the last time.

    I look away from my mother’s corpse. Trying to avoid it at all cost. I feel like I’m on fire, as I force my crawling body to move. When in that moment, I collapse, against the broken mirror next to the door. My mind screams at me to move, but I lie there.

    With one last look, I stared deep at the shattered mirror, a broken reflection spitting back at me. I looked deep inside the mirror in a desperate attempt to find someone I used to know. But I wasn’t there.

    Just the monster I had become.


    ETHICS: You chose to bring Anton along.

    KINDNESS: You went out of your way to help Bianca and her group.

    VENGEANCE: You chose to fight back, violently.

    RAGE: You murdered Anton.

    SURVIVAL: You killed your own mother.

    Thanks for playing!

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